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Blazing, Saddles, Charlie Chan and Political Incorrectness

May 12, 2014|

Director, writer actor Mel Brooks Mel Brooks blasted present-day political correctness and says he was "lucky" to have made the comedy classic Blazing Saddles in the days when he still could and that he would never be allowed to make it in today's climate of political correctness. Howie absolutely agreed with Mel....

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The media poll question today concerns -- -- concerns an interview that Mel Brooks gave this is the fortieth anniversary of the release of the very funny movie classic bullies and circles. Which is very politically incorrect by today's standards. And Mel Brooks. They said something like I tend to agree with unfortunately in Hampshire he's beat the Jesus -- -- -- as well. Which is that today. He couldn't make blazing it's it's just because it is so politically and associated what's the poll question and what is the one of the results thus far. Could blazing saddles be made today. I don't Alex in 80% agree with you I'm -- now that's it's. It's a pity I find it I find the network version OK I find the unedited version hysterically funny. Well you -- bargain with. JD -- about this on news Max TV earlier in the day you he was -- and you know what are they when they wanna go after and interest not only you normally could you not make it today but. The way these things usually ego. Is they moved to pay it off of TV. Remember that remember I mean. Amos and Andy is on from TV. There was there was an attempt to get that currently teaching them movies off off of Turner Classic Movies a few years ago which I never understood because. Charlie Chan is smarter than any of white people that he's the only way is the smartest guy in the world he's the one solves the missed the murder. You know so this is just one of those just one of those unfortunate. I think of a future victim of political correctness here. 18774694322. Is their -- shop near the wind sport. -- don't believe there is a cheap shot near the wind storm that tell you what that Roche Brothers is. Sport they have points election -- those big supermarket they have. They have sport all over the place. And they they are going to be bringing in some snacks to wise and some were urged to go along with the line. That cousin -- car will be serving to what everybody comes and the sport to see a night of -- So why's he even though there won't be achieved shop and I'm kind of think thinking that was -- Morton probably won't be there because of cheese shop. Or option and whatnot I think about -- I think bush -- sells cheese in the in the store they sell everything LC. They have they -- -- -- scream yeah I think they have these amazing yeah. Like I've told this wine tasting machines. Where they keep the push oxygen and took on in the bottles of wines -- can just press the button and you give it fresh one line. Even the bottles open for a couple of days of pretty cool place to go on the huge selection of Beers well so. It's a it's a good place ago what beach Sunday this Sunday may eighteenth about 48. 18774694322. Speedy Gonzalez cartoons could not be made today either and he got the better of the gringo -- every time it doesn't make sense. Yeah have you ever see you remember rough Jose Hammond as Bill Dana the building in a show. Jose Hammond as was Leo but where -- not a Butler excuse me at bell man and a -- hell. And he was and he he was a funny guy. And that show was banished I mean that was a lot of that was -- huge. Success. Like and you know and a on the scale Amos and in the in radio days in the name is -- was I think that pretty well on Tuesday. But it was it was a pretty successful show and you've you've never seen it again and they're they're a lot -- -- biggest problem we can pick -- a lot of shows that you earn at least a few shows but with university anymore. Just because of various aspects of political correctness. One Song of the South is the classic band moving yeah song of us -- exactly. Yeah you you go -- -- you go to war are the the that you go to Disney World. And is in in Orlando and you go up to that this needed to there to ride the Song of the South right which is one of the better -- And you know it it has -- -- -- go down at the water and you can have your picture taken this is that you know you're getting splashed -- -- There's only one guy missing from Song of the South. Uncle Ream us. To pretty important character to be missing. You know. It's kind of like you know having issue having a having something about us having a movie about Camelot. In the -- can't put king Arthur in to -- Well Tori Amos is the guy tells the stories. But. I don't see it again he heat I was a cook could there be a morbid not -- Figure them uncle agreements. But he he had the bite the