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Scott Brown WantsYour Vote

Jun 27, 2014|

Sen Scott Brown checked in from the New Hampshire campaign trail as he ramps up his campaign to take Jean Shaheen's seat away from her.....

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Joining us now on the line is -- Scott Brown the Republican Canada for the you know a US senator a Republican candidate for the US senate. In New Hampshire and former US senator here in the Massachusetts. Scott thanks for being with us here on the Howie -- show. They're going to be Howard. Good to listen -- usually enjoy it. Well listen up first things first the of these this immigration situation now what what what would you do about this. -- I I agree with Europe the people who responded to your poll I don't believe the president said that it comes from a lack of leadership at the top. As you know the first and foremost thing we need to do is -- the border period and is not being done and as a result of that. Poor enforcement of poor leadership you see what you -- and it's unacceptable as you know I voted against the DREAM Act I don't believe that we should provide amnesty for people who work. And circumventing -- -- in going in front of people who four point six million people are trying to follow the law and I would have voted against that amnesty bill that was being proposed as you know senator -- voted for it and it's it's it's unacceptable. Yes you know the thing about senator Shaheen and and I wanted to get into this later on after -- on Kimberly sure Russell talking about this today in the Wall Street Journal. None of the Democrats. Have stepped forward in congress either in the house or the senate have stepped forward and and tried to do something about this this incredible. Abuse of power by the Internal Revenue Service and now this. This ongoing cover up with job which makes Watergate look like like a Tea Party. And that may be wrong choice of words but. You know what about where to make it more defected Jeanne Shaheen sent a letter. I was one of the signatories on the letter that that is demanding that the IRS goal after the Tea Party. Yeah Ali I know you I know you've got a Massachusetts I typed letter every day. She was one of a handful of senators are actually wrote a letter -- the -- Asking the conservative groups being investigated I speak about it I called on the recently to release her in Iraq this is correspondence is. With the IRS at the time of what was learners email to help invest in the investigation provide transparency in that scandal. And it's anyone think that those that there's not a coincidence that had them losing supposing that aren't smashing the hard drive and -- in the emails. In this day of modern technology -- there are ways to recoup this and I encourage. And had to be done because the guy arrested you know quality no one likes it. It was there to collect revenues to fund the country too and not be a political arm of any political party. And more importantly. What they've done they've lost all confidence in -- to be a total top to bottom. -- view of what they're doing and more importantly housecleaning have called for that said it and it writes senator Jeanne Shaheen has been silent on this issue and I quite frankly think is part of the problem it's on American what's happening right now. You know what's -- what I find astonishing is that these people they were so brazen about it that they didn't even attempt to keep that a secret I mean they they -- They have a right up in the New York Times when they did this. It's shameful and the fact that we -- we're now finding out more that they were in fact targeting senator Grassley in a few notes of senator Grassley -- know him period. That's like waking up to sleeping tiger he I'm sure is just I read that they would be used he and his wife says there's. An effort to us. They get his mail anyway that's -- that's certainly say what do I went -- -- an hour now. Like -- just like the emails were mistakenly lost in all the people apparently went the White House from the IRS they all mistakenly lost their emails and actually it's just say -- to this terrible coincidences. That people. They think people thought that turn attract highly competitive. It's almost it's almost laughable it comes to -- live's skit on it it's just it's and so it's so laughable it and scary at the same time it. You just -- What's infuriating is that is that they get away with -- that that not no one is -- but no one in the mainstream media is even calling for a special hour. You -- I don't know the answer is how -- you you you let us take over the senate. Take get rid of Harry Reid redirect the conversation on these and every other issue that your viewers your listeners are talking and sometimes complaining about. Let us take all those bills and Harry's desk and put him on the president's intimacy whose side he's really where is alliance is really are so we can focus on these and other. Very important things energy policy getting the Keystone Pipeline down dealing with -- Obama cared you know repealing that replant and allowing states to deal with -- on the wrong. Focusing on our our terrible. Foreign policy right now in the lack of respect by our allies and lack of fear. In respect -- foes since it's it's it's getting that's getting pretty scary now. -- what what what's your reaction to the tactics were used by Thad Cochran of Mississippi. Well I'm gonna just say something -- nine million not gonna like it but I have listened to your show and we've known each other's thinking the other day at least fifteen years. And you know -- this is -- remind you. How many times have you done on the is that you know what I for the democratic ballots today because there's nothing to do with the Republicans and I'm gonna try to affect. I doubt that a million times. Editor William. And but the difference the difference is that they worse they were sold -- I was -- -- mischief maker. Call it Cochran's case they were soliciting votes by claiming that aren't going around the Christmas yeah. -- was a racist. Years -- encourage people do that for years and let me just say yeah I'm a -- suggesting and then busting your little bit. But more importantly I don't really care about what happen him in Mississippi here -- junior anywhere else they care about what happens right now but here's the here's the goal. If the goal is to get 51. United States Republican senators to make Harry Reid and minority leader. Then you know I'm all for that that we need to make sure that he is a minority leader that is the problem right now. If you wanna check and balance to the things that your reading about it hearing about them let us take over the senate. Get on Scott Brown dot -- help me be the 51 senator empowering everyone else to be the 51 senator. And then we can actually redirect the conversation parlay that into sixteen with a good conversation about the things that matter. 18774694322. If you wanna talk to what Scott Brown won 8774694322. You know it's got one every every Saturday ideally it seems like regular tweets from you where every two or three minutes I mean how much have you get all these places these hot dog stands and and and hamburger joints and being suffers an ice cream stands. And. Find them I guess I have to get up earlier earlier earlier and go for bike rider Ryan. And that's been it's been fun and a lot of activity here and our family my daughter just came back and turn her fiance. Just went out of that town hall and -- for their marriage Lleyton yet but. They did what town hall. And Ryan Wright and Hampshire she's although I'm not. Just give a big kiss -- back and that she's the getting married in two weeks so a lot of you get ready your next Sally. -- 187746943221. 87 so why I get it before we take some calls I want should just talk about guns one more time they. You're still getting buffeted with calls. Yes well I had. Sure I'm happy about all the stations. Along them. I don't necessarily agree that I've addressed they have that you are meeting with -- New Hampshire folks. I'm very clear she has an F five and a minus side always supported the right to carry and bear arms. I'm not going down -- to propose any new gun legislation and if in fact we take over the senate. A lot of the issues that we're going to be working on -- going to be dealing with -- our economy and as you know my door is always been open. -- to these issues in Massachusetts as you know Ali they used to bring in around my neck that Scott Brown was the darling of the NRA and well you know I don't know what -- to tell you. Except you know I'm gonna continue to focus on the things right now that matter. And what matters is quite honestly -- high energy prices the high cost of college education. Obamacare and the way they were getting crashed after the election of the business mandate. There are so many things right now that are in place. And the Second Amendment I have my license to carrying concealed I've had the Massachusetts. I'm not quite sure what else to say. Mary your next with how we car and former US senator Scott Brown go ahead Mary. Hi Orleans that this is Neary in Littleton New Hampshire primary like Scott I am an immigrant from Massachusetts. And I have a question about his previous term in the senate. You didn't always -- 100%. With the Republican leadership. Threatened I know you've taken from collect about debt that was like you to comment on that. Well there's nothing really to comment on except that I don't regret any of the votes -- Read the bills unlike many people down there not like matchup for us we get a pass the bill before you know it's senate. I read the bills as you know affected our state or country or definite steps and I've voted period. And you know as a result of working across Seattle we got insider trading bill done. We got the hire a hero veterans -- them to allow our employers to hire homeless veterans. The crowd funding bill the -- no -- no contract with the enemy the Arlington cemetery Billick could go on and on. As to the things that we've done but here's the here's the real interest in saying if in fact we can take over the senate -- And unite our party after the election. Yeah after the primary is over. Saturday being the worst nightmare folks is a united Republican Party was good independents and Democrats coming over. She knows the numbers as well as we do and that's the goal is to unite our party after the election. Take back this time. Thank you -- Steve your next with how we car and US senator Scott Brown go ahead Steve. -- I discovered there had just wanna say I support you. And I understand. You're issue on the spin control. I wish she would tell the people when they ask you bad. About yours stance and -- and controlled you're representing. Fairly. The people's attitude in Massachusetts. And that is a good representation. That is a good represented of this. Does what is people want. And nobody up there gets that. Well I think they do get -- Steve they understand that and we are Americans first and we care very deeply about the right to carry a bear arms -- signed on the dotted line at nineteen years old just retired from the military. After the 35 years and -- support the constitution. On the patriot. And and believe very strongly in that right. We need to continue to have that open door policy is I will have. Senator Shaheen and and the administration they wanna they want to curtail those rights I don't. Thanks to a call Steve. That now what about the so called assault weapons -- to keep out the I'm giving out. We did you know we we we voted on it and Massachusetts it was we are to have an assault weapons ban. We as you remember the gun and anti gun advocates after signing ceremony. What they were praising this is that the best piece of legislation in recent memory. Dealing with gun rights and and gun advocates rights they were able to we get back a lot of the especially the registration the licensing. And other. Mechanism that were really bothering him prohibiting people from. Exercise in the right to carry berms that that was what was done back in Massachusetts. I had to be a plus rating with the NRA. When I was in Massachusetts so I'm I'm not quite sure what else to say in my lifetime averages -- 89. She's been out. It's pretty simple let's just take that one issue -- Let's say -- would we agree with 8085% of them on issues. Take every other short debt deficit economy obamacare taxes. Keystone Pipeline. Immigration she's against every chizik as people -- nine to a 100% of the country's remote machine votes. 