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Max Robins Monday April 21, 2014 - Dexter and Blacklist

Apr 21, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today's shows included ABC's The Blacklist and the cable hit Dexter.

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At this time every Monday afternoon we -- joined by Max robins he is a veteran journalist who's been covering via TV broadcast industry for. Many many years and he's here to answer all of your questions about the -- television industry as best he can -- Max. I am indeed our. Good to talk to our hope you have a good -- on him. I did a deadly so what's the story with David Gregory and the story in the Washington Post saying that they're they're run trying to get -- A psychological profile of them to find out why his reading socks on that. At that at me when it wouldn't be -- asked the audience wife -- sucked so bad. Yeah you know I I think David Gregory. He hurt he in my mind you know replace the guys I mean. Who was one of the best ever -- that this Sunday morning talk shows that was Tim Russert certainly die -- forced time. We've been forgiven for being a possible -- And -- I think Gregory has just never. Kinda. Gotten into the groove you know and and I think what they say the psychological. Profile. I mean in the sense that what they're doing there they're they're looking at how the order they are keeping an outdoor audience sees. I think that mr. Gregory's ego it is kind of theatrics. They'd they'd get away with them in India. Out ahead of his actual reporting abilities you know I think it's pretty good White House correspondent and. You -- like they're done for instance. The other guy the magazine yeah. Yeah I mean it's you know its system. I mean that I think even to win the -- to agree while all this stuff. -- he said that he said the apparently bought this last week he had some some -- on gay marriage from New York Times reporter he said he was trying to widen the our pitcher. Is generally a good choice of words. I don't think that's the best choice of words it's perhaps with the we want the BBC. That would work. I don't know that don't -- something like -- -- -- -- be talking about if you were hosting you know. And a PBS you know of the Boston pop -- Us yes -- and but that's I mean you know as far as I can tell -- Meet the Press was always on pop and then and then all of a sudden it's now it's down in last place. Yeah I mean that's that's really a usual day. And he really did kind of rule -- -- especially when Russert. The years Russert was at the -- and there -- years to you know this week has always done pretty well especially with. Deck in the David Brinkley era and and and and I I think this I'd find of those of those Sunday morning public figures show. I kind of think that did. ABC that this week doesn't that does the best job I mean -- you know they have a real -- -- -- of of of opinions and and and and you know Stephanopoulos is prepared in. You know I think I think and doesn't try and make himself the story. So I kind of it is is part of those Sunday morning you know for us to -- the political junkies among SI like that -- the best. All right anything is anything else or like Expedia but TV speaking of the Buffalo Bills I saw that by Donald Trump is claiming he's gonna by the Buffalo Bills. You know for the Buffalo -- sake I hope he doesn't. -- But you may be the only one who wants to keep them in buffalo. Otherwise they may move to LA. I you know I wish he was one of those guys you know went considerably -- If some you know George Bush got elected president they were gonna move out of the country. You that if Obama got elected he was going to be but it Donald Trump was gonna move out of the country. You know I never know what it when Donald Trump is you know kidding her you know just looking for some new publicity your anchor -- and I. Think at all. Publicity how he the guy is I mean you know in this he shows up -- peacefully you know these Republicans. Political process with a in the New Hampshire earlier. Yes just I think it just distracts from from the seriousness of the the whole process and that the guys in joked. As a joke you know Hilton Hotels built some apartments and shut up that. -- -- all right so anything else going on that I need to know about before you go to the phone calls. We can take the call tallied just you know a lot of good TV I mean if people should be checking out you know it's. Especially the show the Americans which is coming to -- agencies to conclusion on it's on well Wednesday night -- I'm FX. Yes it is the blacklist coming back I believe it is as -- who -- that's -- lock what's the listen to it. What's the latest numbers of people dropping cable satellite. Well you know -- we are seeing some decline in and I think you're gonna see even more rapid decline. If from this whole thing with the area notification goes between the Supreme Court just decided in the area newspaper. You know I think it's interesting Howard within this Sunday daily news here in New York when they to a big Sunday feature piece about it or cutters and how to. Put it together in the you can you know. And they -- they talk about the couple that's getting -- by using all these other services and an end run around cable satellite and there's maybe 