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Car Guys Radio Show February, 22nd

Mar 22, 2014|

"The Car Guys" consist of Bill Papageorge and Joe Messina. They are passionate automobile enthusiasts from the metro Boston area. They wanted to make purchasing a vehicle hassle free. Their combined automotive knowledge and resources help clients obtain top quality vehicles at fair market value without the typical used car sales techniques. "The Car Guys" give their clients considerable savings because they have low overhead. They don't have large brick and mortar facilities with the burden of millions of dollars in inventory and a large...

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Welcome back to the -- guys radio show this wonderful Saturday afternoon for every 22. Joseph. Then you have bill puppet drugs I -- -- I'm -- Messina and we other guy guy yeah sure have a a a a a a well you know but I you we gotta talk about the way the all this time there's an item item believable it's literally every every two or three days we get a snowstorm. I mean remark last week what do we have in Alaska. For McClellan did they put -- we -- Alaska. I didn't think that the yes I think somebody over and they kind of you know like when the colts moved out of the way they moved away. You know then picks somebody did that to a they would Massachusetts and our group looked like got a -- -- Alaska. What about when a book on the cape but he means. I've been missing so much going on the go social it seems like heroic you know usually I always give it has opened New Hampshire about. It's. It just seems like it's so crazy I mean. You know I -- which -- fifteen inches of snow. So well last storm and it's it's insane. You even and Livan going then I can't believe how high the snow packed and mean that. They commit to commit with trucks and taken who have them in the town of us. And -- we that you you know prison that the that the effect and they think they're gonna have to bring trucks and then them. You've been carried some of the stall because we're running out of places I mean it's like probably without exaggeration. Ball the snow piles of you know maybe about twelve. Through Q what do you fifteen behind it's crazy you know -- didn't get no place -- to put it if if it does so again you know. My life's -- my. An audio credit for a revote which must be -- in the fall farmer's almanac -- -- -- because it. In here she came up last week if this. And I I want one I think it's time today and we'll go to Florida your -- with the -- that time in. That's like me though not a you left you're gonna go full of. Tuesday we're gonna bring to wins this video really stormy right exactly yeah. There she just made it in the nick of time the essence a vacancy in actually sitting down by the pool laughing and drinking. If no matter what thanks to a mobile where we appreciate it well. Good like the -- that -- Bill. Last week we talked about. The all the effect of the event craziness been seeing right hand I did get some response from it but I also want to make. This a couple of things -- wanna make Clinton are clarified mentally as I mentioned leather and what I've -- benzene the emissions of benzene come from. Hello as the rest which -- You're only the the vinyl -- -- A plastic -- and then also the rugs the rugs that that did generally inexpensive right now of the vinyl backing on them. Okay okay real real expensive right. But the object is not too. It people's he would giving it to their audible. Ailes know obviously rate I mean we know we've all been doing it for a million years but it's it's more -- you on those real hot days I think. When you open you're open your car's door -- throwing 95 degrees it's like 130 inside Africa. You know just to put -- windows -- and hero for a couple minutes. And then turn on -- air conditioner. So that we. Most of the most of the vapors. From whatever. Seepage -- motive may have come off of the the vinyl. Global dissipated and Padilla went to a best friend who make everybody aware what they're exposed to enough. Pro I know you may have the sitting account for ten -- twelve years before this would really cause any major. Problems by late getting leukemia or some -- right obviously every day we were exposed to some sort of pass. The reasons -- another guy you know yeah. And I just wanted. To bring it to light because I'm sure there were many many people out do that it had no idea about this -- right -- didn't believe me. It could be that it's could be drinking water could be exhaust fumes it could be -- is a million reasons why we. Well we have. You know have cancerous cells that you know formal whatnot but. It's it's a viable a viable reason I mean there's no doubt about it. Though they -- so you know if if you can give you Karen put your windows down at least. You heard of that toxic Kia. -- a couple of minutes and queuing area conditioner -- benefits in the old summertime during your he'd kind of -- in the wintertime correct because the the he had ducks. We're also made out of plastic exactly what is the vinyl which. Moments the benzene right -- -- you just it just helping yourself I mean my way of won't even put Saran wrap. Over something in the microwave right because that is the -- that can. Cause Havoc in exactly if you don't drink coffee out of this -- cup. Right intro so I mean we've been achieved he buys. The water like everybody else whatever maybe yeah we do to -- -- and I'll I mean if you go to that extent because you consider and put your window down for a couple