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Chump Line Monday March 17, 2014 - Truck Wash

Mar 17, 2014|

Our favorite chump line message today was a bitter remark how regular Howie contributor Officer Mark was probably washing former U.S. Senator Scott Brown's truck up in New Hampshire.

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The trump wind is sponsored by complaint ski insurance homes auto business and life the plant insurance shops so you save at the plants keep dot com. Why is way out. You want there. That would have been a good question to ask him through. That low info voters which which above which of the four candidates in 2008 would -- would miss spell. Does -- how to spell Syracuse. -- we are outlined. Hollered all we -- it wouldn't. Representative -- That's the. Missed that. Was he talking about and it's about the parade in -- -- follow. Steve what's his face what kind of strange yesterday I don't know what it. He's pretty pretty odd odd looking like -- these -- out in the sun too much or something I don't know. And no -- over the weekend about the give or want got around truck that got them. -- -- It's officer mark -- it's like herpes you know it comes back every like six months or a year you know it's just assess how bitter -- -- they -- and scalp here for. Officer mark is to keep his nose clean hasn't been column in very much. Since me if you was funny police items every once in awhile but I don't I've been even credited them -- -- And some guy comes out and just sucker punches them. It would have though some of we would have been predictably -- in is -- old thing about the states that it. That's true yeah I die I missed by I forgot all about it happy birthday how we. Uncle Howie. He still a lot of Milbury is looking pretty good too I saw him in December media seem to be in pretty good shape. Although I guess it in better shape if Middlesex district attorney's office was that. Dropped those charges against him especially since his co defendant isn't coming down for breakfast anymore. -- back to classic country. Next dedication goes out -- former senator Scott Brown from holy cat. It. That having come -- to be made sport of I can't I can't help if you guys can't do math. That you're better off. If you have 51. Republicans. Voting for the new senate majority leader even if it is Mitch McConnell. Than you -- have 51 Democrats voting for the old senate majority leader who would be Harry Reid. That you can't if you if you. I should have to explain it to you why it would be better to have a Republican majority than a Democrat majority in the senate. But apparently it doesn't. That would be good for me a flap my gums about it because you don't care. How how did not matter about any agree any Warren's votes. She voted for that that cop killers lawyer to do to be the head of the civil rights division. But he's given her any crap about that you know -- -- you expect that her. To do something. Irresponsible. And reprehensible like that like voting up or pro cop killer lawyer. You don't expect anything different but you hope Scott Brown to a different standard. Yeah how it have a native living. At a -- take into these DN. Oklahoma we get the point exactly. Yes god Scott Brown was Scott Brown was sworn in Maine to let's let's be honest about it Scott Brown noticed remain. He he was raised in Massachusetts and in and now he's a resident of New Hampshire and meet. He's basically spent his whole life -- 100 mile area of a three states so what's the what's the problem. We. You kept saying believe that crimes. About that in you know so. That these people been waiting all week long I hope they didn't take many of their house pets while it was gone. Because they couldn't it couldn't attack me I can take the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Just bring it on bring it. Both creepy people including me you know that did not vote vote against the way we want to civil. -- good my what my Nobel Peace Prize that but when it hit it. -- give -- a Nobel Peace Prize for her. You know what's that you -- difference between now that the voting in a Massachusetts and voting in the Crimea is. In the Crimea you have to show identification. Yeah I don't know about -- package. Bill but what about god promised to announce -- New Hampshire run on your show. That campaigns on the ports and hopefully it. He hasn't announced yet. Sandy what do we get McCall as a matter of fact. Me text on white -- -- -- -- want to come on I want to announce on this show out tax. The city removed remember when he said he wasn't running in Massachusetts and he and he announced that he sent me a attacks. Remember that you've got eat at -- that backed him a few minutes sleep time now and remember remember how the globe went nuts for two or three days after that I do. -- this is a good way to begin the campaign by making the globe go nuts again for 23 days. It's probably. Illegal aliens they progress. And it felt right for them to drive on that in no McCormick well it is our right. It is a privilege. And the driver's license to operate where it's. Going to might want to know. What are what I don't understand and I must admit that this this is the kind of stuff that. Sometimes occurs to me even when I'm on vacation just thinking about it. If you're in the country illegally. You could have a driver's license. So if if you're in the country illegally. How can they take away your driver's license for committing an illegal act because. You were illegal to begin -- now if I was caught. Speeding at a hundred miles and now forward speed limit -- run for if I was at I was caught if I was caught doing it Jim Irsay. I would lose my driver's license. If if if I was in if I was if to drive after committing a Jim -- I would be driving illegally. But yet if you're an illegal alien and you're allowed to drive how can you possibly be driving illegally because apparently the laws don't apply -- Now if an illegal alien is caught driving Jim Irsay. This this he'll lose his license. Don't know why he would lose his license it's just and it's just another crime that he's committing. What what when you say one crime is okay that they didn't you know you don't bother to repeal live off the off the blocks. Why why is one crime worse than another. Why has -- crime punishment another crime isn't. -- a lot of work a book. You can. Through that they've admitted -- program. Beg your pardon. Sandy no one seems to have seen the tweets -- and Alley I had my picture taken it -- -- last a week with boast currently. Right behind you weren't -- and they weren't there -- -- to focus what was happening back here in your absence there was nothing happening back here except the Malaysian airliner. Now I'm talking about literally back here not known worldwide back here. That the it. Then the only the only response I had to have a picture taken with my daughter Charlotte who was down there with me and somebody sent me any at that tweet back and said good to see you're spending time with him -- My daughter was not amused. -- they're both lovely lines although you know and got about thirty years on Charlotte and I made 25. More like thirty but I'll just don't both -- -- Couldn't be shared he wouldn't. I don't know running and -- patent. You know mark. Good shape of these who don't I'm certain. New poll came out just today I don't know if you heard it was on the Boston newscast. To Rasmussen poll. And now Scott has only down nine points. That was taken last week you know after the after the ads have stopped when the when the Carol in Suffolk took the poll that was when the ads. Had just peaked the anti Scott Brown had to just eat. And he was down thirteen now the ads have been off for a few days. Weaker so I guess and he's down to a nine point deficit she can't get much over 50%. And you know they haven't really opened fire with the with the obamacare. Fiasco. A girl running around knocking down there at. -- thought -- mr. PC become Japanese that means you're not making content. You are little anachronistic. But -- is -- talking about. -- going to a liquor store and they say nips. Pints. Fifths courts. Yes but he's he's he's talking about in regard to people. -- not what I pocket towards it he either knew what I was talking about is just trying to be goof ball or -- if he doesn't know what -- is. Been easy he's a real legal -- a sheltered life. -- in California. Standing up for being here. People that would be shed one California senator has been -- why -- We. That's an excellent observation. That would be called. Only and let you. More gracious. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling have a card you shout. OK that's it for the -- like today the trump line is the recorded voicemail message service. Of how we car show if you if you if you like to war if you like to leave your message. And any power the day or night at the -- play and the number is 6177793469. 617779346. Mind. The -- line is sponsored. Today by Polanski insurance home auto business and life the plant ski insurance shops are you say that the plants -- dot com. I was in north and -- over the weekend domestic authorities want -- -- truck with a a couple of popular -- couldn't. You shout. Was he drinking inept.