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Reaching Younger Fans and Opening Day! - Sam Kennedy, COO of the Boston Red Sox

Apr 2, 2014|

Reaching Younger Fans and Opening Day! - Sam Kennedy, COO of the Boston Red Sox by financialexchange

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He we are joined now -- Kennedy chief operating officer for the Boston Red Sox. They're coming off a disappointing loss on opening day at the couple days ago the -- -- 21 but I I did tell policies that I think were I think everybody's feeling pretty good about it. We're nervous here sand. They're doing you know I'd -- can't agree completely -- and that's what's so great about red nation this disguised volley ball and wanted. I understand I have. You see him how many how many championships you have to have before people stop doing that right come on -- I actually hope that -- have never stop doing that way because I've worked at other markets. And there's nothing like Boston people care so much about the Red Sox and went straight world around them cope openly -- rolls around it's it's it's like. A regional holiday here we all finally get rid of the snow and -- and -- Attention to baseball. That we -- we added a a a disappointing opening day don't Baltimore was a great ball game Jon Lester pitched really well. Trade Sizemore hit a home run that and we just it was a tight game that we lost to the one that I shared third base coach Brian Butterfield -- we have about five or six home run balls that -- held by the wind. We -- we hit him pretty hard and then of course we get to go to the White House yesterday which was a special treat for all of us a real privilege -- Got two more left in Baltimore and we open up here it definitely part content on Friday and should be a really special special day. Brewery yourself -- yesterday he added. I'd seen rulers are looking for you. I was three tweeting now a lot of the David Ortiz activity in the -- -- those players were. They were really. Really humbled and they -- little kids you know and Jonny Gomes mrs. jackets yeah. -- through the authorities and and the coaching staff they have thrown just had a great day and the president was so -- this time BP should go all of our hand that those of us were at this stage and he stuck around and that a lot of folks for about twenty minutes so it was a very cold day regardless of your your politics and it was justice. Humbling to be in his presence. It talks a little bit about some of these -- you have Fenway Park it was announced just a couple of days ago this relationship that your inhabit CP this. I'll -- big digital marketing firm totaled about what's -- doing near salmon and what the ultimate goal is. Yeah we we really. How to focus Alaska. Couple years trying to ensure they were preaching now connecting with the next generation of of the fans force that the Red Sox sent. Cross sports. That I think it's important that your your connecting with the younger generation and of course the way to do that is -- -- -- to operate in the space that the younger fans operate what I mean by that is mobile devices and tablets and a younger people consume sports contents baseball and football games and -- like -- get away then then we did what we were kids whether it was on the radio or on. That's standard television today you know the consumers and kids especially. Watch live sports content on mobile devices state. DVR them record them play them back later watch them intends and a faster way and then we used to do so. We're working with state and obviously I'm a great local company headquartered rate at Dartmouth street near Boston their digital. Agencies that really helps a big companies. Figure out their strategy for what the future -- like -- and we're really excited to to be working -- -- and we just started our engagement. They're actually going to be a sponsor of the Red -- you're -- see that they -- logo on the green monster for the next several years and -- -- work with our marketing -- to make sure that we're doing everything possible to -- put that next generation of fans in the ballpark and outside the ballpark. OK so now behind closed doors. You guys are throwing around ideas what would what are some of the cool things to me Nike or is the ball gonna have a camera on me. I think. Overriding concept is is afraid that Larry Lucchino coined about twelve years ago and it was literally at Fenway Park which is -- on board never gonna harm the game of baseball. There's some. The quality of baseball that I don't think will ever change and one of those is there's no clock there's no time o'clock golf baseball. There does that need to deal way to speed up sort of the pace of the game. So those are some of the issues we're looking at which they -- terms of how we make our product. Move along a little bit quicker how we can get the fans engaged. In the ballpark with all the these devices in the UK if you told people leave their mobile devices and home I'm not sure anyone would put -- And we go to the Gartner go to Fenway Park -- going to let stadium so how to -- interact with Twitter and sticker in the FaceBook. During sporting event people like to share what sort of going on their mind. We. -- network of friends while they're watching a game so how can we -- -- that through our video board. From messages that we put out to these mobile devices in the ballpark so. We're really working with was Sapient on the those types of things and Major League Baseball dot com who's also our partner so you would like you're always -- -- engage in -- contest and you know ideas you know what did you think of that -- that you may even -- days where do we say you know. Who would go. He -- in and it in the seventh inning you know which which pitcher now. Of course we're not gonna involve our dugout and that helped them get here that I provide. Let John Carroll get access to the data. That's right it'll be hard for fans this sort of engagement and that way we know that all these devices are going to be with fans and it is behind I think you know that it was more telling -- David Ortiz yesterday onstage with President Obama -- -- snapping a -- the photo. Between -- followers so it's it's it's something that we need to embrace technology is here to stay in if something that we need to we need to be -- -- -- -- -- triple -- we had just picked up a great season and I know you guys are -- Well -- Really appreciate your support and more we're getting ready to go and hopefully we'll bounce back and I it would John Lackey on the amount of Baltimore thank you guys. Eight cents -- it's great to have you on how much. The protect. Act but for sure -- EG EG would be really bad one -- these -- with the texting me. That's. One of the nicest people. And it's really hard to ever. You know you just feel like oh she's just to actually it's not a perfect it's there it's dark apartment ticket and timing. Nine dollar ticket for our school of intensity in making it like maybe the anti government figures. First it's rated.