minutes or another season. The water that we we've by the school that comes in the plastic. -- a little -- that inmates also. Yeah and if you leave the plastic bottles in New York. In the sun hits it correct I mean we can we go on and on an idea for -- we just happen to make light of a small thing that. When I try to make into a big thing but if you don't conceivably if he had all these things up at the end of the day. You know they cause a little bit of trouble for capsule failure -- -- that adults you can make your own mind up as to what you wanted to do and I wanted to do. Exactly know exactly know who. This ticket will what it's worth we've just passed in the -- you know -- given the folks information. Exactly right right yup absolutely though. When. The other thing 01 last thing and Annette. Because it and again somebody that they did and did get a couple of calls a couple of questions an -- guy and sure you know. As you will who gets affected by this vote. Well the industry. It gets affected by at the most of those people that are working in the chemical industry Rachel. Those people that -- because then they're showing the Shoemaker is the shoe industry really manufacture vinyl. Things of that sort right show. And also. The oil industry refining oil right because -- -- of course. There's rock so hard and the show though. Again we're all exposed to it every day is you know if you think about it you wanna do something about it no big. We've we've we've told you about it and right good luck with The Who to who who to have to do all right though they are -- side. Or about we were we were in the -- tomorrow that money is coming back. Did you how high. The everybody out they'll listen through you know you billions and billions of all you had worked as a -- -- is it going to be getting them. Go back from Uncle Sam right -- I mean I'm always that would that's why am I argument it was like old regularly they. You had me all excited ya know. Lot of people get study it detects what we've -- 20 yeah and we we always see it it always happens at this -- it seems like it's kind of quietly quit after the holidays because everybody's getting over the credit card shark. And if they keep the first bills in the mail -- gold award and I do that. But. Then and all of a sudden you know that it's some some tax return money back. And a lot of people use that money to to book purchase an automobile or any big ticket item actually yeah I thought the little tweak. And so -- on the Internet -- don't you know if and they were talking about that. -- the money comes back the people's -- who -- to pay out some of the critic -- bills. From Christmas show that they had you know and a lot of people. Wait -- this time of the year who. This spring time's gonna break -- new rules of those of them that that was thinking of purchasing this is gonna. Well along with the trade ins if they have them. Red room and the money that they get back from from the federal government right is gonna help them get into another animal. Well in that the news. This year especially because we've had such bad weather I mean -- literally since the -- since before Christmas. That you know a lot of 'cause the pro -- little less familiar to pro Yucca the last out because. They just they went through such a tough time. And you know I mean just going through all this. These different -- periods it's been crazy but you wouldn't believe how many people that have contacted me with total Rex which -- -- blows my mind. And then do before we started this program over the telephone with somebody you know who who. Totally a lot of fulfillment. Wasn't their fault either it wasn't their fault right in the use of the you'd have a small business that the -- when they need a vehicle right away. You think we get what. That's what we have put in -- that's what we have fought through it because there and I. And that's what we're gonna talk about than -- expect of him. Why in the agonizing. Right and there were a couple of he's you know the reason why when they bring up our refunds come from the federal government with a -- to do with them. Well if you're gonna use it to -- Erica. A lot to do to us right wanna do the right thing you'll. You wanna get the full value your refund. Right exactly what we a lot of people who really don't. Haven't bought a -- -- time. And they get a little bit of sticker shock when they first start look at -- -- and our vice of the maybe around 5000. And I laughed because I think that 5000 dollar I was really. Monica that we can that's what we have to bring polite and next segment for weaving it into everything yup the true value of -- vehicle. And what you expect to spend what you should be spending and why it's been kind is that right post to which you think it's gonna cost you. But right now we're gonna take a break this -- a guy guys' radio show. Welcome back to the guy got his radio show. And bill that is. This grew and grew talking about and so we're gonna talk about. What the true value was -- And what people expect. To be paying for an automobile with the should be paying for an automobile with the actual cost of the vehicle that deal with them far in the condition that they won that. It's gonna cost them right. There. -- you know Joseph who it who you know we get lots of people. Lately. People keep their 'cause a lot longer we we know that the the actual fact of the matter is as of about six months ago. Statistics. -- that. People are keeping their -- on an average eleven point two years now which is insane. Because. You