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Justina's raw deal 5-6-2014

May 6, 2014|

The DCF tries to make a deal with Justin Pelletier's parents, but it was rejected.

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Don't let it go back into harm's way he's not going to wait behavioral psychiatric facility again. She's been tortured enough. Welcome back to the corner reports good morning Boston. Jeff Horner -- bulldozer here on AM six AB WRKO. Went on 93 point seven HD true. Well. A lot to talk about today about with -- Question in my belief the obvious lead story. Is that continuing. Abuse. An assault. Upon the Pelletier family. Being perpetrated by the state of Massachusetts. By many mean. And by now health and human services secretary. John -- land ports. -- -- -- My got to tell you pull out a quick reminds me of one of these Soviet common source. Our plan a which are reprise of last. Milan awaits reminds me of one of these sort of a Soviet commas arts. In the old Soviet Union. Even looks like one this sort of thug. Who will just rams State's power. Write down your head. And he doesn't care with the public thanks. He doesn't care how bad he looks he doesn't care how outrageous this is behavior is or those of his superiors. This man will be will do whatever he has to do. To keep himself and his cronies in power. And you can see the utter arrogance. Of this entire criminal gang. Surrounding many meat on the Justine -- Pelletier kicks so now you have growing public pressure. The facts the more facts come out the more outrage not just people in Massachusetts and people in Connecticut but people all over the country even international. Cannot believe that this is being done to a fifteen year old teenager here in the United States of America. And so yesterday. -- awaits the genius. Came out with they plan. Then he says will eventually. Down the role reunified. Justine -- Pierre was now being held. -- Framingham facility under the permanent custody of department of children and families. Our eventual reunified Justine now. -- if the mother and father of her family moved when Linda Pelletier. So what's this genius plan that -- wits and meaning me have put together. According to the plan now being pushed by the health and human services secretary BCF and meaning. A -- the appellate cares now have to follow and agreed to fort key proposals. Number one. They are planning to send just -- back to the state of Connecticut. Now I have to tell you when I read this story yesterday initially said was good news. At least now she's gonna start getting some of the treatment that she needs and deserves. So on the surface it appears like a victory but if you had to dig deeper. If you actually get -- say the devil's in the details once you get into the details up. Though. -- normal moment. Most normal moment. This is not a good deal this is a horrible deal. That's a deal with a double. And so underneath. Hero the hearing here is now what -- HHS is planning to do. They are now calling for Justine not to be transferred. To Thompson Connecticut. To TJR. All right Susan Wayne center for excellence. So they want her now to be staying there is and it's a behavioral facility that's where they want -- to resign and essentially be taken care. They also agreed that now tufts medical center should now be taking care of -- as they were before. She was actually. Back kidnapped by Boston children's hospital and and essentially. Her custody was taken over by BCF and by the state of Massachusetts. Scioscia -- and be under the care of the tufts medical center they have a plan for. Three they want to pellet -- to participate in family therapy. And four they want the pellet pierced to meet with -- CF officials on a regular basis to reviewed Justine has progress. So. The -- -- years. I attend visits with Justine I JR right. If they follow through with tufts medical center that their care plan. If they participate in family therapy family counseling sessions. And if finally after all that they continued to meet with the UCF. Two reviewed Justine as progress. May I swear to you may be just maybe. The state of Massachusetts is gonna allow Justine not to go home and be reunified with her family. Maybe. This is insulting. You called this should be your. This is not a deal. This is a face saving insults. To the Pelletier finally. -- to me it's so obvious what's going on here. First of all. Number one would DCF is that is trying to do is they wanna get her out of the state it's obvious now this is a PR disaster. Purple on -- an especially for many needs and forget BCF. So biggest wanna get her now out of Massachusetts because they're afraid of protests. They're afraid of public anger and public fury growing and growing so basically they -- dumped her into Connecticut. Biggest one -- out of Massachusetts across state wants. But they still want to retain custody. If they don't wanna give her they don't want to give Justine -- back to the parents. Out of spite. Out of revenge. To hurt them out of retaliation. Because they are being humiliated