746. Dollars a year. You know in these times people are gonna look at debt and in. I think that we're gonna see more more people party in the court's finding their way around those -- cable bills. -- -- So it's it's it's probably peaked now and and it'll it'll sort they'll start going down hill like every like like everything else in the so called mass media will become less and less maps. Yeah I mean look how this is hope this all of this for me -- look at it with the media companies of course. You an idea you know we've we've been soldiers and a couple of -- for a couple of big step. Yes. But it really is it. Post -- some garlic on my I was put as I spent part of last week -- off up putting garlic on my bullets. And garlic I try to keep up you know regularly I got a message from the from the commanding officer. But yet there you go there and pick up. But I mean and you see this -- would you know what Comcast is trying to do there. No contest is -- NBC Universal Studios and now they're trying to by Time Warner Cable like the biggest. Give them. -- -- -- Cable model list and then they're going well but. So the government alone okay it will sell off a piece you know we'll give this neighborhood to look Cox cable that's a good -- it's harder to cape. I know Brian Roberts is a good Democrat all that but I mean I don't know how you can let the to what that -- be the number one in the number two cable companies in the country merge right. Yeah I hope this can you know I would be. Anything can happen but but it's obvious there was some talk there was a piece this weekend I saw a headline in the Financial Times. That that they're talking about selling off a piece of -- whole spinning off part of Time Warner Cable holdings. The Charter Communications and other big cable company. So that they can get a pass in the government. You know they're definitely it's definitely. Definitely. Members are definitely but. I would say it's highly unlikely the deal was constituted. Is good news is that Washington's whether it's the which my how much money. Brian Roberts throws around -- They didn't let -- dish merge. Now now also I don't I mean I guess. Will argue with the landscape has changed some that you got. You know AT&T and Verizon in the -- -- I don't think it's changed enough. -- this this is still. You know in many markets some monopoly business no doubt we -- -- And and and and listeners of the show in this segment altogether do was look at their cable told each month and look at what have they grown in the last five years and that tells the story. -- Greg you're next with how we -- Max -- go ahead Greg. Hey captain -- that perfect segue Macs in terms of talking about area are just subscribe to it and get the major networks. You get the major syndicated. Channels like -- TP -- see this retro. As well Bloomberg. You can go to the major you can go to the mic which kept all Greg. What the interest of the -- to movies yes. A spokesman that he get the network's stop obviously we need you get that you have and I -- need expedient Amazon. Well as you know area you've got everything covered. -- -- you can feed -- this stuff that you can get from the iTunes store and that would do that to him and from what I understand. About area was that you can. You can also DVR our shows like if you if your fairness shows like the black Leo and we Eritrean -- How how many hours. Well while they're -- they're -- yeah. Well look you with the Supreme Court says there's no -- this interest in case Howard because. I think this is when I don't think it necessarily is one we're really comes down along. You know kind of partisan lines and lines yeah yeah yeah it's real interest statements. This is gonna this can shape a lot how that's. And what they have they had the L oral arguments that they did did they know how the of people were asking the questions whether they were pro war on. But they've -- just that I think the case opens either today or tomorrow and but from what I read it won't be there that you decision handed doubtful from start blowing -- Okay let's see here how were the ratings for the new show Fargo on fox. Are pretty good pretty good you know I I gotta get caught up quite -- busy with a lot of stuff over the last couple weeks -- you dig one up but they're. Is. Far opened up okay this year promoted the heck out of it and you know you got Billy Bob Horton in it and and you know it's based on the Coen Brothers film which is quite popular in. I gonna do okay I I just haven't been able watched the first twenty minutes of the power and I'm looking forward want to occur first couple ups. How was down east bickering doing. Only -- and ever heard of either. I never doesn't -- ultimately to stop smoking whatever. Okay how about the bike a lot like yesterday about the vikings. I can do well and officer mark is I'd ask you about vikings. Now he says he's. You know he wants to move the marathon officer mark that that's his big thing. But oh how's how's Al-Jazeera America do they just laid off a bunch of people I read that in the I -- that I was off flatly in the New York apps. -- there. Dear America the only you know the only good thing about it -- here in America is. In and again you're right they laid off about two peoples that a lot of a lot of -- reporters TV reporters and producers