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The Price of Desertion

Jun 2, 2014|

Two GIs died in the search for Bowe Bergdahl after his desertion. Howie asked should this guy be lauded as a hero and an honorable soldier.

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Should we made should we have made a prisoner exchange in Afghanistan for sergeant Boe bird doll no they're not 90% saying now 90%. All right okay I -- will be one more segment on this is people wanna talk about I -- get to talk about the you know there's another outrage today to. I'm not even talk about operation chokehold which is trying to put gun dealers business of talk about the this sudden these new EPA regulations mean talk about server. No you don't have to we'll take it will play from these YouTube ever was opening on it what we'll do we'll get to be -- will get the EPA after the so first after this first break and of people opening on the talk about this there. -- Paul I mean again it's. Today was it today it was unhappy at our date 241 right per dollar and by the Pia. It's just it's the the it's speeding up as that goes along it's just you know it's like yeah. We're approaching the Clinton though Obama just forced. Harry you're next with how we cargo at a very. I think it would call -- I'm colonel Sharon or his school to simplify it sir. I. He's he's -- but I yeah I'm sure it's a yes -- -- -- -- -- By this bird dog as a desirable we have a trader in the Oval Office this guy he uses this opportunity. They held on my moral of the greatest move every world. I think that didn't go out it was a payback for you need to get Obama. I'm been walking and I think. I'm disgusted and opening congress shall pizzas SOB. Thank you -- Thanks thanks Terry 18774694322. I don't know you know you get you you may be given -- too much credit about been Ghazi Munich could do you know. The guy he's capable -- massive screw ups policy having Hillary Clinton there she is she is like what it's capable of massive screw ups. 18774694322. Dan your next with how we cargo ahead Dan. Probably yes I have this so fed up with trying. How much or insults. That we get from this yeah. A lot -- lot of its day out you know that you know the answer as well as I do I mean he -- there's more than two years after that offers. What. You do. It's a little -- when there's so many uninformed and boulders. All decided to stay home -- seven million people didn't vote. -- -- -- what -- toward it well because they would disgusted with what we put forth we we are just absolutely. Hurting ourselves tremendously and that's me it's getting away with and and the other thing. We have what they say yeah. You the end you know what they say about a democracy. The voters get the kind of government they deserve. Amid all of the vote if the popular vote if they can't see the difference between Mitt Romney. I don't care if you like Mitt Romney or not you hold your nose -- -- vote permit -- the if you don't like you know compared to this guy. I understand. I understand but it's very frustrating. And we need a voice like you as well as everybody else that is doing it either on the radio or -- there was very little media. -- insured frustrating when we talk about informed vote -- I don't think these people understand what we mean by all means read. -- learn how to make intelligent well they've had a comment by Dennis Miller who said. Oppress the populous is now -- -- have all of motors dealership there again what I don't assist I'd rather have more intelligent voters. Right right you know that that's the thing I mean you know that they keep encouraging these high voter turnout so I mean you know why. I know everybody has a right to vote but if you're on welfare and you don't wanna get out the vote I mean that's fine with me you know how I got no problems with that. Thanks for the call them 1877469432218. So. According to -- it's tacky corpus tacky she's the she's the not guilty spokesman for the State Department she says Obama doesn't give himself enough credit. And Maria did the reason I know she's she's fairly decent looking is because -- are holding up cash to. Bring back her girls who give respect when Robertson but the idea that the kidnapped Christian -- often. Nigeria. What could we just had a hash tag for this guy. And then the Taliban could have held up hash tag for give -- -- our give us give respect error terrorists. In the in that the proposed it and then maybe you could just like that it cash tax Ron your next with how we cargo have Ron. They always. All of our lips are -- -- caller thank you what a great show are. Oh ground from the Vietnam War Lebanon's northern -- and our server the first and only eight infantry to regret Mormon -- nine and we have averages on time whether it was. Described as a white. American red -- Problem with obesity and you know. They are on the map at the studio -- -- gets it gets a three day pass. What's really it was -- redheaded America white American -- welcome. What all has -- know -- I was. Back then you know he could go backstop from the politically correct world we live in today you've got to get -- one of them guys. I'd never thought of it in those terms -- I think you're exactly right. We are. Do you -- engagement no passing of wed. In the other direction of the of the enemy combatants or non combatants. And. -- -- -- -- All -- also are burned. Just unbelievable story of the rules of engagement. That caused those special forces guys salute their large. And quite. Love your show -- clear -- Thank you -- keep Austin thank you thanks for your service 187746943. 2218774694322. Distinct probably didn't think what they of one or worked so with the Americans would we have one World War II oh. If if we have had the same rules of engagement. As they have in Afghanistan. And Iraq. -- it's. Hard to figures and 18774694322. Number whoa what was the was it any slope back who was actually queued at the these -- he was -- -- and they made a movie about it after in the during the Vietnam era. Private army -- slow back he Wednesday. -- Martin Sheen played him -- and then moving yet what was he was he just he just had it was he was just. He was scared and he went down off yet combat -- is used it was just scared to death -- in new risky tried to become may. A when when they Colin a pacifist -- when they serve in another capacity that I like which is subject conscious and and -- they would Letterman he was scared me telling me he was just too scared and he the -- law during during you know combat name ain't they -- commendation I'm -- They executed executed -- the court martial to amend and -- And you know that's there and you know and then. That now that's 1877. What what's the difference between. Was an -- between Borg all that actual. I don't -- as much like -- I -- -- from what from what we're being told about bird doll -- people who were there. You put your from last hour. There's no difference. Except the differences are sort of being wind up against the wall aboard almost gonna get a hero's welcome. Tom your next what Howie -- go ahead Tom. Yeah Alitalia. Yeah I I was a separate conversation Bob -- dollar and I just finished a book outpost. That's about camp Keating it's an actor's written by Jack captain therefrom object -- -- yeah yeah -- -- -- Unbelievable -- those Ford guys to -- outposts but. Because there's only three sentences don't wanna read from the book. -- says that in June 30. Private first class bully bird dogs and I really love to use. His base in -- province it was captured by insurgents. Prompting. A substantial push of planes helicopters and surveillance drones to the area. And I operatives find. What what happened during that time they were trying to close that outpost which is -- a terrible. Spot. And indirectly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Please equipment whatever looking for hand it put back she's getting out of outpost -- And those guys got blasted. You know ultimately had a -- when they wanted true. A lot of those guys wounded died there. And anyway but I it's gonna find out a lot of these soldiers. Are -- to come going where we were up. We're gonna speak up against the even though they did. You have no arguably your -- at the sites -- the when he came back and he doesn't care from what I -- do little at this point you know the -- I've actually and I -- he just said another soldier. In it and black foot. Who was also speaking out so I didn't like these soldiers -- gonna go it's not right to a lot of guys side look at war. Yeah exactly thanks for the call -- 1877469432. Consist to a settlement so slow elected low Americo walk into the enemy's -- I think CMX signed -- death -- think mr. I have a pen will use it. Now I don't think I don't think flow. -- -- were different that I mean I just I don't think about it I don't know if you saw the you've seen the pictures the idea. This this some of of an American director of the use him is George Stevens or his name was torched -- misses his son. Was going through is his facts and we found some color footage. That this guy taken of the -- he was that he was -- became a big -- that time he was just -- -- second unit. You know. Not not -- -- -- person in Hollywood but he was with he was doing he was filming was using caller fail and so now the color film the the first shots being fired and also have shots of color shots which I've never seen before I don't think anybody ever seen -- shots. A general George S Patton no I don't mean your Dramamine George C. Scott Storch -- I mean George. Color photo color. -- Any plays are a lot of that stuff and it caught the -- of war and they do a whole series and of the color footage. It truly amazing to meet the seat to see him and the -- promptly the reason I mention -- is because. Number Patton. That when there was a there was again a soldier. And he we rushed for one hospital like this week who would have had what they then call combat Petit which would now be called PT EST. And and and patents that. And just -- get get away you know doubts. Man up whenever they said back in the forties and he got he got in a lot of trouble for. Even that 18 says he was just the but that's the way Patton was. Now what Bill O'Reilly is next book is going to be killing. Which is uninteresting subject for both those -- and stories. About the fact that you know there -- the conspiracy theorist -- said the his death was very mysterious he was he wanted to. Keep fighting and just keep were way eastward so rushed to Asia the Soviet Union was open them which of course -- And then suddenly I guess was late 1945. There was a mysterious she acts he was he was wrong. Bill your next without. We cargo bill. They how we are -- got a good. So I don't if you haven't got it yet yesterday morning Susan Rice was armed with Stephanopoulos. Yes. It is our and is Tanya who I just bombed it by epic two minute mark with two minutes left yeah I'll beat you got you've got to get it -- local -- What does she says it tells me -- he asked her what was what I thought that -- that talk that he was a deserter will that be investigated. Is she said. Well that's -- important the important thing is she's back home he's going to be reunited with his and we served with honor and dignity. So it. If it if it so it doesn't matter if he's a deserter -- if he's even if you -- -- deserve that means you serve with honor and dignity. It just means they -- erupted again. -- She really is a cooling drinkers that she bell. Oh man already she -- and TV shows still were forced or -- or her one shot gestured. You know I don't know I just happen to turn it on yesterday right where she was on -- -- -- was -- Chris says she was on with Candy Crowley as well CNN. -- a hardball interview at the. It's actually. Exactly conditioning and fighting -- -- edits are saying it doesn't matter if you was a deserter not thanks for the call bill thanks for the heads up on that. 18774694322. Killing -- was going to be the name of that book by Leo rightly. 978 best photo of patent was -- upon to bridge pissing -- for the right reverend ever saw that one. 18774694322. All your next with how we cargo have all. Eight -- Yes sir have. I thought I'd cover -- via a real POW returned back conservative -- And make it make up those guys on our part as best they could to get a move on to be reserved. But those guys who real POW. -- just all McCain said this may even McCain is against this thing and you know I mean I you know he had hidden it in matters like this you know you as crazy as he is on other subjects I mean you kind of defer to McCain on this kinda issue right. -- my case it was tortured -- -- and everybody's. She won't actually I've seen them in this very studio when he could barely lift up his arms. You know because they broke his arms. Always thought about torture is very good god waterboarding. They could do want is survival school. Really great elbow and but if I -- there. Some of the -- it's kind of -- forgot to include the updates. On this guy whatever his name is in the White House briefing papers. So. -- management attack. -- their guess that they were gonna come to punch line it's going to be it's George Bush's fault. -- I'm not you know Al anyway but big cloud of the White House and those stupid they're -- I was stuck together without really doing their own research. And they bring -- guys out and it turns out these are real Adam Everett. And the -- how well the military thank you mr. Obama. Yes I mean quarterback hitting ovation -- it was pointed out this that was the sound of one hand clapping at all. -- wouldn't throw offs. But thanks for the call Paul. 1877469432297. And Obama says the released Taliban posed no threat. Then why were today in gitmo that's a very good question. 1877. -- he was served he served honorably serving green -- to the Taliban. Ensuring to date they all they celebrated Christmas and Easter -- them. Because there they've -- you know the Taliban has a reputation worldwide for its -- diversity. 1877469432218774694. Victory. 