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Did Obama find out about the VA scandal from the press?

May 20, 2014|

Jay Carney says that Obama learned about the VA scandal from TV. Do you believe him? Also, a doctor claims patients on VA waiting list committed suicide.

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Reports Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer that's 172666868. Is the number. You can text -- at 686 say it's now 606. -- they're on the great WRKO. Good morning. Boston. A lot to talk about. RO got a lot of lot of important stories. And I got to tell you my friends. And before I get to the substance. Of really the scandal that is now slowly. Like a cancer. Enveloping the Obama administration. And this could be for the dear leader may be the mother of all scandals. Because unlike -- Ben Ghazi as bad as it was unlike the IRS as bad as it was. Unlike obamacare as bad as it once. Once. You have veterans dying. One after another after another -- that doesn't it's. This affects almost every American. This anger is almost every American. -- the military thank the lord is still one of the few institutions. That we Revere and respect. And and deeply -- in this country. And that's why the White House and the liberal media are in full spin control. They are in full damage control mode because if the truth gets out about what's really been going on out the VA. Not to veterans administration for the last five years. It's kind of frankly began under bush but it is now accelerate it. -- went out courageous almost criminal degree under the dear leader. This scandal will bury the Democrats. In terms of public opinion and they know -- and the liberal media knows it. Before I get to that. I was yesterday and a wonderful golf tournament. A -- -- the granite links golf club in -- absolutely gorgeous course. Wonderful beautiful posh country club. And I was there helping to raise money. For our disabled veterans. And I want to thank all of -- organizers of the tournament. And that the boys many of them disabled serving in Vietnam. Serving in Afghanistan. Serving any rock. There were even some who actually served in Korea and a couple of actually even served in World War II. It was great meeting all of them. He was great shaking their hands. Having them tell me some of their war stories. What life is like coming back from conflict. Could coming back from combat. And -- the difficulties they encounter once you are disabled. Once you you do your maimed or your crippled or you come back severely wounded and how and you are disabled. And how it's so difficult to try to get on with your life. And so it was one day. Whereby thanks to many sponsors. Especially Liberty Mutual there were among others WRKO was there as well. Who led these vets who've given us so much. Get at least one game. Where they can forget about their problems. To enjoy a nice round of golf. Have a delicious meal it was a great buffet meal. -- hang out with their fellow comrades and Brothers in arms share some stories share some laughs. There -- is an auction to raise money there was some raffle tickets a good time was had by all. And in the end disabled veterans of America. I was able to raise enough money to purchase. Three maybe four events. That will help pick up the disabled veterans. Here in Massachusetts in the Greater Boston area and in Massachusetts. So our vets. Who served so much sacrificed so much and gave so much. Don't have to pay a cent the -- will pick them up. And take them to do VA clinic or -- VA hospital so god willing they could get some treatment. And I got to tell you. As I was there yesterday shaking hands. Talking to the vets. Oh by the way there's a clip of mean. Playing golf and -- I that we did this a couple days ago first summit ever held a golf club in my life. If you want you can go to wrko.com. It is absolutely hilarious. It is the corner man. On the golf course a granite granite links for the first time. And I'm telling you is going viral. People are watching it there are laughing my wife is laughing Ashton keeps watching it he's laughing. Everybody basically in a nutshell makes a fool of himself but let that go. As -- there. I look around me. And I see these -- And I want to stress this to all of I know what it is. To be in the job market today. You're always. One day away for a potential pink slip. The economy's horrible. Many of us are out of work or underemployed. Or we're grateful to have a job but we don't know how long we're going to be able to keep our drop. Many of us -- treading water. We're barely able to make our mortgage payments were living almost from check to check. You're trying to raise a family how difficult it is today in our coarse and vulgar culture that we live in. So I know that many of you now getting up on your way to work. Maybe getting the kids ready to go to school. You have it hard there's no question about it. And it's getting more difficult by the day. But honestly. Trust me when I tell you this. When you see this this these two wonderful brave courageous disabled veterans. You don't have a problem. You don't have a problem. You're you're not you start spending your life in a wheelchair. With your legs blown off because of some IUD in Iraq. You're not walking around with traumatic brain injury. Because of some explosives that went on by some Taliban animal in Afghanistan. Whereby once a -- six foot 36 foot four. Almost. A living -- weeks. Who was able to provide for his family provide for his wife be a role model and a caretaker for his children. A father to wish children. Now can barely walk and inch at a time with two came its. Slurred speech. Not able to think or function. In any way that enables him to lead a normal life. Everything's going to the bathroom brushing his teeth. Getting up in the morning. Is a strenuous effort. Everything is difficult everything his heart. You don't have a problem. When you see what they have to live with. Day after day no arms no