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Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis protecting Your Home and Cars

May 23, 2014|

Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis joins Howie to talk about his initiative about interviwing prisoners in a series called "Protecting Yourself while Out & About" where they talk about ways they would go about and commit crimes and ways you should protect yourself.

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Will now so it does -- again welcome to Lester it's great values -- -- today here in beautiful downtown westar and as -- county sheriff one of the things I've. We focused on in -- there was public safety trying to make media safer place and one of the things that -- we we thought about you connect me safer was. How do we get people to be more aware of what indicates what potential criminals looking out when they see them whether it be there a car with -- European home whether -- walking around. In my first I was blog at eleven under those experts that in jail right now right behind the cells so. We started brainstorming about how we can do this and we keep up with the concept of finding some inmates 85%. How your drug -- holiday. And frankly when you talked about them breaking into people's houses and doing that day after day they're doing it but they're doing it for one reason that's the -- a substance abuse addiction. I tell you we got it you -- we wanted to speaking about addicts we have that we're dealing with addicts at state house they're addicted that taxes. You know in there it's that they've that they've got this new pot -- of tax. It's say it's at its deadly drug it's called an automatic aspects increased. So before we -- for larger over the check in with Jeff the only you know Jeff I know Jeff -- but the good fight up there -- regional Jeff but we want to have you want not to talk a -- is the head of did not take the gas tax dot org. -- Jeff what's what's the latest -- network of people signed this weekend. Hey how he will make it here from the academy on. Pleasure OK so yet. First of all there's a few locations but. The best way to go and we'll find out it is tank the gas -- -- -- didn't get a a list of where they can go to get the sheets and where they can. Sign it when I'm glad sign themselves. I would get a few reps actually Jim Lyons I think I would you know Jim you know leader Jim yeah he's from within a -- to -- the market basket. On Saturday tomorrow from ten to four in mr. -- That we get a candidate for -- Jim pavlik he's lived in marsh field -- -- would represent -- situation and for that office. We -- Roche Brothers mark fields tomorrow from nine to three. Joseph McKenna is running out in the western area eighteenth which is -- -- -- is -- run for the senate now so. Joseph McKenna is going to be the Price Chopper in wet and Webster tomorrow intended to. And that carried in addition to run for the -- seat out of porn viewing area should be in addition manner Saturday from nine to seven tomorrow. And now -- that don't go down here Iraq and in my area. -- and -- -- -- not -- to be the end of remarks tomorrow from ten to three so that is five locations we got to -- this stay at that web site and down and you're right. The addiction is crazy. The it's -- a bad week for our attorney general as well who has been. You know supporting the the effort -- -- did -- want defeat yet too ridiculous to want to support the indexing to CPI and she obviously. Didn't even know -- to get -- was so this has been a tough we can't think for her as well. She -- the cup weeks. Well you know how how is the thing is and it. It's it's amazing she -- she was security's been going out actively then we shouldn't -- -- thing but didn't even know. That the gas taxes actually 24 -- put into that sense for a. Underground storage -- remediation. -- yeah that the cook and that she thought it was and then between forces and so you know. Obviously obviously Jeff she doesn't go to self service gas pump she. You're here you -- what you stand there when you're pumping the gas if you if you look at the pump it tells you how much the cast. I'm an up but wouldn't you know that she's counting a low information voters to. To make sure that this thing doesn't get you know the repeal doesn't happen -- Massachusetts doesn't need a low information governor. Included in the north to get -- -- have one of those. I'm the as far as them not knowing what what -- get sexist she she was actually using state police vehicle. And the state jet and she's had to reimburse you spend -- to reimburse the state now 111000 dollars for using that for campaigning. So yeah it is not just about it you know -- -- get -- get tied for her it's about getting it for free as long as she -- as well. Right that's rubble was said you know that day they don't mind raising taxes is gonna play don't pay in the taxes because that they had the you know. Marcia Coakley doesn't she has she has her own car. But the reps get the get -- -- they get to write off that money you know I know you don't like it Jeff but you're one of the few that doesn't. Yet but you know inhibiting anti US -- just reported we've now had three and a half years straight of gas at over three dollars and -- Right now it's 364 yet is the average I mean it's not going down anytime soon but they just want to continue to take it out of our pockets you know over and over again just this report goes -- We got to just -- this salary daddy don't love this we just found out there's over 330 people from the mass DOT MBTA making a 100000 dollars and more. -- -- and a 100000 you know the sort of like the starting point to a 100000 dollars -- more. That's 33 million dollars. Going right