22 that is the toll free number of how we partial mines have made the defensive camp Keating happened two months after this deserter. Went missing and resulted in two medals of honor. Sergeant quote will mesh and -- Carter it will come out that the Taliban used intelligence they received from this piece -- -- 1877. Win again again you heard what we needed -- want to -- was the -- that was the first soldier about the idea. Talked to let them. Now on a news Max thought pomp. He said that the reason they didn't mind going after this guy even though they knew it was a -- because they figured they they figured he was gonna give up intelligence and a the Taliban would -- use it against. So they they figured they had to get this cup days it had nothing to do with him being at a an American quote you know that they're -- you know use your scrambled forces went. Whenever there's an American -- on missing but. It in this case they just want to get him back so we could spill the beans Dave your next with Howie -- go ahead day of. They make up there a lot of times sometimes they -- be its field guide also probably 770. Okay great thank you. It is I would. You know if you pieced together -- look at all this guy has done. To discourage. Them to rule the morale purging the military while their -- and our emphasis. That in their benefits. The DNA is that. There would be a plate right -- alliance feature transgender it's a bit it would also -- transgender is gonna know. -- can't ever say about trans genders in the military. As -- everything could discourage people when they list him. To get future people who that don't would make good opposite was stuck there -- no one respects him or respect Steagall. If you watch some of the loosened shows yesterday. Cable was met in the according to pay your. We he met with a group of people that. Did you exchange with complete silence what do you do when he says we -- one of our back. Yes and no applause. Nothing this guy has done everything in his power to rule the morale in to dismantle our military. And so I wanna say I was. Thank you thank you day. You know if if if if somehow the you know. The country survives this and it and the the forces of good car or able to. To overcome this this assault on American values and -- This Sunday BA. An amazing chapter in American history when you had somebody like this White House. Who was the week and and this is this is chapter itself. Welcoming back a -- And and the thing about the BP A is another. It is this this'll -- He's gonna do with through what he's gonna do to congress. Through would be PA excuse me through the regulatory branch. Thank you Richard -- house Nixon for the Environmental Protection Agency Kevin your next with how we cargo ahead Kevin. But it. You know what this. I've got it isn't pretty. Video -- of there's -- bird though. It is in the Muslim ago but it was a very view because beauty wouldn't -- they'll be ample. -- -- I didn't -- the -- back no we're out got to know it. It is because of the vote -- all -- that debate -- -- -- -- right. No Billy he's going to be punished popping back. They obviously prepared him for ordered. Because it would agree I think we ended do become back here based music that they get -- Brothers. And -- didn't shock worded that it that he wanted it is expected. To moderate he'd get. And no one cup portal to be sergeant booed me sergeant rose's team leader insurgent I don't know she's a -- and then. This guy. -- ease of pfc when he desserts and now what he comes back he's got equal rank -- close to equal rank of sergeant -- He's promoted and he's -- -- for deserting. So it is to avoid it the exports. -- status unknown that's what the current duty status unknown they have about a million different status is if you're in the military but nobody ever heard of duty status unknown and nobody ever to promoting a -- -- Thanks. I got to go 1877469432250. Wait no worries no illegals will be in the military zone. 18774694322. 97 it Obama -- expect actively destroyed this country. Suddenly one I wonder if Berry will pardon G -- Johnnie Walker went on his way out the door. You know bears and I did I had forgotten about G Hodge on the one girl land. I wouldn't he would doubt there's a guy who was politically involved in the killing an American he was with the when they kill the CIA agent -- about. When they were being interrogated and they had an uprising and that was the CIA agent from Alabama was killed and in this in and call. Hasn't he suffered in the he grew up in maroon county. In the day. Area rush your next with how we cargo at Ross. You know how -- the president acts like a circus clown doing the -- rock and you keeps saying how lol only goal in the keeps going bowl -- -- -- You know the other thing I wanna say the president. Couldn't have a qualified to get a job as a professional negotiator for any company never mind being the president added that. Don't think he can pass the security check to work in the to work at the Pentagon Cody. So how do when they just call it. Now now where exactly were you born and we have documents your show when you were born in Kenya and we have documents show what you're born in the Honolulu. -- worded this Social Security card come from. Did you ever sign up for the draft. You know I mean how many questions the F after the Iowa and I have to have no response to before they. Say -- security risk. Thanks thanks for to call us 18774694322. He's going to get a profile in courage award for deserting against this unjust -- Wore my god how we will be -- SP for the berg -- take take to the mountains. 