by the fact that Lou and Linda Pelletier. Violated the gag order went on -- pull media outlets went on fox -- -- how if I heard -- who was on how we again yesterday last night. But they've been doing the media rounds in exposing. The state sanctioned kidnapping -- abduction and torture of their child. And -- teach them a lesson. Don't put the knife and even deeper and let him twist and let cool and Linda twist in the wind. So yes shall go to Connecticut so issued perhaps mr. condition is very bad if -- of god forbid if she should -- All -- wasn't under our walked sure was -- under Boston children's she died under tufts medical care. She died under. JR rice Susan wing center for excellence she didn't pass away here she passed away in Connecticut. Meanwhile never allowing -- not to come home dragging this thing out. Torturing and tormenting the parents -- and Linda relentlessly. And furthermore if you dig even even deeper than that. These Susan Wayne center for excellence JE RI. Is a behavioral facility. They treat people with behavioral problems or psychological psychiatric problems. That -- is already extremely troubling. Because she doesn't have a psychological or psychiatric problem. -- was the diagnosis of Boston children's which we now know after their bungled care for over a year as her health has worsened and worsened and worsened. They were wrong cook. They botched it they blow it. She has my UConn real disease. Which is exactly what tufts medical center said initially which is what the treatment appellate peers were giving you just Tina before they brought her to Boston children's Christian -- the flow which is when they took her away from -- -- -- -- set all and all. You're engaging in medical child abuse. Because we disagree with -- we think it's all in her mind. The proof is in the putting. You putter for over a year. If this was simply a psychiatric disorder Huckabee she's much better -- her condition in fact is worsening. This girl is on the verge of -- Her health has deteriorated. She's losing weight. She can barely now move her legs her legs have ballooned. This poor girl -- fallen to a deep depression because she misses her parents she's been away for fifteen months from her parents. And now you send her to a behavioral facility. As if you continuing weakness. A sham the charade. That somehow she suffers from a psychiatric disorder. Then climb up point number two all now shares to be under the care of tufts medical center. That's what she was before she went -- be saved -- Boston children's before DCF got the clutches honor before they got their hands on her. So purist -- me what I don't get. By them saying she has to return to tufts medical center. They're undercutting their entire case. Bull case the only thing that can -- be CF can rest their entire case sought and meaning me. And that clown -- analysts that -- that that's Soviet commissar thug. Is -- all -- medical child abuse it wasn't -- -- -- -- real disease it's all been a psychiatric disorder. And the parents don't -- with knowledge of the psychiatric behavioral disorder. But -- Asia and have mitochondria old disease cops believe she has my idol -- real disease that's what she was diagnosed with. -- which she was being treated with and she was doing well before she actually fell into the clutches a Boston Children's Hospital. So. If it's not mitochondria old disease then why you're sending her back to tufts medical center. Because pot is gonna cheater for Mallorca and real disease. Shall bid. Not alone. Should make him say return her -- -- family. But you see how they just love that twist and jerk this family around. And not gum and harass them and try to control and make their lives miserable. And in the end. Dais. This is the dirty detail of all of us. Who do you think retains control over just Tina. Who do you think retains permanent custody over just -- VCR. Who'll decide what medications Justine can take even under I even -- she's under the care at the tufts medical center DCF. Who can decide which doctor she sees and how many visits she can get. What she's under the care tufts medical center DCF. They control her medications. They control -- doctor visits which doctor she sees they retain full custody. And then you wanna talk about less of pouring salt onto the won't. Now this family apparently needs to -- family therapy and counseling. Trying to put the stigma. Upon Linda -- here that somehow the problem has been -- them for the last fifteen months. That's somehow there's something wrong with them or their parent -- or the -- environment that they've been creating for their child. When can -- BCS. Investigated the family and said there's nothing wrong. Two other daughters are wonderful more animal healthy fully productive members of society they love mommy didn't love daddy. There's countless pictures and testimony to just you know loves her father just you know loves her mother. Justine -- wants to be back with her parents. So biggest wanna put this paint upon the Pelletier is they want him to sign this and say all we need counseling