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Ernie Hudson and Billy West

May 23, 2014|

Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame and voice actor Billy West join Howie ahead of their apperence at the Pop Culture Expo in Wilmington this weekend.

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We're now joined yesterday were doing your best mark -- We're going to be at the at the pop culture expo in the Wilmington. Tomorrow and Sunday and that today like what we so we've got the cut. Ghostbusters in ambulances parked around for a Navarro our studios your worst there. And that now why Ernie Hudson one of the one moment when the actual ghost busters has arrived and he's also witnesses and went west one of the great impression -- -- -- Well welcome back have all welcome back speech he'll be channeling -- the beach yet he's also a psychic to be channeling. Jerry Williams a few minutes late. You can -- like you sort of like -- sometimes we have Europe's ideological and -- way. He didn't like. Highland. Glen -- way is up if you -- all when you're not. Well or he's got a ride here for okay what -- public letter to go all right very dirty what's the what's -- Did what to wake -- and you're still you're still bacon good money off ghost -- or are these years. Yeah you know it's funny to a movie and I knew it would be successful when that it relies it would have the sustaining power -- -- had people love the movie and -- kids. Discover the movie and it's it's one of those all generations sort of respond to -- through its great. How come how come they never they never. They Republican or another ghostbusters what we did too. Two and there's a video game we came with but for whatever reason that we have been able to come together and -- a third one. They've been talking about it put the studio had been announcing it put 22 years now that we're doing and it's still hasn't happened. What what what does John Belushi have been ghost -- of he had lived. -- -- to -- told that it was it was -- exploited job I don't know it is I don't know it's back but there it was there idea and when John passed and palmary became part of it and you know so that's what I'm told now and not by anybody who actually know hold the -- give me all this information. -- don't know why you're just you know I mean about it you know Bill Murray was great but I I think pollution when we have been you know while bill -- is pretty incredible noise. But it whatever dependable. Yeah yeah. Yeah a lot more slaps what the reality in I think the movie it's you know it's -- it's serious it's funny it's a little bit of a lot of things which is. When I think brings its appeal and John you might have little bit more broad. 18774694322. You wanna talk to Ernie Hudson one of the original ghostbusters. Which and a ton of movies since I've been very blessed that I. Mine's fifteen year career and god willing you know fifty years not lately and fit well my my son will soon be 49 so I'm not 49 and then national effect that's only part -- ability of my kids got to go -- at W. You know it's been so -- So what what what do you you will do anything right now. Yeah I work a lot the been working. Some regular on the Franklin -- of the judge of that and I'm -- I am DB and he's got a pre production and filming they're like ten entries here his name yet to be to -- is kind showed that I've been working I don't think there's been a week in the past. And years and -- haven't been working on something so. -- -- -- -- The I loved I loved coming to show because it's the first blow to chance to get to know the fans sort of one on one. And -- who people who actually see the movies and hear those stories and it's great don't get them. These little girls I think you're gonna break into the idea that ghost buster ambulance yeah. That's and it's -- a true new generation and you know their parents who grew up watching it spent thirty years ago. Posted it was -- would be you know the personal we have assault on a goal and at 3132 years old and now they're accused of being Pillsbury Doughboy and -- it's you know. Almost like that any movie that has a great song behind it as such an advantage all over another movie totally I never get to have this all night don't you are great parties are -- and overrated. I was rated no growth to. The others they've got a bigger government I'm going anywhere on the street that's someone. Won't yell alive. Fairy who we don't call or that's a big Wiki or. You're with someone did say whatever they Weston makes me feel you could all the -- -- -- just outside of -- -- busted you know busting his. If it goes on and on -- that's a blessing you have done that I'm sure -- 100 plus movies and -- -- I -- as a view that you know people still remember but it's nice and when the people related this back and Carol we're Amos is dead does that that cut that's gonna kind of slow slow the in the -- -- I don't know we'll slowed down. It happening but obviously will be very differently. You know I mean because these guys Belushi and -- some -- there also uniquely. You know brilliant in their own ways so we don't we you know of the goals bosses. And not have heralded iron and promotes him so it has to be original Soviets and. As these guys wanna talk to 22 was up thirty okay to learning how to Mike you're next with Howie -- and dirty cuts and Billy west. -- -- -- Oh my aunt my children are literally -- I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not a majority I'd go -- and I thought you were. Your -- I have a -- -- is from bug going -- movies do or what's cool. About it after ghost busters who you it was about a year or so before -- -- John -- don't like that that's my favorite movies that character is one of my favorite characters of all time I can -- almost that entire strip that you do -- -- your girlfriend. All things and very cute so I'll just told Larry it's and I really appreciate -- certain. -- -- -- -- Thanks Mike. Paul you're next with how we -- Ernie Hudson and Billy west go ahead. I everyone -- let. All right that is their great street because it I do so -- my child that you Ali yeah. And Billy what it. Such a pleasure that the that they hire -- You meet you meet -- you're currently west I mean I'm not the voice of your child to -- I was just I was just a boy wonder you know I was I was behind the Mike you're at age sixty. We'll upstart. Young upstart. Always bad thing awful month summer. -- -- treated like one -- Got to go to the middle pounding it out. I remember I realize that everything via summer rose some Eagles back in the news now you know what. For a the I decided to let all all illegal aliens to do whatever they want to be. -- McCoy go ahead Paul. However and being here and Boehner -- -- And year what in your goal apparently. Billy went public art Cabrera picture and I'm an area that never actually go spirit but apparently not been a