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Max Robins Monday June 2, 2014 - Mad Men And Rake

Jun 2, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...topics today included group sex on Mad Men and Rake.

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-- this time each week we're joined by Max robins he is the the yeah veteran broadcast journalist who wins. India exports on the TV industry and he's here today to well be with us that he's here every Monday to answer your questions about the TV industry. Max thanks -- with -- -- how -- car show. Ali is central pleasure I'm calling you from my. Air conditioned or I'll order. -- Outside. JFK airport. Waiting for my daughter attorney and -- landed putt and efficiency -- paralyzed. Where I landed it three liberty. Who plainly -- 330. But it didn't -- a long walk cue from the gate how. Really miracle water flow Lockett went about fortified put out the clippers. And I don't know I hope you're sitting down and come back publications so I -- Shockey but. And the luggage there was that the way in the luggage off of play. Well not always. In your pocket -- business. There's a long life to get through customs. If you just just -- just total identifiers opus camera Wayne Sonya you know he's but he's the -- and terrorist. Who got back without a passport jail here how. Sports network. Yeah -- territorial and then yeah it nineteen near Boca I can do you know I bet it did well there for a certain lyrics I'll. Oh -- geophysical bit -- the outright big and they let her off so -- and yeah. Max anything it's it's everything you wanna promote by the way -- have been a bit bad about that the last. No you know Ali everybody could probably -- But it you're on Twitter. I didn't actually I kind of book but the public pay extra -- public -- -- columns golf Forbes dot com okay I'm -- Quite about a real interest think I think people like this -- felt a got a couple of coming up in the coming days so what's it in all new shows it'll be coming on. Both this summer and fall -- what the networks and by the way how. What what's -- you have to pursue global how much and it's four point five billion. You know what what was it last year when fox net. I think it was like you know three point eight. There four point oh wait no -- receptacle -- 12%. 12% a bit ahead of a rate of inflation. But on the other hand every year -- it seems it's more valuable because they're. -- you know it it has say a larger audience than than the largest network show I mean the largest regular network type show right. Absolutely how you make a very good point -- -- Ottawa scored -- -- bit. We live and -- where there are actually -- of kind of those masks some parents were you all to an end to end. And that makes it at your school by the Super Bowl a bit more valuable to know whether you're sure it chose. The audience he scored a whole lot consider a whole separate tribes ignore your channel out there. But you know -- those -- rarely big blockbuster cancer and. Forget -- -- actually -- make you only Max I'm not the TV viewer or use can be. I forty -- fifty years ago I wouldn't know the thing is I do watch the Super Bowl. I don't watch oh I don't watch the Oscars I don't watch the grammys watching me about -- I watched the Super Bowl but actually I. I watch Monday Night Football every week I watched Sunday night. I like football. I know it's going to end and end this thing is that's one of the reasons I'm sure somebody and so whatever million people. Don't give people more attractive to ever. That's why you that they don't have. Apparently hook up against the current -- -- Consumer electronic -- result was dumb -- box. You know the thing is yoga Macs don't let you know what's as a as a Super Bowl viewer or you know I could say I can tell Hollywood that I think you mostly you're wasting your money on those. Blockbuster movie spots this most of us who don't watch any other TV we see those spots for those upcoming blockbuster movies and we say. Ourselves we say to each other in the living rooms at them and -- -- of America. Hold back telescope that's going to see that crap. But that app and it's a good point. With interest fatalistic as -- -- that -- com. You vendors movie with a big box office -- both domestically and internationally. But I you know wanting a bit. -- they've spent so much money out. Kick it old and they're gonna have to make a lot of money really make some money. And via well how did while burgers to -- me in the last season as a coming back. I got its second -- -- -- how we haven't ever been reviewed entered. And when it's hell on wheels come -- back. How are we still will be back Abu you can fall obviously. For the fifth time please ask about -- Or -- with Greg Kinnear. Oh yeah yeah yeah that's that's. I don't think that's gonna make it I watched it I was expecting it to be better -- I like eras and act very. Entertaining guys. About the kind of America well lawyer. The typical redundant phrase well. -- -- -- Good job of but I don't think it's well rated security interest in the wake up without box and and there are its box just they expired there at a program. So that's. Yeah -- generally -- got hybrid tribunal. Well I mean it isn't and watch on him very quickly -- net. -- -- Yeah I won't really hit -- pretty good run their -- their