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Max Robins Monday May 26th, 2014 -The Americans and The Blacklist

May 26, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube...

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I am -- and he's sitting in for howry has taken a three day weekend and we're gonna say welcome to the official TV guru and entertainment genius of the Howie Carr show. Mr. Jean Max Robbins. How are clearly happy memorial. Amax Harry knew max's say. Media columnist for Forbes dot com and recently took on a new responsibility which new -- Max. I'm I'm gonna BP executive director or something called the center for communication. And it's based on your new York and what we do is we put on our forums seminars site visits or. Undergraduate graduate students -- college students who were starting. Communications journalism. All sorts of groups of our marketing advertising. And we have to record people work completely due to a web site open to everybody. And you have a -- I was -- -- something like that when I was in college they didn't. No -- -- don't -- it sounds absolutely wonderfully excited about the new job. Really excited I can't wait to get started out I've been working as an advisor to look for communication and I. Now. The amount between Europe throughout the summer. -- current executive art directors. Who's been -- it -- -- -- she's she's she's stepping out in September we we really -- the ground running well. This summer -- just. The lowest grades suffer and to works part pocket everybody in the -- post it. Be able to vote web site or I'm still going to be ready for four stroke -- Colin Forbes this week. Don't this week I'll be posting something be -- top hoping that we come you know I'm really wanna look at it straight. In all the networks now have all had their presentations -- are gonna put on football. So so I'll be looking at all those. I have to something something good coming down their -- because it's the time of year Max where where the shows I watcher ending for the season and I'm becoming despondent. About television I mean and -- I'm going into a blacklist withdrawal issue at the moment. I don't know are you I'd forgotten -- -- -- -- a I am I -- a -- and I -- mad -- ended its its. Half last season with a whimper. Really I I don't know like that I you know I guess maybe it's just. I really like that I know that there -- Continued good released -- about it but. I thought it was OK Ian a way to say good bye to our interview it's spoiler alert here and a quarter net but I thought it was -- -- a good way to think about it. I would say no we come right out and say people have -- mind now that to Robert Morris characters as as gone. But I will say that the my favorite part of last night was it was does Robert Morris being a song and dance man. Again you know. I know because you know you. CW I remember from his group is out of -- what does that how to succeed in business without really trying. Yeah he was among others. Yeah it's you know it's kind of like the Matthew Broderick it's young editor. Really charming honest song young song -- -- it so it's hard to see him here I am entered in the seventy now. But now he's. You could tell he -- just. Apollo that and it was I thought he was a great. The creators of the show the send them off like that was what wonder. -- is actually in it and what might you one of the funniest movies of all time. Which was. The -- about the the cemetery. -- what do. Hope from the famous just to permit from the yachts all I know I know what it was written prior to the script was written -- and it's -- court rods. Steiger is in I mean it's. -- Jonathan Winters is an -- is it is. His stare he's say he's in charge of a pet cemetery the woman he loves is a mortician neatly mortician. It's real like forest lawn you know -- met and the massive major. Full of itself more -- weary and ages and she's in love with death and he's in love with her and he tries to pretend to be serious about deaths in order ticket cluster. It is one of the funniest things -- it's very black it's a very black comedy but while turner classic movie airs at what's -- Loverboy or. I'm just from plank on the. But well below the loved ones. Yes it is all so funny. I'm gonna I'm gonna check it out for you I think it will enter some interest in theory better. I'm like Gundy now this thing to tell you Perry going to be that you're here murder appears they're doing another part of respond the BB -- under the column of armor. Your theory -- going to be packed and beat them and got got called. But the rich which I felt wonderful coming back and -- probably -- and -- -- So there's going to be good spot to watch. Also to go you'll remember the old that they were on -- like crazy and get computers. And fury coming out all halting catch fire. Yeah it's good to campus group is the Promos and and it looks like it abuse -- abuse really quality. About the computer about the computer revolution in the eighties CI does it does look really really good. I I must say I know there was a time when I wouldn't miss network television now. The only show an attitude shows that I watch on network television and one was blacklist which I'm still distressed -- -- and until fall. And the other is the Big Bang theory which is the only situation comedy that I will even consider watching. And other mad if it's nine cable -- Netflix on -- panacea. Well in your mind I was network shows it is torture yourselves pretty short too I mean what -- that I -- had a real creative resurgence. This this in the second -- to dispute with the good wife. They showed it can work through in the net because actually -- -- part I thought was. Had terrific to repeat. -- to -- -- are about to episodes in