know. Let's face it killed twenty or thirty years ago you know if you kept the cup for three or four years that was pretty content. You know we used to changeable pretty often but was because weren't that expensive. And you weren't taking such a hit. When you wanted to switch over to America and that's what's going to remind instilling an old the last thing about this kind of -- the there at 121008. Underdog as a 151000 known liberal was exactly what that was 1011 years ago. Right exactly new you know with. No -- with adrenaline -- on out that's it's in it's crazy. What's happened in in you know I get a lot of folks who come to me and they say you know. I don't know maybe 8101000 -- maybe may -- -- go to 121000 or Kyra you know. -- have you built their look at those -- quickly. Here's what you really get his openness could you know nine -- 100000 miles on it you know I mean depending on what it is having harassing 'cause he combined -- eight to 101000 -- don't get me wrong. A lot of the -- that these folks look at that are really more in the 151000 -- bracket or maybe a little bit just hit more than bad. In order to get what they were really think of that they really get for it heated time -- and you know I think. You and you need to talk to us so we can try to. Go through though -- -- and and try to get the real values because. There are some guys thought did you could probably buy. For that price that you would never drive it because it's. You know I could jump -- you don't wanna be driving -- could jump. Well I have and it's it's very frustrating at times and always trying to be. You know in to what's going I'm back for the client packed for the customer try to explain to them but meantime. They hear and know which one I have an idea was going through them I also like this -- want to make as much money on me as he can. Well no -- there may -- should just -- dealership and and and by a guy from them because -- bill and I try to do this yes. When united went -- here for a looks. Especially in -- case. But pop pop pop pop the hood thanks to a -- -- though but they every but overall business to make a profit. And I it would idea that gouge anybody. But we hear this -- you in the right direction to get to the best value pretty about. And when somebody is sitting there. That that the that sells. You know that's the that's in the shoe business. There in the current business or remove. Screen printing business. All right and then telling us what -- congress were. We stand there while it's kind of with the eighteenth I can get that with 151000 dollars up. Probably could if you look at him up you may even be here on the 121000 dollars. You have transmission problem for an problems breaks you need breaks and it is the reason for this right exactly we talked about the you know who have that that the the that is the saying you get what you pay for a -- You know. But it seemed like it doesn't apply to some of the people that we talked to they really think that. Following that that cash used was worth 151000 dollars and no more I've been on the Internet nicely -- 151000. Oh right yeah. And news you see the picture of the cut exactly. The funeral because been an accident was what happened to it I mean that that's way you don't have an expert taken a look at the kind of somebody that. Is knowledgeable knows what to look for. In this so many bad casualty right now it's unbelievable but he when you look at them. This there were sober because of -- -- disclosures you know whether it's an accident or. No flood situation wanna be image. There -- so many of them all do peace some of these the those who've. Found a way to well Washington titles and other states and so forth. You know we we spoke about we talk about that 'cause the word hurricane seeing -- guys. Who's over a quarter of a million cars that we're we're actually totaled that we know ball. -- -- And and over or half of those guys or and 25000 guys. -- back out of Kyle lives. Now these guys have by these cuts for ten cents on the dollar. And they go watch the title -- places -- -- -- in the -- are a lot someplace. And you know an individual who doesn't know any better. -- gonna buy that Karen you know it's gonna happen it's gonna disintegrated a yearly and that's what we commend this with a tag and can be history is adequate to a they can't do that it's against the law they have to -- to know that you if that Cali then yeah I have been asked to have the salvage title right folks. There's a way around that. And and it's it's a legal way around -- they just what they do they take that title went into another out of another state there are certain stage that you -- title that guy. Receive a clear title but knowing that a title from the middle of the branding doesn't follow the title exactly so I'm gonna say we get the title for him. We do it through the state of Colorado forest that. Now I take that title and bring Mecca. By the way Colorado lower those states but that's OK -- -- okay -- I -- the right prototype you know. And now I want it now -- take that current title and out of due to the New York Massachusetts. Ohio Rhode Island right where -- yeah okay now I have a nice clean title. And I -- you know so when would somebody says killed they can't do that I'm sorry. I'm sorry they can do it and they do do that it is being done. Yeah we we have proof. It's crazy so you know. Are you getting your car from from somewhere that you know or someone that you trust. His much I can tell you that and you know if you if you come to see us we're gonna we're