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Peter Gammons

Aug 14, 2007|

Tom speaks with Baseball Hall of Famer Peter Gammons about his upcoming Hot Stove Cool Music concert at Fenway Park.

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I think I recognize the feet I think I recognizes son if she fell from haven't played by a lot of goalie Peter gammons Saipaia. Well I think the question right here it is great to see you know while low to just do the news deputy -- that I had a little chance to catch up. On now all good things including his upcoming appearance he's the headline act let's be honest about it -- he's the organizing for us and they headline act. Hot stove cool music -- August 24 at Fenway Park and we allowed we'll we'll talk about that after the -- of a little segment that little time together -- just a quick -- used doubted you college U baseball career right now ecology baseball Korea with the -- is that correct yes. Especially com. I never burn bridges usually work three places in what is it -- it's almost 40 years we were typical Sports Illustrated the recipients are trying to to burned human. Yeah aren't good for you could for you could you sound like Mercury first of its elegant not you know any time that the subject of baseball comes up people will make reference to this guy you're sitting on my right -- -- it's really just. Alleged encyclopedic knowledge great great to sense of history of the game and the and the passions editor at that the game excites in all of us. He's got some fabulous charity work. Now with Theo Epstein to so many -- that so many others in this concert coming up on August 24 at Fenway Park of the products. Now also coming up an artist I'm going to jump right to baseball -- cat that I can't let you off the market this close by. Little something happening down on the Bronx August 28 20 ninth and 30 upcoming series Sox Yankees it's tightened considerably. And we don't know the matchups -- just tell me act kind of Peter gammons view of this a serious about giving you the wrong what you we'd be what should you know what should we be looked at. Well by then the Red Sox need to have -- Okajima news straightened out in front of Jonathan Papelbon I. I think Josh Beckett and he and -- -- of the Orioles with two best pitchers in -- that's fine. Com but I don't think it's going to happen -- the Red Sox are gonna be a better team in the field in the Yankees I mean you'd look. -- the accused and so much out of the kids out of Cabrera and kanell become really good players they're great players Alex Rodriguez and Jeter are having. Career year -- and the Red Sox -- players Ortiz. Rivera has always been hot and Drew are not having great years -- the Yankee team is really good and the Yankee pitching isn't quite as good but. You know give me you may end up -- a lot of 877 to -- games you can't be stopped so they need to have bullpen and that's. They made that traded -- this team to win in the last two innings they need to be straightened out because. The Yankees are good in those young pitchers they've brought up pews and Chamberlain and being Kennedy's coming up this week the Israeli OK well good yeah. That stabilize the team. You know that Yankee lineup to make reference to what it is it is not only affect policy lineup it is frightening you just go to cost you to go down that -- -- did you shake it and say. We is the easy out. And right now it means you know people we know that you know he's and is off to -- problems and so forth that. So Jason Giambi backed the bill that line of swinging -- -- this weekend is product guys such a monster off. And you know he brings so much more I mean it's. It's kind of funny that. You know they've really had no idea what to do Johnny game now he's really liked of the 14 -- 19 and the hell of affluence I'm not I'm try to give -- I try to trade war between banks too much money she'll let. That's -- I mean that's that's a very good team that makes for great race but. You know the par Red Sox fan I didn't grow up -- in the season ticket holder here. I just say okay make it into the playoffs and -- -- would you pitcher -- means stop worrying about the Yankees just make sure efficiently at a place called CO -- Get in there one way or another. You know in the old -- when we're grown appear to was it was a penetration don't have this wildcat fact they didn't have this little. Niche that you could settle into and -- scoot you way in Canada at the at the last minute. How big news recently -- -- the Barry Bonds watch in the Barry Bonds you know passing hank Aaron's home run Mark just big -- year old overall view of that in maybe I'll I'll I'll ask if you can't specifically predict Faris how baseball will handle this will will this in the -- be a double asterisk after it mr. -- a book about the US senator from Maine -- -- in the shelter officials George Mitchell after George Mitchell finishes has worked we shall we anticipated double asterisk. I think jury is asked -- -- and fans' minds yeah I'm Alfred -- need to put an Masterson in the record book -- I think no way I look at it. I don't know how pervasive the drug for a friend -- cover the olympics for NBC for for three different olympics certainly. Look at when the Berlin wall went down after athletics in this country completely change because then all of that. Chemistry that was used in eastern Germany and the Soviet -- it came here that doctors of the at the chemists they came here. And I don't know how pervasive was I think is very pervasive basketball football's while you can't test for most things that they use. So I look at baseball I sit there for years as. War one before which was dead ball error which you know somebody hit may be a 140 -- -- then this 1920s in 1950 and babe -- dominated that. More than anyone else dominating year and you've got 1951 for about 1985 and you have. It Masur played in the ballpark -- plated he might he might well have. Record you know I think this is why it's always great to talk to Peter -- he -- very few people would -- the specifics of the ball -- that Henry -- played -- I'm somewhat familiar with that -- -- -- I -- but they -- up fairly easy to to hit the -- Much better than -- women playing in Paul growl as chef Francisco yes capsule and then and frank Robinson to and then. Then you have 1986 through now which are called the steroids era and -- I don't know who did and I don't know who didn't I I think it's far more pervasive that I ever want to believe but. It's bonds is the greatest player of that era but. I don't think that. In my mind Aaron's 755 would not have been -- I think bonds might have had 680 or -- might have -- Willie Mays show I don't think he would have broken this records like just look at it you know I dispute gut. Ruth Aaron Mays. Bonds now and will eventually do probably have Alex Rodriguez I'd have a writer and an issue you know each one is in his own era and I look at that way -- -- -- -- are I don't think it's fair to say. Bonds is the greatest home run hit -- time. Speak speaking at his zero though A-Rod playing in this both Sam bond's Iraq. No suggestion whatsoever no even hint of suspicion with streak two -- and steroids. That hasn't been thus far -- for Jose Canseco but. Now they are can't trickle through something I think is just trying to sell his next book Israel can't -- always be totally a moral person that. We shall anyone out and Rachel's family out of peace accord. -- they have the same trainer. In Miami -- you know but having the same trick. I mean Tom Brady called Greg Anderson bonds' trainer show miserable from marine you know from the -- former encounter the same high schools or high school because Greg Anderson that doesn't make Tom Brady -- -- but. They'll they'll be issues raised house Chipper Jones the braves about a week ago. Said that when he was in New York said that you know group of fortunate thing were all under suspicion in this year. And is full sentence was. If A-Rod approaches bonds there'll be questions raised about him just as if I get close to 500 they'll be suspicions about may well they cut the the -- that -- point the finger at himself at -- headlines in the New York papers that he was born in the fingered Iran and fortunately Rodriguez said. Actually I take it as a compliment -- he wasn't. It wasn't accusing me but make an observation it saw its going to be true of everyone animated and pitchers to mean a special one thing is that. Erin -- never faced 60% of the pictures being used out -- You know you know if it's an easy -- -- funny you mention pitcher you've covered baseball for so -- -- and in make cute the manager of the seventh game of World Series. Forget innings -- or anything else this is a must win. All the all the pictures you've seen both lakes national league American way who is the pitch he would put on the mound who's just starting pitcher in the most must win. Victory you off managing Korea -- hypothetical. Overall the overall they he has yup what do you -- in my heart immediately picked -- Kia because -- greatest big game pitchers ever saw but I would. I would say that for one game I would be Chauncey cedar. Okay I didn't know the go with right now is -- I had -- my three and I said he'll pick from one of these through this is my prediction. Siva co facts but Gibson pal mills and I don't know of Nairobi at this doesn't look they'll NL guys -- I didn't. Harbor I was covering when Gibson was at the end of his career are captured from my career -- -- to show the -- we have this discussion Bobby Cox and I had this discussion this weekend. About -- you take from this year -- and I thought it was interesting he said my mind is only one guy Josh Beckett and a plaque at one picture. To gulp -- seventh game of the World Series right now on the game we'll be back it. Well I told Josh can't believe I've said. You believe that go around -- and go ask them the outlook scores the really intelligent players what they think you view. And I remember back at 2003. Florida went into Yankee stadium for game six