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Callers Wish Mother's Happy Mother's Day.

May 9, 2014|

Happy Mother's Day From The Kuhner Report!

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Welcome. Corner Boston. Bulldozer that point 766. -- with the here on AM six JW RKO and now 193 point seven Hage the huge 706. My friend says many of you know. This Sunday. -- -- -- -- That's a very special day where we take one day frankly I mean almost every day really should be Mother's Day. But this special day that we designate to celebrate and. Honor. Really the most important people in our life our mothers. Without them we wouldn't have been born. Without them we wouldn't be alive today. I know it takes two to tango but every one of us has come from the womb of our mothers. And that's why it's a very special day not just here in the United States but frankly all over the world. And I want to play something. Which I just think he's absolutely remarkable it's it's it's a sports story on the surface but it's really a culture story. And it's about what I believe many of us have lost here in the united states regarding family regarding our parents and regarding her mother's. There is a wonderful basketball player. His name is Kevin Durant he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. And -- he'd just won the MVP award the most valuable player for the National Basketball Association he's an incredible player. Is -- maybe 610 -- these are you won't sort of a lanky guy. He's got phenomenal skill he's got a great three point shot he's fast he's quick. He's a great passer he's a great team player he really is an absolutely phenomenal basketball player. What's even nicer if he's a very humble man. He's a consummate professional. You don't see him with a -- east. You don't see him getting involved with a -- -- on Martin's case search making a big deal out of Donald Sterling work or any of that he's not. A showman or Charlotte ten or some kind of a rabid political activist. He does his job. He does it better than no one else in the world he's a phenomenal athlete. I believe the best basketball player today although that could be debatable. And so he won this award for being the most valuable player in the regular season. Now many you're gonna say chat chat chat. Are right our great basketball player plays for Oklahoma doesn't play for the Boston Celtics for God's sakes what's the big deal. So we gives a speech what's the big deal. I was with the kids I had the TV on. And so I couldn't catch the whole speech because I'm with Ashton and -- they're making -- near Macon noise the running around mom my bad about it -- so. Grace was downstairs I couldn't hear all of it but I heard parts of it and the parts that I heard. I found incredibly moving. Because here is this man. Who was not the pinnacle of fame. At the pinnacle of his playing ability. Making. Tens of millions of dollars. -- face of the NBA along with a couple of other players. But really not just the national superstar. And international superstar. And yet -- very humble Lee in a nice suit with his glasses on reading from something that he wrote. He dedicated all of his success. And him winning the esteemed. MVP award to his mother. But I want you to hear his story. Because I want you to contrast that with the story of so many people today. In our entitlement culture. And I want you to see what I believe is the greatest gift his mother bestowed upon him. Listen to the speech -- parts of the speech it's a very moving. And this is about his mom. And contrast that with how people talk about their mothers and the example that their mothers today. In our welfare entitlement culture. The example they set for their kids roll it Brittany. At the last moment. You know what you do. Have my brother when you -- new. Three years later I came out. -- respect. -- cause I'm -- reduces. -- okay it was two boys. But time -- we. Everybody -- Were supposed to be here removed from apartment to pardon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No day no parachute. And we use all of a sudden the living room. Whom do something soon. We go we've made it. There. Something good happens to you don't know what you guys that's in the -- To world war here. You would commute for -- -- tonight in the sometimes. Make you run up here. Make him do push us. Screaming -- from this my game's eight or nine years old. We were supposed to be here. You made it could be. -- to street. Put clothes on our backs food table. When you -- me. Where shall we say what to -- hundred. Sacrificed for us. -- -- -- It's like to thank god again. He's first in the last -- innovative. -- thank you for saving my life. I appreciate everybody thinks all the writers -- vote for him. I love this guy. I love them. I I love his humility. I love this Christian faith. I love his devotion to his mother. I love that he hasn't forgotten what it took to get where he is today. But I I -- zeroing in on something because it's extremely important remember are always save us it's the culture. More than politics more than economics more than national security. The thing that America will stand or fall is based on our culture. Culture is everything culture is the most important thing cultured strikes politics culture drives economics. Culture drives how we look at the