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Are you afraid of MERS?

May 14, 2014|

MERS has ties to Boston, are you afraid of an outbreak?

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Ford Field by to join the great WR AL AM six days and now 193 point seven. 617. Sorry to hear the stories it's that's causing a tremendous amount. The area. Across the country on new sites and newspapers. And in my humble and I've I've Britney -- I swear to you are completely panic over this story. So you may say what Jeff is this the bubonic plague what's what's -- -- -- the right word yeah. There's -- britney's panicked -- she freaks out about everything what she almost hyper I'm prepared. And I'm ready I'm ready to put my preparation skills and and and motion you're nervous. I'm not there you should be nervous you don't have a plan. Britney's practically hyperventilating back there or not you're nervous like a consents on you you're white you're -- -- very -- I just -- what's coming that's off our rights so. What is this new pandemic that apparently has Brittany cooks in everybody on an uproar. Apparently there's something called Middle East respiratory. Syndrome or otherwise known as mertz ME RS. It apparently is an illness that originated in Saudi Arabia somewhere in the Middle East. And it's a respiratory illness it begins with flu like fever you also develop a bit of a cough. But -- can lead to shortness of breath. No ammonia and eventually death. A person from Indiana was diagnosed with that luckily the person survived however there is no known vaccine or cure. That's what's got everybody -- nervous hundreds of people have been infected in the Middle East people are dropping like flies. And so the theories that could spread here now by the way just as a very quick aside. That's why another reason why you control the borders that's why we used to do it in this country. To prevent people from coming here with other strange illnesses but let that go. So getting back hurts. There have now been three confirmed cases of Merck's. And in particular. -- Orlando health workers is getting very big in Florida after a person from Saudi Arabia who had merged with admitted into the hospital. He then infected other people around him so now there are -- health workers at a hospital in Orlando. Who were exposed this patient with commerce and they have also begun showing flu like some camps. One of the two has now been hospitalized. Apparently there were 22. Other healthcare workers. Who were also in contact with the Saudi patient with -- There are now being under very close scrutiny and watch. So we have three confirmed cases of commerce in the United States. From this. This CDC. Is -- panic. Health and human services is in a panic. Britney is in a panic. Cook she is in a panic. The Drudge Report is in a panic. Associated Press is and is in a panic. And you know call me crazy. Being in the news business for a -- long I've been. I've seen this kind of virus is com and I seem them go debit they've never come here like tests. These people -- from Boston correct. Well that's -- Brittany says Brittany says that. It's our case she says it's on the report I don't see it on the report but I'll -- people have for you she's gonna have Brittany plays you have Britney pull it -- -- But apparently what we're reading here from Fox News. I don't see Boston but I'll just think britney's worked for so apparently. They -- a lot of -- how many confirmed cases. It will play in Orlando. There have been three in the country three in the country okay. The case have you ever read the stand by Stephen King. I know I don't read Stephen -- OK you -- I guess that's how the end of the world I read literature but let that go Cox. DC you insult my intelligence. Does WSB Stephen King a similar -- and I know you -- let me -- I read half of the -- Steven king isn't so long. But I'm prepared to see in the stand -- a flu like virus that spreads the country and it just starts with two people Jeff. You know two people have any cops on his hands he gets out -- trade someone touches the jurors gets out of -- travels the Boston. The whole country can be wiped out a matter of months. Let their guard Jeff you enjoy your time living and ignorance. I'll be in the woods eating squirrels berries and fish living in -- tent I got news for you an obvious survivor. I'll be honest with you I feel safer here than in the woods and I'll tell you why did you see -- sticks in the woods lately. Whole lot of lines diseases going around Jeff I'm at right now. How wide -- disease that Merck's number one number till I have a bunch of bought off of a huge stash of bottles of deet. Just spray yourself -- fine. Number three are you gonna do is check yourself at the end of the day for Texans pulled off you have to be -- didn't you play twice for hours. McAfee I'm ready yet updraft that's the problems after. It picks make me nervous about -- All right so here is now this is from boston.com. A second person in the United States second with their respiratory ailments Middle East respiratory syndrome just -- to keep bringing all these illegal aliens. You see how they benefit us -- that diversity look at how it strengthens