gonna give you that sense of of feeling good about what you purchasing because you're gonna know after you've seen us and we do little presentation for you. That we do know we're doing and we're going to. We'll watch -- for you because you're a customer and you are our next referral basically. You know I mean you -- the next source over another -- basically so and and that's very important to us from -- sole. -- the business -- so we do business. It would we doubled the -- and profit. Well. And right by a who would make a couple -- we sciatica. And we make double -- when you refer to somebody right exactly and and that's the name of the game because our referrals. Is unbelievable. Yeah it's our referrals that people people Los and one day. When they see oh how we treat them and how we do business in the hole how we present the vehicles we give them -- They used to those is the best you know as the -- situation of event in terms of purchasing a vehicle. In which case state immediately tell somebody else in the soul you know obviously go to -- this year in the next thing you know. We're off to that person's postal business or not I saw this recently that can be. You guys talk about. What vehicles. You you you guys find out. I doubt until. It just looked in the inside of the kind of look good look at the door panels if there's a watermark. Jeff picked a -- -- -- -- whether it's a vital to a panel. And picking Alessio what a mark on number one on. -- -- -- -- -- there are many different ways of going and then and they are telltale signs in the very simple. I think. We give away one little secret that dependency program every vehicle opened the truck pull the rug back. Right that's a good that's one thing you can do stick in those in this state and replace. The interior right. -- and in their room that that the that the best thing you can do is is is the wiring. Right you know checking the wiring. And knowing. What it should feel like if it's been. Penetrated by a war -- -- exactly. And India has a certain feeling and a certain textures to it that. You can't. He he he can't be. Masks we put down when it's impossible not so. We we know that and we know how to do it and that's what we do know we're gonna go to the expense to replace in the wiring them -- -- -- -- -- -- volume -- Metallica they're. That would. That. The the other problem is you get a lot of -- body worked places that though do right now that. You know they made they made it made a deal with the insurance companies so -- insurance companies are okay. We're gonna give you so much to fix the -- so now they know they gonna get that much money. And they. They -- skip a few steps along the way what they should be doing is replacing kindness. -- for the wiring in what happens is. They they don't they don't replace the -- does what they do was to clip the wise okay. In the they splice it together. Instead and what happens as you know. You over a bunch of bombs and you know you've -- -- is on the road loosens up in the next thing you know -- the wires not making connection. And then all of a sudden you know you Poland ozone -- from the -- mirrors our heroes you know something's not working. And you look at that all the obvious things like switches and controls and elect kind of stuff. And it doesn't fix the problems so we know -- -- wiring problems in my you know keep going through it you know at every step of the way in the diagnosis for that is very expensive. Well unless they onions and more when we come back and we'll continue a little bit more than unnecessarily in the footsteps but other thing. Rest of the guy guys radio show will be back in a moment. Welcome back. Bill I want you to talk a little I knew your inspection when. You know in the past that we printers we talked about the water there it's how we protect we didn't exactly we detected but we're. -- -- We thought -- we'll telltale signs we know the problems that occur. And we we also see me a lot of these guys that we who talk animal before GO which it didn't get a chance to -- you you know some -- just fresh water. The image and some kind of social wanna do which obviously the salt water damage. It's it's like. It's like when you put something in the microwave. The heat stats from the from the senator of -- of whatever is that your -- cooking okay and it works its way out. It's the same thing with the wiring you care so basically what happens is if you had a salt water condition you know god forbid. You probably not gonna recognize that read enough about it because these cuts include these guys pretty good. And if you don't know what to look for model Ford. And it's a process it's not something that I can tell you 123. This is how it looks this is we're exposed to feel like. It it is more to within that. The bottom line is. If you don't have an expert to look at it for you and you don't know news stay away from any -- that might. Might be a possibility reported beltway. In the thing -- you know these guys. It's six points on the road you go on the road a year and a half the on the road. All of a sudden things and stopped working and then weapons' you'll -- Figaro that you had the problem that you -- one of these guys. And there's nothing you can do I mean you know you could you try to backtrack and you know. The way after the press that you bought from and try to give them the left for the person -- -- -- from -- and -- left -- the expressway in its commitment -- wouldn't count -- exactly. It's it's likely impossible dream -- to get approval pluses but. Will we by -- as