world. Here is a man. From a broken home. Mothers single mother had to voice. -- African Americans. Did -- teach him. That he was entitled. These cheap teaching him he should go on welfare. Did she teach him gimme gimme gimme gimme I'm old I'm old I'm old. Where's my EBP card where's my public housing where's my food stamps where's my affirmative action. Give give give give. This attitude that permeates so much of our culture today. Black his brown or white. Where everybody now feels they're entitled to everything. Notice. She went to bed hungry. To feed her kids. She stood by and gave him an example that you should walk around life. Bitter at other people for your circumstances. She didn't teach him blame Y eighty. Blame the white man blamed the power structure blames -- 1%. Blame the rich. Blame those that are in charge. Very responsible for our plate today were -- because they have so much where pork because they're rich. So -- and plunder and take and take. She gave him the exact opposite example. As the old saying ghosts. If you give someone a fish he fed them for days. That's welfare. Here's -- fish. Or are -- for honest here's a crack pipe. Or joint. Or are. A. Bottle -- Jack Daniels. Can get lost. Teacher person to finish. You fed him for life. She taught her son to finish. To do pushups in the middle of the night if you wanna be a really good basketball player to run up those -- else. Tend not to blame mothers to not have your hand out but to work for it to go -- and get it. You wanted to work self reliance personal responsibility. Like mom. Go -- and get it. Don't blame others for your problems don't go down the road of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and yes -- dear leader and Marxist new child. Always blaming white people are blaming the rich are blaming the 1% are blaming whoever. It was her shining example as a mother. A self sacrifice. We don't have a father mistakes were made. But there's something called Christian redemption. Where you pull yourself up by the bootstraps and you say okay it's now us. It's my two boys and it's -- and we're gonna make it work. And I'm not gonna have boyfriends coming in and out of the house and I'm not gonna have drugs coming in and out of house and you're not gonna go what they gang bangers. You're gonna work you're gonna study you're gonna work you're gonna play. And you're gonna make what you wanna make out of yourself and life. I look at him and I see an American hero. I look at him and I'll be honest with -- -- see what America used to be. And no he doesn't have the gold -- it's. And he's not there with a limo it's. And the women. And the rap and they have pop. And the attitude in the chip on his shoulder constantly playing racial the race card. He's humble. Piece professional. He's compassionate. He's a gentleman. -- the damn best player in the NBA. And rather than being so arrogant. He realizes how much his mother gave and sacrificed him. It's called family. It's called love. Personal responsibility self reliance. A belief in god. A belief in family and hard work. And that here in America. In the land of opportunity. Thanks to the greatness of our founding fathers and yes -- to thank to the greatness of our free enterprise system. Nothing is more capitalistic in professional sports. -- rise as high or you fall as low as on your abilities and your Merrick and your talent. Let me ask all of you this. Now that Mother's Day is approaching. What example. Did germ mother except for you. What words of advice. What kind of behavior. Did she exemplifies. Or symbolize for you. Like Kevin Durant talks about his mother helping him become the person that he is today. Sunday is Mother's Day. And not just giving flowers and not just giving chocolates and not just taking mom out to a restaurant which is very nice. And frankly Mother's Day mom should have off. But on a deeper level. What are some of the stories. About your mother. That she inspired you knew that she inculcated in you -- value to the principles. -- dreams. That you carry with you today. 6172666868. Is the number. Sunday is Mother's Day what has your mother has done for you in terms of an example that she said. 720 here on the great WRKO. I wanna hear from you Boston 617666868. All of your calls next. You don't have to waste your patchwork of listening and mind numbing music stations seen your brain. We were supposed to be. You made it through the Jerusalem district. Put clothes on our backs pool table. When you -- me. They shall we say what to sleep Harvard. -- sacrificed for us. You ruin everything. Welcome back -- the corner reports 725. Here on the great WRKO. That of course was Kevin Durant. He was named the most valuable player in the national. Basketball association's a phenomenal professional basketball player. He was given the award of a couple days ago whenever it was I saw the speech as I was struggling to kids. It was moving. It was touching it was from the heart. And Mother's Day is on Sunday. And he talks about how his mother is an example of self sacrifice. And taking personal responsibility. And not blaming others. For your bad circumstances not walking around with your handout. Thinking that people all you thinks. Was the key to his success. It's a portrait. Of a different America frankly -- conservative America. A