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The Virgin Killer

May 27, 2014|

The Virgin killer, 22 year old Elliot Rodger stabbed his three roommates and then killed two women at a sorority before killing a 6th person at a deli. He said because no one would date him....is anyone to blame?

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Now we're to talk about this guy in Santa Barbara. The virgin killer. And I can't you know. There are a lot of things about this story there interest thing but you know what gets one of the things -- really gets me is the fact that the cops are coming under scrutiny for the way they handled this thing. Apparently some of the mental health professionals I don't know who mental health professionals are they call the Santa Barbara sheriff's department. And basically you want check on this guy has weakened some bad reports on him and to a one of the sort cops went up there. And he he he apparently charmed them and and in you know. He -- had never had any treatment. For mental illness. And B and he didn't have criminal record so. They didn't have probable cost -- busting and it was house they just interviewed him and each and he told me he answered questions. You know when a you know rational way. And later on -- -- he wrote in his in his diary or on line European orders online or whatever was that he was glad they didn't come in -- was it was house. And and inch and check out the fact that he had these guns and a -- -- what he had the kind of world legal. He he didn't heated by these guns on the black market he he just a saved up money that he got from his parents whose grandparents. And he went out and stock up on guns and animal. So how helpful with Santa Barbara sharks apartments posted that know what they were gonna if they. At this point. If they come in to the if they go on -- the if -- -- -- to a judge and said we we wanna search this guy's apartment where his house. The judge will say why didn't searchers house is as he criminal record. As human institutionalized. For mental illness now I -- the critics admit wore shorts they went without -- -- -- these -- these parents of -- now you know the one that that the big guy -- the second unit director for the Hunger Games movies and it in his spare -- he shoots he shoots. Women's. Purses -- British say horses he should women's -- that's his hobby. It's kind of like heterosexual and Mapplethorpe. So. They all but they were going crazy. If the cops have gone barrel element of this that their -- house and and you looking for looking for weapons and of mass destruction. You know. I can't I can't see this it's it must be tough it's tough to beat cop you know think about this you know that you have the situation with the despite polish in the in -- -- and -- you probably the the the globe is making about like Albany they crops the the mass state police and the FBI just. What they the didn't have to kill this guy this terrorist who admitted to kill this as a Muslim terrorist who admitted to killing three three American drug dealers and -- and what about speed bump. Back in 2012. And they they shouldn't and did you know I guess they got -- confessed to the murders in the end it suddenly decided to shoot him seven times. Does that make sense does it make sense that the mass state police and the FBI would. Collaborate on this. This murder plot. You know basically FBI in the -- state police don't get along from Whitey Bulger days will make you think the -- and then. After the kill -- guy which posted the after the kill this terrorist by shooting of seven times that the then to cover it up. The two state police guys take a white table in the apartment and smash it over the FBI guys have almost fracturing his column leaving him at the end of -- stitches. This doesn't even make any such deal. That's the that's the scenario globe was putting out they're basically that this this is what happened I'm not that the FBI agent as a as a sketchy background to pull the rapper. He I mean he was -- of former were all -- cop who went out on full disability. As its -- and thanks for years ago at the age of 27. With a 52000 dollar pension for life disability pension. And now he's always working with the FBI. That's that's pretty. Question. But what does that have to do. With killing this terrorist and that's what the FBI has been saying in Boston. But anyway they that this is -- it agricultural was -- second guessed it's like what the -- He you know they have these. Puree product. Public debate. It's about whether or not cops should engage in hot pursuit of -- of criminal suspects. Because you know what always happens is. Optional have a policy that they break off after certainly get to a certain speed speed level. But break it off because it's dangerous for everyone concerned. Until then of course the the guy goes on and Rex she smashes into a par four nuns and -- on the nationwide in the police pursue. So in the police but police have a policy of personal hot pursuit. Of all criminal suspects then they get blamed for when the guy crashes and to the they also get blamed election -- When the guy crashes into via truck carpal nuns and kills. So they mean cops can't win. But anyway 1877469432218774694322. I don't think anybody could them anything about this kid. This kid what two with a private back Katy Perry. Concerts. He -- he was all -- with his his -- for his father who