legs. City year PT SB. Where many of them are literally not able to sleep for months. Or if they do sleep they sleep for an hour or two and they're not able to that they have nightmares and wake up at their bodies soaked in swept. And this thing ravaging their body. Day after day after day one of them told me Jeff I can hold down a job my wife left me she can't put up with me my explosions my rage. She took the children. I I've lost everything. Where's the VA. We're raising money. To help put our wonderful vets. Are heroes. In advance. To take them to the VA. And the VA is putting our vets are secret waiting lists. And I'm gonna get to the scandal in a second that the meat -- -- that the big guts of the scandal and a second. Because there's more news that's coming out and it's more it's upsetting news and it's frankly it's repulsive news. But I look at these vets and I wanna give a warning to everybody in the United States. Because. I looked at them and they all keep complaining and I don't blame them rightfully so don't get me wrong about the -- And how bad the hospitals are and how about the clinics are and how about the health terrorists and how the VA is not -- for them. And how they don't get the treatment that they need and that they deserve. And that there are long waiting lists and long waiting line it's. And some of them are waiting three months six months eight months some even a year. When their country called for them. When -- Twin Towers came down on 9/11. When our leaders. Democrat and Republican. And I'm including Shaun -- what Kerry appeal appeal. And madame Hillary Clinton don't forget that when they beat the drums for war any rock along -- George Bush. And Donald Rumsfeld. And they answered the call of patriotism. Everybody waves the flag. There everybody makes a nice commercial on television. The when they come back. When they need us the most. And I'm gonna be very candid now. We didn't put our lives on the line. They date and their families who support them. When you when our country goes to war. You are not civilians. We don't come back. We still have our legs. During the ones who come back with their legs blown off with their arms blown off. With traumatic brain injury. -- severe PT SD. We don't have PT SD. We don't suffer severe pitch as severe a traumatic brain injury. We have our limbs we have our arms we have our legs we would not walking around and or sorry rolling around in wheelchairs were not moving around and we'll source. They are. And now. When they need us most. For the rest of their why it's. This is not tuberculosis. This is not pneumonia. This is not a broken armor broken leg. Okay they come back they get treated they're better they're -- a 100% again when your legs are gone they're gone. Now they're heroic. They try to live their lives to the fullest to the best possible they don't want have this disability hold them back I love him I admire him please don't get me wrong. The fact of the matter is the guy's legs are gone. I know it's never gonna give him his legs back. And this is every day. After the cameras after the parades after the TV commercials. When your medium and you say thank Q. But then they go home. Their life continuous. Their pain and suffering continues and out of their family members. Who they remember the man or woman be used to be. What they were before they were deployed -- And now. After giving us so much. Our own government. This sleazy corrupt Obama regime. This incompetent. Heartless faceless. Veterans administration. Stuff by incompetent cold hearted. Greedy bureaucrats. Sticking people -- secret waiting lists forty dead in Phoenix. I'm I'm a story coming up next after the break. Now another whistle blower has come out this time in West Virginia -- though there were suicides there were covering up a veterans because of long waiting lists. Now it's coming out in Texas in Missouri in Colorado. And Pennsylvania. State after state after state. Where veterans were kept on waiting list secretly waiting list for 69 months even up to a year. And many of them behind. We know over at least over forty so far and the body count is rising. Waiting to be treating it. And every single one of those brave men and women that I saw yesterday. Keep talking to -- the VA is not -- for us the NBA is not there for us my friends. That's Obama care. And this is not just corner trying to score political points. This is what happens when government runs health care when government has a monopoly on health care. I saw with my own -- in Canada. When my mother died of cancer when my mother in law died of cancer. You've got nowhere else to go. So when you only have the government. Offering -- your help your medical care your medical assistance you were basically a Childs. You're at their mercy. And you have to see these brave men and women. Desperately divvying -- VA VA won't take care of us and all I'm thinking is look what they've reduced these incredible men to. -- Adverse. Serfs. Please take care of me. Please treat me please semen. Are you kidding me. They should be able to go to any doctor they want any medical facility they want whether it's within the VA system or outside the PA system they've earned it. It is the least we should give them. And not trauma to that -- bad bad bad bad goal -- that that is the VA health care system. My friends let me just say this. And I'll get to the hard news of the day. The one thing that -- the only thing that upset yesterday. Was when the veterans walk up to me. I say thank you for being here now. I'm behind the microphone because if you guys. Don't thank me it's thank you. And the best way we can thank them for their incredible sacrifice and service is give them the man. Called care that they need that they deserve that they've earned 6172666868. Is the number coming up next. Jay Carney I swear to you. Says that dear leader has now only learned about the VA scandal. When we heard it on television. That story Max. And this -- when the wind with