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Is Jay Carney covering up a cover up?

May 1, 2014|

Yesterday when asked about the emails sent to prep Susan Rice for the Sunday talk shows, Jay Carney said that email wasn't about Benghazi. Do you believe him?

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Six so five you're riding AM six day WRKO. And now 193 point seven hate should be to welcome to the corner report Jeff quarter Boston's bulldozer. Good morning Boston. -- I gotta tell you. This screws are slowly. Tightening intended dear leader. On the Ben Ghazi scandal. Ben does the arising. Obama as Watergate. This is the topic are clearly I think the news of yesterday bleeding over into today. Here is now the absolute latest from the smoking gun bombshell. Emails and documents that have now been uncovered. As many of you know my friends. Ben Rhodes. Senior White House advisor. It is now been discovered sent an email. Three days after the September 11 2012. Terrorist attacks on our compound and Ben Ghazi. That resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Ambassador Chris Stephens. Sean Smith -- door ready tie woods. On September 14 remember three days after the attack. -- days before shoes and rice infamous -- on the Sunday talk shops. And lies. To the American people who repeatedly. Blaming this so called anti Muslim video claiming that it's -- or sparked a spontaneous demonstration. That this was not a deliberate coordinated terrorist attack normal normal. It was all done due to the anti Muslim the video. And ever since then. Any investigation. After investigation after investigation. The Obama regime the president himself and All the President's Men. However insisted we were just following the intelligence. It was the intelligence that told us about an anti Muslim video really. Who -- now the problem. Not once did the State Department ever talk about an anti Muslim video. Not once. Did the CI AEA will mention an anti Muslim video in fact deputy CIA director Mike morale testified underwrote -- it I don't know where the white males got this anti Muslim video spontaneous demonstration we never sent it. I -- I never sat at our analyst never senate. The military the intelligence community nobody blamed the anti Muslim video. Well now we know. Where it came from. This deliberate campaign of a cover up and deception now came as we now know it's been confirmed what all of us suspected -- knew all along. From the White House's political team. From deep within the inner circle of the White House itself. And so in that September 14 email. Ben Rhodes deputy national security advisor senior White House advisor. Sends this bombshell smoking gun email. Talking about Susan Rice and how they have to prep -- its title prep for Susan. How they have to prep Susan writes for these Sunday talk shows. And who's on the email. Who -- part of prepping Susan Rice. David bluff. Then the president's campaign manager remembered this was seven weeks before his reelection is in the middle of September. 2012. Or who is running the president's reelection who is this campaign manager. David bluff. Who was his number 20 demand that would replace David -- Dan -- Jennifer Palmieri. Jay Carney the minister of propaganda. There's over a dozen political people. All of them very close to the president who now get this email. And the email explicitly states. We need to quote. Underscored. That these protests are rooted in an Internet video. And not a broader failure of policy. If -- goes on to say we need to reinforce that the president and the administration strength and steadiness in dealing with -- difficult challenges. In other words we must make the president look good. We must blame it on this anti Muslim video. We cannot make the American people make the obvious connection. The president is campaigning get Osama bin Laden is dead GM is alive al-Qaeda is broken smashed and on the run. When in fact the very opposite is true. They've just reconstituted. Themselves and waged one of the most successful terrorist attacks on a US facility in years. It would shatter the entire Obama narrative most likely cost him his reelection. So now the order goes out lie lie lie deceive deceive deceive manipulate manipulate manipulate. And so here is now Ben -- its. And Ben Rhodes is not an important enough guy. Unless she got instructions from somebody higher than him. He wouldn't take this up on his own to say we gotta talk to -- and all of us being on the same page and we got a teller for God's sakes blame the media. It no longer came from the intelligence community. In all it didn't come from the State Department it didn't come from the military. They made it out themselves. So they have been lying about what they were telling the American people jury that fateful week after the attack it's the cover up of a cover up. Because now we know definitively. It was the White House that orchestrated this it was the White House. That came up with a bogus lie. Of an anti Muslim video. So my friends. Even now some in the liberal media. -- -- Our practices and practiced damaging this is incredibly damaging. They show is an attempt. To cover up what happened. To protect the president in the middle of her reelection campaign at all cost and to deliberately lie and deceive the American people. And after eighteen months and all were just listening to the intelligence community we were just reporting what we were being told. Now we know that's a lot. The email goes on for pages so. It talks about the terrorist attacks in Ben -- It mentions Ben Ghazi repeatedly. It says specifically how we have to protect the president from any political fallout regarding the attacks and Ben -- And of course as I mentioned earlier or who's one of the key people in that email. Jay Carney the president's spokesman as minister of propaganda. The man who has been lying to the press and lying to the American people now for the last eighteen months. So yesterday. Jay Carney. It's now finally confronted. Not faux noose. But by a liberal reporter Jonathan Karl from ABC noose. And Jonathan Karl I asked the obvious question. You were in on these discussions. Your name is on the email you guys were preparing Susan Rice. You're the ones who came up with this bogus manufactured. Made up story about an anti Muslim video sparking these spontaneous protests. When we know it was coordinated we know was premeditated we know was deliberate. And we know the Muslim video had nothing nothing nothing -- to witness. Now brace yourself. Because you're gonna think. Member of the sank the culture of death in the age of insanity. Nobody cares. About peace for dead Americans. And we live in such an insane each. -- our politicians not only lied to us on a regular basis this regime not only ways to -- on a regular basis. But now. They say things that are so ridiculous. Show disconnected from reality. You honestly feel either it's a joke or you're living in the Twilight Zone because I'm not making this up. Jay Carney when confronted by Jonathan Karl. Karl is like for Cuban YNJ eight. The email shows you been why -- you're lying about been -- what is Jake army's response. That the