traditional America. One that we're increasingly losing today. And honestly when he talked about his mom remind me a lot of my mom. My mom always told me be your -- man in life. That it was a shame to be on welfare. It was a shame. To be living off the government because she said you're living off of sorts. That is immoral. -- every man and woman. Should carry their own water and life. And it's one of the greatest examples my mother ever gave me she came from then Yugoslavia today Croatia. Communist Yugoslavia. Literally with two suitcases. She set I had no money I had literally nothing in my pocket. Your father and I started from nothing any strange world in a strange country we didn't even know the language. And we were too proud. To go on welfare. And we were determined to make it to achieve our full potential. And that's what we want for you Jeffrey. And it drove me every day. He drove me to study it drove me to go to school drove me to go to graduate school he drove me to become a professor who drove me to become a journalist and an editor and columnist. Frankly it's why I get up at 2 o'clock every morning and control shall -- Almost every day. It's why -- up late to ensure -- I'm not saying I'm the best talk radio host in the business far from it. But I'll tell you this I give it a 110%. And I all that all to my mother. 6172666868. Is the number calm and I John thanks for holding welcome -- Under aren't just in your -- not -- this -- great heroes. Who lie to you can look at. My mother raised eleven kids by herself a father had a -- -- -- you that for the last almost 47 girls for -- When the oracle open ocean sit down and sorry that I don't have as this country you would have liked because you have to -- the girls understand. Can't look courtesy common sense and a sense of humor and always -- is that what it'll have to itself. You know what just a simple thing but -- does that work a little different light to get. I look at what that woman did. It is just totally amazing. How anyone can go through that can survive. It is it is from the. Thank you for that call comrade. I mean -- I think of my mother to. This much is that you raise that she had to work. So she -- home she juggled work she juggled the kids. My father don't get me wrong I love my father very much but he was an old school guy from old Europe. Wasn't an easy -- to deal. He was an easy personality to deal. Many Italians who have older generation parents or grandparents will know what I'm sank or Greeks or whatever from not part of the world. I don't know how she did it but she didn't. 6172666868. Is the number bill Europe next thanks for holding her on the corner report and welcome. Hello good morning jacket the pleasure to talk to you about my mother for a moment that you -- too big wants. Audrey your commitments if you tell somebody you're going to be there. You there don't cancel last minute. This has served me so well professionally. And personally. The second one -- what happened and yes grant if you are playing to people you will have friends around you. Also has served me very well professionally and personally. They'll thank you very much for that call. 6172666868. Is the number. Kevin Durant the MVP of the NBA really paid a wonderful homage to his mother. On Mother's Day which is on Sunday. What did your mother do for you what were if your mother passed away. What were some of the lasting words of advice or wisdom she gave to you if your mother is still alive what -- your mother. What example that your mother set for you that you still. Cherish and still follow. 6172666868. Is the number. All of your calls you can also Texas at 68680. 730. Here on the great WRK oh let's take effect Angela in the news. I'm Angela Anderson it -- your news on W. Welcome back to the corner before 737. Here on the grace WRKO. 61766. 6860. You wanna share a story about how your mother inspired. You. For the values and principles and wisdom that she inculcated and shared with you. I'd love to hear from you Boston 6172666868. You can text us. -- to 68680. Here is from 781 Jeff my mother taught me always tell the truth to do not talk badly about anyone. And be charitable because it all comes back to you in the end. This is another one from a different 781 Jeff my mother raised six children she taught us good manners don't cost any extra. Cleanliness is next to guard -- miss love is what is important and not money you know 781 my mother was exact same in many ways. She was a clean fanatic. I clean frequent caller today. -- Erik -- says her mom too I mean she really just she house spotless. And I got to tell you in all honesty with my two little kids. I don't know how she didn't. Our house gore grace is a phenomenal mom don't get me wrong please don't misunderstand me. Our our house since it's it's it's it's it's it's a mess. Compared to how my mother had I can't believe it I mean look at my house today toys everywhere. And kids running around everywhere spills everywhere. And my house our house who were growing up with my mother was immaculate. The floor was so clean you can eat off of and she would always say that cleanliness is next the gardening -- she also would always say forget money. You need money to live but what's most important in life is love. Love your wife let your parents love your children love your