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Callers respond to Bill who defends Obama admin on Benghazi. 5/12/2014

May 12, 2014|

What do you make of caller Bill's comments?

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Welcome back and ladies and gentlemen good to have you want us. They don't 5 in the morning at Boston's talk station WRKO Mike -- for Jeff co owner Jeff was taking off today. A well deserved day off by the way and as we continue along. -- the real question. Does this country have a shot. And bringing it back to the values that made it great. We've seen. And the last call before the break. Call me any criticism of Barack Obama racism is absolute poppycock and balderdash number one. He would've been elected without white people. Whatever that guy thinks. The number of African American voters in this country would never. Have been enough to elect Barack Obama so let's put that one aside right now white people elected. Barack Obama. Number two. This -- think we can't criticize him for his inaction about Ben Ghazi. Or for his having his attorney general take the phone records of the Associated Press over two month period. Or for giving those 4200 automatic weapons to the cartels in Mexico Sinaloa Cartel and Zeta cartel. And then having Brian Terry customs and Border Patrol agent killed by our own guns. Does he think that the president shouldn't be criticized for his administration. Doing these things. Or trying to get net neutrality through again. To control the Internet so the conservative point of you won't be heard. If he can help but. He wants to transform this country into a single ideology. Now have a legitimate opposing point of view what a single ideology why is that racist to criticize him for those policies. He doesn't find it racist himself he understands people are gonna disagree with them. And this old platitudes. About somehow criticizing in the old days when Jesse Jackson ran for president it was racist to criticize him on his positions on issues that's baloney. The reality is that if somebody takes a position you don't like I don't care whose skin is white black yellow green orange magenta or short troops. Why care about is what the person thinks. And if something register group I'm gonna say so Jeff -- Mike Siegel -- bosses talk station WRKO for Jeff cooter good morning. -- Entirely right there's that (%expletive) and right I know you -- to a different topic but I want our fellow North Korea what she said go right ahead. I know I know there's certain -- and I smoke inhalation. But I just wanted to make a point that you know. I'm -- to be dead I'm Michelle Obama had told -- liberty do not make sure that I went eating healthy so. I don't understand like you wouldn't take the -- do. Are you want to you about smoking so you know she even if he did diets well -- it's mr. Obama saw the not. Enforcing not people not to smoke so either -- of -- at -- pop. I appreciate your -- -- I don't think it was about smoke inhalation from smoking. Even -- or -- wouldn't suggest that I think she misguided -- Eleanor Clift suggest that somehow he was in locked in a room that had smoke in it. That he inhaled that caused his son wants to stop functioning and no longer had -- I think that's what would what she was talking about which is complete. Absurdity. Absolute absurdity. Our number -- Boston 6172666868. Glad to get your calls and it's about time we start calling it what it is. And stop using these. Nice to -- Circling around the corner. Let's talk about what this country needs instead of what the politicians think is palatable. To the Democrats. On the Republican side -- keep kowtowing. Time they stood up for themselves and be counted. Edgar Allen Mike Siegel and Boston's talk station WRKO. For Jeff cooter good morning to you. And Mike good to talk yeah. That never occurred to me is that. It's -- has -- liberals have a stranglehold on education. We won't have a bit of hope but cracked in the -- in this country because whatever we do. Whatever successes we have will soon be. Changed over time of my ticket that catered to. I don't liberals and Justine what they Pete -- propaganda late in the and media government she pulled back streets. Public I was a public school teacher for four years. And the public education. Has has gone into the absolute demise. Of any intellectual. Thought it's about it really is about dumbing down it's about making everybody mediocre. So that they become pawns of the system you're right about that follow us. And do what we say and that he'll be rewarded for that that that's what's scary about education today. What do you think we can do about it and say parents are concerned citizens. Taxpayers what point do about it. Well once the one thing. That's an advantage. Certainly in New Hampshire. We I -- you're calling from is the fact that Jeff town meetings. And everybody gets the speak and everybody gets the vote it's kind of movement than the old Greek city state form of pure democracy. I think at the local level that's where these things can be dealt with and no matter where you war. People should be running for school boards of education. And and you know to be directors of boards of education or members. A board of education. In your community. To stand up for. The teaching of the concrete subjects how much of the stuff that goes on now is about political correctness teaching about things that have nothing to do -- being skilled. For the future of this highly technologically. Advanced world. How much of it is really focused on that and how much of it is focused on just the waste of time about the school's teaching values. And that's the question. So that's I think Ed did that that we need to go is get people in office on the school boards we're gonna take the schools and the direction of teaching. That the concrete subject matters that gonna get young people productive jobs in the future why are we having people come in from other countries for technological jobs. Explain that to me. But what I'm totally with you about I also why not take it can't but I told our -- sponsored I think it's great group. Six -- Able to output showed what you -- just I'm here. Well appreciate your being with a sensitive question -- if you think about that. Why don't we have matter of fact I mentioned earlier. There's a congressman. Who wants to cut a deal Republican who wants a cut a deal with the Democrats. And actually. Allow more visas for foreign. Scientifically. Advanced workers. Technologically advanced worker's computer workers people -- technological skills to come into this country from other countries increasing number of visas. Why. Because companies are needing them because we're not teaching the kids in school today what they need in order to learn those skills. You talked to any of those companies Microsoft has had to go to India. To get people to come here to work. Why don't we teach our own kids this stuff. It's because there's an effort to keep them from learning. In order to keep them under control you don't want somebody doesn't learn the thought of the independent thought process guess what. There under the control of the people who war in charge. We have this as you all know. This troubling story vocal Iran. Which is al-Qaeda connected group there and Islamic militant terror organization. Now the reports I've seen already -- from -- forty to 300 girls were taken from