email. Sent by Ben -- god as my witness. I'll -- Benghazi. To all of Obama's inner political circle. All the President's Men. Was not about Ben -- I swear to prop it shouldn't go to wasn't bumping Ghazi. The the press corps air miles collectively -- -- were dropped to the floor are you kidding me. Are you kidding me. Here it is try not to laugh too hard and have an accident roll it Britain. And the fact of the matter is. She went out there with the best information we have at this time the CIA deputy director has testified to that the fact that there were protests around the region. Threatening our embassies at. That very same time it's something that is often forgotten but obviously. Affected the whole environment about how we perceive what was happening at the time and again. The implication as. Did we were somehow holding back information when in fact we were simply saying what we thought was right and win. Elements of that turned out not to be true we were the first people to -- so it was based on what we knew at the time. Why don't we will be back this information and why it was you know not turned over the congress was released released all of the other regionals. Is directly relevant. Why -- -- -- John again why they have court case but it released this John I can play again and again and I know. You can keep asking again and again this document was not about. -- -- It was strictly forbid something wasn't the only press -- She relied on. To her for her answers coming down the on the document prepared the slightest CIA as did members of the week. Broke and illusionist -- huge I mean -- Greta don't why. Don't all look at the email. It's -- Ghazi. The whole thing is about but -- but -- Carney. Bitch but what's up into -- or more and believe me order rice -- Britain. Why don't we will be back this information and why it was you know the turnover in the congress I was released released all the other regionals. Is directly relevant. Why did you hold back down again -- they have court case for the release this young I can say it again and again and I know. You can keep asking again and again this document was not about. -- -- It was strictly forbid something what would only pressed on -- relied on. -- -- for her answers on the Gaza on a document prepared by the CIA. Has did you -- congress. The. You know reminds me up honestly I swear this is the American equivalent. You remember Baghdad Bob -- spokesman for Saddam Hussein at the end of the war. When he's there right in front of some bombs Presidential Palace and he surrounded by this gaggle of reporters. And he's literally saying we have deep freaking idiot who we have different did it it -- -- that we have different video edit an infidel. And -- I literally blocks away is that. What what are you talking about the American -- so rolling right through downtown Baghdad as we speak. -- -- -- different but -- wait for God's sakes they're bearing deposit bank Gaza 8 o'clock this wasn't a pulp and guys ready. -- They now how to lie -- -- obviously. Soul blatantly. Because now my friends is crystal clear for the whole country to see. Nobody in the world believes Jay Carney. Nobody. Jay Carney doesn't even believe Jay -- The president. Was behind the systematic cover up of the terrorist murder of four dead Americans. His political team weighs in on it. They manipulated. The intelligence. They deliberately deceived the American people. And let me tell you what is even now starting tumor which they should trouble every American. They have such disrespect for the truth and further victims and for congress. Since last August congress has been looking to investigate this they asked for information and document after document. This smoking. Gun email. Those lines were deliberately redacted. When congress asked for them black -- Because somehow it's quote. Classify unquote. It took the independent judicial or are we thank the lord we start the separation of powers were by judicial watch a watchdog group. You were Freedom of Information Act request she owed the government got the courts agreed and they were the ones that were able to uncover this document by going to court. That's how we even know about this. My friends we'll let me ask you this. Is it now time for -- select committee. But both houses of congress to officially investigate Ben Ghazi which subpoena powers. Is it time for Watergate style hearings. Many Republicans are saying yes Jeff coroner says yes what do you say Boston 6172666868. Six point one RKO all of your calls next. -- issue. Why it was you know not turned over to congress why was -- -- -- -- all the young Eagles. Directly relevant why it won't back down again why it. It releases John I can -- again and again and I know. You can keep asking this. Document was not about. I think guys. Honey no I'm not -- would administer this. No hope coal smoke hole. No horse word we're saying the rosary together -- -- does -- does not sex here is Sweeney just because I'd make an -- is make it. Come on now as well about sex well we're praying the rosary and others are. 6172 is like 66868. Is the number. Now one of the few mainstream. Reporters. That was doggedly pursuing bent -- I'll tell me what's been does think we're Cheryl Atkinson. CBS news and as you know she was basically run out of Washington. She was basically kicked out of CBS news because you're investigative reporting which too hard hitting on -- does. Well. Guess. Whose brother. -- CBS news. -- -- -- -- They're very guy behind the email. Helping orchestrate the cover up over Ben does. You're seeing the incestuous relationship between the government and in the government media complex. One hand washes the other. Ben says we have to cover up the brother says ball shall go to the reporters the Cheryl. All shall go after Ben -- Here you have. And email and a document. Confirming. That the administration. Has been lying to the American people for the last eighteen months. They said they had nothing to do with the anti Muslim video. They never came put that story. That's a life. You now have a document which shows the administration when congress asked for a they deliberately -- dot dated so they wouldn't know who was behind the cover. That cover up of a cover. And now you have a document that all social hosts. The White House's top political inner circle everybody around the president. Was in on them systematic. Cover up and deception of the terrorist murder of four dead Americans. How to handle. Is this not on the front page of every newspaper in the country. How that hell is this not leaving every broadcast. This guy makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy like an altar boy. Watergate was about the coverup of the third rate burglary this -- the cover up before dead Americans. Boston Globe. -- act. Now think. Los Angeles Times nothing. New York Times not think. Washington Post it was on page seventeen. And PR -- MSNBC. -- CBS AB CNBC. Maybe not think. The only paper to give them their due. Was USA today in fact USA today put it on the front to give USA today it's do. That's it that's all. You wanna see a blatant example. Of a dishonest. Corrupt media completely. In the tank