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Should Obama free a terrorist because he "took up yoga?" 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Jeff doesn't think Obama should free a terrorist from Gitmo because he took up yoga while locked up. What do you think?

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905 here on the break WR KOK. NM six stadium now on 93 point seven HDs do. Jeff corner Boston bulldozers cleaning up the liberal -- 6176666868. Now speaking of liberal -- when it comes to bowl -- -- AKA saving private a little bit. -- bull now just keeps piling up and piling up and piling up but I've got to tell you it's now become incredibly revealing. About who -- dear leader is. What is real goals and objectives are. And he's now basically letting the cat out of the back. Not only -- and Islamic sympathizer. But he's almost now telling us negatively openly. Then he is a dictator who will not be constrained by congress or write a constitution. So here is now the latest developments. Over the weekend it has now been confirmed officially by numerous media outlets what I was reporting last week. That's saving private Abdullah bowl berth ball. Was a deserter. And then he went a wall he left his post. It appears now that he was disgruntled with the war effort. He said he hated the United States. He was disgusted with being a US soldier. He said the title of a US soldier is that any fool and a -- He then deliberately went looking for the Taliban looking for someone who could speak English because he wanted to hook up with the Taliban. When he got with the Taliban he then converted to Islam. Took on the name Abdul law. And then declared himself to BA mujahideen. They -- your for a Islam and said he was now part of the Jihad is effort against the United States. It also has now come out from the Taliban. There's that he in fact they needed the Taliban in building bombs in particular are used mobile devices. To detonate IED's. To kill American troops. He is not only a deserter. He is a traitor and a collaborator. The Taliban have now officially said. That this deal swapping to get small fife police five Taliban war criminals this senior of the most senior of their commanders. Basically their military our staff their military general staff. Has now embolden them and encourage them to quote capture more big birds as they put it like sergeant Bober -- So the Taliban are now saying they want to capture more Americans. They're openly admitting it. Furthermore. Now adding insult to injury it's exactly what I predicted was gonna happen. These five. Two of them wanted by the UN for notorious war crimes. He's fine if. Who helped form an alliance with Iran to detonate bombs and IUDs killing American soldiers in Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan. Court itching to get back on the battlefield. Well now -- in Qatar. Free as a bird they're partying during a five star resort -- residential compound. No American supervision. They're shopping and they're eating their party and they're dancing they're having a good time well already one of them has now publicly said. Small lot more -- Moody's mullah mullah mullah nor rule out noting. One of the five Taliban leaders wanted to get more for life. Has already publicly said and pledged that he will return to fight Americans in Afghanistan. Quote. I will kill every single American infidels in Afghanistan. We will drive the Goethe the great Satan from our Muslim nation of Afghanistan. Our duty is Jihad and holy war. Praise be to a law and the Prophet Mohammed. That guy is barely out of gitmo. And he's already breaking. About how many Americans he's gonna go kill. Furthermore. Let me give you the latest the media is not reporting this story. You have to go to other web sites. To get this sort of information. It now appears as I said at the time -- dear leader now wants to empty gitmo. He couldn't keep his campaign promise to transfer them to the United States because nobody wants some. So basically now he's gonna release all of these terrorists the consequences be damned. There are now a 149. Detainees left at Guantanamo Bay. 78. Have now been cleared to be released back into Afghanistan or into the or into the world. He's just opening the source. And they are using every possible excuse it is getting so desperate to freedom I want you think about this one of them. Is Abdul bull -- and Russell. He has been in gitmo. For forgiving he's. This is sorry I amend different name I'll get back to this person a second. This is got to leave mass sir I'll be -- He is apparently he's been detained. He has been and noted as a serious threat to the United States he was captured in 2001 fighting in Afghanistan. He was a senior member of al-Qaeda. He claims he has been known for having kill American troops in Afghanistan. One of his Brothers in Yemen is a leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The military immediately said he's an