we don't worry about any. Because. The very first inspection this for inspections that we we say that we we do before. We get to a car. The first inspection is is the inspections specifically. Designed for the flood cups cake guys that if I had water damage. Now you know you'd you'd think one of the image guys Leo Leo we've been -- I'm just came from hurricanes soon be polite to say it but. We've had problems with floods. All over the country Indian Massachusetts. OK I can remember -- while -- -- even maybe or go to. If you happen to have a cow when you have the news media in Peabody you who live near puberty sent a I mean they were and a couple feet of water over there. So. There were certain circumstances where you know so we have the spring. Rain you know it rains from you know too many days in a row and all of a sudden -- and you know you can have a condition like it doesn't take too much for it to happen you know before you know -- All of a sudden some streets before it 234 feet and you know -- 'cause submerged in the you've got a problem. And you know a lot of people don't report stuff to the to the to the insurance companies. A lot of guys don't get reported just because. They may not have had insurance. For that. Okay America so we just try to get rid of it they traded and they do you know. There's all kinds of reasons why 'cause get traded him you know soulful -- -- you know my drive was on the water have been given that the -- or the other. Next week or -- And and so. Will we go. We don't have that problem because the wrote checks. And they checked the facility's. 250000. Square feet and under roof. They've got you know lifts and you know. Trained technicians did -- will just for this only that it's if it's incredible. And then. Second the second inspection -- excuse me I just -- Somebody. Loose thinking something to -- of love loosens rules when -- Why is not a place so special. The that that is the we don't have them you know who really checked who cuts. Would -- exit because do very read very reputable. Right it's it's a very noticeable. Those sorts the it's. It sexual lodges deal eruption in the world okay where we go. And we can buy with confidence because of all these inspections decorum is that we actually we pay a little extra. To go live to two to work. To purchase the vehicles that we pay a little bit more defeat the purchase but guess what we can -- -- confidence we have to think about it afterwards we know. For a fact that if there is a problem they're gonna buy it back. Or they gonna pay is the fix it when it's true. And that's -- that's what's so important vote we win every point was made that point when Monica. Okay. So if the congress and if the current and everything police say it is okay. And is more than five girls with the mechanical. Or aesthetic. Damage okay. They will pay us to buy buy it back or. We can submit the bill to repair it and they'll pay us to repair. Those is very simple. And everything is documented. So another words. We get an inspection report. First for the water damage. Second. -- is a very very detailed condition report and includes everything including the interior order of Africa okay. So does this kind of Rubin spoke to OK does its -- the swamp -- -- -- somebody bar from the sky this over to leave the dirty -- intimacy. A -- spilt milk Kabul mold. All these things. You know. The video all combined to be something that's really nasty for a for a a customer I mean I gave people who say to me -- hundreds a cast on site you know. And you know that this -- president of gunsmoke -- because I'm allergic to smoke or. I can my wife can't stand small -- for whatever reason you know and so I tell them you know casinos at all. There are some guys -- that too -- smoke and they do they put the thing right on this smoke. And you know what I stay with America -- it's too which opinion about you can you can get the smokes mode. If it requires a tunnel work okay to do it properly. There are a lot of different ways to try to mask it OK. But again -- properly. You've got to use. You've got to use copper extractor you can tickle plastic pieces are all vital pieces you know watchable -- you can do -- -- -- It's it's it's the it it's a prohibitive. Cost prohibitive. You know method thing to do things because it's history if it's not worth it. Now what's gonna happen is that bill is gonna know about that because it's brought up on the on the big board when it's going through these absolutely are a bit. And the deal is gonna know about that -- -- gonna go through if there are two kinds identical. Column mileage. Make models you name it. If they were identical way through the exact. Point of each other. That was going to be an automobile is gonna be cheaper and that -- knows it and -- we were actually cheaper I mean it's going to be cheaper. What he wants to act cat beacons. He could put that count on the line right and he's got a lot to play when he's got he's got money to play with free trade. I got you fees doesn't take the trade in these cells that guy he's gonna make them much more in the vehicle. Right or he can just offered for cheaper price of it that way via looks good he puts it on the Internet -- -- the cheapest price for that particular model. But the cheapest price doesn't mean it's the best I can tell you that right now this is the -- that I started with when things that I get frustrated. When people start telling us about the business so what kinds of work than they're all the same name and that was the same model and it was this that was