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Do you think the Boston Marathon will be safe on Monday?

Apr 16, 2014|

After last nights hoax, do you think the Boston Marathon will be safe on Monday? Do you think the security measures will work?

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-- here on the the great WRKO. And now 193 point seven HDT June. Good morning Boston. 61736. With 6868. If you wanna be part of the show. You can also affect us until week 686 stadium Erica flying. Scary. -- So were real event took place yesterday. The site of the Boston Marathon bombing last year. -- something honestly straight out of a movie out of a Hollywood movie in fact it reminds me a little bit of the movie V for vendetta. If you've ever seen. Here is what took place last night my friends. At about 6:50. In the evening approximately. Right near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Where the attack took place last year. An individual now identified as Kevin. -- in fact I'm getting conflicting reports some say cabinets and some say cave on Edson whatever wishes go with Kevin just for the sake of argument. An individual now identified as Kevin -- Was walking down I kid you not. Right down the middle of boil -- street right down the middle. Dressed in black. He had a black body -- on. He had a black hat on. He had a black mask on a black -- Bare footed and just really bizarre. He was bare footed dressed -- all in black black body suit black male black mask black hat. He kept chanting Boston's strong Boston's strong Boston strong. And he had to cool black backpacks on him. Eerily reminiscent and similar to the backpacks that were used in the two explosions the pressure cooker box. That killed three people wounded 264. And in the process crippling and maiming dozens. And last year's devastating terrorist attack. He then walked down in the middle of the street and place the two backpacks right on the finish line. And then began to run away. As she was placing the two mysterious backpacks on the finish line. Again this is almost like out of a movie. A bus. Carrying the victims. Some of the victims of last year's bombing X. Were arriving right at the scene. And in particular this bus was carrying JP and Paul Norton two Brothers. Both of whom lost there right -- there were blown off their two right legs were blown off. In last year's bombing X. And they were finishing. A relay walking relay that they were doing basically before the marathon. They're raising money for prosthetic limbs because now they have to walk with a prosthetic limb for the rest of their lots. By the way as a quick aside and this needs to be pointed out. There have been profiles done on these two Brothers. They have a hard time going to the bathroom. I'm sorry I don't mean to humiliate them I wanna explain to you the misery. The difficulty the hardship. Instead they and their mother have to ensure everyday as a mother house to take care of these two boys. It's almost impossible for them to go to the bathroom properly. They both can no longer work they lost their drops. They say or even having breakfast is difficult both of them have had multiple operations. There -- often in pain they're often and agony as they put it our life has been shattered. And changed irrevocably. Now as they're doing it walking relay to raise money for prosthetic lamps. As they finish this another on a bus. Going back to this at the scene of the tragedy and horror of last year. You see this -- this clown this idiot. Dressed in black. With two backpacks. Barefoot. Chanting Boston's strong Boston's strong Boston's strong. And many places the two backpacks on the finish line. He immediately to police panicked. As they should have panicked. Think king is this some -- drop some nut job trying to emulate and replicate and repeat what took place last year. The individual was then immediately arrested. He has now been as I said identified as Kevin -- -- now appears that the two bags contained rice cookers with confetti. He thought this. -- -- -- All OK okay our rights are okay within one back forgive me to be yet to be precisely accurate. One back paddy rice cooker with confetti. This is it stroke. I -- this you think this is funny. You think what you think you what you Wear your we would in other Johnny Carson number of the Boston Marathon now. That you think this is funny. What do you comedian now a late night comedian. And what needs to -- incredible. Is that this man when you look at his FaceBook page to look at social media. Is convinced that show carts are -- -- have a flash bank is innocent. That camera on -- have is innocent. That basically there were just. Partying and having a good time at the marathon last year and that there were essentially scapegoats. For some -- false flag black flag operation. And that really the federal government was behind the Boston Marathon bomb. My outlook I'll be honest with you. I believe in the First Amendment unlike the left unlike liberals I actually believe in real tolerance I really do. I believe people are free to believe whatever they wanna believe and they shouldn't be persecuted for their beliefs I honestly believe that. Now we live in a free country you wanna believe it was a false flag operation that's your right they're really it's. It's I can see how it's very offensive to the victims Franco it's offensive to many people in Boston and frankly I find it offense. But let that go you wanna believe that it's a free country you have every right to believe that. That's not my problem. My problem and it's it's one thing for you to say something on the Internet. It's one thing for you to write an article about this sort claimant on the radio or whatever that's your First Amendment right. But for you then to walk down the middle of boils than street. Several days before the marathon -- before the marathon. At the exact scene. We're one of the worst terrorist atrocities ever taking place in the history of the United States on American soil took place. Which smashed and devastated this city. Where three people died including an eight year old boy. Where you see people walking around what they all faking it. Walking around with their prosthetic limbs. No arms no handsome old legs in wheelchairs. Who have to live with this for the rest of their lives and you think this is a joke. Do you think this is funny. With your little rice cooker and your little confetti. Furthermore. And I've been saying this now for a long time. Look at the way we've been willing to give up our civil liberties I don't want a repeat yesterday's show opened this bears stressing right now. Where -- the security. We have to have everything in plastic bags. Transparent open plastic bags they can search your hand bags they can search your backpacks they can search everything. We even -- mistake on some streets -- Brady can walk on your property and check what's inside your water cooler without -- -- We have video cameras everywhere supposedly the places. Crawling with cops. How they held at the -- breach security. We walked right all dressed in black I don't mean I'm not even talking jeans T shirt and a baseball cap. Somehow what do would pull back. A black and backpacks on. You know a much and he wasn't even dressed like camera -- on May have or stroke are trying to -- he wasn't even dressed like flash bank and speed bump. He's obviously dressed like some costume character. You got a guy dressed all in black. Covered his face in black. Black mask black body -- bare footed. Walking right down the middle of -- the street and Gary is spoke about the about the -- about. Chanting Boston strong Boston's strong Boston's strong try to bring as much attention to himself as possible. Most of. Millions of dollars in security. Violations of one constitutional right after another. Violation of one's civil liberty after another. On did Dave that the vice president of the United States that that that before and Joseph Biden was there. And he. And you're gonna keep us safe. You're telling that's like -- remarkable. You're telling me mode chat chat chat chat -- yeah got to go to the marathon on Monday. Don't shoulder terrorists haven't defeated as Jeff. Well Jeff we need as many people there at the marathon to show our support -- -- Boston strong. I this guy walks right in the middle of the street. Now thank the lord it was a risk -- with confetti. There wasn't a real pressure cooker with with males and and and and explosives. The security. Is a joke. This city should be embarrassed. Marty Walsh should be embarrassed. Meaning me should be embarrassed. The liberals in this state should be embarrassed. It's not enough that you take away all of our rights. Mike Hsu cat you're not even what what -- what -- all the Russia -- that what is old Barbara Shea overseeing the security. Per the security system at the Boston Marathon. Am I missing something here. You can't even provide proper security. -- what do you seriously what are you meet. 300 bed this time -- thousand -- this time what how much do you mean before you can get your act together. So let me ask all of you this. A couple of questions. One person the uncle wanted to stress this the uncle Peter Brown he's the uncle of these two Brothers Paul and JP Norton lost their legs he was there. And here's what he says here's what he said to The Herald. It was alarming it was crazy when he sees this guy Kevin -- this guy dressed in black -- mr. V for vendetta. Walking right down the street -- dress them black with the two black box bare footed jumping Boston's strong. It was alarming it was crazy. It was some -- drop Boston's got to do their job it happened right after we about finished our walk. The cops grabbed him but I'm pissed -- getting. I'd be -- dole. You know by the way those two Brothers. Walked in the entire. Yet with their friends and family goes to those two Brothers with airport you know with a prosthetic lamps with their friends and family in solidarity. Walked to the entire route of the Boston of the Boston Marathon yesterday. And right near the end. That's what they see confronting them. Can you imagine -- them. Can you match was going through their mind. Can you imagine what they must be thinking. Do you think the security is adequate for the marathons. On for the marathon running on Monday number one. Number two. What do you make of this man. Penetrating our security. With -- obviously a prank -- two backpacks at the finish line. Did he expose the soft underbelly of our growing police state. Do you feel safe. Do you believe that the security officials that law enforcement and the city of Boston and the governor of Massachusetts. Can keep us safe on Monday. Do you feel safe enough to go to the marathon 6172666868. Six safe team on WR KEO. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. I just aren't. Good morning -- -- Literature reports about the service -- but I have not heard recharge it yet but I'm curious about that. He's charged with perpetrating a hoax. In other words basically they are you guys a clown. He got arrested by the police. I mean he's asking for trouble is a punk. He's asking for trouble. And you want to look my honestly you wanna know how Jeff -- leaves his life I avoid trouble. I don't look for trouble. I try to avoid trouble. So obviously. -- he's charged by the way just to give you all the specific facts. He's charged with disorderly conduct. Possession of a hoax device. And disturbing the peace. And he's gonna be arraigned on Wednesday connect he's gonna be arraigned today. Basically disorderly conduct in a -- 6172666868. What all of your calls let me ask you this. What do you make of what he did. Are you discuss did. Do you think you should be charged I wanna hear from you Boston. 