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Professor steals pro-life sign.

Mar 14, 2014|

Two sisters are claiming a professor assulted them and stole their pro-life sign.

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I feel like AMCC WRKO. And now 193 point seven HB two. Power to the corner report Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer my friend gotten. You wanna talk. About famine not six. You wanna talk about feminist studies professor is gone wild. And the intolerance. Of the radical left in this country check out this story. I mean this is absolutely Cilic. I wanna give a hot tip I was like you gonna do this story yesterday we just didn't have time we had other stories and wanted to do. But Megyn Kelly did a really nice job on this story yesterday on Fox News. There was a pro life demonstration. At the University of California in Santa Barbara. And it was spearheaded by several pro life activists. Many of them who come from a nearby called it's called Thomas point is call which to Catholic liberal arts call each. And that too short of leaders of this pro life demonstration. Were three in short she's sixteen years of age you have to see here. A bright sprightly. Articulate young girl with her wholesome cheeks -- why you are being her big guys. Obviously you can just see very passionate very idealistic. And her sister Joan who's 21 years of age. And so on March 4 they went to the free speech is -- at the University of California Santa Barbara. Which is a public university so people have the right to protest you don't have to just be a student to remember on campus. And there they work. Pro testing against abortion. And they're part of a nonprofit group called survivors of the abortion holocaust. And as they were protesting there were handing out about a thousand informational pamphlets to students going but. Most students just took a pamphlet said thank you kept on walking. And they had a couple of signs up. One of them I believe was on abortion is murder or something like that. And so they're they work. An option at this point by all accounts. It was a completely peaceful. Legal. Civil. Protest. In fact students sure do disagreed with them were taking their pamphlets and they were having. I'm not a raucous debate about a a rigorous debate but a polite respectful debate. And after awhile 510 minutes everybody exchanged their points of view and then the other students would leave and other students would come. Well lo and behold. No mom I'm home alone. God forbid you should have freedom of speech on campus. God forbid you should have freedom of expression on campus god forbid you should -- intellectual. Academic freedom on campus -- and own. Not like comes to the famine not season long all all. All long comps. A feminist professor. And African American woman by the name of Miree you'll Miller young -- And apparently her emphasis her area of so called expertise she's a fraud like all of the mark. Is a black is black cultural studies pornography and sex work. So she basically combines radical feminism. With a radical multicultural ism and black studies at throwing a little pornography. And -- Shiites. This hardcore lefty walking by. And she's horrified. That the were pro life demonstrators. And not only -- their pro life demonstrators. But most of the demonstrators are women. Even women. College aged women. This goes against the entire narrative that abortion -- -- pro life is a war on women. That this somehow violates a woman's right to truce. That somehow all women support abortion rights which is by the way not true but let that goal and so. Utterly in reached. Is supposed to be a professor are supposed to be a role model. She supposed to be a voice of reason enough common sense of authority of self restraint of professionalism. But again all let that goal. This feminist studies. Professor. Confronts. -- -- short confronts the pro life demonstrators. She starts rallying other students from campus that come around you're. Saying they are not welcome here they shouldn't be here they don't know what they're talking about and then they start yelling and screaming -- Take down the sites. Take down the Sonics. And when they wouldn't take down their signs suddenly now it's getting very. Confrontational. This black studies professor this feminist studies professor this missile called professor -- real young. Miller young Miller young grabs three short signed rips it out of our pants. And starts walking away with it. -- short and her sister. Pursue. Livni because probably me you know be be respectful so call professor. Miller young. They now passed to build X. Three in short keeps saying I want my sign back you don't have the right to take it give me my signed back. Now professor young Miller young goes into the elevator on the building that she's end. And three short blocks the elevator door from from closing and says give me back my sign. To which -- then all this by the way has been videotaped by her sister all on herself fall. Which is now gone to the police so they have full video and audio everything that took