that. And in reality. It wasn't unfortunately. They think they know what they're talking about but they don't have all the facts and that's why they don't know what they're talking about ratings are. We've got to be able to compare apples to apples and bananas to goodness it's very important. And if you don't have all the information you can't touch it feel it's more than you probably don't wanna buy it. And that's the best thing I can tell people because I've had all kinds of horror stories from a lot of different people will -- you know I saw one on the Internet and I bought it. And it came to me or he spent the money and no I can't give it back. And you know had this problem and that problem above will bother guys and tell me about this and but it all sounded so good in it looks so good on the Internet so. I'm not trying to tell you about the by Kyra we have to I'm just letting you know -- sort of a buyer beware if you will. At least you will know what you're getting with us because we're going to be -- would be your eyes -- he is. Opinion knows so will be able to smell it. Touch it feel that we know I use a paint me wanna go around the custom officer in the prior paint work. I'll be able to tell you -- you've been injury placed candles. Albeit with slave has been an accident but it wasn't reported the car fax I'm going to be able to give you a lot of facts. That you could never get. Any place else because nobody else is gonna give -- this information because they don't have to. And that's the bottom line. Well that's that's that there it is there's a misconception -- -- -- to you don't have to report at the conference by law. -- there's a report with the tough battle that's -- we not know. In fact we see an old time we go to the sale of a lot of a lot of the seals a contingent upon the the -- the kind of facts so stalling uses that as a disclosure. That. That this car has had replaced. Panel to panels three panels whatever. In and obviously did replaced the panels because they weren't maximum pain if that's why they replaced -- so. But it's his clean cut backs redundant as a selling tool. So that way did the auction is showing it to us as a selling tool so you could sell America because it has a clean cut affects. But the bottom line is it's not a clean -- It just has according kind of facts and that's where people just don't get it room. They'll have to listen a lot more closely we remain committed we take a break we'll be back in just a moment. Welcome back to the -- guys' radio show. In an ideal Messina. Publicly and then if that name -- -- and it's almost without -- by itself it's below flows. You have misstated the media. Are perfect are. You trying to get this stuff like stoppage majority of the what was that against the Indians but. Below floats all right again and again. Well. Certainly humility is -- good. Melodious yeah Asia Sicilian melodious the elected now -- for a we're gonna have sixty of those friends scary new way to handle you can -- up. So bad -- and I could decadence the rest of the but. So what I we haven't mentioned. Phone number if he didn't touch of us would like to get out and sit down and talk -- people who are interested in purchasing an automobile. I can do that apparently that there with a merit. So listen folks if you're interested in purchasing -- track. If you're interested in. Selling your present -- if your interest in trading in Utica. If anything to do with the automotive business. If you get any questions. Please call us because we can help you. And you gotta call 330. Card guys that's 330227. 4897. Are on the web. At -- car guys Webb site dot com. And web site is -- though now if you happen to email us. We would really appreciate it if you would leave issue of phone number your best. Contact -- phone contact numbers. And the best time to call because we will call you. And that the bottom line is 90% of the time we are cruising America are going to somebody's home business or. A location that we we we deemed it was is good for both of us. And we're good we're going to -- point -- we're gonna do presentations. And so on our way to we can talk to you on our way back we could talk to. And we can make an appointment and we're gonna come see you also but the bottom line news. We can't text while we're driving because it's against the law a the I don't wanna crash. And see. I don't even old joke -- text. -- -- the benefits -- Note that Texas a text below the I then that to perhaps have a and so you leave your phone number so we can contact you or call us you know -- -- if you if you do we mail us. Will certainly. Contact you back as quickly as we possibly can and we will review our personal cellphone numbers so you can reach us. And one of the tools will into the fold and we'll get right back Q if we can't some reason. They -- ticked me -- for the audience because lawlessness then you can. We've been. Stay in this quite often you lose your phone number. Minister phoned -- about the in -- opponent. And then it's clear and if it's it's reversed itself when that I would see. The majority of the people that are texting us emailing us giving -- the phone numbers which makes it. So much he's. -- would darken the torture you were excellent dealerships that. Contact your five times a day we're gonna call you one time relieve your message of periods of great. Few doughnuts so -- hope you can call us back there that's how we do we're. Borrow low pressure on that amendment we don't sell your phone number news yet we don't give you form a ball to anybody else