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6-5-14 Full Show

Jun 5, 2014|

6-5-14 Full Show by Barry and Kim

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This is very Armstrong and I'm joined today by estate planning attorney Todd what's he from the law firm of Cushing and dole and with your financial exchange quick tip of the day. We're talking about techniques that can help protect your assets from the nursing home. -- what I wanted to talk to about is this term like the state I've heard people say well. I just gave my home away and I kept a life estate in an effort to try to protect my home. From that my Holman my property from the -- Well I do have one good thing to say about that term that I suppose if they did that. As much as I don't like it it would ultimately after five years protect that house what did you like it. I don't like it because it's in the kid's name. I don't care anyway yes I get to divorce she got a problem you can get the divorce she got a problem and a financial problem today's -- -- financial -- exercise -- lose your house illusion I mean you you've given your house to the children. Never mind what if what if you wanna sell it. You need their permission. And if you do salad a good chunk of the money is gonna go to the kids they get an early inheritance and all you wanted to do was downsized casual watchers -- and move into a smaller house. Now what you need permission you lose the money you gotta hope they give a -- and really. Even if they're wonderful kids and give it back you're looking at a capital gains tax liability of the children don't live with you. Number pitch your eyes right guys -- -- tax -- and I -- the capital gains exclusion don't have that for the kids that don't live with you folks. Like the State's fraught with problems I know they've been done a lot of the past I think going forward under the new rules we don't do -- nearly as often. As we have the right. Learn how to protect your assets from the nursing home and request is brand new guide from Cushing handle on the phone number is 8668485699. Learn how to protect your assets. From the cost of long term care call Cushing in Dolan had 866. 8485699. And they'll mail you the guide protect your assets 8668485699. Times are changing. Have been replaced by a 41 K plan with a match you're responsible for planning your own retirement. This involves planning for income military benefits long term care and Social Security. We've created a guy that will provide you with the ten step checklist for retirement. This 27 page guide is available for those of you who would like help. Planning for a prosperous and worry free retirement 8668106422. Ask to have your retirement plan created now's the time to get started 8668106422. Securities offered through securities America -- member FINRASIPC. In advisory services offered through securities America advisors and Gary Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group in the securities America companies Aaron affiliate. Hi this is Michael Graham does your car at high mileage on a lot of -- -- them. The -- that vote. 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Well its hold on your checkbooks and did your portfolios break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi everybody welcome to the financial strain variant can put you here on their rainy. Thursday morning and I will tell you upfront. There's conflict in the studio. I I am far more. Far more interested in the European Central Bank. And him is all over this general -- story and she has a one out yet general General Motors is going to be our lead story this morning. I will get some conversation in their but the in usual made but. European Central Bank but -- GM you've been you've you've been. All over this General Motors or character Mary -- I mean how can you not be all of this story it's so complex and there's so many layers and you know of interest to so many different people. First so many people on these vehicles know someone who did. Number one. And number two -- -- did you when you hear these compelling stories just yesterday before this came out. I heard that that has parents talking and telling the whole story about their daughter being killed them on these cars you hear their story. And you just stopped in your tracks and say you know what somebody's got to go to jail. And I've made the determination this morning against what I think you believe. After seeing Mary barrel this morning I think somebody's college. Yeah I eat you've stated and what do you base that okay -- this morning she released information from their internal investigation. She was very tough she was very straightforward and she didn't sugarcoat one single thing about it which I appreciate and I can't imagine any other way to go about it. In a few minutes here we're gonna. Here a clip from that press conference serve is actually a town meeting she was addressing her employees. I'm an. We'll hear some of it -- verbiage that she used to describe this investigation. She fired fifteen people and says there could be more. And we'll take exception -- said she she center fifty people that are no longer now know she didn't know she said. These people are not with his company because they did something wrong -- this is not cutbacks and then she proceeded to say that in the press conference after they had been fired or she did yesterday I thought I took that I was listening to. It's a piece about it. I thought my impression was that they ought to resign perhaps you're saying she says they were terminated in a press conference she said to me what that signals Barry. Is some we've gotten rid of these people because they are responsible for this and we believe that and now. Any kind of district attorney if you plan to do some some investigating a bureau if you wanna you wanna find people we think are responsible. These are the people you should begin to look. But why Kim would be do why would. The district attorney General Motors to conduct an investigation -- them going public like where a circle where we're. But why it was that somebody. At the federal in there because who is married parent in General Motors and who's to say that that that hasn't already been. You know the case -- that there are not that that process is not on going it's taken -- how many months to to complete what. They say it was their internal investigation. And by the they had access to every record that existed. The end GM right it's taken this long so. I think it will be a very short amount of time and I think it it charges indictments will be you know I really really do and and I hope so you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. -- report real revealed that there was no conspiracy by the corporation to cover acts. In addition the investigators found no evidence that any employee made a trade gap between safety and costs. The pattern in this case is much more laps and more -- What the Lucas found was a pattern of management efficiencies. And misjudgments. Often based on incomplete data. That was passed off at that time as business as well. Unfortunately to report found that these seemingly benign actions led to devastating consequences. In short we miss diagnose the problem from the very beginning. Experienced engineers with the responsibility for safety did not understand that the your bags would not deploy. -- ignition switch changed into the opposition. Well I editor. It just that the Lucas it was and he hired by General Motors that is. I think he's the and do you pursue it and somebody somebody was this was there investigation this is not this is not the federal investigation I -- -- -- -- -- I don't. I hate to be cynical skeptical but that's the yet and just naturally. This. They were yeah well I'm Stanley roll that way because time and time again we see these kinds of things