for this regime. -- -- -- Journalism. For all intents and purposes is dead in this country. -- This is maybe one of the biggest scandals over time and I got to tell you something else my friends and I want to open up to the foot to the phone lines. Let me tell you what's really driving all of this. And I had a very good conversation with -- about it this morning and he said he was up half the night because he's been really disturbed by the story. Because now -- this is directly implicating the White House. In the cover up. Of four dead Americans -- terrorist atrocity and systematically. Lying to the American people misleading congress. Misleading their victims and their families. If you remember for those of you old enough I do. I think we'll take it with a in my grief. Delayed Jimmy Carter years when Americans were held hostage in Iran. I don't think there was at one American help in Canada I don't think there was one Canadian but let it go there wasn't one American. I didn't all Americans were being held hostage in Iran. The big -- papers covered the relevant new loose. People put the effort to get informed about what was happening in other words people gave a damn. People care especially about their fellow Americans. Today. The low information voter. What are they interest again. Banged out saying -- spend hours away. According to that that new Hampshire democratic congresswoman and that was late. It's Donald's it's Donald Sterling -- It's Kim car -- -- It's three out its own voice. Since dec six you shouldn't and Oklahoma. It's tornado this. My friends you're seeing that dumbing down of America. Whereby people in this country. Don't even care that's for Americans including an ambassador were slaughtered by terrorists and our government like two west 6172666868. Let me ask all of you this. Is it finally time to have water gates' bio here ranks. I wanna hear from -- Boston 6172666868. Ben Ghazi is it Obama's Watergate I say yes what do you say all of your calls next. I'm confident that smoking gun -- let that -- for others to decide but I do think that it's very clear when you look at -- Meredith. By multiple Obama administration officials that they were all meeting from the same page. So whether or not Carney is correct that that particular. He's -- -- or did not do what they -- it's certainly with the -- that was put out by Hillary Clinton let's just hope to the families have on the return of the bodies when she sympathetic laughter that I have -- has made that awful video. It was certainly he'll be clear message as an affair and then we don't have evidence of how and when this occurred but is that there had been some sort of I'm meeting and discussion and decision that said this will give America's. That was Cheryl Atkinson a former CBS reporter she was chased out of CBS. By the way is run by Ben Rhodes his brother you see how they're all thick as -- Everybody scratching everybody's back. Making the obvious point -- there was political. There were all sitting on off that same -- each so now the question is this. This is why we need the joint select committee with subpoena power that can even have access to classified documents. This is now the pressure building upon Boehner. Bonehead is still resisting but now you are Frank Wolf you have other Republicans. The chorus is getting louder and louder. To finally do a Watergate style and a. Creation. Or who is the genius. Always the evil Machiavellian. Genius. The spinmeister. -- liar. That this Seaver. The manipulator. Who came up with the anti Muslim video story. Because it wasn't -- roads. He's an -- check. Somebody controls somebody pulls his strengths. Who. And now we go deeper and deeper into the White House. 6172666868. Is the number one final point. It has now been over eighteen months. Since that horrendous. Terrorist attack on -- -- Has anybody been brought to justice. Has anybody been captured. Has there been any justice. For those four men and their families. The administration. Doesn't give them. And they're thumbing her nose at the American people. And it's about time my friends we held them accountable 6172666868. Is the number. Mike you're up first thanks for holding. You're on WRKO. And welcome. Good morning -- might. They you know like act beyond what you're good at holding got -- saying I -- -- -- -- I guess what what pushes me over the edge aside from you know what cap other shot from Hillary Clinton squad battered state -- What bothers me the most sort of like catching what are like she hits they hand in the cookie jar that look cookie and then a ball. Mean walking in shame I told not to have a -- a collapse that dinner and then look at me the -- saying unloading a cookie. -- it go lions aren't pop well a lot that mega ball. And -- galaxy are not topic why it talked about and Barrett into debt. All American Dad! died at dirty off all of that day. So you caught red -- -- how stupid. Do you think we are. You think it will be uneducated. You know average I guess or below average American who had no light it would go -- -- world. Is that corruption -- why it's you up. Finally you already handed caught with that -- a cookie jar and you feel when they're running the American people. In a lot right. All part and over and over again it's disgusting little. It it it it absolutely full investigation. Would need could be held accountable that those people -- we're just murdered it would desecrated -- -- the streets. Well I hope I was in no one showed up in the United States of America. It's disgusting. Mike you asked earlier. Do they think we're that stupid yes. Yes that's what they really think of us. They really do that's what he what they think might give them their welfare checks given their reality TV given their Kim Kardashian and get lost. It's like -- mean it's like Deval Patrick. Dead kids do you see him yes he still believe he's blaming me. Rock for wasn't for that quarter got -- -- -- -- -- to -- Russia. I had to give -- -- Russian. Access -- guy just won't let it -- 137 dead children what what's the problem. It's the exact same attitude in the White House the exact same thing. Now let me just say this I think about this do you remember the BP oil spill. Just to give you an example. Notice when something goes terribly much -- in four dead. Camp thought it was about spills environmental disaster dead birds. Dead fish. Look how many heads roll. BP was firing everybody. Anybody held accountable you're gone. BP jumps in right away I know it took several months. They clean up the gulf they try to fix it they try to make it better they try to make amends. That's what happens in the private sector all the kind. Why is it in government. When it comes to government bureaucrats politicians. -- were supposed to be our servants. People but you just decide to act as as Al Elijah Cummings set it's a subtype of white people just by. So in the private sector and oil spill people are getting fired. Americans are being slaughtered it. And by the way nobody ever gave the order to rescue them they were told to stand down. Not to this day no one no one has been held accountable. That's the difference between government and the private sector. 