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Chump Line Thursday March 13, 2014 - DB Cooper

Mar 13, 2014|

Our favorite chump line message today was the thought that maybe Malaysia Flight 370 was taken by legendary hijacker D.B. Cooper.

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The -- line is sponsored by the plans insurance home auto business and life plans insurance shop so you say you act compliant -- dot com. Believe that one overrated guys that step forward. -- -- -- -- -- -- Got -- -- -- who stole all the gold coins at that couple in California that's got to remember you here -- the hijacker -- found was you know it's like some of that money member DB -- most famous hijacker in US district chorus. Theoretically successfully he was never seen nor the money was never seen so we -- dead. But we don't know -- -- -- to change it get ready hey you know what -- I -- -- -- is as an investigator on the hot new show America declassified on the Travel Channel. They did an entire episode on DDB. Cooper. Fabulous. I don't believe me. It is on the -- in an airplane. No mental -- stop -- -- good news. I am so not lapping at. I futures and Chris office chair again dirt on the last congress got a good belly out laughed and bust up the -- I heard a loud thrash out like playing grading and Chris crashing to the flaw. Busted up the chance thanks a regular backup market now happens you know you're -- -- -- and that diapers. And nothing to do -- how moon averages everything to do with the ball the chair. That's what I. One word and so that there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lou I think that's the first time ever sandy you've heard -- call my accent delicious -- you agree and mark common. Okay. -- -- I -- I didn't ever get back. -- I need to leave them high -- -- a little more. Like hello cannot now. Think he's seen you -- would have. Act terminology. -- is does. The shelves after he bought it again. -- it's great to cold but I selloff. I do still wanna do that there -- to deal with the idea people -- those policies and you know that's involved. Hot. An issue and made good you think oh cool way. The end of living down that this Bill Clinton was chest -- him. Did you expect him knew. I didn't. -- -- wonder who really can't that we today. -- -- Keep from Chelsea. It was not. -- -- him to be the last person making fun when -- very. That's why it was him right. Now and I remain living in a log cabin. And and a tin foil messages in his mother's basement making fun me. -- -- And -- the I cigar that's what it's like it's like in sea island this entire. Story. By. ABC news is reporting. Officials say they could have what could possibly be Miki. Debris. And breaking even say. But right now there is a -- search that's eyeing the Indian Ocean because the queen keeps pay. Any. -- keep speaking. Does that mean it's still afloat I have no idea and I really don't think anyone else does either. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- objectively. You know who are rich people. Now that was a good Archie Bunker was that not. Of course as I would pronounce that act she found -- -- I'm concerned that kind of let it -- that Republicans again I think though that it. -- so bad at the right one right. -- -- We can't help -- call him tingles. Because that is one of those lines that you will never live down. And what it. -- -- That -- a nation turns its lonely eyes to you but OK again. If anyone was gonna. Correct grammar of that pros they would do you remember that's from mrs. Robinson were our where have you gone Joseph DiMaggio a nation turns its lonely eyes to you. -- nation turns its lonely eyes to you -- could you. Who who teach you. We reported Huffington now bit of course focusing issue wondering isn't sunnier climes. I'm I'm not gonna bring up his black token I think that's been rectified. We do know however. That is hard at work and it plays way don't wake up at nineteen degrees and go to bed it is sixty degrees. Which is what happened today that I. What you invasion back country. -- -- you know say they have turned line in the stand right now don't you'd hair move another muscle potent. And you don't think -- nervous about that -- -- don't you dare we give you until my name's. John Kerry says. -- not going to Crimea OK I can you please. Napster. