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Crash After Crash At The IRS

Jun 19, 2014|

Following the news that a computer crash destroyed over two years’ worth of Lois Lerner’s e-mails, House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa has subpoenaed her hard drive. Which apparently may also be gone...Will we ever find out how deep the IRS scandal goes?

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Daniel have injury had a great great column in the Wall Street Journal today he he he really related to war Obama. And I think -- -- and usually onto something here the India the headline says at all. The IRS's of Watergate it's worse that Watergate. It is you remember the Nixon tried -- turned the IRS on his opponents and -- and he he was. Sort of daydreaming about it in the white house on those tapes I think he actually did make you know have have Haldeman Ehrlichman. His two top aides make make some calls to the -- trying to get people to. To investigate. His political opponents and whether or not they could I am up in -- Over were. Over their income tax returns. But they never did that -- and you know -- -- John Mitchell the attorney general went to prison said that said the Katie Graham the owner of the Washington Post. When -- was -- the Watergate stories he said that she really hatter shoot she was gonna get her mammary and we didn't use the word memory caught in our ringer. But he never did anything to work. They never they never let came down hard on her. And a. You know. Obama. -- points out Obama. After the the the Supreme Court decision Citizens United verses FEC. This is the one that gave people the right to make Emeka contributions. Two was to political groups you know gave it gave citizens the right to do the same thing that unions or to do. And oh by the way other people make it sit the people who work. Protected its Citizens United made the contributions voluntarily and many of the union members who were forced to make. Contributions to the Democratic Party had had no say in the matter. I can tell you because I was one of those people. That would take my money I had no I had no choice in the matter I wish I had I was forced to give the union dues and they would take -- union dues. And give them the candidates. Who regarded me as the enemy. Because I'm a I'm Leo. Well. I work for a living let's put it that way. So Obama set talked about this this rule which Citizens United vs FEC. In -- yet to. In March 2010 radio address. He spoke of should -- a -- groups with harmless sounding names that threaten quote our democracy. And quote. Here's a partial list of the American placed names where the Tea Party groups audited by the IRS organized. Franklin Tennessee Livonia Michigan Lucas Texas Middletown Delaware. Fisher Fisher is bill Virginia Jackson New Jersey Redding California. Chandler Arizona law -- in South Carolina which town New Jersey. With pumped -- Alaska Alabama. Cultural -- Hawaii Sidney Ohio and wallow Oklahoma. Obama writes as did manager these people do live most of their lives in the shadow of daily American life out of the public guy. Still they considered themselves to be very much and -- quote unquote outward democracy. Then the IRS and -- them for the names of their donors they talk about what their political affiliations war. The IRS Tea Party story isn't Watergate. It's worse than Watergate. But Watergate break in which professionals of the party in power or going after. Party professionals of the party out of power or the IRS scandalous party in power going over the most average Americans imaginable. They didn't need to do this the Obama campaign machine was -- wonder perfecting the uses of social media in 2008 in 2012. But the Democrats were so crazed and 2010 by Citizens United in the east at large energy from Mary Read. So convinced that -- he wants new political money might botched their hold on power. But they -- to the most feared agency in government on people who disagreed with them. Barack Obama wanted this job he didn't want to come with Ukraine the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria or Darrell ice. But it does. So do you agree that this is worse than now Watergate. I think it's I I really do think it's much worse than Watergate it's a bit it can beat the higher escort after you. Is is just is it is truly chilling. And it's like Russia today to show you said -- the beat. Presumption. Of guilt there's always -- it's not in its money innocent until proven guilty it's guilty until proven it's been you know even if they. Even if they have nothing. -- even if you've done nothing wrong it's gonna cost you money. Anyone like frivolous lawsuit seeking and asked the judge who was two to approve having the personal file reports losses. Pay for your legal expenses your stock. You gotta pay your account. You CPA. Or that if it's really bad you gotta pay way. And enrich it if they were just trying to chill. The the free speech rights of these people in them now now they're just making it. Worse. By the fact that. That they destroyed these -- email to the claim -- the -- these emails from almost were all passed on to remember. How crazy. The the lame stream media went in 1973. When it turned out -- -- which -- a -- missing eighteen and half minutes of the White House tapes. In all likelihood it once -- raced by the Nixon -- -- his minions. But -- was -- team and a half minutes. Now we're talking about. Thousands of emails in the first they say oh I was just walls where now they're saying -- industry now they're saying that. They have quote unquote lost the emails of the six people that are most directly involved. In this scandal. And lost -- by the way has you know as his has taken the Fifth Amendment. It's amazing that you know he or she is she trying to. Trying to deprive. US citizens. Taxpayers. This mystery to deprive taxpayers their first amendment rights. And then when she gets caught. Red handed excuse me at a slower -- and it. If you can't get stock. Chances are gonna turn -- right so is it panel puts us where she gets caught red hand it. And she cites her fifth amendment rights. So you're first amendment rights don't mean at least to these people but by god. Don't try to deprive them of their fifth amendment rights. Pitcher probably claim fourth amendment rights though if she you know it's illegal search and seizure -- if they if they really went after the. Public and they're violating my forbidden may fifth amendment rights a low oh oh. What what do these these people who were improperly. Acted illegally audited. But they're sixth amendment rights. To confront their accusers. I'll try to work for the higher so you can't confront them. They're just a nameless faceless bureaucracy and if we get clot will just say everything. Was destroyed. 