6172666868. Brenda Europe next thanks for holding her on -- -- welcome. Joining jacked out of the blue true example of liberalism. Is a mental disorder action. Now the cut condemned to that being violent out yet so many people haven't been engaged and we act now they haven't had that. A lot of bright corner country and banging down the blue. That's true today repeating allow -- to lack. All right and I Iraq as it pulled up to. It meant that Barack Obama that fed. That they were bringing the body Tom. And I -- it and even just remember them -- -- China that. Tyrone -- encrypt that even with a black president -- and I hope it bite them in the you know what we will bring Jack stats. To those who took them Barack literally. And that fact that site. Will never be forgotten well I think you want to get sacrifice to be forgotten fact. But that people like that that he can't that he banged out loud and there lies lies lies lies lies lies and -- -- about it. And now we've got an email. -- -- -- don't think we have much. You know that interest and at it like -- -- and god yeah spend spend today and and that it the panel looked into the -- And potentially. Sound and it gonna happen and is wonderful people all these. -- -- I shot meant to have a little encrypt it even there will be honored and you know finally. He didn't honored. You know -- Brenda you make an excellent point the previous caller. It's not just in the subject heading. Ben does he just read the email it's it's you can find it a faux news you can find it everywhere look at page to look at page three. All they do let's talk about penthouse all about -- -- -- banned the word and got the it's everywhere. Jay Carney wasn't a bubbling up as -- war with the real time document tumbled a portion of Bob and us. -- patrolling we mean it's about Ben -- My wife comes home. She's hearing this group moaning his groaning in that what's going to see it it sounds like Sox win business is sister what's toilet. She opens the door. There's the corner. She's in bed with a woman. He's cute. He's uncle wouldn't -- she's making it she was what are you doing. If I'm Jay Carney. This is not about sex no -- what father's son father son holy spirit. I -- prank. All this is. But he thinks we're gonna buy that -- Mike you're up next thanks for holding there on the corner report showed away. The Croatia. They're -- yet you have. The whole issue and debate and been jazzy. Sort out the troops. But it did issue. Because the Democrats. And the progression of liberals trash just if you will have this sort of bullish. Creationism. And that Cyrus. As much if you Porsche Porsche Porsche. You're never brought. So -- -- challenger that word racism. In this trial are concerned. Let this president. Tradition Sturm and we have to move on and by the way it won't be too well. So members of the fairway to -- judge -- well. We'll try tomorrow and -- respect the memory of my brother or my husband. -- actually below you'll elect Woodrow apple within weeks. Interest and community through black -- pressure interest -- 6172666868. Charlie Europe next. Go ahead sir. Let my -- -- -- looked -- to -- Hillary Clinton. And into the rest of America and LS militia as it does make -- differences -- veteran role in the military action as we never. Whenever possible never leave our -- B and slowly slowly then volunteered to serve this country. The -- tight end in a way to do it which they should not have died they waited five or six hours early and suspense. To arrive where people have to consider -- -- Secretary of state. Hillary Clinton are allowed those people and old bulls -- men. To die under the circumstances about sending reinforcements. You know how -- want Hillary Clinton out to be the democratic nominee. And that's become the commander in chief for the United States of America. I think not. Well Charlie this is why I gotta tell you I'm up against -- but I'm very suspicious about John Boehner. Why he refuses remember he's the one blocking the joint select committee. Because not only -- were honest about this investigation. Not only should it bring down Obama it will also bring down Hillary. It will bring down the current regime and the most likely democratic presidential candidate in 2016. Basically you kill two birds with one -- Sure there's only three people in this country that don't want this investigation. -- select committee. That cheerleader which I understand. Madame Hillary which I understand they're covering up. And bonehead. And so my question is. What does the NSA have on the bonehead that keeps telling him that he can't have a joint select committee. 61720666868. Is that number more worth your calls after this short break it's 651 on -- you know let's take. 657. Here on hand fixated WRKO. Rick you're up next thanks for holding welcomes. Good morning thank you for service I can't find -- and every every one of them. And now that there are not an -- Democrat that country because there are not ten on a Democrat in this country -- the most honest wandered into this stretch of Bernie Sanders. Radical and out there but a pretty honest. At the end of the day I would ask the media at what point you say this should become a strange start to cover because -- -- that that well. I think -- credit John Boehner you're getting you're right it's so much he. I'm here right now and that you at least speaker next year should be -- probably well. Unless you have put the other select many. The issue is what you want select committee I think you'll have great pressure to get perhaps a second slightly earlier passed fairly fast. For the direct there's so much I have never seen administration at every day. There's more traction coming up on how their -- are still how they're taking away our freedom. You know it's. I don't even -- this country anymore I really doubt it -- and you know I prayed for and really do and I know probably liberals rapidly yep spray -- -- -- -- fire. It's at what happened -- when you compare to what we were doing. It stayed in the world from Ronald Reagan did today. Some we are right now my friend don't worry about it intent here is will be the strongest Third World nation out there and I truly believe that. -- what you -- seeing now is what she -- eastern European dictatorships. -- they don't just lie to you they don't just commit numerous crimes in the massive corruption. They obviously and -- lately -- -- almost comically like here. My friends -- gonna keep this going for another segment 6172666868. You had to hear Lindsey Graham yesterday. On Ben -- One of the most riveting interviews I've ever seen. You don't want to touch that dial. Is it time for Watergate style hearings on Ben Ghazi. The pressure is now building on Capitol Hill what do you say Boston 6172666868. 