6172666868. It's now six wanting on the great WRKO. All of your. We're here on the break WRKO 6172666868. So. Now let me ask all of us because apparently when they saw this this guy in black walking down with the Dubai the other two backpacks on a bare footed. People immediately on -- century began to run. -- -- -- Talk about congress and -- is what his backpack. And he's walking down both in street dressed in black. Barefoot chanting Boston's strong Boston's strong Boston's strong. Apparently a lot of bystanders. Just began running in panic for cover. I would too. I'm sure I see this I see this not sharp dressed in black wearing a backpack. Couple days before the Boston Marathon on the -- right right -- the anniversary. On the anniversary of what happened a year ago but the corner man sitting right underneath the car. Just -- a fire in the hole and I I'm I'm down. Now according I swear just a short -- is hilarious this stuff. Anatomy to make light of this but this basically the guy how to neon sign on -- basically saying terrorist terrorist terrorist stop me if you can -- That was a -- and he proved this point now here is police commissioner -- elevenths. Police commissioner William Evans says apparently. This was not a breach of security. Model at all. If -- defended police secured. He shouldn't all boils the street that wasn't in any kind of a lock down that's going to be on Monday. Mall all Eagles look at eight. Then ordinance the two Brothers. My understanding is what he says is that the Norton is we're doing this on their own time. And once again at the time they arrived at the finish line the street was open to the public. -- ball blame months. We should know about security people there. Right in all right where the bombing took place mall all all they did it on their own time didn't ask for police beat bill according to this that the the chief. According to chief Evans. All dated they didn't mask for a police detail they did this on their own time. Why would we be providing security right at the site where the terrorist attack took place why would we go to. We're checking bags everywhere else -- help. That's an F 36 block radius we -- wanna see what's in your back but right at the scene of the crime mall poll at all. Kevin you are up -- and this is the guy providing a security I'll tell you right now I am not showing up on Monday. Call me crazy with these clowns running security. The corner man is gonna stay as far away from boils the street as possible Kevin Europe next thanks for holding there on the corner report. I don't blame me one bit just -- point to make. Particular event freckle that proposal give up a little liberty a little safety deserve neither in a loose ball. Benjamin Franklin said it and he was right. -- commissioners say it all we shouldn't have to be got they got there Dana -- just bought them they shouldn't be jobs in this -- I mean bill to evolve to Boston Police and security forces there really ask him to that they don't expect this -- -- about -- The lead to a talk about the past couple days that we can make such a big deal bought a strong Boston's strong -- -- -- -- -- secure our. These people -- not why don't exploit till the weaknesses I mean that they're asking for public Kevin most regular escalate in the knuckle Hezbollah escalate. A couple rhetorically and god has -- quite -- senator it's good upbeat and a police state I mean you can't avoid it. And our annual account and honestly it's gonna be a fiasco by the way Brittany told Revis. You know there were five black bags found yesterday and people were -- They had I think it was a -- with three of them were detonated. 22 of them were detonated. So the whole city now was on Mitch. You see a black bag that terrorism deter layups this time maybe it's this this is -- -- -- -- the -- is the -- the -- -- the crazy shoplifting mothers -- -- that she's back. I just go avenge her son by blowing up the Boston Marriott at the Boston Marathon again so -- basing these backpacks and everybody's panicked. To all cities on match. 6172666868. It's becoming a fiasco really it's becoming a joke. If this guy can do this. On the one year anniversary. -- into anything. -- I mean so shoulder bags all you want up to -- innocent Americans come on the -- Look search. My Fourth Amendment my first met him at my civil liberties comment to my house just come into my -- money and but period got a guy dressed in black. This clown does -- Various. Bare foot barefoot it. And yelling chanting -- -- look at me look at me. And he's still makes it to the finish line and drops the backpack with the rice cooker in the compared. You couldn't make this stuff up. Jam Europe next welcome to the corner report. Except my call jab jab but you know and the secret to amaze me how you know what the facts get in the way of entertaining. We're getting the fact that. The only -- -- walk on people's property. In and go into the coalition. Correct I look at -- -- press conference. When that when -- disclose some of the security has been want to talk about that nobody ever talked. I don't know how to get through that's not a doctor stroke nobody. Wanted to cool -- what will also make sure my source you want my sort of not true okay. Actor put out any lucky you'll walk it back. Part of me. I think out of every year like you do mostly fat EU EU okay Angela. Okay check the Boston Herald they did a huge piece on this whereby on certain streets -- the marathon. Police will have the right to check people's water coolers even if it's on their private property. Now that is a (%expletive) It's not gonna happen okay we'll look at the economy got bad none of the -- bad -- and so -- outsource. It's a multiple sources been confirmed by law enforcement. So don't tell