around -- to two and Beckett who's going to face the Yankees are accused facing -- As a young kid -- -- kids -- younger kid and I was out of the park really early and and A. J. Burnett and and can sporty Barger and Brad Penny we're talking to me. And they all said almost in unison yelled there's no chance that the Yankees win this game the World Series over -- We're talking mr. Yankee stadium stadium that you have no right you just don't know what Josh Beckett is what accounts and indeed they said. He is scored a -- he said that combination of and I say I use this word as a compliment arrogance and self confidence -- I think you need to be arrogant to be a great after. -- -- are you gonna put -- right your face amnesty -- tell them being in advance to sort of going to do this but going to be working with good -- -- -- some sort of by you anyway that's a basic I've always promised myself today and I have yet to do so its promise not yet kept. Promised myself to do some research on the matchup between -- facts and Gibson because again from a distance that match up fascinates me India time in the space just two of the most. -- I just remembered -- seventh game of the 65 World Series. Watching it and in college in and -- store tracks controls curveball and a he has some -- after an out proof nothing but fastballs and and show about the twins -- like 85 pitches. Animated just just absolutely amazing the talking to Peter -- the one and only -- rule of baseball column a walking talking about encyclopedia britannica. He is going to be headlining the August 24 concert over at Fenway Park for a Theo Epstein it's charity it is called hot stove cool music in it is cool music compute Peter gammons is a coo -- guy to join us. We talked a little bit about it right put him if you can in Canada. The range that -- history if you will of the the great players of the of the game he is still. He's an amazing athlete and he's a young guy does he have the hunger -- stay with it for periods. I don't think he does because like a lot of great athletes he's extremely insecure. -- so that's a fascinating but in popularity drives people -- have Dennis sectors we believe it is going to blow blow every save he ever got -- he's hitting me I mean that's that's why an excuse to fire people get mad at him for. For all those gestures. It was just released I was so and alum Mike Flanagan establish our marriage for the Orioles for played with the Orioles although she's -- cal Ripken's single most insecure human beings ever met his life it's a driving force. -- -- stuff I mean literally I don't wide -- when you tell me this that these guys are insecure I watch them under the most incredible pressure the fans are -- either cheering all boys and sometimes it's it's both at the same time. And like incredible pressure that none of us who really have any confidence that we could rise to but they have a skill set that separates them from media. -- I remember one time. Actually what you you he'd been leaving for about two years in Oakland and he didn't know Jeff Reardon who's pitching for. I think he was with -- with the twins twins yeah but found access to meet her because she's so cool you know on undisturbed -- basket case. And I'm sorry introduce and an exit you know how the world be relax. Who Riordan went blacks. Scared to death I think a little blow up every pitcher -- -- go home -- actually -- I think -- -- -- -- right -- At the time -- -- had the most saves that he left hander reliever history there was forget Eddie gossage and -- they. And the greatest part of it was how. Insecure all the work that's amazing about it ought to go in and you think he's the cools guys and those guys and they all -- just basket case yeah. Best team you have a comic best and not -- the best team you ever saw in your time again if you've got considerable he has. On the belt -- are -- seeing -- August in the big red machine you said the Yankee teams of the 50s in the 60s even if that might have been from a little bit of that distance -- the Oakland -- whose whose kinda stands out in in my I think. In terms of position players the reds of the mid 70s -- overall because of the pitching I think that the Yankees in 9899 but the best -- they were really really -- and I. Yeah items I did some research during the World Series an idea what sort of ten games yes and then. They had great pitching their offense at a time when Knoblauch and and -- getting on base like 42% of the time was great and the only teams I could come up with in terms of history where where the Yankee teams of the late 30s now. And they were the only comparable where they dominated the opposition as much as those Yankee teams of two or three. To destroy love to talk to your loved to read this stuff she read Peter looked to listen to you wanna be commenting on anything because you'd bring such a sense of history and a lot of long period of observation two I. I -- learned that from that I can never be never allow yourself to be caught I'm prepared -- the guy talk me