7 o'clock on RK oh let's take it that Angela in the news -- Come back at the corner. You have six saving WRKO. And now 193 point. -- six point 73666868. Is the number Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up all liberal bulls. Now this is he mother -- Ben -- without question. Is the mother lode of liberal BS for. It doesn't get any bigger it doesn't get any thicker it doesn't get any stink here. Through judicial watch. A government watchdog group. Filing a Freedom of Information Act request a four -- requests. They received and were able to acquire over a hundred documents. One of them contained -- smoking gun email. Since September 14 2012. Three days after the terrorist attacks and Ben Ghazi. Two days before Susan Rice from all those Sunday talk shows. And then lied to the American people. And basically elaborated and articulated. The Obama regimes. Phony narrative. That the terrorist attacks. -- -- spontaneous demonstration. Fueled by an anti Muslim video. We now know the Muslim video had nothing to do with the attacks. We now know that nobody in the intelligence community said the Muslim video had anything to do with the attacks at the time. The military said it had nothing to do with the attacks the State Department said it had nothing to do with the attacks. Greg hicks said it had nothing to do what the attacks the CIA station chief in Libya senate nothing to do what he attacks. So in other words the email now confirms. What all of us have known. It was the White House. That concocted. A phony baloney story the lie that deception. That this was a spontaneous demonstration. Fueled by the anti Muslim video. And so -- September 14 email by Ben ropes. To Jay Carney. To all of the president's political advisors his -- -- always closest political people. David -- Dan Pfeiffer. Jennifer Palmieri. By the way senior advisors -- Hillary Clinton were also in on that email. There's only two people that weren't in on Medina. The dear leader. And Hillary. They kept their distance from the cover. We now have to make it understood. That this was rooted in an Internet video and not a broader failure of policy. Make up their video. But blamed a video but whatever you do do not indict a president Boris policies because that's the basis of his reelection campaign that he smashed or destroyed al-Qaeda. Lie lie lie. Now I want you to think about this. Because what -- shows definitively unequivocally. They knew that the Muslim video. Had nothing to do with what took place. Every statement read by Hillary was -- Every statement made by Obama was a line. I wanna show you. How you were president. How this con man and benched or in the White House. How easily lie ice flow from his lips and office punk. They roll off a bit like it's not think. Here is the dear leader for who weeks after post -- terrorist attacks roll it Britain. Today we mourn for more Americans who represented the very best. The United States of America -- assessment we have today. Is that in fact this was not in pre planned premeditated. Attack what we've seen. Over the last week week and a half is something that actually we've seen in the past. Where there is a defensive video or cartoons. Directed at the Prophet Mohammad. There. This is obviously something that that is used as an excuse by some. To carry out inexcusable violent acts. Directed at westerners or Americans are no words -- excuse the killing of reticence. There's no video that justifies an attack on an embassy but there's no doubt that. That kind of weapons that were used to. Ongoing assault. That it wasn't just a mob action. -- Oh. Boy yeah. Dad dad does he know how to -- just the look I just it's like it's nothing like his breeding com. Now. Yesterday on fox. Ponce a special report with Bret -- they led with an interview with South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham as you know I don't agree with them on some issues. But I gotta tell you on being Ghazi he has been absolutely spot on. Now this is the same man who when he excoriated bush over get mall the left loved him. When he criticized so called rendition and torture the left loved them. When he went after the Bush Administration. They loved him. He was their favorite Republican. Now that he's calling for a select their Watergate style committee. With subpoena powers with access to classified documents in other words with the ability to finally get to the bottom of that scandal. Suddenly now. He's become public enemy number one. Listen to Lindsey Graham yesterday. As he lays it out saying with this email. Now version goal getting around it. We have the definitive smoking gun. That this administration. This president shoes and rice Hillary Clinton. Lied and lied repeatedly. To the American people roll it Brittany. Eighteen months after the -- not one person has been captured. Responsible for killing and dead Americans eighteen months after the attack we filing isn't email that shows the White House. Created a narrative completely different than the intelligence. There was no intelligence about a video. There was no CIA report blaming the video causing -- protest we now have the smoking -- and so I would tell the American people eighteen months later. We're filing needing to the truth and thank god for an independent judiciary. -- is a damning email and if it were not for a court he would never know about this to the American people 61%. Believe they're being misled. This is proof positive. That Ryan after the attack three days after the attack they did not give a damn about the intelligence. They wanted to create a political narrative to protect the president and I think most Americans find that offensive. And I'm not gonna stop into somebody's held accountable for allowing me to be a death trap. Somebody be fired for not coming to the -- of these people for nine and a half hours and somebody ought to be fired for lying to the American people. And I don't believe -- Rhodes did this. He's completely right. General didn't do this by himself just no way Ben -- did this by himself. Now I want you think about this okay there's two things I want you really think about because this gets to the human dimension. Your ambassador Chris Stevens. Four months you've been sending cable after cable letter after letter call after call email after email. We need security. We've been attacked there roving bands of al-Qaeda terrorists with collision a -- weapons RPG's. Shoulder fired -- it's. The British for a -- they left the Red Cross for a -- they left. -- around it. Silence. All all day east September. 