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Max Robins Monday March 17, 2014 - Black Sails And Almost Human

Mar 17, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube...today's shows included almost human and Black Sails.

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This time every Monday we are joined by Max -- of veteran journalist. Who's covered the TV industry for many years and he's here to answer your questions about the broadcast and and cable and the Internet. In the Max Robinson on the how we car show was brought to -- such worst savings bank just better. Visit SS SB dot com -- thanks for being west. Ali it's always the highlight of my weakened you know. What's the name -- the first thing I was gonna ask you is how horses I I assume the -- story is getting awful ratings for -- for the cable networks so they wouldn't be going with -- around the clock right. Yeah there are definitely getting and it if you sort of of viewers from it and it's I mean it's an amazing story well. Wow well. Source anybody benefiting more than anybody else or is it just you know the usual fox getting more and MSNBC. And then CNN lagging. -- is generally what's going on all those CNN due to the big problem when. At one point and it was a couple days -- copy -- -- page -- run the other Hubert. When. They were the only ones to go live -- -- you know a Malaysian government. And out. That they were treating this as a criminal investigation. Got up at that point but you know -- never but he quickly catches up. Now do we think that they're gonna get a bump from Don lemon suggesting that perhaps it was a supernatural act noticed yesterday. Hey it works like doctor orient. I mean this is that the chasing. Chasing big -- show your local time. I know I know it will do much these super -- You know I. I got hurt at all hours. Well I think and I don't know what your. I almost think that you know this is why they have this is why you have the IFB in your -- of president. Botanist loosened the supernatural. Reference. Place. I don't know. Yeah let me just to protect your own job when she -- order. I guess you would think. I'm not sure I -- maybe maybe he doesn't. Well anyway listen there's anyone -- that they -- -- -- chance to talk to you about this but I thought I was off last week but before we left. There was a story in the New York Post after you were on the previous week -- just saw this story. But you know how -- you can get like I what the doctor mark based upon to get to hear back on my head. Right well according to the New York Post now you know you live I'm asking you this because you're you log you live in the Brooklyn hipster district. This. Now did you see this story about. No I think I'll -- book one -- please enlighten me. Brooklyn they're a lot of Brooklyn hit it to be a true Brooklyn hipster now Max you you need to have a a full goatee. In a lot of the Brooklyn hamsters have discovered that they have very scraggly -- I believe Merle Haggard used to call them squirrelly. So in other words now they don't want -- well stage show so they are having here. Take off the back there had but not put on the top of their head like. People always that it now they're having to put on their chants. -- all mark. You haven't heard about this new trend in the Brooklyn hipster community. And so we actually I wonder how -- determine who really should. Everybody -- definitely fourteen year old who are waiting. All. I don't know. Donors or go to it would be. Would do it. It's OK ladies don't -- an -- what can work right. Okay how -- -- how is up vikings doing ratings wise. Very well. Well after it. How did that make it and afraid do last night in the ratings. I haven't seen overnight -- but my guess is that it just spots. Celebrity Apprentice coming back. Yeah. Getting on -- looking on HBO. I think they're broke out looking. No decision made it yet it's gonna get ya I assume that will. And likewise with the other show. Okay -- blacks see sales doing on stars similar entertainment value was Spartacus but on the -- assignments. And it didn't do it pretty well. Yeah of course stars and it is more built metrics for that little different from premium cable channel but but I think there's -- it just aren't. Now now what a match what do Cuban writing about you if you wanna sir if you wanna follow up may actually he's he he writes for Forbes dot com. And you can see all of this stuff at Forbes dot com and you can that you could become a follower. Yeah -- absolutely column interior mayor were up in our -- how -- problem. I got a couple pieces and opportunity haven't been posted yet are you a little sneak -- -- I'm not -- right you go -- use. What's going on -- how. In the wake of true detective I think this idea that kind of limited run series -- to see a lot more that you know beat him apologies here is change cast the location you heard today. That this is a really good -- for four. Networks to. To get like you know big marquee star like true detective. Matthew McConaughey and what you're also but it is a way to secure and so you know they're not so well qualified teacher so it's it's more an obligation like -- expelled. And it kind of keep the show fresh but keep the great writers and directors so there's some continuity. Well what about double what about us guys who wanna be the executive producers and make big money and and be able to retire I mean isn't this going to be a bad thing for a super goes this way. No I don't know because you'd stay with the executive producer I -- security who's gonna come back next year where -- A different story are interpret chaos but same Reuters. The well logo will be going to actually considering they can come up with another great apologies here. All right Maya monkey business channel will be looking for that and it would like to do everything on the cheap you know Max I know we like to get a dot like like Rupert Murdoch of what is approved what was once -- -- like to get a dollar's worth of work for -- we like to get a dollar's worth of work for a nickel. You know how Leo I'm I'm torn up some. Some ratings are -- For -- you felt like if you go back to our web Friday yeah that was a really good night for our CNN I mean it's. They they actually welcomed by our apartment key demographic. Most of the night there were at everybody else. I can't -- you know I've heard a couple people complain and they say you know -- just tired of it and they these days it's just the same crap repeated over and over again. But it's a mystery you know how I mean what could be better for for for a 24/7. Cable outlet. The story that -- you know you can speculate about endlessly. You know. -- I think you're I think you're right I mean. Certainly. There's not going to be the new development every every human. You know on the