was this again a kind of a he was on the it was on the -- list in Hollywood but he was definitely on the B list for the B plus list. In Hollywood he's from England. And this guy claims that he hated the lawns. Because this because this blonde -- yes. And so alike or weakened on the other reporters were born and they were trying to find out what is this mystery long distance. It turns out. That it is a beautiful blonde and she's the daughter of Hollywood stuntman. But you know how old she was when she dissed him. She was happy. If he was twelfth. Pataki he's been east peace somehow we see so so messed up in the head that that he's been. -- about this ever cents. And of course it's -- recourse other than cops. For not doing what that they would have been accused of not. Being a bad bad people are going they they are also blaming guns. It's -- gun's fault. And then today be some some reporter for the ones some mob movie critic for the Washington Post. -- men and said this username is in -- that day. And she wrote an op Ed page piece suggesting that -- Roger Rogers the virgin killer. Is tied to white men in Hollywood promoting quote escapist fantasies on quote that. Quote revolve around vigilante ism and sexual wish fulfillment quote. Sexual wish fulfillment. -- that you know what's a subject of it at that age. Of -- drama. Going back to the dawn of time but but I liked the fact though that she's going after people like this what is it. -- -- -- -- and Seth -- the act that you would set. -- -- power as a director and Rogen as an actor. And I like the fact that that so what's going after them because she now they are now they are forced. Two was to confront the real issues now that there are under attack. -- out but house and nobody tweet. About the about this about being attacked my name in the Washington Post -- causing the -- AM. In Hornaday why is -- always everything but mental illness. Because that doesn't sell papers. So somebody in Hollywood has finally admitted. But it's not guns that caused this stuff but it's mental illness. Like that. I'm glad there I'm glad they're turning on one another. 187746943220. By the way here here's a story up from December 9 2013. The LA times. This would barely six months ago. Here's the headline California has toughest gun control laws in countries but he funds. I'm shocked. Shocked to learn nets. Not to put too fine a point on it says Jeffrey lord the American spectator but the Elliott -- shooting illustrates exactly the point of gun -- critics. It isn't but god it's the person. The Washington Post says they the middle health officials dispatched church deputies to check on him in his apartment in Iowa investment. And on clay of near the University of California does Santa Barbara. At the officer us a sense something all right during the -- people thirtieth visit that might -- search Rogers home. They would have found three semi automatic handguns dozens of rounds of ammunition in the draft of his manifesto. It -- read about this plot for a day of retribution when as Roger -- he planned to kill everyone in Iowa Vista to utterly destroy that ratchet down. But I did have a certain way with words. But again. So what. So what if he said he was gonna destroy the town and they of retribution because it was writing a screenplay. The screenplay that the big working the working title for the papers a screenplay was day of retribution. It's a bad name for a movie. What they're probably. -- big day of retribution. 1877. 4694322. How we go liberals on the blogs are saying she should've taken one more one for the team this guy would have done this. She should have taken one for the team when she was ten years old. I don't play well known that that that got one time he do that is gonna stop and premium mass killer. She everything should do anything to do what we think that -- he. On and even non that he might you know that's not assess how do you want somebody -- a crush on yeah. Unless you break down and actually tell you about it you know I think sometimes I never did go. Right. And every and any -- he -- another girl he moved here from he moved here from Breton. That's so it's one of its first friends was also from Britain this -- the five years old he was fine this girl was five years all. And he saw her on FaceBook and she was. It says here's -- got to -- some work she was going out with somebody I really hate to have. Got it. If if there were all these dead people would almost be. It almost -- music some crappy world. Can you define it your all appointed during the break he. He he says he's just because she was going on with the kind of person but he made it ordered as I got it. So this was again this is the girl the -- -- the first girl that he knew when we moved him to the states to California from Britain. She could she was from Britain to. What I found shattered -- already wounded heart to pieces. She had a boyfriend. Not only that but her boyfriend was like -- boy I have always hated and despised. -- tall muscular sharper jock with a -- -- As it looked all the pictures of the two of them together Shubert with pure hatred I wanted to kill both of them and I was capable of doing it. The girl should have been ma right. And if I can't ever know one shot. This is easy to blame on others this Santa Clara sheriff's department or. We -- here from the National Rifle Association. 