their school in Nigeria this is back on April 15. And they've been kidnapped. And apparently. Some of them may be many. Apparently good are now being housed in either Cameroon or Chad to neighboring countries of Nigeria that this a terrorist group got them out of Nigeria. The leader of this group is Abu box car -- Cowell. He says he's gonna sell these girls into marriages and -- sex slavery. We're talking about human trafficking here. And this again is eight terrorist Islamic group. The president of Nigeria grab -- name of good luck Jonathan. Has waited weeks before even asking for any international assistance to try to recover these young ladies he's done nothing. And now of course -- been some US exports sent to Nigeria to assist the government's now all of a sudden we're involved. With the law enforcement intelligence military ask our experts where over there now. And there is apparently. Going to be some kind of a negotiation between. The legitimate Nigerian Islamic clerics and vocal -- to see these girls send back within a week. In exchange for insurgents being imprisoned in Nigeria and setting them free. That's what happens in Israel. And I think Israel was wrong. When it will take back one or two Israeli defense force soldiers in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian terrorists being freed. In effect that's what's happening here. These girls are being exchanged. If this deal was cut. For these terrorists that are being -- that are now in jail in Nigeria now. The bottom line is that why are we going over there you know he got Chuck Schumer screaming about it. You've got. Michelle Obama screaming about it. And all of a sudden all of them or upset but what have they done. About the problem of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists in the first place these are Islamic fundamentalists who took these girls mrs. Obama and guess what. You don't wanna call them your husband doesn't wanna call them Islamic. He doesn't wanna use the word in the annual CIA report on terrorist threats to America they have sanitized that the name Islamic. We're jihadist or Islamic fundamentalist is not in there it's the same thing with the annual State Department report. I'm Islamic fundamentalists the word Islamic fundamentalist is not in there the administration won't talk about it. As matter of fact. Lisa Monaco. Who's an assistant in the area of Homeland Security for the president spoke at Harvard about -- two weeks I think it was April 15 actually. And she said in the speech at Harvard. Well we've got these terrorists but there early and out of anyone religion at their ball different backgrounds and we shouldn't label one religion. Almost -- UN the president can go fly a kite as far as I'm concerned on this issue because it is clearly. Unequivocally. The fact that these are Islamic fundamentalists we ought to named them as such. Even Bill -- of all people. Bill Maher came out publicly and said that this whole thing in Brunei. Where the sultan of Brunei is imposing sure real loss and all the Hollywood crowd. Is now one boycotting the Beverly hills hotel and the Bel Air Hotel. Because those are owned by the sultan of Brunei so the Dorchester organization which he also. He's that they're now saying we're not going there so those two hotels are now empty. And that's a good thing I suppose but the but the problem is these people don't wanna deal with the problem upfront. They don't want to deal with the and define it for what it is now finally maybe they'll have to and I attended mrs. Obama you concerned about those girls the -- -- concern about getting these Islamic fundamentalist. Why are you going after the Islamic fundamentalists who use Islam. For their own devices that's what they do. Steve your -- Mike Siegel for Jeff -- run WRKO good morning to you. My infection that might call. Sure aren't that that this thing that hurts me the most about there's some sort of like why don't we have almost follows that we should track called me Democrats will play out like you lose most won't shut up but I didn't again. -- We should every time we talked about and we should say that the modern -- Think that's and that guy that they cute trying to get at least send all the data quite easily and coordinate have post traumatic syndrome. The men and how many different complex so he's got a little -- so -- we remain part of how we can nobody spent. While that's because this that's because this president by design wants to reduce. The effectiveness of our military they're cutting with the first place she's cut as the defense budget. So first budget is cut. But if you're not gonna define the problem. Which is in fact Islamic fundamentalism. And then you have Ariana Huffington when when the Bill -- was talking about. How we ought to name Islam as a problem. He talked about the fact that eighty or 90%. Of the egyptians. Wanted to. To have Islamic. What law be followed. And and and -- benefit and and that would be controlling. That many Catholics in the country said the same thing we'd be all over. Bill Maher said the big questions about the problem they were the problem may be in the fourteenth century with the Christian crusades or the twelfth century they're not the problem now. It's Islamic fundamentals of those interest in the -- Bill -- telling the truth about that instead of hiding behind political correctness. And Ariana -- I don't know we can't call of any one religion. Well why not. -- whoever it is that's using. Terrorist tactics for the most part -- by hiding behind the -- ran using it for their own. Horrifying. Violent. Terrorist acts. And that's what we should be calling it. And so now all of a sudden and the terrible thing with these girls were kidnapped. But now all of a sudden they wanted to do something about it -- and they decided about a before and Hillary Clinton as secretary -- Didn't even name this organization. This terrorist organization -- around. As a terrorist organization on the State Department terror list until 2013. Toward the end of the year in November. That's only a few months ago. She left them alone all the rest of the time. And now they -- it I mean Hillary Clinton is should be held accountable for that by not calling that a terrorist group to begin with. Anthony -- might -- over Jeff colon or WRKO good morning. Hey good morning cute like good show this morning and I'm sorry that you have to do that the only racist card. I'm -- yet to start at him. It's this link -- that's been going on as Americans brought them aren't true equal. Sure about the from what -- people. These people have been an HI -- -- centuries. Actually Barack Obama knows for a fact. -- other coast had been kidnapped since he's taken presidency. And the gold -- sold into -- so why now. That's why I chose this issue are the whole villages so that -- -- Matt that couldn't get kidnapped and it's not the first time that these women have been well -- -- does -- The Democrats. That. You know those that by the way you wanna get another one there was a Christian village. In Syria north of Damascus. And the al-Qaeda. The rebels the terrorists. Came in to that village and basically the people -- choices diet or convert to Islam. Now you'd see a side do anything about it you didn't see anybody in that country do anything about it. And you see Obama the -- about it but all of a sudden now in Nigeria he wants do something about what