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Ibragim Todashev,friend of the Boston Bomber Jokhar Tsarnaev was shot and killed during a police interview regarding crimes here in Boston. He was shot after he attacked a state trooper with a pole. The FBI agent who shot him was cleared today and the shooting was deemed justified. Howie asked was this the right outcome.

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Now as you know this was reported yesterday this is no surprise. No Florida charges for FBI agent who shot. -- Brigham. -- -- told to show -- was a friend. Of the marathon bomber speed bump who was run over by his brother. And he was killed in in Orlando and -- FBI agent. Then the local prosecutors Florida ruled today that the agent acted in self defense. During an intensive chaotic struggle inside the man's apartment. And regularly beat. The globe especially has been all all all all up in arms about this they just don't understand why people in the -- and just don't seem to be. Very concerned. About the possible. Violation of this terrorist unlikely murderers. Civil rights. Especially since he's a Muslim -- Immigrant -- Or any. And the fact is that he may be he he apparently according to. The police the -- state police in the FBI who were interrogating them here. In India. A hotel room -- apartment I guess in Orlando. They said he confessed that he took part in the slaying of these three drug dealers in Waltham on the tenth or eleventh anniversary of 9/11. A year or so earlier. So again he's he's accused of killer of Americans she's a friend of a guy who. Killed 76 Americans in one Chinese national. And -- and somehow I'm supposed to be worked out that he's he's not going to be down for breakfast I'm sorry. Cindy what is the what's the story what is the a poll question and what are the results thus. -- The FBI agent who shop Boston bomber friend it Graham to two guests have is -- -- -- -- yeah. Bomb has been cleared resist right decision. Yes. Yes. What's so I was just click it through currently 97%. Say yes. Who. Who gives. You know -- I don't hear it and now I know we don't want crops going around shooting people. They don't usually or shooting people. The in this case they shot somebody who was the who who -- was a suspect in three murders and immigrant. Who was a friend of a terrorist. From a terrorist country. I -- I am not losing a lot of sleep over this guy. Not coming down for breakfast no way. All right 187746943221877469. 4322. -- is -- -- cast rated big equals hog. Non cash traded pig equals horrible war okay. Are we what we're gonna talk about this for a while. -- this is the the new story of the day. A friend of one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects threatened an FBI agent in Massachusetts state trooper. With a long pole and was fatally shot by the agent after confessing to his role in the triple slaying a Florida prosecutors said the never bring a long -- to a gun fight that's -- vice. State's attorney Jeff Ashton said in a report the agent was justified in shooting in Brigham polish of 27 last may. The agents were quite the officers were questioned and told to -- about the 2011 -- Slings and -- Waltham mass and it was about to write a statement when his mood changed from cooperative agitated according to the report. He -- but copies of them mixed martial arts fighter was. Flipped a coffee table in the air knocking down the FBI agent and causing a bloody gash on the agents had. Polish have been ran past the two officers into the kitchen and returned with a pole along metal handle lovable rumor -- that he pointed. At the state trooper. The FBI agent and fired three to force shots at polish as he charged were the trooper and ownership dropped to his knees. But he still managed to launch at the officer in the FBI agent -- fired three or four more shots. God. The one common thread among all was the observation that he was in his four fearless fighter Ashton said the letter to FBI director James corny -- Perhaps on this occasion he simply revert to the -- basic aspect of his personality and chose to go down fighting. Let's see federal authorities have said in court filings that Photoshop also implicated. Camera lane speed bumps Arnie ever in the walls Waltham slings. But the Justice Department said the reports of the confession were not being released publicly at the request of prosecutors in Massachusetts. In the while BM cases three men three Americans. Three Jewish Americans might. Were found in an apartment with their necks sweat and the bodies repeatedly cut reportedly covered with marijuana. One of the victims was a boxer friend of -- have would be befriended -- -- -- polish up with the Boston. They had a question him for five hours before the fatal shooting. And -- he was about to sign the statement confessing that he killed all Lisa these these drug dealers. When his mood suddenly changed he asked to go to the bathroom -- -- -- for more cigarettes even though it seemed that climbing in the pac. Worrying raising worries that he was trying to minimize the number of law enforcement officers in the room. The trooper told investigators. On the way back to front on the trip back from bathroom. The trooper became more concerned as they walked downstairs because told -- -- appeared -- personally to be walking slowly. As a precaution that the trooper grabbed a samurai sword hanging on auto wallet hit it in the kitchen. I was more and more concerned that he might try to flee your attack us. He also said the trooper also sent a text message for the FBI agent in the second trooper beyond parties are vulnerable. He's in a vulnerable position to do something bad be on guard now I see him looking around at times. So what do you think. Our our -- is this is this an example of a police state you know they're also. All although you know we'll never really know what happened. Will. Are we concerned about what happened I mean did did did we really do did we really news. One of nature's noble and here was this going to one who was going to. 21 be the it. Contributing member. To society. Or was he just gonna continue to be -- 88 welfare killer. Agassi was gonna continue to be welfare killer. 