happen and there's a -- in the -- it. Incompetence and Angela are the two words that she used we here in that clip that she used over and over again. It was incompetence and it was neglect on the part of -- Anything else. No I think well I you know I don't give. -- well the sad part is. Unfortunately we know of thirteen deaths that have been to -- a lot of intrusive yes. Reports this morning are saying that rentals and -- They think they're more than thirteen people who died at a handsome Julia. And it still figured it. Well that is continuing you know that -- that the right that the attorney from here who. He's looking to try to compensate families in a fairway. That that is that it will continue with was there any disclosure made in terms -- how much money now and yet now. And I think that'll be I think we'll find that will be very much very based. The same kind of thing that that than the Boston Marathon situation was it's based on year injuries year of medical Albert. Right right -- every every family will be different every one will be different. I didn't get jobs number this how we did weekly claims come out every morning every third every Thursday morning. Jobless claims 3121000. That was -- 8000 from last week I mean it's not. You know it's just sort of hovering around that 300000 mark the four week rolling average in -- expenses 2007. Which is good to target. You know I don't I don't think any of us are gonna jump out of our chairs in Los it would go to 400000 or would drop to 250. You know my I kind of -- that hovering you get that consistent number 300 that is a very good number of distance confessed. It just again big jobs numbers coming out tomorrow we alluded to earlier Marriott drive eat. Hey this is fascinating. I've been talking to economists that I was watching the owners are presentation as well talking to economists -- -- And Europe if you wanna keep money in the bank in Europe -- Used to pay the bank EU -- put. The 800 that are negative territory. We're complaining about low interest rates on our savings account in Europe you put a 100000 dollar in the bank in the year unit less than a hundred so the reason behind this is deflation is that correct and what -- deflation I think it's also push people out on the risk her. You know -- the editing a lot of confirmation on that opinion this morning. But I think what they're doing these are saying okay. It's it's not enough to give you no interest in yours savings account we're now going to pay you less than nothing savings account. In an effort I think to put it depositor in a position where they -- by house or they lend the money or be biased stock or corporate calendars that. But the that would be. -- bet that's my impression now is to push out individual investors out under the risk her. -- saying we're gonna give you a negative return and it begs the question is the United States and let you know could could we see -- Central Bank go to the point and say. Look we're still not happy with the the rate of growth we're gonna make negative interest rates here in the states there's no batteries no confirmation. And that's just me. Opinion well it it would certainly you would think forced people to put their money to work. Vs allowing it to sit. And watching. They -- a message for you on the price of gold we saw gold yesterday hit around 1245. And else. Today gold is trading at 1251. Dollars announced. We've had several suggestions in the past. About buying gold in invariably. Are experts have said. By physical gold well if you wanna buy physical gold coins usually one bank in all of New England glee live in New Hampshire Maine Vermont Massachusetts Connecticut or Rhode Island. Out of all six of those states there's only one. Bank where you can walk into a branch and buying gold point you bring cash and 300 dollar bills and buy gold points from this bank if you so desire. The name of the bank is leader bank and have branches in East Arlington Belmont Arlington senator Burlington Arlington Heights and in Cambridge. For those of you who just want to do this transaction with a -- you can get my call their -- free phone number is 781641. 8600. At 78164186. Zeroes here. One bank in all of New England where you can buy gold points it's called leader bank. It's the only bank available throughout -- in the region we can buy them. Leader bank dot com is their website if you wanna get more information about buying gold points physical gold -- called leader bank. 781641. 8600. -- we may have disagreed on what the lead story was as a relates to the ECB or General Motors we did not disagree on how important this lottery story. I it was I'm very surprised about this and I'm actually surprised -- think more than anything that more communities have not come forward and said. I can't believe this is how this this is calculated. And what we're talking about here folks is how -- the lottery money is distributed in the calculation associated with how it's distributed them. So it's been brought to light today in the Boston hello. And I can't you're doing it after Lucic who from the Boston Globe wrote an article that was very well done. But if -- lot of extensive research and I think the reason people haven't been sent him is that in no I think you're right until but it's just it but I do today. I would think that community leaders you know it in the -- in the community should now. You know -- -- -- the community -- Specter town manager but at. -- you said that I did not know I would like to be -- all this affect well let's talk about. Catherine carried on. Good nice article today in the day in the deal. Aides talked a little bit about the research that went into this piece that you wrote I think a lot of people were were somewhat surprised on how funds from the lottery are distributed to various towns and communities throughout com. Sir I do exactly inspired by the their architect at about a month and a half ago and America wonder weird lottery style content. Or do you think there are certain parts it. Apple lottery prepared great L. -- speed and -- that we can carry it was -- -- a lottery. On in that primary factor and think of it up at eight I -- in locally very -- would you do it a lot. -- on. What happy. C we look at. In the late at 8 am I'm. On parking lot -- and it. Quit and and get back where it addicts need and what we need it need to act ED. Are not getting back into the pot. We mentioned Chelsea tell the story about Chelsea you know -- -- he -- -- as one of the highest mark how about lottery and being in a a hundred. -- out and wind and the that dollar is spelled every. 1008. Just -- our perspective. That means. That -- the average resident includes four year old right. It's been that twenty or twenty dollars a week on in the water so frankly if you back out the kids. I've read a wonder what it is eight the average spending on people that are actually play well. Because remember such as back up the kids got back out anybody he's not eligible to play that's all the way up to wide -- to be 2118 and -- what it is back. That's a lot of people you back out for so that's a smaller amount of people spend a lot of money. Yet technically. And out with a lottery -- because -- -- there I think. They comic mystery and that what. He got there what Ben Eager it's been great I actually. Eat out I. And we out about the game and healthy -- -- about. 