to 330 people I don't see you know I used to work for a company where -- -- was lucky to make -- it doesn't meet you know you know. In a year sometimes because when things get tough. You got 330 people in mascot -- Over a 100000 now. They see a lot of time on their hands I saw just yesterday they arrested the arrest of one of those bought hacks -- for child porn. Yeah not so I mean you know I mean I guess there's not enough work to be done but and that I was terrible. And anyway I mean you know that it's just been great -- and where we're working as hard as we can get people to be aware that in fact we we have. Volunteers -- right now because it's it's you know vacation weekend. We have volunteers and every overpass on route three from -- into the keep pulling banners over the road. Telling people want -- vote yes to repeal in November. To make is about to happen as well as the as well as -- contingent we have found is that that -- people we have now who believe in this. You know hold those banners over those overpasses and it's been great. That's good. Jeff so give us the address one more time people wanna see where to go to get their provisions -- the positions or get the. Yes we have -- June 18 and we've got to get these conditions -- as possible so that go to www. Tank the gas tax dot org. And just give these remember I hope everybody remembers you know whoever puts on this put on the uniform and given analyzed her. And the freedom and safety for countries -- -- you know remember them in this region as well Lou thank you for the great work you're doing to Muster with the sheriff is as sheriff that's great. Jeff thank you and I I appreciate the work you're doing a Beacon Hill how are you. Remember when I was on Beacon Hill for eight years like count the amount of times that people such as just another cup of coffee a week took a cup of coffee that I can't boast I'm not now Lou they've they've -- there's a tiny bit more truth in advertising. Jeff is Jeff and those that say it's two cups of coffee right Jeff who lives there I counted seventeen that's a copy I gave -- why is somebody can help for eight years I gave up seventeen cups of coffee we. Well. Do you have any caffeine anymore based on how much money -- infamous but yes I -- -- the it's not just pick up a copy -- seven bucks every penny -- your card set about to that goes for the governments want people to know that so Palin have a great weekend. Think you know -- Thank -- be a touch OK that's Jeff -- again these the tank the gas tax dot org they need to -- we we already have. We got over a 100000 signatures over 85000 level were certified by the secretary's statement quirks. Soul. Because the legislature would take up the see the petition -- we have to go back out -- 111000 more signatures it shouldn't be a problem but we skeptic experiences you know so. If you haven't so if you haven't signed it. Or if you have -- and you know maybe maybe you're you know you're she didn't get get. Delivered to the town clerk or they could read your name or something just cited again. Just to be on the safe side so just if you see somebody whether the quote board of -- petition signed at this weekend. Okay all right so let ups -- interrupted air rupture eventually so we're talking about the this is you've got all these you know these burglars basically. Burglars and break and guys and these are these are really like you know the nastier stick up like guys are -- but they do a lot of damage done the last I mean. Yeah as you know -- is that one of the worst things that can happen to you was to come home from a hard day of work and appointed -- wide open right that you don't know and you know you gotta eat you know your parents gave -- appearance may have given usable you know little -- cops for the kids or supplement. That's gone. Or you know our current TV's gonna -- them. And it's just it's relief it is truly an invasion. It's. It's just it's not right though it's a violation and you know we did this. We've done this presentation of these inmates in their own words you know serving time from any crime. We've done it several times now and when we first presented it we had a roundtable we did a TV show on. And every person that table has ousted -- broken into everyone of us. And what we all realize -- what I've realized the sheriff is that. When you get broken into. It's not teach you who's victimized it's your entire neighborhood loses its sense of security you know right when did victimized if someone is victimized by either. On the street -- in their car in the hole. It's not just that -- the whole family it's the neighborhood it's the community is violated so. That's like crimes of ripple effects and when it affects your security and I want things I think how we do we share. We don't have a secure community how do you expect to drop business and jobs and people to have a better life. You don't have public safety really not gonna draw any ability to improve society so it's a critical piece and we just -- to be great to use some inmates who blew me out we didn't. We screened them very closely and we found a few. It really want to eternal lives around and willing to share their secrets shall we say -- -- people are serving time in prison at the was -- of regular employees with a very good voice. There'd better be better -- now. Okay let's have the OK so these are tips from the burglars OK but we'll start we'll just start out with the first when this first -- involves that. What about how they use air conditioning solid solid you for an air conditioning unit in your house you think maybe that window secure right young -- -- industry and we're thinking. Okay that would have good stairwell they talked about ways they break