us. Because you -- we never encountered rumors before. Isn't it great now that -- account -- merged and you're gonna -- performers isn't that incredible -- and enriching culturally enriching experience but look -- ago. So apparently yes they traveled through Boston last week going to move so could be here the infected healthcare worker who is now in Florida. Traveled from Jeddah Saudi Arabia the rule first stopped in London. Boston. And Atlanta. Before arriving in Orlando Florida WCVB. Reported. Okay all right okay now now you're getting nervous out there may look at what -- is all about. -- -- So this guy are the person is on the played. Cops have wipes the seat. Lay -- at Logan. Jeff coolers on the play and let them touches the seat if he gets out now you have murderers are you here and you walk out spread through the entire terminal. Do you see how easily this gets passed around. Yeah yeah I'm a people wash their hands out kinds. Man I mean this I mean look from three now you're gonna see what's from you because you read -- Stephen might you can read them -- you read half the novel human holograms. Everyone's debt employer once that OK so -- read this horror novel. That's for its fifth stroke that's how did this. -- and viruses spread a coach I'll be I I don't wanna burst your bubble I don't wanna enduring thing. But honestly I think Steven can sucks I'm not saying this isn't this -- -- -- to get right -- I think his writing is frankly adolescent electorate manor and eighth grade level. I've never -- any when I've seen in in the movies I've never okay don't change the subject to Stephen King is here too nervous and other talk about Mars on on essential from some third rated horror writer all of a sudden all while all okay takes even kicked out of the equation connectors is gonna kill all all -- our vices they got a does the flu spread. Well through germs through all. OK so you are the same. Are you OK holly comes in tonight he's sick cops on that microphone and he's six. You coming tomorrow you get be a mess you coming here you give it to Britney Britney gives it to me. -- -- weeks ago what are you talking to me about. Not mentioning how we got to be honest with you -- son of a gun. You know how many times he's got me -- exactly it's -- -- -- tore my heart that god I'm serious I should show him for how many times he's put innocent about it. I get floor after floor because how but let that go. A look Cox I'll be honest with you I think they're gonna quarantined this. It's obvious Saudi Arabia is on alert the Europeans are on alert people in Florida are on alert. I think we're gonna quarantined as I think this thing is gonna die off personal. I don't think this is the end -- this is the end I don't believe this is the end of the world call me crazy. You see all these viruses are coming back measles. Well that's because people are taking their shots. Jeff TC -- quickly spreads. -- this is why. Look I'm not a big fan of some vaccines. But I gotta tell you that's why you need to get vaccinated. Because we should get rid of stuff like the measles now it's coming back because people aren't -- vaccines. Yes but it spread that knowledge and is measles vaccine he got all of backseat they're they're -- good job. Good job. There is no vaccine. There's no short cuts I mean I hear. But let me ask you this what -- you wanna do not come to work anymore because three people have -- now yet they continue going about your life -- have to be careful -- -- -- do Wear latex gloves. Not gonna help Jeff. And it's what he wanted to do where some kind of a B cannot decontamination so applicant or -- to be a parent. But to be ready okay but how do you get prepared former us how you prepared to go live in the woods and came. Away from civilization not. T I -- I'm not awards guy but you're gonna die. Now pay cuts and you should tell everybody -- has now become he's basically become like -- great white hunter. Enlightened and cooks and now it's been about what is -- about a month -- I'm prepared he gets in these five if you remember last year. He was a big gourmet cook chef I'm just saying it had lightly trapped he watched Gordon Ramsay couple episodes of hell's kitchen. Well now what do Cuban -- On a second I like your -- continually changing the topic because they're too afraid to talk about Mars. So now you attack Stephen King are you attack me during the break you're attacking Britney. You are afraid to confront the issue under senator let's Karl Morris Obama but now you talk about. I just say three cases and suddenly it's the and the western civilization. Comrade John how you are Koroma do you have -- Obama. No no word yet but I got some great score recipes cookbook you if you want to. He catch shoot one comrade. We're -- it says people would close contact so just don't shop at 7-Eleven the white and they're presented. Naughty guys are coach obviously Honeywell -- to prepare for murders. Wear a mask -- Wear a mask Kathy you're up next knights rolled in here on WRKO welcome. I kept slugging it out. I just wanna lay on top -- But you know you don't want Lyme Disease you don't want to you don't want any dispute that a matter. And and today you need to be proactive