family love your close friends. She said dots will make you happy that your real treasure not money. And honestly it's served me well my whole life 6172666868. Eric Europe next on WORK go and welcome -- Good morning sir first of all don't sell yourself short judge I mean you may be there -- no as far as being -- let's talk show host you do a wonderful job. I may disagree with -- completely all the time but but in general sir you do a wonderful job of keeping. You know -- putting years you're aside the story out there so don't they are so sure you're great opponent in this you know being able to talk but here you very much appreciate. My problem operational as far as the mother thing -- unfortunately my and I lost my mom -- two weeks ago. It's. Are what they are you asking and I don't wanna get too personal. Yes it did she die of cancer was it natural causes. Yep yeah I mean yes she -- -- -- Amaechi actually she'd been a smoker for a long time and then this year -- -- and can't Serb. Like three times. You know what -- breast cancer three times and certain cancer want to -- survived all the and then now apparently on the -- respect her gracious just drop dead so unfortunately you know sergeant. Well I appreciate remember you have -- -- poster unfortunately it down. I want very close to my grandmother and dumped my grandmother was little one who really instilled in me expelled beat these important so. Knowing that your history is. The importance of -- understanding what history lies end and being very -- into that. -- before it became a teacher I was in TVs for 45 years and she was the one who pushed me towards that saw him and have a lot out of you know a lot of love and respect and and I are my grandmother all time and doubt. So I mean I really understand the impact it's more like second half. You know as far as you know anybody else thought there'd just you know seriously. Tell your wife and everybody happy Mother's Day for me I mean it's it's it's there it's a wonderful holiday -- and those people really need to be honored and respect. Thank you very much Eric thank you Greg call and that's under my deepest condolences to you Eric 06172666868. Captain Ricky are up next on RK no welcome. Thank you -- and it was such a pleasure to meet you wrecked the out. Gonna replace so PF that's why well our school on the weekend. Yeah that was such a pleasure to listen to Europe. You -- didn't. I would stick site that provides a truck -- got. By Maria got -- that they are. They added this is my first start calling you saw really -- Don't -- -- restrict welcome and just just like we're on the phone just just would you hire just having a chat. On the followers are shooting the breeze -- This -- so called -- -- other state. We're awaiting court very pork and doubt I can't work like three drops and my mom took Jim Foster children intensely and you know he used to. You know changing diapers aren't Bay's gonna do all -- the bassinet. And now she'll you know. So every time she had don't let that child that you know goal goal -- You know the attachment. That she can't -- that. What what's amazing. I think what so my point is that. My whites. And I think we raised that two children two girls. I was fortunate enough to be able to provide -- -- for the family. Com true. She could stay at home mom and raise our children. Output -- outpaced what you caught me in all of stopped for a lot of I'm. Both parents have to work and I I think we -- -- would dress that did you know what I mean our country is adult content. -- you know out of out of -- -- as that's concerned. I agree with you and thank you for that call captain -- I really appreciate it. 6172666868. Look I worked sorry my mother worked forgive me till I was five years of H. We basically I had -- man -- not a nanny it was a woman he's she would drop me off to take care of a couple of kids very nice woman French Canadian woman. My dad worked my mother worked they had to they're both literally for off to vote there were immigrants off the vote. And so I was taken care of by this French Canadian woman choose a very nice woman but I miss my parents. When mine when I turned five that's when my mother had Jenny my younger sister. And my father by then he was on the map from old Europe he was very proud. He start to make better -- you start to rise within his company he worked ferociously long outs. And he told great prize. That when Jenny was born he was making enough of an income that my wife not my my mother forgive me his wife no longer needed to work. And so from that time on then my mother was basically stay at home mom. My father keeps emphasizing this point to me and I agree with him. He goes Jeff our standard of living has been eroding not just in Canada but in America North America. He says before a single wage -- a father a husband. Could provide for his entire family. Even if she was a working man. Now even if your middle class. Even if your upper middle class. The spouse hostile work. Now I'm gonna look don't get me wrong fathers are very important. -- Dual launch fathers are very hard working -- a lot of responsibility so please don't misunderstand this when I say that's. I'm not downgrading or denying the role of a father -- I am a father. But I'll be honest with few. I think. The feminist revolution and I don't wanna get