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Has this Florida condo association gone too far?

Mar 21, 2014|

In Naples Florida, a condo resident, Linda Karp, has a pink breast cancer ribbon on the inside of her door. The condo association wants her to take it down. Should she have to take down the pink ribbon? Jeff says no.

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You've now won nine. Welcome back -- three of the corner reports. Now you wanna talk about. Another story. Is that highlights. The growing assault. On the property rights of individuals now check this one this. This one is creating a lot of outrage. A lot of people are very upset about this hat tip to Fox News they were first on this story and now is getting a lot of local attention in Florida. And increasingly by some other national media outlets. Now as you know there have been many home association for giving homeowners associations a choice. That have rules they have rules against the yard signs they have rules against what you can display in your pound homer in your Condo. And some of them have been pretty outrageous that have gotten a lot of people upset. You know was returning troops sailors welcome home sign a wounded warrior flag god bless America sign. They've announced the come down. And this is create a lot of the controversy a lot of people get very upset a lot of uproar. We'll check out this story and there is a Florida woman. She lives in Regents Park in a Condo complex in Naples Florida. Her name is Linda carp. She has survived a battle a brutal battle with breast cancer. And she's been cancer free knock on wood for about sixteen years. But she's a very big breast cancer advocate because she obviously had breast cancer. And so apparently in her doorway. She wished hole she received -- notice from the nature away. That she had to take down the pink ribbon. And there's a huge poster are breast cancer poster. That's hanging in her doorway. And this large rib and had previously been displayed outside. They say you can't do that. This violates hate shall -- policies you can't display anything so now Olympic Karp has decided to move it inside. -- two were entryway. And even still. They hate -- way is saying they do not want her. To be able to display this large pink ribbon. Even though what's inside her Condo in her entryway. And so she's now received a letter. From the homeowner's association. Saying she's in violation of their rules she's gonna be compelled to take this large ribbon slash poster down. Orel she may be forced to be evacuated. She may be forced -- just leave the apartment she's in violation. And so she's absolutely -- it. She's got I'm looking at that picture of her right now I have to tell you that I mean she. I mean she looks -- -- just like a salt of the earth individual in terms of a PR battle I can see why they -- the homeowners association nature away. Is really taking it on the chin. She looks like a very loving mom I have to say that she's got two adorable kids -- son and a daughter there's her husband beside her. And she's now saying that this is outrageous. This is an assault upon her first amendment rights this is an assault upon her privacy and upon her civil liberties she understood the need. Not to have an outside. But she said once it goes inside. In my entryway. The homeowners association does not have a right to tell me. What post are what -- I can or can't put up inside my own Condo -- inside my own apartment. And so she is now vowing to fight this thing all the way she said she's gonna stand her ground. That she's extremely. Angry she says basically they hate your way -- is behaving like a bunch of thugs in a bunch of bullies. She goes it's now on the inside of my entryway. And she says look I'm not offending anyone. If anything all my neighbors are completely support of a breast cancer and breast cancer awareness. And so she said no they think that I'm gonna take it down and I'm not gonna take it down I'm gonna continue my fight among a battle they make -- way if I need be I wanna take this thing to court. I want them to leave me alone it's a pink ribbon. It means a lot to me it means a lot to my family it symbolizes my courage and my fight against cancer and my survival against breast cancer. And I'm not removing it. Now let me be honest with. A perfectly candid as if I'm in the confessional -- I would say. I generally side on a lot of issues with the homeowners association. I've lived on their -- way I'm telling you some of them are real fascist thugs I don't like page -- but in the end. You sign a contract. I believe we should uphold the terms of your contract. And I know when I was under hey Troy we had a town home in Maryland. You couldn't display anything outside except the American flag that's it. -- -- He signed a contract you sign a contract. Now if you start when you start you know wallet displaying posters on on a door. Or what it no matter how mobile you may think the cause is welcome home to a soldier god bless America. Pink ribbon and whatever it is look. You sign a contract you sign a contract. And where does it end. A poster for cystic fibrosis. Top poster for the Second Amendment the NRA. A poster for same sex marriage before you know it. Basically people can just start putting anything they want under doors are flying any flight that they want. And they H always says basically the goal