that was tip -- greatest baseball questions I'd ever be asked not and I've actually a collection of home out of letters he sent me about. To you know we're gonna do this smoky Joe wood in the cellophane on by good tip O'Neill isn't that amazing they were talking impede examines the one an only Peter gammons is going to be involved in a big big concert on August 24 out of Fenway Park. One last baseball question before we talk a little bit about the constant we camped at. Schilling and Theo -- conscious decision by the Red Sox not to re sign him for next year I guess apparently it can still observe and then evaluate options at the end of the season good move by CEO what. What you're so -- killing flushed I think it push -- a little bit but I don't think that anything said. -- about Kurt drives him as the embarrassment. I could tell he was embarrassed about when he pitched earlier in the year and I think the drive. Actually think he's going to come back and have tremendous season next year but it keeps you see he's made two appearances since his -- is -- much better I'd techies pitched a noticeably better impressively his understanding of his place in history having. Not all players understand where they are -- -- they are my heart are so excited to Tom Glavine now the official when he won answer because. He always knew the names of those guys in front of him as he passed you know 80 plank or something. He knew they were and it what do Claire appreciates that it's really important and Schilling knows exactly. What he is in history and he comes back he does well. The last month pitchers well this post season and comes back to -- 18 games and gets a Red Sox in the playoffs next year. He's not going to have the wins the people gonna say is an automatic hall of Famer but I think you'll get into the Hall of Fame because he's. -- he still has its is eight and two to 16 that's the best post season record of any pitcher in history and I think that's going to stand for something up. It's hey we're talking about Peter gammons sendak coming up after we after we break with Peter gammons we're gonna have Joe Biden on. He'll be Colin and from New Hampshire which is great Peter going to give you a chance to talk about a hot stove cool music coming up on August 24. Big big -- a lot of fun for a great cause what and to tell the IKO audience about. Well we started this week we do one every January -- the parents and we've done with the Jimmy fund and also for Paul -- instincts foundation be named later and then -- They occupy the an that we can -- a federal and we saw this will be the third year last year rain I was not able to attend last generous sick but I. Com it's you know it it benefits a lot of charities this city I'm of great believer it's up to all of us as private citizens to do what we can do we can't be asking the government to go pay for every program we should do it ourselves and and I know -- social worker -- and IPOs are great believer in this it's it's an opportunity for us to try to help some people. Him in -- an excuse me the whole ownership while Larry Lucchino Tom Warren John Henry seem to be fabulously committed to the community and that they are you know hats off to them what I want to -- is that in the you know. People say I favor the Red Sox woo -- well school's out spend the money why wanted to absolute I've always said that I thought. I really believe this -- more important winning the World Series in 2004 is that for this ownership to be as committed to. The CD and to try to help people's has been and I think you know if you're known as sort of -- seated social conscience that's really good things are sure. Yeah and it in and it it it sets an example for the rest of a corporate Boston corporate Massachusetts -- deported and sent government can't do everything should not try to do everything but. Private citizens and is you know folks like you -- to bringing a special talent to it can be great success we've been talking to Peter gammons. He'll be the headline right column headline how hot stove cool music make sure you look into it get some tickets they go all this supported great cause enjoys some fabulous music at Fenway Park with Peter gammons has been I guess. And before we go to the break let's to the Red Sox spotlight if you could be the eighth caller right now it's 6179311680. That number against 6179311680. Tell me who -- Red Sox spotlight was on from last night's game and you win a -- Red Sox tickets and passes to to a law historic Fenway Park. Youtube can -- Red Sox tickets just listen to the Red Sox game every day. One night on WI KO that tune into my show the next morning it's that easy. And this Red Sox drive to the playoffs is courtesy of -- -- -- insurance remember it's not just how you -- it's how -- treated. Back in a moment on -- 680 WRKO. Baltimore is always open to really all ideas here -- veterans forum remember. Thomas Kelly used to giving your way disaster through his former colleagues blizzards Boston's constitution KM 68. W more video