the president. Maybe we hear these problems. Fraudulent lists and we have to kind of wait time when he first made aware of those problems. And went to other White House officials top White House. -- -- I always say these problems keep the beat the fact that there have been. -- -- sometimes it's brought his specific allegations that I think -- reported first by your network out of Phoenix I believe. We learned about them through. Other reports I will double check if that's not the case but that's when we learned about them and that's when that I understand situations that you've learned about them immediately to the action. I think he has taken including size instigating his own view. Are initiating his own review but also requesting that the inspector general. Investigating. And I think again I would point to his testimony as well as inspector general's testimony last week that you think. You liar you fraud you you follow me. -- minister of propaganda Jay Carney. 646 here on the great WRKO. But again look look look at this act look at this smoke and mirrors put his dog and pony show to adopt. All these people buying active BA. Are from. Rock. And we learned about it I'll keep me the president I don't believe he clicked on CNN and he's like me mole hole. No cold all these people Bahrain. And and all these waiting lists you mean in in in Phoenix sent in Colorado oh. And in Pennsylvania and in Texas and in Missouri and all over the I've. I don't know practices. -- Jay Drake Drake Derek. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have you noticed with this guy every time there's a scandal he always seems the dear leader always seems to learn about a month television. The IRS. IRS members are on to our first learned about it on Schneider reports on PB. Fast and furious practiced aren't just I can't believe it are turning up aren't turning on cable television and I'd fast and furious and slammed. Spying on the Associated Press. Where they're going through the records of journalists going back two months. You wanna talk about an assault on freedom of the press and free speech but let that go so -- just. You mean my administration adjustments snooping and spying on journalists not I'm shocked I'm horrified I gotta get to the bottom of the -- and. While my friends my former paper The Washington Times. Just exposes this as another life. According to The Washington Times they came out with a detailed piece yesterday. An investigative story yesterday. There were problems that the VA. With bush in 2000 two's 20072008. So when the Obama transition team came in gas swaps. Hayworth for -- informed. -- knew about these problems going back five years. This is well documented. Obama was personally briefed five years ago. His political team was briefed five years ago. Everybody in his administration. Dealing with the VA was briefed five years ago. And they let it faster and faster and worsened and worsened. And now all of a sudden. What are -- what's next what's Mr. President people are losing their health insurance by the millions because of obamacare. Knoll. At church just weren't model actress and -- -- there -- -- my friends. Because our vets our military heroes. Have been thrown away like dogs. By this administration. And now they're desperately trying to cover up six point nine on the great double. You -- KO what do you make of this scandal Obama says he learned about it just really TV. Do you believe him 6172666868. And coming up next. By another whistle blower emerges this time in West Virginia my friends don't vets they're dropping like flies. Welcome back to the corner reports 637 here on the great WRKO 617266. 6868. So despite more lives. And more cover ups and more deception and more propaganda. From the Obama regime -- dear leader apparently only learned about the massive BA's gamble. On television media reports just beat. It's that he just turned on the TV. And it turns on the TV and you just apparently that's what he learns about the seat he only finds out what's really going on in his government and his administration. When he turns on fox or CNN. It's -- I really we've been targeted people the IRS my enemies not all. Mole. Frost and mean we've been running guns into Mexico. Eric he really Eric your. No hole just. So now they're lying. About what the president knew about the VA he was briefed on this five years ago. Any allowed it to fester and get worse and get works. Well now there's another whistle -- war. It's and more are coming. -- this is the tip of the ice Burke. Here. He's a West Virginia doctor. Her name is doctor Margaret mock sadness. She was employed for two years from 2008 to 2010. At the Huntington VA medical center in Charleston, West Virginia. She finally has come out and said what I saw there at the VA. Was absolutely. Deplorable. There were secret waiting lists. Military vets. We're supposed to be treated in two weeks. They were there are suffering. For six months nine months up to a year. And whenever right try to say anything whenever -- criticized the lack of treatment. I was told to be silenced because people elected DA only cared about their bonuses. And not anything about our vets roll it Britain. Well I write the order returned to clinic ten days two weeks tops and that -- check and look for my patients. And he's getting booked three weeks four weeks it got to be months to see these guys in the second visit which means they're partially treated. Which means they're worse off than -- treated at all so I -- complain to the staff that's booking and they have their policies and procedures that's controlled by administration. So -- complained administration. Say -- you cannot partially treat people. And then. This is this is this is bad practices is doing harm first do no harm. So and we had a conversation going but nothing happened. More staff I said could we reach -- community could even limit the service and turn people -- so at least they know. That they are not being treated as it is a