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Max Robins Thursday July 3rd 2014-Falling Skies and The Last Ship

Jul 3, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube..today he discussed the shows The Last Ship and Falling Skies.

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You don't like that he's seen some music and sound. Next round and just visiting us on a different day -- acts. All right. Mean how re doing thanks for joining us on Thursday when a nice treats. Policy and if it's street probably didn't treat the talk radio you know the only that I do this so hard. Closer view. I described as you know humor Alley. I appreciate now I believe every word you say. For those of you don't know I can imagine there's any of those at the still Max robins is from Forbes dot com his -- TV room. He's been with us for 200 X. -- -- here yeah. So we thought we'd have a little pre July 4 TV fast. So which you know. That again I think it's you know good good good no it isn't especially pretty epic storm has. I don't want parents some of yelling out there are you. There I think people check out. You know not too far away Republicans coming back great short aspects but portage because they're. I knew a -- SX some I'm anxious they're ordered to check out call iris. -- -- There is a cool well there is indeed if you have any questions from Max you can call 18774694322. That's 1877 Howie Carr or text 68680. I have a text. Be right now -- can you ask Max how halt and catch fire is doing that's a show I've seen actually I DVR to logic is my husband doesn't like -- potentially very much so. DVR and watching when he's not around but how is it doing. It's going pretty well I think it's pretty sure that they'll get picked up that we show 1 AMC. Army air and I think it gets better with each week are like -- are what you like to. I do like it but am I did the first episode. -- is interesting but I thought -- a little bit and I was concerned that's that's -- I lost my husband after the first one but then I watched the second one and it started to. As the domain is Joseph the main protagonist gets little darker and darker it gets more and more interesting. Yeah I agree with you agree agree with you more and I'm gonna stick with that I think I think it's so you pick it's it's not a good rookie. Well that's good news to casino I'm I've been suffering major team of rounds withdraw. And I mean that was like that was my only real appointment viewing that I had was game thrown -- -- everything else. I don't know anything else actually -- I DVR few things I mean trusted. But the only one I knew was on it was Sunday night was game with -- and I would actually watch that live as opposed to you know. On on memorex two days later but -- Well I I think Ricky can out on Netflix where I love Netflix. I watched oh or is the new black. And then and which I just want to let out a couple nights ago really likes he's into orbit. Also I saw a couple great documentary there. It's great like real music geeks out there. There's a documentary won academy and Academy Award this year for best documentary it's got twenty feet from stardom on the candidates. Oh you gotta check this -- -- yeah I mean I think how we didn't like this. It's about all that great backup singers like Darlene laws and whatnot who stuck around so many great songs we all know a lot of and it just talks about the whole kind of likes psychology -- bad it is just great like. Ultimately to a bloody hell on there's more interviews with Mary Clayton she is the one who are not. When you hear there are sincere in their early I've always with Mick -- shelter yet Mary Clayton. And does some great -- some great vocalist people who who performed with some of the biggest artists going and it just this year -- Gonzales -- what we blow hole that's how I would I would recommend it. -- also points out don't you think I mean it that how much success and start him. Is -- lock. Because a lot of times when you hear these practicing as they are amazing. A lot of times their -- and then the front man and then that and the person they're backing up. But the only reason why they're in the back on the guys in front to something really wonderful -- personal friend. Yeah no it's it's so true and it's interesting because they do a lot of interviews with. Spinning Bruce Springsteen. Who really -- probably checker would talk about how important. How important. Having these choices to bring their new -- -- -- their soundness and and how it's just. Much -- the -- of their success. These incredible vocalist. Here's the text question how does Formula One do in the US with a new track on Texas thanks -- Indian acts. How did you know if your real kind of small slice of the audience. Formula One does not have a huge event that is. My husband is a Formula One. -- so there -- so we watched there we watched the races of for a home a half I should say we have them on the television. While a pattern during staffer on the house and and periodically you -- it's the last five laps for something we'll sit down in and watch the end of their race now. And again but -- no car racing to me is -- just waiting for car accident that's what Putin today because otherwise you know. It's it's like the right you know the -- Decker poured down. As I've never quite got a whole. Appeal. I guess a lot of it especially this is true that -- Is more like always for just feel bad -- with the budget. People you know dating party you know what works skew -- one more excuse to -- get over there yesterday. The scene with it's gonna look called Jimmy welcome to the Harry car show Max and higher post here. Match and -- time. I'll -- he happens the other first you're a -- -- -- your -- it's pretty good. We are at raises eyebrows in the -- unity some of the in the bunker and didn't and -- I'll give it a thumbs up. Oh great yeah I I've got it DVR I really you know I've read quite a bit about it I'm looking forward CNET particularly enjoyed each -- It his attacks questioned how about falling skies of at least me to my question -- you go to fund skies. How is the last ship doing much in the first two episodes of that that's TNT I think it's TNT nineteen -- news