and houses and comment on AC units that I thought was worth here. OK let's shift as far as air conditioners go the access points most people think that they've put him -- window you can't -- it. Get closer -- and this little things Eden what the company provides just -- -- them into the wind is okay well one couple holes and Wendell. Might prevent someone from breaking it. So they go just the idea that they'll tell you they see an air conditioning unit in a window that's an invitation decline Manning grabbed something from. And if you don't want to hurt you if you don't wanna hurt your. Eat your shingles or whatever. By putting the by putting the screw and think twice. Because if you don't have to screw -- makes a lot easier for them to just push the air conditioner. While we don't want thing I I wanna say and I'll say again -- but until listeners is that one thing you learn share. Is that 85% the inmates are drug and alcohol addicted. Almost every one of them will tell you -- they're telling us in these videos. Their crimes of opportunity they needed drug fix and they gonna take whatever is available so if you're walking down the street you've got some dough in your hand they're gonna grab an Audi and if you got a window in your house it's not secure and they walking by the gonna punch it in and grab something out your window so. It's that type of behavior you have to just be aware of and we try to use these clips to let people know. That you know don't be a victim don't make yourself a likely victim -- these are the smartest guys they're not out there plotting these crimes -- there is walking on the street looking for somebody -- Right I was figure you know you have if you have like the slightest bit of defense that set up they're gonna move on to the next one because they don't they don't want trouble. Let -- see and hear a lot about exact Oca let's go or Robert going straight to federal. We got a piece on -- on it we gotta we gotta just thankful I. Oh great boat veterans. The book states. Moving boxes. Asian values small that I can carry in -- Anything. -- at all. The reason -- tell -- that -- is this all of us have been victimized -- future many listeners have been. These these these people that commit crimes -- writing house Democrats spent they tell us they don't spend twenty minutes -- -- -- are they go straight for your bedroom. They know right where things are people think they put them and they'll tell us that some of these close but the adults like you know I think may be pretty sought after are under your mattress or to say. They don't right wording out there walking your house right you better right to jury box they grab -- out the door and many times your home that's what they tell us they're not afraid anymore fear in the house. Already millionaire. Right. Yet they that's what thing with what I do a show which were gonna do tonight -- buy into the -- from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. He says that you know that when they took out those 500 million dollars worth of paintings. There were in -- for 81 minutes but that was the exception that proves the rule. Most times there in the last five minutes it's -- and in the and that's and that's a place where there in museums that are usually open. You know maybe they just go. What they're so I can imagine how how quick they are in and out ugly. Probably home that kills about two minutes on average like ten minutes. Smashing there and -- now is like that here at the crime of opportunity in an now. -- let's talk about talks. To kind of dog. Most dogs. Now all the noise once the loved ones and Eric R&R. Block house. Now like now we because they'll tell you like you might know we know dogs can be a detriment or you know that despite someone from breaking in but what I like even better. Some of the inmates will tell us. If you don't have a dog put a dog nation -- anyway. If you -- a little hard for a big dog dish out tonight. That's the idea they see things they'll let you know I think they'll go to the next house so these are good but there's been a lot in the ways so those -- really matter it's a bigger small blogs they just -- like that no he asked would it be Dodd is -- -- -- dogs is that is right dogs. Yeah definitely but he had tears dogs are clearly they are dead they will dissuade people breaking in and Wendy's is based what they tell you is. This problem this also does go to the next hour and a dog is enough to -- go somewhere else. Okay now the next where it was kind of weren't getting into the skin and does a variation on the -- absolutely essential that this is war flam flam man richter type thing. Guys come around to knock on the doors of the house exact if that happens someone columns. For an unscheduled appointment. Cola company so it's only takes one foot -- call prevent something really bad for especially if somebody's gonna go to that point. Comedy -- I don't quite go home. Obviously they won't do anything. No -- up now and -- remember these are inmates that are we've interviewed -- in prison when they're giving these entities but they're straight up and they're telling us. And these scams are out there every day and especially for seniors you're home. Someone knocks on your door hey I got some extra materials like it paid your driveway for you know good give you a great deal cash payment. Anytime someone and I say this this year anytime anybody reaches out -- you you don't reach out to them but these inmates that tell us they come here only knock renewed Oracle's that it. Shut that door locked -- and make some phone calls if they email you you know the old -- is about a woman abducted your friend needs some money. Writing you can email them but I wanted this game two