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Liar,Liar, Pants On Fire

Apr 17, 2014|

According to a new Fox News Poll, six in ten American voters think President Barack Obama lies to the country on important matters some or most of the time. Guest host Avi Nelson asked do you think the President lies rarely or frequently about the big stuff.

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Do you think President Obama lies on important matters frequently rarely. I think he -- frequently almost okay how often a UN majority am appalled not that often I think 94% are with you today. Well that's -- now one of the reasons we took this poll question. Is because there was a national survey done -- Fox News poll. That passed similar question now we only have two categories the Fox News poll had four. They have the possibility of most of the time -- of the time. Now and then or never. 37%. Think that Obama -- most of the time militias national origin which is remarkable. Another 244% to that he lies some of the time. 20% of the voters say only now and then. And 15%. Saying never I don't know where the 15% in the living. Because you know that one of the big lies that everybody now remembers. He age now if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor feel like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. -- you say never of that but there are some die hard January 15%. If you -- -- two. Top lunch together most of the time and some of the time. Comes to 61% of the time that Obama is is lying and such remarkable. Statement isn't it. But that's what our view is of the president of the United States. I think it says something about how cynical. We have become about our political leaders. And quite frankly in this particular case the cynicism is warranted. Because you get. You get the president who just says things that aren't sure it'll get there just to pull another one out of the air she comes to mind the whole IRS scandal. Where he in an interview. With Fox News said that there wasn't a smidgen of corruption I think that was Bill O'Reilly who interviewed a much this Super Bowl Sunday. And should not a smidgen of corruption with the iris. And yet we're finding out on a daily basis. About corruption and and improper connection between -- learner in the department of justice and yet. The president just goes -- elsewhere then -- of the other kinds of lines that look not the kind of lines which are deceitful. But these statements that turn out to be untrue. For example. He's gonna draw red lying in Syria. If the if the Syrian used chemical weapons there's going to be. Serious repercussions when -- even say he's made that case with with the Ukraine and and prudent serious repercussions on the administration would undoubtedly start talk about how oil there have been serious repercussions. After all we've. Imposed some sanctions on Russia doesn't seem to be having much effect but anyway. He he probably would make the case that. That there they are doing something but nonetheless -- international community doesn't think so. Make shift from missions were talking about Obama I let me extend this I think. That the time has come we should not tolerate this in our politicians we've got. An important election coming up in the fall we're gonna have an opportunity. To talk apart. The issues of the day and to challenge a lot of the incumbent. Has won -- Massachusetts has senate race that there are a number of others and at stake is the US senate. Now Obama cares a primary issue. Everybody who's running for reelection. Ought to be asked the question directly. Did you read the bill before you voted for. If you didn't even read the bill bill is important is six. 16 of the national economy and having you do with the individual health care -- each citizen in the United States. If you didn't even read the bill. But how can you be doing your job. Just imagine you're in the private sector. And your boss comes to you on an important issue which affects 16 of the of the economy of the company. And you watch your present a report on or an analysis of reports they gave you to read and he says by such and so date -- come into my office and tell me what you think of it. There's a question of polishing here. Whether the company should embark on this policy or not to go and read it. Come see appointed date he college you into the office and the national what do you think. And you -- well I haven't read it but I'm all for. -- beyond your ear. And you should. Be fired from the private sector right. Matter of fact you wouldn't -- not commanded the office not having read it in yet. Our politicians who were not talk about low -- people listen and somebody in charge of of mowing -- -- -- -- We're -- much senators and congressmen who went around talking about the bill promoting the bill voting for the bill. Didn't even read it. Now they should be challenged on in the response that I ought to be. You should be resigning not stand for reelection. So these it is important whether. People are told by politicians it is important what politicians say. And it's high time that we started holding politicians to account. You we've become cynical in the sense that we just expect. Politicians to line. But it's not a tolerable situation should not be accepted at the highest close shouldn't be accepted there any level. And shouldn't have to be under oath before you get people to say things that are true or to do their jobs. If you're just joining yesterday afternoon. This is not Nelson filling in for Howie Carr and though we're gonna do if you. 7 o'clock phone number 877. 