dust. He had the bite the dust beside as -- that is a text recessions in in this place we get Al Sharpton. A rabbit in the semis. A rabid -- spader. A snitch. A tax innovator. AE eight is someone who is who who has libeled slandered. Police officer white police officers. And and anyone else. 18774694322. Of the 10 o'clock news on channel two was canceled due to PC considerations. And all -- think you you know it Crist -- irritated. Julia Child with a couple things that -- a couple of reports that he did involving some. Talks some racist. Goings on on brattle street where she lived but. I think the main reason that the 10 o'clock news got canceled because we. Billy Bulger wanted to on the president of the senate. -- and channel two had to get this so electoral license every year. For their big fund raiser they need to end of the electoral it was one of these home rule petitions -- go to legislature every year. And he would just stop stop channel two from getting an electoral experts and and prevent them from raising problem money. And that's that's when -- that's when channel two news that's when that at 10 o'clock news disappeared. 1877469432218774694322. My nephews cartoon dvds come with the PSA by Whoopi Goldberg explaining that the cartoons could be considered hurtful. While both once that they made of during during World War II Leo -- Warner Bros. made him with the India told Joseph type character of the Japanese character. With a big buck teeth. Mean I think he's. I think those are all. I haven't seen I'm gonna yeah I would say no I've been seen any of those in the long long time that you remember right. I do but I didn't eyesight -- they would they would still play in the morning you know on the metro media station when I was growing up and I have seen a couple of them in on. Independent movie theaters when -- for instance my husband died this week and we went to CD. A Japanese heard the original Japanese version of -- on the resolved without -- burn it which is a totally different Libyan really really good. And they still have things like that will show cartoons. The 1930s cartoons before in ninety was cartoons before that the feature and sometimes shall see. At the stuff that didn't mean it wouldn't pass Muster today on cable right. Right -- idea of terrific stuff that I've seen that truly of the suits. The truly un PC lately on TV acutely I can't become much really. M turner classics sometimes what stops light through it's only a few seconds went. I'm pumped not not only thing I haven't seen Charlie -- destroy which is -- cheat and -- and on on turner classics opens you Charlie -- for a long time I got all the dvds of -- -- and -- walk form. I know Boston Lackey still. But of course Boston black is just the name actually Boston Lackey is white. A white man Caucasian. 1877. Of The Three Stooges with Bob Butler in the kitchen. Tackle and Jack. What's wrong -- tackle and Jack. Another or black but they had that they have English accents. They shouldn't IR I don't mechanical Jack court band that did just that those were those were kind of crappy cartoons anyway actually. 187746. Line. Mississippi here. Bugs Bunny nips the nips and hair meets hair HE RR. You can only see on the Internet now. But all pars in movies are -- on Tuesday. In a lot. I don't I wish appeared via movie movies. Does anyone really miss Johnny is much -- I missed -- But those those those -- he sees him please where they. Let's be honest I guess they like King Kong is King Kong -- but the zombie movies from thirties all those were pretty racist. And and you not think about that the zombie movies yes the zombie movies. How they -- I never -- how are they racist because they want somebody some white. White virgin would go down to -- -- somewhere in the and that would be all these groups these black zombies would be -- you've seen those islanders like other clients are movies on the on Allen Weiner. -- -- and. There are a lot of there there there -- they admit a lot of those movies I think they've somehow survived. 18774694322187746943. 22 that is the toll free number of them how we our show available calls on this one out in the open will move on quickly. How does a modern family get away with there -- a racist and homosexual jokes I don't know -- ago. What about Jack -- overwrought just where old Rochester so. -- for summaries and Rochester has made at least on the at least on -- serious radio. He's he's pretty he's a pretty Smart guy I mean again he's another guy like Charlie Chan who's really liberal smarter than and that is. His white. Superiors people who would be his superior. One in the original night of the living dead they had the Cuban hero because -- was a black William kill him because he was black they -- they mistook him for a zombie. So I issued its say they just figured he was a black guy so we had to be a bad guy so