weeks ago. Yeah everybody heard of the guy when it was like it would you know just some Irish name I figured I'd let. I'm Irish he's he's errors and she. Doesn't actually get a house. Right they talk about this vaguely Italian it. -- these inmates in check the IDs of people redoing all the time in our doors were desperate for money. We try to come up with some scheme to -- defraud you and they will and they'll put a lot of pressure on you pay in something like. LS teams overcome with a piano black paint they'll play that every -- driveway and they they faced they roll it for twenty minutes and ask -- for a thousand dollars. Is that people are frightened that they give them money so they talk about that we just wanted to put that in. And speaking of checking the IDs of solicitors mean again this comes back to two. You could have huge problems with this because. When most Roberts came to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. They were they were dressed up -- these whole key police you rank right it just knocked on the door they just knocked on the boards in Austin police. Protocols that. Don't open that don't work for anybody no matter who they claim to be a cop comes to the war. Go back inside and call the police and and see if they sent somebody down there and they didn't know it -- it and that's that was. Once in and his appeal was as. Once they're in the door. It was all over. Well that's the inmate said they'll show up in uniform saying there -- the water company or an -- that call the company. Caught just like you said Harry call the company double check and make sure that they legitimately Sentelle an -- representative from there. Their company but right. Any -- -- thing is to that they're so many people with with the with uniforms. That you can just you know I mean all things that their guys there's the good cops who will just sell -- you know. Or you know or get it or get an extra uniform and passive on. And especially got a pure -- earlier you're not paying attention the -- you do see a badge you know -- -- You're you're you may he may be it will slip -- past him as police officer. And you know watch you got to be very here. Well that's the idea these inmates tell us they just their con artists that are called -- virgin con -- they're con artists and that's what they do. And they got a million scams and they're always try to be one step ahead yet to make -- box and that's -- -- to protect yourself yeah. A realistic the next one here. People think because -- Home that's someone trying to still. Steal from them. Your home in your backyard workbook. You're busy dropped calls very easy for someone old sliding door step and take you are well. Oh and you just keep and I am really put -- things basically. I wrote this -- those closest. Now what they are in Israel like to mention his first all of us weather warms up you open your windows. You do not locking them -- not securing them you can be victimized so easily but the particular one here. Very interesting you talked of Miami tonight do we share -- and I asked him how they do this -- as I wanna help people. -- safe. They tell me when you're walking down the street you might be best piece of Milwaukee industrial gardening you ammonia Lonnie you're doing something. Thunderstorms upstarts conversation with the right nice of them homes were beautiful garden. You boarded a beautiful day. They say you watch out because they're probably working with a partner while you're talking until they're partners sneaking around your house and get in. Unclear and out your house in two minutes and they walked out give the signal and they say oh by the way have a great day. And you might not realize you've been victimized for days -- week. But that's how they operate now so I'm not trying to make everybody paranoid. But be aware these convicts are out there they're drug addicted and they're going to come up with schemes are arguing that big when they do now is it working -- in the start conversations to distract you while while -- home. We're talking the -- sure Lou eventually these promo was there. And -- he's put together this this. Program. Where he interviews he interviews his some of his inmates who -- to give you tips. As to avoid up becoming the next victim of a -- of a burglary or heartbreak yet. Let's try and alas what most of light -- -- -- -- let's go to this so called for a cause episode. Didn't remotely like stall walls people put -- It's an outreach. By Seattle to play in the school. Turn it off. I don't understand it was a -- -- both legs you walk honest I walked it through to withdraw with a light pops out -- did tell us as people think those are secure they're not they can knock them out or rule Armstrong if you gonna have a very high up so they do not cannot be tampered with. Because they don't give you any security whatsoever unless -- higher elevate itself. Again just another idea when people home sometimes people up false senses of security and what you made to turn Telesis. They are not more secure you know more secure in your home in emotion like doesn't do you any good if it's not well out of reach. 