469432. To help line number 6177793469. They text message code is 68680. And the email address which will have shortly -- Nelson W or Kerio dot com. Seven anyone protection any lies for no good reasons what does that talks actually though. You know when you -- no good reasons he has his reasons. Who knew what it. What would get why do you lying about the health care bill. Why did he lie when he said that you could keep your doctor and it was alive by the way and I am very careful about the issue wasn't just a mistake. Because we have him on record I have the tape of him in 2010 acknowledging that people in the millions were going to lose their health insurance. Why do you lie about it. Why did you say at 37 times. Because he wanted to convince people of two things one. That they should support Obama care and two that they should support him for reelection. So you know he has his reasons liars usually do. They aren't good reasons and I valid for -- but. 617 Texans speaking of lying do you really expect them to answer truthfully she that's what I mean look at. How cynical we become -- we don't expect them to tell the truth. We expect our friends to tell the truth we expect our. Spouses to to tell the truth. But six or another six or seven if we are cynical than. Are we wrong you know we're not wrong to be cynical but but what you were wrong not to do something about it but. We have to do something about it it's just -- unacceptable situation. Now anyway -- thoughts are welcome on this. Look at every once in awhile and we've gone we're status quo and things continue apace a certain distance. And then we decide that now the status quo isn't good enough. And we have an opportunity this fall to make a statement about the status quo and not being goodness. Well I find encouraging is that 61%. Of the of the American people according to this poll are aware that Obama's line would be a lot worse they thought he's telling the truth all the time. And I think extend this a little bit because there's another aspect of this is resolve a lot of bomb and that the will go to the the telephone line -- it was in the opening you heard. Chris Matthews I must say that I. I've had my fill of Chris Matthews so I try not to listen to him too much. But Chris Matthews lingering on about America's swimming in racism. Well Chris Matthews we -- you know the proof here is nice and straight forward. I remember after one of the state of the union speeches by Obama. Matthews -- such good speech that for an hour. He forgot that Obama was a black man. But only for an hour right first thing you remember your members think of him as a black man saturation. But he's always badgering the rest of us about racism. Any time we disagree you can be sure that. The argument that I'm giving about Obama lying -- the liberals side's gonna scream races. George will had a who do we have the will the George will clip. Or -- I just read it. And we we haven't okay here here's George will with a group good line George -- sometimes comes up -- short period I chose so knowledgeable. He sometimes comes up with really good lines. Here's should do you have the cooperating. I look liberalism has the kind of tourette's syndrome. Today is just. Constantly saying a word racism and racist personal sign on the law of the -- on your side argue the law of the facts on your side argue the facts -- -- neither pound the table -- -- pounding the table. There's -- And it's perfect or at syndrome like you -- doctorates in remission and it does involve reputation and that's what they get that. That's what -- -- that's all they have to offer -- another from bright barges that headline of this article tells at all. Facing election losses Democrats cry racism. That you were gonna get for the next. Umpteen months first for the elections in 2014 and then and twenty shakes me. And we just have to respond hey -- hate monger. And get -- it or we can just call them racist because they are. Anyway we can't be deflected away just because of the the name call. 8774694322. And that does not justify lying. No. Telling the truth is not a racial matter. It's not exposed to depend on your skin. 339 text it and -- started on January 10 2009 when a -- swore to preserve protect and defend the constitution. You know I think the real. The real disappointment there I didn't think she is. You do that when he just ignores the laws and you know national obamacare along exchange unilaterally but he you know. He probably thinks that that's okay. 617 some people aren't able to discuss the weather without playing the race card yet comes to that. Okay. 87746943. To -- the phone number six. 8680. Is the text message code. Let's go to the telephone lines John get afternoon you are first up on the Howie -- show good afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just in just a little. I hate to break it to you this -- that. Any any politician iron there legislator congress critter so people who read every syllables for their vote on -- Frankly hasn't told the -- It's impossible to do. You're right by the way John I wanted to. Well I want to compliment you on your terminology congress critter like that screen. That's what we've become a problem you know but. In Redford you know for the 2000 ghosts of their and one legislature. One legislator. Legislature. And you know we -- in our community. In rightly belongs. You certainly more in the couple that you purchased it and which is physically cannot -- -- Billy boat -- office. In other committee members. Explain it to them. Yeah but -- -- ploy. It points will take you John and and I'm glad you brought it up because it's true another couple things to say your first of all. I don't care he didn't read the bill about renaming a post office okay. For the one I decided of course was obamacare April it was probably. -- most important piece of legislation in the last what would you