indefinite detainees whatever you do do not let this man out. He will go back to the battlefield and kill -- markets. The dear leader is releasing him why I swear to you god as my witness. Because quote he loves yoga. According to his lawyer. Got to leave Nasser Al behind me. Now says that he's found the love for yoga. According to his lawyer he has asked for yoga magazines and self help books. Apparently he practices yoga in a cell block. And not only does he practice yoga in a cell block he also reads biographies. Of the Dali Lama and Martin Luther King Jr. And so because he -- biographies of the Dali Lama and Martin Luther King Jr. May be as he's fantasizing about killing Americans he doesn't yoga in his cell block. He's now been considered by the Obama regime as no longer a threat. -- review board has now scheduled him for release they're releasing him. Yes there's not even a trait they're just releasing him. Another one as being released is mark Moore Bob -- is all more jagged. That's that that's literally is named Maya Moore Bob I'll Aziz I'll -- it. -- 33 years of NH. He wants to -- he was a -- served as Osama bin Laden's bodyguard. He was captured after 9/11. The military said he's personally responsible for the deaths of numerous Americans. Keep protective shield it all but Osama bin Laden for over a decade. He was one of its top killers. They the military has said a 110%. If he has freed he will likely join his brother. Another former bin Laden bodyguard in Yemen. To go and wage terrorist attacks against innocent civilians and maybe here on the American homeland why are they releasing him. Because according to his lawyer. He has rehabilitated himself how is he rehabilitated himself he says he wants a quote milk and honey farm. He says he just wants them now -- because some would you need to told and he wants the starting milk and honey farm in yum tree the farmer now. So you see. When they kill Americans and commit Jihad they can all go to always farm and have like -- the best that doesn't goat milk is a delicious and that. A little bit -- me. On the you mix that we -- led -- -- -- is that with the Gault is at coconut ice is that -- -- Is a delicacy is something you never happened to life. So. And it goes on and on basically another one. How are -- Mohammed how Rosie heat. They just let another bin Laden bodyguard they're letting them goal because they're only thing you've got a positive attitude. This not even the yoga it's not he doesn't want it doesn't care about the yoga. Has really care about the milk and honey farm he just says he's got a positive attitude. And apparently he says he wants to take over the family's fruit and vegetable business in him. Cleared for transfer 78. Of the 149 prisoners he's gonna MP the whole bloody thank. All these people that we capture that Americans died capturing he's -- -- the all of now. What happens when many of these are released you may ask. Message she had a jab they've been at gitmo now for over ten years. They're being rehabilitated. They are good people. They wanna mess they wanna make her -- -- whenever I have a milk and honey farm grows some fruits grow some vegetables. Maybe take a couple of yoga classes. Come on Jeff is a good people Jeff. This a failure of human understanding -- that's all this is okay. One notorious rescinded this is Abdul -- -- lomb and Russell. He was released in 2007. He became the Taliban's operations commander in southern Afghanistan he went right back to the war. He is now blamed for masterminding a surge in a roadside attacks against American troops. -- in Afghanistan. Literally they say yes killed dozens of American troops are maimed or crippled them. We release them more Americans died or came back crippled. Another repeat terrorist was released in 2007. -- eat I'll leave I'll she -- Ran al-Qaeda as Yemeni branch. In Yemen and helped -- the deadly bombing of the US embassy there soul. They let him loose and he attacked our embassy. They did goes on and on and on now let me tell you there's three more really hard cases. That there are now thinking of releasing. It now appears that Obama wants to release al-Qaeda leader -- -- by death. He is the second senior most member in al-Qaeda. He is known as one of the most dangerous man in the world. He has been talking about another 9/11 on the American homeland they -- release him. I guess there's no trader just gonna release some. Another one they're thinking of releasing members of the bombing in Bali in 2002. Were Australians and westerners were slaughtered. In one of the worst terrorist atrocities in our lifetime. Well that bombing mastermind -- Bali is now gonna be released. They're also thinking of releasing Mohamed Al Khatami he is the suspected twentieth hijacker of the 9/11 attacks. There were nineteen hijackers they always suspected there was a money if this is the -- So here's a man responsible for the deaths of 3000 Americans that there earlier now wants him