11. How could you not be prepared on the anniversary of September 11. -- Boom. Boom. Terrorists. -- coalition coughs. Firing rockets and grenades are now at the US diplomatic compound -- people are yelling people are screaming women are crying men are saying we need security we need security. They breached a compound Waltz. You're looking and terror what's going on all my god were being attacked were being attacked. They start setting the place on fire. Gunshots are now going back and forth. And all the while. You're thinking as an American. As I would think if I was there. The cavalry is gonna com. The red white and he always not good to abandon me. My government warmup throw me to the Lance. They -- much sacrifice territory to the wolves we are not lambs to be sacrificed to the wolves. He's now pinned in a corner. -- -- -- Beating him stomping them. He's thinking of his wife he's thinking of his children -- of the last things going through his mind why did my government abandoned me. Sean Smith falls with him. They're dragged through the streets like a dog. Now you're Tiger Woods in Glendora if you see what's happening all my -- people are under assault our fellow Americans are under assault. People are dying and women are crying. On their own they grab weapons from the CIA Alex they rush down a couple of miles away. -- fled but they didn't because they're Americans. And they get on the rooftop. And they start getting fire and they start returning fire how -- you think about this boom. Coming actual bullets whizzing by your head. But there you are shooting back holding down the fort saving -- life so people can escape. And what are you thinking as you're sitting there is a sitting duck. Surrounded by these jihadist animals. Okay let me. Hello that's -- hearing -- And a -- like -- batter. You think are they gonna slit my throat. Are they gonna slip me from one not to the other. Are they gonna -- -- like Daniel Pearl. Am I ever gonna see my wife against -- show my parents again. I'm ever gonna see my children again is this how I'm gonna be remembered is this Tom supports the goal is just some supposed to meet my maker. And all your thinking as grand as as as as great -- it. But this is America. This is not some Third World banana republic. My government will not be trained me. My government will not abandon me. But the rescue team never comps. And you're dead. And then the president of the United States to saint his reelection to save his. Stupid political base camp. -- -- -- -- Playing sit on some. Immigrant in the United States on some anti Muslim video that existed for eighteen months. Not once not twice not three times but repeatedly for two weeks. I can stand there wagging his finger. How we must not be framed the Muslim religion. And then your Hillary Clinton. And now boasts four bodies speak trade by their country. Come back to Dover Air Force Base. There or the caskets. Draped in the American flag. -- week pink. Fathers fighting back choking back tears. Wives grieving kids crying and friends crying. And your Hillary Clinton. And you know all the anti Muslim video had nothing to do with -- you're responsible for their deaths you turn down the security you never sent in the cavalry. And you walk up. 21 of their grieving mothers. Or since please keep justice for my son. And you look at her into the. And you say. -- -- We're gonna get that guy. Who did the nineteen must deal. I don't care if -- left to right. How to care for Democrat Republican. You're not human being. -- I have no respect for you. You wanna know what difference it makes Hillary I'll tell you what difference it makes. Do you have any shred of integrity do you even have a sold. My friends. This is more than about a political scandal. This is more than about abuse of power and corruption at the highest level. This is about who we are as a nation and as a people. It's time for us to get to the bottom of this it's time for this president and Hillary Clinton to finally face justice 617. 3-D heard that Obama run the ridiculous and AM 680 W. Well. He attacks. On the civilians in my god we were attacks on America. We are grateful for the assistance we received from the Libyan government. And from the Libyan people. There should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers -- bringing them to just. Delaware they now their leader. It's been over eighteen months how to attract anybody -- have you caught anybody have you captured anybody have you killed anybody in their later. 6172666860. Jake is the number. Jimmy Europe next on WRK oh well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They had done in a White House instead and he knows I'll let Jack -- -- -- take a bidding and to protect and Hillary that's what they don't technical fault on. -- circling the wagons Jimmy. -- look if Boehner had any guts. -- call for a select committee start subpoenaing people getting classified documents force the country to pay attention. The more Americans know about this the more they'd be shocked and outraged -- Europe next thanks for holding. And welcome. -- -- Did we lose Tony okay bought almost like Kevin Kevin you've been holding for awhile thank you sir and welcome. Thank you kept. -- this should trump everything else. But what we just what happened. -- It is to put -- -- supposed to be a president on the celebrity in a personal -- I was actually personally I think the right blend up. I think I need that psychological counseling to -- David Gregory Meeks at. Because we are people. Today it is the end up then went and told us there's trumps what you didn't -- Clinton did -- that deposition and oh OK -- not telling the truth. Didn't is that -- 'cause I don't yeah. Can help -- -- at the ballpark and want to meet these singles or late and when he shining a light sliced. How many times they -- it just outright lies we've seen this week given that situation it's another one on the topic talk. -- -- -- OK with Deval Patrick changing and we did some person from that division of motor vehicles to run. -- the -- children and Jim -- I just don't know we have we have got what he brightest outrage you said predict -- rise I hope I think it's okay and environmental crashed. For peace. From BP okayed that disaster and get -- at 18 billion dollar jackets are actually kids more than life. First every -- in the white house press talk join -- it didn't go to tell me they might have to I've got to join them. Yeah I I don't know what they have -- to have something. Now I don't know what they have on them caught only notes. But it's so look this thing is crying out it is crying out for a Watergate style select committee. Now people -- calling up saying Jeff what does this smoking gun email very quickly. It was sent September 14 2012. It's from Ben Rhodes now I have to stress this point this is very important. The administration knew it was a damning email. Because congress was asking for so they finally gave it to congress but they re -- did much of it meaning they basically block it out to. So the only way we now caught it was trying to judicial watch thank god for judicial watch who through the courts how to Freedom of Information Act request. And they got it now under a -- And it's from Ben Rhodes. To -- for -- call prepping Susan Rice so they're prepping Susan writes for the talk show -- that's her she got her talking points. And aren't being elbows that are prepping her David -- Dan Pfeiffer. Jennifer Palmieri. It rundown Jay Carney. All of Obama's political people everybody except Obama. Are in on so which clearly now the White House. They say our goal is to quote. Underscored. That these protests. Are rooted in an Internet video. And not a broader failure of policy. Their other goal is to reinforced quote -- act quote to reinforce the president. And the administration strength and steadiness. In dealing with difficult challenges in other words. There weren't the ones who can call it the myth of the anti Muslim video. Not the CIA. Not our intelligence agencies not the State Department. But straight from the White House's political people and other words. They can -- -- deception they concocted a cover up we now have the smoking gun 730 on RKO. Yeah. Yeah. I