18774694322617. Worse than Watergate Nixon which game. For talking about it Obama's -- 18774694322. How -- the IRS was looking at ways to file criminal charges against the Tea Party members who filed applications how scary is that it's pretty damn scary. It's pretty if it is it's it's terrible. Were to take some calls on this BI -- the IRS scandal and you don't -- I think this is the only -- what's worse than Watergate. What's going on down at the border. I thought we was I thought it was supposed to faithfully a police held up his hand and word faithfully. Uphold -- the laws and the constitution etc. don't we have volume or immigration laws don't they count. -- fast and furious. -- out on -- but the the NSA. That they have warrants for almost. Which response to get a warrant for the for the -- appears Obama constitutional professor want constitutional opera faster. What a joke. Be -- by as much as the constitution is as. It as the average member of La crisis does. 187746943221877469432. To about -- car or. Romo. 18774694322. Much much saying that they haven't used the higher pressed against people in the past and I I know they have because they used against me you know when I got some. Grand jury transcripts -- was thirty years ago and a you -- guy who became a judge in here in Boston said that it should your -- your regret using putting those transcripts on TV. And the -- -- the you know the next day he asked me official of the Somerville and a week later I got a I got -- notes. In my -- address -- and the lawyer. Who Luis who this future judge suspected of giving me. The grand jury transcript -- by the way he got a noticed at the same day and he said let me Campbell so he filed forty requests for both of us. Asking for how how how we just happened to be -- now. For for these audits. And so of course then the IRS just -- -- -- went away and they did they you have my accountant. Call the people I was supposed to get in contact with they would even return his phone. But I knew -- was guilty. Qatar news the the the future judge was to prosecute them. So I know you're -- at the you have these guys free -- but it'll. This this thing under Obama this was an organized. Effort. At the highest levels of government in -- cobble up is more of the same. -- your next with how we -- ahead Julie. How I -- yeah that our government goes to these separate entities. Not that they have continual dialogue amongst themselves and a look at -- that they had visitor lot that the White House should look Lerner and other -- of people went -- that. At the White House then you need many many each time. Anyone else. Other than that the union. And Carl Levin the senator from Michigan he's retiring this year he he was. He was urging the IRS to -- to watch go after these Tea Party groups seek a crop he he ought to show. Exactly -- affected the entire. Election. Right I think these these people -- you'd you'd tell people they gonna do they may get all by the way we got a notice and I we may have to turn your name over to the IRS. Mean that's that's pretty much you'll get more chilling than that -- yet. We know it doesn't and I you don't -- profile and Obama you can't. That's a good word. For word profiles. -- filing conservative think the very beginning and I'm not a car agency on every single run them lick my daughter. That got shut down. Remember Janet Napolitano. For Homeland Security remember her -- email to law enforcement BR. Bolo be on the lookout for veterans. -- people would have -- Second Amendment bumper stickers. Up grows up for a Second Amendment bumper sticker -- you attacks are up potential terrorists that the eyes of the administration. That this man people who think that they do Tea Party people are now -- -- Open profiling meet people and it can't which. I don't know people are unionize they can't if I hear there are protected. And that -- not right -- should not -- -- they should not be protected but to answer all of our questions every eight to jail. Thanks for the call Julie good good call. 18774694322. You mean when when Obama said not a smidgen of corruption that was why I'm shocked says mindset and it were all shocked. -- thirty are next with how we cargo ahead Arthur. We well to begin with although most Florida or with the -- of of a dog ate my homework. With the guys -- rest. What happens is they know very know which of those that they want and whose -- sent them through so they can get it the other way. From the people that says that recent. You know Arthur and the -- limits say if they went that way they would discover that a bunch more emails have been lost. Well you're absolutely right but you know what -- trouble this with a cup was Republican party of the last census. You know that not serious they should have a a select committee or -- or or or or at least as the special part of didn't prosecute his. For the iron rescue them as you know has bad has been Ghazi was this is on the whole country. Yeah I know. -- -- -- -- You know if you don't what that what they don't seem to understand this the the reason this this is not supposed to be tolerated is because in this case it's liberals targeting conservatives. But it could be conservatives targeting liberals though they don't they don't seem to understand. That ocean here. It you know what I'm gonna tell you something -- By the way whoever decided to call the IRS service you know. Published politically -- Thank you -- 18774694322. -- Chelsea does not the IRS assume your guilt if you -- you lost your records and the networks are still love reporting it. -- He watches ABC news every night he records -- And they still haven't mentioned that the these these awards -- emails have been lost. I think the IRS also tells you that you're supposed to keep you're. You're -- documents you're supporting evidence of your income tax statements for seven years. Seven years. If you if you -- rob. Rob a gas station that the statute of limitations is only -- about five years. But you have to keep the tax returns for seven years but of course they don't have to keep anything. Bob your next without. Cargo -- Bob. How we are you don't go it. Ali I haven't been audited -- for eighteen months flops on doing pretty good. While you know how you've made a career -- look at an organized crime right yes. Okay. Spoke without experience you look at he would file -- administration which you not consider that -- based on. Almost six years. -- watching it which bought out -- that the administration to be more like an organization. I you know -- to it because boilerplate words of the Department of Justice indictments Bob. The the executive branch of the United States government has been operated as -- racketeering enterprise. Now we know that the Justice Department certainly on Eric Holder. Isn't gonna do a darn thing up and I do know. We also don't know that right now be -- legislative side of the house or how this is marketing move to any sort of each and. Yes because Harry Reid is insane and John John Boehner has no components. Well like I got to leave -- goes up -- there we gonna take a break about car.