41. And it's all about 49 lottery ticket actually act. And on about eight point 1 and I am what I only got back was. I'm in there and that only. About one point in the eyes. -- right. Right now that's an unusual circumstance though isn't. Not that. I thought comparable manner it is quite that and the ear accurate. That odd example and -- even want. Is a lot. Hi there -- got me. There on you know and property values but well. And not comparable. So -- It's not ad -- actually. Eat. That they can. Keep it. -- -- -- So. Kevin explained what is that they're that dead a formula they use to -- -- that money. Did Baylor they're looking actors act cocky and too. But greater popular and art and property at our air and property. And that is legal or not. In theory that is going to get -- and eighty but clearly that is that it that's where. How does the like it to you mentioned today -- stores right that's where they sell a lot of these -- how to. How does the store get heat for selling do they get a commission on every ticket they sell or do they just benefit from the traffic how does that work you know. -- is still very dollar lottery ticket. Betty and enterprise. They got back to the player. And then eight and administrative. And as -- editor. And and then about went in there and -- out on the locally. So 72 cents on the dollars returned of people playing that's the winnings. That's actually better then the casinos isn't. I I don't that I didn't -- to -- and I think to canister and annually from thirty to fifty cents on the sentinel almost looked -- -- the other direction Bryant yeah yeah. Now there's been a lot of talk about overhauling the way that money is doled out but never any action taken -- captain. Well do pop art to act on it but I don't go anywhere but it. But he did eight -- new lottery game. And indeed immediately. And that shirt and not to. Okay -- property I of that John Deluca. It seems to me that the lottery has been sold to the residents of Massachusetts with the idea that. It's gonna improve your schools it's it's gonna make your your police stations nice her hand and and done and it when you look at this a lot of times it's going to places where the schools don't necessarily need to be improved. Which he said yeah right. A big a big chunk of the money. Because of the correlation between -- a lottery in the back seat of more applicants need. -- have battered or not water I'm not -- I. Smart Smart rich people don't play the lottery now that. On they don't -- -- and -- population and my copy you are getting money back and eat but they're not playing lottery. A tie it's I don't know if anything will change you have any reasonably Catherine that's the way the money is distributed will change in the near term. I mean I don't IE. I think that he was in the -- Patrick has. A better effort our. Current budget and 88 and there people like and around. One former mayor -- you eat and I have that watering it and eat it breaks that benefit. A leaked from a lottery. I think you know that. -- -- and and hopefully they'll be. All right thank you leery of any other questions and I think that's great Kevin thank you very much its current -- thank you. And I tell you somebody who doesn't need to play lottery anymore. -- -- Assets and the a Nokia. As I did -- he's a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and he just signed a 110. Million dollar contract. Which him 61 million dollars guaranteed which is pretty unusual in the NF now that doesn't happen you know a lot of times guys signing bonus -- yet you know off the two million bucks a year that's that's guarantee you know -- -- -- deadlocked you know -- handle on that two -- three years and this is for -- his first. Extension. To its first contract he's spent three years then India and and he sentences 61 million dollar -- was -- -- in the Super Bowl wants into the playoffs that year we had to win. He is he has not won a Super Bowl but if -- on the Austin and he can't -- -- yeah I've been I mean you're in the league three years and that's what you do pretty impressive down. I would say this he's unreal. Tandem I think -- I -- -- -- -- now we're well audit I said well you said it -- it. Because he's young doorknob that you are not permanent veto power right now the next she's not me. Well it's interesting because he's one of there's a bunch of these NFL quarterbacks were coming up these young guys who have just -- Little -- three years or whatever we're gonna have these extensions like this is allotted. Russell Wilson -- know these guys he he next year next year extensions next year. And Andrew Locke who is probably gonna make a fortune in he's -- yeah. He's gonna he might make -- and look like he's searching for his next meal. See the IDC the NFL's getaway from the Roman numerals for Super Bowl -- well you know -- ever thought about this but think about what didn't. It didn't Roman numeral for fifty examples. You know say they said they hated dad logo and the way that looked at the doing of the getting away from it permanently now -- is this just a one year deal go back as soon as the Super Bowl is over by this at this one's going to be Super Bowl. Fifty. That's that that's not next year that's 2016. Is an idea doesn't -- to next year's 49 yes very. -- right a year after it is that's right. And then the Donald Sterling story to eat too much time but do you think. I I read this thing internally and he's back and often -- losses and speculate that his daughter. He has a daughter named Julian. And my gases is like -- through it you might might wagers that we will learn -- Donald Sterling daughter daughter. Told him to back off losses these. Would be as -- and it wouldn't be as boys at the unity would present coming from one of the silence he lost a son too good. Reason yeah. But he 38 -- 32. But all I'd be willing to wager that his daughter was -- that. Anyway guys here's your first trivia question of the day. Named the only president of the United States to serve to non consecutive terms in office has presidential history day. He knows the answer that question you can text us at 68680. Name the. Average everybody very Armstrong here with your financial exchange quick tip of the day we're joined by rob Gallagher who is the president of Ross mortgage company. Rob I wanted to talk Tia about what makes Ross mortgage different from some of the other mortgage companies in the metropolitan Boston area all throughout New England. Really what it. Is -- to for us is focus on support and customer service because most people are all about the bottom line most companies are all about the bottom line. We know that the the key to business -- long -- business arrangement is going to be taking care of the customers taking care of the loan officer and you do that by giving us what they need to get the deal's close. -- -- I'm a big producing mortgage originator Brennan got a big book of business. Why do -- align myself with Ross mortgage as opposed to one of the other hundreds of banks and and other mortgage companies that are located throughout England would -- you guys different and more importantly what makes you better. What makes us better is the commitment to the quality of the service we're giving the customer. All the referrals the loan officer gets is gonna come from real estate agents financial planners or from past customers. If they don't have a memorable experience a lot of experience as you well. And then not gonna be like that are afraid of the future. Folks that's rob calendar from Ross mortgage -- I've done business with them from a consumer's standpoint I've used them to help me with the refinancing process. You might wanna give them a call if you're in the mortgage business and you're looking for a place to hang your hat. Called rob Gallagher personally he is the president of Ross mortgage they do a nice job and I personally endorse them. 88 9860060. If you're in the lending business if you're working for big bank or mortgage company. He wanted to try something different. Call rob Gallagher -- 889860060. He's the president of Ross mortgage and -- mortgage is hiring. 