1877469432218774694322. Is this sale was to say good it's a good shooting by the FBI and if they wanna go out practice so they can get even better. How many times that the FBI agent shoot him about six or seven times good for the FBI to build your next with -- cargo ahead bill. Justify children I'm not the least bit worried about what happened to that idiot that means we can't get weapons and these guys. -- development debt and good for them -- by the way aren't gonna get -- -- but you're not be able to quote the -- -- -- revolver public. Really. Well you you don't actually -- what you couldn't hit the track -- -- I hit the -- is they they said aim for the chest I kept hitting back at bill. Is that a -- is that a bad thing to hit they had. Ballot but that technology the Bedford that's it was a revolving you can get it -- for lord auditorium on my nerves should realize you -- firearm would go down. As far as one and a half I was called air trigger. I want -- hair trigger I want a one -- round bullets never know when I'm going to be running into a terrorist myself you know. 18774694322. How we he was only killing the drug dealers American citizens were willing to kill. It was ruled that human understanding. He went down fighting while when a hero who wrote this garbage the state it's that turn it he reverted to his would you say he reverted -- Perhaps he simply reverted to the basic aspect of its personalities. Chose to go down fighting. Scott your next without cargo ahead Scott. So I don't Google YouTube today and I put out we came in between -- -- game show. And export ballplayer. How we long I don't know -- the game show host is -- I just found out the other day at. All how we mint -- The you -- your product the other day that the Bob perhaps grandson is named out. He's gonna -- they don't patriots I guess I didn't know I didn't know there was anybody under the age of fifty -- now. Legacies and just -- yet. All right what do you think this. What do you think of this. What is mothers say about polish Bob by the way Chris. But so go ahead Scott. Our own government -- and what -- superstar a little. I don't -- -- -- you aren't sure -- that victory route. You know. We're gonna go out it -- well. I don't know how much information that -- and I I don't know that he was involved in the -- in the in the bombing he was just involved and I. Killing the three drug dealers apparently. Just by you know why he say you know we saved we saved ourselves millions of dollars Scott you know much said that that is that the Joseph. Iowa's gonna cost us. Mets make white destroy a look like a bargain. You know. He's already. So he's he's already got that to death penalty lawyers that are flying back and forth from CN Diego not to mention the other defense team. And you know the end and the other thing -- is that they they it's saved ourselves and -- were. Round of aggravation when this guy's picture appeared on the cover of the Rolling Stone. Thanks for the call 18774694322. We was just getting his life back together he was a very good boy. He was an aspiring perhaps. He -- he had a fiance was pregnant with this bit extra. I just making stuff up this way it usually goes. One aid for the cost of a few bullets we saved millions system and they won kudos to the feds for getting us out of this on the cheap. This guy was not work they -- he breeze that's from fat so -- Why does anyone hear about this guy I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I couldn't I couldn't believe at this globe columnist the only dog bone -- while injury -- columns but. -- You know -- and I've been really concern by the fact that nobody in Boston seems to hear this about half. That this nobody cares about the unanswered questions. About this guy who used to live in Massachusetts at the course Massachusetts state police in the -- it's not only in national issue it's a local issue too and yet. Nobody is concerned that this guy's dead. This is it would be concerned if we NE Abbas word that. No. He just assume slit our throat as as -- watched that SQ what do you what do turned us in the wall hog. Maybe -- dead now. 1877469. AKA pork -- exactly. What they mean we won't know what really happened -- they'd -- in law enforcement allied. So -- Omar pretty much say that yes somebody assign us some idea. Civil liberties union your -- civil liberties warriors you know he's one of whom I talk quarter when I know is a good guy. But. I don't know what the problem is this the guy the guy that was reported this and we never know with the cops -- will never -- scourge Jewish. This picture this guy that got shot he