when they were killed there were closing in wiping up as zombies they wiped them out as well. 18774694322. Road runners to violent but Grand Theft Auto is Cokie -- Marx Brothers have vanished. -- whole topic so Marx Brothers haven't finished behavior next with -- cargo ahead Dave. -- you ever seen out blazing saddles on you know GP dot cable TV they they always -- -- -- -- but they never looked out got jammed over any those types of. You know Christian slaughtering. Types of things but every little thing like that is is completely obscured -- Yeah no I you know I I was thinking of something it. You know there's I love the movie the front page you know who's told newspaper days in Chicago I just I enjoy. It while the other one but I mean that the rebels say that's -- just went -- -- think it is. And I you know there's one there's one line where he's Walter Matthau but the got replaced the editor. SS two was assessed to warm up. What. That while the birds right guy yeah he's -- was -- how he worked here at The Herald not not how we HOW he not no relation committee. And he says to what Jack Lemmon he says says when I picture while you were covered two bit -- -- weddings on the south side. And you know that he sit there and you know when it comes out of that on TV it's just when I picture that you were covered two bit weddings on the south site mean his. I don't want to know what's this war but it's but it's so typical of the time is that don't shall we don't leave something like that in there. Yet no I agree and how to how to dad Jack hour and twenty -- stop fighting Islamic terrorists. -- -- other important though it's all hot there are no such things as sought Islamic terrorists -- Hollywood -- You can't if they if they put out a -- casting call for terrorist if you if you don't have blond hair and blue -- -- forgot about it. You know not make it your bacon cup. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Now can you imagine Amos and Andy in today's PC world says 61 might know why can't I can't. You know what I I don't I thought they were pretty funny I like to see you wonder what's what I guess Spike Lee would be that he's easily and those guys were funny. They were really funny I mean the originally a radio Amos and white guys. And they wore on for I don't know thirty years they started -- they were they when they started in the late 1920s. But when with the TV they have the -- they had to go real black people -- they found recently found these guys in these guys they -- areas especially acting. That -- he he was one of the great great comedians. But the later Charlie chants like -- industry -- of the -- to in Birmingham brown I mean he was rules man and more he was a stereotypical. Patrick your next with how cart -- Patrick. -- Aaron logo on and a call that emit more of them -- folk IR -- we didn't sort of call him -- -- originally thinking -- god Allah. Racists then you are attacking Japanese. Apparently got delay is Japanese after the movie I -- and on Saturday. What's that some of the -- city this week maybe I don't for heralded the globe they had like about. I didn't know they made their there's twenty or 25 -- all the movies they got a lot of but the originally -- -- the original one. They inserted they went back and name had Raymond -- found is that this Caucasian character and in that basically say that he's depressed guy who help save the Japanese. It makes only very camp not that you know it's it's a scifi you've got to remember the Michael see him of of -- early -- TV -- yes. But the original god ciller was more like that thing Howard Hawks is that saying it was actually a serious treatment and it was pretty good. And rumor and or drugs or being too. Our members as you've never seen the original one got a you have to at this was -- this was a big deal showing your original Japanese version -- the American. They cut it up edited up amid for the American audience and turn -- to like about me and version of god -- as opposed to the original which was much more serious. -- thanks for the -- thanks for the call Patrick could all of the -- be made today. Yeah I like good as he does he gets abused for being and not put it right now he's like that guy what's his name col -- but that it pretends to be made -- -- they're Republicans so we can. So therefore he gets he gets the sale these racist things by claiming that he's in character. Like he's in. You might say he's in white face you know. So I meet Archie Bunker -- say he was in white face and and doing all this kind of stuff so he might get we get away. 18774694322. Larry your next with how -- cargo have Larry. And how it a little concerned I still have about 340% to eighty ths. 8% home you know they do them -- it. Barbara suggest there. But yeah the you know the up PC police may be it may be -- wearing out award even as we speak Larry too good