187746. Do you think Obama could pass a drug screen and even thought about that one. Now. Now that you mention -- frank your next with how we cargo ahead frank. -- yeah. What you wanna bet that carries on the problem right -- the president of Mexico trying to. -- couple yeah. Yeah you know what did you think most people even though that there's only a marine who's been held in Mexico for the last few months because he took on card. I don't I don't -- more feet. Many people -- -- Arizona bench. I'm afraid they do frank because they they think that's a guy that signs they think that's the guy who personally reload their right EBT -- every effort for the month. You know you don't. Hopefully thanks for to call 18774694322. Jerry Euronext without -- cart web Jerry. They are how he thanks for having me thanks. I had -- trips to I -- in the marine and I went back to our league was so. Peter -- -- -- back to civilian work for a Turkish company -- security yeah that are we got to deal with those a little better. But what gets me is how this how the -- I wondered off his post awarded often used to work -- Yeah I don't think I think that word is gonna vanish like in the next 24 hours Jerry I think it's becoming pretty clearly want to -- -- -- You can't -- often don't want Iraq indeed he walked off with his rifle but didn't -- his wife pulled out. And then wander -- Think you really -- rifle down wandered off. That is what I wouldn't know who hire Jerry. Yeah say that guy is that there's certain yet is if they treated as a hero that that's just a travesty that is. Spit in the -- of everybody else. Well Jerry I mean big they'd spent the last six years basically five and a half you're spitting in the face of everybody have a -- You're right they have they have been just like -- call of the set out on a slower almost worked to get. I mean it is one of the giving amnesty Jerry. Mean that's that could be -- what happens -- what happens when a they the finally impose these old obamacare regulations after the mid term election it's gonna be pretty bad -- so. Millions of people will be losing their health insurance I mean there's there's a comedic can get a lot it could get a lot worse than this I hate to say it. But the. The other guy's gonna get treatment arm at the CA. They'll probably get our head of a walk over -- the future. Kill -- get get most style treatment at the VA -- -- doesn't get any better than kept most vile treatment at the -- Our 1877469432. To the agent for the was killed by by Johnnie walker Lindh and his cohorts in the Taliban it was a John expand from Alabama. 18774694322. Could we trade one marine for five million illegals. Someone else up -- that one wants to trade one marine for thirty million illegals gonna get taught -- it's third and more than thirty it's closer to war. Then -- and why the -- -- this -- was classified as a deserter in July 2009. You know what's so what are you wouldn't find Susan rate cut the -- I mean again what you believe that she she did the camera there again this. This Sunday which was -- in this. You know. Mean it was appalling what she said but the and so it was -- -- I mean they really believe that the you know we should get the the the the 21 gun salute when he comes back. By the way there was leave the yep you -- cannon going off from common today it was the sanction on her reports. The the oldest military company so called in the United States James Michael -- we used to say. Invincible and peace invisible war the sanctions on reports on -- car. It's. -- 187746943221. Sentence and -- six and -- 322. That is the culprit number of them -- -- Hello this is very calling forms golf cart one -- Dalai acted stupidly I am inviting him up for beer. Escape from five away. I will just wait for the book to come out and not buy it there a lot of books not to buy it right now in them. By the way if you wanna buy a other Brothers Bulger you can't find them on Amazon it's its all its in its in a lot of bookstores. Total bunch of different stop shops -- all they don't they don't they're not feuding with the my publisher had Russia to Stop & Shop. If that's the company that supplies the -- link has cut them plenty of books and -- and stop insurance option if you wanna Brothers Bulger -- -- dollars. I think I never thought -- would be a eight -- pawn in a corporate struggle but some author for Russia by him. Want it just just one just just one moment folks who broke this. Culture. Just a quick diversion it was in B Davis. AGB -- on the Brady Bunch of the death pool no she was not. She doesn't really -- house foul that was our -- she was. The strong at Oxford and at that point. 