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Chump Line Friday March 14, 2014 - Harry Reid Black Jack

Mar 14, 2014|

Our favorite chump line message was a mention of the probe into Harry Reid and some possible misdeeds.

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Would you agree CU YA. So let's go to -- -- that shot flying. It's sponsored by complaint -- insurance home auto business and life compliance concerns shops that use save act plant he dot com. That. Calling Harry Reid you can come man focus away to let them go and no -- Could create yet now and it I think. -- Act act hey -- -- in the White House allegations of corruption and well I guess might -- must be grateful he's actually affiliated with Harry Reid this time -- think city if my complete the pass at charity gets a pass by Eric Holder that the winds and likely no. Oh yeah. And you know other solidarity you have the two prosecutors don't want. On the bracket on camera with Ryan I think and set it apart and just take this aids. We have the evidence you know that feeling never ever had United States prosecutors. -- Brian -- from ABC news. He is get someone to take its case and that they had a good case if they. You'd never blackmailed and that that's true suicide. And why did the prosecutors as a Republican and one of them as a Democrat what does I don't think it's either prosecutors -- -- actually have a political party. That they may I ask you have to prost is -- elected Sonia ours. -- right I mean scary enough that. Well needless to say in case you missed that story. The Department of Justice has thus far. As ABC news reported yesterday thus far declined to investigate Harry Reid one likely are any of the other. Political. Let's say -- the political hanger ons that have been implicated. And -- online poker scam. Yeah I -- know a whole -- Obama back in the paper health insurance they couldn't pay architect that it would be. I don't network. I love all these numbers that they have right well we've got home at six million people would sign up for obamacare which is how we were gonna find it. That of course in the individual mandate but I don't know about that me and it would not really get it collects -- in different on the two areas how we came to the again. I mean see any I don't know copilot math -- -- -- admitted Matt Moore on. You are much brighter than I am in that area those numbers add up to you now running costs. For racy kind. The burden -- you do that -- can you rescue crew. Next thing you take is that it's not expect Eilat. Yeah that's pardon me -- of the -- in issues based on the technical changes and the joke used it. He's ripping on a joke that's -- on assigned. We'll sing the -- efforts and you know I'm definitely an errant and I don't know it's not one of us. It's not -- it -- It's back -- the big band here as a chat immunity to and it's a joke -- -- -- -- -- -- issues is the joke based on the -- need to teach him. And so he's doing a refined its this thing refine the sun. Which. Of course in case you missed that story is -- rant on illegal immigrants. Whose car that he was driving illegally plummeted during the icy floods in Colorado back at September. Into. A creek where firefighters. -- Your dive suits look to and America for the dude. Found him saved his life kept him alive and guess what they get Roddick troubles. Sued. Some ambulance chasing low life lawyer took sick days. On behalf of Roy Ortiz saying that the firefighters who didn't find him to two hours. -- negligent in the duties at this port royal -- had to stay alive. When he found an air pocket in the car that he submerged. The car by the way he was driving illegally because of course is in the country illegally. No good deed goes unpunished. Well America we can -- -- -- -- -- we got that great don't Larry Obama and I didn't try to lock box so. It is Friday be that funniest part of them Kerry's press conference today. Was the idea that Kerry was -- don't worry mr. -- -- speculates where we respected no disrespect. Just respectful and hits like he's talking to the godfather. I guess it is. It you know every. It. It's therapy panic mounted -- to see the plane from her back fortunately. I'm a white or she she does have the village it is seen the future and she's come omniscient so I'm going -- -- -- That's it word of the day from sandy yesterday it was bastards Danny can you give us that us south Palin. Omniscient and yes all knowing well knowing I love it. Is standing up the best -- Yesterday how it is stirred himself. Several I love that word because it's almost like a -- gestured. I don't hear -- -- the Ukraine. I don't care takeover Europe are here about it so hard to do you got that idiot -- out. Figure it out there -- -- -- that. Can I might get me some sanctions here secondly some sanctions against Russia because if you don't get out of Crimea by Monday I tell -- I will well we are where are going to. It's gonna be really bad view mr. Putin's -- all due respect I