about those other people. They don't care. They just don't get a look at the political cover up time to get what you eat and go to the -- attention. They don't have that all of them are true he took -- where -- it that I -- not so important oppressed black president. I would be -- would be an agent assured me. And -- and I want to make sure that it in the current throughout the world and like at six years in -- and now we can go while -- I appreciate the call he has said nothing until now. Unfortunately. You got that and it's and it's a very tragic story as somewhere between two -- 4300 girls have been taken that's horrible. But they're not the only ones human trafficking is going on all over the place even inside this country. What's he doing about it -- any place before and I I'll guess I'll ask you the question. Do when he if you want us to send. Military special forces troops. To go win the Nigeria or chatter Cameroon. And find those girls and freedom do you want us to be doing that should we send our military to take care of this and if we should but what about all the other hundreds of thousands. Of -- victims of human trafficking 6172666868. Is the number of Boston Mike -- for Jeff corner and what about the fellow who said it's racist to be attacking Barack Obama is it racist to attack -- president for bad policy. Back after this at WRKO stay with a. It's. Yeah I mean Republicans can -- -- over Obama wanted to let him off fears over he -- all of -- to get the other make good morning. It serves it racist -- president doesn't present limited search but how is it racist when you condemn the president for not protecting. A mission that's American sovereign territory in Benghazi Libya. They're not very -- -- Obama got admitted that it -- -- maybe I got the first of all about I don't know what I wanted so let's not get into that. The -- didn't do the job he was supposed to do why shouldn't he be criticized for its not about race it's about incompetence -- Okay 8:27 good morning at WRKO Boston's talk station that fellow called earlier. Ranting and raving about it being racial anytime you criticize Barack Obama your comments about that about the situation in Nigeria. We know. That the State Department and secretary of state Hillary Clinton have been attacked. With serious criticism lately because she didn't designate the local Paramus terror organization. As I said until November of last year why not. There are afraid to call it what it is. The problem in the world today for a us in terms of terrorism the primary problem is Islamic fundamentalists let's just say it. But this administration refuses to say it for what it is. -- Yarwood Mike Siegel for Jeff cornered Boston's talk station WRKO. -- we're crawl my disagreement about the liability now I want a -- Republicans blew this stop this. -- shouldn't garbage that the Obama administration. Pushing forward because if a ball. In new player this is all. Black and -- light and -- that that related to recruit that in. It doesn't I didn't -- and criticizing a politician. Should be standard fare. Democracy that you should have little white. What color skin that be racist -- inside look at the north of politics. In -- half white half black has that -- if this particular. In Republican and the leadership being dished out and Colin I'm Colin and Luke -- saying exactly. How -- system when you're. Pat -- Internet last look at it should have been. I won't even get into that because it's not even an issue to me. It's about the person. And it's about his policies and it's about his usurpation of power over people. Without authorization from the constitution -- the law he's changed Obama care about 42 times without the congress approving it. We should be in jail for that. Well that's that them but I suppose you could make the case that he's violated his oath of office. And actions could be taken on the church criminal but it certainly arguably is impeachable -- the IRS. Thing in. Well that's the bigger scale than any I mean. Anybody that's really well I'm glad you -- quicken -- what happened to other countries who were in warm. Political party -- all the power. And let them all boo hoo boy and the -- -- although they should ability of the opposition. Mortgages could go get -- candidate for the government to represent them what happens in those countries. Well look at Iran that's we're talking about Iran you talking about the old Soviet Union the old Russian. You're talking. And I happen. They -- Cuban people riled up in revolution. They've done it in the Middle East -- -- that veteran Middle East and about a half a dozen countries you're absolutely right Damon I thank you for colleagues are good doc the 830 it is. Our number of Boston. Is it racist to criticize Barack Obama. Should we be sending our troops in the Nigerian rescue those girls when there there are certainly. A legitimate problem what we have hundreds of thousands of people who were victims of human trafficking why all of a sudden now why -- they called what it is that it's of Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group connected to al-Qaeda that took these girls. Why don't they say it that way. Maybe then they'd be more credible. A number to call 6172666868. Might -- here. Jeff corners off today good to have you would as the Boston stock station WRKO. It is 8:37 the morning folks Mike Siegel for Jeff Gordon Jeff has the day off good to be with you. As we continue the conversation about really covering the -- Are Republicans caving in on values and issues and principles in order to accommodate Democrats. Do we have a president. Who should be legitimately criticized. As I do for his violation of the constitution on several grounds for his incompetence and office his failures in Syria. When dealing with -- Russia in Iran. And even being laughed at by Western Europe even when he was having the chancellor of Germany chancellor Merkel having her phone tapped her cell phone by the NSA. Mean how far we're gonna -- taking those two months' worth of telephone records from the Associated Press. Taking the phone and email records from a Fox News Channel reporter. Giving those 2200 guns to that automatic weapons and through fast and furious to the cartels in Mexico. Mean how many more wrong things does he have to do before allowed to criticize him even though we have has to be black summary answer that question. Randy hero Mike -- for Jeff -- WRKO good morning. Good morning sir. My comment sit alongside I would bet that -- is basically the quarterback. He's gonna take the blame for regardless whatever happens even though his running back -- -- here might drop the ball. I understand that completely. When you sign a commitment to the country or to your team. You have to execute. Umpire -- what are exploring and like any other senate presence Whitman. They swear to do the job regardless that it cheapened the mentality to execute execute. You can't say they were gonna talk that talk about a bit about it. Jordan a dope and they'll look if we get back to back the president whether white black Chinese or -- you have to execute. I don't understand how people are still running around. Now I don't know what they're supposed to be not being impeached or they're not put in jail. Credit given that democracy not a dictatorship. But still you have so you know a commitment to that your country like -- committed to my country I accept