Iraq. Armageddon type and it's the end of the world the virus has killed everybody except in very few people on as one -- navy ship. -- I am patrolling the eastern seaboard looking and looking to find. The cure. It's -- OK it's doing okay Paula crisis. There's a real effort yet to. I've watched -- know -- things I liked about falling skies in the beginning was it takes place in Massachusetts. So you've got aliens attacking you know Framingham. It's really. It's really -- At any particular place for the premiere. All did think they both know based dissident public schools like Watson and you know periodically they showed -- destroyed Boston skyline it's really interesting. Because -- normally these shows occur in New York are in -- -- are are in Canada of pretending to be new Yorker -- but it. In this case it's actually Massachusetts which has been which has been interesting and I love science fiction. And I know -- so how can I possibly lose. There you go out there you go better all go and I'm. It does there's -- -- welcome the Howie -- show. I with the -- no. The tender show Kendra. As -- like former Playboy bunny Kendra you mean. I don't know if that would not on my radar there. I'm ashamed to admit. Is she pregnant again -- jamming of the baby. They. Are fortunate in the quiet or it may or may not sure about that as Ben. And. I was wondering. Oh you know what's I I would never -- It simple for you our network but you know it's sort of -- sincerely -- might migrate my teenage daughters love and it keeps saying I have to watch his quad city. Product as in Hawaii or -- in women. As in women and it's basically these two young women who are just kind of slacker. Goof off a loner is nut jobs who. Are living in new York and MB is just lose her job centers schools and -- -- friends underscores really -- became the great citizens brigade and out. Which you know which brought up in a Fey and Amy Poehler and Amy Poehler is one of the executive producers of the -- -- like Amy Poehler act I think Amy Poehler is wonderful but to be honest if you watch and a couple people and losers is my idea of a good time. Well I think I think I think it's like -- there's a real sense of humor I I you have to be lenient. -- Abbreviation of you who -- -- And their way. I'm -- seven says how I'm Max how is crisis doing do you think you'll be renewed. Also one will person of interest and agents at shields start again and again and everything in the same tax. Belgrade while it's a three -- yeah Kershaw we don't -- we don't have a renewal decision. Is that in terms of agents this shield and are persons of interest will both be back in the fall. 18774694322. That's 1877 Howie Carr text 68680. Here's one from 207 I recently started watching Wilford. On Netflix and almost to the end of what they have are there any new episodes happening. There are they should check it out on the news that new kind of aspects spin off channel -- expects. That the Obama -- seriously. -- not. I don't 200 feet below littered with about you know all you know I don't usually talk about seeping into the the people who will do you know enormously -- delight to work you know to go and see transformers and I wanna -- -- and a cool movie and it's been out for about three or four weeks I really recommend -- I'll -- it. Yeah doesn't that start isn't that what's your name from modern family -- the beautiful Brunette. It is say that it starts -- it was almost say they're young Robert Downey junior as a great cameo I mean it's. It's just it's better for anybody. Who's ever worked in a kitchen. Chris Chris Ellis who is it you are Sofia on site Chris knew the answer. A -- what her name is it hits us and a really wonderful cast. It since it's a terrific cast and are highly recommend that it's there. You know it away it's like pixel it's weighted. I think it's you know you -- to -- teenagers or parents it's it's great it's it's it's a great father's sudden move through. While -- known item gunman is an off from the scientists we went to see the -- tomorrow with Tom Cruise and -- it was. I really enjoyed it I like -- very much another big Tom Cruise fan but I have to say when he dusty side by things like when he did war of the worlds he's -- them. You think that guy -- like you know off. Five feet tall would be a great action hero but he's actually pretty good and and he was there was that an excellent Gerri yes. Of course Robert and I adore Robert Downey junior he's yeah he's amazing and it's gonna. I think it was a great cameo in Russia. Well he made some you have to can see it mark welcome to the Howie Carr show. Our guys we're full name and work for our caller. What's your question mark. Is under Barack coming back at all. Just sit here and final season. And they're working -- kind of a prequel to underpin -- in this series that. Kurt Sutter the creator of the show will also. Active in the show is is developing so once sun goes away. This is the final season. That you can look for a further prequel and I got a lot of fight one -- -- which shows which are so expect -- now. Let's taping sneak in -- call Todd welcome to our car show. I check it acts aren't so quick question. Aren't going to option has urged dispute geological. -- years. Circuit often put out our sports journal on that fifteen people are watching. And accept that that outcome actually it's great. -- -- were hot writers contract great. Should I don't think I I don't think so I think you're gonna have to. Like towards out there at shows security into the cards are racing and whatnot you -- -- how to create your own ship collider deep dark cherry picking without the search you know on our different sports channels -- lot of and that's in -- at the end. And let's not our forget speaking sports that the tour de Frances -- and I'm very excited I'd love it I know how I -- -- cosmic cycling. Lower out of time thank you so much Max I'm so thrilled that you join me today I really preach about it. Well actually I'm quite clear that it's great it's great it's a lot of chances -- and -- You have a wonderful wonderful work. It's a lot to and we will talk on Friday this is sick coming on Monday this is sandy sitting in for how he is is that her car show.