place. Professor Miller younger. Then starts shoving throwing short. She starts pushing her and pushing her and pushing her. The other students around professor Miller young -- -- Nazi supporters the brown shirts the famine is brown shirts. -- and come in and start yanking on three short trying to pour out of the elevator. As three in short says give me back my sign apparently than professor Miller young then began scratching her wrists and scratching our arts. Campus police arrived. They basically broke it up and the professor went on upstairs. Charges have now been filed against a professor. She's now gotten a lawyer. And this who by this -- it to mean these are two heroes spring short and her sister Joan. Are saying they are deeply disturbed by what happened. They were just exercising their right to freedom of speech to freedom of expression. They're -- defend the pro life cause they believe it is the slavery of our time that genocide of our time. And now all of a sudden. They're not allowed to protest. In a free speech is only the I want you think of the irony of this it's a free speech zone but it's not for free speech if you happen to be a conservative. If you happen to be pro life. If you happen to be opposed to the radical liberal feminist socialist agenda. And suddenly no you don't have free speech rights. But let me be very clear about this. And there's no getting around us. This was assault. This professor should be fired. You wanna talk about intolerance. You wanna talk about again the gay -- apple. You wanna talk about the feminist -- You wanna talk about the liberal Gestapo. This -- zipped. Are you gonna tell me now with a straight face. That's suddenly now we're gonna allow these thuggish tactics to take place. Where a so called professor. Who were supposed to be a model. Over the reason the debate. Of academic and intellectual freedom. I mean isn't that what university supposed to be about. Where every point of view gets debated and discussed in a rational. Peaceful civil forum. And now all of a sudden you unleash these thugs. To drive these girls out these protesters out because you don't like what they have to say. Three short is a hero. And just like the abolitionist were persecuted for their views. And just like those who opposed Hitler's Germany were persecuted for their views. She is a hero today. Because she's completely right abortion is mass murder. But even if you disagree -- action. She it's a woman's right to choose fine you say -- for choice. You say -- for freedom. What about her freedom to voice her point of view. What about her choice to put up a -- what about her choice the past so pamphlets. We no longer have the First Amendment in this country. We no longer have freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Freedom of religion. Is it because she's a Christian. Is it because she goes to a Catholic liberal arts college. -- now all of a sudden for her to speak out on her beliefs is suddenly very bought ten. In the united socialist states of America the US -- Three in short and her sister. Should file charges. And should throw the book. They're planning on do they should file charges for assault. By this professor. She had no business doing what they did she should lose her job. For assaulting a student I was a professor I never never would have assaulted and a student I never -- -- ripped the sign out of their hands. I never what do pushed distorted nevermind -- -- it. And I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts you heard it here first. Because a she's a woman to be she's a feminist and see because she's black. They're gonna do nothing to her absolutely nothing to her. But if the shoes were reversed. If it was a conservative professor if it was Jeff corner. We saw a pro choice demonstration on campus. And ripped the sign out of their pants. And pushed the a couple of feminists out the elevator and scratching them up. Not only would I be out of a job. Not only what I be facing a civil lawsuit. Could be looking at jail time. So you tell me. Here is the tale of two Americans. It's time. That the liberal fascists in this country learned their lesson you wanna go step. You wanna be a brochure to go to Germany. -- Russia. You have no place in the United States of America 6172666868. Is the number. Here is the -- short yesterday on Megyn Kelly. Saying they think they're gonna dissuade me from demonstrating. Them on on on all I -- continue to speak up roll it. -- -- -- thank you joining me now. Those two sisters sixteen year old from -- and 21 year old Joan. Great to see you both friend let me start -- you see you go on campus don't go to school they wanted to make your point your anti abortion point clear in a free speech his own. The professor comes over and what did she do. And she grabbed the sign with my friends Sarah and will -- at first started a group trying to make the students do it but they didn't want to. So she had to do it herself she grabbed the sign and she ran off with it with -- handed it to her students. Walked off with that on. And went into after a couple bill and she was going to our