18774694322. What to what let's take a break now won't come back and talk about protecting your car and that people can call anybody I have -- -- tips however they if they have any questions about this. 1877469432218774694322. We're broadcasting your -- today from the VCR in Worcester and witnesses sure will will be in Julie's about what car. It's. 18774694322. Witnesses. Sure will eventually -- promote Worcester County. He's he's got 11100 inmates and house of correction. And 85% of -- -- drug drug addicts are right alcoholics are both. And they've been given to breaking and the places houses or cars basically. And they. Big they give you the the they they. Know all the tricks and a lot of the tricks are very simple and if they help you if they tell you what the tricks are you could avoid giving a rip off. So we we decide to have us as we were whispers that which -- that will come -- with his side. Was some of these sound cuts that these we could talk about it we look at we got a guy Tim wants to talk before we go to the cars let's put them on a guy. I'd tell -- your next with Howard Archer will eventually these or had them. Thank you mr. -- the sixteen year listener from Troy and York. Some sheriff. I have a three story home with. Sixteen. First or window upper story windows. And an actual burglar alarm. I can't -- those windows are stickers from. The from the security company and I'm my question is what is -- deterrent effect having an actual burglar alarm or instead to. Just having those stickers on your window or do have an actual verbal well. I mean obviously having actual burglar alarm will protect you better invent that they decide to go in regardless of the stickers but. I'll tell you flat out these inmates tell us in DC stick -- a window they think twice so mister -- loan can be a deterrent someone breaking into your home now. Just have what one other thing gets sixteen windows one of the inmates tells us I think it's and one of our pieces here but I'm not sure if it is -- might not be but. They talk about the -- systems up visas. I myself have would put in my windows prevent them from opening I mean he does he gets out of prison the first thing he does he goes home he puts would. Obscures the windows of his house when he moves into apartment because he knows that's how you protect yourself and keep that in mind. Obviously security systems are great. Stickers do work they tell us that but beyond that wooden sticks you know those two have words or -- handles you put in there that will secure your windows. I have I have no sliding windows it's I call her roll her out -- But were that there -- storms. This third third double windows there's storms on the -- around anyway. Okay. Well just be aware of the to just be careful in the end here don't they don't like enough to worry about it but I don't want people to think for a minute. And I'm learning this the sheriff -- inmates that. You know what you have a screen on your door window your opening it -- it is not secure at all. People even if your home people get a purse that screen in grab whatever they can be out of there. Great thanks for the call them time thank you -- okay thank them. 18774694322. Officer mark your next -- powered car and dodger -- eventually these well officer mark. Ali chair -- destructive. Things column mark. They are out I had a couple of chips that. Actually in label but not eating it. Our number one don't poster travel web on FaceBook. We're she -- know your house -- Yeah I will follow up some market mean you wanna share you travel plans Germany get back. Exactly -- just got back in the picture exactly. The other thing real quick. What you get used to. See it sound system. Well what the brain box out with the trash it's. And break that guy. No it was a great great tips about how -- -- this continuing your newspapers too when you only. Right all the inmates talk about that now they tell us down mail anything that shows that there's lack of activity you know home is just an invitation to command not mowing your lawn. I'm not keeping your shrubs. -- probably all these things are advertising this might be a house I can grab some. Officer mark you know like when I moved from from what I moved from sort of good part of Somerville the second for a bad part of Summerville but first war. I was a sitting outside one day and this guy came by was kind of up by guy said I give you some advice how he writes at sure. And he said you know that stereo you've got sitting right right at right at eye level as as -- as as you walk on the sidewalk. I said yeah out in recent I would put that down below -- level because otherwise it's just too -- for the for the for the guys. That's right to bash in -- out. And not for all those people out there while we are sure you'll police badge don't let them. Oh. I mean it's I -- Specter. I have a Specter of the Carlyle. I I apply the from from. Jo Harlow you know went to prison in Iran it's not it's not even his state senator -- they -- -- It's really I didn't know they even have those you don't you don't have what you have a -- I did not have a state rep magic and no I don't -- to have it via. But I don't see the thing is I mean that there are rare enough but I have one I have a state rep -- of state rep went GA I went to prison it's special it's special with -- very special. And -- and I'll put -- put you over the next primacy -- officer mark with my inspector de Carlo bad race. I New Hampshire or we're just fake I'd be that your your style now. I do I have about three or four different -- actually keeping mold book department. Larry you're next with how we card and Lou we're gradually go ahead Larry. -- there. Okay so your next with how we card and we'll eventually these. I don't know. I -- there are firm. Now on product they're. These security system that -- Eric the terrorists in Arabic curriculum is wireless which would be better yet to turn it because there wouldn't have to do any holes in. Putting a -- and not pretend you're seventeen I'm not confirmed that he stepped well. In price we still pretty good in fact there. Well you know we're sure I'm just -- -- -- comfortable commenting on -- particular system might know that there are all different name without knowing you needed details like I can't really comment that's sounds kind of -- I don't know why