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Is Barack Obama the worst President Ever?

Jul 2, 2014|

A new poll from Quinnipiac University concluded that President Barack Obama is the worst President since World War II and he comes in just aheead of former President George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. Do you think he is the worst President of your lifetime?

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Is present Obama the worst president since World War II. We've had some bad presidents in the past seven years but I would have to Spain. Yes 99%. Now say yes. It went up 99 you know hardest to get it to 99. -- -- I am I'm not surprised. -- little bit higher than a quinnipiac poll. The reason -- were asking this question today is poll after polls in showing President Obama. And his approval ratings are dipping actually there. Sliding. Really fast. And the new Quinnipiac University poll finds that voters think that Mitt Romney. Would have been the better choice in 2012. And based upon the fact that recently you know. Mr. Obama is now deploying military troops terror act and he hasn't been able to find any level of compromise with congress. And he's had some major defeats and this past week even in the Supreme Court. -- voters are now having buyer's remorse and the quinnipiac poll found. 45% of voters think the country would have been better off under running. And only 38%. I still think that President Obama was a good choice but even more importantly voters have also rated him the worst president. Since World War II topping even George W. Bush who left the office with terrible terrible ratings. And it's not just a quinnipiac poll Zogby also has said that they found mr. Obama promised. Paul reaching poll numbers to be slipping and fact his disapproval ratings -- beer now it you know 54%. And almost half the voters actually almost half the voters told Zogby. That mr. Bonner Obama is an able to lead in the country. We were talking about this before which the break in our speak to Patrick who I had to stop to consider right up against a heartbreak I'm sorry Patrick continue with your thought. They're trying to scare me you kind of just took two quick points before go to poll question. I just wanna say that when and how he retires I hope that you are the replacement cost and some statistics from international and your period. I like to listen to you when you talked a lot of -- thanks in another point is. That can get in culture and can you ask her to write a book. Why Mitt Romney should be president. You know I I would I would we not talk to in until after her her current book is finished which means I think at the end of its July -- this month. -- she should be coming back out of hibernation. But she isn't Mitt Romney fan and so I think I well I I will certainly make a suggestion to your Patrick in town US. -- on the net a lot of people appreciate it. In the as far as Obama goes on I think he's just as bad as it's not worsened Carter. And Warren G. Harding and he's he's you know delegate he likes the about orders and so on the sidelines and -- he's done a worker is -- like net is Alex Scott Brown he sees. The guys who are the guys who won and things are about -- it is always stuck in my mind. Was. When he was cleaning up the Olympics. Out in Utah and there was a traffic jam. And Mitt Romney was going to know one of the events and he sees this traffic jam does he picked -- on a -- somebody know he stopped his car. And he got out and start to help direct traffic. I mean -- to clear up the jams of the people get to leave it means he is a hands on can do guy he's right in there and to be honest with you. Scott Brown is the same way in which is another -- by I think that they they work well together. Is that he's he sees something he stops what he's doing and he. He fixes it he tries to go to the Fed -- of bills he reached the -- He reads the -- which is saying you know these days apparently you would hate to think that that's an anomaly but. You know -- -- having a guy read the bills is becoming you know a really big thing to -- and to. Sixty. And all right next speaker and look at things start well I I hope. I I think you're really I I think met his patriotic enough turning and I think he loves this country would do anything for it. I think you're really comes down to what's best for his family for him yeah I mean mrs. Romney and Romney is such a lovely woman and I think. She has known that health concerns and I think that his wife comes first as she shouldn't. And knows so I think at ground -- I find vice Versa and I think that. If his failings behind -- -- it I think his family is extremely patriotic and I think if they. If they can support and they will support him and I don't think you'd run without their support so I think that's when it comes down to him so we'll see what happens because he used. He's such a caring Smart able man he would make he -- made such a difference to us in these past couple years. But no use crying and spill now we committed to a lot -- witches. President Obama thank you for the cop Patrick I appreciate it. -- attacks