me it's not gonna happen you said I made it up and I didn't make it up -- like the truth. Find out and and apparently -- needle and public -- -- at all -- -- -- -- street well well well well they got a hold all that worried every single. Jim you're not gonna win this. So let's back it up what is it about the truth that I don't like give -- an aspect of the truth I don't like Jim. I don't have anything. -- -- It polished product any one of my pulling out of yeah. It took a no go Beckham I just I just refuted the cooler. True nobody can walk around -- extra inning homer and stop every single person dressed in black with a lot. Address and on the anniversary. When the vice president is there a huge gap I American walk around in here. And neither should you know I'm gonna call your check it or not -- Go yeah. Right and let you like all you all all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Straight you know yeah. -- started the message that -- topic because you're lying. I said what happened about the marathon the security procedures I said they're going to be looking at people's water coolers on certain streets they will so don't tell me about the fox not a one. Trade but played phenomenally well yeah old saying yes -- no well yes or no such thing that -- -- fact yes not all I know it's all safe and on the argument for a great. -- down bring them down it's so safe bet on the anniversary. Of the attacks. A man dressed completely in black. Completely. With no shoes Wear a backpack chanting Boston's strong Boston's strong Boston's strong -- -- vice president of the United States is in the city. Speaking. Walks right up to the marathon finish line. Drops a backpack on the line we find out 'cause they rice cooker and a confetti. Thank the lord it wasn't a pressure cooker with males and you're telling -- genius. That this is -- this is phenomenal security is that what you're telling me genius. Cat got out of college he did spend a charming down -- and now outlawed. There aren't any outlet but. What we want our. Internet job a group that. With that in a pressure cooker. And dropping it on the field and I'll tell you why -- Thank -- moron. Moron what do you want I object jab guys got to explain to you you're -- I'll explain that. Drug and went out -- do you guys. Put him down. Last year. Two men. With backpacks. With pressure cookers in their backs. Planted them out the finish line three people died dozens remained -- crippled 264. Were wounded that's why stupid. You don't allow somebody to walk on -- since street dressed in black dressed in black with a backpack. That has a pressure cooker rice cooker in it because they made repeated. X. And you may have more people dead but look at these liberals look bottom. First they defend the police state. They lie and say all talks opened and of course it is true. Then in the most obvious breach imaginable I mean they're practically does practically parading down the middle boils constrict. So why and we get out blocking many you're gonna outlaw my eyes -- gangs are -- only don't criticize the -- leaner. -- stage for a soul scene for a song saying. This is why god forbid. If there is another talk these are the people responsible for it because they are so blind and so stupid. That they can't even say you should stop somebody walking down the middle of -- Austin street saying I'm a terrorist please arrest me. John Europe next thanks for holding welcome. The more director Ali that. I'm good how are you John very well factor you know I wanna look like the a quick look at -- equity QQ are not thought it true. It's typical lot a lot of information individual like can't you all remember what he considered to be actual what the little. Species died yesterday on what the -- like what app he not read the paper that it now that -- what they. Release shall not like they told everybody on -- let a little bit -- new. Here are guiding hand out target in the water but subjecting yourself to. Search area -- -- because we need to protect thousands of people along the route and -- -- So I mean. I think it gently caught justice William Ross I caught up spots. Susan Ronnie Lee might bill is a liberal. -- -- liberal that you can't help myself it's 634 on the great WR scale all of you hang on more of your calls -- Welcome back to the corner reports 64 here on the great WRKO. I would clown make up. Dressed in black completely bare footed walking down the middle of -- the street with a backpack. Chanting Boston strong Boston's strong Boston's strong. People panicked. A crowd started running hiding for cover. They thought this was gonna be another terrorist attack on the one year anniversary he dropped a backpack at the finish line. It turned out to be a rice cooker with confetti. It was a hoax. I guess to show just how pathetically weak this security is I guess and he also made his point. My question to use this. What are you may commit. And do you feel that security is adequate going into Monday's marathon. And are you gonna would tend to order is an event like this shake your confidence in the security. Procedures they haven't -- 61726. X 6868. I'll tell -- -- the corner man is not going. So -- in Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Just couldn't -- I'm. And -- have a -- that I put negotiation table on you and I just wanna say bad. And I think you -- place in the world and it in the city each. And across the country and you know your love for the current situation -- Atlantic have right yet the -- immediate access to get into all the you -- a backpack that he. Susan should -- -- he did it it with pure pressure. I'm excited watching all of the events last night and didn't hate my game and it may be far fetched but what not to say that. Give me and yet has he could. Die action. And we know where it's actually act could be just isn't