out of -- all free of charge get out of jail free. Now you tell me. How is this not treason. How is this not a betrayal. Of everything. This president is supposed to stand for and defend. We are now giving. Mass murderers and terrorists. With the blood of American soldiers on their hands free pass after we're letting him Luke's. So what about all the boys that died in Afghanistan to capture them. We're just gonna let him back -- they can kill more American boys remember we're gonna be the air for another two and a half years. Our 101000 troops are gonna be sitting ducks. Frankly that's if we're lucky. They're gonna hit American targets and they're gonna target Americans all across the Middle East all the -- North Africa even here in the American homeland. He's putting a giant target on every single one of our backs. And so when confronted by saving private -- take this to me is may be complete clip of his entire presidency. Brian Williams asks him did you do the right think. He has said something. Deck no president ever in American history are 43 previous presidents. Would never even dare to utter out of their lips. And I wanna see if you can catch it roll it Britain. I have to tell -- The same thing but I've been saying for the last several days. Which is. We have you. The principle. That when somebody. Where is. Our country's uniform and a war theater. And they're captured. Remember everything we can't bring them home and we sought out during the took and I'm like -- -- the sport. It was a unanimous decision among. My principles in my government and sovereign -- review that was shared by -- -- -- Play that little part again. This is the -- this is the money quote. Clearly -- Captured he. Would do everything we can't bring home and we saw about during the took it and I met Paul called these forward. It was a unanimous decision among. My principles in my government. In my -- linked. In my government. Fuel. To Iraq you SOB you. Fueled dictator you. My government. Cheerleader. I was kidding when I called you dear leader I was mocking you. For taking -- that pony and the attitude of -- Communist dictatorships were called dear leader in North Korea and Cuba and the Soviet Union I didn't mean it literally. Or you're not supposed to take it literally. Decision not -- government. Number one the house that you occupy is our house it's our government not -- number one number 20. Separation of powers checks and balances. What are you talking about. He's acting as if congress doesn't matter as if the Supreme Court doesn't matter he's acting like this is a unitary government. Literally Putin's says Mike government. Chavez said my government. No American president has ever said my government they say my administration. Yes. Because that's the executive branch. That government is divided into three it's so obvious every every school child mostly it's. The government has consisted of three branches. The legislative executive and judicial branch they constitute the government of the United States. So what he's basically saying is I broke the law. I floated congress all -- by the way that I signed but let that go. I released for life of the most dangerous man in the world war criminal -- For a deserter a traitor and a collaborator. And I make no apologies. Because it's my government. By the way every senior military person in his in his government now I guess in the government said net. Leon Panetta when pressed set yet. Everybody around him said no no no no until he said yes. And now. We find out he's literally opening gitmo of the flood gates. We have. -- socialist. Trader in the White House. Who is now openly telling us his goal is clear and simple. Dictatorship back home radical Islam abroad. 6172666868. Is the number my friends. Is it time to finally impeach this -- -- in chief. All of your calls next. I have to tell you. The strength -- what I have been saying for the last several days. Which is. We have any rule. -- principle. That when somebody. Where is. Our country's uniform and a war theater and their capture. Want to do everything we can't bring them home and we shut -- during the took it and I'm involved all the sports. It was a unanimous decision among. My principles in my government and do that we shared by my. Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and this is something that I would do again and I won't continue to. Do wherever I have an opportunity if I have. A member of our military is in captivity were gonna try to get him out. Now what about the marine in Mexico their leader. Oh oops oops you can't give away the Taliban for that one -- oh I'm sorry sorry about that but let's see if you're not aiding the enemy and uninteresting. 