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Trademark Stripped. 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

The Washington Redskins lost their trademark. Do you think they should change their name?

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They'll find here on the great WRK okay. Kansas City and now on 93 point seven take. Hours three of the quarter report Jeff corner Boston's -- Bulger 6172666868. Talk about political correctness now run amok. This is an incredible story I've been I've talked about it a few times before but it just gets worse and worse and worse. On Wednesday in a major blow to the Washington Redskins. The US patent and trademark office on Wednesday as I said canceled six federal trade marks of the team name. Because it was found to be disparaging quote unquote to native Americans. So what this means in reality is. The Redskins have been stripped of some important trademarks. It's going to be a more difficult for them to patent their local patent their name. It's gonna open up potentially to maybe lawsuits down the road. And so according to the patent office's trademark trial and appeal board. We decide based on the evidence properly before us that these registrations. Must be canceled. Because they were disparaging to native Americans. Their respective times they were registered. In other words. Because this appeal board deemed that the term Redskins is quote a racist offensive term. They are trying to force the National Football League. And the football team of the -- Washington Redskins to change their name. Now. How are re read. The senate Democrats. ES the end that's fraud Keith Olbermann who left MSNBC. Went to that left wing progressive network owned by Al Gore. That nobody listened to now he's peddling his garbage on ESP yen. And he's been on a crusade to change the Redskins name. The Huffington Post to do in New York Times CNN. The liberal elite media establishment. Is on a G hall additional other words are on a crusade. To purge that name. From the Washington football team. And so I want you think about this we're talking about the football team. A football team. Harry Reid senate majority leader. Cold -- the senate floor on Sunday. Lauding the trademark decision. And saying come hell or high water. The Washington Redskins must and will change their name according to Harry Reid. He says the name Redskins is quote a sudden reminder unquote. Of the bigotry native Americans have faced and said the issue -- quote. Extremely important to native Americans all across the country unquote. He refers to the owner of the Washington Redskins Daniel Snyder. Daniel Snyder may be the last person in the world to realize this. But it's just a matter of time until he is forced to do the right thing and changed the -- decent quote unquote. He added the writing is on the wall. It's on the wall in giant blinking neon lights. This. And there's no other word for. Is liberal fascism. This is fascism. I don't care where you stand on the issue whether you think it's an offensive term not offensive term. Whether they should get rid of it were not get rid of it. The fact of the matter is the Washington Redskins. Is a privately owned sports team in professional sports team. Our government. Has no hole. Smith's. Getting involved in the name of this team that's point number one number 20. Congress is gonna get involved. The federal government is gonna get involved. This. It's madness. What. What we're living through. It's like the late days of the Roman empire. With you rock. Burning. With the Taliban now getting back their five top military commanders. With our boys dying day after day in Afghanistan. Our dollar is collapsing. Our economy is in shambles. Our border is an all pinch for. Tens of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of illegals are being dumped. With all of the problems that the United States patients. The senate Democrats and Harry Reid and chief spring ball Elizabeth Warren or accessed over the main Redskins. What one football team decides that called themselves. -- here is the ultimate point. Motion native Americans in fact the overwhelming majority of native Americans. Don't care about the term Redskins you know why they don't care about a term Redskins. Because unlike these lives -- old -- history of the name Redskins. That term is actually a compliment. It doesn't refer to the fact that their skin may be read. It was named after one of -- be the coach. Who said. Well one of the original Redskins coaches who was from an Indian tribe whereby they painted their skin red when they were about to going to battle. In fact all of these names. In football team's basket for -- baseball teams. Indians braves cherokees. Seminoles Redskins. Their compliments. It goes back to the days -- a more Hooper. The great American novelist. Whereby American writer after American writer even in the age of hostilities between the white man and native American Indians. The white demands salt honor in the native American Indian especially their