office in one of the real billions. It's always imagined that you know that's you videotaping her walking away with your property your sign and then you she tried to get an elevator with your sign. You weren't having I -- you put your foot in the elevator and that's when you say she assaulted you house up. -- act first she's just started by kicking my feet out of the elevator so -- could close and she can get away but I kept putting my foot back. And then she started getting more violent and start shouting me. And I'm and then by then when I stepped that's still kept locking the door from closing she cutting accident that elevator and hop. Grabbed me and pulled me away from the door so that the -- can get away. She says that she felt that. Yeah she was triggered by these images. And then her students were wanting her to take a sign away and that she had the moral right. To act in the week she did -- your thoughts on that for -- Content I mean we know when have the right to take from an office property like that I mean I'm sorry if these signs. Offended her in any way back after all she does teach. First show pointer students. So -- it's not really don't want to talk about offending. Images. He's an associate professor of feminist studies and she has a -- script called a taste for brown sugar black women sex work and pornography media. Examining on -- -- media and eminent Americans -- there isn't -- isn't there an eyebrow I'm Joseph. We -- ever did what we. So I should know that. So at all a sign of the dead fetus. That's insensitive on all why you don't -- she would abortionists. You wanna see the damage it does. It's it's it is murder but again let that go sit on have a moral right to be offended so you can take somebody signed. And then start pushing on the scratching. But this is the same one that shows pornography -- students in class so I can't be offended by your pornography. I can't be offended by your support of the mass murder of children wrong -- all I am I have to stand by and take it. But any free speech zone on a public campus and a public university. By the -- paid for by taxpayer dollars. This is a sixteen year old student this woman is at least twice her -- You can't debate -- -- wouldn't you have to resort thuggish tactics. Is not how pathetic and -- your position is. Three in short. You're a hero. And get used to being persecuted for your views because that's what liberals do. When they don't have the facts when they don't have logic on their side all they know how to do is smear smear smear. Backpack at -- attack. 6172666868. Is the number. Let me ask all of you this. Does a pro life demonstrator. How of their right to protest on republic university campus. And does a professor a feminist studies professor. Have the right to -- -- signed and then Porsche this student. Because this student wants her signed -- if this was your daughter. What would you do 6172666868. Is the number all of your call snacks. Before you lose that. Point six NW RJ no Michelle you're up next thanks for holding and welcome to the -- report. -- at my I'm Alan you know that your wolf it's slow and he thinks. We're trying to back to where he couldn't take it. Or. He kept putting the market as always at cal vote like one. In the he acts he actually went to their I'd -- what the fact that our own that he would -- -- -- it's you know an edit he added that he wouldn't be behind. And the that at -- it's incumbent Michael happened and -- out. Follow each and every had a meeting where we're at the people really aren't -- good night and leading the fight yeah. Going into this -- and graduated hit it near the teacher yesterday -- -- fact that you -- and tell me. He claimed in groups and the rapid pat friend that as well. And then you did your performance next week. And they -- motor department found out that he'd been in the groups that you turn to god at all and am. In the universe today. And -- is actually speaking to quote it would do you think you'd -- So that's a different yeah yeah and go get I didn't argue and battle out on the topic. Include. Any -- where. He's incredible. I'm me and Michelle isn't -- a dean isn't there somebody you can talk this. When we had to get a copy that and you're trying to him to graduate with a certain -- -- they're already on certain. You know I'm that you are taking this close out -- I've yet undergraduate -- articulate it well. But that's another issue. Millions of what you should attracted at university in Jerry are. Nothing. Incredible Martin yeah. Marty Meehan. While there there's your answer Michelle Pat -- your answer. I this is -- thank you for that call Michelle but this is incredible. Look I said look I taught at university. It is full of marxists. Is full these are totalitarian thugs. It ordered the totalitarian left and I'm telling you -- worst are the feminist -- radical feminists. They will stifle all debate you cannot question him it's like climate change -- its pseudo religion it's a cult. Eric Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Good morning jet. I think that there's -- -- and confusion here about who did