too political. I think is hurt in short changed women. Because. I look at women around to me. They work now just as hard as men they have to be breadwinners. No matter how much men pitching and in the home they don't do was much as women. Women have this fundamental maternal instinct to take care of their children. Pitchers do more in the home they just don't. I'm not saying men don't do with things a moment that don't get me wrong but I look at grace. Now I she gave up. Temporarily put her career on hold she's doing a bit of talk radio she did some writing but nowhere near like before because she wanted to be there for Russian and Ava. All the time she wants to be a stay at home mom. But I was just thinking my god and she's exhausted. My -- She was actually working full time. How -- thought she'd do it. She changed diapers she doesn't help a lot more than I do feed the kids she does and a hell of a lot more often than I do. Take the kids everywhere she does and held a lot more than I do. Cleaning up after the kids she does and held a lot more than I do. Cleaning the house she doesn't help a lot more than I do. The floors that dish is diving you name it. Plus she wants to pay the bills a lot of women do that they're basically the domestic finance ministers. So. Women I believe. Work harder demand. In in in today's world. And I look at many women honestly they look they look exhausted. And then on top of that all you have a culture that says you gonna dissects. Almighty god all you have all YouTube or you've put on two pounds all get liposuction take -- by a tell all you have to look when he when your forty or 45. So you have this pressure that you gotta be at the gym three hours a day you basically they want him to do that this is a super woman super -- You've got to work make a kind of money you are raised the kids you gotta be a great state a great housewife. Plus Seattle SuperSonics. Assistant something's gotta give. But I look my mother. Worked ferociously hard. And she taught me a work ethic and I got to tell you that Timmy was one of the greatest thing she ever gave me -- 6172666868. Cook she says my mother wants you to take calls he's so funny Macs are up next thanks for holding -- on RK go and welcome. Good morning -- You know what I wanted to say about my mom is that the one thing she went flat but I'm -- there by the that I in the sixties up. And you should just fulltime. And then I'm in that should mention do it to about why is she just smiled and squabbles. And take charge and met believe in god and I've thought about god and being a good Christian. And shouldn't have other people are not only didn't get up. And I think we try to bring that act as well. Maybe we got to credit so that. Max if you don't mind me asking you please come from getting too personal. Were you close with your mom did you have a nice intimate relationship with your mom. Well below their own a mirror those kids you know we let our -- -- -- the that the Internet -- we we look at. If what you have to have. A great odds are and that them that god let's actually thought it would undermine. Ordinary Croat -- So we let it be that that is dealt with them but I can't fire that actually just packed and lapped by it threatened by the under fire and not that we looked and -- Which by how it down from the lead them out I think opted not to shoot at these international mortgage. -- -- on -- -- and I -- I mean I'm not and it will -- you know I mean. And we -- out there and that -- site you know I want it now that let another I charter I know that I -- action and it. I'm not a fair and I don't you know if that's the PI they're expected to get -- lobbying. How about that I certainly do try to people we believe any other people -- I think. That's kind of the commonwealth say that. We need to watch -- for another rally it again each other and we need. Really look at other people because -- a lot of people suffering and -- and that nobody Erekat. And it was let's try and politics. We need to become a lot of nations stick together because it tried to -- a lot and we need to have. Become barn and -- and then a factor but one thing it. -- really well said -- have a very happy Mother's Day. I got you're an inspiration god bless you Jennifer Europe next on WRK oh go ahead Jennifer. I got my anger out there aren't from -- more time. I am a mother -- shout out for you are an eighteen month old baby and you're basically out and I will. Obama lacked a lot more I had I love my -- and he got a lot I am tired. Like you get back. I'm I want Alex I'm Aaron is then I'm -- but why wouldn't I wouldn't be illuminate your. -- every married are part and she helped -- cool actually. The collect -- and all and I'm I wish it was a lot more money and not feel like. I'm sort of lobbying cracked and now I'm happy -- that they -- Latvia. Jennifer are you doing anything special for Mother's Day I'm. While I'm gonna -- -- CEO Scott and spending the day what are -- end up and annuity net you know I'm act mentioned much. This Aaron you know just. -- act and the actual -- and beautiful. He acts option but I love you shout -- the way I'm happy a lot now. -- that he -- Barry is Barry knowledgeable and he -- -- -- issue every morning which. Out and about sixty -- and let me try. I've gotten a lot like a fire -- -- you know are not