more honest and maybe the media will get attention I'm -- somehow. Nothing and eventually they really stopped talking to me so I was. Functionally silenced. But they just kept booking them. Movement and and I knew I knew I knew that I into the suicides were inevitable I mean and worse than if they had been treated at all. And then. This is the by the way too hot tip to FOX & Friends this was on fox. And so here she is saying look I -- how about this is look let's not even treat them. At least this way they can complain they can go to the media but don't pretend like we're treating them. And have them come in for an an -- consultation visit all you've got or severe -- brain trauma all in all major severe Pete Diaz the list symbol they carry you. Make another appointment come back. And they're waiting and they're waiting and they're waiting. And the pain and the self. Grows. Its. And she did doctor marxists now says she can confirm that at least two of our veterans. Because of the lack of treatment because they were left twisting in the wind abandoned. Committed suicide. Roll it Brittany. Of the people you saw. And you say okay come back in ten days and then they were put months off. How many of your patients committed suicide waiting to come off the waiting list while I was there briefly now less than two years I'm never there weren't too. But I was a very tight knit community there was lots of extra. Curricula supports family faith that centers so. We had help but. No thanks the VA I'm sorry there was not yet any these these men were eventually gonna need more than a visit every ten months you know. Yet if he does this need more than that left mental health care dollars are -- off in shorts. Psychiatrists are in high demand. That numbers are going up I mean it is a problematic that is beyond the scope of the VA. But the DA's particularly handicapped and being able to handle -- because there's so heavily. This -- theocracy is having. The administrators are not adaptable. And they're not nimble to meet these changing needs quickly enough to really help -- the mice in my veterans -- left it left in the corner. They were saying that they were partially treated great -- so that was a different kind of a problem than doctors lets patients. But same thing I mean you know you're risking death and in the end. And you know it's just it's it's six as a pixel problem you know there's a. We are assured somebody wants to fix it. You better believe it's a fixable problem. I want you to think about this. You come back from Iraq and Afghanistan. You've done multiple tours of duty. You've been firefights. You've lost your buddies. You feel guilt trip. Why did I survive and they didn't. You go home and you meet the grieving girlfriends -- the grieving whites. And in your mind I survived my buddies didn't. -- ravaged by PT SD. Let me tell you what one soldier told me. I go to bed hired her wake up tired I'm always tired. Once every ten months. That's what -- once every ten months. They're lucky if they see a doctor once every ten months. You come home you feel so abandoned. You wind up committing suicide. How the hell is this not on every front page in the country. How the hell. Is air action sect he VA secretary's. How well does Jay Carney stand there with that smug -- in his. It's a cool no. All the president only we have to protected their -- now we have to protected their leader he only learned about it on television. This is your beat me. These are your troops. Look. Honestly. To the lives out there you don't wanna go after being -- that's on your head he'll wanna go after IRS -- on your head you wanna ignore every scandal that's on your head but on this. On this. Look at those Vietnam vets that you see panhandling on the street. Homeless Vietnam vet. He was drafted. The government came to his door. And told him to fight in the jungles of Vietnam. We send these men off to war. And then we treat them like they're dogs when they come back. Under your president. Under this regime. We now know at least forty -- gonna be many more and many more suicides coming out because of their neglect and mistreatment. And yet you still won't criticize this man. Because he is the sun king. He is the dear leader he is the anointed one he's the messiah. Shame on you. I'm telling you I'm from the -- I'm telling you god will not forgive you. And you can laughing you can smirk I'm telling you history will not forgive you. God will not forgive you and I believe in the end the American people will not and should not forgive you. 6172666868. Is the number might -- up next thanks for holding welcome. Eight get -- -- -- maker confirmed that the overwhelmed and it happened all along quite some time. However everything getting out rated debt went -- We went to -- gulf war. Chanel. We -- getting ready to -- hospital. And then after the static on the back when we just what it without that tradition and sell it to -- And never give up proxy dad -- but it did and it takes in the VA. You can't handle all the stuff. And you're right about the suicide. It's a shame the the op tempo that the military under. 