prospect Michael J. Fox -- a recurring character wonderful wonderful workshop. Great we -- wasting Christine Baranski who's she's -- -- showing her husband just died this weekend's. Oh really -- -- -- how much pressure. He was he was an actor or not is so well known -- he has but he was an actor I remember him with his -- and growing up I used to watch on my children. And he -- an actor on All My Children he played his arch. Arch villain who gets thrown out as this one of those evil evil characters and apparently nothing like him. He played that can character is called Billy title. And this apparently by all accounts just a lovely lovely man and nothing like. You know anything like -- -- the character he played on on the soap opera that they were married for thirty years. While while temporary power and it's now a home a place something you there are so I think it's it's it's people looking for. For things to watch it any wonder if it is this series we are -- you -- -- -- -- another another series and it's an after tax. If it's soft foresees and it was just the report is the American. I don't know if you caught that if you -- I haven't seen the Americans say it's one of the ones that I'd like to see I have an I did I have I have on DVR and turn. From America and see which I've watched about half of them now which I I thoroughly enjoy I like -- Alex by. Stories in particular -- a spy story set in the you know revolutionary. New America's use. Very intriguing. Yeah I got built recorder I just watched but the pilot and -- second episode I wanna get caught up not yet. But the American and I know the first few in the network. Probably the second Putin if you got cable you can go get most of those shows on me and I'm sure it will be obese -- here pretty soon are available for download. I to be hard to sort. Eight great great show if you like if you like really well see. Spy drama that takes place during the Reagan era you know it the height of the end of the Cold War yet shots just were great and hers. Lot of it it has both kind of mystery and and also -- real human side to restructure. I was so depressed when -- this is it. Talk about being self absorbed I was so depressed when the Cold War ended because I love Cold War spy stories happen. And it's going to be the arch villain now I mean the Soviet Union is gone -- not gonna have -- to -- I was very depressed for -- well. We have Cuba you know code and showing his true colors indeed. Former head of the ATP indeed I agree on all new Cold War started -- 18774694322. That's 1877 how we carte -- 68680. If you have a question for Max I have seen in new series and the last weaker so my husband and I found I don't know if you -- penny dreadful. -- watching yeah sure and while. It's it's I didn't know what to expect I didn't really know other than. I it was a star Eva green is that name I knew her from. From dark shadows she was a hoot. As the I I opposite Johnny Depp as the which Angelique and dark shadows and I liked her and so eyesight she was starring -- like Timothy Dalton. And so iPad and it set in Victorian England and I thought well this this could be interesting it is one extreme ordinarily dark. And I didn't I didn't know what penny dreadful was -- -- doubtful with a person's name. I had no idea that a penny dreadful was the forerunner of the tabloid newspapers. It was. And -- the whole premise behind penny dreadful is all the the horrible. Monster stories that that they were written. I'm prior to and during the deterring aerial like you know Jack the Ripper. And while that's on a story written by you know it's not happen for what our doctor Jack -- the Frankenstein. You know Dracula. All these things are real and penny dreadful there real and living in Victorian England. And it's how would these characters are dealing with them the kind of like early. Evil hunters. And the whole premises that activity don's daughter has been taken by. You know and just brought to type of character and they're trying to fine enter. Just like they did in the original Dracula they're trying to find -- and not to use safer by two sabres also -- destroyer and -- finder but they're looking for. And meanwhile they get the you know they get the aid of a young doctor who's helping them dissect things by the name of -- Frankenstein. And speed at and also it's very strange but very well done. The whole costumes are beautiful holes. I mean it's very dark like Victorian England would have been. With it with the beginning of the industrial. You know Asian smoke and tolerance and and it's it's. Very very very interesting in the one thing that really sets it apart is the act team is who her. Well I don't get looks in the year the one who it could be two years to get through it by you but. You're the one who and other short I'm sure that. -- -- finished up its long run. Last year -- was -- Dexter Dexter wondered you have urged me a check it out secular and I was glad -- want to get out okay so. Penny dreadful I'm their that the. A penny drive on it it's it is it's an acquired taste I have no doubt. The first time I spent half time at my mouth dropped only one really. Hits it's not for the if you have a weak stomach don't watch -- -- there is you know. There is he ended but it does is two things you like there is the occasional. Awful value for your entertainment dollar China policy and and -- and if you like blood and gore cure fan of that in Texas chainsaw massacre and you'll feel right at home. -- you know I I have to say the school I have to there are times where local way I mean. This last season for example boardwalk empire. Social will be checked in the all HBO I think to -- to -- out. No prohibition. Or what not all port twenty. But there -- times. We're gonna -- oh