warrior fighting prowess. That's why they say if you wanna be tough if you wanna be strong if you wanna be brave if you wanna be -- sink. You're an Indian. You're redskin you're summon all you're Cherokee. It's the very opposite of an ethnic swore. Let me tell all of you something just to reveal the hypocrisy of this. Chief spreading -- Elizabeth Warren that's phony Indian. Who lied about being a Cherokee Indian so she could get a job as -- suppose it minority at Harvard. To get to teach one class for 350000. Dollars a year you phony you fraud you. Says she comes from Oklahoma. And her family all had roots in Oklahoma going back generations. And they older and Oklahoma. That her great great great grandmother. -- to be at Cherokee Indian they should look what's the proof look at the high cheek -- it's. Look it up. Don't take my word -- look I want you Google this everybody in corner country at least. Do you know what Oklahoma stands for. It is the name literally this chalk talk. It's an Indian name. Meaning. Red people. In fact be precise O clock is chalked off for people. Home Mott is the Indian -- a term for -- its people read but it means red people. By the liberals own definition. If Redskins. Is an offensive term. Oklahoma. The state is just as an offensive term is just as offensive. So I'm gonna ask every liberal out there on when asked Keith Olbermann and I'm gonna ask Harry Reid and I'm gonna ask chief spreading -- and I'm gonna -- -- Francois and I'm gonna ask the president did earlier because he also thinks they should change their name like he doesn't have more important things to do. Why don't you change the state of Oklahoma one should change their name. Why -- you push for movement to renamo Oklahoma. Because that also wasn't a swore. That was also what compliment to native American Indians. So what's good for the goose is good for the -- To everybody that wants to change the name to direct that change the name of the Redskins all you have to say is this not a problem. But first you got to change the name of Oklahoma chief you're from Oklahoma. -- spreading -- you're Cherokee allegedly from Oklahoma. Chief it's now time to change the name of Oklahoma and -- spreading bull when we want shoot to lead the way. But you won't you know why because you didn't build that BP chief spreading bowl. 6172666868. Is the number. Should the Redskins change their name 61726. X sixty at 68. Cuomo said. One how you look -- Cuomo had won all up. You see them all I'm yeah and the trepidation change all that a lot the cold all. Working golf our map no better than -- in routes through. This should change the name of at -- -- when they do it everyone in the country should thank their credit records. I would change their pain seriously to the wild hawks. Because of all the pork barrel spending. Very Edmonton over the thanks. The Washington. Takes the Washington bloated picks. That all that bacon all that pork barrel spending that you'd be perfect for DC Tom you're up next thanks for holding goat. Good morning. You speak you know from 1980 floor. Brave new world. -- while -- and keep our Internet because. All I wouldn't Tom she starts does borderline fascism they're -- -- -- Everybody should Google no outside Washington Redskins on another little code talkers. And look at the photo of the Navajo code talkers on the sideline after watching Gretzky game. And look at the jackets they're wearing and tell me and native Americans. Well it doesn't it -- that's the big lie. Most native Americans are fact proud of them and they should be proud it's it's a great honor. And -- did you notice in this country for example on the nickel. We would have like you know the African authority on the native American the feather headdress. The proud native American feather headdress. This is always been a sign. Of bravery honor courage toughness. Going for hundreds for for -- over a hundred years. Only in the era of victim politics. Of -- the -- -- Kendall lips take a compliment. And turn it into a -- only I swear only believes can do that. Drew Europe next thanks for holding go. I didn't know what. So all the general. -- double digit territory liberal hypocrisy. Pop in there are multiple major cultural problem. Paper crusaders the government turn yeah. Mainly achieved here watching Jihad even be up political cultural reacts about what. All they love it the hook might caught the dear leader Obama he -- open every game. He wouldn't be a Chicago Bears friend he may become an automatic Washington -- bodies found I could see him there. A lot of man. Lola Lola Lola Lola Lola. I could see among my god are you serious -- Marxist -- no they did it have a blast 61726. X 6868. Who Bobby Europe next on the corner report on RK oh go ahead Bob. But you know that don't often let's get out of orbit and washed over here. That's what they need to change and it was brought -- the -- gym membership -- much can they change where they'll play -- way to deal. Like in 37 bad date change -- only because whenever -- And implement a roll all