18774694322. On how we car. And we were just talking here. Right I mean. It is it is pretty astonishing that some guy next week two years old with the -- and Hollywood these urgent. It's pretty astonishing that there's anybody when to -- openness of urgent I think. Idea and communication with its that you may be so -- seeing these dissidents and my and the contribution like that -- about 5000 -- and you'll go on the of that. We could come east the west Hartford's. Bill would have been glad to show him around to the local massage parlors and cheaper to -- I don't know I think I think bill were -- bill would get some pretty pretty reasonably priced. Companionship. I found get Cindy found this this this week from this rapper. It's getting way he's based in he's based in Washington DC and again he's for he's friendly with Griffin Robert -- from the the quarterback of Redskins who's a conservative by the way. But anyway this is a way all this is -- let tweets. Senator Reid got a lot to say about other people being racist. But I do a little research. He sketchy. Only -- 140. Forty. Characters' stories it has that's one that's number one. Basically he trying to use racism to make a bigger name for itself. And the politics like that but it's a right and wrong thing. Third went. Some dude that was pocket down on Obama be in a light skinned with no no negro dialect. All of a sudden is a crusader for what's right in a race question mark. Like this guy discussed my favorite -- Course -- only have a second favorite rapper 1877469432. To Don your next with how we cargo ahead on. Yeah I could have been and how he -- about this. Virgin murder lunatic everyone called lose. -- at that you -- this whole thing is just a plethora. Of what is wrong with. Every one of these shooting things he just represents everything because it's a mental thing. The left has been instrumental for a place back in the seventies while letting all these guys out of prison. Well pretty you don't Reagan Reagan led the charge in California this was a bipartisan thing emptying out the mental hospitals. Well I debated if they have ever made it was a big mistake I couldn't agree with -- The second thing it. The polish do not want to deal with mentally ill. They run they run the gambit from denying. To completely total lunatics. And you never know what you have. And they spent time on this. The guy -- restraint so when they do and with them. And -- remember that the police -- generally not dealing with the cream of society to begin the so early and so they had into it and nobody really want to deal with these people. And that's one of the big reasons it falls through the cracks. You really -- specialist. You know what's going on this guy had all the trying to world Ono and Olivia. But let's not forget -- he also had his civil rights you know except what are cops had gone into the is gone into which house without a warrant. Oh my god what the hell to pay. They all it takes is -- lawsuit and all of a sudden -- pulls those who won -- hands. Can't remember the last time -- -- -- somebody with the BMW. I guess -- for three years I had to put up with. That -- that just stifle the whole -- so instead of going forward on a gut reaction that this something strange here. Get check the block hey we took care he's not a -- Yes right exactly are surely have one I'm -- they have one of these things did you ask him about it. Does he take Zoloft does he take yeah whatever the you know while at least prescription into the press -- surely did everything right you're absolutely right. They just -- and they can't and you know the thing has gone afterwards they can't go out and say. You know. It would really help of some of these people were mental hospitals and would really help if five we have a little more leeway in not in doing investigations but they can't say that. Just in California. -- they would drag it down to the station -- -- especially 1 o'clock Q and I can't get the F. And many times one should dealing with the person you've taken him in the country because. That's when you see what happens lonely guy goes crazy -- -- But until that point he's playing over real real late game it's it's very difficult you can't blame the police and it's. Left is out there raving about the guns again. -- -- -- -- Don't want -- but he also says that he got into the video games there's there's a line in the air -- the whole thing about it you know he says. That's why I retreated into my world of -- here it is. This is why -- immersed myself in higher early with my online game the World of Warcraft. I feel safe there. Boy don't talk about that the bond. Thanks for the call 18774694322. On our car. Steve your next with how we cardinal ahead Steve. That didn't but it. -- -- -- I'll bet he did not ever meet mr. spanky Steve. He this guy. 42 what has a BMW basically owns the owns the apartment on speed the building he lives and. Exactly get a 21 year old kid got. Paris at a certain demographic young children probably an upgrade the company was still there but I'm open to. And I don't wanna be terrorist when they never tell you know it's like this creepy guys going to pay less tentative -- over those people. It's -- consideration yeah. I don't give it everything is through this was the coldest and -- thing. The first three people we kill his roommate she killed with a knife that he ran -- -- -- and by the way he didn't get a single belonged on how -- car.