is to keep the premise is as clean honest I'd be responsible. And they wanna create as much of a non offensive and -- environment as they possibly can. That's why they -- -- has these rules. Now I know what she's talking about because -- honestly power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These people on BCH away boards I've dealt with them. I mean boarded our heads swell so for example. We could only and -- the pound home that I had in Maryland I can enjoy not. You could only take the garbage out by the -- At 5 o'clock the day before garbage pickup are picked up was on Wednesday. -- by the way I'm like we're right live now as many bags as you want you do need to get a city -- and pay a fee for but let. But let that go. One time I came home from work whatever was very tired had an op -- -- column to right. It was 450. I remembered as it was and the fox. -- says take the garbage out I think the garbage. It's 10 minutes before 5 o'clock. I mean what are we -- minutes I swear to you the next day letter from the nature away. We -- student and respect the final walk moment. You can only we remind you you can only take your garbage -- to the term after 5 o'clock. I'm -- you've got nothing better to do with your life than what drive around on the street recently moved. Lou it's 451. Who. Keep what is garbage out pool. It's nine minutes before the 5 o'clock. Limited pool. So what I used to do after back just to annoy them is literally before 58. And I walk around with the -- I have to garbage bags and walk to the curb. Look around. Hold my garbage bags up pod hopefully somebody from nature we would see it about the put it on the ground ball I lifted back up again. And I walked back to the front door and I walked back to the curve as 459 that pent up up up up and down. Am I would definitely Jeff you're being try to go more wanna I mean did you like gore staffers so I understand where she's coming -- I really do. But in the end I mean it was 5 o'clock and then boom I dropped my garbage backs. I signed it's in the least it's in the contract. So we don't have to abide by the contract. However so when it comes to displaying ribbons outside to do or whatever. They -- a -- rules our nature we roots. You don't like -- you shouldn't of got a Condo you have to read the terms of your agreement OK I get that. But no we're going to something very different. Now you're telling me. Now I understand. That you can say don't smoke in the apartment I understand that no pets in the apartment that's clearly laid out in the weeks. But as she points out there's nothing specific in the least. That says you can't put up a -- Caribbean. Inside -- -- Inside your own -- supremacists inside your own apartment. What do you think dear leader. We're racers who who what are you chief spreading -- What are what are US some wanna be dictator. The other thing to camp put it inside the house. I -- you look at distress ready crux. So now they're saying no even though it's in the entry way we still don't want the poster and the ribbing him there. Core you to tell me. What poster or rebate or anything I can put up in my own entry way in my own apartment. You're not -- you don't own me. Yes I pay your rent. Or pay you Condo fees or whatever yes we have a contract yes we have an agreement. But now you're violating my freedom of expression. You're violating my right to privacy. If I have an animal that's trashing the place may signal animals of course I'm in violation. You're saying don't smoke and I smoking of course I'm in violation. But all you say clearly as you can display it outside. You say nothing about whether this can be displayed inside. So now you're not abiding by the terms of the contract. Now you're the one that's coming into my apartment. You see and this is what I find stunning this is the change that I'm noticing. Spent about twenty years now. Nobody minds their own business anymore. People now the. I don't shoe polish diplomats I'll bet anybody a state dinner at Hanover street chop pops. That the people run this Rachel wade -- -- progressives and Liberal Democrats. I guarantee that their lyrics I don't -- Because that's what they do want everything. They keep intruding and seeking to control every aspect of our life. What we can do what we can't do. And so now this woman who's insured cancer. Who battled against cancer. Now your gonna tell her. What she can or can't do insider home Congo. I -- is incredible. Well when you really think about it. There is no logic to this it's a very perverse collective this Marxist socialist logic but it's a logic. If the government can tell you you have to buy health -- a good or service. Or she going to be penalized for it they don't your body. -- on your health care. If they can tell your business how high -- minimum wage should be they basically run your business. I'm I could site example after example after example. When you have the government that essentially is able to control they are now even able to listen in on your phone colts. There were even able now to read your emails. So if they can read your emails listen on your phone calls tell you what wage you can pay your workers. Tell you what you say or can't say and a public school. Tell you where you can pray where you can't pray. Tell you what health care you can buy what health -- you can't buy. The next logical step. This now for private organizations is so yeah -- -- more privacy do you have. No nor ribbons for posters for you inside her apartment. Or whatever in the entryway. -- but the entry way is like a screen door so she has it on the screen door facing the hallway or the outside very grow -- socialist. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Inside her home but it still violates what the agreement set. I understand sits in the entryway and it's not outside the door it's inside but it's the screen -- and you can see through the screen door she saw the contract. Now I understand so it's that she's got a contract that she wanted to let there. She knew laurels. Suck it up. 61720666868. Is the number. Should this woman be forced to remove her breast cancer ribbon. Inside her own home. Cooks he says yes. All power of nature away. I say. If she gave them the power wife putting her signature on the that piece of paper yes but only for things outside. It is outside -- within -- Jeff. It's all on the -- it's inside a screen door facing the outside so it's still visible it's visit everyone all the Condo in that complex is decided. They don't want to have. Pictures and all these things hanging up outside the door. Then let's a look clean I understand and they want to look beautiful yes but it's inside would be the jackass who comes and goes bolts on the inside and tactically what it is it's not. -- -- on screen door. And there's nowhere in the agreement that says you can't have something on the inside well let's let's go to the extreme as you usually don't. The neo Nazi across the street hangs up a picture Adolf Hitler didn't -- Nazi flag. Let's take a -- take it down. On -- where is this where is he wins in your Condo complex. And it's where outside -- inside. It's inside the screen door but you opened your front door every morning this picture of Hitler and Nazi flag. If it's inside his apart tell you what did you write his apartment if you try to Becket yeah argument that's what I'm telling -- the truth. Hi how warm -- -- would you like me if I told you what you can -- can't put inside your own apartment Jeff it's not in the apartment after it's caught a screen door. But it's inside her house stuff. In this office 617 billion ridiculous not on and by the way there's nothing in the agreement that says anything about what you put inside -- -- war. Outside yes but not inside. Visible from the outside. She's gonna go to court and I'm telling you she's gonna win 617266. Six -- isn't he he's like guilt fought -- and now all of a sudden Jeff watched it -- to get involved. To break up a private car and track. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hold on there's -- mediation the contract is unclear it's obviously it's unclear did to look outside a contract. You -- live here to the rolls yes but she's not read them all related and all but she's not breaking -- like so. Sorry multi site that books she's not breaking the rules. Just break in the world she's Smart she's fighting -- clever loophole. Around she's not breaking the rules and this -- cancer survivor she wants to put a pink ribbon up inside her own Condo. I say got a whole say you cannot at Six Flags posters are other items that are visible to the outside the -- go. On to your -- it's inside the door. So I mean do you maybe you missed and visible to the outside. Our New York. It's insider it's insider talk screen door. So you you -- that's what you do you conveniently leave -- facts to make the case and -- the other thing is this which you're missing is the neighbors don't have a problem with that. Nobody's complained. Everybody supports her so if if if it's inside her apartment it's inside her apartment. -- -- what's next you're coming out of sexual my wife. -- didn't see how you go to the extremes that number I'm just telling you know there's nothing to do with it to actually do right does nothing to do. But the card check all living in a karma Cox. Among -- put it up to the phone lines and let's see what the people say on this. But look there's no gun there's not cut to open -- original poster of a gun so there's no reason for you to be afraid -- It's just a pink ribbon. Are your free operator pink ribbons are you. 6172666. -- 68 is the number. -- Europe Max thanks for holding -- WRKO. And I -- -- -- morning good value cannot I'm very well say -- I think it's totally re election. I live in a -- myself I have my own issues without. -- association board. If it's even try to hurt or bad it hurt dwelling I don't understand why people are so -- a while in orbit and it's ridiculous. I'm with you Kathy. But you see to the I guess stop -- to go wanna be liberal Gestapo like -- say he says eight. Whole ball ball ball it's a normal ball formal owner's association. Does like the government mule team. Mole would we ever -- and told you what you can do when your own apartment -- all that they don't. Have a -- use credit card -- to give until. You have with a contract wasn't clear on that come on I just wasn't. -- -- -- but didn't really have a look come on Madonna but it's -- but cooks but there's no gun I keep telling you told cannabis as well. A license to carry a lot of free to go and -- -- But they're Europe Max that's relevant well. It and it definitely -- -- -- -- that might run ins with Condo associations also impact of the water Condo conversions but -- -- you get to know. You do not all wounded door