from 508. Sandy stop being so wishy washy when he gonna get it he is evil everything he does is purposeful he is an acting like a dictator. He is one he doesn't appear to be harming the country he wants to destroy it and the longer we give him slack the quick -- chief his goals. Wake up. Well our. Person -- gonna take. Issue of the fact that I don't think I'm being wishy washy and working calling the president a liar inning going step by step through -- he -- how he was lying. On and deliberately misrepresenting the facts has been wishing she. I don't -- say he wants to destroy the country but I don't disagree with your premise I think. Dinesh D'Souza who we will speak with tomorrow at 315. Related -- Tony sixteen his movies that by the way is that is the top grossing conservative movie made in the U -- Until his movie that just came out yesterday America we'll see how that does at the box office we have high hopes for an I'm gonna go see it tonight with my husband. Which I'm pretty excited about but according to do is to Souza in 316 president Obama's policies are basically. The results of trying to fulfill his father's dreams of bringing down western imperialists. Powers. And so he does it wants. The western countries to be. Out. The strong. Armed superpowers that they aren't he's in charge of one of them right now he's doing his best to. Dilute. It's its foreign. Capabilities which he's been doing it and it's as far as concede. But C a -- this is -- to a seven Obama has had left. Has had left executive orders than any -- hasn't had less executive orders that any president going back 100 years. Let's call it what it is the reason the Republicans. He can't so much is because. I'm sorry it's I'm having trouble reading means to test and guess when you're texting sometimes. It's very difficult to. -- -- And that can cause a problem seen if his popularity solo who are those dummies clapping -- at those speeches well. There's still forty some odd percent of the population -- like him in my -- dozen people that are sitting in me. In the audience and don't forget they're not about abusing an echo machine. May be used to before so maybe that's. Making apply sound and anger. Kevin -- with the Harry car show Harry you. Handicap people want to walk with C Everett and -- com. I want to -- to put up a shout out to a -- -- -- you left out I know Chris is helping new but lob and often does the open and I. Yes he's here -- soon moment. He has he's a lovely man and he's here helping estimates him. Absolutely. I I just that this is an unmitigated. Disaster. Oh we never ever thought I won a triple double parked rush led. As the tactics alien hiding. We've never advocate anyone under. I am delighted with a look at not talked a lot to -- it if -- up to compensate. -- ball in -- announced it's everything to a a kaleidoscope is hocus pocus and not to. What I'm told displayed on its indeed is why -- not the American people was supposed to be in somewhat human part to an educated society. Community opera orchestra. In their own distinct -- -- -- Scott Brown well and they. We had an easy band on the critical issue most immediately that Google bomb that the national got a three decades. -- it is drafted in the military as with Iraq -- player. And what not -- and eight million people watched Joseph Kennedy. I need to protect his own creature thought. I was fourteen is an assistant district attorney in 88 he moved out of this Martha's house months prior to running. Gets in the pot in the 29 years of dates that first apartment over. In Brookline in he's not a Beacon Hill when he went to Capitol Hill. And oh we need to have elected officials not the one the pre -- dishonesty. Whether or not -- Did -- continue. I'd I OK why don't we can trust some its second week the captain what did these two meet people don't run a business. Stupid is Barack Obama as a great job in the private sector was basket Robinson he's got started he never -- bad -- In and. As with many you to call -- taxpayers and this guy is has so much animosity. -- up with the animosity. It is the -- -- a pocket all the separation. Instead has seen America -- like two years. She's a shining light -- that will continue to assigning seats as variances to our audience that. Okay looking beyond the -- that morning it took twilight old steak and you see he's still pretty outstanding support -- and Henrik. I mean it's -- this is just unbelievable. And other political beliefs Mitt Romney amid a fidelity would definitely. Would have turned around this country has -- a great looking -- fuel prices everything instead what. As it is not a 110 even 100%. To what they were priced between 2009. Wolf thank you for the -- -- really appreciated I think he made some very succinct points I think. You're correct. On on a number of levels I don't think you're right I agree reviews that I'm having. A president who's had actually worked for a living is indeed. To be devoutly wished for I might think that's true in the governor's opposite think any corner office managerial office that's key. I don't think it's necessarily. -- -- -- don't think it's necessary in