80889860060. License in Massachusetts and New Hampshire equal housing lender and ML he hired the small 1% returns you're getting from CDs. Money markets and other traditional safe investments. What do I told you could -- fixed returns of 47%. On investments that are secured by top financial institutions with no market risk this is Keith Ellis co-founder -- financial and the host of road -- to wealth airing on stations throughout New England. If you're currently sacrificing. Higher interest rates in exchange for safety it's time to consider alternative investment for many years our clients at SEP financial taken advantage of exclusive structured settlement transfer investments. That offer interest rates as high as 7%. There -- also backed by some of the world's largest and highest rated institutions. To watch a video about how these alternative investments work. Log on to SH peace settlements dot net. While you're there you can download the free structured settlement investor's guide. For free guide in online tutorial log on to SH peace settlements dot net that's SH peace settlement. Dot net. How it's 3 AM you guys really are always there for -- 24/7 that's like better than my mother could. This is. At its top -- You know Christian at least saying. Ma am pleased to pop up following. Top. OK -- quickly back. State farm is there for you 24/7. Like no one else can get to a better stay home 100 state farm today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Trying to sell your old car instead don't major vehicle to heritage for the -- pick up these -- and your donation is tax deductible just call 1808958035. Heritage for the blind accepts cars vans trucks and boats with -- -- run or not donate your vehicle and you'll receive a free three day vacation voucher to over fifty locations. Call 1808958035. At 1808958035. Well its hold on your checkbooks and did your portfolios break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome the second hour of the financial stream the end of the first hour we ask you this question which president served the shortest period of time in office correct answer was. William Harrison he was in office for about a month in -- One who got pneumonia at his speech and died -- yeah see like a five hour and inaugural -- is on the outside in January and died. -- -- January to think back then the inauguration was actually in March presidential gaga. Yet he kicked the bucket after thirty days in which was the -- -- -- this is what might be another one of the English -- I don't think it is which the president. Who was so overweight. That they had to have an extra large -- brought into the White House -- -- -- -- I learned that when I was at the White House actually. Our rob got. Do we he's from Clement -- the answer and our rob is very optimistic he's got the beach towel -- So we're hoping that -- been excellent idea here you're -- -- this weekend in hopes of oh is that. Oh it was Taft was -- that when. It's a fact checker is back and got it -- Had a -- -- the act of telling you that that that makes it look like you're the smartest people -- All right it is time to chat a little bit about our health and Jones -- Blake is our new two person was who joins us each week at this time of the week and we are so we'll never by the -- she's also the author of nutrition and you you can find at a boston.com and I highly recommend. You go check out our blogs because they're really informative and I love Joan and I've always loved this about you you talk directly to me you make it where I can understand it. That's right -- a modern science and they -- great guys. This yeah you've just written about on -- -- the decades right and what men should eat you know through the decades in their diets really do change because lifestyle change. It will be date change and it's really been important practical -- and -- national men's health -- about -- -- market at. Lately I I think my doctor told me it he said it taste good don't need. -- -- I -- up and I love my doctor because that smoke. I don't think they -- quite gone that route and it isn't a lot of I want -- -- doctor. Like if I'm Italian and everything paid good Italian tennis and that we get correctly at. What else. She's she's just she's determined to feel good and I know all right I'm I'm 54 years old let my island eat out. I think that my wife's now listen. -- -- Well we got I think they that care about that and like I've got some good things going on thereby. You know these extra things change a decade by dictating that we -- twenty to -- don't look for ever. And we don't real lines that we -- to be going to eat healthy because just like the label worked antibody drug that went a bit injected. Reach. Decadent and make it too on eighty or ninety. So actually got it takes that we that you should really be thinking more long term rather than live for the moment at the development -- in twenty. Sure absolutely so when you're in your twenties and you say he'd need -- Eat you know high protein branded and in lots Fatah -- fatty foods that kind of -- Greatly diluted basic -- -- that episode of on the camps the that ended up up back. And all of a practical unity get into parity and what happened in securities and I can I get by the dollar and it might. Client that they can -- Used to you can -- BP to your 220 it -- yet -- and it and it didn't break while they were right I think you're sitting in a a caller on the trying to get home to the supper and then you're getting on the Big Apple killed watching it looks. Org would do. We're eating -- We're still 120 it will be genuine not. And on the I had so many men have come in to meet at age 39 and -- they -- look at Dick Dick Dick Hamid that is accompanied them they. Acting like like I think you do not like -- -- it -- 10 o'clock at any need not. And he's done the same appetite that's right -- in your thirties I gained five pounds retirement like that. Right in your thirties about and I'm like that it can't get if you -- we have five -- right -- -- the first -- what's been going on lately it's just. -- tall. Talk crap. -- gradually -- once a week right. Pick up about average. You know it is here do you wanna be a -- wanna have a professional like you wanna work -- have to work that would support that it's. So the idea appears that you just got to eat smaller. Right you -- line you don't have a lot of room for a lot of extra. You know -- can treat that to be minimized and we have to start eating or Rick that the day. Worked with in that spot yet -- -- with potential good that very point you're -- The full of -- -- what is. Go through that again. Let's let's slow down and do that okay. So that the late should be fruit and -- and the reason but that is that there is full of fiber and water -- to -- watt. What they -- out. -- can help you be hopeful but they were a lot of county. So now -- category just that it Cheaney Alfredo. That that is each portion category okay. Like really big -- -- it's and -- Doctor what about stuff shells. That's out action -- when we need to do detection of we need to use the lower -- technical expertise in the look at what -- -- but don't Camelot because sketched Harry. She said that my doctor yeah. -- -- -- ideologues he's like my dad I know that I. Exactly yeah an app and app is not an app -- best. It would you -- -- shale. Because they've read it suggests that it you have the little little county and you know a lot of special like to think. Prior to deal you can -- -- the totality connected me up at -- can percent aftermath. It's really let's jump forward and let's jump to people who are in all seriousness people who are in their fifties and their fixed rate and how things change. Your fifties and sixties he really can't make sure we definitely happy. What -- in desperate need anti oxidant. Did very very important -- it's a -- like of the -- -- -- simply -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And there is lycopene which is quite a chemical that the committee -- was and increase -- which is true that might help because it is