very powerful way to say look. You know what I'm saying we can do whatever we want when we want. And to educate you indicated you want to do -- I -- -- It should we want you to -- but it. It just boggles my mind that this could happen without the dignitaries in the city. On with the with the way that this came about and we should have thought that came to mind and I'd be curious to hear what you know I experienced an electric. I don't thank god thank you very much Susan. Look and I think it's quite obvious. This guy want -- -- he seems to me to be a person from what we're reading now we're finding out on social media. Who doesn't believe the Boston Marathon bombings were done by the flash bang it's -- that this was an inside job by the government. And so weeks from the statements that he's made on FaceBook and social media that basically beats are natives are scapegoats. Now this is right people believe that that's I believe in the First Amendment that I believe in January tolerance. He wanted to make a point. That for all of the security. That we half. You can still easily penetrate. That even a guy basically a clown. Dressed in black bare -- Yelling chanting almost saying oh no please look at me look at me with a -- back with the rice cooker with confetti. Can walk down -- street and pull it off. And he did. Now a lot of people are confusing. You know my position yesterday with my position today and and and what they're saying is this while Jeff yesterday Jeff Jeff Jeff yesterday were saying -- -- much police. They seemed to be saying there's not enough police know what I'm saying is this. We haven't given up so much of our rights objectively Stanback. We are seeing the creation of a police state. You have the NSA surveillance program. But the security measures people are now arbitrarily at the behest of any person their law enforcement. National Guard whatever. It's gonna say open your bag you must open your bag your purse whatever it is. If they want to check your you're your your personal belongings without probable cause without warrants. How was that not a violation of the Fourth Amendment and our civil liberties. Now to liberals don't want -- we admitted it. Because it's humiliating to them. But the security guidelines clearly state that on certain streets. On property private property -- allowed the police are allowed to walk on your property without your permission. Check your water coolers. How was that your business to walk on my private property in check my water coolers. We're gonna have security cameras. Every where we're gonna have police everywhere. We're gonna have undercover agents everywhere. So the whole area is being completely militarized state. Fine. But I'm not only -- -- and I agree with -- OK it's militarized what are we getting in return. Are -- safe. Obviously not because this -- pulled it off. And that's the point. Because you see the way you go after people he's profiling. The way you go after people is intelligent police work. Instead what we do we as we've actually every American is guilty we harass every American we violate the Barbara civil liberties -- every American. Because we don't wanna do what needs to be done. We don't want to profile. I see a guy dressed in black -- black back bare footed on the middle of moral -- street chanting a Boston strong Boston's strong on the one year anniversary. Of the Boston Marathon bombing attacks the Boston Marathon box. I've taken them down I'm arresting them. I don't care call it whatever you want to vigilante -- right Winger won every whenever rightwing extremist -- -- a guy like that walking down Barroso street I'm a cop. I imagine so fast I put him down and I handcuff them. And jurors are rice cooker in your back but you think that's funny. What do confetti -- public disorderly conduct and the story. Because what if it wasn't a joke. What affecting was a real pressure cooker with real explosives. Like it's our -- last year. There'd be dozens dead today. Soul all our security has gotten us not think. Except we're losing our freedoms right in front of -- -- And are we safer -- -- that's the point. Ronnie Europe next thanks for holding there on the corner report and welcome. Good morning Jeff thanks grabbed me I got the call through six and seven because the election year down here on the South Shore and talk if you become Israel important so. I have to keep my comments are what are. The -- of the let you know yet you did know one of the most incredible showed yesterday on you know what we've really learned. From the blast in -- -- how did we really change it we really. Identified the people responsible and that call this morning what what complete fool you know I inject the truth then you probably got that far. Because he appeared Muslim and nobody wanted a couple of them and even your last caller god bless our. Didn't feel comfortable saying mark -- the machines that you you know who I'm talking about I mean you know job on Monday got a choice either goldfish and or like he's going to Boston and I can be subjected to random searches. Heavy you know heavily armed people walking up and down constantly. Dogs walking up and pass it because delete. Everybody being looked at equally is a suspect. Instead of you know Smart -- limit of young people in their twenties. You know why would you subject just felt about why would any freedom loving American subject -- that and how much of a good time do you really think you can help. Under circumstances like that you know. Well I mean I would be jumping. I would be very nervous being there. That's number one but number two look up you're breaks my heart you really wanna know the truth I think they've won. Look what they've turned -- into. I mean I I don't wanna say it. I wanna cover real war on -- I wanna smash him I won a standup to these radical islamists. But