killed three Jews in cold blood slit the throats. Once this lawyer sheer I don't let. What is your next without cargo that -- You know how I'm gonna do what I always do one -- like this watch reruns I for Highway Patrol and say those -- the good old days. When it could kill the Applebee's and the police would be celebrated inside that emotional a lot of crap. Yeah you know Russ I I was looking through small pictures today before a acumen to work. He had done there was a picture from the fifties and it was this guy and they who will be brought in this punk kid had been brought in. On charges of some kind of crime in Cambridge. And when when he arrived at the station house they they had the colony ambulance. Because -- in both in he was lying in hospital bed that broke a couple of his arms and his his eyes were black. You know I mean they they this -- he resisting arrest Ross what can I tell you. What happened Obama. Lot of guys fallen down the stairs in the fifties and early sixties rushed Chris points out only a couple of times asking. A couple was -- got to move -- to all of his arms the third arm was motto was not broken. Thanks Ross 187746943. Two to Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike. They -- -- just started being interrogated. I've always shut the -- side as stable and I'm sure they have at all on video right. I don't know I don't think they do do they I don't -- I don't know because they don't I you know I'm just saying I don't -- out -- the dark like you know you'd think you'd be there are an idiot video of it. It's you know you believe shot the -- that statement. And it -- I think about it you know. You know might you -- maybe you may be raising very salient points here but you know what I don't care. Really care about this guy. Well I don't what I do you know there isn't curious aspect to what I mean if you would be in its target of five I was able to figure -- Wait a videotape that they are well up or. I don't know I don't think there's any hourly every out of it at any rate people are you get a start in the spate -- -- C'mon thanks Mike 18774694322. How we both UN Jerry tell him what the wall PM police slightly while in police dropped the ball on the three murders they never investigated and the thing. I I don't know I mean I don't know what the Waltham police at a I I I don't know I mean it seems like they what I bought them out I -- someone someone. Three people get their throats slit. On and on an anniversary of 9/11 and then I have marijuana poured all over their bodies leading immediately to believe that it's muddy drug rip off because of it was a drug rip off they wouldn't peg in the marijuana rather than port on the bodies right I mean. I would think that this would be a crime that they would want to solve. In in a very bad way. You know I don't I don't know if they didn't solve that that's that's a fact and but now they have solved that apparently John your next with how we cargo ahead John. Any Howie you know what Georgia had a violent excluding the murders. And you don't want an obligation Bachmann confined area like that at this saying. That torture was gonna go to -- got I mean that's just what I was gonna do I'm sure and I think. What are the alternatives they have. He's -- and he's a mixed martial artist -- you know I mean he's he's not exactly a you know what defenseless. Old lady. Here. Right. And it was and it wasn't the only want it when he attacked the FBI agent the FBI agent was the only cop in the Rome. I believe. Right. Like ten and I hate to stick with that begs the question. Why did the interview room at the apartment and in the future. Yeah they're gonna have to put a camera in there where they're gonna happen trying to get him down the station. -- but maybe I was a little bit of anomaly that they do. We're trying to keep them keep -- relaxed than comparable amused -- more relaxed than your own house the yard downtown right knee in a in the starkly lit room which is obviously an interrogation room. Your heart and it just doesn't shine a light on this element that that help there -- -- that I eastern European element itself -- for the FBI to look further you know I don't know what well. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Bravo for the cops I could care less video or not. Very few trust cops it's a shame they can't separate issues. First they came for Muslim terrorists and how we did not think you know you're damn right. I stand by that -- nothing first they came to the Muslim terrorists. OK -- -- what you know what I'm more concerned about the Muslim terrorists coming for me than cops government for me. I say that is you on again I have a you might might FBI file goes back to when I was 23 you know I think I'd. I've I've run afoul of the constabulary. I'd been audited by the state by the feds. Over and over and over again. You know I'm not I'm an apologist for the fruitful. For for the man. But in this case I I think I am blessed appear from the -- and the my -- from the the Muslim terrorists. Jim your next with how we cargo ahead -- They kept general what what Israel on being a poor misunderstood your. I I think if you're if you're a -- -- if you're refugee who sought political asylum and are now now subsist thing on a on a measly EBT card payment of you know 500 a month. You could still be used at age 27 -- but that's a very our question. -- You know. How it's part of the problem is these corrupt cops then the FBI agents when they do -- stop flight data causes trouble for everybody else that's quite such a big deal would make. You know do crap. The up. The view do you necessarily think the cops did the wrong thing. Are absolutely not going to play on the tracks you get -- by the train. Exact out of port on the tracks or large are. Exactly is skyway this guy again this guy I was not on his way to war the Christian science reading room when he got picked up. You know this guy would this guy was not over here at 21 221. Do the jobs that Americans won't do -- -- wanna talk about killing Americans as a job people -- though. Thanks thank you 187 thanks to a crawl. 