outside of the door even that inside door you don't hold back you've owned from the side of your condominium. Only from the walls and nothing in the common area are eating it including two door. That is that is what you property so you can't put anything on the air. And now I've had some great news for recession feel listeners they have a pat and the Condo association has given them a hard time. We're not keeping that my my fiancee passed away last year -- adopted her two kids. And who should get a little bit dogged and that my Condo association let what we keep the dog that comforted that you Boris. And under that we -- closing act which is hysterical act. If that -- He gives emotional. In the case of a loss there -- association. To accommodate them so take that under the -- If you like Condo association's. Go up communism because that's exactly the way his brother. And -- with. Aren't aren't all all -- all I could do a whole show on my writings -- PH away all. Thought I swear we put a beautiful shock. In our little -- very small backyard. Beautiful I mean you should see I swear I was the class is click on the old block he came with their I swear to god they're measuring paper. They measured the bottom he measured the links they measured two weeks. And -- -- whatever happened in my backyard but anyway let let that the goal while it was my house I bought a house for God's sakes but anyway let -- We were off I think growing grace tell me three inches on the links to which is on the way I swear it was like some. Which too big. Which doesn't conform to her cold winters are cold. -- Mike Cox. She couldn't you're gonna have -- take LP shock. And put in another huge and restored my bike and start all this sort of stuff for the kids' eyes -- advocates poisoned their two. Because of three inches on one side and two which is on the other side walks it's a cold here it's the cool. So I finally told this guy I swear. I said to my signal to even look like a Nazi I swear to god he had a little beating yachts. He had that the -- one variable whole schtick okay at 5455. Almost like the size of Hitler. I said you know what your problem is. You were born sixty years set to air too late. And in the wrong country you would have been perfect in deferred right in the 93 -- just -- up. All that's why -- the Heil Hitler slide amid what -- let's do it right now we knew -- -- the guy the guy. 6172666868. Is. The number. On the -- John. Luck omen that. Opt out caught. My. Elderly out but you'll only get fact that -- -- that brought wrote I turn them into this up and what that story. All of us but you -- all right but not many people that we. And -- yet accurate are out and Condo association yeah. You fruit and well every. Back at the lottery I want to do -- -- Yeah I -- artists I told my wife which is why we are we got it when we moved here what is it eighteen months ago whenever one we moved from DC. I deliberately got an apartment in Foxborough before we got a house. And I told my wife one thing I said whatever we do I'm never buying a pound home again with all homeowners association. It because it's it's not worth it. I swear to god it's not worth it. I I felt like I was when my parents backing Communist Yugoslavia. -- that this is how I mean it's. Every every little thing I did there they are and they love it. They love walking the streets inspect being looked -- measure marine spying. Daylong blitz every little minor infraction that they could find I said not this is training to work for the federal government. These are all -- for future progressives liberals and Democrats. Did they love this stuff they get off on it actually Europe next thanks for holding welcome to our KO. I -- thanks so much academic all my -- I am who I love property management standpoint and you're. Previous caller I think they respect airlift correct. -- at all everything. I. Think there'd be outside the common area you know any -- I -- career. Condo or apartment. They'll just cemetery apartment car. Many area and it will be taking care IT LA. I think they're really -- -- that. That it's hard to differentiate what like Eric. But. Nobody in my opinion you know something that beat -- needed to make the future looks he's different. -- that is pretty proud I've -- I think -- title and maybe you know take that -- -- curtain hey. And -- bated breath into survival month. And you know maybe you got to be happy medium I don't know if I don't agree with and -- yet has had something that's obviously. Not. And that anyone -- they like -- know even the complaint but it fake the very thin line there with the contract. Actually I'm just curious looking at it from our property management point of view. Do you work in what -- town homes apartments condos. I'm I have learned straight out I am strictly look at our rental apartment I have -- aspect -- Condo association as well. Generally. -- yeah yeah. It you know until April trying to I think you nailed it. I'm there at the leak something impact. I love you at. Usually -- it. She let me ask you this -- I'm I'm sorry I'm up against the but I wanna get disaster audience if the door was damaged from the inside let's say from a -- Who would pick up the -- they hate shall -- or the person living in the conduct. Lady Hillary if I did especially the -- dog food. And Brodeur. Belo. I know it's really common areas and suddenly the Wednesday's debate