my set me at any arm I'd get my deployment. I don't if you look because I hurt you -- out. Even if even if I don't like what the president of the state what do tactics were I have to do. And prep public get liberal whatever you call it you have to take Q what do you like the person you respect the rank. Not the person that's fine. -- a lot of racism. Put that crap aside and do what you gotta do. Let me ask you something in the right thing maybe you're doing the wrong thing what he had other pieces to that club that has to do -- thing -- they had -- -- all -- sort. Just -- what president was that there alert that something happened 9/11 he said -- the oxymoron like I'll get -- execute. You have the right to do what you have to do great I feel like I regret but I did. Get. Well our first I bursting Randy. -- -- appreciate your point but number one. The president said that President Bush sat there for seven minutes. That was that and probably. Well but that was seven minutes the fact was about of them and -- you can criticize him for that if you want to but you know one thing for sure. You if you if you impulsively. Jump up and make some demand as president or commander in chief. Without thinking it through I think you've got a bigger problem he took a few minutes to to do to digest what he was told I would we can disagree about that. But the fact is. The we're talking now about the present president. He came on the night that been Ghazi was being attacked the talk with his -- security advisors. According to the sector defense Leon Panetta his own secretary of defense for a fifteen minutes could anyone have to want to sleep. He's commander and -- you say that you should -- -- in an -- -- what are you finish so even let me finish you said the president that that that you needed to execute your job every general every lieutenant. Every kernel. Every sergeant. Every enlisted person you right. And the company. You work for a company they pay we've got to excuse your job his job as commander in chief was to protect that mission and he did not know what's there. We understood -- grade I understand I completely understand it but seeing what I'm saying yes. You know there with a plan emotion whether it would restrict or -- he's not the main captain our commander on that mission that mission. Whether felt a strong wherever with -- -- that mission is sort of you know all accountable for. And in the Perrier is that you think -- in there was -- -- didn't there was something and most in. You know I'm not gonna -- George Bush or whatnot he had a a mission in motion -- when he got to receive it I understand digesting and whatnot. Like you know expects 1520 minutes an hour ago a couple base. It's in that time frame but he did what he had to do. Are -- but we'll wait wait now I said about protecting the mission. He's responsible. Even if you wanna save that is being their fifteen minutes is not a problem. Why didn't they send an air cover why didn't they send in special forces troops to help that mission that got me beat the wedeman now -- ambassador. Pleaded for months to get -- they wouldn't know it. But he wouldn't do it well credit credit I understand I understand that there -- Maybe a little bit too much here that -- -- their credit I understand that. But the simple fact is you know what I'm saying with any of these president of the difference between this winter here its safety it. A lot of pit stop -- -- is that you know things that he's appointing our following but that's -- -- not getting their reaction and I was there efficiency that another president would do it. All right -- they have got -- -- who want to talk to you so stay there and let's get Dennis on the line with Randy if we can. And Dennis respond. To a -- data so you -- us. Yes I am really put this. -- -- And because when and for brief the president. Just tell him that the national security team is getting together and they got to have a meeting on Air Force One in ten minutes about an attack that was happening. The president was in complete control just because he didn't jump up sit up -- acting. Went around like -- -- like -- told reporters during that briefing with the children they'll talk about it after their out of that meeting with the children. About what's going on. Doesn't mean the president was. Order -- panic mode or not or control this president has done nothing. In the past. Two one an -- terms that you've been in office. -- We mean what certain that not doing anything seen President Obama -- them -- so. Of course there's been there's been legislation. Front hit controlled senate and cry out. They're Republicans take it all the house he had both houses and they didn't even put a budget stroke. My living at it saying he had done nothing and -- as in certain president he. What about church in Latin what are executed mission what about dealing with. You know a -- are. Case when you're committed in the democratic state got a clean up somebody -- that's wouldn't -- they made a decision and it's still went wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I mean there's multiple -- We're I think what you're not getting any credit from anyone else being in your mentions it's -- that it's already built before he even took up. Well but he did -- women now oil and then -- you respond to the fact is that that Barack Obama with a Democrat house and senate. Passed a seven or 87 billion dollar stimulus package. It wound up just being temporary make work jobs in the whole thing went down the drain has no long term impact on the economy. We still don't have. All of our people working who got over twenty million people unemployed in this country and and underemployed and gave up looking for work it's it's it's no better than it was even with -- all that money put into this. Well I understand that. But this but this is coming along and go even if Obama can get elected did next credibility it has the same problem do you -- And we still would be aware get to meet our ears even get a job coming back from that deficit and what time they had no other choice but to take whatever I could and I met. What might have been forced thing is not the veteran back take care of that Alabama and they love me. That's the only thing I could do. I Dennis let me let you get the final word here and and I think both -- Dennis go ahead. Accept facts look how long it took them to put a budget for wouldn't they weren't control they put no budget -- 'cause they didn't wanna make -- decisions. You can sit there and say that bush grow the economy could pitch OK fine or jail on Obama the Democrats -- -- you read the engine blew. I thank you both very much for calling Randy thank you for your service to the country. Dennis thank you would John yearwood Mike Siegel -- Boston's talk station WRK when Jeff corner hello. Yeah veteran point Spanish good Republican should take the racism card off the table by the plenty more being -- Spokespeople. And -- literally in effect. Well you know did about frankly I well Barack Obama and it in the in terms of race has had -- more of youth unemployment in the black community but George W. Bush ever had -- or something like 35%. Black youth unemployment under this present I don't think that's a very good track record and I don't think those you think so either. The number of Boston 6172666868. Good to have you -- -- let me get your thoughts calls comments reactions