a legislator necessarily. I think you can have decent legislators who have other life experiences besides running businesses but I think in -- governor are in a president. Absolutely. I think that's like Charlie Baker. Makes a better candidate are makes it would make a better governor. Then someone like Martha Coakley because he's run businesses. I think that's -- Mitt Romney would have made a better president -- he's run businesses. I think that I think you'll always find that calm when it comes to the big. Economic offices. But I think you can get away with a little bit it's less business experience in the legislative. Level it is my opinion. You may not agree with me. 603 says sandy yes Obama has fewer executive orders in the other presidents but it is the significance. And lawlessness of the orders that is the problem not the quantity oh do I agree with that. Absolutely positively. It is President Obama seems to think that he can. And if is Willis thwarted at all by congress. He can overcome that despite writing an executive order he didn't like the fact that mister Boehner has decided that image the immigration now. It's not going to be dealt with this year so we had a temper tantrum in the Rose Garden. And he basically said -- screw congress. I'm gonna eggs EU's executive orders. What is it that he said today Chris I think we have the two we have the sound via. The sound from Obama on the highway plan. When you this he wants the highway bill passed and is not being passed so his response to a slide. Look at the competitive. So the plan we've put together would support millions of jobs. What are your studies in space -- private investors. The certainty they need to plan ahead. It would help small benefits. Ship their goods faster. Help parents get on -- gets passed. And it wouldn't add to deficits because we pay airport in part by closing tax loopholes for companies. Leadership in the profits overseas to avoid paying their fair here at Texas. Seems like a sensible thing to do. Not praising. Not socialism. It's not. The imperial presidency here. No laws are broken we're just building roads and bridges like we've been doing for the last. Fifty a hundred years. Spot as a matter of fact it is the imperial presidency if you doing all those things courting congress as well. If congress is said they don't like about all they wanna do something different and I got news for. It to overcome that it is socialists and too ignorant and it is such it is imperialistic. To say screw you on man do by executive order anyway. I mean that's. That's -- doesn't seem to understand is that he -- to have agreement. With other people he can't just signed his name on something and make his -- along. Bell welcome to the Harry car show how are you today. -- -- -- -- OK but. But a -- -- I don't understand it you know I consider myself a liberal and what they don't understand is weren't. People talk about Obama some people on the radio or -- Republican. Tacos and especially in my view and a little bit. They felt like that Obama want to destroy the country as much -- I didn't George Bush and policy. -- I would like to think that he thought he was doing what's best for the country. I think that's true I think that George W. Bush and I'm sure his father and to be asked to be on industrial for referred to one of the other. Worst president's in the past seventy years Jimmy Carter I think both Carter and bush logged on their country they. You may not have agreed with what they did and history may have shown to be wrong and some of the things that they did. But they did what they did because they thought it was the right thing and they love their country and they wanted to do the best thing they could for their country. I don't get that feeling from this president do you down. Yeah -- took -- -- really -- much of I don't like all of his policy either. Don't forget it don't -- -- live in this country they gonna grow up in this country. Are you so sure I mean they have money that they can they can go anywhere live I mean they can do anything they want they're not going to be subjected to. On don't like Chelsea Clinton. Bill I mean remember Chelsea Clinton just last week saying she tried hard to care about money but she just couldn't. I mean anybody who doesn't have money doesn't as -- And mean if you have that kind of money you don't care about it because it's. It's a constant in your life you'll have to worry about it to be paying rebels not to. -- to give a damn about the promise that the rest of us care about the same is going to be true for Obama's children they're going to be in the same situation. They don't have to care about money either all the little things -- are gonna bother you and me make huge impact in our life like health care and education. And it's you know whether we can go to the hospital on the street whether it's been destroyed by illegal aliens using it as a walking clinic. These things will affect them -- girls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of people Obama in the economy. But if you look at -- baby is due to what you presidency. What economy was when he took go. What