of much anonymous louder I think that every morning. Well thank you Jennifer Jennifer before -- let you go. Our -- you sound quite young if you want me asking how old are you Jennifer I'm -- parity and -- thirty mouthing the act. You're lucky I'm proud that the good thank you sell twenty want. Our being there that's one -- but I knew I mean if I got asked this follow up question are are you as young looking as you are would you speak. Yeah I'm pretty direct and -- I think talent you have a really nice -- full the spirit about you keep it up Jennifer. Thank you very much I appreciate I am like Freddie had to -- and knowledgeable practice and and I appreciate that and I am looks like that -- my -- every morning written here. And they blew it right. He -- -- -- -- you -- -- he you'd expect to attempt to make it -- our final wild. And I want to thank you -- I actually tributes at its debt and O'Donnell are not a lot of people are burying all the what's going on data and it's wild. So I appreciate everything you do in the morning and day out there looking at yeah. You see how much are not appear quite as wonderful I'm really proud thank you Jennifer have a beautiful blessed Mother's Day and color and Jennifer. You're always welcome in the corner family. 6172666868. Is the numbers and Mother's Day is on Sunday. You wanna share a story about your mother -- how your mother inspired you what she meant to you. I wanna hear from you Boston 753. On the welcome back in the record 759. Married. Hey just because both. Our primary and I'm good. I'm Carol elder gray and actually he pounds the mom -- be at the bull -- the night temporary -- and and even. -- god you're the moment the other Brittany. -- separate us. From Atlanta I'm. -- and I am fortunate not to be a mom and I'm glad that -- -- stating that it can't challenge and my mom. It's pretty special mom to adopted three children. And probably the yeah history and the fact -- and at each that's. It would be really hard working I'm just can't -- -- mother died instantly so offering about. Pretty straight pretty hardworking kids that are under our young people I still think we're not. And we I'm. Very fortunate to have a mom that it will have to work as much as well we do today. -- within your opinion should work on my mother Kalish. But and she still was able to do a little bit worked out but she -- therefore I am done. Unfortunately not feel to be a fair for my daughter because their work and job where I'm I looked at my home. So it's given me a lot more opportunity to be picky where I need to be wonderful to be there aren't. Yeah we're out we're very fortunate -- -- and I am and I'm a little mom and I -- actually Oakmont for everything she. Just not quite settled bicycle and I -- a little suspect -- probably trial. She's pretty special lady. Marianne I remember meeting you and I got to tell you one of the nicest people I have ever met. -- I'm sure and I'm I'm positive -- phenomenal mom have a blessed Mother's Day god bless you Marion. And talent and I. I -- elect has a little -- just something wonderful July. All right well I got listen she's not lifting a finger on Mother's Day not lifting a finger Marianne. Outlook that you didn't have a great day and -- -- I hope she takes care until. Now mock her mom is off to the vineyard she's Arnold is -- Are and Aubrey not Britain is going to be. She she's going to be taking care for grandmothers and -- she's gonna treat them to a nice nice lunch or dinner and has -- that. Or that she's making more money now thanks to her promotion and she's gonna spend a little bit down on her -- Although I like there at the London. Apostle. Showed you guys have a great day an excellent player I don't I don't very often called back and went to Marion. Please call again we'd love to have you back on the air god bless you and have a blessed happy Mother's Day. Daycare 6172666868. Is the number can I squeeze one more in Britain. Bruce syrup next goal my friend. Very happy mother's -- following using your post thank you lose just one assist what my mother around. Well as well the little kids are slowed more outboard Asmara and it really that was an -- -- eleven to mention he has won the five. She put in a musical. Education program went out since second grade play the trumpet equity and all five notes. I ended up running track wrestling. I'm older now cheat sheet or -- all my sisters weren't girls got sued the vice president or the girl -- mr. excite council. She won't hear that the church she were in that direction off she sang in the choir we went to church -- Sunday Sunday it was. That day with a friendly and she was the -- And now she did almost. On -- dead almost twice a week. Won't -- the church when -- I'm just very active in the community she was a warden about how she had always into one basket Jeff by I don't know -- gracious kids. She was a warden net -- whatsoever and further -- the polls I mean everybody loved her order she died late. Should -- my birthday last September or it was a terribly. And I disliked talking to ensure all I'm glad to go straight from what went on. Publisher Bruce you sound like an absolute saints. Were. Bruce god bless you my friend -- -- Six point 72666868. Coming up next newsmaker interview with the father of Justine appellate Pierre who -- -- don't touch that.