617 might give a bleep -- must be broken today it's not registering exactly. Exactly. An -- you know here's the thing sometimes might might give a bleep -- Meter is off and I understand why it's on with some other people today I don't even understand why it's on with some of these people who would who would they defending. Do do they they. That we did did they did these people give Daniel Pearl a chance when they chopped off his head. The there -- you beat the quorum report rebels and Syria are chopping off heads. Of of Shiite Muslims of the druze Christians. There are god only knows what they're doing of these these -- that they're capturing over there and we're supposed to was all should be. Did they did they not read him his -- writes all goodness. Officer Marxist excellent. Marksmanship. By the way your FBI file goes back to age 23 wow yes it does. Amid the I'm in the black picking up their files. -- I was getting documents that. About black Panthers from the US army. That the FBI was a try to detract from now where that were right -- -- in the armor on the FBI number on the FBI. We couldn't get -- of the -- and -- -- information act yet there they Wear and the FBI website right exactly that's that's how honest the FBI is they wouldn't. They wouldn't give me my own FBI files were filed Freedom of Information Act request I found myself on the FBI. Webpage. Actually union find yourself a congressman Marty means and helped us find where they where could we after a year we went to Marty Meehan and taking an opposite on give it. He was outraged and -- have applied screws and is one of a staff members founded on the other web site. -- I thought I found it now he found it he found the website okay well whoever found it. It's there yes yes I'm proud of that I'm proud to have an FBI file on back to them each 23. Brian you're next with how we cargo ahead Brian. Yeah. I just got my yeah obamacare. Increase. 8000 bucks you liar. You liar I hear he says -- you're telling the truth. -- -- -- It -- to make it worse. I went on he obamacare web site because that is keeping get a better deal. I ended up getting calls from insurance agents. -- also -- -- that it would. Well. And did you hear that did you hear that thing from Bob Woodward in the intro. But it must listen to this this is Bob Woodward was on one of the Sunday talk and shows he said he was talking to a -- the very well respected doctor about obamacare. Since so what's the bottom line and he said Obama care is like a car stuck in first gear. S -- when's it gonna get into second year and he said the problem is that the transmission is in the shop for ratepayers. When does it get to sit in here and he said honestly yeah yours so it's not just skiers in terms of it it is working it I think it's somewhat. May be years shortly many months away from majoring in what these new numbers aren't a lot of that the way the numbers are thrown around. Eat what credibility do they have on either side and Don her. Non exactly. Well much -- cooked me an extra 8000 bucks a year anyway bottom line is why I ended up but going with a much crap your plan. -- coordinate more so. So actually took -- or bad apple plan and they gave you they gave you -- worse apple plan. The costs 8000 -- much more. 35000 dollars a year -- In the Hawaii and they wonder why yeah you know what discretionary spending is is not really. Getting the usual pop that it gets in the spring you know people are people -- all this extra -- for these insurance the -- insurance policies. Thanks for the call -- good luck 18774694322. On our cars. 1877469432218774694322775. Says. -- give a bleep meter world start working the second before someone falsely accuses you of being a terrorist from the Fed bust down your gore. And shoot you went ahead. That being said the days of the police Stater here you've given up your rights to freedom for safety because of this guy the Fed shot. We will never know the true story. You know. Again. They -- after meeting for very long time mean they haven't shot me in the head. But then again I never I never when they were questioning me were I was getting stuff back when I was 21 victory. You know I I was normal I was never attempted to that you don't -- poll. And that try to run it at the at the FBI agent who was questioning me. I mean this guy in any you know what I never killed anybody either I was just I was just going my job is a as a report. This guy this guy was a stone killer. I got no problems with this I I'm sorry just like I had no problems with with the Obama. At using that drone in Yemen. To get that that alleged American who was born in Texas or somewhere some Saudi arabians and he claimed he was in America they. You know under