for something and that's on your -- -- -- -- very very bad luck. Home -- very good call thank you for calling long so you sit cooks. -- pay for the door but you can't put a post there in front of the door -- -- -- that's why at 11 o'clock. On. I'll can't ice all personal responsibility on CL -- goes I don't wanna -- by those roles so I don't live there. I see how it goes -- criminals try to move in that change everyone's role let me ask you this though -- mean do you have anything against pink ribbons. The only wizard you want the color anchor now but I I know for a fact that if your neighbor across the street put up a rainbow flag -- -- -- -- will all look at. You raise your contract. Hold followed up -- -- Nazi flag we're not with the Nazis and the wants. A 6172666. Years at a Condo board. My parents by great grandparents are subject have. -- We have a contract -- -- 31. Let's make it did Dave in the newsroom. 6868. Jeff -- -- the bulldozer. This poor woman in South Florida. Breast cancer survivor Linda car. Stories being picked up by fox other national outlets huge story in Florida a lot of people are angry about it. Has been told to take her pink ribbon. Down from the outside of her door in her Condo. She is now put it on the inside. -- entryway. Up on the screen. The Condo association -- homeowners association has said this -- technically they believe violates. The -- show -- rules they have demanded she take that down as well. She's angry she -- you don't have a right to tell me what I can do inside my own premises inside my own Condo. She is now taking this to the media she says she will take it to the courts. I say they hate -- way like the government has no business telling you what to do once you're inside your own apartment. If you're not in violation of the least you're not a violation of the contract which she isn't I believe they have no business. -- C essentially takes the position you have no rights if you live in a Condo underage showing. What do you say Boston 61720666868. George Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Inject I thought I'm good how are you George they get this to a growing debt. -- aren't quite. I didn't -- and I will -- the Condo association. You know well so I bet I'd still bet they'll get there. -- -- -- -- But you know where he was trying to make maybe you -- in relation. Yeah about -- so that they can connoisseur and I'll wait until you go out -- and I'll. I'm -- outside in the court. George you think -- -- she say she said you're trying to bully her. Well then what. I want I want some a lot of -- in the big lead. Jimmy -- what you check out our web dietary. I don't know what it's like to hit everybody ending. I mean wouldn't talk to what could be anybody else open. They're the right -- on the cans and call but are not well. So I would some of -- George I'm Melissa and come November. We take back the senate I'm calling for impeachment the next day. It's coming George believe me. But well look I think you're right I think they wanna go after this woman. She stood up that she didn't like the -- that you couldn't put it on -- -- on the outside of the door she made a big stink about it. It's breast cancer her neighbors are very sympathetic to her she moved it inside another one a teacher lesson. I think that's what's going on I think I'll tell you what I think is going on. During a couple of built -- -- on the NH away association. NH away board and are saying we're gonna show her. -- entire count that's come. Where that got me where they choice we're gonna teach you'll less. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. -- get good morning radio I'm Harry you can bet. Actually what I wanted to talk about was that the situation that we haven't Boston regarding the rental inspection ordinances and that's the similar. Issue. Can they can they tell you what you can do inside your own apartment -- Well it has to do with that I had I had talked to several weeks ago regarding this law that Boston had wanted to pass and what they want to do it inspects all rental units. In Boston and they're meeting on March 31 so this isn't quite related to that I had told I wanted to -- could see that I wanted to speak about that. And if we could at another time that would be wonderful but it I believe it's violation of our fourth amendment rights. You know -- they're going to have. Inspect a 140000. Units and cut the -- that might be in violation that's something. And these are what just random inspections right camp while it had to do with rental property and market. So there's -- coming to start inspecting properties left right center. You have to register your property and then you have to. Have someone come and inspected and the problem is that they're not they're not. Kim we lost Kim email Cooke city email -- CN we're definitely gonna do where a segment on a show on this not -- we we we've got to because I mean we need to know what's going on in Boston because I'm telling you. If you're there are now setting paving the way for rent control core hole good. Good luck finding a place to live here. Coming up next Larry Kudlow from CNBC. While the latest from him don't touch that but -- -- -- Invading your HD radio are you ready you beds Jeff -- six to ten on -- M 680 and now I'm 93 point seven HT do god bless you Boston's. Talk station. WRKO. 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