99 and 100% of the time with the president what does that mean the people -- That means higher prices at the gas pump issues proposing a national energy tax and supports cap and trade factor energy tax. She has was the deciding -- obamacare voted against every single opportunity protect people's doctors hospitals nurses. Longer drives higher premiums lesser coverages. Then you throw in the IRS let the voting for every tax increase. So what we hit in his -- tell people where they say you know I'm gonna show you would give you a lesson or whatever. But that's great there's no -- and show me it's personal not patriotic to miss this opportunity to take back the senate and put our country back on track. They have to be after the primary let them you know do whatever they do in the private after the primary. By uniting it's her worst nightmare and we have an opportunity nationally. To send a powerful message not only to be present it to the rest of the world. That the United States is back in business on foreign policy on our economy and a whole host of other things that's so we're dealing with here. All right who's who's is who's this next person us India can't make up the name. Electric OJ whoever electrical OJ is go -- electrical. -- -- -- He. Scott Brown I got to talk to you at the Marine Corps center in worst when you're running against Elizabeth. Good place thank you for that's that service. I think they do you -- and found. And one thing I told you down there I've been in the union 33 years. Bill and I I told you down they advertise in the union global -- Mickey Mouse is the union tells them to. They don't pay attention all the. Given the union electrical. Well OJ electability that a great name first of all -- what I'm finding is that yes the leadership will do whatever the Washington you know insiders column to the the actual members individual members they recognize. Don't forget they push for obamacare in the leadership. And guess what's happening now -- the PG. Firefighters police -- is that going to be paying 40% more obvious. The ultimate irony -- that helped the IRS union the IRS union is up in arms about a. Yeah go figure so telling those union Brothers and sisters is that -- -- and I told yourself. Senator Shaheen was responsible and every obamacare Democrat was responsible for that and you want to make sure you fix it then you get rid of the senators are put in place. And that's the best revenge you have an -- repeal it through reconciliation. I believe -- now hopefully get more than 51 we'll have a another handful of good Democrats who care about their states in the citizens. And sustain a veto and then allow the states to come up with a plan that they care about their own citizens. So those union folks they're telling me. Would -- paying higher gas prices were -- tired of paying more for both -- and we're tired of the and a lack of functionality in BC. John you're next with how we car and former senator Scott Brown go ahead John. You there John sorry go out -- yes. -- I've got Aaron sorry it's like the election. So loosely with. Upgrading Warren air by. Very closely at what's. In it to cut the okay what would you do about -- -- Lamar and record on that I we held hearings. Two years ago which consecutive unnoticed. We held a hearing and are in in Massachusetts we put the VA in touch with the individual soldiers right away to solve those problems. Had great success doing that I was the first one the corporation's -- removal. What we need to do immediately. Is to process the millions of new people that are coming in on the up to three to four million soldiers coming into the system giving them. The ability to have almost like -- credit card where they can go we'd like some stability facility but more importantly. Just outsource and get -- coverage to get them in the system get them addressed and then they can be a money transfer between the VA and that individual provider. They're trying to keep it to themselves to try to -- They've been keeping everything they don't want to outsource they don't -- let anybody help because it's about money it's about control. And if we can get them to do what they're allowed to do by a lot to outsourcing get these veterans service that's great. Senator McCain promised they -- brick and mortar full time facility here that didn't happen she criticize. The senators Sununu for that. We're not gonna get that anytime soon but I gotta do what I've always done for somebody who's you know was in the military for 35 years on the veterans committee. It's our number one priority aside from repealing in dealing with a obamacare dealing with the energy is the top three. Thanks for the call billiard -- with how we car and senator Scott Brown go ahead bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. brown. Under and arrested the -- your thoughts on. Eric captors to beat. Because like Eric your -- alleys in question. About what just happened in Mississippi. Here my translation of what -- say it used that I am very happy. That. -- -- -- Republican leadership. Defeated. The person that was voted and who won the Republican vote. You know let me tell in my position have a but I tell you my position. Is that -- -- saying what my position has with regard to Eric Cantor everybody knows he took his eye off the ball. He was never in his district today of the election is having a fund raiser in Washington. He was running for speaker wasn't running for reelection. And the electorate and the and the electorate in Virginia recognize that and they made they made him pay for a period with regard to Mississippi. I'll be honest that's