928 on the great WR KL lines are loaded Andrea Europe's first thanks for holding and welcome. Hey Jeff and -- think. You can't win because. What I can't imagine that I had I had station that. That that put down the other hand what's going to the White House are that -- involved in the aimed at the White House Friday it security meetings. They had a plan can't read this week and I read catapult. And they get weekly and did it came out a month ago before it -- happened and it was about the public Muslim Brotherhood and protective cap. The biggest Muslim Brotherhood supporter in the entire world and I thought I would Obama and built bit of release prisoners back. But all of them got. They've already let him -- I mean Qatar is one of the most corrupt our governments in the world. They've been funding terrorism all over the world -- the saudis all of these gulf -- comes. He cut a deal. See it was never about saving private of -- it was about releasing big gitmo for life. He wanted to replenish the Taliban's ranks and my friends he did it 6172666868. One of them has now said he's going to return to the battlefield and kill more Americans. Did did dear leader commit treason. And now he says it's his government. Are those the words of a dictator 930 on the great WRKO. All of your calls next. Well first of all. Propaganda as propaganda and I'll say whatever they want to stir the waters. So people should not be lured in by their propaganda number one number two. We are ending our combat roles are combat role in Afghanistan. Is -- we're gonna have very few. You know people and that kind of position on occasion. Where. But I I honestly. I just think that's a lot of baloney before it went in to whatever degree it may be true they will wind up. Putting themselves at the mercy of those people who are very effective right there cool deal with those -- That was Jacques Francois dictated that feel appealed. Saying it's long. There's -- they're gonna return to the battlefield is baloney. Now Jacques Francois the only one full of baloney as you. Many of them have already returned -- telling us they're gonna return so well you -- we basically we -- it's what you wanna believe. Your -- or me. 617206. X 6868. Comrade John you're up next welcome comment. -- Jeff -- and after that it's. Get beat guys looked so peaceful wonderful why don't they -- -- -- always match. It already too many on the infiltrated the White House -- and outgrown all the. Bruce you're up next thanks for holding her on WRKO. Go ahead Bruce. Do our job and -- are you Bruce. Are referred to USA Ryder -- soft. But good job plus -- the waters just blew the tidal wave coming you baby but don't cover it up -- look that bill. -- -- these kids out of Kabul -- points real quick -- -- short I'm doubled listed under help O'Meara education and -- Also on a political prove given that money could just what you gotta do body. -- -- -- -- -- It'd just. On their Bruce believe the lies he's he's not afraid might know a lot now debs and you know and they let -- let five -- -- for a rat. Obama what they were all just like this cab when he wall. Anyway you want -- Anyway that's USA. You and that's where he had a -- Just they want -- then against us and -- we need to get things together do it because they're. It's not even anything really important and just let go on in the local level -- -- criminals that got let go. Murderers rapists some crazy people that need help. And -- not getting help from this is why. All the turmoil caused all of our believe it's we have -- let these guys step up to the plate I'm not gonna -- little -- deal. It's not it's not three it to me and Obama -- at the wrong. Bruce thank you for that call 6172666868. He's letting a mall ought to get -- now. There's a 149. There he's releasing 78. He wants to release now some even more mass murderers this finding might even trading. Shall look in all honesty pier be my recommendation to the people and get Marshall and say but I well. Just go through the southern border go along with the kids they'll -- even fly you they'll fly in El Paso where Phoenix or wherever. And then your comment to the United States might pick is economy. Come to the people's republic of tax a truce it's. Come on down from -- all he -- Jerry BD get your foot stamped signature welfare and we'll give you public housing like flash buying speed bump right there in Cambridge. You can actually listen to seminars and harbored about how evil Americans you'll feel right at all year. And then whenever you feel like did no rush pick a couple of why did she can beat up a couple of women nobody you'll not real touchy when the state. And then maybe when the Celtics make the playoffs search the finals you blow up you blow up the garden. Don't do the marathon it's already been done but what I'm saying a friendly way hey hey guys Fenway Park top blow but The Smithereens. Six once I mean the guys come on this is the state to do it come on now. 6172666868. -- well all -- bark. Linda you're up next welcome. But I call it old Fashion Week about The Rolling Stones and technology and trying to Trout. It very well and they sent it back and let me when -- -- and it caught and locked. One thing I noticed that it's