what strategic I mean number one. If you grew up there and you can stay open but I think that's stealing and apparently that nobody can ever challenge. Somebody. And in Canada the protest you can go someplace and you can now. Apparent protest at the idea that we you know I thought we don't. They can -- you know counter. Protest at any time was nothing wrong or bad -- the part of the speech -- can say whatever you want but that doesn't mean you can't get challenged on it. Now we're not a person actually taking the -- away from the person. I would say about the bad stepping over. The line now at a point now you don't think so I would -- on the sarcastic. Don't get fired right now that with a lot of by that point. Should that all of the teacher and they didn't know all I call you want them all they see all -- are. Home in the first of Farrah look up okay hold on Eric -- number one. They were giving out pamphlets. And the students were actually having a rigorous debate for hours with other students. So I don't know where you get this notion that just because of a demonstration nobody can challenge you that's out of I don't believe that I've never said -- Which you cannot do this is what you liberals don't understand -- Is you cannot come in and this is a sixteen year old girl. Ripped the sign out of her hands. Because you don't like the sign and it. All and then walk away with it that's her signed. US a professor don't have a right to that sign that is her property that belongs. Yeah reactivating and walking into a building and colleagues -- already hurting and not -- and -- -- She doesn't write she has a right tour signed. And you give the sign back. For you to do that as a professor is a completely unprofessional that's number one and -- and number two frankly it's -- -- -- stolen. And then when she got for us I pulled -- well we'll get a chance easy but what she gets her signed back what you don't do it's sure not once not twice but three times and then scratch -- arrests. Now Eric this is very hard for you 1% to make it is crystal irresponsible ten. I don't really it really got -- written -- uncle had not because honestly because you left wingers have a hard time understanding freedom and freedom of speech. -- We've dealt with your kind before. You supported the Nazis. You're kind defended the Communists but I don't you don't like freedom of speech. But that girl has a right to express her opinion. And you is a professor. Do not have the right to develop a lynch mob around her. Yell out her shout her down steal her sign and then pusher and rougher erupt because she wants -- signed back. Go ahead -- you have a lot of work. I -- you look at that they didn't that yes she took the time that was the wrong part of it but the public should also are out and buyback should not getting her message at. At that point anybody that any kind of protest -- Up like that aren't that what you put that we're okay we're back to prove my point and you start and didn't keep that they are Japan put the that. The problem that. Yeah I do Russian side but you can still in -- and peaceful protest we get your information. That -- -- as she got -- it by following the. Should the language and not troll I love these let's look at this look at this so the sixteen year old student. She's still blame because the professor took her sign and she wants -- signed back. So you're saying hold on are you telling me then the professor was justified in pushing and shoving or scratching her. Navigator shot in Florida about big. It's. You know. Off yup that's right not all because the sixteen year old -- this student jumped on the professor took her head and smashed her head repeatedly on the pavement you liberals are incredible. Few liberals are incredible. So you're getting your head smashed on the pavement you don't have a right to defend yourself. But suddenly if you go after somebody to give me back -- signed all then it's open season. Let me ask you do you feel bad. -- that you you tool and your group may have gone too far as the professor alleges she says I was pregnant. I didn't wanna see these images of aborted fetuses and she felt that she's picking up for a group of students that didn't have to see this one going from class to class. No I don't I don't think -- on -- all -- this for me. Important to get pictures yes the pictures show what violence. After it happened but that what is still a tourist locations violence itself. And if we have to show what what is happening out there to solve it they won't. We have to go to. I agree with her. I mean I'm do you know how many do you how many protests there are every day on campus. It's during the Iraq War or during the war in Afghanistan. I was there during the war in Kosovo. They were pictures everywhere of dead bodies of dead civilians. Now I'm wrong wrong when they're protesting ward them all I try to offensive to see. A mangled bodies but suddenly you have -- antiabortion plaque -- signed. I was so traumatized -- had to rip this timeout I had to grab it I had to run with it. What she did. By taking her signed there's no question about it