we need therapy. Because were partially to blame. Because somehow we haven't been good parents you know all disagreeing with the diagnosis of of one doctor against another doctor. As if they don't have a right as a parent to signal. Thanks Boston children's we disagree we agree with tufts medical center we think she has mitochondria disease. And then you have to -- we VCR on a regular basis. And kiss their ring. -- so they can give you the okay. On how quote. Progress is going unquote. This is disgusting. This is wrong on so many levels. DCF. Created the problem. DCF abducted this trial. DCF kidnapped this child DCF and Boston children's had been mistreating this child now for fifteen months. Her health is deteriorating this is the fault of DCF and the state of Massachusetts. And you driven the parents especially the mother almost several nervous breakdowns. Because they've taken their child away from them. And after you're the cause of the problem you come -- and so all we need family therapy we need family counseling. Tech lost. -- -- -- awaits you fraud you phony you. All tell you this. If this was my daughter. Mobile. Mobile there's only one deal one deal. She left her goal immediately. She deserves to be home with her family she deserves to be with her parents she deserves to be with her sister's. And once we get just -- you know home. You DCF. You'll pull out awaits you meaning me. Are gonna get the mother of all lawsuits. Roll it Britain. The bottom line is. Just Dina needs to be home by her -- they may 24. And that is the ultimatum we've given. The secretary and the DC up commissioner. Amen. Amen I'm with fuel. Spoken like a true father. And so my question to you is this. If you -- the parents of Justine -- Pelletier if this was your daughter or your son being held against your will. Would you accept this deal is this a good deal. I say Null what do you say Boston 6172666868. -- -- -- -- The government of Massachusetts has put a deal for just being on the table would you accept it would you reject it. 6172666868. Six point two on the great W York. The bottom line. CNN news from the home. Eight point four batters -- ultimatum we've given. The secretary and the DC up commission. Welcome back to the corner report 125 on the great WRKO. Yesterday health and human services secretary Soviet commissar John pull and a -- Put down a deal. That will allow Justine had to be treated in Connecticut. With maybe maybe an end goal of her are her reunifying with her family although there is -- fixed date. Would you accept the deal Boston if -- her parents 6172666868. Bill you're up first thanks for holding and welcome. -- if I can still line from the movie the sting per. This kind of thing that could be discuss this kind of thing that's because starts to all of and a long long chemical may I cannot believe that the population. We put us that's not a one K they stole the centrist or left and they took for shopping mall this is it. Fifteen year old it. Brought to the -- It and discarded. When that little experiment that -- and this is there a precedent setting but I think it might be. And I -- you for that call bill and look I'm not trying to inflame people. But you have to know the facts. 'cause you know Justine has been complaining. Where she's being held in Framingham. That the staff has been deliberately harassing her this -- would not -- I'm and this is a very nice girl. I'm just telling you I've done a lot of research on this girl. All of her friends she's a devout Catholic she's a good kid she loves her mother she loves her father her sisters I -- wore her. She's a good decent -- she likes ice skating she likes to do outdoor activities. There's not a mandate Shuster bought and a deceptive phone. I'm indications bone in her body. They're not letting her sleep. They're deliberately waking her rocket ninety. They're a staff members are insulting her. There -- mocking her. Now apparently she told Jennifer. When Jennifer visited her her sister. That now when she's in the shower. When she's in the shower this is just a couple days ago. When she was in the shower now apparently she's being harassed. By several staff members. She's naked during the shower by people who going to deserve herbal don't don't have any right to be there. They're harassing her in the shower. Jeering at her and making fun ever keeping outer -- she's naked in the shower these people sick. This is -- are sick fifteen year old girl. You're you're mocking her she's in the -- our ticket to try to humiliate her when she's naked in the shower. And they're doing it to Justine and they're doing. To the father. Did the -- his car. Just not a book or I want texture would rightly said this car ended up in Roxbury. Third doing everything possible to harass this family because when Dave came in and had their diagnosis. When they came in and abducted Justine -- -- they dare resist this thing. And there you see in this state this is what I'm trying to explain to everybody. What the mentality of a mini me and about a whole corrupt gang here is the same as