I believe radical Islamist slowly winning because they're changing our way of life. Now I want all of you think about this objectively. They should be nonpolitical but it is because that's what liberalism is today to war on America. This is the cradle of the American revolution. With all due respect. This is what Chicago. And this is not Los Angeles. And this is not Miami. It's uneven New York. It's Boston. It's Lexington and Concord. It is the citadel of American freedom -- this year -- our republic was born. Eighty sheer worth a call in his first took up arms to win us our freedom and give us the greatest constitutional republic the greatest free society in the history of the world. And now. The very same citizens. Of this great city in this great state. People who've inherited. Are supposed to be their fears of the greatest revolution for freedom in the history of the world we stand here and we willingly. -- frantically. Give away our precious liberties and freedoms. Were you that picture you describe Ronnie is dead on. Police dogs everywhere. Armed police everywhere random searches everywhere. Treating every American -- potential criminal. Because we don't have the guts to confront political correctness and say this was not done by two. Multiparty people. This wasn't it was done by who radical Islamic Jihad lists. And -- name a -- of a Muslim holy war against America and against the west. But don't say that. Were Boston -- Or not strong enough for the truth that no we're not that were not alone but we're not strong enough for that but we're Boston shrunk. So we'll put up slogans and now noticed I heard Mayor Menino yesterday Mobil's I don't know where it came from and then there's mumps. And -- says we're gonna run the marathon. And it's gonna be such a great victory because we run the marathon. Why are we supposed to do not from the marathon. What are we supposed to do height and power in our roots. Not total work. -- these people talking about. Two ways that terrorists win is if we change our way of life and if we don't have the guts and the bravery and the courage open human decency. To say this was done in the name of religion. -- -- Islamic fanatics. Who wanted to bring America to which niece and let me say one final point because now it's all coming out I touched on this yesterday. The murders in Waltham in 20012011. Forgive me. -- three juice. Including a good friend of -- Lansana -- speed bump. Brendan masts. It now appears conclusive. That -- model and Saddam may have and maybe usual car. Were behind that brutal jihadist attack. Where they killed those three Jews by slitting their throats from one end of their neck to the other. Like an al-Qaeda style decapitation. Where's the media on this story. I was a Pro -- a foreshadowing of what they were gonna do what the map at the marathon at the marathon. These are hard core -- artists. And they kill Jews to kill Jews and they killed Americans to kill Americans. And now it's a year later and we still haven't confronted this reality. And when you mention it look how blue screen. They squeal like -- Old always saved his -- shame mole isn't true all these are not only indeed dead and aired these -- -- flags and all don't tell as the umbrellas were afraid. If you can handle the truth. How strongly you. My friends we're not Boston's strong. -- and wrong. Chris syrup mix thanks for holding your -- -- Kerio you don't. Yes good morning listeners but put your car -- puke you're devastated everything that I have been purple and yelling about for the last year. You know supplemental agreement with everything that you -- Everything and I am not going to the -- America on you know beyond any reasonable doubt. I was inappropriate. Bad bad. But Peter that made. In regard to appear to -- you can get situation I -- should not going to be a fun event than most. We technically with my cooler. Attention -- didn't -- literature would like cooler. You know when that have a -- -- huge. My girl friend or whatever you tune into American Jewish community there and watch people run by. Well I'm having people. Did you mean what weapon -- -- -- abrupt change to -- -- wondering why you know what I don't want. I'm with you Chris. I -- -- just. Just. Look just on a fun level I agree with you. I think it's fun to be harassed by police it's fun to -- -- a firecracker goes off the rule book. That's fun. Nick Europe next thanks for holding -- I'm going to have. To and so we've actually get nowhere if you want -- out how we got to play like this. I know you. Where the top -- the list and check out this is a disaster on Gould hit one Jamie Gorelick and she did it twice and with the despite the -- capacity clintons and what they've done to obstruct justice. Going way back even to the Oklahoma City bombing and let the FBI. Got. They try to last week and they welcomed as well if you give me a break we know exactly what happened. OK so this thing happening here obviously this is dead that that got some -- the plane that looked ominously that miserable and I didn't. -- not standout do we get within -- -- know how the president ordered that they. Thank you so much -- Harry -- nuts thanks for all thing. Welcome to the current record -- good morning -- a couple of quick point here Iraq. Perspective certainty. Computer on the fortieth -- that story regarding the -- Outback packed down near on oil and speak against late last night I was. Got to get puzzled as to know how that are most all the heightened security. Air and there's one like the maker is and one of the members another member of the RK OT and it's. Repeatedly said -- That the Boston Marathon the rootkit it has huge huge inconvenience to people who -- -- here for the recent city state Nittany. -- -- are at a squeamish but got a lot about what -- never -- it is more about old state are -- what