not what I said at all I was just being ingesting it Leon is that position on getting involved of those primaries. I personally don't care I I do I wanna make sure that we take all over the senate to make sure that we can be that check and balance of these president and his bad policies right now. And we need to unify regardless of who's in charge right now who's been elected who's nominated. It's down south it's a different state I don't care I'm focusing on right now in New Hampshire meeting everybody can. Looking him in the -- going into the living rooms going into their businesses and asking them for their votes that's how you do it. And that's what I'd love to do I always you know we've known each other how long. Years at least and you know how much I enjoy. -- in my state senator. After Cheryl Jakes you were great improvement must. There was finally -- it was it was fun and it was fine. A day and you're next with how we car and Scott Brown go ahead Dan. Our hi how are ya know her more modern rock. Our bridges -- water at Auburn. Beat ya go beyond thoughtful or not what you said I'll read it first. Got caught it on now. Sounded exactly like when your -- -- the first time you're -- repeal obamacare. -- I don't know what happened which dropped the ball. Barack's and assist -- what a -- responses that first of all but not for that being the fifth the 41 senator. You wouldn't let Nancy Pelosi who never read the bill and Harry Reid merging their two bills that would -- completely and totally dominated. The health care system as a result of our election they did not get what they wanted. And what you're seeing right now is that is they every single Democrat voted against any attempt to fix. Keep your doctor Q did lenders keep your hustle every single attempt. They used parliamentary maneuver -- Reconciliation. To ram it through with no one single Republican vote. And guess what -- What's good for the goose is good for the gander. We can repeal -- real reconciliation and I look forward to that opportunity argued -- the caller I voted for five times to repeal obamacare. Please if you wanna you wanna blame me for it great but had I not been there with the help of the people not only Massachusetts for the rest of the country. They would've gotten what they want it which to complete and total domination and take over our health. To change that Scott did they change it didn't hear -- the little general. He checked it and plus big dividend on caught the -- did they changed roles in the middle of the game. They they also did something that was unconstitutional. Which was that the they they. Originated at taxing mechanism in the senate. Which has which is that what -- what the Supreme Court ruled that one. -- a step back a step further. I remember Governor Patrick appointed interim senator. We're -- in and didn't allow me to be sworn in and they they went down there and passed as much as they could until -- others and me and I'm going around and we we challenged them in the East Coast time it's only detect -- side as well that day. -- -- it -- -- what two and a half weeks and during that time as you know. They they they rammed it through and then the data to reconciliation and it shameful but we have an opportunity right now. In this moment in time in our country's history. To change things it doesn't come along too often folks are amassed in Korea called. Scott Brown dot com in the quarters July and June 30 helped raise money and help get involved is just right across the border. It'll be fun. Okay one more call -- let you go Scott Paul our -- with how we car and does senator Scott Brown go ahead Paul. Ali thank you for taking my call the -- to speak with you again exploit. Admit to a few weeks few months ago in Franklin Hampshire and the suggestion was made page you visit the VA. -- that prince only until I had just got to make note from the commander today you know we've we've met -- actually sent him up a couple of books and I like I had a lovely time it's an amazing. Beautiful beautiful beautiful facility and we wanna just a gorgeous gorgeous spring day so yeah it's great. Well I never have like to thank you for taking time to do that for veterans. Which leads me into my question. Can you expand a little bit more like John and ask you might direct questions you raised. If we do ever get to the bottom of this these scandal. Should criminal charges be brought against those who falsified the government records. And people died for it yes sir I have no problem with that I need to learn more about what actually took place and that's what they're doing now -- Should they thought their nest to Munich got got bonuses that they weren't entitled to. How can no matter why or why -- government agencies still keep giving bonuses. I don't know I don't know. And it's like it's like a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac you know when they weren't going to be that -- they were totally hook on the box. He's got a good job you get a good vacation planning get a good return could just do his job. All right Scott where you gonna be tomorrow just everywhere around. Everywhere you know obviously Ariana is back she's like I said the get married so were. Two and a couple parade there a couple of visits maybe. Connecting with a B street bombers and singing and playing the guitar -- something that's going to be kind of a fun day. OK so the people wanna know why how to reach your word they go. Brown dot com it's time guys get involved. You can come up have fun governor Romney is you know is endorsing him Wednesday at the scam and finally -- have above 400 people signed up we've looked -- -- And I -- you know marked them in the in the fourth of July parade will borrow. I think we're doing we're doing other parades I'm not sure about wolf forum two and three or four that day I can have as you know I love -- well he does a great. -- -- -- -- don't have to worry about wells anymore -- spirit. But it is a good. OK Scott thanks Laura thanks very weather's great weekend thank you same deal. 1877469432. To them how we are.