Richard stopped -- -- should help parents. And -- I'd been seeing multiple doctors are here now. And I finally convinced one doctor put me back on medication for line. And -- and I spent in treatment for a year and it is not fine. And thought finally I'm on the diplomatic that I should have been kept on initially. And I'm -- treatment on line that you don't want to find that the number one. -- Rich Hill I believe daily universe but he just did a study. I'm resettle -- that want to twenty keep on -- diagnosed in the US. I think and it app that's ever get one mid twenties on this diagnosed. So. I think -- need to be proactive Richard -- if you suspect anything that you know like it you feeling. I'm terrible I you have unknown symptoms. In any doctor. Now yeah and hopefully with all of that -- didn't diagnosed with Arafat that the Pelletier bought the prevail. And that fight for their daughter because I think bottom line -- I think that's -- the inning at bat. She's been that I'd now and that's right it happens it happens more frequently and saying you can they got out. I don't think -- to cook it for being nervous about the -- new virus just be aware that they Wear them ten in and out. Just people pay attention. Our Kathy if you army asking how did you get the Lyme Disease. Alina and I do a lot of guarding them at home mom. And -- I was and I started in the morning and afternoon and I went into lock helped it cleaned up in South Boston dot. And I noticed something on my left wrist. And got a wind caught at the shower and hit it as well confident but I'm not -- -- a -- -- in the light and sure enough. It was a very small Giricek -- -- not but I can't have the mindset to put it I need to have a chat. And now I'm Jeff I I would stay. It's -- here. -- -- it -- so many doctors and attract keep coming back at nite as I'm at negative equally if false positive to have it all negative. And down quite if you are not textbook. Even when it comes to lying. If you are not textbook play it's that have come back yet as negative and you keep complaining that have different symptoms. -- our anti trouble did you get a blood past. I hit multiple chat I I have -- that's been in the hospital because that -- sent them on that did it become honest look -- the blue initially but it joint. On -- content the world's unit -- which he did it in it's different every person you know and every practice operates -- -- -- different symptoms. But I mean I can't tell you adopted I had all over the course of the year finally found. One on doctor that I that bleed purple back on the antibiotic that I was initially what I'm only two weeks that -- -- That my GT I mean like put me coming into credit a few weeks I should have been out longer. Yeah. OK so you should have been on for at least a month can I do not hang up because cooks he wants to talk to you but I got to ask you something. Yeah what are some of the other symptoms of -- -- accumulate joint pain and Carlton for doing. Seemed like you wouldn't like you wouldn't believe I I would bet I don't remember and what people act. On April 2 2013. I would -- well aren't looking at colleges look like on that we can't I could walk -- and we had to hold me not. I had incredible striking I need my ankle. I'm the one antenna that has stayed with me. -- set for a year now is my left hit it at that he would it doesn't it it's settled into a major joint it it it's actually joint. So I'm I've been having trouble with my left kept on it a year now. And Tom I would call that it has I'd been placed on that medicine for a month trying. I would I wouldn't I shouldn't stop -- needlessly for a year the line it's very very area it is on the rise on the I mean RI I -- a lot of cases is a woman jet streak certainly it would I would not have to wait from a actually it's severe complications from -- unchecked it will go like I believe. -- mother Kathy I lived near the Rhode Island border I'm I'm I'm in the either ransom North Attleboro area yes. Are you familiar with that area. Oh now I AM I have I'm in the northern part of the island I'm not. Actually public. Is this they're like is that like a hotbed for lie uncertain. Yet but this line is I hope my neighbor next door all look at that black summer. -- she kind we know we have a lot of deer that you know there is a lot of -- at it. I don't know I know I I see those I see them everywhere that the. They're on the role they're everywhere. He had not it's it's -- -- thank you -- It's been a lot lot lot of the year but it's not only amateur yet but and I -- it's carriers. It's also want the money in your crap. -- -- -- -- But I'm I mean I'm read that I'm looking into getting my yard -- sprayed it takes them. Borrowed a -- I'm I'm telling I'm doing that than anyone I get home. I -- because we have a very good friend Amy. A good family friend she has lines. My editor -- world at the world Tribune dot com his daughter has been battling lines for over a year or so -- believe me I've heard horror stories. I sympathize I know which are going through please take Kerry's self Kathy. And end all be a stranger call back stay on the line -- she wants to talk to you 6172666868. We'll continue at this after the short. -- an