and this whole situation. Of -- once and for all the Republicans. Calling it what it is which is incompetence and the need. For changing policies in this country and the need to define the the problems so that we can solve them. You -- call Islamic fundamentalism but has those girls in kidnapped condition that's what it is why don't they wanna say that I wanna they wanna fight. The problem of Islamic fundamentalism in this White House they won't even name that we're back after this said -- -- program Mike -- -- WRKO stay with us. That we are folks coming up to 852 linemen Jeff good news program Boston talk station WRKO. Let's get to your calls comments and thoughts and reactions as we start live. Go to first of all bill -- on what Mike -- bill for Jeff corner WRKO and when -- Thank you -- good thanks Mike you know I've listened to this station and I listened to still inflate you. A little -- that it DC UK data begin yet he was kicked out of balance and we the people had a whole met in Boston Massachusetts. And you know it just. What you don't you say kicked out a -- that he was kicked out if he -- successful WW that's not true and I don't -- walk out of here first of all you know one thing. Limits -- One thing I've got to rule about -- my programs is that -- if I'm. -- somebody who's filling in for me. I might programs I don't wait a minute sir you're gonna hang on for second you wanna make defamatory comments you know I can do it here. If -- Jeff's not here to defend himself in a mock election though it. You talk about something else go ahead. I won't get to talk about don't get to Nigeria. What -- doesn't make what color they got. I can say what color they are I said that Obama doesn't want is the final Islamic fundamentals of the -- We'll make him a lot of President Obama. Okay that in particular the black he's taken more of an address I didn't say that I adapt our that's what you're implying then. I'm not implying anything I symbolizing our -- and why isn't. It was a mirror when he -- and the circuit. I don't. Tell me what I'm flying I'd look and I take what want to go away you wanna make false accusations against everybody on the planet go ahead be -- I could do it here. I never said that he was concerned about them or his wife was because they were black that had nothing to do that. My point was all of a sudden they're concerned about these girls when they're hundreds of thousands more many of them blacks there. Or out there victimized in the same way that's unacceptable. And the start defaming people. In order to make your point -- make your point about your issue and the fact is if you don't define. As he has not done. That these are Islamic fundamentalists need to be dealt with and his administration never called this group terrorism until November of last year. They've not done their job but he criticized for that now Hillary Clinton. Did not even define them as a terrorist group until November now what do you wanna say about it I appreciate the call. Next time when you call call about the issue not defaming people. Georgia -- Mike Siegel and for Jeff could read WRKO good morning. You have hard. Notice to all saying it and business and that it is that you don't hire somebody you can't fire. Okay. Well. And you -- you referring to the president. Well. What are. I don't know what to -- -- -- -- nuclear you wanna have a little you can do that but you want you -- explain it I don't know what you mean by that. That actually had just to make the point. Public officials can be removed from office you can fire them. Scott Walker went to a recall Wisconsin anyone. -- lost he'd be out of office. There at Alcee Hastings a judge in Florida was impeached and convicted was thrown off the federal bench became a congressman actually later. So don't say that you can't be. Recalled of the the President Clinton was impeached. He was convicted but he was impeached. So he could have been taken out of office. While I was there so you know we can we have systems by which people can be taken out of office Mike hero Mike Hsu over Jeff -- -- WRKO good morning sir. -- yes go ahead. I would ensure it was insulting like so many I mean -- left field. What certain people in the -- you know to help the growth record he should. Should we do it quietly you know titillation little 678. Navy seal and the men whether or not you know just assassinate the big shots and -- All of the -- here's the problem if we do that than than at and look I I I feel just as much compassion for these girls as anybody else it's it's horrible. But how many what about the other hundreds of thousands who were victims of human trafficking and now that these girls are apparently in Chad and Cameroon according to reports that they were taken out of Nigeria. What are we gonna go send our our troops into three countries welcome for them. Now we can't afford that. That's for sure of one thing before I go -- it just all built. He called all the time the gets a -- after I mean he's not. He's always waiting. Jeff Conan -- you know I think what you said you don't get -- static here -- -- -- -- -- -- -- great. That's why it was so great and Boston but this guy bill. He's -- -- regular I mean he's normal. Well you know -- that -- but that's what's wrong on the left they just make have these these wild accusations. And don't wanna deal and contents and facts. That's a problem. We both older just Conan fit and units and determine where I work the other -- -- -- or you've got to listen to this guy courtroom. I left in my boss left as we listen -- every morning you know -- Well he's -- I appreciated -- -- that that's very good aren't lending your -- Mike Siegel for Jeff -- are speaking of -- WRK -- good morning. -- Train the -- made an interesting comment yesterday. He asked to have the administration has talked to any of our allies in the area. To see if they couldn't get there to help out the act. Ambassador and hit man. Oh and Obama it's clear that what what people about the ambassador and -- you talk about ambassador Stephens had been Ghazi. -- and and what was the point that he was asking who would help them. He would die one of the Sunday talk show but I have -- it is an act grave on -- shell on Friday he asked. That if the president contacted any of allies. To go -- can help these. Ambassador in his men. Why would they send why would the allies do would have we wouldn't do it ourselves. Well at first when this kind of folded. That is the reason nobody would have played nobody could get the area in cash. You know what we had we have air cover that -- come in from Italy. Not very far down the road. The F say they have managed to get the -- nobody got it to help them. Because not because they were told to stand down yeah. They were there were not allowed to fly in because Obama didn't want to look like there was terrorist attack that we have to fight. Militarily. Because he was running for reelection that was more important -- saving more lives. Exactly exactly he didn't -- About getting people in the -- to help them are getting anybody in the area that was closer to help keep them. -- a great point I appreciated and the bottom line is he never ordered any cover air cover ground support special forces nothing. You fight it on your own they were left alone. To hang out there to dry and for whom died that was what Barack Obama offered to them and contribute to them Mike -- for -- -- WRKO stay with us. -- we are Mike -- for Jeff colon or WRK -- -- made the point the reason. There's no economic recoveries this has been no policy by this administration. To grow the economy. Has been nothing done for small business which is the engine that drives job growth in America. That's where people work is small business fortune 500 companies haven't had a net increase. In jobs since the eighties. And so we've done nothing. To grow this economy. -- million people plus unemployed underemployed gave up looking for work. It is a tragic situation. Formal for many people across this country so that's why this economy is not growing and it's a fraud say so. Your calls -- welcome 6172666868. Mike -- Jeff corners I said at Boston's stock station WRKO. And glad to get your responses to a variety of issues were dealing with the including. Whether it's somehow racist to criticize the president on legitimate issues one -- made that point. Whether in fact. To spend Ghazi hearing is legitimate. I say absolutely we haven't had answers to the questions about the incompetence of this administration he did nothing to protect those people but he lied about why it was why it occurred. And Eleanor Clift is still saying. It's because of the anti Muslim video I and she's totally lost any credibility on the left. They don't want it would but the truth ever if it affects the negatively. John year old might sit over Jeff -- or WRK a good morning. Yes good morning Michael it was projected that. I would like the reason he didn't give -- -- going to -- god in Tucson it was because Valerie Jarrett the daughter of the man who wants a Muslim Brotherhood. -- we ought to not a and it's got to come out in imperious. -- pieces of the media now. As far as going to save these girls yeah you know would all like to do it. But everything except for the realization of this country that's Glenn Estrada -- failed OK you know lets us know what another seal social Biden can wrap them out. It's what you're that they were aware. And they can mysteriously die like the other -- good now. Absolutely not and I'd feel sorry and I pray for our military every day haven't -- underneath the so called commander and chief. Who won't even let you financially afford it caught. Not only that does Eric. He has no idea about what to do either he's like Jimmy Carter. -- felt he had an idea what to do like he doesn't want to do it. Well OK and I thought according to wall issue backed -- -- this guy not to let infiltrate an up note from the beginning. What look at the fact is he's got a half a dozen Muslim Brotherhood members who were advisors still number one. Number two he wanted more more seek to stay in power and Egypt of the Muslim Brotherhood and the egyptians themselves kick them out. They didn't want them because they didn't want the tyrannical control of Sharia law over them. That was the bottom line their Johnson thank you for calling to -- -- -- Mike Siegel for Jeff corner good morning at WRKO. Hello good morning Mike I think I can explain to you why the race is in charge get -- world that. Right wingers and it's not going away anywhere anytime soon it's it's too often. The most strident right wingers do employ -- rhetoric of the racist thing to people remember. They remember so if you. It's what you're saying is true here it's all about what you should be a little bit more self aware and bit less likely to employ the rhetoric got a lot of times. What patterns the conservatives will pop from conservative. Well let me ask you question is Al Sharpton a racist. I have no idea but I don't hear him. All right containment -- an -- -- women know the local begs the question is Al Sharpton are racist. I don't know I'm no I don't all else happened that closely -- -- elected Torre thinks he's just a common data so. Porter I'll get out of while I just I could say just a commentator but he's on the left and he is a racist. And Jesse Jackson is a racist when Jesse Jackson called New York City Hymie town. -- to may 01 of Jews was that racist against you insert. So when you hurled racist charge that's legitimate. But when it gets -- that you that's not. The know what I'm saying is I gave you a factual documentation of what he said. Actual documentation as well. When it's somebody -- the charging you that you say that's not legitimate but you feel perfectly free to. -- what what 11 that I say some public awarded him. One that I say something that you would say it was racist. Because often times he picked up Enron with the language of the racist. Hole. Or women now so that's absurd what are you the language of the races are. George Wallace sport decades said I want lottery should I guess and -- -- -- stage right I'm just we we. You tell me what I did you tell me you tell me what I said that you think was racist. Every time you say. I'm not a racist I understand it -- as they try to understand -- -- I don't since I've never said that -- only what George Wallace used this guy he's never said that. That's surprising to me because there -- people who agree that you often times do you know I'm. I don't know what's another word you want you want -- so you wanna use an ad hominem argument. Because I associate with sort of at some point of view all of a sudden you wanna ascribed to meet a false and fallacious and defamatory allegation. You -- trigger in people's memory and you're not aware of it. Well look I'm telling you what I see. I'm telling you what I see is is a president who's fundamentally incompetent. You act shocked when somebody -- the charging you in my why don't -- -- The reason you get -- -- charge hurled at you is because we're rhetoric that you employ. Rhetoric the fact we have a president -- for people die because he did nothing to save them -- protect them. As commander in chief. I don't think I don't think that that's their boat the issue at hand -- is -- the issue at hand I'm all right. Oh probably didn't apply that well. It doesn't that's my boy. Matter of fact that if George W. Bush had done that you'd be screaming that he should have a we should have is never have been paying out. Probably not but I think I understand it like most people in the country understand that -- in water. It's a tragedy. And we should try to look at the future but to go back -- to say that it somehow to Dallas district. It was a political act and our it was a political decision because he didn't want it to look like. We were fighting terrorists during a reelection campaign. I don't think that's true I think it was more of course it's true -- on the ground. His own secretary of defense Bob gates wrote in a book. Then he saw in a room with Hillary and Obama together in three of them. Hillary and Obama said for political reasons we have to make this look like it's not a terrorist attack Bob gates wrote that in his book you can believe it or not but that's with the secretary of defense. Believe it I don't think most people do I think this is a tremendous passion of the CIA doesn't exports deposition. It was a decision that these old guys unfortunately these kind of things have to have to be made these hot. The ground -- it's something you're you're really he's the commander in chief whose job is it to protect our military's there in the constitution. Well oftentimes he got to trust the person on the cruise than Joseph whose job is it to protect the military. Or are. Whose job in the constitution