is the point. Joseph Marco toward -- didn't call gotten. -- and what ever. You know I like that idea Harry. -- really just put it somewhere nice state park whatever as straight 26 miles surrounded by green. There's -- building national urban centers no concentrations of population. Guys have -- 26 point two miles. There you go people can watch you and you go to the finish line. No ball a are you I can hear you coach your pocket and foot thick okay that's what you just said that there's terrorists have won we start changing the way we do things. Yes however. You're right but if we're gonna have all this increased surveillance and random searches. Then what should have been out there in the wilderness some. I mean if we're gonna change our way of life let's just move America on that your inconveniencing me. -- Now we're being inconvenienced either way Cox at least this way I get to keep my forehead and on site. 617 physics at 6868. We've got to go up against the heartbreak we'll continue this in the next hour Jeff corner Boston bulldozer cleaning up. -- liberal ball. 705200. Great WRK okay. Now 119. But the -- but they. One year anniversary of the the Boston Marathon moment. An individual now identifies. Because cave on heads of. Apparently according to CVS Boston he is a fashion designer. He's also known as a kid you not a quote performance artist I'm quote. Walking down the middle of morals and street. Dressed in black with a black male. Bare footed. With a black backpack. We later turnout honey rice cooker with confetti and it. Walked straight up to the marathon finishing line. Drop to the backpack and began yelling Boston's strong Boston's strong Boston's strong. Immediately upon seeing him walking down the street citizens on morals and obviously thought this could be another terrorist attack. -- a replay a repeat of last year. People began yelling screaming. Ducking for cover eventually the police arrested him. -- he has now been charged. With disorderly conduct. Disturbing the peace and possession of a hoax. And my question is this I'm staring at a picture of the guy obviously. Let's put it this way he looks like a few cards short of a fullback. I mean the guy. Does not look all right the elevator does not go to the top you can obviously see okay. Price not the sharpest tool in the ship. So clearly thought this was he was being funny he was a comedian. That somehow this was a great hopes on his part well -- -- gonna spend some time in prison and he's gonna realize it wasn't so funny. However. When everything is said and done. All of the security procedures. All of the police all of the attack dogs there everything that we've been talking about for months and months prior to the -- marathon. Which is gonna take place on Monday. And this sky breaches security. -- -- Just -- is on through. Walks down the middle of the street. And nobody thinks to do anything about it until finally he drops the bike and people are yelling and screaming. At the finish line. We have now essentially. Militarized. Boils constrict. Suspended civil liberties. Taken away rights that go back hundreds of years in this country. For the false promise of security. If this 25 year old to mold talent performance artist. Can put on a black uniform walk barefoot. With a backpack. Down boils the history. Basically saying look at me look at me look at me. Boston's strong Boston's strong Boston's strong with the -- with the rice cooker -- backpack with confetti and drop it at the finish line. Do you feel safe or do you wanna go to the Boston Marathon on Monday -- help you this. I don't trust the authorities. The question I have to ask myself is. I don't want repeated but what who's who is running the security. -- -- -- -- At a mini me. What is Joseph Biden -- before him. And by the way he made some comments yesterday I ya -- you all get about a little bit later I a young young what he's Biden running the security. The security procedures the security system. If this is an embarrassment. On every level so we've traded away our liberty and our freedom. Do we at least -- security. -- 6172666868. Let me ask all of you this my friends. Do you feel safe. Do you plan to go to the marathon on Monday in the wake of this incident. And what do you make of it. Are you outraged. By this act. Performance art -- this guy he a -- bonnets and 6172666868. -- syrup next thanks for holding and welcome. Good morning -- You know Jeff it's possible he was lost looking for the -- union hall on Beacon Hill. -- Bill you're on the -- report go ahead. Hello good morning how that. And the other thing that nobody is saying and somebody to rest Corey beat. We Elena trap -- granted it'll -- -- usual along that section stretch of almost a treat hadn't been the normal day. Nobody even looked up because. Crazy people talking crazy isn't exactly rare and that -- -- I think yeah. Approved is that they've got a big grabbed the backpack they grabbed them so that I can -- to -- -- probably because god. It's a nice picture of the cops trying to walk I think you pop on the caught this morning they're gonna do the best they can't too caught. Infringe on people's liberties the end keep people straight into it it's an almost impossible task but I'm -- and do their -- Well I can just tell you this bill I'm staring eyes I'm talking to you have multiple TV screens on watching Fox News and I'm looking at pictures of this all morning. He was walking he's walking he's just walking down both the strip is just walking. I -- the video doesn't lock you up and he's more and that's seconds twenty seconds thirty seconds there is no shows. A big man on his face avail. The big umbrella. He's got a huge cut dressed in black body suit -- huge black backpack. Any -- Boston's strong Boston's strong. I don't find out there's a rice cooker thank Florida wasn't a pressure