outbreak of murders. Are you afraid. Also old minds disease and am I the only 10 my noticing everybody's good -- what's happening this is saying. WR GAO. Welcome back to the corner report -- 25 here on the great WRKO. Very you rally. Apparently I'm not supposed to not like Stephen King. Apparently enough people are very offended and I'm not a big fan of Stevenson. And -- C is defending the people who are upset at me for not like the Stevenson. Finally what is not a free country I must postal -- -- -- What is this now it to get to stop blowing amount as the linking to stop well. NL west and you don't like Stephen King what are you supposed to like the mouse without its -- turn their -- up like a sharp -- -- As -- not give us enough. What about you that you say what you -- nice and I read literature. OK whenever Obama supports the real -- -- and I read Jackie Collins does that make it better for you now harlequin romance are you satisfied now. Now we're all beneath you after you went to Miguel. I what I like rush and you knew you graduated from the finest Croatian universities. That's got to put up with law I want it's a crime not like Russian literature and I can't likelihood that does -- -- people's lawyer not like I can enjoy that Doctor Zhivago the six was 72666868. Steve you're up next thanks for holding well. Jack hi Steve Barrett and -- you -- anybody do it during I think I was a little worried -- -- -- -- -- calling me to give me grief as well. Yeah I thought I thought back then very despite about that they're -- that Lyme Disease you know. -- I've been checked for it and I came out negative black had a lot of symptoms that go along with -- specially comes with tremors. And I live in southern Vermont and doubt what I looked at this CD of the guys out. The map but this CDC. So for these disease control where and hotbed Massachusetts is big time for out. Lying to see real if you looked out on the map and you get down the Cape Cod area it is loaded with debt. And up. I want -- understand something now Lyme Disease comes from the amount not to -- They get to that mouse first. Only difference I thought I heard the mouth I'm taking home -- god Matt -- mouse I get a mount mount. So well it -- a mouse not a -- -- a seat that's where they that's where they're gonna pick it up from. And there's no way you can get around it Jeff you can go cute as a company down there in your neck of the woods I boarded. To dot com. It leaves a hole I'm writing this down it just looks. Doc I don't UK I'm not through TU -- at okay dot com dot com and then you can get out. -- You -- strategically locate them amounts located in order to move and -- it and it's safe for animals it's safe for the environment. And when the tickets on -- malice. -- -- I. Mean detect the -- of the milestones. Then we lost them but both guys are you -- now have Peter on my back. On the lives on my back for that when that's animal cruelty. Anything honestly anything with fur or hair carries two carries -- are really I mean a bird. To pick up protect you see honestly it's my sixth sense but I have been nervous ever since. Not really I get nervous -- because we moved into our house and it's very -- a lot of trees its rural. And and I could sense the picks are out there looking planning plotting I've got two little -- ends I'm very sensitive. Are you do is check them. Check when they come in the house up at the end of the day. Take when you go to give him a bath or at least take off their clothes and check the legs down by the feet. And make sure that everything deer ticks are so tiny you can't really see you want to send somebody sticks are so small. But you can still live here rob delay if you emulate you could feel the -- on you. -- -- -- could face today they stick but out. When they're reading. And nine. Hold on now has have you and do you you never headlines right -- know but I I've been I've had a tick. You've had a tech and how to get me just pull it off right away. What do you tell you pulled out a knife for something and like a crocodile -- be -- for -- just kind of -- the Pentagon now and I felt the dog has had a ticker two on. But nothing but nothing related to you. Now -- -- -- become like the great white hunt they're now. He goes into the woods in the weekends. He -- rack cool and she hunts squirrel which are really killed anything -- price cuts not kill. But it's almost like the thrill of the hunt well actually killing them. And so he's been eating little and staying in the woods now. I've always get -- if you go to the woods right. You that -- there's one product that I use all the time it's called that is -- 100. Take 100% to 99% -- I'm afraid I -- it takes will literally fall off. What you -- what every day or just when you know everybody avoids it lasts about eight hours he sprayed on. And it's a 100% -- for a full proof that he nine point 9%. It would just fall off and not listen I -- now I just from ordeal that deep is sort of about what they used in Vietnam. Mean you know when they. Destroy the forests. Which agent or Agent Orange okay. Kinda shall we say when I'm gonna burn my skin but also limits and I don't understand. What's Agent Orange fuel. There and get skin