97 -- how we my dad is an -- I grow with them honest the Budweiser division. He used to get BS. I heard it was via via the video division was opening fire -- the book but the Budweiser brigade that now column that's what that's what those camp and mean that your work. Brad you're next with how we cargo ahead Brad. You know like. -- -- in New York. I would just wondering. I was thinking that maybe. CEO. -- he was looking at the Taliban as a place to go to. And he's been here five years and they have now converted into an undercover agent. And he is back in the states or will be soon. And we'll have to watch it for the rest of it like to see when they wanna activated due east terrorist attack what do you think. She's a high profile to be two when terrorist attacks is -- breath out of -- is an even better is -- better off on the the rubber chicken circuit. Lecturing about what's fine fellows post Taliban are now how nasty we are to be sending drones against these fine fellows. Well it occurred to person that's in office space here for warriors killed. Have a good spot her lecturing about the Gallup. Could be the secretary of defense if the worst about third term for Obama. You know. And it might -- You know they didn't do anything with. War week after. We'd always -- to -- a court martial or this memo. I don't know what he's gonna -- with that may be just signed a some signs of kind of well hey you know what you know what I think of one thing he's good with the patent Brad. Sergeant worked all his five years of back pay come until. He hopes. Absolutely -- He's a hero in their -- He is not all -- while at Talladega too many people it. Yes I don't like -- say he that's you know he's aside he's celebrating diversity -- -- know -- English breakfast the forgive me likes green if you like the Taliban thanks for the call Brett. Okay we have the sound cut the the other caller was exactly right but here here it is here it is for yourself this is. Susan Rice. Doing her were -- do we your Ben Ghazi. Remake with bird doll yesterday on the door are with George -- stuff. His post is that going to be investigated and -- -- found that he did indeed I leave his supposedly be disciplined or starting pay the price. Certainly. From anybody who's been held in those conditions in captivity for five years is -- An extraordinary price but that that is really. Not the point the point is that she's back. He's going to be safely reunited with his family he served the United States with honor and distinction. And we'll have the opportunity eventually to to learn what has transpired in in the past years what's most important now. Is his health and wellbeing they have the opportunity. To recover in peace and security and being reunited with his family which is why this is such. A joyous day. How do you serve with distinction defeated -- -- mean isn't that the antithesis of serving with distinction. Deserting. Under I. When colonel set army desertion happens during wartime if you if you run away and during peacetime that's absent without leave it all. It's. Only gotten us off one -- -- that one wartime justification and get this again this is Susan Rice. The -- woman who went out few days after -- the four Americans were murdered. By al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists and been -- Libya. And said that it was all the fault of any video that nobody had seen that was made by via an Egyptian Christian. America naturalize citizen this is Susan writes with -- Sergeant remembered rather a lot of questions about how he originally was captured and whether or not you deserting -- left. His post is that going to be investigated and if -- found that he did indeed I leave his supposedly be disciplined or starting pay the price. Certainly. From anybody who's been held in those conditions in captivity for five years is paid an extraordinary price but that that is really. Not the point the point is that he's back. He's going to be safely reunited with his family. He served the United States with honor and distinct honor of this then we'll have the opportunity eventually to to learn what has transpired -- In the past years what's most important now. Is his health and well being that he had the opportunity. To recover in peace and security. And being reunited with his family which is why this is such. A joyous day. -- -- 18 sevenths honor and distinction. 18774694322. So what says is this just recover possibly early just trying to divert attention from the EPA regulations in part about that but. The EPA regulations are very bad we'll get to them later mile car.