234 deployments for the guys coming back. That tortured and that in and -- it's inevitable. And Mike I gotta tell you where upsets me the most. Is it's almost like they're stuck in this VA system. Why don't we give them the ability to go outside of the VA. Why -- in other words if they're not getting treated take two weeks they wanna use two weeks as the benchmark -- -- use two weeks. Then. Because it showed that they take care of their own. And it's so now he gets a property claims her Agent Orange. An idiot not -- a million clean spot on the -- -- in Rome but quite. Incredible. Absolutely incredible thank you for that call Mike. You wanna see -- death panels look like. This is obamacare this is on a Michael this is just for the troops. With obamacare I'm telling you. These -- death panels. You have to ration care. Too many troops need to for limited resources they give him only a certain amount of money here's the budget and you deal with it. And so they decide who lives in -- ice. Bill you're up next thanks for holding her on the corner report welcomes. The morning Chad thank you -- up. You know if you -- this what I Asia limited the BA all the. They put that into a regular star like like we are aware and don't read it should be second class or at least guys. Well in theory it's supposed to be a first class system but not a problem is it's. It's Asia apartment but -- all about what Obama would -- -- elegant and I expect that that. OK -- he did not think a lot what did he fixed -- five years what he thinks he hit it. That that we know of at least forty are dead and so what has Obama done he's created a VA system for all of the American people. Got -- slow -- Shot that is true it's government run health care which is exactly what the VA is Jack and I warned you about its. And I told you're gonna get rationing and I told you're gonna get death panels and I told you people gonna lose their health insurance and I told you insurance premiums are gonna skyrocket and everything I told -- was happened. And instead of saying you know what let's learn from history book I'll tell you because I experienced -- -- VA was my mother. My mother was dying of cancer they wouldn't treat my mother. My mother was in waiting list after waiting list after waiting list goal pick up a paper in Britain it's what's destroying the national health service over the air. People have. It's an average of 820 month waiting list if you're in England or Canada. Any kind of serious treatment so now you're so we'll finish the call up and say it all Jeff. Kick them off the VA and put them on obamacare all you want all of us the guy that's your solution that. Well -- which everybody got. But I'll tell you this -- on obamacare now and I can show you examples of people were rationing is already taking place. People laughed cancer have been denied treatment. Or. Not I'm not making anything on the facts are the facts you wanna deal. Facts right. What did I make up. Oh. Whoa whoa whoa -- what are you talking about -- There are women that came out with cancer. They lost their health insurance they're -- what's the matter with you sure. And they lost their health insurance because Obama care. -- -- haven't even the president -- even MSNBC. Had to admit that was true. They weren't there are only partially put back on. -- honestly listen look listen bill honestly you're wasting people's time. -- -- -- Bill I'll say to you one last time. Listen bill. No one is gonna take away your welfare check. Body relaxed. OK you're gonna have their Medicaid but don't worry you can have your Medicaid when I'm telling you always this. I can -- right now. Medicare the government run system in Canada day national -- single -- killed my grandmother they would even treat her. They wouldn't shed a heart attack -- wouldn't traitor she died on a Gurney. My mother. My mother it's happening you better believe it it's happening here it happened to my mother. It happened to my mother in law. It's happening in Canada it's happening in Britain it's happening in Europe. Now is we're seeing obamacare be implemented we're seeing all of these problems you're already getting death panels are already getting along the lines are already getting rationing. Genius do you know that we already are short 60000 dollar a 60000 doctors do you know that. What are we short 60000. Doctors -- or not. I. Want to pick out. Bill I don't know how to -- and use do you why I don't. Listen look ultimate pay I don't have a general position. Well I don't know I can't get one. Because of the shortage of -- peace genius. Are you already have long waiting list for me to see my doctor now it takes me at least three weeks when I first. In this country when I first -- -- over fourteen years ago it took me two days to see a doctor now it takes me three weeks. It's already happening so. And I am I missing a doctor I'm seeing a nurse and I'll tell you what else is the problem because -- exactly -- people like you. Because we have twenty to thirty million illegal immigrants in this country or using our hospitals draining our welfare system abusing our Medicare abusing our Medicaid. So let me get this straight so this is what you liberals want. You want our vets. To come back and they get no treatment and there are dying. There -- on lists bloody secret lists. But the illegals. Because we have to be compassionate. It's not only do they get amnesty -- go to the front of the line. All Obama care for them emergency room treatment for them welfare for them Medicare and Medicaid for them -- liberalism -- you. Japanese that's some that help it that I obamacare. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama care is a disaster. As loud as this year and I'm just don't tell this right now I'll tell you this right now. While answering a -- optimal lol talk and don't answer my question. Quite. Not amount -- genius let me ask you this are illegals gonna -- our illegals using our healthcare system yes or no. They have little are they now yes or no. OK so why are you allowing them why are you owe the Democrats allowing a I want to thirty million won in a thirty -- could take care of all of our veterans that's number one number two genius genius number two genius. The parts of our healthcare system that still work are the ones that are private school eight. That but have got off my phone honest to -- like. Get a job seriously. Get it -- it get a job and do something productive with your life okay. Don't stand there and take welfare smoke crack and take medicate a -- -- home while McCain or Obama can't. Marine Europe next thanks for sure I gotta put up with these other. These are groups that are bankrupting distinct you wanna know why you got so many illegals taking away healthcare from the veterans because the guys idiots like him. Marine Europe next though. I'm sorry that -- I think that they. Edit