cancer leukemia is that what would you pick your poison you want Lyme Disease -- skin -- Published grandma out -- compelling I'm caught I'm just minutes break I'm gonna ask braved the hell out of my backyard. I'm gonna like carpet bomb equipped with with whatever they -- new turf care won't take care of the -- though they did that. I got to ask them if they give me the -- -- special you need to 2006172666868. Joseph Ed mark Andrea Brandon hang on we'll get to all of your calls a promise after the short newsprint and. Welcome back to the corner reports 838 here on the great WRKO. 61726. At 6868. Is the number. You know -- us of the -- -- it's just I it's not just the deer tick that you have to worry about what Lyme Disease. There's also the dog -- tech they carry our rocky mountain spotted fever. And there's another take their carry something else I can remember. A lot of different types of ticks that carry a lot different the only the deer -- carries WiMax. Which just happens to be the smallest of politics that you really. Yeah. I got I'm getting nervous because you should be it's -- after attacks the people saying. Yeah and honesty is the same thing guys like in Great Britain says and I feel itchy I feel fatigued. I don't know what this is balancing all these facts and everyone's got Lyme Disease. I think -- like I must have -- I swear it looked MacKinnon. It's been about a year now most. All I swear my joints hurt not really it's like a winner what's wrong with -- my joints hurt. I feel tired I don't feel I have the same energy elect has used out of it blamed lazy SR Lyme Disease -- all and sometimes I get a little feverish and I don't get feverish. I may have -- Probably do you know I mean assist. And maybe they have been able to catch with all the blood tests. I could be battling lines right now winds are should be saying why is that offends people like I'm Smart. Let's not call why don't SpinRite six once -- -- formalizing -- -- they think -- that -- -- Russian literature. -- McGill university in Croatia. 617666868. Andrea Europe next Iran are cameo welcome. But I am hoping that I hope you'll allow folks to bed but lime disease is one discussion arises in the that the discussion. American for five years sector and an emergency preparedness task force. And one of the things that we talked about a lot with the bird flu so let me try to explain and hopefully I'm getting it right I'm not from deductible -- -- them a jerk. Time. Heard that is. Eighty its AIDS virus it's respiratory. And it's a droplet infection which means I just standing around breathing. I leave the room and everybody who comes in around our I was breathing it dreaming and mosque just freaked out. But that -- what happens and here's why this is scary. Practical one out of three people who develop some more people die from it. There is no treatment -- it is not a bacteria vehicle you can and I treated with antibiotics. So all we do for people or how we can do is quote supportive care what does that mean. That means hydration IV fluids that means that somebody hasn't really severe. That they might need to go on Arnie and escalating our our respirator temporarily. Until they either recovery died but he did the problem. You can say now we have written in Florida and a couple of workers she's not broke and it's less say the whole bunch more people. Detmer is trying to a couple of people -- -- -- -- capital. Ventilated and -- stated that it did people thank -- -- -- hat. So ultimately if there are half a dozen of them. And he's got to triage country has to mean if you decide who do you think -- got to live and that you think is gonna died Cuba ninety year old with a right. And fifteen year old with -- don't treat the ninety year old -- year old. Item I legal remedy we can't help them file because you're thinking about who would it that you can't -- And it it get out in any and you don't under -- We'll get rich and you go to the supermarket but there's no food on the shelf because the truck driver tactic. And then you cannot help -- workers who get sick and -- Yorker writer I cannot help you look at the -- -- The rescue workers who was still healthy I felt frightened because they had Iran's elite that they refuse to go to work. And eventually now what do you have to -- -- and fill a prescription now you're right any kind of health insurance you know the chipping usually. Only get thirty days have a prescription -- -- -- to get ninety days. So you can't stockpile description step in the house so that you could quote shelter in place as our governor is gonna be -- always set. So what you had you can eat out a pretty big collapse. A society very long time from something like Morris or. Or. And -- -- people want to. Different that you can if you wanted to rent them all freedom outbreak about the top instance you can be a little bit of an idea about what -- -- change. But when you talk about bird flu which is what. We've been talking about. In southeast Asia and basically. I thought video -- why can't he get one person who get on any airplane in this case it was a mass southeast Asian country each. And they go to one that. 200 people on the plane all 200 people go to different places