wireless systems traditionally have the -- protection so I'm not openly with the wireless systems that are out there. What I would say this if it's a reputable company with one of the major companies is probably their basic packets and I don't know how many. -- three ways it will cover but that's of these captain inquire with the company but just just make sure as a reputable company. Thanks for thanks for the call also let's go -- protecting your car now first cut here is he is pretty obvious keep your doors locked both of these guys. At nighttime. Firefight on our home you might wanna keep you probably dawned on me actually because even if you live. -- -- -- -- -- Just little preventative measures. You don't block the law sometimes stop somebody. Break it if. Now imagine act as you know like my moment for example if some people have even gone -- -- way to leave him he's in -- ignition if they live in an area that's not used to crime. Right not that anybody does that anymore. Or you know don't lock their doors and what the inmates tell us is that. You what they're are now looking for quick grab. To get a fix to get high. They don't do neighborhoods even the safest neighborhoods or anywhere else they just go door to door to door car door to door and they just look at title at -- -- it opens they go Indy grab everything and they talk I think later they mention but. You know the I'd hear of it trumka release member of the old -- actually had to use a key it is right. But the -- release is the greatest gift any auto manufacturer gave to a name a criminal. He has now they just have to pop the release -- never in your trunk and some people think alternate rockets safe. -- median may be the big the public's love those strong release button so. I guess it's common sense but how many times you just don't think -- that car every time I am I'm going to bed at night. You know is lockyer car so that's that we do. And now I'm just trying to keep the word out there. People may. -- -- might -- add one thing to that we met with a security expert the other today and we talked about the smashing gravity told that the new twist on the smash and grab before you. Smashed -- the -- -- smashed the window. Put his arm and grab what you want and now they're doing all in one motion smashing. In pulling out whatever they want to get an out crime of opportunity that he thought on camera -- never seen anything like it. Have the tools now they put it and I guess he has smashed the Winona Ryder read the same time they won motion now matching grab one motion and a yeah okay let's so what do you look for car park one. I would -- floor. During his first through. Pocketbooks and wallets than that got me just thinks that. Quick cash and non cash back so quick. -- what they look or in the cars part -- yet. I ask one more approach and -- wrong I don't look at first she didn't lose all by itself. All Parker did a darker area. And it was inside the car you can see the articles literally GPS is wallets purses aren't getting the that I actually. -- -- wanna keep it immediately that they can get into like a glove compartment wanna keep your wallet but -- stereo. The C or anything because they're looking for something can be worked. Five dollars yeah but they macbreaking you -- get it so I know makes common sense but how many times you get on your card your irrational to think. I'm just gonna leave that. Nobody's gonna break it or not what they see anything about you. It's just inviting these people and they tell us they're not thinking about -- they just walking along XT at the gonna grab and a break your window to do even if it were up five box. Pocketbook -- car. Everybody knows is that just trouble he's fun. Off. My best advice would be just keep it look like it's in the car avenue cop I'm gonna get a better way to put it. -- and just that's the idea that if you leave anything in your car trunk hidden anywhere it -- in your car and you leave your car expect it's gonna be gone. And finally the one last one last that there. A local round actually on CNN please contact -- that whole thing. Anybody watching you -- what you got comfortable. Usually. Bible study once something's wrong. An alligator Alley is when you're walking down the street back to your car you get this feeling something's not right with these inmates that tell us you're probably right. Yeah okay it ought to work here protecting yourself well how about okay -- T when you're an AT. Yeah. Malts. And -- and here we. Don't be better to withdraw money from political price on. You come -- no -- around someone could you. Yet there's always everybody's feet GM's most part and you just the end years. Be as safe secure use them in public areas multi I don't particularly like the ones in -- but you know what they're safer. I don't be by yourself don't go at night especially the seniors and things we always give me tell us. We find easy frame people that walk into -- machine not a very easy -- they're by themselves so just think of things like that last one here. -- you alone can assure. -- Alito would call books you can clearly see. Good -- good idea. If you can you know -- to utter -- with a car hurt you know debit card or credit cards look at where you don't have to cash are you. Can avoid people. -- -- Now if I can comment on -- and one thing that's oh yeah. The governor credit card if you get an opportunity to -- one the other thing that -- the credit card because it's much more security credit card debit card -- link your bank account. It can freezer count even if it's not cleaned out what you credit card is much more security. Who eventually these things for being with us we appreciate how it's great to be western thank you Kimberly I. About car.