sense of real short rather -- be a problem I had. Mean there were number one in the in the crime demo 123 years ago. I think another sports that's that's a long way to fall. Yeah I think so I think what happened how he has been there is some bit bit. That the problem was that she -- our. It inherited a lot of episode and there are. America article but it. Expect -- it's very important. And what it did here. It did its job. They -- -- written in the real yet another hit either tell the terms of the dropped well in a series -- our house. -- Hi Max what is going on with house of cards so they solve their tax dispute with -- Maryland so production could continue. Yes yes they. Yeah how -- the cards well. Jay and Charles. -- mix of Nixon impeachment hearings that pretty well though that night. Okay -- -- other question I. Think it Nixon more than that more than what could well you know our. Metropolit there as I don't think I don't think your ratings -- however I. Is -- Megan Kelly's ratings better than Bill O'Reilly I don't think so far they. I don't think they are never take or little weaker so. But she's certainly do it I bet they're pretty close and that's what -- a good -- got -- it. Artistic and -- get hit in terms of overall body. But they still make money several. But told us. Oh what do you think of newsman actually got that news Max got to which a month sometimes they got they're gonna go on -- -- full time their their on the Internet now. They got DirecTV right out of the box that's pretty good -- and it. It is a good agenda is a project but also -- and I hit it really -- -- economic summit how how much money they're spending. And to -- our debt vacant if its best -- you are all relatively small audience picnic spot. Well you know Chris -- serious at fox is making a billion a year he can make piper if he can take away 5% of Fox's audience. He can make fifty million. And expect that you know. The best that I like. At 18774694322. Of you wanna talk to Max Robinson. Macs -- recovering this probation trial going on -- Boston Probation Department. And they may make a good show for the monkey business channel the reality series. You know that last week they weren't they talked to this old girl who got a job but through Europe through her boyfriend a state senator. Who's she's she was 22 and he was and he was 47. -- yeah -- lifestyles of the lifestyles of the animated December Probation Department. I like it I think I'll pick it up I think it's a thirteen episodes and have it right out of debt and deficit pilot. -- that's right 22 and 47 that's all you need to now. Jog your next with how we card Max -- go ahead John. Enact an Alley. They are your question hello old time they'll be right. How and why am I seeing Obama posted on side felt that in that series. Run out in the ninety's. Yeah -- read out -- like 96 or something that mad Max. Are you sure are and you -- Did unplug the ridiculous delay an eight. Yet he was -- -- the state senator in Illinois in the late nineties. I don't know that's you know like John Lawrence are simply that I don't know what -- an important part -- felt -- -- And drinking -- that you should go into the dispensaries they aren't open yet but. And it. You know earlier it is Andre you are critical from Denver. Rocky mountain. Or rather don't. -- a jar -- and get -- new glasses I think you're crazy. Hi I could give bill there that's what really got substantial story. No doubt about it. Yeah Max I forgot to tell you that the yet when he took the 21 year old 22 year old but the got the job -- -- boyfriend there was a state senator was 47. She was sick imminently qualified she was a part time drawbridge operator in her hometown. Well most certainly sort out the match out. Yeah. As the second time today effort that joke. Dave your next with how we car and Max -- go ahead you can read maxis column will be out tomorrow on Forbes dot com. Go ahead -- -- -- -- I've got -- seventeen and nineteen year old daughter like you is there press here -- -- -- -- NATO's wonder if you have a web site she. Well. Like the upper level inspiration. Yeah you know chicken or myself well for start comment also -- our senior partner to a group called the center for communication. And the the web addresses and times you don't feel well or. And what we do appear as we put our -- several hours programs or. It was a -- urged other area for for journalism students college students graduate students or not. And we recorded call -- So so you'll be able to get -- all of our parent and Eric it's. Some sense of part of what people pressure talking about what they're doing some thought you know I would I would encourage -- Debuted on my column is on the line to I didn't take a month off I didn't take the last month off by rope I wrote five columns last week in four days. Want my address my -- And Howie -- show dot com thanks Dave. 18 sentences for one says there's a poster over signed Bell's computer that looks like Obama. -- OK probably to somebody who looks like Obama I you know it's weird. -- kind of weird thing -- -- they were so as predicted something that we got to start looking at it or excite so. Things that -- -- -- -- so episodes and maybe we can start taking them that. Motive on ABC how's that -- are just okay. How was one American news doing I don't know what that