the factual comment okay for the mother and that action. And I can not -- in the lecture them so much written. No guilt trip and the hole and handling it will straighten it out there saying look what they're tired with very low and including in the family about the round and even go to the the -- that. -- and highly functional and blew out. At the back of their mind they -- -- and let go duck and follow combat. And eating away. All the trial and we have. -- approach that we -- do we don't think they care about here at LA near Oakland eight. Gave them the flag and march the -- and you know the -- -- -- didn't hear we hear about these on the well. Hero and that -- -- and so with you. I mean look I'm just so with you honestly saying look I'm like idiots like bill. All these lives who never met a veteran. Never spent time. Veteran -- up to their parents talk to these policies that -- along with them and how. It breaks my heart it lately angered -- the winter particularly on prime when I'm here idiot. Don't -- know you don't have a true. Young boy in -- way. Sort of trying to find the blame them. -- I don't recognize the man that I -- now and I'm trying to find. You -- I will naturally I'm no matter where. Marine and as -- if you want me asking does your son what did you suffer from PT SD. I -- it. Does he live with viewers -- by himself not -- later eighteen thing without a stay at the moment. And that you know he's going from straight to play at the age -- but that the treatment and better lately you'll find the model. And -- in the old and in the track. How many Marines joining asking how many tourists were these are what Iraq or Afghanistan. It was actually that in there from the beginning need to look at it. You know I'll still love that comment the last -- -- I think. And look completely untrue and it really. High. As you know a couple of fund. You wonder what they're. And -- -- -- and we have that same -- -- like I know. I know all of the pan out. Some of the land that perhaps -- molecular and I'm. I don't know and the director of the family of all of these young -- family Kelly and then women compute. Why would I try a very solid rather than -- And beyond comprehension that anybody. Who could. Do anything at all to put something. In the way of helping these young men and women. You know. I Vietnam and Vietnam and and then the million I don't think that there and then I put my hand the -- -- that should give them something I'm hoping. That two year Obama I'm not here not that might wanna I wanna spend. We don't. Marine. God bless you god bless your son. On a special prayer -- -- arms -- -- -- what got you on thank you incomes and better. People. -- the crowd played here. Yeah -- -- anybody to anchor than -- air. Marine god bless you -- god bless her son Thomas say thank you very much for his service he's a hero and gullible your hero. -- -- 26172666868. Is a number of we'll continue this next hour. Don't go away all of your calls do you think heads should roll over the VA scandal. Obama says he learned about it on television. Do you believe them. 6172666868. And do you know -- Who's been denied treatment or coverage I wanna hear from you don't touch that dial. The corner reports 707 here on the break WRKO. AM 680. And now 193 point seven Ph.D. 26172666868. My friends just a very we're gonna stay on this -- story at least for another segment but just a very quick heads up. This Saturday. About the escape routes the steps of the state house. From two to 4 PM may 24. Will be holding a rally. Two free Justine a Pelletier. I need your support. Don't let her be another casualty. Of DC. Police. She is being tortured. She is wasting away. The state has effectively kidnapped or taken her away from her parents. I need your help. The administration. -- mean the governor Deval Patrick's administration is buckling. There is growing public pressure on the mistreatment of this -- young girl may 24 is going to be her birthday her sixteenth birthday. Let's give her the best gift we can show up in huge numbers. And this is not just about Justine a Pelletier. This is about sending a message. To the Liberal Democrats who dominate Beacon Hill and dominate the governor's office. That they work for us. That they can no longer trample on our rights and our liberties and our freedoms. That we are not their servants but we are their masters. That they work for us. And there's only so much that I can do without your help. And I need you to show up in fact I'm challenging all of view and urging all of you to show up why. Don't complain to me about how bad things are indistinct. How badly mismanaged and corrupted it's. If none -- you are willing to take a couple hours off on -- Saturday. Two goal in protest. One of the most beautiful. Righteous things you can ever protest. The freeing of a sixteen year old girl. From the clutches. Of an out of control. Arrogant DCF. So she can get the medical care that she needs and deserves and to be back in the arms of her loving parents. Weakens this girl may -- We conceive her. And we can finally break the back. Of this power hungry venal corrupt tyrannical liberal regime that is running this state into the ground. But my friends I need judicial up. Please bring a family member bring a friend. Bring a colleague the more of us that show up the more we will feel the more the fuel cost fear in them the more will make them panic the more they will realize there is a growing opposition. And it's time that they be held accountable. So please this Saturday may 24. Two to 4 PM. The corner report is sponsoring a major rally to free Justine a Pelletier will be out the step the steps of the state house. -- Pelletier will be there members of the Pelletier family will be there. Some state representatives will be there let our voices be heard and let's bring this girl home. Getting back to the VA scandal. I gotta give a hat tip to Jonathan Karl from ABC news. A liberal reporter but at least he puts his patriotism