mean no disrespect mr. Putin can you imagine what exactly are we gonna do. Now you have eight senators from both parties going on caviar and -- -- -- Over to the Ukraine why I have no idea but if we start seeing cell fees of US senator is against Russian tanks and photo bombs of a guy now all the list. Three sheets to the wind if you will I'm Russian -- we're gonna know exactly why they went on that mission. In who might want to know. President Vladimir it would depend on the Nabisco that -- within that group around to it. None are it's not that that's is it is Crimea river. Crimea river. Not bad effects shot of course it's all part of Obama's let's move campaign. I guess you could argue for some good exercise there in case you missed that story and southern Louisiana and there is day in adults. Story if you will. -- now you can purchase edible underwear -- other hopeful implements if you will using -- ABT -- And we thought I was bad half when these are. That's some of the stores in the neighborhood if you know I mean. My last morning. If you don't step back from. Credit I don't think all of but it's all right -- I feel like that -- white -- deserves a vodka right there. That was beautiful and I challenge -- proven to until I am gonna -- might ask god that you. Now. Now what do you think that happened what -- and its. -- the eight senators Villanueva. -- via Ukraine. What happened. What they just make. I mean apartheid. 97 pages that we can only hope those senators get taken hostage. Why are they going there why not -- so please give me itinerary. You mean itinerary for the eight United States senators who couldn't be bothered of course is trying to break there. Hammer out the rest of the deal with the united states military that's getting kicked in the jammies and I know attacked an analyst -- -- -- -- himself fees. Anything -- via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that green line operator who clipped a lady's head to drive an Italian and lied about it. Got fired by the MBTA vanguard re hired. I do believe you are -- asking him. It does seem to read my trolley operator who's trolley went off the tracks injuring several people this weekend. Without another that was due to human error that trolley accident whether it. Yeah he's human. Error didn't try that -- there we have a pool. For our you know different. Ethnicity using groups to get into when we had a pool for our -- and sexual. Candidates for the MBTA there was only one name and that's the name a couple and that's when I was texting. When she went off into that. Yet -- the big accident that was a big accident over that City Hall station I think. But then what we're talking that is the one that hasn't crashed last week as well that was fired dozens and after hitting somebody in our reporting it right but that was yet another. MBTA screw up so I went off hundreds and sometimes these stories. I have so many of the major damage to my and it -- about. Sailing on. Frantically. We can't it was one he's been quoted minister -- Iraq. With the caddy -- -- because they try to make sure I had it felt that daddy. Why don't the day. I was pretty bad. And these commercial. What the oppression do any stock into the peanut Eminem in the back -- truck he's like them that Cuba is a little pieces I have indeed. Is that don't laugh out loud funny. It's -- about that Eminem. Seriously did you -- Russian actor I love him he's actually a bad guys like it's sexy dad died every. Movies this exceed that as a Russian dude every movie. I don't know his name but it is a commercial invested. Larry you said in -- and to a peanut -- and an estrangement chop you up and put you on top of my experience revealing in the -- I got noticed how. And on the floor -- how did not suitable. You have a -- on I'm told by -- doesn't take himself apparently. Media to some of those so boring that I've had turned it up by the time that Eminem had granted -- -- Most excruciating. And finally there is some good news about that Malaysian airline. All the luggage was then Miami. A -- the last -- message. Well if you would you finished responding is only play something at the last time message submitted to know we have a little -- that we play so you don't have to ask that I. You know what I was looking at this very phony tax I'm sorry. I will admit to being distracted not hard to be distracted when you look over and -- hilarious text on the export. Leader last -- line kinky for calling haven't tired you. OK can I deploy -- the last message can I just read this they all know why I was laughing. Too bad happened that congress. Didn't catch the Malaysian flying flight. That would be the flight that they wouldn't get to the -- grade. When you. That -- Call me Harry Reid you can come at -- Two of them don't have no life. To create and now and I think. And. They have a picture applied is sponsored by complains in Sharon's home auto business and -- -- plans insurance shots. So you save. Act compliance he. Dot com.