hard time. -- He's very. People around him then and now first is history. It is always thought I would think -- Google has picked up front. I don't know whether it's just stupid I hate bad bad bad and I -- -- we want anybody when. It probably not. -- I can tell you this with absolute certainty Panetta has openly said he opposed it. Defense Secretary opposed it when he says the joint -- supported it he's lying. Media reports now have come out saying the joint chiefs privately. Vigorously opposed it. So know your answer your question is this he surrounded by fanatics. Socialist ideologues and acts. He says jump and they say how -- look look at the way he talks it's my government. How do whatever I wanna do I've got a panel I've got a phone I give a call to get my tellem water release and they released some more questions us. Now remember what it Lindsey Graham say if he did this again he would be impeached OK Lindsay. Egypt did cheerleader just called your bluff. Where's Lindsay Graham I can't hero. 61706. X 6868. Bill Europe next thanks for holding welcome. And do what you. If you do you -- the war is over today I'm serious if you do your insanity routine I'm taking you -- Pierre. Put it a go ahead shoot. Now double want to carry out pick our military is -- outside that Alabama. That already at the policy and would be out. There and we couldn't do you think what would show up. And went out and eat -- bank and at this. We're not curriculum because our boards are killing anybody because of the rules of engagement that your president imposed on them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More American troops have died under bush aren't there Obama in Afghanistan. Help Obama. It's not even close. Are there is now there's way over a thousand troops -- under Obama. The death told hasn't gone down -- up in the last couple years in Afghanistan under Obama. I don't I don't know OK the best -- has gone up. So understanding parent telling me what a straight face. That after boys died to captured these men do you want -- release some. Because you think somehow -- dear leader with his drones in the sky is gonna kill him. -- all they're doing is killing our boys and whenever we try to do anything to fight not our boys are being indicted as war criminals. -- -- I don't need to charge him. I don't know I don't let me ask you this it would. Why are these jihadist it's everybody admits two of them are wanted by the UN for war crimes why are they entitled to constitutional rights as if there are American citizens. -- I. -- I'm markets at that it's every one at under eight is that a threat are we talking about what we need everyone is under one. Can they can't resist that they have the right. No they don't recommend it comes to this country he breaks the law you should be deported. If not we triumph we give them basic minimum rides but if you could edit an act of -- You've committed an act of terror are not on this and look I'm sorry you're just wrong the constitution does not apply to the entire world what planet are you living -- In the United States that the article in the united. -- -- They are captured enemy combatants they're not tourists who visited the United States Kenya. About it yes. Yes what -- -- a -- and I don't let me ask you this let me ask you this. Why is Dianne Feinstein a post Stewart. Why is Jay Rockefeller opposed to it why is Joseph mansion -- post to it why it was every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff opposed to it why Leon Panetta couple Stewart why the Pentagon post to it why is the CIA coupled -- the only one that's in favor is that dear leader and drones like you. Don't search -- that they were also bet that they'll want to cry it will client eight. We were all a hole. It's the law. Your president broke the law it's called congressional oversight into what. Listen bill I look honestly if you're gonna defend this dictator go ahead and defend this dictator I'm telling you right now were a nation of loss. And people were -- fifteen million dollar a year how I'm sick and all. These -- your answer is why release some and haven't kill Americans genius. We. Don't. Are we not in any war. Are we not -- war. -- okay. So tell me when we had the Nazis but did you know much about history but let that go when we had the Nazis. Was that we not wait until the war was over before the Nuremburg trials genius. And tool and a half years were gonna be out offered them the war is not gonna be over but for us because of people like Q because it's surrender. It's going to be over two and a half years somebody what's the problem. Wait for two years and then try them. Why why have you released him into the general population into Afghanistan where they're not gonna kill American voice and I'll tell you this. If one American dies because of the dear leader I'm gonna blame you and I'm in -- -- every liberal support as president. I don't know because ultimately. -- to take a crack at these