so. I don't 200 people they could also have been some way exposed not everybody will get at some people well and they take it all around the country. Sold in Canada and have a political message here -- when I'm just getting in this country is that we got a couple -- -- -- right now. And it's come from Saudi Arabia we dealt with that plane came from I would shut down if traveled from that country. Although we won't do that because they're from Saudi Arabia. You see and that's my point look you mean I swear to god as my witness. Brittany run and some -- sanitize or you were talking. I got I got chest tightness might might just was tightening just listening to you know I saw that movie. And it wasn't Dustin Hoffman was another one -- made a couple of years ago. Our Africa what it was called it was basically how we disease spreads. And it starts in East Asia they show it spreads and spreads outbreak outbreak. And it just spreads and spreads and spread to both like a dock you drama. And as. Look I know SARS SARS killed a lot of people especially up in Canada it was devastating. So god forbid I don't want us -- another incident with -- But you see that's why. You watch and control who comes in your country. You don't just allow anybody to just come on in. She'll -- the disease never mind a crime to criminality. Nevermind all of them don't murderers rapists kidnappers. 'cause you're not vetting him. They could be having diseases. That's why you don't just bringing anybody into any country. So hopefully will be able to isolate this thing and not have too many more people suffer from -- Because I'll tell your right now the last thing I need is -- I need -- like nine year old woman had 6172666868. And Europe next thanks for holding here on WRK no go ahead and. The long period of why are you have very good reason. To be uncomfortable both Lyme Disease. I haven't. Here and I'm very intrusive and held a putter also for thirty years. There and did not feel old book to such a degree -- trouble walking. Initially spoke with the temperature approximately 804. I dropped it back quickly because they knew what particular help to go -- talk about a hundred. And I dealt -- -- for a couple days because I don't take a vacation. What I finally. Decided to go to the emergency they want to Newton -- We really. Weren't even sure what it was at the time. Sort of away from the you know upload post. Eric are not a word so -- has its. There and it was extremely uncomfortable with sort of started taking. The boxers like Clinton which is what they do. Did and I took it took a double bills. Because when -- repeat your. Directions which seem to suggest that it the first pitch perfect to a better it is considered the picture's gonna. Almost bored because of Bergen culpable sort of stronger people adore their practice to strengthen -- -- two dogs. Which could certainly going to help. One medication and that -- to -- into getting rid of the pure problem as we intellectual and I am that person ticking and medication. I do not -- particularly. But but I was in such thing I'd get taken. And the other thing movement brought -- Into the spinal supplement -- -- or know how long it happened. And then eventually gets -- pure. Those final call. There and it will cause -- -- which. Like there's people called sprint could attract. A lot of talk to a couple of all the people vote. So what older. Than it had just because they got -- there wouldn't have been doing what touched. Didn't I didn't know there's console. Years later -- -- I don't regret that investors -- brutal -- different -- but also a loan production -- -- On my -- ones that you refused dying of cancer. Emitted it's first on his blog looking for the French Open beginning and they ask and did you -- -- well why does -- There he -- up so -- not inevitable aren't as it is what it it got so close. The Brazilian news. Or so close and -- -- identical -- effective may be the same identical Scranton. For more of career -- and what -- interpreter on what touched. Him and he would have their years ago. But the remnants of a -- sure that was brought it. Paulus and I didn't -- so basically you think lines is almost at piper variant of syphilis. Yes Obama you have and then the -- Serbs and -- local -- Or anywhere in America. -- -- we have here it's a political. I think that's just you know what with my luck honestly and with my luck I'll get line I swear to you. They'll misdiagnosis that syphilis. My wife will be think I was cheating on -- having an affair I swear my wife is very jealous -- she's -- she's very jealous very possessive before you know it. I'm sick like a dog I've got brain disease my wife's gonna leave me with tickets but they got fooled around with some prostitute or something and I got simple. That's that's all I need right now. 849 on WRKO. 6172666868. Mort your calls next. Welcome back to the corner reports 54 here on AM six AN WRKO. -- and Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Q talk radio why this GOP merely how did you and I haven't heard -- -- -- are excellent are -- activists stand on the Internet and now calling out tradition that operation American -- happening in Washington next Friday. I don't recommend