before his politics. Now with the growing. In revelation after revelation. Of VA hospital after VA hospital. In Phoenix forty dead. Suicides in West Virginia. People dying in Colorado. Massive long waiting lines in Texas in Pennsylvania. In in Missouri in state after state after state. The only person. That has been fired from all of this. Is VA health official undersecretary of health doctor Robert Wetzel. -- in fact announced that he was gonna retire last September. And they already picked his successor two weeks ago. And this is what the Obama administration -- All bonuses. Were holding everybody accountable to look we got rid of pretzel. And Jonathan Karl is -- are you kidding me. This guy this guy announced that he was retiring eight months ago. You already have the replacement where you're grilling him on Capitol Hill just two weeks ago. In other words here's this -- even a non scapegoat scapegoat. He's not even a scapegoat because he's gonna retire with a full pension. Look at Jonathan Karl finally challenge Jay Carney. On the lies and lack of accountability in the VA scandal and look. And how Carney lies and lies and -- Roll it Britain. Before what happened but it -- suggested his resignation comes accountability. When it's not a press release on September 20 saying he was waiting. It's almost eight months ago I would like read a whack at the American -- was probably two weeks ago I don't -- the what what what what what real American legion has the same as -- you have to say well I would point to The American Legion which obviously is. Deep interest in this matter and has been a reported on the significantly by your network and others in terms of what they've said about this issue and note that day. A look at the special doctor -- as resignation as quote step towards addressing the leadership problems and yet. I'll leave it that that's what the the words -- face it -- are concerned that his. This is incredible I and look at how hole. Bloodless a motionless Jay Carney yes that's -- bank. Waiting -- secret waiting -- now everywhere. On the American news and business satisfying would mention it's a step in the right direction and I'm. Yeah but I know but he was gonna retire last year you this resignation is is meaningless. I just want to point you to being. Marry American legion and American legion supports loosen up. I don't know why you guys are getting so hot and bothered about this this is the dear leader and their leaders infallible and mill criticized of their leader not come up with some moderate. Jared and Jonathan Taylor you're getting off the page Jonathan -- analyst Jonathan. Point one was -- access back off back off. Arrests Europe next on the great WRK oh welcome. You know -- is addicted to the Kool -- good luck finding your primary care doctor you prefer are in today's medical field. You know president Schultz no it's not saying what he does know what how to manipulate the Justice Department from our Calder. In this is my question what shall hold the sign and trade our wraps. That's a Russia I don't I don't where's Michelle without stack and decide. That's a great point -- obviously you -- notice. When it comes to Nigerians don't get me wrong I'm very sympathetic to the sport Nigerian girls but ultimately. They're -- Americans. -- strangers. I sympathize with some believe me I don't like -- or -- but their strangers. -- well -- halfway around the world Iran Nigeria. But when it comes to our own facts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're words what how how come I don't see all these Twitter feeds. Nothing on FaceBook nothing on Twitter all I get this capsule but we got rid of -- we got rid of pretzel. You know I'm gonna do I'm gonna put out hot -- serious are you know what Marxist which I'll pay -- your work into art take it easy motel. -- one another vacation you're killing yourself when all these hash tags. I'm gonna go on Twitter today I -- -- A -- hash -- treat our troops. -- -- treat our troops. Everybody do it just do it quicker but a picture of yourself what assigned -- I'd treat our troops. Because of the I know they're not Nigerians. I understand that I know -- bared their fellow Americans that's already to a strikes against them. And they're vets military people that's three strikes against them I'd bet many of them were conservatives and Tea Party people but let that go. I'm tweeting it right now. Hashed I -- our troops. I tweeted I need you to tweaked and maybe Marxist which doubled join in as well but don't hold your breath Kenny Europe next on a WRK oh go ahead. I don't so I'm good you can on the combat veteran I would open in New Hampshire worked in Connecticut. And I think in the West Haven TV yeah. I want to tell you the story that happened to me last year -- and -- limited to -- Internet now. Obama. I could. You could hold on before you tell your story I don't try to call I don't wanna get a heart attack on the air -- As I'm already pretty upset and trauma -- -- myself a -- in cool water as you're talking Kenny and I wanna keep myself calm go ahead shoot a different. But that doesn't sound and yet wonderful treatment. I have no problem about it and so that the newly India so. Degenerative bone disease and lower back got -- what about it lady -- To make -- they send me down the last statement. So. We decide to go after hours because I have a better chance you get gun salute -- -- task he had. In the emergency room. I think Michael Redd who happens you're critical care manager from hospital. To get down there they have no space no private rooms from. Let let -- in the hallway of the emergency room so -- -- a problem that let. The opposite and dehydrated. Which is kind of impossible and that are in those three -- out of our bottled water. So she decides and I -- -- me. So it's hard spoke. She's doing that. Or did they have. But settlement comes to -- -- the Chinese student strategy. Is he says all the -- she does her best in Turkey and China eastern right in the