compact. As a -- millenniums and neck and neck at the finish defendant to not going -- He would get more vegetables would dish we're looking -- collective approach. Which means speed to right into the sixties when you're really at the -- To each and skeptical lately to get it. Can we get to stay away from meet is that is that it got a no no not. Very -- to give up the daily can -- but what you want to do -- make it mean when you get it. Proportions. To no more than about three ounces which is that it took him without a permit for Ian. That's the -- of the -- -- -- growing your taste every if these Jakarta keeps collecting visa card that says that via the. In it's really important when you hit your sixties as a man to eat a lot of protein at that point that he's trying to keep your muscle man. Right what you want good question to you what you want it. You don't that they have to eat a lot that you have to continue throughout the day it would benefit -- Six said that ounces of -- -- picked up. What you have all been there and waited out maybe couple around this morning a couple of the -- and they would be in. Because should get more of the pro -- bang for -- BP do with too much debt. -- our -- thank you very much I'm happy. National. Factory we appreciate yeah thank you thank you very very productive very soon. -- in a minute Kim's gonna talk to us about blood pressure. And the correlation between blood pressure in alzheimer's but before we do that -- an announcement on behalf of SHP financial structured settlement transfers are an alternative investment option that can provide a fixed rate of return. From four to 6%. The perfect investment for somebody who has the easy money that's sitting in a CD a money market account or bank account earning little or no interest. These investments have little or no risk because they are backed by some of the world's largest financial institutions. Right now SH OP has hundreds of people receiving checks month after month. From one of the largest institutions in the world SH OP has the exclusive rights. To its offer structured settlement transfers in all of new England and the -- sold thousands of them since they started back in 2003. The owners themselves have invested in many of these cases. For more information on how to earn -- fixed rate of return of up to 6%. Logon to SH peace settlements dot net to download a complimentary buyer's guide. And to watch an educational video about how these investments work or you can give him a call. 508744. 6185. That's 5087446185. And request the structured settlement investors buyer's guide real important to do that fives early 74461. 85. -- -- I came across this story I didn't read it I confess I lost it. But there's some kind of correlation between is that did you visit to -- their -- and I -- Maybe we need to check your blood for. And because there is that you think what the study said. Rate if you are middle aged man with high blood pressure and you're more likely -- marbles that's that's right I mean. High blood pressure apparently not in those those exact words that right. The bottom line here I guess it. This study proved that high blood pressure in your middle age years so let's see anywhere from 45 to 55 to sixty hip high blood pressure in those years Europe causing brain damage. Now even if you work to lower your blood pressure as you get older voters aren't necessarily have high blood pressure during those years. He must have been off the charts -- So when you when you're 76 years if your blood pressure's been brought down it may be because of medication -- -- -- your jobs and you know that kind of thing. You still run a 10%. Higher risk of having major memory loss and brain damaged. If you can keep your blood pressure lower -- your younger. Even if you have higher blood pressure later. Your memory loss is not -- great what if you get rid of your blood pressure say -- fifty years old and you get rid of your blood pressure through medication is that. Artificially. -- depressing in in -- anyway that you can bring your blood pressure down in those years elaborate game that's right you're benefiting yourself is this just -- -- -- -- I think it's both men and women but it's -- 88 it's a bigger issue on their finding in men -- they did the study on men and women more than almost 5000 people they did this study on. Where they checked in at 76 years old but they start with them in their fifties. And they found that it was worse for men and for women. He lets do these two stories about Wal-Mart. One of them has to do with their expanding its on line savings to I didn't get a chance to and they have some kind of online savings deal where they'll they'll show you compare prices. We'll have the service here in Boston that may be a lot of you who are listening do you have the service at the New Hampshire. Maybe it's provided for you on the in other parts of the state the Boston area doesn't have it. But. You you go online in and you can compare and if you find prices that are lower in other places they'll match the price for you. And they're gonna expand that so it's in seven major markets and some smaller markets around the country they plan to expand. So they're really be tough on and is. Yeah I mean you're standing by this idea you know market Wal-Mart has always said if you come in will match low prices we can do that the story now -- they're doing it on line. I I think that is that four of the first foray. That Wal-Mart is it's a shot across the bow and Amazon.com. At because he would be an -- I've always maintained this I've never understood. Why Wal-Mart didn't take advantage of this. The this lead that they have they write you when you think you're probably will they've got distribution sinners. In in every county materially that you think about. They the county live and how many Wal-Mart stores it there so if you go on your Wal-Mart app right. And you go on Amazon.com and you look into Iowa team you know and wal mart's cheaper and I can disrupt the story not to pay for delivering I don't have to wait 3-D. I can go I can just drive down the street picking up -- -- and we'll be waiting especially because that's how works it's in Europe to go through line you have to wait and I wait -- outline. Internally the I've been waiting for them to do something like this I think this might be you know should do is -- -- is -- I'll tell -- this some Wal-Mart has they made a pledge about a year ago. That on they would increase their online business yup and the idea was that you know they -- these super stores all over the country they have a lot of -- business and they wanted to see their online business grow like they're brick mortar stores. And on this this service has been something they've provided on line to do. And I think this will be a real draw for people. You know they -- they floated this this balloon to find out if it works in their finding out it really does. So it'll start popping up in more marketplaces but I think this will be a real draw for people if you go on line you can prove. It over to Amazon they're offering you that for four bucks cheaper. -- -- -- -- -- Well it'd take about electronics like flat screen -- night. You know -- a lot of people. Will go to Wal-Mart to -- by her -- -- to -- -- but they'll go to Wal-Mart all day long to buy electronics because what's the difference if you're -- 55 inch sharp TV from Wal-Mart or you're buying from best buy -- if you're buying it from Costco you -- -- -- Amazon. You don't care Brady -- the cheapest price you it's a commodity that so. You know the stock right now is at 7726. It's up fourteen cents -- clearly this story is not having a big influence over their stock price now. But did next story can -- these workers' -- eighty Wal-Mart workers. Are conducting strikes in in many major cities across the country. And then the day. They