is meant to I don't know it's. Meant to compete with Fox News. Max what is the story on -- finale when is it and how were they going to wind up the whole thing it's seven episodes remaining thanks Pete Vero Beach. All they're doing it with bad and it AMC it was another one of their vision shows straight bet they're gonna bring back. They're gonna bring back from breaking they're going to be in Baghdad and in the first quarter 2000. With the last seven episode that's what they're gonna do and no other and I don't I'm -- I don't know that they're working on the episodes now. -- -- -- -- they're gonna quit Madison avenue when moved to -- hate Ashburn Georgia commune. Of course they've already got it all right there already. Although it got a department there was also an episode he had groups acts now. Yeah prospects and help it makes itself like a Probation Department. There -- economy and living in groups access in the united deadline Hollywood Hills and group sex and a lot of sacks this season. Yeah -- -- you know as a matter of fact there was I -- Has Charles Manson -- they've made any guest appearance shots. No it's their battle questions situated and obviously crazy -- -- that. Though woman who's married to the main character that -- here is some change -- -- court. Records who. That like how she's dressed like -- and whatnot. Really did you go -- friend Alex Chilton a map met Charles Manson when he was not in California. Did you know that -- -- -- yes I was reading the I was reading the Alex show opened -- and it's. I didn't know your friends that you know Alan Schulte. Who wrote the letter that great like all rocks are. Yes yes I think it. You not a power of my I I just said that our friend know it was a friend of mine other than that I like this music you know. Null but I just I was reading this biography out of him now. And by the man called destruction or something like that and any talk that he was -- he was sleep but you know he was -- you know. It was just a little more beer poured out I'm helping my daughter put luggage -- -- you know actually it's been good which are. He was a star for about eighteen months -- a bomb for body teen years -- Eddie Eddie happened to be crash -- on -- in some -- -- out in Southern California let me answer in writing and around. I guess I was pretty scared. Oh yeah I know what it once they used to send amount that he was he was with me incidents when they were renting a house. Dead though they admitted it to like a kind of their -- servant. And they didn't have a car that I'm sure they would send that that say hey Alex school gets a -- walked two miles down to the store and get us all load groceries. O'Meara had detonated a boot to were quick. What are the Beach Boys are -- Yeah dad ya know what yeah and also Doris -- -- on doors and you saw an ulcer you mixed up with a lot of those people. Mike that's another thing yeah much yeah that may be met maybe yeah. Me -- Manson apps can be the follow -- Manson men can be the follow up to map that. Right here next with how we car and a Max Robbins go ahead Mike. I'll always only asked. That's a reference back to -- to to meeting it's time to Stewart take out a couple of guys way to use that one time during the. At. Bat flip a crisis I'll do it -- did you know we think it'll be back. I -- pull itself through it okay. -- -- I watched the I thought so last and loved it I love it. Well you know let's go out our look at but -- -- all right -- it -- -- -- right jobs go to. Thanks Mike. Let's see -- officer mark keeps sending this I don't know what is -- -- the supposed to be joke I just don't get it is a remake of -- Tyree in the works. I think it's a joke and that's that's -- Alex are you ready to settle over like enough punch like finally read it for him officer mark. Has perception on T and T been canceled. -- yeah I think perception has think apple. The -- interest premise but I don't think they really don't ever carpet. 617 says Manson tried out for the monkeys I never heard that one. I don't get something into the -- Yeah. Where the command sends. People slate we slaughter everybody in town. But we're too busy -- -- people to put anybody well will work on. Yeah. A little war 617 says he sees the Obama poster all the time months line -- he runs. He puts it -- old slow slide well. But -- always -- doing on AMC. I'll install -- OK you don't okay. I -- it you're like that you are wanna check it could -- back. Let's see here what else. What about almost human. Are here but I think they're talking about to be a paper or fox noise. I think fox won't go away. Your next with we are going out. Act that I about the show revolution will be an adult -- a whole lot. -- -- gore for good. And good. Thanks it didn't do -- he said obviously it's gone right. Jim Jim your next with how we cargo ahead gem and Max Robinson. And now we're here greater risk CO. On the next record Israel warriors I below ritual called quantum leap. Voters remember yeah or not acknowledge our -- upon. Recovered. You know it's never coming back to Bible spoke about it a little unsure you can buy. It. Just Google it confined to -- find it anywhere Max we got to wrap up thanks thanks for taking time out from get your daughter out. Okay how should just go out and they are. Glad you made it through customs and how we car.