she ginger is violating her free speech rights. She Stoller property. This professor stole her pretty. And then when she wanted her property -- it's her sign. Up a professor sinus one else's signing. She then pushed her repeatedly it's all caught on camera. And she scratched her up. Now I want you to think about this. We're taught you what I see if I mean these are like this is a sixteen year her sister's 21 but this one than the one that the that the the one that chased after the professor throwing short. He sixteen years of AH. She's sixteen. She's forget she's the size of Britain and this professor is twice her rage. Are these the type of academics say this is the kind of professors mother were having on campus. This is how they resolve a debate through -- apple thuggish tactics ripping off people science and shoving and pushing and beating them up. We're scratching my. And one other point I just wanna throw this out. Because part of her shtick is she's a black studies professor she's an African American liberal liberal ultra liberal you concede that radical Thomas. But part of her -- is she studies pornography. And sex work. Why she is why she allowed to shall pornography to students. You wanna watch pornography don't get me wrong it's so like I say this government has no business in someone's bedroom or in your house. If you watch whatever you wanna watch. But -- taxpayer funded public university. Now you're allowed to -- pornography to students. So notice Vernon and Murphy. That's not offensive. To 1819 year old that's not offensive that's OK don't -- if somebody walked in and yanked out a video or bad disc that's CD. Rule. Pool I -- that professor of it going berserk I don't shoot touch my video don't you touch my -- Don't you touch my brown sugar. But if you take an abortion sign hey I found it offensive. 6172666868. Is the number. -- Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Hey yeah. You know. I'll tell you -- man. I just don't believe I'm losing all -- man and I don't believe. -- decent people can. Coexist. Where. And these nut job who concluded dude Eric this -- -- -- He doesn't believe a word he said. You know is lucky I don't know who we is because public approval only and walk up to him. And changed his belongings and then to actually walk away. And see if he can't walk and in my direction what is stop back in you know and I nobody definitely would -- -- Keep up all the illegal lighter and let me play a bit better than that and there's only one true difference between Communist and a liberal. And that's the AK 47 and hand. That's fit in if they could habit they would you know they try to act like they're role in -- gun net. -- -- -- Week they'd put it all and changes that they could and there intellectually dishonest in just. Just I just don't I don't know I don't know I don't know where it is possible that code that. Because. We're not even if we're not even fighting the green -- I mean what it means people -- goal. How can you can add another out of the big with a bit everything that comes out of him -- it lies in the straight -- -- I don't sly like a yeah -- clip and it broke. Body do you do you nailed it and thank you for that call and looks like I'll explain to what it's and I'll be candid with few issue we've sort of been telling my wife now. For about who it's been about two years truly been about two years and I'm saying mr. -- C as well. I'm starting to come to the conclusion it's a very and it's a very dangerous conclusion and I'm fighting I'm the one -- reached his conclusion. Because I know where this is gonna lead. But it's starting to become now we cannot peacefully coexist with them. It's not did we don't want to coexist with them is that they cannot peacefully coexist with the loss. And I'll tell you what the debate is it's very simple. You want understand conservatism in a nutshell. We want to be left along. -- Let us run our families. Let us run our businesses. Let us run our lives. Free from government harassment and intimidation. And they cannot stop but going after other people. We wanna be left alone they refuse and will not leave us alone. That's really that's what this isn't an actual. You have a right to your protest knock yourself -- They're handing out pamphlets there's not a problem to students are having a nice civil debate it's not a problem. But here comes the radical feminist yelling screaming shouting -- whipping up the other story it's now then to get him into which shut. Pared down the sign pared down the sign bring down the sign bring down the sign. And then now you got hysteria that's what the lives do and then she's got a grabbed the sign. Out of her hands. And run away with it by the -- just -- a professor. And then you want your signed back and then all of a sudden -- -- went after this I'm -- now you provoked at -- she has a right to start pushing you when -- you when scratching Q this is incredible. So I can't pick -- sites. Notice. That's not provocative I can't pick her pornography she -- show the porn I can't pick a porn. But one abortion sign and all of a sudden. All hell breaks