don't say anything. And I never heard anybody say that they saw Wal-Mart to. Employees striking here in Boston area mr. -- but they. Are certainly striking some of their biggest markets like in the Arkansas -- you know on the midway -- they have a lot in the south. So they did a lot of striking yesterday what they're looking fours are looking for their their hourly wage to be lifted across the country what they wanna say. They want Wal-Mart dissent. Its own standard. Verses going by what the state might be here they they want Wal-Mart to set their answers he wanted to be very very they want they -- minimal. Forty our employees making 25000 dollars. So. -- an -- here's greats of the strike that I wouldn't want to try to live on less than 25000 dollars a year but my attitude is differently they're striking for him. Why don't you just like is there one example was somebody who's Kate designers who achieved price the sharks in the it is your job and go work somewhere else right. Build your skills and the the -- the key message in today's economy is. EU can be very successful I think there's a greater chance for David to be successful in his generation be successful than there was for our have to have pets skills. And being a cake decorator evidently is not enough of the scale right although I would actually think if you're -- it would be -- at that. There's not a Wal-Mart. Yeah yeah I guess they just don't see -- there at Wal-Mart that they've got you they've got pushed their shareholders' meeting coming up like on Friday and these people are doing on this. Before it actually happens. On historians CNN about wealthy people ditching their home country. And I talked about this a -- if if it really should read wealthy people from China. Did you is that we're at the major axis is occurring. Well you know it is but you know I as I read this article that's that the article is about -- -- read this article I was thinking to myself. -- think about how many Americans now are we talked about this have given up their passport in the last two years record high. Yeah it's unbelievable target with taxes but -- -- thing because that's the problem now it is. If you're a wealthy Americans living in Europe are living in -- you give up your passport. The United States is gonna tax you on your outside income and they have treaties established with all these countries so they're torn down and people are petrified. So that's why you've got the record numbers of passport. Had so many examples to people who have been living over and they protected you know and now they can't protect an hour and wolf they're getting just pounded. Happening is that in in China in particular. And you've talked about this -- rain -- kids over here to be educated they. He and try to hang on -- well and their try to take it someplace else to make it work somewhere else for them as well some of these people who come over. Who put their kids in the schools systems they do it of on on a plane into the -- we talked about -- you have to action it did best in the business here yet the that the -- would be but the special visa yeah to come over and and they're overwhelmed with applications and 80% of the applications -- come from China right. They want is that real sign of affluence in China if the status symbol and in China. You don't live in -- you want to make your money there and you get out as quickly well you you're living conditions being different than what they are mean in India it to -- -- China because of big chunk of the market other countries in this world where if you are very wealthy person you'd -- again. -- a dot Russia. Russia and -- the Russians are going to the United Kingdom. The Chinese company United States Chinese are possible in Australia -- and a lot of Americans are going to saint Kitts and to Nevis in the Caribbean. Because you know he's still very close to be bad off it and not get up and put me on the list -- I expect if that's. -- that -- like -- -- you know there are Howell. And one of the check out especially you know pay taxes. That that's the big attraction. Absolutely driving activity. And then enemy the the story about grandparents. -- the the their real story on us to do with. Grandparents are the largest contributors. To 529 plans which are college savings tool trying. 53%. Are already saving or planning to start east side savings plan for their college. -- they're grant child's college education -- to fidelity survey. Of 1001. Respondents who have at least one grandchild who's eighteen or younger. Of this group the median contribution. Was 25000. Dollars and 35%. They have given or expect to give. 50000 dollars or more towards their grandchildren's education of that. That's leave the that's the world we live in -- and a quarter million bucks to educate your kids and that's what cost rate if you if you're sending your kid to a private school. It's it's quarter million dollar price -- now -- you might get some financially naked Mike at some -- but still big number yes it is it's a big number in families relying on immigrant. Well that's the situation oriented that it's picking up on it and tired another generation to be able to put together enough money to do to do you know. If too bad my father and locked in here this is an analyst both sides of the tape she sent him and I I can assure you even this tape won't get it had a heart attack at a. Many respondents of the survey also said they are either including or will consider including. College Concord new college contributions for their grandkids in their statements yeah I'm not seen a lot of bad really but. It isn't that the instinct to see the trend so they're saying even if I see I want my money to go to it was skipped -- generation now effectively barring them and his. Here is your third trivia question of the day which president was the oldest person. Ever to be elected president of the United States you know the answer that question you -- text us your answer 686. CDs or text number which president. Was the oldest. Person ever elected to the office of president of the United States. This is the financial exchange. Radio network. Investors searching for relatively low risk investments that can easily be converted into cash often turn to certificates of deposit CDs leader bank is currently offering a fifteen month CD with an impressive one point 25%. EPY for new accounts with these kind of rates now is the ideal time to take advantage of this great opportunity from -- leader bank to learn more about the fifteen -- CD with -- one point 25% -- call 7816463900. Today or visit one -- -- -- conveniently located branches in Arlington -- Cambridge or Burlington -- more interest on your -- -- -- -- -- -- bank branch or call 7816463900. To learn -- -- -- a step -- minimum -- open and current annual percentage -- -- 1000 -- Massachusetts residents only penalty early -- including -- penalty which may reduce -- -- subject to change without -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 54 port four times are changing your retirement plans are changing with -- hello this is very Armstrong from the funny to exchange my dad retired almost twenty years ago and he receives a pension and medical benefits from his old employer these types of retirement plans have been replaced by a 41 K plan with a match you're responsible for planning your own retirement this involves planning for income military benefits long term care and Social Security. We've created a guy that will provide you with the ten step checklist for retirement. This 27 page guide is available for those of you who would like help. Planning for prosperous and worry free retirement 8668106422. Ask to have your retirement plan created now's the time to get started 8668106422. Securities offered through securities America -- member FINRASIPC. In advisory services offered through securities America advisors -- Gary Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group in the securities America companies Aaron affiliated. Hi I'm -- London and if you're worried about your parent or loved living alone like I was. And you are reliable senior care information -- call a place for mom. The nation's largest senior -- referral service you'll get free information on assisted living and alzheimer's care nursing home. Even important financial information. They had obviously researched every place not just given me names. 