and engineers were out of work. You know they got a gig for a little puppy cut it stepped. Right system does the BBC planned to continue to make new Doctor Who episodes. Yeah. Really. That's going to be you know that's -- -- -- -- that's going to be the old show on TV just about hang care next with how -- car and Max -- go ahead and. I don't. Hello. -- -- -- -- -- I was just curious as far as you know in your opinion in terms of comedy shows on TV today they just don't seem right. But one that used to be on years ago and it just seems so predictable. We engaged out of the demo Hank. Yeah you know I I gotta tell you that but I. I think he sure it's different but I think there's a lot of funny shows on TV you wanna be entertained there's a lot of great stuff and not on networks your right is there always has been there's a lot of garbage but there's stuff that'll make your web too hard. This facility BM reality programs and these. These properties these producers and Hollywood have -- -- I don't think anybody's -- easy. It is but you know you got a lot of options out there in the you know with all those networks all those hours of -- -- -- to you know. The old days where there were you know 45 channels you have access to. There's going to be a lot of stuff and I know it's it's time as we go each other that that key demo their key age group. That advertisers want to reach most lucrative to -- stuff that you wanna watch. But by the way everybody's as -- most people seem polite down east victory although it's got a few mixed reviews down east bickering is on History Channel and it's really who it's kind of American pickers. But it's set in Maine in the people go around and barter for stuff and it's really worth the watch. I will check it out it sounds like fun. The bridge on FX. Great show. Losers in this segment -- a big fan of that show that's coming back this summer. Terrific show. So bad to the ratings have to be an Al-Jazeera they should -- spent 500 million on it they said they should they put another hundred million in the just. Walking around money and now after three or four months they're laying people off. Mean they got to -- it absolutely no ads -- -- -- got -- that's that thing has gotta be a black hole for cash. It is the black called cash and you know -- supported by an extremely oil rich country in the Middle East. And that this thing about it is it's just like there's there's an English language that Russian so you know RTV. There's the Chinese have something. There are others who started it. They're not looking to make money for them this is markedly this is politics this is propaganda. In a way for them this is like the United States to would Voice of America. You know it is they're they're now looking to cash in. It's not like a fox or CNN error MSNBC. Where there are Bloomberg or whatnot CNBC where they're really get it to make money. This is this is purer kind of propaganda marketing. And to get their point of view out. You know Max -- the New York review of books that say there was a story there was a thing by a Russian it was a Russian intellectual and it was translated from Russian. And he -- all of his friends are saying about the Russian TV under Putin I can't watch it anymore at all propaganda. I set I thought to myself I feel the same way about American TV. But. I knew the left. Your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. Campbell. Out victory. What what it's on History Channel. -- -- may shows a lot of -- shows on TV right now I don't. Oddly out the other major alibi at all we have got one minute all they have made war in Iraq. Yeah I think -- -- The main worry you don't know that or. A -- flying I know bickering what that means sure. Guys galloped rally at the main word that I -- all the other parts of the country don't even know. Really I thought I could give -- a main words I don't think people know about like double. But I think I think they know what -- us. -- -- Looked up let me you know I don't know how to get back but he but I I think other areas of the country that part of words. But it but. Our bubble I'll check it out 18774. Will -- be back for season nine or spin off. I haven't heard about it Dexter spin off season eight I believe is the end the end of -- Parenthood in Chicago fire probably -- Both pretty good. Parenthood last week had its first season finale. Okay so what keeps an MB of block that something like 83 messages here texting it on a show called dog with a blog I'm not sure their kid -- not. A the Boston me bust my chops aren't that I. Six -- how these guys you know they won't waited I wanna back up though. You are gonna start having to call you Howard. You know -- sir Howard or something if you're reading the New York review of books. I do agree that sometimes I do read I must I you know we're gonna get to move up here to Brooklyn now it people's republic here. Up in the hipster district of oh yeah oh yeah. Oh yeah but that I put it. Sometimes it's okay it's it's it's all right no I. If there's actually you're right you know I think that -- If especially a lot of stuff they write about you know. What's going on about politics foreign policy and what there's there's a lot of good stuff. All right Max I got to get a break talked to next week okay. Okay captain -- UH thanks I'm only card.