Obama. We are your master. We are not sure servant we are your master. When we say jump you jump you say how high and for you to stand up against them. -- that's the in silence of the highest order and they're gonna teach you a lesson. Even if it means killing your kid torturing your kid humiliating do you putting you through the -- that's exactly what's happening. This is the Soviet Union. Andrea Europe next thanks for holding. Go. After I'm not -- the -- sat down Tanya once they hold the app that -- talked to them you know that act. At a park or. -- -- that I'm. You know that will politic and a good long while look at that -- actually very controlling you know they are committed to -- -- and -- -- and justification I keep an hour longer. Oh I agree with you and look I think they want aren't till she's eighteen. I think they wanna break in humiliate this family. Because they had the gall to criticize and expose. The rampant abuse of power taking place. This place is corrupt BC -- it's corrupt from head -- told. Would you accept -- deal would you accept the planned all of your calls 6172666868. Let's stick it to Angela in the news or. It's my younger I didn't. They don't get a pretty good job. That was when the Pelletier received a press conference yesterday where he -- me. Resoundingly rejected this new plan offered by a Soviet commissar and John -- analyst. So room. Their regime. Closing ranks knowing how much BCF has bungled this case Boston children's has bungled this case they're basically I kidnap trial. And they tortured and dying trial on their hands. Now we're trying to extricate themselves. But at the same time be vindictive. And they wanna stick it to the Pelletier is in particular the guy they really wanna stick it to his father. You can see it -- that the the father's the one who's been the most outspoken bats the one they really wanna put the knife that. So. Not only now are they putting up this non -- deal. Which and enables these CF to continue to have custody. Continue to control Justine continue to controller medications -- doctor visits. I kicks her out of the state so now if she dies it won't be there won't be directly blamed for. Force is the firmly to undergo family therapy and counseling by the way with no guarantee no end date. But Justine will eventually come home. But now. -- with -- comes out and says she's doing phenomenal in Framingham. Q got to see just Tina. She's now the picture of good health. She's putting on weight she's active he even said she's been basically bedridden for months her legs are like completely -- The -- only can barely move the poor girl can barely move but according to pull out of which normal she's mingling with the community. The only thing you didn't say was she was going oh my club and she -- what -- -- might clubbing and partying every night. How in the community I swear -- are in the community. Do you think that also did she run the Boston Marathon and I'm John I must've missed that that notion was that accurate. Check out this slider this guy -- all they don't get -- Weezer in this got. Check out this guy now not only -- he put out this bogus plan this insulting plan. But then he lies to the people of Massachusetts. And to America and to the world. She's a picture of good health she's she's strong even under DCF. -- like Jeremiah all overdo it but let that go roll it Brittany. So the Justine has been. She's been out of out in the community. She is she's bearing weight there's a number of clinical indicators sends there are proving hard. The end she's been out and about in the -- Mohler senior and the community but again let that one girl she's putting on weight. My anybody's been taken care person exact opposite. She is losing. She is losing pound after pound -- At the press conference yesterday. Who Linda and the two sisters are there okay one is Jennifer I don't know the name of the other one. They're both you concede they're heartbroken. And honestly at this point when I saw this I had tears in my -- I just I can't imagine what this family must be going through so I want you to picture this okay. -- the parents are being told the com don't be angry because if you're angry it's gonna come across -- you gonna come across as angry as vindictive. That's or something wrong with -- the -- regime and their media allies are gonna spin this against view. So you have to remain calm and composed at all times. But these two young girls this is their sister forgot six they'd been visiting her every week. -- seen her incredible rapid deterioration. So then when their colds are liberties are young impressionable girls they think well up -- HHS secretary wouldn't lie. Frank you know how we were when you're you know we ran high -- -- -- -- these -- forty -- they wouldn't lie. They would tell the truth wouldn't day. When the sisters find out. What pull -- we sent. About how Justine was getting better. Think practically go berserk. Don't like this they're like -- fuming with anger -- They're utterly utterly despondent the mother is trying to calm one of the daughters