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And you don't have a plan -- you won't be taken seriously call now to get your website built for free if after thirty days you're happy with your new website we'll continue to provide promotion -- support and maintenance all for just one low monthly fee if not cancel and pay nothing. Call 855254. Site. 855254. SI TT. 8552547483. Or go to Web.Com. Slash radio. There was no portrait of -- that's at which it would be wise right to take relinquished what cancellation unless otherwise purchase its. Sound of people throwing out their old. Recently installed unit and with stunned by the difference I had a. Say good -- to your. 888964. -- satisfaction guaranteed. Just go to dry house now dot com or call 888964. W a TE 30. So. They go home. Don't mess in business that isn't right here. Barry on stroke and can carry him on the financial exchange radio man. Time for a fact check. I was. Told by a text message from one of our listeners that Ronald Reagan. Died ten years ago today so we're back -- that he's all the also the answer to our last trivia question which -- who's the oldest president. Ever elected to office Ronald and correct. It is -- -- he did died in 2004. And question now is how old was he when he was elected 6916. So we have a potential. Presidential candidate right now Hillary who could rival the issue moldaschi. I believe she is sick wealth jet must find out how thinks I don't think by election time should be about the -- victory in via little it and and but he cheeks she 66 full. She'd be 68 yep that's her first term right now if you two term might be a lot older in the second term. When was he wouldn't was he sixty and we -- elected first -- second term a second term. He was 69 when he was elected the second thanks oh thanks so son -- It's nothing to -- because if that's true that she would be the oldest when she was elected and -- And we'll find out. Hey our guest -- specialty from the Center for Public Integrity he joins us to talk about Medicare Advantage. In the wasteful spending that is occurring in Medicare Fred how -- That I read your. At least -- at the first in a three part series as a relates to Medicare spending can you give us an example. Of some of the Medicare fraud that you discovered what do in this series. Well that wasn't necessarily. Fraud that we discovered what we were looking at was system that. Medicare uses the -- that Medicare Advantage plans and it's it's based upon a very complicated formula called risk score. So that they. They paid plans higher rates for sicker people and lesser smaller rates for those who -- healthier but what happened over the years is the government had a tough time keeping track of just how sick the patients -- some of the plans have exaggerated the degree of illness that some. Some patients have in order to get higher reimbursement. Tell the story about the one in Rochester New York if you would. Well that the plant and and in Rochester New York had underwent what. What they call it it's it's complicated -- -- read the audit but -- they -- audit Natick common at select a certain number of patient medical records the actual physical medical records. And they look at the records. And they see well does the medical record reflected that a person actually has a disease that the helped plan as has claimed they have. And is it documented there and they came in looked at. Records there they found that and that is over 40% of the cases that they looked that they be health plan wasn't able to document the the actual conditions. They had claimed. Was in fact. Present the meanwhile they build them for 41 million. Well that the 41 million was the estimate that the the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general had to. Have extrapolated as because they had to 45 out of a hundred cases bullets which they couldn't fully document. They extrapolate that out. Too well what would that be if you if that same level of of non documented illnesses existent throughout the health plan and they came up with that figure. So -- let me ask you win win some of these illnesses were exaggerated. You know case by case. Did you get a sense of what the difference in the cost would be if if we were to determine that person was less ill than what they said. Yes I mean in some cases. Yeah I think like posted diabetes that you had diabetes with a variety of complications which. -- mean you're you're quite to the courier are more likely to need more expensive medical care so hundreds of extra dollars can be. Can be added on to. To the Billings when the way and these conditions or more serious. There's also some pretty bad abuse in Puerto Rico isn't there. Well there's allegations of a pretty bad abuse yeah it was a planned there that. That whistle blower. The that -- -- -- to work for them former California health official. Under George Bush and he went to work -- Medicare Advantage plan Puerto Rico and when he got there he found out that they were doing what. We had allegedly doing what we have been talking about it they were exaggerating -- -- Patients -- this was coming to hundreds of billions of dollars in excessive payments that they were getting from the government. Every year and he says that those payments could have reached a billion dollars over. Over several years in overpayments that the that the -- got. That those allegations peacemaking in the lawsuit in the company. The totally denies that ever happened. -- I mean he's got to back them up a VE RU. Eight lake when you when you're looking -- Medicare are they spending an appropriate amount on internal audit does that who is likely irate your article its greens to me. That nobody's auditing these guys. Well yeah I mean I think that's about the good point I mean there's a problem. The centers for Medicare and and and and Medicaid -- services. Does do a limited number of audits but their own. Estimates show that billions and billions of dollars in improper payments better have occurred year after year after year and it doesn't seem to deal. The that was in the -- down. A lot to protect taxpayers getting ripped off. When he you publishing parts two and three of your report. Monday and Tuesday -- -- up next week will be looked -- for right yeah you know candidates any documents any early tips I'm listening. Well today they embargoed. They amplified the things that we. Written about in the and in the first story and the second one looks at just the audits that. You're you're mentioning how effective they've been in the lobbying by the industry in order to. What do with some people might say make these sort of less effective we're less costly to that helped plan and and then the other third date deals with -- land and -- yet though a little I mean the the good Thursday deals with. Home visits two have been made to well. And this is a tactic has been very controversial because city's health plans. Visit elderly people and their homes and then days. They diagnose and number of illnesses that. That then may not actually. Cost them anymore to treat because the person may not actually get an extra treatment but they can submit these diagnoses and get more money from Medicare. So the this TM has the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that runs the program had earlier