say ten years there are a handful of pieces of legislation. Where it requires the full attention of the congress career. And -- about 10. -- without sketch made the second point. If you if you require people to read the bill if that's what they -- promised that we elicited from. The congressman as we vote for them you know that the congressman elect. And if we have random. Random testing lie detector testing -- we random drug testing should be can check out whether there actually. Read the -- not if we did that. Two things would happen one. The bill would get a lot shorter. You wouldn't have smallish extraneous material stuffed into bills so they can hide some appropriation. For their district when in reality it's got nothing to do with the bill told number one the bills would be shorter number two. There would be more time for the people to read it with the obamacare bill if you know the final version came out there was less than 24 hours. Before the vote had to be taken. Shorter of a little -- -- would have pretty urgent if they did their job which is what their sport to do there would be changes in procedure. The reason you've got 2000 page bills that are just rushed through it because nobody is expected to read them that's wrong. Well there's a lot of people sick -- you know you don't read to those few expect the experts to read that -- that's been out pages all legal problem. The -- -- committee all all day or one sentence of that bill is trying get a clear how exposed. In all I'm sorry if it's gonna take more time but by the way I'll -- I mean I can't that I'll bet you can't. Name and a single staffer. For any of the congressmen or senators. Whose judgment we are relying on to say to the senator yes she should support this bill I don't know who they are I didn't vote for them. I don't know what their background is I don't know where they're coming from this is not what I want -- -- representative democracy. Well in farming and off to a secretary or graduate student. Or somebody. Don't want Weiner that the you know all -- long wondered if you want it more Albert. Should do it better yeah it's different -- require a lot agree. I agree let's elect some let's elect some O'Donnell have law degrees. Okay John thank you thank you for the call me you're right this simple suggestion. That they do their job that they do what all of us do in the private sector. Would have profound changes. In in terms of the what if things away business she's done you hate to use the word business when talk about politics is. Kind of cast dispersion on the word business. But it would change the procedures. In the halls of congress and and maybe in the legislative Paulson would be -- the good. 87746943. Due to the phone number 686 days the text message code. -- Nelson in for Howie Carr this afternoon your calls and thoughts are welcome Julie good afternoon your next on the program. I thank -- to pull the Mike Cox DJ Kennedy excuse that the question that -- out -- Eric Holder. Which want. To -- on the oversight committee and he asked they're calling each state that. That Eric Holder who really has. Has didn't seem to care about being in contempt of court. And not Eric Holder said. Because he hadn't turned over the papers that they asked for two years ago regarding after curious and Eric Holder -- Don't go -- idea yeah wasn't -- god but I did hear the extent. Yeah. We are yes I think so. Sorry that's on that thank -- -- and can't. Are -- trying to hold somebody accountable for something and that's the way he treated our. Why the attorney general. Which you know something -- you know us on the Julie would assure me she said that issue -- whether the congress and say that measure at all. Because he went on dangerous ground when he spoke on behalf of whether holder is concerned or not and keep hold of the perfect opportunity. To say of course it bothers me if I'm. It happened I don't go to apply. When you expressed yourself as an attorney general the United States. And then he later and then and then later hold -- -- often complained about his holders treatment before congress. Implying it was gracious of. Exactly he's -- it was a regular treatment now it has ever after an attorney general questions like or not general ever done that -- either. You know I wish people would stop worrying about being a black managers bring up any odd man. Little compared with being men and women not black men and black women already -- just people with integrity. We should start there and that would be a lot on the go a long way to start helping our problems it's people and the integrity and honesty -- And -- sports comedy and didn't hide everything in there hi this administration I think more things that we. We can even conceive thought that the faded it that trip very. Transparent administration is just don't want I. Point well taken Julie Natalie that your animated about -- -- proven through translated some energy for the election. And by the way we just have to put up with the nonsense. That people in their feeble response who can't. And should the argument. Are just going to cry racism. Every time something happens every time in his criticism. The the most fundamental and -- -- -- -- that this is a racist country Barack Obama would never gotten elected. -- you judge Amanda -- Martin Luther -- judge a man by not by the color of the skin but by the content of the character. It took trouble with a Barack Obama is that he is lying and foreign policy -- week. He's proposed and -- through it is sort of implementing obamacare legislation which is that. Those are the issues cannot do this -- Your thoughts are welcome 8774694322. Is the phone number. Six point seven writes in motion the Miller initially -- place holder says