middle of the night they have. As a certain way -- the gentleman. Who's gonna guard. And one of the rooms then -- right -- -- -- He keeps calling you need to get opportunity he's being used the bathroom I need to do you about Utah -- stream that. Ed McLaughlin -- one of the zone that is without playing sectors sounds computer. Obsolete. Still use that term. And he's like ignoring her so determined tries to give up Ernie. They don't block the Gurney and wheeled down because people talked among her salary -- -- to turn on the ground. McLaughlin you know -- the guy went out. One of the interns -- sit there talking to crawl around on the phone tells Michael suddenly mortal it's only had. I think Slater the guys -- quivering on the floor like going into shops. They turn on the call. They go -- We crashed our -- does not think Democrats are so that. Keep yelling for an easy out there a debate and debate this gentleman. I think erupts over the course but it couldn't stop so you guys don't play sectors like cops believe the Chinese citizens. So turnaround one that nurse come there and gentleman and that. And all the -- car. Get a totally out of it certainly how I call -- -- spartans settled yet. What's so in the name I have no idea do you have. And I think probably is made. I call will be eight represented us for better and there are certain that the of that. What event on its own name. They get I have no -- and total call -- you -- -- newspaper again that mission sort order. Two weeks later she called me back with the settlement name. If there's an obituary. I tracked the tournament and then down the -- Oak -- Oh without speakers had a map are packed in the yet they never call -- the old story. Let it all down there if you turn around and -- you know it's about the stick only to shut up all of them gonna continue to get my about a sort of I get a phone call from the chief of staff of the hospital. And told me he says to me he goes 48 -- a war that sit -- and ice sheet. It because you don't know anything about that audited now that -- that you -- a truckload chaotic war and trucks -- NBC won't look like part act. Don't let that yeah. While the -- so in a nutshell. You're getting an IV. Nurses off having Chinese food. Our doctor all forgive me forgive me the doctor is off having China while she's got to eat Tammy. I mean god forbid god forbid god forbid should be doing her job but let -- -- -- So she's -- stuffing -- face -- Chinese food. The intern is on the phone with a boyfriend. This poor guy collapses. It falls out of the Gurney falls out of his journey on the floor. One is still yakking with the boyfriend that doctor is still stuffing our face for Chinese food correct and. -- play it that's something. Hernandez -- playing games on the computer and then you. You know loyal guy that you are you're the only one wants to try this person's name. Tell people what really happened everyone's giving you the run around you finally tracked the name you then call up the parents was -- apparent you contacted. There early this site and the guy with the Vietnam the. Accused Vietnam vets to contact the guys is businesses offspring is it's it's -- and there you like this what really happened to this guy didn't just how heart attack. This guy don't pull off a -- because nobody was thinking -- landed -- does that on the ground and god knows what happened after about. And if they raise hell they're gonna lose their benefits and if you raise hell you're gonna lose your benefits correct and it. Until it confirmed that they will get your 70% disabled. They made it -- caller -- our associate. They're gonna come back and have reevaluated. That's how they roll. -- -- god bless you sir and thank you so much for your service. You know what a thousand of them are not worth one if you. I want all of you to think about this. Pretend this is another example look this is gonna -- you gonna be hearing thousands and thousands of these kinds of stories not just here all across the country. The liberals that run this state and the liberals have run this country and in particular talking about the dear leader and meaning. They wanna bring illegals out of the shuttle's. But they wanna put our vets on secret lists. That's America today my friends something seriously wrong -- Europe next thanks for holding -- on WORK oh welcome. Good run jet that it -- Obama and the creeks and the administration's priorities. -- -- that they devoted. Fraction I mean how could they not know I mean this whole all the while mold and intrusive government at every aspect of our lives. You know and the fact play you know in the newspaper or something it's ridiculous but. You know have statement of legislation that people hold a referendum really -- are forward. Small town to the drug -- illegal aliens and post basically get the rapidly anti government come down on -- -- all the nice. You know. In this state he had just seen deck could tell you London voter then. There restated his seat until they commit a conscience that has to double down on corruption because at auto registration and ask them. Financial records sought -- hit that's also -- If the city my name told my -- and -- retribution for that. Well I will -- look Jimmy you know that's what this is the problem I wanna get too philosophical here but you touched on it. This is the problem with massive government when you have big government it's like look it's like any institution. -- wants to protect itself. It wants to cover up its power. It doesn't wanna be held accountable. So all of these bureaucrats that are running the VA they -- huge bonuses and pay increases salary increases. If they keep hitting fourteen days on the waiting list. So what they did was they cooked the books. It's all your idea everybody -- a doctorate -- fourteen days in reality. Troops were languishing for months if not a year. For over forty years said numerous others committed suicide. And nobody in the Obama regime wants to take a blank I gotta go six.