the air. Uniforms -- -- -- and so what -- -- -- should get our lips and I agree at all. So you can't shut all the -- -- -- battle -- -- air strike but that's what other ought to give them eventually -- Bingo Miami. There was a Boston Braves and there was of football team -- to embrace and a baseball team Boston Braves. Would distinguish the two they changed to the Boston -- -- But it was changed in honor of the culture was a compliment. Eric said we want to change the name and the coal production native American. I forget I don't know if you -- Cheney and I can't remember the exact try but I know he was somewhere from the from the northern part of the United States. And in honor of his heritage of his Indian tribe they said you know what you want call you said what we used to paint our face is red. When we would we sparse in our face is red what are we going to battle. And that was assigned like you know you go to war with us it's gonna be awarded the finish. Read it could be a great name to go where they aren't you want our audience you've got to. Jerry Ferrara. Out cold now all the about it but you would go -- Charlie Bartlett called our football -- and he's written a great article about the history of out of registered -- why would you say the. Thank you very much Bobby no and here's the other thing what I find despicable. They keep changing C is a self anointed thought police. They determine what's acceptable and what's not acceptable. So if you remember in the fifties and sixties determined that was acceptable for blacks was negro. So and they use that term negro. So they created the negro college fund will -- negro was considered offensive. Does anybody -- negro college fund should change their name. All remember it was colored people -- for while called a colored so the national association for the advancement of colored people. The NAACP. Does anybody now say all that's offensive asked to be African American and it cannot be colored. Does anybody go to NAACP and say you got to change your name. What's the problem. It was never intended as a slur it wasn't a slur it isn't to -- got lost. Rice syrup next thanks for holding. Here on WRK oh sure to -- Jeff as an American of Italian descent I want a T bird cage trained -- rescinded. -- know -- apple plans of whereas -- can also anywhere we -- there. Well I gotta say this I don't know -- Seattle topping the coaxing and Brittany does. I can't believe not offended by this but the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Hewitt do you -- a single local. It's a little -- content fighting youth and I think they're implying he's a little bit down a little drunk a little Pepsi. Like so little bit of the and Britney -- but it stroke. It might get to -- I don't see the arson who'll look at touched her OPEC. -- it's -- you mean all we Irish wanted to do was get drunken fight movement were little leprechaun so. Loom. How about the Boston Celtics do you see the little leprechaun manner. Unless it's the pats got a goal that's offensive. I'm one we just start naming -- think just -- hold them think there's everybody's offended over everything. Anthony Europe next thanks for holding go. Thank you just I think that's part of the liberals. Play the race history because they want to eliminate Indians until they actually stood up and why who didn't. When they're gonna win or lose I think it destroyed their base I -- -- online because we announced the other thing about. How they talk about in any talks unless it's -- and you see something like this -- or. You know Anthony I'm offended as a great textile here is these -- to -- as you know I'm offended this -- -- 617. I am offended by the dear -- middle -- I honestly I agree I'm offended by Hussein. Are you offended by Hussein Anthony. Enjoy it urged the government. I'm proud promoting religion is -- -- that are de -- lemon there. I think he needs a change of chief I'll tell you like OK -- If you're willing ball I -- I wanna be fair. If if you're willing to change Oklahoma. I won't trade you the Redskins for all I'll trade you the dear leader is middle name for Oklahoma. Do you change the name Oklahoma if that's offensive to yield and we changed their their leaders middlemen fair. -- -- 6172666868. -- chief is doing a little bit of a a war dance we'll be right back after this short break. 6172666. It's sixty -- -- -- any any tiny tiny tiny 999998. -- -- -- Reid now says that the Redskins must change their name in the wake up -- Dropped Patent and Trademark Office ruling saying it's offensive it's derogatory. According to dirty Harry. It's just a matter of time until the Redskins and Daniel Snyder their owner are forced to do the right thing. And change the name. The writing is on the wall. Is it the government's business to be telling private employers and organizations. What's acceptable and what's not acceptable. And frankly what's offensive about the Redskins. Bob Gil did and and. So many years. What's happening in the rise of a gallon of gas in the US is falling victim to the conflict and I rocked the national average now 367. -- The highest price for this time of here since 2008. The year gasoline. The great WORK. 6868. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. The Redskins should they change their name Harry Reid says yes the Democrats say yes. I say no what do you say Boston. This is from nine. This is from effort -- 603. Jeff Washington G bodies if they take the name that name they will meet a costume change all the cheerleaders -- to Wear -- -- but a this is from 617 Jeff bishop threatened to move the Redskins and watched all of this go away bingo 617. This is -- 78 Jeff how to Elizabeth Warren addressed whether fake Indians are offended by the Redskins main. What's the fake Indian position on this -- -- lead to fake Indian position is -- offender. Have you noticed the real native American Indians and are not offended. You can't find one serious Symbian on any TV screen saying audits were funded. It's Harry Reid that's offended. Its chief spreading -- that's offended. It's the dear leader that's offended it's Keith Olbermann not fraud he is offended. Polls show consistently overwhelming majority of native Americans say there's no problem. It's a compliment. Rich to honor our -- wake breaks. That's what it means. You're a warrior your fighter. -- war paint they put on red as war paint when they winning the battle. Full stop. 6172666868. Is the number then Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Yet -- orders and how do so well web site out there that you should check out. It's red mesa high school and they're located in the red Mesa, Arizona. On a network -- -- -- Just cater to Indian families small school or 200 students. And they have a new glitter and guess what it's called the Redskins lose. They task force teams and get what they called they called the risk -- So you know I think you should check that out pretty interesting and like you said. Is the native Americans and I'm not offended by this. So Dan which -- telling me is that malveaux hold native American tribes. Are using the term Redskins for their team further newsletter. Because it's not an offensive term. But apparently not there they are located in red Mesa, Arizona and -- pretty proud of it -- -- you. A picture of this football deal with the track and on the track uses recognition restaurants. But the band so what you're telling me is that. I mean I can't believe you're saying this you mean that the actual real Indians. In in in the Navajo is in mesa actually know what's better for them and chief spreading Mobil. Really it is yup that's right -- -- didn't help bridge that says that slogan. I you mean they know more than Harry Reid they know more than -- dear leader is not possible small but can be. Happy because they know everything. Small hole that's and that's a -- believe that. 61720666868. You know I swear that phony Indian chief spreading -- -- one person who shouldn't open her mouth on anything relating to native American issues -- -- you would think we're her history. And by the way you wanna get native Americans to talk forget the Redskins because they love the term. But mention chief spreading -- they cool bad miles per day and night you wanna talk about being offended. They're all offended. That she lied about her native American Heritage. To get herself very sweet hard job you wanna talk about exploiting them. You wanna talk about playing upon racial prejudices. Do you phony you fraud you. And then she comes out where her book after pulling off that's dam on the American people and on Harvard University. Lying about her heritage. And then she comes -- a when he attacks came I was a phony Indian. My feelings were hurt to. -- -- 350000. Dollars a year to teach one course. And the moment she got the pay your job Jeanette she got no longer pushing Indian she went from minority. White now she's white by the way. She's no longer native American -- all but now she's in the senate she's no longer know she's no longer chief now she's a pale face. Now she's a white man or white woman. -- the victim. They call me names and they called me -- mean him and -- meet again wearing union and I mean I'm not always mean. She Schwartz a -- and she's become. -- it's it's incredible. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Have I. -- to Tokyo and -- New -- garlic and given eventually radio I'll welcome home dual. I need. You've heard is big news that outsiders can change mainly Greeks cheap labor don't FaceBook stand to watch a Redskins it's going to be the DC rescue. It. Democrats and -- not a well yeah I'm in Washington dollars after George Washington you know how many indeed they -- slaves he should not -- -- He's a dead wife Camille on -- that's very offensive or all well although a decision is gonna change its name. I know I love this text. But the couple text are pouring in but well this is from 9781 should the patriot Jeff should the patriots changed their name under this reasoning yes. Technically yes. This is from 978 Jeff what's next changer Apache helicopters -- hello kitty copter with. Here kitty kitty kitty there any any any. Steve Europe Max thanks for holding. You're on W York say no go ahead stay. There -- out of the car you -- discussion here. And I mean that's basically governor will not intense it is. It is true -- dispute between it and try to do not what's being. Let -- have to change -- they -- about -- and it. Not sure I think that'll work better speaking. I mean to mean I prefer just the Washington rents because their whole bunch economies up there anyway so I figure what that help. Just go straight -- pick out the scans call on the Washington reds and then we're done. I personally like what -- hawks -- wild hawks for all the pork barrel spend. Your picks just Washington picks. How about just literally Washington blank you. Does -- doing to us anyway they keep screwing us. -- to me that would be just perfect. 6172666868. Is the number Paul you're up next thanks for holding -- on RK oh go ahead -- Hey Ed -- well -- they're not fair to -- -- -- to the Washington fashion. I got another idea. And then may be the first sponsor how about that it got a little bit and it even matter. I tie into -- how about the Washington -- party and not been. And Rush Limbaugh can be their first bother with it IP. Well you see again the liberals are offended the British are offended depth understanding only the people are. Not Boston Tea Party that's why they lost the colleagues. A lot of people get offended minor. A lot of people around the world hate us. Boy they wished they could roll back 1776. Of some very offensive I didn't. I wouldn't do that not I wouldn't event 61720666868. Well last year spreading bull. You are short enough to get her on the shores at -- chief okay look you all like Redskins what what should we what should we call chief. You know I mean. What about Oklahoma. -- -- red that's and that's chalked off for read people regional that the chief. Now what you want change the name of that to -- chief. 6172666868. And I can comment on our high cheekbones very sexy high cheekbones you know your -- your cheek bones are the most the sexiest part of your whole body. Bob you're up next thanks for holding. Welcome. I get thanks for taking my call plus -- couple couple point than a gentleman from New York they called up and said that that. It immediately she Redskins -- -- could make data peacekeeper politically correct. And my second player would be here from Elizabeth Warren I'll know what is right now may do you have a tax funded. -- -- our operation compared to order cheekbones and educated you know really be wiped out. A -- that's where I swear to you and I I'd love to get her on the show when I go look I just wanna get it straightened out because it keeps changing. Are you why you. Are you were cherry he arguing India like I mean just there's so that I know I mean just what are you can you -- -- once and for all -- argue. Because I look at Q I'm telling you you've got lighter skinned than either I do or my Ashton and my Ashton is German Norwegian news on Mike and so all I I don't know what we'll -- -- my friend but lady but that chief but whatever it is. I don't I don't see Cherokee 61766. Call me crazy 6172 -- six X sixty -- 68. Winds are loaded. Let's go to them slot you're up next thanks. -- I -- what that meant love nothing was -- millions like well. How. Within the conversation there about there redskin. Couple things I'd like to -- about their armed. Got anybody on the street and you ask them. You know what they think about politicians. You know I think what they say yep -- -- liar GAAP. I think deceitful. Yes money grubbing greedy yes power hungry yet they pretty much the worst people out of I eighty. We would yeah. Now you've got bit. These politicians and government. Carry that. Well it pretty much -- percent of among Democrat also that are saying that we you know that that -- in -- change their name because. Katie believes senator and there and they have it all monopoly on compassion. Now the American people have not stood up instead any of that the American people the good hard working on American. Players have not seen that stood up instead entered an outrage of the week ago. What these people the politicians who represent. Our country. Want to show a lot. Leak ought and they wanna show that they know better than what is compassion. It won't I think they're they're in that happened and that the red ink. Name means good golf. These seem better Democrat politician -- invite. Rat her out there on earth after rapper into the White House if you look at the lyrics -- -- Long. Endure this B word and word this B word that widget actually really -- it. -- -- -- Our final look you nailed it -- hypocrisy is unbelievable. And I got to say there's the blocks in Washington because I lived there for a long time. This is a phony issue trumped by a phony party. -- literally -- nonsense. 617 -- at 6868. 847 here on the great they'll be your -- my friends don't touch that dial. Thorn in -- side. And everything that's wrong with the --