to bring your home. -- They're pretty funny though aren't -- Shortages despite his worry years ago like Allah god when Jimmy Calhoun the lawyer. Well what congress. That are. Thanks for the call Larry 18774694322. However let's be honest the only three you cannot pick on are Muslims blacks and anyone else's open market I think -- ideal I don't think he threw in case. It's so once a -- you have to remove god from god so that's that's not a bad 1877. There's an old movie station on Verizon called yet TV war Charlie Chan was a couple weeks ago while. Warren -- white said people said people played its Warner Olin Sydney told -- those within it or white guys want us. War Poland Wednesday it was a Swedish guy who was drunk all the time we have one of the last. Surviving members of Charlie Chan cast on the today at the issue culturally chance. In the morning because after what should be too -- to work commitment to shoot around. Always had that we're -- -- beloved -- me out on cheese and viewed as an advantage that I got him a shot who wrote the the blob. Yeah trying New Hampshire she was teaching up at New Hampshire exactly issued a Charlie -- -- -- of these -- in the twentieth century Charlie chance -- -- -- it than Sydney -- came in and he took over. He used to play my my adult woman whatever that be on TV it's certainly -- -- seems to see them used to be in the theater in Portland you know when they had be you know back in the back in the early part of this century they you know up theaters in addition to having having the silent movies. Tony you're next with Howie -- going -- Tony. Every much all what are jet without -- and Spain is little schools. Well actual that -- on the TV or. This is. A yeah is yeah because of CM ball writer or what was it -- or -- buck wheat that was. Are we hurt nobody bought it admin won't still can't hear somebody bought emotional anymore I'm a -- Sid yeah you know there are similar grass -- lately I haven't seen the rest -- -- -- -- -- -- -- them periodically bald guy. OK so there -- the other around. -- those. Yeah. They alfalfa was the star of that group and he got see you later turn in the wine shop that it was about thirty -- the burst that something like that. 187746. Mindful little girl starlet just died this week as a matter of fact. To. It 206 wants to know is there buyback broke Amos and at the PGX. How we F Troop could not be made. No no you know what after it could be made but you couldn't make fun of the Indians like that you can have a that's up about the account being lovers not fighters. Now that would that would go over. Russ you're next with how we cargo ahead -- But he was definitely my favorite collapse of those no no it's about it I said in the senate. Was always the best alas there was no question about it. Which we will never see again unfortunately. You know one of saying well I have not seen any more it's one of the episodes available radicals. Think he's uncle from Africa yum yummy -- -- up -- to remember yum yum eat them up at the it's so funny that the fact that every time someone pulls up here -- candy ego -- I mean about and they thought he was accountable for. A okay thanks a lot -- Alfalfa that was in that one it's a wonderful life I didn't go that way. They play and that that's that that's a fact that -- Is it off because of the -- -- Yet that's when we didn't know pit bulls pit bulls he was just that you just acute look at blog that the dog that I gained. From dot com at least one metal Spike Lee could make a -- As examples like movie guarantee the white heroes to our would be the hero. The sheriff is like crack. Yeah well a pity -- nobody was an issue well remember the shark was a white guy anyway. 18774694322. Let's see here. The saying just the -- here has been or it has been released worried or is being released today that we'll we'll check that out Leo. 18774694322. On our car. Then in -- -- and don't -- And and. -- 1877469432. To. Trivialize things. That heavily Republican governor from California was chasing a Muslim. Terrorist group called crimson. Don't think peace at any time soon. The sum of all fears that Clancy. Book that turned into movies and the terrorist turned from -- Muslim. Or Muslims and to war. In -- neo Nazis again the on the options it is few good in Hollywood. The the biggest the the only person actually laughed our world our current neo Nazis. But doctor no doctor no mobile to mean doctor no was half. It was half Chinese a -- in his name no no no. So I don't know but doctor no. 18774694. Hillary two to one dates of its force X line -- story. 