wanted to hit the bottom -- the how was a hero. When I challenged that torture policies of the Bush Administration outside that a military lawyer I was doing the country's service. You've got Americans in harm's way as I speak tonight. Mean -- in uniform and throughout the foreign service feel like if they've been let down by their government. And colleagues that serve their country that they of their death has been dishonored. And what happened was was distorted for political reasons if for no other reason somebody needs to be held accountable. Welcome back to the coroner reports 6172666868737. On the great WRKO. Pressure is building on house speaker John Boehner they gave the bonehead. And now Porsche for a joint select Watergate style committee. Subpoena powers and access to classified documents. Televised coverage. Of Ben -- To finally get to the bottom of what happened. Now as you know Boehner is now coming under increasing pressure from house conservatives they want him. Gone and I don't blame. Just to show you how bad things are getting how much pressure Boehner is under. Member I talked about -- he recently mocked. Republicans on the immigration issue he was making fun of them. Well according now to roll call which is a very good newspaper up on Capitol Hill. I recently. Ted crouse senator Ted groups. Held a private meeting with key Republicans who were dissatisfied with trainers leadership. They were disgusted by it actually disgusted. By Boehner is marking a fellow Republicans. But it now appears they were talking about what to do with Boehner after the November elections. I think it's pretty obvious. Cruz is gonna do the country a favor and Porsche Boehner out of office after the mid terms. And hopefully install a house speaker who will have the guts the spying the courage they decency. To go forward with a select committee on bank doesn't. I agree. Disagree do you think it's finally time we had a select committee 6172666868. -- Europe first thanks for holding go ahead. I deal could could you draw a circle around this memo that recently came out. And the report of the independent committee in the British press. That you were talking about earlier in the week and whether of the memo came out of every pore over. How much do they reinforcing each other. They reinforce each other completely. I I mentioned this is a stubborn there was a I think tank people did a seven month review of Ben Ghazi. It was called a citizen's commission on being -- The mainstream media didn't wanna file a report their findings it was damning. And what essentially they concluded is exactly what now we know through this through this email. Which is that there in the anti Muslim video had nothing to do with the attacks. This was completely orchestrated deception campaign by the White House. And that it now is that is the -- in -- incontrovertible. That our government this regime. Armed al-Qaeda in Libya. And the very al-Qaeda terrorists that we trained and we armed with the very weapons we gave them. We're used our people in -- -- that's another reason why they had to deflect attention from the terrorist attack. Because it points to the obvious complicity of the Obama regime behind the murder of our own citizens. Now this email is different from that commission this email was acquired by judicial watch. Your -- forty four or request Freedom of Information Act request now remember this is very important. I know it's a bit into -- that you need to understand this because it's like Watergate the details are very important. Congress suspected that there was this memo but there was this team now. So they passed for congress has been investigating Burris. They asked for that seven this September 14 email from Ben Rhodes. To Jay Carney David bluff Dan -- remember -- all the president's closest political advisors. They sent it to congress reluctantly. But everything else of importance everything that was damning was redacted. They covered it up to congress. They covered up to cover. And the only reason why we even have this damning smoking gun email Frankel -- is through the courts. And through the work of judicial watch through for your request. This administration. Has no respect for the truth. He has no respect for the American people they don't even have respect for congress. So it's clear. The noose is tightening around this regime. And notice. Where's Hillary Clinton. -- Where's the dear leader on this nowhere. Because they're afraid. If the mainstream media picks up this story my friends politically they are finished. And everybody knows it and that's why the mainstream media is running from this story as fast as they can. Where do you think Obama will be impeached. Frankly is not the issue here believe it or not. This email conclusively. Proves beyond a shadow of a doubt. -- should be impeached. In a real constitutional republic. Obama right now would be out of office and facing criminal charges 6172666868. How we Europe nights thanks for holding -- on the corner report shoot. Good morning get w.s I think as possible. I lived through our ultimately on the through our Watergate is currently years -- -- are not who aren't even. Clinton gate so this thing. We actually write this administration. This president should be impeached. Was so upset to me as a senior citizens say is that the mainstream news is no longer mainstream. And it seemed to just take societal priorities and get a Lawrence visited the site just to get -- I get my news from the foreign -- -- awards or rather in the states from the -- press. What's so said the present relationships from Reuters I was fairly lecture. And other parts of the world so what people locally ask me what are what are what are they saying about Obama overseas. Compared to prudent I think that the tragedy here it's that this country -- -- and their political system being warned admired. And respect that has declined in the view of the world who gets -- the new world leaders become. Believe there are people like mr. Putin's -- look at where there. If you want. Because he's -- Right to the point -- -- we our president who didn't direct and it broke to start and that's what can we happening around the world are you really -- after that seemed. On how -- look at how your complete listen you're right and you know it's funny in your opinion is what newspapers all over the world are sank. And let me tell you what the European press is saying that they will not report in this country because they're trying to protect this this phony con man in the White House. I essentially we have lost the Cold War. What Putin has done is he's reversed the Cold War. Russia is now emerging as a world leader. We are condom and this is some talk about the next hour. Our economy has now literally. Stole 20 point 1%. Our economy is now a basket case. So yeah we have socialism at home. Economic turmoil at home. Crushing debt at home. We've lost our leadership around the world and it's the Russians and the Chinese are former Communist adversaries who have now supplanted America on the world stage. Thank you said what -- pouring a little bit I don't like being in under the water. I don't know if saudis and just acquired a number of ballistic missile flew back in the seventies and earlier. All I know listen the saudis are arming because nobody trusts American leadership anymore. If I'm Saudi Arabia with you run on the verge of getting a nuclear bomb a I'm not only getting missiles I'm sick -- getting looks. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding her on the corner report. Go ahead. Hey -- by -- and that's the bottom of the hour -- you mentioned this forgive me but I. -- what are the most interesting things. About this Ben Rhodes memo. Is there in -- brother. It's the man behind the scenes -- CBS news. So just pushed Cheryl Atkinson an open door because of her relentless reporting on Ben -- And I'm quite sure that that's not a coincidence. But can I did mention it but no look look look at the government media complex. It's like the media have become basically the propaganda arm for the regime. It's Kevin I wish wordy. It's like is like Eastern Europe dislike in eastern European dictatorship. Everybody in the media either works for the government has a spouse working for the government has a relative working for the government or vice Versa. It's just like 11 hand washes the other. It's it's it's it's it's a gangster regime. And so what do they do. When you expose the truth it's like -- eastern European dictatorship. Like under communism. Extremists. An enemy of the State's. Domestic terrorist. The team bad anger. Suicide bomber hostage take her radical right they call them fascists under communism. In other words never deal with the evidence slander slander smear smear smear. America. Wake up. We have been a sharper in the White House and Americans. Are dying. 6172666868. Is the number but I'm the crazy one. Rob rice Scott Bob Bob -- 36172666868. Is the number. 753. Scott you're up next thanks for holding and welcome. Jeff thanks particular call the biggest travesty this hoping -- you bet is that the administration. Has needed. People in the military when they worked together who can't build team effort and that they never gonna leave someone behind in human -- wants full. They've done and broken. The whole tradition of military history of taking care -- people I mean -- more significant is friendly fire. Well I'm Scott your right but notice how they've even purged likes talent they -- Obama purge the military top brass. He got rid of any general who post them any senior commander to criticize them and he's basically replaced him attacks. I mean the people on the Malaysian air crash you're gonna have their bodies recovered at some point -- good people often forget about it they're not -- and and I just know -- what they were waiting here date that the military guys are awaiting gap and that help should have been comic. But the answer is that they couldn't be as we supplied. The arms who would certainly one of the CIA. Agent said that he was gonna have a report that -- congress but he if you had to banish. Scott thank you for that call he stabbed our boys in the back. Gary Europe next thanks for holding here on the corner report on our -- oh welcome. Good morning Jeff has done a real good I've been on the route one bridge -- -- were happier with my fifteen -- thank god beside her. At what point chapter. A week gas stand up and have our own revolution we shout. The media -- that that's a lesson to us we got our elected officials that allowed an -- satellite slots. Not found in -- -- -- have the media -- have talk shows they just went into. I don't concern the -- status does change the -- of the populist. We've already done not because -- that wasn't the case Obama wouldn't know how to steal the last two election. The next stage -- civil unrest you can see that everywhere or understate outs is what would happen at the bunny ranch it's happening. Third stage. This citizenry just so you need I got an Italian ruled out for you know. I have an 8 up 15 o'clock seat. And I doubt my MP forty for Britney. Looks great when it's time out we're ready to golf. Thank you my -- Q Gary -- the only probably forgive the air fifteen pick exceeds these gonna shoot himself. Tiger does what they are prevented an all that they just shot -- fought off. Gary give him the Lugar -- mediate are fifteen rob you're up next thanks for -- -- There on the on WORK oh shoot. It took a couple of points for a small most of us get old soup just point -- that her. Remind everybody that Boehner is being primary in Ohio. Ownership. So this month so you know people that -- support that effort. What I wanted to ask you would if you were familiar with the citizen's commission on big guys in what -- work they're doing. Yeah I mean I reported on it rob essentially they came out with their reports a preliminary report to give a more detailed report. But what it's very damning and very -- And again I don't wanna spin my wheels here but these are just people off the street these are senior military people intelligence officials CIA people. We -- vast network and contacts. That openly said not only did the administration engage in a cover. But that we were behind sending half a billion dollars worth of weapons. To al-Qaeda directly to al-Qaeda injuring -- illegal war in Libya. And it was those very terrorists that we armed and trained with the very weapons that we supplied him. That were behind the attacks on -- -- That's why they're covering not. It's not just they tried to save the president's reelection campaign. Literally. The president's hands are steeped in blood. We switched sites. And ally ourselves with al-Qaeda who then turned around and use the weapons that we gave them to kill our own people. It's treason. If this gets out to the American public if you asked this on television Watergate style. Day after day what all the damning evidence. To go to Ronald bomb out of town. And I want Hillary Clinton out of town and end up in prison. And that's why I like it like a Felix guard -- like sentinels. Like a palace guard. This liberal media will not cover this story. So I got a pound on the dates. You pound and pound and pound until finally hopefully did the dam bursts. That's why 2014 is so important that's why the senate is so important. If Ted Cruz has his way and we overthrow Boehner after the elections and you now have Republicans running the senate. No bull and. Then. Get ready for some fireworks my friends because if there is a select committee. People are gonna start going down one after another just like Watergate. First the president's men. And -- for honest the president himself. I can I get -- and for quick call Russ I got about a minute to go my friend. Just gonna find the -- killer forest. You know big gap between Obama and Hillary was a voter -- adults sadly many jobs will still support Hillary in 2060. Who knows what they have on ball and had his brain has tried from the tanning machine this just I want to know cries more bonehead although Oprah Winfrey. Yeah cool it's touch and go there are -- let's put it this way when he's got a few cocktails and am bonehead. 6172666868. Coming up next. The American economy literally -- -- at all. And the regime blames. The weather have got that story let's take it that I.