some technicality which I don't even believe the founding fathers were recognized. He was an American citizen. Big deal he's an American citizen he's an enemy combatant he's trying to recruit. Soldiers for G -- To kill Americans. I got no problems without -- writers and writes before they balloon would -- I got no problems with this guy being shot in the head. Eight times or whatever was. 18774694322. It's. How we do you think this was suicide by cop now. Now I don't think the I don't think he meant that I think you just he thought he tried to get away how we I love your -- week on this issues -- 617. Well let's that's what makes good talk radio if you hoping people are on different sides if you know if you wanna call him and tell me that you know that they that your sorry disguised -- your star he was killed by the feds. And die by it he was killed by fed but the state police where their through the mass state police. So you wanna tell me what your your savvy ski he's dead that -- what it you know comic told me tell me why. Do you do you know that that's how long the trial would have been this would've been another 1 of these the am. You know one groupie type trials and you know it -- Jim couldn't have done it and you know. Yeah on Duaner would've you know exercised his home more products via the seized by putting them on the cover of Rolling Stone just the it just would have been another run circus atmosphere Scott your next with our car going at Scott. I was expecting -- call it stops her arms instructor. What people don't realize here police stops are. They're they're not obligated to meet force with equal force they can they can step up one level. The other part of this is such as certain disadvantage. They don't know what the bad guys gonna deal. Is going to be doubled and with that. All on the take their gunman was about yeah of course it's gonna Kapalua lightly and then run out of the apartment they don't know that yet. So of people taking note gun purchase all of this is so instead always swell. You know there's people are based out someone who has dealt a trained -- that guy was and in that situation where deadly. And -- and according to the police he already admitted to it being involved at three murders. Then -- the bad guy only got to think about what he's going to do to the police. The police say are they justified are they all the policies and procedures other within the realm of the law. They're going to be able to act of firearms to keep them from following in the bad guys. Are they all those holes or restore democracy as had been a matter of seconds. But I think a lot of your college don't understand. -- think two is you have to map these cops I'm sure it didn't feel good about -- what they had to do it this guy out there. But -- the other thing is that this isn't like this isn't like either when you have an administration that backs up the police. I mean. These guys work under the Department of Justice right I mean that's Eric Holder. He's not gonna cut them any slack you know for killing a Muslim terrorist. You know that going to be but then I can get the same kind of that you know they they nobody's got their backs. And a case like. Most voters most want force in this country out and -- your own mentality. And I guarantee that natural for an FBI agent were investigated by internal affairs so exposed the Sunday. Make sure they did the right thing that they were just. Thanks a Scott. Social -- and aware of where the handcuffs. But again they were trying to they were trying to get him confess I mean are you. Are you more likely to confess if you're wearing handcuffs or -- not wearing -- I mean they're trying to be friendly to you don't feel good cop bad cop routine that's that's -- I'm -- etc. that's that's the way they operate. Rematch you're next with how we cargo -- missed. Now I know it was mountains wondering what's the name of the FBI agents who should have to -- support of the terrorists within John Morris. What is the -- finally. I want to -- trouble this snyderman. Schneider and learn English -- head you know. Don't forget it you know they're they're not also good and wonderful you -- so many of them are. Everything kind of did that concern you read that -- article in the ass. Boston magazine about double walking across this gave up on that murder. And how the parents were so frustrated that the parents of the victim so frustrated with Kostis said that this subject shakedowns that they just paid it no mind. Yeah I know they should've said that obviously but the fact is it that shake out that that agreements. Yeah but look at look at the consummate I was just making FBI look at -- -- epidemic the public trust them anymore. And Russia your experience with -- -- the FBI's office I mean I think I know you have like our guys it's OK I believe them. Well. You know -- I think they did I think they did cleanup the they they have cleaned up the office I mean I look at -- defense I'm not defending them. I mean you know -- in more than two guys you mentioned what the second generation of corrupt agents. I mean he's a multi multi generational corrupt police force is is very dangerous you're absolutely correct emas. But in this case I just don't I don't think that and again I I can tell you this I told stories they tell it in the night of crime. I'll tell you this I'll tell -- story later -- and after the news break. On how -- car.