guys that get. Here's what we listen bill they'll listen listen to me listen to meet once and get this through your head I know your mentally ill but try okay. We have been having a crack at people at the Taliban for over the last twelve years. We have rules of engagement that every veteran will tell you we can't shoot back when they showed us. We're not killing any of their senior leadership anymore we're not killing anybody anymore the only people that are getting killed is less. I think I NC I won't collect -- America that was guilt by buying up a Taliban. Tell me that. I almost never. Got off the air at this guy off just got this guy is seriously. This guy is a moron of the highest order just casualties every week you moron. Would it kill you read the newspaper look this is the low information voter you wanna know why Obama stays at the numbers that he stays look at this. You ask them basic things about the war -- normal. Who died more under them more troops by federal bomber bush I don't -- casualties up -- -- iPhone home. Mobile he's going you know -- is dungy. Nobody does does your. Neither just send them as welfare check him he's a happy man since -- seventh it was so it's at 6868. All of your calls next. 955 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston bulldozer. On sale now against my -- dot com is a horseback trail rides with visual process shaming them bear arms. This is great for a day full of family fun for a before writers. First enjoy a ninety minute trail ride filled with wildlife sightings then walk on over to the zoo for a hands on petting zoo. Spend the day at charming them fair -- an hour from Boston for only 38 dollars per person. Get this horseback trail ride with the zoo -- right now I'd get my perched up Tom brought do you -- get my purchase of Boston's fox station. -- -- -- This is from 978 Jeff my son had a soldier in his unit killed on June 4. -- just a couple days ago. That moron needs to wake up this war is still going on and all you see. When bush was president they count that everybody back. When it's the dear leader war what war. Prominent Jon -- do what bombing at. Cheat sheet bat -- or one reason and one reason only. I want to know like what -- -- anywhere on an airplane operated so. Should -- -- in Europe next thanks for holding -- on -- Danielle would welcome. Cairo BM. Brilliant turn on turn down your radio if you wanna get on the air across Europe next thanks for holding Russ go. You know Jeff I want to thank you for playing net -- of radical Obama op. You know that that comment is really slap in the face for every one that is defended this country. From the minute mantra was sold to the -- -- front line today. And they also -- the Oslo Brian on the six this month. That Obama. Would actually ending on holy ground and nominate. We teach does not deserve to be there. Represented the United States of America. And -- she was chewing gum. I swear to you throughout that entire ceremony he -- chewing gum. Do you wanna talk about no respect even the French couldn't believe it they said worthy -- to honor your soldiers. And your president at this commemoration ceremony. It's going. He's just chewing gum. Like Casey's. And I had a beyoncé concert right Jay-Z concert Roby in Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning -- the impact. I have Lisa replace some of those polled say instead Obama made -- that Obama I didn't vote for him because I didn't and I can spirit. You think he's said they want change it back out government and messages that you want change it take -- about and valued get back to change even to the fact that change. A -- -- -- think now Obama that we got to change America and he's doing that and people and has sold some. And memory dollar remembered not -- This. No hope Peruvian panel lot of change. I'm pretty soon and a spare change in your pocket he's giving gonna take about thank you for your call rove Ian Ritchie bots are Bob you're up next to go. Yes yes I had anticipated. But they tried call -- Republican National Committee. And that is their service like god unbelievable. I just want to express my opinion as a voter. -- -- IRS. Number one -- sort of escape this venue donation because I wrestled the backed Republicans did nothing else they. But what we get immigration. That I heard -- from getting into a lot of says oh well -- listen to me your mind about the GODs so what you're saying. -- -- don't worry Bob. They're all going to be hearing from us very soon Richie you're up next I got a minute goal my friend. Separate got a question what are we just killer Eric. Well I mean I would try them I think they should be tried and executed. I mean to me the wars and at our -- our war in Afghanistan is gonna be over at the end of the war you're trying to execute. Like we did the -- -- right. I gotta go my friends. I'm substituting for Michael Savage today if you want -- more of -- join in at 3 o'clock via streaming I gotta go by.