news we want our -- it. But nevertheless I mean I think it did that people have a great outlook for -- it's it's a really crazy story. No war no wonder. Good to shelter all export to race. Yeah 1877469432218774694322. Let's -- -- to take a few phone calls here and someone wants monopoly and she's keeps texting me is Lance Lancelot link on any station. I don't believe so. No I don't think so I didn't think we can safely say that. -- we're picky about doing a remake. Monty discussion. I mean it would be perfect considering the name of the channel is my monkey business. And Lancelot link was -- chimpanzee ultimately I think it would it would be synergy -- that -- let's say in the business. Yeah that it would be armed or how that. 1877469. House archer and FX do when it seems to have jumped the shark. -- and aren't very. And if you didn't do it. Seems to do well is inept person and so. You know I could just not a it's I don't -- -- -- -- so but I know. A lot of -- and I would commercial watchers and you know I hear things. All right pressured -- with how we card Max Robbins site who you can follow on Forbes dot com go ahead and press. Elliott -- -- -- I'm gonna ask about control block west of ritual receiving as a combat and blacks sales. Well we we talked about what -- earlier that's doing real well blacklist will -- you'll go there will be more fresh episodes it will Barack. And definitely will get the second C and that's been one. You know there have been a lot of good news and NBC this year -- weapons is among the good news and Austria. She's a major. Thanks for the call -- so once thought CNN was ahead on Friday because they're the only ones that are on in the airports. We'll be going to the CNBC's story unity and MSNBC that your general generally speaking your right. How can fox get on in the airports by the way having spent some time in the airport time IE I really wish there was an alternative. Yeah I I think that you know sometimes you do. You do if you are in Nam airport our support. It's are you see him in the bars witchy but the things out on the main area where you're just sitting around at all was CNN. Whenever anybody has a choice in other words Max whenever anybody has a choice it's box or something else when there's no choice it's CNN. It's kinda like a Russian TV to Russia TV writer Al-Jazeera. I think that I think they'll -- think it does demonstrate. You'd see the -- Vietnam. You know while you are there -- -- in racial mistrust and we as we -- serious parts are closed. I do think they still have a larger news gathering organization on these big breaking news stories and and and they got -- and it also benefit from and we we pay attention to CNN here in America may see a pension at all we see the -- where it's. -- -- -- You know worldwide -- is still here. Valuable profitable Graham makes a lot of money urged Teracopy TARP in order and as part of what could make. The money that is all the people with you know our subscribers to its unique service to use these. So there are kids support that every city news operation all. They won't release all the communities got part of problem that -- good. Those are probably like long term contracts. -- this is -- -- even predate the launch of Fox News or go back. In the early days of Fox News whether it was a you know it also. Yeah yeah I hope they I hope Fox News gets -- to get to the some of these airports you know it's it's at least you know give people and I'm option. Anyway. Yeah what I doubt that you will be really great and you wish we. So the whole problem I mean whatever you want to watch -- -- operating the hell -- everybody goes to -- the current system that. You know HBO go we're I noticed your New York, New York one are starting to do we are you could watch. Fox News or whatever it is whatever your preferences. -- device you know like a computer. You know to stream or Wi-Fi. Or were. -- is going to be -- is that there's. Trace your next with how we card Max -- go ahead Trace. I think I'll pay back you need to get -- -- -- -- -- -- on -- Karl -- police procedurally to bring -- that -- back. Remembering what -- sorry. But they're not box. How we have a trouble hearing at least. Almost human. Almost human. I believe almost human is coming back. Now that's based on the BBC -- should check out the original. Okay Trace thanks. 50 wait ask Max how we can get Al-Jazeera off our cable system Comcast. You know hit it. I think Al-Jazeera news has probably paid a pretty pretty penny for that that coverage. And I would say -- a lot of other channels you know you don't care to watch just so watched. You know that's that's all you can do -- mean fortunately we get to vote with our remote. I've never heard of Russia today until that woman quit on the air. Yeah did you ever heard of it. Oh yeah yeah you see our TV I'll be here on the current cable systems in new York and it's pretty wacky but I'll I'll tell you it's -- and the Russian government paid a lot of money to keep go. William bailout for the -- his looks like they -- her right out of San Diego State she's about 23 years old and -- -- let's say and you know congratulations on -- -- the move and all that bench wasn't bad looking either but it's not like they hired -- from you know like a lot like Glenn -- hired -- do or somebody you know somebody -- networking experience. Didn't know it yet no that's not news good. Course I think Vladimir Putin probably like it has the same pace and anchors that. The most of most males don't let me put it that way. Break your neck and it has nothing to do with the experience in the sued in the Sudan. Frankie are next with how we card Max robins. I agree -- that call are supposed to allowable like optional. Living in a rate that's. Yeah I mean it that it -- I didn't get -- you know you've got. Quote. Jimmy Fallon and can't -- -- Jimmy Kimmel will do well but you know Letterman Stewart to. I think won't want what happens is is that maybe you know Letterman gives the most viewers and and. But he's also getting paid the most I mean I the I would assume that Palin is a better body -- per thousand is that he. Our -- -- the -- your page. All right -- You know probably pretty equivalent I mean an end and I think it. Well I think -- -- shake out almighty my guess is that you really can -- I'm not gonna -- your real slug it out between. -- -- QBs and and it'll be driven by you know who can get a bigger yeah. A lot of that -- we truly know that from your agency because what happens we'll have to do with you know. Major markets and who is stronger lead this. Is yeah probably lose it which network you know the best. The most popular -- -- -- -- Audio that lead into one of the reasons I'm not a TV anymore thanks to I'll get rid of that later thanks Max we'll talk to you next week on how we car.