so we don't sell your phone numbers -- any other you -- -- addresses and I'm none of that. Well we only use of for the -- guys purposes that's it. And so. We would love to talk view because once we do we can make an appointment will get together with you -- you a whole new business or any mutually agreeable location. We were days nights weekends so were available because we understand. Bit of people are very busy these days and we have to make vessels available. When you. Need is to be available so we come to you. And one of the tools will show up or both of us. And when we come we're gonna do little presentation for you do wanna show you exactly what it is the we've been talking about on the radio. In terms of the ability for us to be able to recognize. Vehicles that are outstanding. And there is a certain way that we do with this very methodical. And you'll see once we showed you you feel like while that's great -- that I never thought that could be possible. But we do it and we do great job whether we get. Lots of our customers who rave about our services and we -- you to be one of them. And we have some visual tools. Yes that we -- you -- that we use that. You'll recognize them enough the bad you know some of -- the -- National broadcasting systems the other well known -- not exactly most. Right. Stations but these these are very legitimate -- In the that if the boat. Oh probably a lose were in -- -- -- works and how repair shops were. And you you'll be very very interest than and this brings to light everything we're talking about you'll see it that would not just a couple. Or guys won't spoke yeah right and the bottom line is you know. We can try to explain as much weekend over the phone but we really to be -- funny -- so we can show you these things because once we do. It'll be the best education you can get because there's no obligation. In other words if we -- to see -- You know if you don't think that word will worthy of doing business -- obviously don't do business wounds but you've got a free education. Because what we're gonna show you. You can certainly you utilize in any future. Purchase that you might make any place else. I was I was with -- apologist. He just yesterday. That. Was mentioning the fact that he he purchased an automobile promised. And you stock of the above another vehicle -- friend. So I went down and we talked and in our conversation he said you know so do. I have to tell you guys and instead -- before. That was the easiest purchase that I have ever made remember bill. Hassle free didn't have to get involved. I mean he had full confidence in us after we. We did a little dog and pony show -- in children everything exactly that we and then. He also knew somebody else to Monica from a that was very happy. -- as you know now I know it you know my my buddy told me the other afternoon because. It was just. Is I never went to a dealership and you have to go to dealership and have to put up with a salesman. You guys made your pitch. You and what you were pitching me it was not for the camera itself but -- services. Right exactly these it thoroughly and entities owned that cow which you don't look for a little. Almost the -- now -- -- -- in the bottom of the month and so bright. He's called on us to do. Services vehicle for certain things that the kind didn't have that you want to begin install -- -- more -- it needed to be done. Normally we told them we will album yeah we were put them and he loves that he feels he says -- that the it's a service that. Just great yeah it doesn't have to do with thing would pick up the following give us a call we make an appointment and we know we take care of it. If if if so who do the repair. You know we're gonna make sure that we diagnose the problem properly. -- one of our network providers who. We trust conclusively. And wouldn't steer -- wrong. We we use only the best of the best because we know about a and we although a lot of people to school and they go someplace in the -- as well he so whose code on my. Almighty scare resources to oxygen says -- sort changed your oxygen so and so. And then you know two days where. The check engine light comes back off -- you know wasn't the oxygen sensible mechanics that we were quick -- they disappoint our customers. Our clients they disappoint us and which means you don't wanna do that. Right period that because there -- gonna talk about the you know lose business that's you can. And we do pretty good we -- by the -- business for these guys but. I appreciate everything they do for -- they do take care of listening to take care of our clients no dove on yeah and again you'll if you were a stock or whatever you know that they crossed though since -- they didn't do what they were supposed to do. One of -- people pray to tackle their right. And William who look like it's coming to the end of another week all kids to be here you are you gotta get out there and do little more than -- don't mean I'm. They got to try a little conduct. -- -- 22 hours a day isn't enough for fiscal two more hours you can find some that do it. Communicate grossly. You walk in his sleep right. In the anyways I want -- -- callousness -- Listen to the guy guys right radio show and supporting us right thank you for all the emails and all the full context -- we've had this week. And you just keep those -- and -- come and then -- we appreciate it and will be talking to you guys again next week that this time. Very good. All right so folks from the guy guys to our listeners. Really that you have a nice week the whole.