we'll look at Buick yeah. I mean what -- -- -- record -- a million jobs were you Ahmad throughout Amman every single month. And Obama talk. -- country Internet. -- it right back don't you know where we should be but you can look at least in the country and you. Don't -- that we're not -- getting back to where we should be we haven't gained any ground Peary. I I agree that George Bush was not the best president he was no Ronald Reagan but I think what he and I don't agree with a lot of his policies but president did you -- I can go back over the numbers that I gave you and President Obama. I came -- Not only have we nine game losing ground we've lost ground we are in worse shape than we weren't there when President Bush was left office. That's why. Yes I -- want to go to the numbers we -- now. The bill uncle bill I'll go over the numbers with you right now in -- And show you exactly why this let's say. President promised said that you know he's created more jobs well guess what in 2007 their 146 point six million Americans employed. Last month last month. There are only a 145 point seven million dollars at 79 people in the work place plus on top of that. Labor force participation has dropped three percentage points that means that 62 point 8% of working age Americans hold jobs. Which is the lowest number in 35. Years a lot lower than when George Bush was president. The housing mark. Yes we are we're -- we have lost it at all. Bill you don't let me speak I'm just gonna gonna cut your microphone off I'll give you chance when I'm throw so. Yes we are we have lost jobs that you understand that's the lowest working great and 35. Years. We'll wait and lower -- it's it's slower then then. When Clinton was in office it's lower than than George -- President Obama says the housing market has rebounded well guess what home sales issuing a fond 5%. In the past year the charge show that they're just running at 2010. Doubles they're not they're not back up to where they were before. The number of employees in the auto industry has fallen. It's gone from -- it was it's now currently below those in 2008. So this -- at the auto industry is booming is completely. Specious. The whole thing about. About the economy. Mr. Obama didn't I'm. Is basically said that. The economy's better off now than it was when he took office and if we that we don't know it but it is that is pure. Boldly. The economic indicator. I'm the the economic gurus that he has predicted a two point 6% growth in the first three months of 2014. When they released the preliminary number at this gurus. Said that all came into the economy only grew by point 1% while they had to revise the numbers it turns out that the economy has contracted by two point nine. Per cent you can't -- -- with that. It's not getting better it's getting worse. He hasn't -- I mean he taught. Billion like -- did. He tell us -- the Rose Garden that things are better and your believing him you're not going through and actually looking at the numbers yourself. If you look at the numbers side by side you'll see that you are wrong I understand you don't want to be wrong. I understand that George Bush is not your hero is not my hero either but at the same point in time I got news for area we. Well apparently would have been -- -- and George Bush state not us now that's a frightening thought to me but it's true. President Obama is a disaster there's a reason why people. -- voted him the worst president in seventy years and George Bush is above him on that scale. Jimmy Carter is above him on that scale. I mean that's amazing to me is Jimmy Carter I thought I was always the worst president in a century. -- -- George Bush and Jimmy Carter were were neck and neck but apparently present Obama is worse than both of them. Thank you bill I appreciate the call. I mean. How do you how he talked to some really when you. Put the numbers in front of them -- President Obama says it's black and you're looking at a white photographs are he says it's red and you're looking at a blue photograph. And if we gonna believe him or your lying nice. I mean seriously. Mike welcome to the Harry car show. Oh and yet thank you could get some call -- I'm not question and to arm and the like okay -- all. Wouldn't bet the worst president from World War II generation and very. Doctor spoke well currently according to the pole its President Obama. Well nobody back in world what to what we are confident I was in that it would be heard apartment. Are you tell me -- woody woody getting man. Well I mean maybe it's misunderstood but I thought that but it said that during World War II young old. Just sang in the past seventy years is the worst president in the modern -- -- is it's is difficult to judge. The condition of the country during wartime. South since world war two and -- But maybe they -- that that there was are you start to get back well Obama has objected. It's. A world government. Totally new world for up. -- if anybody pay attention to George Bush be impacting 1991. He spoke with the world -- up. And probably people and when the pocket. That's what they're talking about they're trying to