is to protect the military and the country. While he's not alone he has -- job as its search and there are whose ultimate job every circumstance Hoover who takes the heat for doing it right or wrong or that -- -- -- perfectly willing to take it or he's not I don't want to take any need for any thing. And we've been hearing about it much do you attract he's got to admit you did anything wrong of course not he invited -- -- and he didn't do anything wrong. Each eight he sat there on his wherein the did nothing to protect those people. Because elephant that was the decision that was made with the commander. All of you know what surf -- was your kid if it was your Sunday -- -- died what are you gonna say thanks Barack. Well -- CIA people understand. Tell me CIA they didn't make the decision Obama made the decision I don't think that's true he said no air cover -- -- military cut -- is true. Bob gates said so grow our generals within a general sort Baer said so. The general said some were there and the emails that. Well that was there. Tell the general -- was there on the. Generally just testified last week where the general testified before Darryl Lewis is committee. Right -- and also they -- sir. There were specific emails sent from Ben Ghazi when the attacks started to the State Department and to the White House and the CIA. We've got eleven and want to stick your head back in the sand and that's where eleven. I don't think so it all exceeded I see the grain of truth. And the mountain of nonsense in both parties. No nonsense -- people dead -- Barack Obama as commander in chief and there was job. Dangerous world and we have people in danger quite good and bad things happen when you're. Operating. Then the yellow that what they refuse ambassador stevens' request for more security. Well you know that there have been a big. It's -- how much security should be -- that you know. You know -- stretching -- year old ridiculous argument beyond belief. Why is it that aren't so why -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at a secret why did Great Britain pace -- you why did Great Britain pull out when one point -- but actually to a point to -- why did Great -- pullout and the American Red Cross pulled out because they couldn't defend their personnel why did they pull out and we didn't. So so you should or -- hand from the danger or what it even better protect the people. What did you do. These people are. Understand that they are operating in danger at no they aren't the bed Christopher Stephens Christopher Stephens beg for more security background that they didn't go into disrepair I -- that they they thought they get protection but danger -- they -- coming in. Awed by the way in August they pulled out a security force of special forces troops. Stevens asked them not to do what they did it anyway that's the -- the head of that special forces -- went on Fox News Channel and said I'm told the Lee White House. We should stay there and they refused to let them stay there. All I I didn't get much debate about how much security should be all right -- gets debated endlessly there's no. -- -- -- All right let me put all the -- Does that Brian want to talk to you Brian go ahead talk to -- I think I don't try to question. -- all the action creation the critic I suspect that that eight special pair of course well he didn't. -- Carolina no information we wish you keep out I was pregnant. It is certainly true. Yeah it's funny if the action on key -- how is that they're. -- -- -- -- By the Obama administration wanted -- -- not but the Obama administration won't explode or any day. That's exactly how -- so practically all day. But yet you aren't -- laugh but -- It's going to about the economy and decision. And it -- doctor you can and can't expect Obama. But I -- also complain that -- and oh yeah and it -- George Bush. All -- -- candidate but George Bush what I I think it's -- post ultra high but the issue that you are telling me you're you're you're telling me back. Ambassador. That decision you don't know what to do eat food culture outgoing little intro or did until Brett yeah. They are cohesion to extract the banking when he died but -- older brother went to go point oh are you I would get a. -- -- -- -- about it but I. And according to others you'll actual problem look at bishop. But back -- -- -- on a dual led you to believe people cultural are true I what I have to it's a pretty Cold War. You articulated I don't know what they're getting into -- -- the national court gently -- aren't those two. I didn't play any of that I didn't play any of that what I said is that it's most people died in the tragic. Against so that we should absolutely try you know and -- in the future. OK but what what the problem is is that you guys now have said that this is what it wants and now we're gonna assemble all the text book we are -- That's a problem that's why the didn't I didn't think it would never gonna end. What but stop the John Boehner friend and that's your question that is that it's become like that the repeated bigger question. There are still questions about constantly asking him you never gonna get all the answers. All right let me get let me get Ross on the year with the rest go right ahead -- run. WR KL when your friend bill is right here with the. First of all -- the -- serve in the military yes yes -- did. Okay so you do wonder how would somehow because he's certain that didn't secure opinion -- -- excuse me sir you know what what did you just wasn't for changes -- -- -- the -- they usually -- when you get on talk radio -- coming into -- Nobody answered my question how do you served in the military to -- your opinion more valuable than someone who didn't. -- that's not or I'm getting out -- if you weren't so still open -- keep running in my view and I ask you what simple you can't answer a simple question -- so. Again a tale yes you can use that has served in the military. Yes I get. He just serve and a war zone. Don't know I didn't. OK but you don't understand the brotherhood we serve and a lot of zone. But leaving a man behind. Because if you believed in that you wouldn't be so stupid and make dumb comments please let me ask you that would be in the military he's got a died. Couldn't judge who were killed -- in the military. Yes a two -- military looks real climate contractors. We're none -- two of them were special forces. Two of the -- the special forces they were all employees -- supporters they were all employee. Contractors. It wasn't -- but you know let them party that you belong to does nothing but divide this country okay that's that's solid does. Class warfare that -- not a candidate I think I can turn behind the plate where we agree with discrimination knew full. I think. I'm sympathetic you would view it as the white after the black cats -- good -- -- bad guys you're eighty you're you have the politics due to China. Okay it's a bit but the truth lies between the two mountains of nonsense. OK and that's what I'm always looking for. Not accepted you always are -- radical left side of the -- My Democrat that's all you are okay normally Janet I would gentlemen I appreciate it. What bills that's the hang in there a minute Mike -- -- Jeff corner if you wanna stay there will come right back at WR scale more coming stay with us. You're not. Paul -- all my 20 -- the good morning to you Mike Siegel -- the Jeff colder