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Chump Line Wednesday March 26, 2014 - Working Poor

Mar 26, 2014|

Our favorite chump line message today was from a social services guy who helped an unemployed man find a job which he turned down because he did not want to be one of the working poor.

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That your employer sponsored today by -- Penske insurance home auto business and life complain it's insurance shops so you say but the Polanski dot com. -- -- -- -- you know we'll look back -- -- watermelon and. I didn't say ghetto -- Whoever you kind of you know it's the I don't use the word booty. I've never just say and -- to say today but -- that I must have been distracted them. I did say tar baby. -- but that is double park baby Tuesday is I used that our baby is an example of the doubles the -- Republicans and Democrats Democrats has nothing to see here move along Republican says and its it's racism. We -- you. Are the ones. You know what you call me when I'm in Milford. I just. I don't know. A woman and I'm hopeful that meet a lot of -- Milford man if you know what I mean. Now in a while back at work -- it as -- by the aren't welfare of people got. Opera being able -- Is that that this is gone it is not well barely gotten the job but did say that fit. -- -- wanna be wanna go work or. So would rather be one of them on working for yes. That's that's. That's the in general feeling that's that's why the Democrats and have have a forty -- the 50%. Lock on the voting population. They used to -- the Democrat party used to represented the working classes now they represent them on working classes and by the way most of the voters used to live and working class communities now most of their pros look at mom working class communities. Think warrants. When. Chelsea. Barack than. Is to say god bless America now I say god. -- America. That's that's probably I don't it's more effective but it's more heartfelt anyway. And certainly more needed. I didn't get the memo. February become 59 -- long. I think that. I beg to differ I think we're still in January. Paid to be on either be on TV today with on the news Max TV there there were they're just starting their their network. And so -- I've been doing Skype stuff form. Out of my house and you know we're good -- I've decided to do Y I I. Point the camera. Out the back window so they can see the snow. And I think it but I think it's really surprises people and and if they're league you know they're not from the -- -- to see that the snow is still here. What do what do we about a week away from opening day and there's a still snow. Take that question this -- Secret Service it and can only walk and not being noted. Why aren't believable. Mean how bad does it have to be that you can't get back all you have to do -- -- serve to save your career is be able to get back to your room. Because there's nobody there it's just the Secret Service people Obama's mind there remotely know the other White House before there. Or you gonna do is be able to get back to your room and then. Fall. Onto the bed. And that's -- you're safe. This guy couldn't even get back to his room he had to lie down in the hall and go to sleep again that's that's. That's -- walk and. Another big -- at the center of the ungrateful. Little right and it. -- -- -- -- 24 hour -- day Butler. It's a good reparations and also. The fact that. She gets that help people -- she comes from a country that used to discriminate against black people. And now rush comes with countries that discriminates against white people -- Asians. Is. When it comes to the Bush's. War and in my view for me -- Mine made for me to read -- about any. I agree Steve I don't think we are a bunch of idiots I don't think he's going anywhere from myself. Give me a reason to vote for what reason do you have to vote for Jeb Bush of events is suppose electability. Which by the way it was the same reason that Mitt Romney was nominated him 2012. And John McCain was nominated in 2008. Because they of their of their supposedly -- lacked the ability how that worked out. Go old boat -- Bo wouldn't be so trading day. You think -- think that Halliburton third in the right now. Are you calling Karl Rove and trained eight. -- use either of these issues vehicle pilot Dick Cheney is just sitting there enjoying the sights and you know. Rubbing garlic onto his bullets. Donald Rumsfeld. My mother always -- finished -- -- start now look what you've got. -- Rumsfeld didn't start the war did you Rumsfeld said let's go to we have to go to war what the the army that you have and that's what they did. And by the way there they are now trying to build the largest government building. Sets. The Pentagon. You know it's for the Transportation. Security Administration. That's ten years behind. Schedule and one billion dollars. Over budget. Today I'm not good news sanction against -- content. Why. We will not go make lack lecture. Well that's not right that'll really. That'll that'll really cause relations between the two countries to war. To. Get worse I think we need a black Russians some of the summer here too if the weather ever breaks. In DC. -- -- -- This deal but it. That does it does indeed. What's the Second Amendment thing about it in the intro with the Second Amendment thing is about a in the intro is. There's a guy a who goes around -- -- she works on a rural Iowa and they just goes around in the confront people and yells at them -- these guys were trying to basically introduced legislation last night. In the it in the senate. Rhode Island and the winner of the end are pretty much -- beta of a lot harder only god. In Rhode Island so this guy comes up and starts talking to the senators guy he's the guy that does -- -- is -- Joshua was Miller. Who's a big time beautiful person liberal. The second member shall not be a friend you people need done and a yet for yourself. Going to be. Found out what. They do both awards -- do -- -- the roots back that and it they would charge. Don't give up on me I haven't given up by the people of Massachusetts. They -- all going to be. They want I've given up -- give them whatever getting money. My income tax cut from these years ago. Losses -- them. Do not come -- -- line message thank you for calling out retired U shout. All right that's it for the chump wind today the chump Blaine is the recorded voice mail message service I would our show. You can call and leave a message of any hour of the day or night including weekends -- when number if you like -- -- sort of messages from 617. 7793. -- 696177793469. -- -- sponsored today by plants he insurance home. Auto business and life of plants insurance shops so you say that the plants you dot com. Now in a while back at work that predate it it by the aren't welfare of people got opera be able -- Is that that this is gone it's really -- well -- we've gotten the job with it and that the bad. It -- wanna be wanna go work or. You shout.