loose. This -- by the way it was at the University of California at Santa Barbara. A lot of techsters are coming -- is making some really good points one of them is this. Care what if you're a smoker document obvious example is in -- in my points when the techsters points. You're a smoker and there's a protest on campus against smoking and they -- diseased lung X. And you -- home. Those are my lungs how dare you show those -- so disturbed might this give me your side not the sign out what would all the lives be -- On violation of freedom of speech that was a form of assault that was property you should throw the book Adam told them look at -- but -- land. One it's an abortion -- pro life sign showing a fetus a dead fetus. Online predicament but I didn't -- seemed to hurt me thinking me which. They're hypocrites. They're liars. And you know with the sad conclusion now. Many of them are totalitarian. Thugs 6172666868. Is the number. Mike Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Hey chip that all the budget debate App Store all this in the boat you know. I created -- she Europe save the maple tree. This subject matter and itself. Is Murdoch. Well you know right rated triple. In the suburb just -- of murder. Which -- unborn child. Ripped out of the -- in. The unbelievable. Tactics. So what's a couple of scratches and there are now assigned to these people if they're willing to crush go right. They're saying it's so light. To go into the body year old human being in general the in Florida. And different. Edit some of the more on the -- that the birth abortion. I know. I might hear your 110% right. Gear and that's what people don't wanna and look I don't I don't wanna -- honestly to me this is not even a debate about abortion. To meet should be something more basic. And I feel I'm the last to moderate left in this country. I honestly feel like that. All my argument is not forget -- you disagree with the pro life people fine. You're pro abortion rights it's a free country. But now you're gonna start assaulting demonstrators. You're gonna start ripping out signings. And when they want their signs -- again get a mob to defend you and then you're gonna start pushing and shoving and then you're gonna get the university to give you a lawyer. -- -- is incredible. The other thing by the way this is all getting images of how weird this is getting. There's a quote free speech is shown on campus is not a bit odd. Don't we have the First Amendment is -- everything's supposed to be there is an America supposed to be a giant free speech zone. So now they're what they're the marketing where you can have so called free speech where you can. Mark you're up next I'm just you know just taken out loud here mark you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Jeff Mario I'm good how are you mark. -- Republicans you know for governor -- Boca about a month ago. -- and mark Fisher you're okay how are you my friend fantastic that aspect it's. Listen mark now that I have you line I wanna get you on the show next week so don't get off -- when you when you warmer down with her call hang on. The job market I britney's gonna put you want to hold -- we're gonna book you to come on next week and we'll do a more wide ranging interview and maybe -- we take some calls from the listeners but go ahead shoot mark. Center at the bright -- write your story this morning not. It's a new language but it could be a Republican platform in the state. It simply states that every all the abortionist tragic. And certainly agree with that I'm almost humorous and it was well -- Our state leadership and party the book itself unless the other Republican candidate for governor at this you install from you know Jeff that language. That was what was viewed by Hillary Clinton a few years -- so while what are we doing where much of Hillary but that it just bizarre just bizarre. John very very very good point mark and I'm mark hang on hang on and in Britain evil will will get your book for next week. Ali keep your what do liberals keep saying gear their teacher their words not mine. Abortion should be rare. Safe. But illegals. Well why should it be rare. If he shares taking out an appendix. -- why should be where I don't think taking on appendix a should be rare few got a problem with her appendix -- -- mixed. So now you're telling me essentially we can't even protest against abortion now. That's now I guess what that's incredible generosity gonna get the roughed up like the old brown shirts and Nazi Germany. 6172666868. Is the number listen let me tell the lives this. Rough me up and I'm a big boy. Leave the sixteen year old small three short that little sixteen year old girl leave her alone pick on somebody or -- okay. 751 on WRK oh let me ask all of you this. Should the professor have ripped off -- sign. And do you think three in short the girl was in the wrong to follow her Oscar for her sign back. And let me throw a second question out. Why is this teacher showing pornography to students. I mean it's a taxpayer university forgot six. Call me crazy 6172666868. Is the number all of your calls next.