today -- got a day off. Frankly well deserved. And bosses talk station WRKO 6172666868. -- gonna stay with us. And the -- all talk directly to bill how's that bill given a chance to make their point. And then you can respond to start with -- you -- -- -- John go right at a WR KL. Don't real simple urine and don't carry your. So -- -- and as one person and one person only who can give the order to go stand down. Plain and simple. Argument. John -- John has gone all right so let's go to. When we try the Bob who's next year run with the Mike Siegel for Jeff Gordon would also go Bob go ahead WR -- They'd go right issue reassure them the military and for that I thank you to reassure nervous. I would I would question which we look at them -- noticed I Dem or Republican voters in America. Well ultimately achieve sure that you would get to the bottom have been geysers. And it hasn't done that. The emotional many questions I don't think he answered that I as an American. -- -- blew up. I want to know why I rushed and down auto was -- and what why I was gonna rush to attempted. You can actually thought that this battle was gonna be open in miniature and our show. We have to document the inept inept all hopes that that -- very valuable to retrieve shall we -- couldn't say why -- Can't assure -- that documentation. And and it did this year I don't I need to get to the bottom bitch. Can response and preparation. For why haven't shut the findings of the military and the senate. Would be on the that is. Why haven't and yes because they haven't -- -- -- according to. A lot of why are there questions Brit an Britain and it quashed the movie and evacuating. The ground. That we would be some of certainly. Via that we left and embarrassed about basically. Unprotected. That's improbable. But it appears it a -- -- or intentional I wanna know which of course. OK okay yeah legitimate question she used to be to be -- but the problem has owned this big current and Christian and I'm very comfortable -- you know what we just make progress. We just mental progress unfortunately the people in the Republican Party had turned it into something else. Shouldn't turn what you're you know even them I don't want -- gang up on anybody what I want to -- don't get after patrol. What are we can't under regular Democrat I'm not worried how -- -- go to. I think -- party baloney we are Americans. For help to -- -- little intricate allegiance to our priority or have a vote against your country. They didn't quite culture. I'll -- some ball in the ulcers. -- -- -- Let there -- danger on both side I need to know the true that's an American I need to know the true. Can can you accept the fact that the possibility exists that you're never gonna get you have to take -- look for. You know white sheets -- -- side. I appreciate com I think you. And we'll try one more for bill as we go to him when we get some has been and are longer yeah. Can't hang on I gotta go targeted traffic yeah. Go ahead bill thank you. Let's go to nick who's been waiting quite awhile I thank them Nicky -- WRKO Mike -- Jeff -- good morning. I'm like they've -- bill I'd just like civil -- here but. I would I would it has villas. In light everything that's happened since his reelection. Okay that the president of course insists his initial election. I would like to ask bill you pick this year they got reelected do you think -- been elected in the first place. I hit it this it would tell us when that we gonna get with someone might -- with their opinions count we gonna it -- then that all options and -- everything. My problem is that we can't. Well I was a blunder. Or whether it was intentional way. It doesn't make a difference that you really good reference to -- -- -- by the way when I was president I used to say well it is diabetic arrogant company -- and I gave the realization. Doesn't really matter shouldn't be the president. Probably as in -- dilemmas that would that would not just Republicans but others supposedly virtuous Democrats mentioned there are some. How come nobody really cares about the policy we know what happened we -- what have we don't follow through don't know won't be answering any questions. But how do we get there and is that good policy. It -- data policy it was capital without probably -- okay how would last that industry sector of these things and I've been the United States but no one seems to care that that's what's that. I don't wanna -- -- let me just say the -- and people need to understand this. Every piece of information that's come out leads to the conclusion that everything that was done was for political reasons number one. I refuse to pull out when the red cross and Britain pulled out because he didn't wanna look like we were running scared. That's number one. Number two. He pulled out some of the security forces in August and what I say he. It may have been somebody -- but not below him but he's commander in chief it's under his name but these things were done. Exactly. What I was gonna say -- was to bill also was not get up -- project is being so much time with the fact that he -- make its stake until dead. He's not allow OK so fine when you're not alone and so when they need you. Makes bad policy make bad decisions to get rid of them will show only anybody. In the IRS. And can't say any big scandal play AVB this deterioration -- anybody right. -- anything like attention now they may retire early some of the great -- to keep their pensions or people like other agencies -- happened with. Fast and furious young it is slump again at. So why does that happen in the case it happens because you go back to the talks. Back to the guy who's not alone. Yet you know -- -- you're exactly right he's against -- in chief militarily. He's the commander in chief politically okay I mean I governmental lights okay. He's not doing anything about it obviously this is -- his policy and I. Thank you very much and you know the bottom line is it was political. Because again he didn't pull out. Because that would look like he was running and during -- reelection campaign he couldn't do that. But they did reduced number of security forces in August the leader of the troop that was pulled out got on television and said he -- begged them to let them stake. And the the White House said now some Hillary Clinton said now so they were gone. Then. When this thing happened everybody knew was a terrorist attack as I said the general in charge of that whole region. Testified to that fact there were emails out of Ben Ghazi out of the mission. At the time the attack took place. From people staff there back to Washington DC that this was a terrorist attack. They all -- was terrorist attack of time and yet they use this cover the email from Ben Rhodes the assistant. National security advisor -- said blitz called anti Muslim video make the president look strong. It was all contrived. In order to look as though he was a strong commander in chief. So that he could win reelection. And if there were four people who died because of it so be it. And secretary defense Bob gates said the same thing in his book. He was general with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and they were talking about political cover for this thing not about doing the right thing. All of it -- to the conclusion that they did what was politically to their benefit as they sought. 6172666868. Mike Siegel a project -- or --