bring it down to the point where. All these countries little boring and -- down fiscally. That they're gonna try to stop that and bring everybody into the old. And make one world government we they can. You know make money and and stop the bleeding. The not bring. Obama -- the bottle. A global government in the world go out and that is what he's trying to do and these -- -- wonder why don't up. The people because -- -- and attention. They don't that block on the vote on all the blocker on about being in the and and they're gonna do it. People wake up. I think people are starting to wake up Mike I think that's one and I think this poll is an indication. Of the fact that people are starting to wake up they're beginning to see. That's. They're getting the government they voted for and if they want their lives to change they have to make change and changes in how they vote. And I think you're seeing so many people having buyer's remorse. In regard to President Obama is. -- positive outlook for the future I don't know whether it will continue to to going after action I think that president Obama's. Frustration. At not being able to have his own way. Is starting to tell. And he use his temper showing more and more and I think he's starting to make rash actions and rash declarations like. He did in Minnesota making all these economic claims none of which are supported by the numbers I mean. And it it mighty. You know my my tenure -- -- cousin could sit down and look at these numbers -- -- it and I don't decrease that is correct. I mean goddess. And the fact that he's trying to threaten executive orders I don't think he really is clear. All shockingly -- on the his ability to do executive orders what the scope of its power news. And when it comes down to a nice does discovers powers what we allow him to do it looks like. Mister Boehner is starting to. We pull the reins in my threatening to sue the president saying you know whether dangerous threats or else and to hear what he can follow through and and give us saying. And in Kennesaw last suitor to reign as president and so he can. Making -- Regis click on the time guy welcoming our car show. I think any earlier in -- it was. I wanted to comment -- things first of all. Every male member of our family and being in the military since 19100. I -- now the father -- son. Want it and I got 1718 year old come behind them and I told them do not want to go in because of that man. -- bad about it statement about what people think about his presidency while and I really don't. I mean I do not just the man with the lives of my children. And -- I got your whole familial history. Of service by the way Satan did did you serve guy. I do it -- thank you for your service. Or what you did. Thank you for your service and thank your family for their commitment and their service that's that's very -- him. And that. That's something you do and everything else and they you know I just I I looked down and out like no I I really for the first time in my life I don't want you to do that I'd always pictured Barton and I just really you know I can't say yes -- that. Felt that while the. Wait a couple of years guy I mean hopefully -- know somebody's going to be coming down the road in tears is going to be someone like -- If Mitt Romney were president would you be saying the same thing to your son's. Now I would dot -- Mitt Romney would not let my son and then got. No he wouldn't have lectures on an intensity that's. I have no doubt in my mind to pasture and. And my second one would I have this conversation with style they're colonel where -- you about six months ago and Syria first broke out yeah I expect. People's opinion of Obama is going to trickle down into the soldiers and he'd get on -- soldiers don't make political decision. And about six months later next time reside on the call me mom and ask him what he thinks about at all Matt. Well that's you know that's a good point it would be interesting. To see TC had then to colonel. It feels about it now I mean the -- gone through some wanna play. Evolution. Between voting for President Obama at one point. In the first election and he sighed the he too is taken in but so -- so we're majority of the country it's nothing to be ashamed of and that. And then but he came to the realization a lot earlier than a lot of these people who are joining on the -- mounted. And he voted for -- in the last election. As as I did this happen again I don't know if you did or not -- but. So it's. It'll be dissing my that you tell your sons to just wait and see what happens in two years and maybe they'll be commander in chief they can expect. Already take a break this is seeing him sitting in for howling in the system -- -- car -- 18774694322. Text number 68680. This is sandy sitting in for how -- Who's got a couple days off. -- -- we're talking about President Obama. And new quinnipiac poll and Zogby polls which -- use approval ratings. -- -- -- That scene. I too was taken him by Obama's hope and change -- but I was also to solutions is a text message. Accused taken in by Obama's hope and change -- but I was also dissolution by the bush Cheney McCain crowd. Which helped swain means so sorry now. Voted for -- last time and I think our country is lost. To be allowed to run for a third term our greatest president since Lincoln. Okay somebody's gotta be pulling island are they aren't seen Jiri asleep now. To think -- Aaron anybody including the great Ronald Reagan to have a third term these days. So. President Obama has been voted the worst president in seventy years since World War II specifically beating out for the honor. Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. Many. Voter's wished that Romney had won in -- top now. Now not everybody is dissolution with the president congressman Gutierrez from on nine. Is still drink in the cooling. If you wanna come back and discuss that's fine. But in the interim period I believe the president of the United States have already in statute in the law. The ability. To key -- And put in a safe harbor millions of undocumented immigrants while the congress of the United States finally decide. That it's gonna take action. Has he believed he'll. -- I wonder if congressman Gutierrez also thinks. That its President Obama has the ability to change the sea levels. -- claimed during me. Do injuries or races from now we all forget the look back. And tell our children that this was the moment while we began to provide care. Now for the job. The field and begin to flow and when it. Look okay and if you don't -- The last. Fifth -- on the. While. Change the seal levels in. And we've changed our image abroad but it's not for the back last best hope it's you know where the giant was is now that that don't know what the Howard doing. I wonder if congressman Gutierrez by the way feels like Hank congressman Hank Johnson does. Mom my fear is that. The whole -- then you lose. Become so. Overly populated that it will took over and. And kept sides. That's congressman Johnson talking about the kind of lomb. Let's test tests of frightening frightening thing. Re welcome to have a car show how do you vote in the poll do you think President Obama was he is the worst president since World War II. I said he absolutely is the worst but I would also like to suggest another poll. About the credibility of the news media since World War II a -- In the worst. -- media and I'm not talk about -- the other sticks up for him out there had I mean they told a lot of swappers' just like yes. Question for you. I wonder I wondered this myself. Do you think and that's this news media is in fact worse you know game putting out. Propaganda as opposed to news stories or do we just recognizing now as propaganda as opposed to new stars because. In the state -- to its Internet news cable news -- for our news and and everybody having the ability to report news now -- -- and a Twitter via. Social media that a cellphone take pictures I mean there's you can you can't do his speech these days that somebody taping on their -- on opening an on. YouTube I mean there's so much everybody is now our reporter. Say do you think that really the media is worse -- we just know about it now because there's nowhere to hide. I think the media is worse and we're ignoring the fact that so many people can you remember they don't care. And not there's still lots of people who work should complain -- Your seed portrait and equally there's still like it was still pulling people. So -- and that's why they continued to -- up crap that they do. Well I think I think you're right in the and I I get a little depressed spying on mainstream media not covering stories not giving them the adequate. You know -- guys he was the biggest example up until you know the VA. Problems and that you know they weren't covering Benghazi which I think is that one of the most horrific things to happen and are. On state department's. History. And there in action an inability to save their own ambassador along when other Americans and then lie about it it's. It just so frightening and the media didn't cover not install hearing started every day even -- and you know you -- on fox you can find it. Up -- and CNN -- not gonna find it on AB CNBC your CVS. So I think you're right about the about the media thank you for the car ran appreciated this attacks from nine summoning -- my nephew who wanted to be soldier his entire life. He did four years ROTC at the citadel inadequate promotion -- captain in the tenth mountain division. Last year he resigned his commission. That's so those and because you know we need people like that we need people who are patriotic and dedicated and who. Who don't think of themselves first but think of their country first think about our welfare first actually is what they do. And to think that someone like that. Is resigning and our -- When we spoke to the tournament earlier from Maine whose whole family had been in the military but he's advising his -- -- ago. Because they have no faith and the commander in chief -- pricks my heart. It breaks my heart and makes me feel all frightened for the future of our country. We're gonna take a break coming back and a few minutes to sustained he's sitting in for how mean this is how encouraged him.