they're called that referred to a section not yet written. They're voting on a shelf. You're right about bills being too long that's right I mean there are all sorts of things that go on that are part. A process. Which does not require congressmen. To read bills that they're voting and especially you know some of the bill's okay. I don't care if they read the bill about renaming a post office or their trivial matters what you are talking. About something as important as obamacare. Dodd-Frank. Those bills have to be read have to be understood for Sharon votes on them. Christian -- take a break we -- okay. Boston patient bills something else that the administration. Doesn't do very well. And really get to that justice's tax week. But we pay the bill sorghum paused for break -- we will continue on the other side somebody else in this is -- car program. -- Welcome back this is all the Nelson in for Howie Carr this afternoon we started where if well -- -- you can look at is cynicism or if it has a silver lining of optimism. Because we're talking about something that that really should be changed in the country. And that is this acceptance. Of politicians lying a politician is not doing their job. The line has to do of course not only with -- Obama but other political figures and she's become accepted that that they do these things. Not doing their job they don't read the bills. They vote for things and they don't know what's in them. And the proof of that is obamacare and the proof of that is is the echoing that so many of the senators some of whom are now running for reelection and congressman who are all running for election. Shed about obamacare when they echoed what. Obama said. Then if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor if you like your health care plan. You can keep your health care plan if they have read the bill they would have known that isn't the case. And I think they should be held to account should be enhanced when they're running. There -- elections coming up did you read the bill before you voted for. Okay his thoughts are welcome 8774694322. Is that phone number the text message code 68680. Andy email address a Nelson and wrko.com. -- -- emailed me and saying -- him five years did discover that Eric Holder was black and sort of white. I don't know Jeff I don't know what -- tell -- that pledge came on board let's go back to the lines Russian action on the program good afternoon. Captain and have a -- Jason I disagree with what you set -- leaders. Not low grade. As far as I'm concerned -- on the low grade. They had dishonorable and loser of the -- that the voting saps refused to give them. In the process and in Boston the clean the toilets of the port. -- -- -- Is more important than our elected officials don't let that person accomplishes this as far as I'm concerned. Ruslan look. I I understand the point to trying to make and certainly this justification for cynicism. With regard to our elected officials but to say that an election that elected position in the congress of the United States. Does not rank above janitorial service. Is simply inaccurate right. Mean after all -- don't really care happy you're really care what the janitor thinks about political issues -- how he votes you do care about your congressman votes. But but every one of the person picks up the crap. The other creates -- Like -- So in that regards Roger -- did the janitors who needed a. Problem but every let me let the end with this okay my annual pet peeve I'm sick and tired of hearing on Monday. Being first to -- Marathon Monday. In seven of the pages stay actual running of the Boston Marathon. The patriots want. It's always should be referred to as the patriots today X running of the across America and other words what what what every year reticence that. Since aside that's obligation -- prefer to. Well you know look you have a point -- we're gonna get to the marathon a little bit later on I think in the program. Looked as though the Boston Marathon is taken on in new aura. It has a different meaning now because of the events of last year. So although you have a point nobody is thinking of it that way and it's going to be a long time before. The day has a significant switch eclipses or he wore extends beyond. The bombing and the commemoration of the people lost their lives -- lost limbs. So it earlier tactically right. But. Sometimes events overtake technical correctness and I -- He yes savvy but unfortunately I've read that took too many years -- rove played too many people -- -- better. In the past in the past you can make that case you know there's a there's a case that I used to make every year and they -- worst thing about it because as we have today and tomorrow I'm going to be on tomorrow and tomorrow will be the last program. And powered car shall anyway before the running of America marathon went holly gets back on Monday. By the time he goes on the air the marathon will have been completed at least in terms of the -- that everybody will cross the finish line but the but the race part will be over. Anyway I had an annual lament about the the marathon I didn't understand why they have to run right into the middle of the city. And disrupt traffic and make it difficult for people leave in the ninth before we get all the barricades are set up. You're -- on Iran for 26 must surely there are the places you can do it without having to. To cause so much dislocation. It just doesn't hit it rings hollow now I mean the argument is still -- like your argument is still valid but it. It just doesn't have the same kind of weight given the events of the year ago. -- this has taken on a meaning not only for Boston in the hole the slogan -- and strong. But the whole country. Is involved -- -- and probably even internationally although I can't speak for. Our friends overseas -- just -- video of the world sometimes. Changes in perspective. And has reichel and giving -- a suggestion. That you might want to let the patriots to your argument. Slipped back a little bit. -- I wanna add one of the things okay -- abolished truly believe in Boston strong but it swallows referring to Boston's strong. But let's not forget that we were offensively. Actually OK thank you -- but I always speaking of that however dug my getting it wrong. It reminds me of our distinguished. Vice president and use of the distinguished in quotes. Who. Suffers from intense foot and mouth disease I know he meant well when he came here and was speaking but. It didn't come out right as she is so frequently the case with Joseph Biden do we have the Biden clip when he spoke. Boos quote survivors. My god you have survived. And you have stored. It was worth. It was worth. I mean this is surely just -- each of you speak. You're truly truly inspired. I've never heard anything so beautifully with all of you just. Yeah you know okay who. I suppose. We wanna come little slack which he meant well although the road to blazers you know which paved with good intention. First of all I don't know what it meant to to quote survivors. -- they are quote around survivors. These -- survivors. And then it was worth fit to what was worth it mr. vice president. I think legs blown off people. Losing their lives all watchful as they wouldn't be in the category of the survivors. But the main people the people who are. Who whose lives were destroyed. Who have mental problems because this year anguish of post trauma. You know you're gonna. Be careful which you say in public especially when it's a sensitive time like this. When I was growing up my sister put little card on the door. The red. Caution be sure brain is engaged before -- -- in and year. It's kind of -- from finance card and information it to Joseph Biden. I understand he meant well it was nothing malicious in in in. In what he was trying to do but perhaps say that the vice president of the United States. -- -- a whole lot to do is not going to be up there for a couple of hours he's not doing a filibuster. Get it right. Prepare a little bit ahead of time. So you don't end up putting forward your mouth and bungling it. 58774694322. Looks like we're up against a break are we crash. Sure we take a break yes don't you think of phone call a look at. Back to the telephone lines Tom good afternoon you're next on the program. That's what apple from walks. I think that he had gotten on partisan group conduct support fox probably find. That's not -- -- you can think poll conducted by fox has zero credibility. But that's another issue and I'm a loyal -- watcher so. So why do you think of why do you think the polish wrong. Why I think the pulpit and you know you can conduct pulled all the time it's the way they conducted -- anyway all of I have a great one issue -- talk about stereo. There -- so many issues that. No matter what Obama does. You guys are going to be against a good example as serious injury that Brett -- stopped them Republicans. Where Apollo. If you let you know elaborately acts TP. Did you get the Republicans are crucified that's happening Ukraine right now it was a part of our obvious no matter what. Hey hey let's not blame Republicans because the president made an ill advised remark and then couldn't hold to. If you thought they couldn't make good on it they don't make a statement you're standing before. Where -- you're standing before the world the world takes note and expects the world's superpower. To be acting in accord with what the president of the United States that the reason that Barack Obama didn't do anything in this area. And it is his own decision but if you're talked about military action it wasn't the Republicans. There was no stomach in this country. For having military action in Syria. Well -- as most stomach in this country right now action in Ukraine. I agree. I agree but if you don't have to empty your technical team you Tom what I want. To do wish if he's not going to be able to have military action they don't talk like he's going to. Don't say it's going to be a red line. Implying that if you cross that that we dire consequences if you don't think you could deliver on that you don't do that in in your life. And you certainly don't expect the president of the United States talk about something as serious as war to get it wrong. That's issue let people what you when you mention one last issue Health Care Reform its economy obviously making my point. Health -- -- 16 accord is exactly what's well how can help it in 16 of the economy it costs to bear much inefficiency and inefficient and put them. Think -- everything that's -- -- problem. Finally Obama -- what does that lets see what we can address what we can make health care what somebody was -- Got it wrong. And not only that that wasn't the point that I was making I was minute for an irishman. Is that this defective bill. Was not even read by the people who voted for. You say it's important and they have to try to change it well it's important and you have to try to change it the least you ought to do is -- -- voting on. Know what the bill list. This bill was badly flawed and it was so old battle you know the reality is that health care may be very expansion. But most people are happy with the health care here. -- the reason why health care's expensive -- go into not going to be solved by obamacare that's for. Okay thanks Tom for the call and enjoy the interesting challenging point of view. Now we -- to take a break right okay back on the other side I'm on the Nelson this is Alec our program.