great thing. You -- -- Alaska and America west NC goes into well IBM's they still haven't made a probably on the the way. It goes -- go there goes the way less than makes us feel good up and up. Yeah now he's back and a town -- and -- her best via the ground from the second -- of tools so. It's great it's great yeah that in itself going. Bad here to explain -- -- car -- -- -- Billy west than that pretty obstacle have been. There are mr. Bernard it's terrible parent I'm an -- it's to go -- the movie but I wondered if you're. I was a big bear commercial you're on what they are very long but of the shall call an eight you know on ABC. And I -- -- Angel but I are always thought about their show -- our partner there and I wanted to call fair I was. Apparently show never miss an episode. They're back in the states or other BE -- actually. That down and watch the oracle -- -- I'm always what caught short and right there -- a bit about that show it would. Not too graphic and gory. But also whether you know create -- they're not right wallet by creating it would it would be good. Good good good clean caught showing -- always love that show. Thank you thank you so much are really loved working on my show us. It's unfortunate that they can stay within that but I appreciate you you're saying that. Rob your next with how we Carter he had given Billy west we'll have rob. Go on thirty years old and I'm in net demographically at ghost -- that my child. I wanna tell -- -- -- that video game I had the toy wish I had a lunch box. Grateful. -- right and I want us. One ought to have the slime. And now -- -- well and Afghanistan why am I yeah I agree yeah. And other great black and -- that he had a net more. One of the best ones that you'll never hear anymore as to talk about their New York audience fatal. I've seen as little to you -- I -- you got the. Are you guys yet knowing -- conventions -- here every line in the movie somebody will come up and things that I totally forgotten about but that. But I'm glad I don't start with you. Thanks thanks rob just -- you're next with how we car. Ernie Hudson and Billy west go ahead the adjustment. You guys -- all I Westergren who you were and how did you still there was barely. Securities you know you receive it aliens and you just -- little little bear with error in their underwear and it's it's a great you can disagree -- she's here she's a great lady what do you only get -- back and and the early seventies so I've known for a long time -- remembered for beautiful. Well you just saw her. Oh I don't know less than a year ago so from time is tied to the -- on Broadway in she came to the show and so it's -- she's you know I consider a friend she's just for beautifully. Thanks Justin Bobby you're next with how -- car and Billy west and pretty -- to go ahead Bob. We do the best guess you've ever had and Ernie when he that's all they thought was dying and rocks the cradle you are unbelievably convince all -- we think it. You know it's -- whenever anybody tried to do especially if they just can't pull it off in. Menu you did a great job and oblivion belly yes I'm gonna go back OnStar and some of the funniest thing -- ever you do our mandate like -- era. Larry from a three -- impression. We act Ottawa they're gold and no I never looked back and never do for some reason I don't think about high school anymore. You know there's a million years ago turned left actually. Well yeah but he still immediate Rodman and they still don't meet. There -- my dog. Early -- it was when. Gate baseball. I wanna find out if Billy ever had an opportunity uses little character of their march from South Boston. Bringing up. The kids their timing in storage. Well I grew up here neat to hear that voice and nice to hear that anatomical. But but the thing was we used it for Marge -- because no one cared or knew what she sounded like -- -- -- -- you know he's fine. The Cincinnati -- might millions are set Hitler was good at the beginning that say what you -- about -- let you know that. Those sales the official one of our most -- you leave my Hitler allowed. It was -- nice me and no I get a high pitched voices on them. Yeah beach. I think didn't make any changes and why people. Well it was like this whole thing and what don't you you know what they get you 21 with this black -- -- movie being made you know you can what does that. You could give them the you know what Johnny Depp. You know what all these -- -- this is the first big white B movie they're making. But the I mean they've got that they what they've got depth look at just like white. But you know I don't know about the federal about the the script you know I mean and they and they might be able to use you Wesley as sort of -- yes 888. Yeah yeah I elect consult. Yeah I guess I mean. But let's -- available I don't know also just it was false -- talk. You can't get it with ice and I just -- -- and people. I don't. I don't want my kids go on yeah it's cold. And put. This in the I'll play -- and allegedly good. And yet that's the ticket that felt like he wasn't too bad he shop shop up the -- the world oh nice party. Why I was just give did you ever write a book about him sites and I are I don't even before right. It was he was a probate. I missed that whole thing that you by the way remember Steve Sweeney yet comic. CEO was at the comedy connection one night he was Arkansas and hopefully Bulger. Nixon you know there's there's W the big W -- any punches him in the stomach. Real yes. You know it was like cycle my dad was like that that's in case -- be someone I'm not look at. Yet they say in the now these people say it is this white stuff is overrated nobody knew who was. Try to kill half the people at Boston there's he'd ever do that if you're nobody knew he was no we knew we was when I held. OK I heard you gotta go also what will bill you could stick around right yes OK great. Well thank you so much you thank you know make -- -- I appreciate -- -- to be the ghost buster that. There's your oh you got that he got. Or bow wow well that's cool so the teachers a bit much but the bill well okay thanks for beware of this argument and it's no fun okay. Security and how we car. OK we get a few more seconds -- what they call for Billy west here before you go law. Steve your next what how we guard Billy west go ahead. Stayed there. She's got probably as it goes another kitten to the sand box. Problem. Yes captain of the ability of the example would be -- today thank you Tom work. All things I'm I just wanted to -- like -- here a little bit from Larry I'm Ren and stimpy. And long ruin you you put too much just -- entry. Anyone who's like a Larry -- is going -- the rest of the world don't buy it -- He's just he was my favorite Stewart moment -- -- Keith Richards -- And Lloyd there's only issue is that you can say that it's and I. My OK we'll be right back without -- west 187746. 4322. -- --