balancing please calm down calm down because we're little we're crazy family. They're trying to paint this as a crazy family. Roll it Britain. That is a completely false statement has secretary Monica actually seen my sister himself. You right now. I'm I didn't study it allows. Our cold -- hurt them play there blew it. Goes on and on. This is your child. This is your sister. Or your brother doesn't matter what you say it's a boy not a girl. And the state is doing this. Is -- the United States of America. That this thing is even an issue. And this is gone on for over fifteen months. And this truck pulled -- -- I want to find the clip written. Find the clip please where he says this -- this Soviet commissar says -- I will not -- mile to pressure. Our own mud mile to probably -- I have my or nurse come divorce. Drove Porsche that demeaning me. I'm what you love playing golf -- He left torturing you Wear your big man you're torturing this girl. You're torturing Islamic or your big man -- -- it's big man big big man. This is utterly outrageous. And let me be even more candid with fewer of them opened up to the phone lines. And I said this to Britney on the way in and I'm not advocating anything please don't misunderstand what I'm gonna say. But I'm gonna be very can I think this father has been more than patient. If that was my -- if that was my -- god as my witness this is not just corner being macho man. I'm speaking now as a father. She would have been out there. Long. Time ago. All long time ago. And I would use any means to get her out of there. And you wanna send me a prison and you wanna send your little. A dinky law enforcement people but coming here and throw me in prison you do whatever you think you ought to do but my daughter is not gonna be tortured and dying under your watch. Now the issue is this. It's just -- because I'm stunned at the liberals. You see. Now we've exposed their marxism and their communism and totalitarianism. Which I've shown Q we've shown we've exposed the appellate Perry and impatient. At the heart of liberalism. Look how they champion the state over the family look how they championed the state over the individual. Look how they will -- step believe their government just just like the Nazis in the Communists. No matter what outrages they commit. Let's say you agree with Boston Children's Hospital. Just for the sake of argument. And let me do we even one more. Which I don't but she's got mitochondria of disease but let that go let me even -- 11 more. Let's say Boston children's was ranked OK when you can see that. That it is a psychiatric disorder. That -- and Linda Pelletier are wrong that tufts medical center is wrong that doctor mark course and the guy who is treating ear cuffs is wrong. One of the best medical centers in the world they were wrong. It's still much church why don't. Even if you think appellate tears are wrong and it's still much church trial -- I have a right to disagree with the diagnosis. Because ultimately. This is the key issue. Who -- is it. Does your child. Ultimately fall under your authority. You work here are or -- distinct. And even if you're wrong on a medical diagnosis. You are the parent an ultimate authority ultimate sovereignty. Ultimate decision making -- were few and not the government. This. Is liberal fascism. At it's worst. And if we let them get away with this I'm telling you. No one's child is safe brain Justine now home now. -- Europe next. Hey good morning jet -- you know you just touched on but the point of my call this is what progressive Democrat -- and it looks like. This is what progressive Democrat got compassion for children and serving well what looks like. This is a Democrat progressives scandal from the top down the judges and ball. The governor involved every worker at the institutions and call it Democrat who are from top to bottom and looking smug little Eric. Call -- and try to defend it and as any other way. There isn't a single conservative minded or spiritually minded person involved -- that that supporting it is anyway. It disturbs me on such a gut. Level just because -- when you see that kind of been just that the misery and hopelessness. Perpetrated by the state ought to look barely. It almost makes like you feel responsible. You know every bit guilty if you're not down -- banging on those employees that don't let that person go instead of just -- Went over to another liberal state because the protests are getting too big. I -- it. I'm -- -- -- well -- again in public contempt. I rapidly progressive fashion he they do that the people and yet people get right back into the life and -- again it's disgusting -- Thank you for that call running I think you summed up the feelings and I think 99% of this audience. When I see Lou when Linda Pelletier. When I see those sisters god is my witness you know what I seeing. My family. I see my father I see my grandfather I see them under communism. He you have two big. Big. For what is rightfully horse. -- you have to grovel look out you've got to get lawyers you've got to go through one