this year decided that you know what we don't wanna -- -- this. Because if you're not getting any treatment why should we you have to pay extra. Well they've backed off of that and to the great relief from the the Medicare Advantage industry which was making billions of dollars a year so that's. Right well we look at for the reports thanks for joining desperate okay it would play bigger. You know Ali -- this speaks to you what happens when you have a government run. Health care system because nobody really care right now it's run in Medicare personally don't make any money. Very and he relative to what you'd make the private sector. And if there is fraud going on wasteful spending his money and it's taxpayers so -- -- care. This this game reminds me -- mean obviously we're talking but he says it's not fraud. To exaggerate it wants when -- I don't know what we call pat -- exaggerating someone's illness in an effort to get more money I would call it fraud. But and it reminds me of the situation it's going on at the VA. Again we've got you know people running these systems -- don't know how to run a medical system or war as they're not qualified enough to do so. In its its government running you know the the medical system and this is these -- sheets of what are gonna come in even. Bigger these little we have to -- or -- that. That's right and the -- are great and great is that docks that are not cheating the system are saying we're not making enough off of that cared keeper dorsal scheerer has failed a lot of docks at retire. When we come back -- -- talk about whether or not you should move money from an Uggla to a 529 savings plan that's next on the financial state. And Barry Armstrong. Right here on the financial exchanged on the WR OK -- where you networks. The experts at Web.Com -- to build your business a successful website for free just like they did for these Web.Com customers we've used in and looked at other website designers. But there's nobody better -- went out. 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There was no portrait of them and that's an equity over the place right to take relinquished what cancellation unless otherwise purchased. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi I'm dying -- -- I'm a senior Medicare patrol volunteer. Our program sponsored by Medicare and the US Department of Health and Human Services help seniors trying to protect themselves from Medicare fraud and scams. For instance if your Medicare beneficiaries. And you're approached with an offer of free medical equipment or services watch out. If it sounds too good to be true it probably has call 1800 Medicare to retorted and go to stop Medicare fraud dot -- To find lots of useful tips and important information. About new fraud fighting tools that Medicare now has thanks to the health care law. Huge resource is to help law enforcement cracked down on criminals and return tax Payer dollars to the Medicare trust funds. And how you can get involved in the fight against five. Gotta stop Medicare fraud dot gov and help make Medicare stronger for all of us a message from Medicare and the US Department of Health and Human Services. Times are changing in your retirement plans are changing with them hello this is very Armstrong from the financial exchange my dad retired almost twenty years ago and he receives a pension and medical benefits from his old employer these types of retirement plans have been replaced by a 401K plan with a match you're responsible for planning your own retirement. This involves planning for income military benefits long term care and Social Security. We've created a guy that will provide you with the ten step checklist for retirement. This 27 page guide is available for those of you who would like help. Planning for a prosperous and worry free retirement 8668106422. Ask to have your retirement plan created now's the time to get started 8668106422. Securities offered through securities America -- member FINRASIPC. In advisory services offered through securities America advisors and Gary Armstrong representative Armstrong advisory group in the securities America companies Aaron affiliated. Follow Barry on Twitter at Barry G Armstrong its Barry Armstrong. There are here on the financial exchange radio network. Forty years ago I saw a lot of parents and grand. Establish what are called -- you know sort. Accounts. And they stood for uniform gift to minors act of mankind and it would be money like your dad or your your father in -- offered sincere debt right. Could set up an account. For your kids and he would put money into it you might buy stocks are -- -- mutual funds within that -- in the count was then. Used by your son and it became his money when he turn either eighteen or 21 depending on what state he lived. -- kind of fell out of favor after the 529 plan. And being because at 529 plans completely tax free where is the admin account is not tax from him -- at a reduced rate of tax on. So we don't see them a lot now but now and then you run into the people asked me should I take money out of my. Twelve year old Uggla count and have a transferred into the 529 plan. In generally speaking you're better off doing because you void all attack right. 529 money. Grows tax free. Until the kid goes to college and then it comes out tax for the federal sacks no state tax it's a good grade general consensus on -- 29 plants. And I know that's what I've used for for my five stage -- by 29 points. Now the only reason you might not do that -- -- let's say it was twenty years ago and you bought shares of apple. And they've gone way up in value. If you sell them out of the admin account and put him in at 529 plan. You'd pay taxes right in the year that you deal that would be the only instance -- -- that I wouldn't do transfer there's a lot of pent up dean. In that account. I would be carefully might do it over several years as -- today in one year appeared to sell our taxes paid as you go or they paid out when the. This fund goes to the recipient. Taxes on an enigma account ages ago 529 plan taxes are never an -- take money out burden on college yes yes. So I guess my point was. You know if you if you. Invested in apple and you have those big -- that isn't necessarily doesn't land on the recipient -- -- along the way. Well eat -- the game lately and other parties so he bought it for forty dollars a share and today at 600 dollars there. And you transfer to 529 you're paying the taxes on the gain from forty to 600 in a year where is he do it gradually spread those taxes aren't there he'll. They and -- talking about different. Types of trusts there are -- trusts their first to die irrevocable life insurance trusts. There are Medicaid trust there are -- -- global trusts. They're second to die irrevocable life insurance trust their realty trust nominee trust there's effectively. Eight different type of trusts that are used in a state planning. And Cushing and Dolan has created a guide that explains. How all eight of these trusts work. And you can get a copy of this guy that was published by crushing the Olympic calling this phone number it's 866. 8485699. That's 8668485699. If you call that number now. They'll million this guide in titled understanding. The top eight most commonly used trusts in the estate planning process. 8668485699. That's 8668485699. Jim IC GlaxoSmithKline. Is being charged with. To have some wrong with their drugs in the you'd pay -- couple million yeah it's that we. A multi state lawsuit and down Massachusetts is one of the states that was involved in 44 states in all. We're -- going to receive a settlement two point one million dollars -- it had to do with the fact that. Glaxo was. -- was really just making false claims about their and there are drugs drugs that people take pretty regularly axle. I'm making false claims and saying.