cooker with -- and explosives. We are I'll play this bill. If this guy was for -- he wasn't this phony performance artist there'd be a lot of people that connect. But bud -- put a mom at the same time you're saying if they had grabbed him two blocks -- they would've been pretty new law is right you know. Try to creeping -- talking cream yeah. They'll they'll look a -- you have to understand the Fourth Amendment. I within eight -- back. You don't have the right to check my hand back just because I have a hand back. Well that's moderately broke Brittany had gone to a concert or whatever and I don't talk about an airplane hold on hold on. Well that's the problem see me giving away more and more of our liberties -- Ten years but let that go Britney walking on both the street with her purse doesn't give the police the right to walk up and just search for purse. So you have to be suspicious. You have to have probable cause. Now our person dressed like this on the one year anniversary. With the black backpack. Walking down the middle of morals than straight no shoes. Chanting Boston's strong Boston's strong. Crazy get out are you crazy out and then placing the buck back on the finish line which is what beats are millions dead. Well what I think that blood and seldom do they caught him and they bought them back at what else do you expect from cops and ardently. We don't want them to have like I had -- revisionist. -- mobile X ray vision what X ray vision that I was walking down the street from a hollowed. Out what if this was real -- here's the problem if this was a real. He would have planted the bomb the bomb would have gotten off when it detonated. Anywhere around off. And the cops would not have caught him because he's not a performance artist he's a terrorist. So he gets away Scot free and -- dead people everywhere. So we have cameras everywhere. Police everywhere. National Guard everywhere. Secret Service everywhere. Random searches everywhere. I get searched Britney gets searched. Everybody's gonna get searched. But the one obvious guy. And my suspicion is there's your -- stupid. -- so ingrained this political correctness I'm. Black failed. Probably Muslim I wanna goal there is not a -- I'm not sure glad all old cold air old cold air is gonna have -- our -- and don't wanna be sued Mike here. And what are we to go and called Islam phobic. So we just walks down the street. -- -- Until we finally puts the buck back on the finish line. And then finally somebody decides to arrest this -- You know now didn't Biden say correct me if I'm wrong that we all the finish line. Not but apparently not Phil you're up next thanks for holding welcome to the corner report on. -- -- I don't agree that there were there was no combat drugs to a government I agree that we ordered a rodeo -- right. This guy the bigger problems. Like he's going to get caught flat from the they had like bishop put them under our debated -- 140 days. And then put in jail for two years in dabbled in that. You should. -- Europe but oh what that guy did was call the dryer on it -- not only do they joke did you saudis always do this before they cost one of their attacks they. They try to you look Arab security got to counter. Well didn't surprise immunity like there may not accept what military better energy our current parakeet party. Person knows something that Gerald. I gotta tell you. I I don't I mean I could be wrong him him being naive. I don't see a wider plot here I think he just. Said you know what I'm up put on a little bit of a show and what he did was to expose the soft underbelly. So my question to -- was this. All of this security. All of these violation of our rights. All of these random searches. Are we any safer. Because if this guy really had a bomb. My friends. Maybe calling it the second Boston Marathon bombing -- Europe next thanks for holding her on WRKO. Go. -- -- Hang out yep I love your show I looked at every morning plus you can direct Aaron my comment there. It says you know -- they will have to do that they have a I think they like it yet it he shared content that all honesty part member or some might ask. Then that I would grab. Off course. On all there's no I mean -- I I got a story later on. Peter Bergen -- CNN national security analyst quote unquote Ike could I kid you not ice -- Recently sent home home talk about the Boston Marathon the -- marathon bombing. The biggest internal threat to domestic security. Doesn't come from June artists we know normal moment that comes from quote rightwing extremists. The Tea Party. Well that's you know I come out. Every three months some on the air saying these Tea Party guys are always blowing something up -- wanna look let me ask you this when I say is long what do you think. I don't think -- like me peace. He's I say is -- I think this all of Islam piece is just it's it's it's it's a peaceful the problem with Islam it's too peaceful. That's how strong we are in Boston Boston's strong William Europe next thanks for holding -- on WRKO go ahead. Good mortgage such. Yet -- nobody say -- nobody in the country safe I mean not surprised that -- are checked doesn't just ball a little roach you know particularly issued a matter of fact the first -- check the diary ever made out of the British thousand it mortars -- in order -- and miles away sort 25 mile -- And the impact or -- A ten mile radius it's impossible. It's impossible if I had no straight sound all that show up there until they close the borders are based are -- and now on the people they -- in this country and hope. It's not a question of being afraid it's a question of I don't trust the authorities. I don't trust them to do what needs to be done to keep me safe. That's the problem they're gonna turn a blind eye to the real terrorists and declare war. 719 on RKO 617666868. All of your home.