sanctimonious liberal. Hackett judge after another. It's my daughter for God's -- -- -- hands offer. But the state -- all of this power and you the individual because we've abandoned the constitution. We've abandoned our birthright. With abandon our basic freedoms we've basically squandered and transfer all of our power to the government. You wanna know what state is -- looks like this is it. This is a microcosm. The pelican shares is America. What Obama is doing to America out with mini me is doing to Massachusetts. Is what TCF is doing to the pellet pierced. And their utterly hopeless and helpless. Jeff Europe next thanks for holding. Go to go to the -- Jeff. Until it however critical port alters forgot about a -- -- so like this would ever happen at Texas a -- -- -- it out out go to the FBI building your impostor. The -- that they put TP go ordered my daughter out as a state don't what I would do it especially Albert I brought a -- -- Short cable or batteries to order that supply kit. I don't care I'll do what Eddy Curry can't and I don't care while any -- regulations -- gap. This is the problem liberal people these people the power to make it there's great power to Iraqi picture daughter. Are you an older and it nobody picked bill I would straight up don't you you'll you'll look like water gulf of higher -- orders come together. Jeff are you from Texas. Go get everywhere you go from well OK Jeff because she noticed the Clive in -- the issue you see that's why they allowed Al west. Don't quit if I look at 101000 people ought to believe they look at people. It's usually you don't allow oracle a lot of -- are -- route that you get to it. Bingo Jeff you -- -- that was over land that was over grazing rights and look how they came out. I imagine if they truck a magic in DCF in Nevada or Texas or you talk connect. I imagine if they tried that stuff over there queuing up -- -- right after 101000 ranchers and cowboys out there. That's why they hate the Second Amendment. That's why they hate the Tea Party. That's why they hate conservatives. Because we would never put up with something like this. 6172666868. Jockey Jamie might David hang on I'll get all of your calls 6172666868. If you or the parents. Would you accept this deal. And what would you do if that was your daughter all of your calls next let's take it to Rush Limbaugh -- -- Imagine I think they were -- We will be able to bring Justine home today. So because. Because that was not the case. -- There are upset. -- -- Please don't you think. No poll what we were deeply upset pull analysts look awful hole. One signature. One executive order. She goes home tour parents and maybe just maybe she'll have a shot at a normal like a normal healthy life. 6172666868. Jamie Europe next Iran RK oh well. Good morning Jeff did you. AIG's did -- doing what you adorned you know we're we're here and we we appreciate it that Warner. I want to chime in here real quick on this on this Justine at the government on -- pro while. Any and -- you know some that I saw yesterday on TV I'm sure you you -- about a new probably talk about it maybe you won't bring back our girls saying. That's going on -- Good and Nigeria -- yes yes I am sitting there watching now and I'm taken. I guarantee you within the next validate Obama's gonna start -- -- -- so balked and talking about that they gonna -- all kind of resources over there. We have an issue here at home with just being you know you know -- granted the details -- different but I wanna hear that from the liberal the fact of the matter is. You know she was taken from her family and and you know there are and they try to get a backed by. You can almost guarantee that we're gonna spend millions of dollars to go. How people and in a different country when we need these resource it now. Bingo thank you -- call -- this estate kidnapping and torture. That's what this is David Europe next thanks for holding her on RKO go ahead. Hey Jeff I don't I'm good Larry David pretty good pretty good they -- obviously a little bit but not that -- actually two things you want why isn't. Their attorney. Filing -- -- corpus in federal court. And polling this go all -- the federal shot ash why should we -- in the state. That's my first question. But they didn't register they are they are they are filing habeas corpus they they're saying she's been unlawfully imprisoned. And they're moving ahead on that from my understanding is full steam ahead. It didn't federal court to stay cool odd I don't know that I don't -- I mean they don't get anywhere and the state. And secondly where is Charlie -- Well let's listen where's Charlie Baker on. The minimum wage where -- Charlie Baker on the does -- words. Again tries Hollywood as Hollywood overshot would say Charlie cowboy up. It's 7 o'clock on our -- don't touch that dial. Explosive. New developments on Ben Ghazi we've got it right here right after this short news break. Mistake at Angela Anderson news of the top and bottom talking between after the Democrat parties -- take this seriously and have -- -- -- -- -- outraged.