really well acted show. But there -- -- -- -- -- -- wayward -- violence. And the graphic nature and I'll admit -- big you know. -- I know I need to stand up I am looking forward to the new show that starting I don't not -- -- -- I've mentioned the last ship I like scifi. So ago I'm looking forward to the last ship pitino one of those -- end of days type. Much like falling skies is I enjoyed following -- to you for that matter. Were so it's. Real wood which is done real well -- -- -- you don't look really good I would should be NBC universal they don't like. Eight different cable networks for more than a thousand but that's where that was there entertainment networks I went to their upfront presentation -- the shoulder showed up. And mom publicly about Porsche I such Joan Rivers close. Real close so scary mind I sort Kim traditionally closed not so here. But a little scary brother and yeah. Eight they have are always doing their first scripted drama they're doing the show that was the early -- -- to be attractive to international caps called ordeal. And it's about like a fictional British royal family and it looks like you know. Drugs -- Rock and roll and royalty. -- it is it will got a little everything. Yeah well -- -- if it. Betrayal of course was terrific and if it's anywhere near as good as the trailer that's gonna -- -- and asked people what the guilty -- when it premieres. -- attacks from 978 hi Cindy can you ask Max if Cassel is over. I got another former computer right now but I -- -- would come back. Okay. Double check that won't. 617 hi sandy IMAX we'll Hannibal be renewed. Our -- believe is commute. Jim welcome to the Harry car show you're on we see Indy and masks and -- -- -- for -- -- -- -- -- -- or be -- -- all. What was the other one Allen did generous -- he'll -- our children are all great -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean isn't -- on as long as she wants to do the show basically wrote yeah at that somebody should I wish I. -- what. Happened at all. Yes. I like queen I'm practicing island Queen Latifah -- he seems to mean incredibly intelligent very funny articulate woman. She's great I heard actually I actually collaborate with you about how it's still -- in this. -- -- -- -- -- that -- and -- two -- situation Smart article really interest in the background of Perry tells people. -- I -- a particular grateful liberty and dignity for. I'm gonna say I was never a fan I appreciate was. Wish you -- which she was eight as singer. As an actress I like her very much the few things I've seen parents and I've seen her talk show you obviously the few times icy talk shows are usually on the soup. -- usually the only time that I universe I ever get a chance to see them. But cheese. I gotta say she's I think she's -- -- I'm not like Wendy Williams to apps out drive me crazy. No shoot bears there's a lot more allow yourselves. There it. Thanks for the quick it thanks for the call Jim Ryan welcome to the Howie -- show. Ed thanks and then things predicament the question from -- I'm -- and they've -- channel. Which despite. Low ratings. Are up earned Aaron. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When that's what's despite. It cops and it was on fox and to spy -- cops -- Yeah I mean after the period expense Schroeder at Purdue and and certainly it's getting a smaller audience. I'm spike than it did on fox by it's still short like the Energizer bunny when most profitable shows in the history all of -- Are we are we went back to our or -- -- -- gonna do this split final season thing Max I mean. I'm very annoyed at the the fact that it's gonna take you know a year and before I see the last what seven episodes of mad men and I made two really W knowing that. That every six months the blackness comes out with Tina six and then takes on a form on top and it's like I mean this is driving me crazy. I know it's it is it is it's really annoying I'd rather that they just do whatever it is that. The 22 episodes straight ahead or thirteen episodes whatever it is whatever their season -- is. And the -- treason thing. Yeah -- -- doing it because I think they can get away with that move quick kind of -- with the with breaking they figured this was. The way to milk everywhere -- out of our commitment as well and it is ignoring. Yeah. Well a lot of the days of our youth Max word there is a season and then everything went off the enemy or summer replacement seasons as -- this summer. And then your favorites came back in the fall but I mean he kind of he could say your watch by. Ever since the writers on strike I think TV stand up and it. I think it's it's been really up -- and I think -- writers strike have something to do it's it's part. It's really it's a situation of how the whole way -- consumer. Cartel dissident and immediate general straight so radically me. The whole phenomenon. The entry and where -- you know somebody shows available on Netflix -- him. And an or available for download or dvds so the whole economic model constraints change radically Libyan. And that's why you're seeing things like this with these owners being chose to. From -- troops that are kind of cereal from the they will just run. I'm consecutively and and I think you're hopefully we'll see more and more they're more original -- Well we're out of time for today thank you Max so much for joining me Memorial Day I can't tell you how much I appreciate them. It's a pleasure CN because you know don't regret this short -- RVO. He's. How we -- we -- yeah yeah it is like computer out. I he has he has an idea appreciated so we will talk -- next Monday thank you again and have a lovely time it whatever is left with your family. Thank you Max I'm seeing you sitting in rally in this is how we car shot.