you get an airplane I would I would bet that they aren't Obama can't just extraction of the reason why don't sit there and -- to stand out. Corn contract Republican Democrat and -- (%expletive) attack in United States American traditions we can't temperature and a lot. It's an outrage why doesn't anybody -- thought that this could be biological warfare quite. That character you know -- summer -- in an airport. -- -- -- No I didn't read -- because the content approval it's not. Politically correct but you know there are quietly get out and you'll need to -- -- turn to -- border. Obama can't 1000 immigration is another. Arnold -- and return collection and it felt that you need to throw the -- 2014. Footer there will be no no I clearly come twenty. Important think yeah I call -- I I never even thought about it but if you want to wage biological warfare is the way to do it. Get somebody from Saudi Arabia or whatever send them to the United States you you infect them with -- and before you know it. They're on the plane they're in the hospital. I mean votes -- producing don't give them ideas OK forget I said to -- does forget I said that idol is it Eileen. -- -- Elaine -- two point Brittany -- who spelled out but that was -- has not changed a lane will welcome dollars and welcome dark KO. I had dabbled listen I'm in terrible and and I been researching. You can't you know it's hit and kick and -- -- repellent. And is that a Brazilian. Rain forest products and nerve called into robots. It is an apple and in November 3. And -- and that breeds how ticks and fleas and mosquitoes. When you can put it dying yourself and animal. And and you're saying a -- it works. I know that thank you for a call. You can also use what -- permits in -- listen whatever Elissa -- I gotta get boned up on this because. I just my area is a -- heavy area I'm with my luck if I don't have it I'm gonna get line. Brenda you're up next thanks for holding -- -- RK oh welcome. Good morning to our black father who is said -- -- Came in the -- and said to me you need to look at these starter -- come my snowblower and bring in here and like black he had -- pick on him. Can you hear me Jeff yes. It yes I know I think you would make it. And I would -- start and I'm like what's going on there he showed me detect any -- handicapped -- glad to form. And I sprayed it with engine started slowly but -- -- -- and eloped. And I said oh my goodness this is the million dollar -- So I went to a pest control person and we examined the possibilities and it's totally against any kind of government regulations and packaged. Something like that argument here. But it got farmers to remedy to go online and you look at that's what -- call people that you -- are ever. And that the -- the test part of it is. Is when you do try to remove the check it recurred to -- When it regurgitate the worst of the worst comes out of it got and that's how people get infected people had better. Now Bradley apparently cooks he says that tweezers work to. You don't want to assault but check. Don't don't look what happens that it gets angrier. That -- will regurgitate it will vomit it got into the U. And that this is the best way to remove a -- are not not leaving him that's not doing any of those other methods. There's even a little spoon that they pass out in Maine I don't Obama maintenance control -- that contained at a government study. That's -- closed her Twin Cities is different your yard. We'll also would help shakes naturally that you cannot correspond that you cannot find all will remain -- like clover Dutch went clones. Yep -- don't know a lot about all this stuff it's pretty fascinating but I. Brenda thank you so much I I'm just taken notes is all of you were talking. Now apparently I would the movie was an outbreak. The movie was this is from 774 that was the movie I saw was watched the movie contagion. This is about a virus outbreak yes that's the one I saw. And is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen on all I hear -- 774. Dollars and Dokic drama I saw a couple of years ago when the feeder. Matt Damon starting -- that's right you know he wasn't that good he's never that good but let that go to movie itself was actually pretty Garrett. And it shows you how these things grant. And god forbid I hope we don't have something with murders. Who would we have back on here. Hello comrade Joseph John or -- John Obama -- John idyllic moment. Spot a lot of depth now that belly -- quite work out and outdo what my whole life are right. He's Smart -- gasoline that can't greeted him at 8 o'clock Padilla ticked at are you well what -- or out there aren't that. The other thing you're you're out towards when you get all immediately -- your clothes in the dry up and it -- items that he will tell. Check out the fact that there. That hectic the -- the ball go over the Middle East is that it. And why you think he's gonna get a -- a comrade. What are real well maybe now we ever written a -- -- I gotta go all my friends 9 o'clock here on the great WRK so much more to come don't touch that guy. News of the top and bottom talking between executing a sign host -- flawlessly because I can't do wrong this is AMCC WRKO. Boston.