22. Julliard -- without cargo ahead Joseph. I know and -- -- what the old Edward G. Robinson movies there was real. Racist and that's sexist stuff even an hour and -- I remember I remember one specific scene when he was on a train and he. They conduct the pop Foreman. To give the companies say Danielle he would go it's fifty deputies sent to be a good boy you know in the tabloids yes you know. It and that I Obama locked by you know and you would know quote overture grow when she walked pestering China bed -- you know holes. But -- that is pre code you know that's a different thing you have your receivables pre code movies are pretty -- You know our our personal Hambrecht and died -- on bill they were very good looking women and they were ski or. Much more scantily clad than anybody was up until the sixties again. Yeah yeah yeah well we can thank you know how it used to when he got the that the scientists there with the every cut studio. Site is up there with the measuring device there and Russell and yet the idea from a via Libya -- you know in. No one other thing is. He had cargo load that these famous King Kong -- guards are I love -- as a kid that -- morning creature double feature and that but that was that -- you know -- articles movies go -- -- that would actually pretty decent actually. But you're right most from Europe were pretty dabbled -- -- -- I I made the mistake of -- -- -- -- at a price about leaving something's in the past. I got I got a hold of a couple of dvds the creature features. The physical -- port visit and boy how you were right. Well if you know what though that the thing is those dvds are so cheap it's not really like it's a tragic loss surgery but you do not experience brought -- all you know exactly yeah it. -- -- -- -- -- Highway Patrol is the same I mean I -- thinking about Highway Patrol Broderick Crawford speed around the dirt roads cause he's lost his license for driving drunk but. Well shows release they were really bad -- thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Caspian sea island -- around they have a little persons spoke broken English has signed me TV in the TV now. I think he's allowed to she's he's more of the he's at war more than in the -- misery. And pennies French that's a French accident happened not always has always asked what he is he's French -- -- you can get away with that obviously. 18774694322. What about Gilligan's Island when they had than the Japanese settler from the submarine Coke bottle glasses in the accident. Yeah that was a different time to mean yeah I don't know off the I don't know -- some at least. This sublease a series have like one or two. Episodes that are now considered offense member un PC and those -- disappear I don't element I don't even remember that while the Japanese army IM ETV houses he can always does it does -- say that I receive it on there. -- -- -- But you know I mean it's today difference is reverend it was posts ago to date offered before -- posts ago when they operative. Let's go to Hawaii for the opening of Pearl Harbor design invited us we just figured the time difference was team to about hard to do -- -- average out. Well when they opened the movie Pearl Harbor in Japan and Disney version. They removed all anything about it being a surprise attack. Really yeah. Just reading something today and -- them this is that you -- -- -- -- about the it was in the in another context but they said the you know Japan relief the -- was lost when they lost those four carriers at midway so they the Japanese. Government the imperial government decided that they wanted to make sure no one in Japan ever knew that they they have lost those four carriers. So they did they people act out all the news India and the accent all the survivors were kept an isolated -- medical facilities. And they were then shipped off to the furthest furthest. Areas of the -- so that they couldn't tell anybody what happened. But that's you know -- I think he you know they used -- a song that they played on the forty -- which is now off the year temporarily I hope -- it's up for if they take off the Internet and Rasmussen hasn't come back. What came back into temporary but it is they that now they've got collegial. -- each of Billy jewel channel. What we have the Jerry Lewis in the -- moisture in our the boxed question Gary Lewis -- the -- going here whatever it is scary when you know Hamid. I don't I don't consider building -- one of the more -- But it -- so they they hope they bring back forty -- but -- the use of this Perry Como channel about you know one. Whatever happened to the Japanese -- heard it was a minus smoky -- Tokyo. -- that if you go on YouTube would you check it out they got this girl go when they said whatever happened that the Japanese she's pushing a prize. You know I mean real real. I -- it is -- it it's you know typical for 194445. Looks real racists now. And I just wonder if somebody saw that thing on YouTube and to top of that song it's on. 187746943221877. -- 694322. H in the old days like in World War II which you mentioned we used humor to ridicule our enemies today would Wear gloves when handling Koreans. What -- But -- all of the united Charlie Chaplin try to make a movie about Hitler I don't think -- went over well -- -- -- back I mean even before you knew about the Holocaust he knew he was a bad guy in the movie just flopped. Eddie you're next with -- cargo ahead daddy. Alia as a coach Jack active but hey wait air boxes -- -- -- -- the bulk. And he has some. -- got that -- that have -- that not all he would run up for a shelf but back in jail. But it -- it big political outlook in the remote like Napolitano is Scioscia that it could all it that it built that day. Now are you kidding it's -- uncle agreements or simply -- dog day in the real movie in the real burden. That's how far we've come minutes and I don't think it's forward Eddie. That would -- the greatest fly there. Obviously you're remembered all these years later. Thanks 1877469432218. Sevenths. The 0617 the only stereotype a lot of movies or Boston Irish depicted is dumb -- gangsters. Well you know that's in their -- something to be set for that you know. They you can you can say what every one about the Irish people about about it. 18774694322. Stephen your next with how we -- ahead Steven. I -- record points so. Last week -- I -- won't tolerate repeat yes they entry into the -- and -- Whoopi Goldberg teachers -- her and John Amos and they -- this element but still brilliant actors and -- -- -- Really won't know why aren't they why aren't they out knock on doors to get it back on TV. I don't know -- don't. Will let me have you any time there's a gay character on or television or Ellen DeGeneres -- hired to. I won't change she student groups like the same research council one -- won't in the Traditional Values Coalition. Startup or archived patent -- of the show it cannot is that political correctness. It's kind of reverse political correctness but that doesn't mean what was the last when they did that statement. Well it shouldn't last week what. Went out and -- the details and. -- finally by the Whitney yeah Michael Sampson church hopes always be important -- -- now one. Really well you know the notes deceive and obviously I don't think he would have been drafted at the end of the and he he did pretty crappy at those combined. -- -- yeah I mean he was that he was the player were he was the player of the year in the conference that was that. But I mean there's been this -- of players that have been players of the year and look at a lot of people Oakley joining me and sells them make it he's the he's -- we you know Johnny football. Thanks for the false statement. 1877469. Were three to two. Talk your -- with how we are going at now now the rim stock though I'd but the bomb making that the poll question. Are there are the -- gonna have to keep -- am on the prospect. I think they are yes and I don't -- I mean I don't know -- drafted him because they they can't they can't get rid of him. You know. -- your next without -- -- had taught. And I think to take a culture frequent number one Bugs Bunny and upset you can't -- -- correctly anymore. I'm number two. What you want to get your shot and I understand the ones but it. The African with a big ball into his nose and stop like that in every every episode -- shoot each other it's a shotgun. And it took it just. That they have Elmer but he's he's a member of the National Rifle Association you know. I I didn't at the -- and enjoy the show that documents. And number two it citing you'd mentioned Leo -- schools I'm all week actually. In a lot of time I. -- superb pretty much everything under the sun and he actually converted to Islam and changes name to operate -- We saw I do I should've known that was common thank you 18774694322. About porky. And what obstacles mean that's kind of regularly exposed to say something about the corps which started. What is that the national fat acceptance society or something like that that assesses conventions around -- and -- mark your next with how we card or had mark. Great spiritual outlook I -- -- Italian Soviet to a group to a group at that you can actually learn these days -- -- watch somebody like it would open its cultural. All multi ethnic bad guys on the Spanish bad guys in the Mexicans and Chinese and Irish. And that in and out -- W ebitda those slurs. But the Chinese are about Hispanics or are other than a drop and involved. Well but it helped Australia and in the area and -- exists and yet again. Italian American myself all the little I'm a little. They used to -- -- be under the called the Irish harp or anything like that -- else. Confidence the worst title and a lot of wall. The orbit -- that's the only that's the only slow early uses Guinea's. It's all wind howling all and Bob they don't use -- You know the Spanish wears a pedestrian Enron -- it goes I need to look at the end of this. -- that we got that we got it thanks for the call marked. And now we are.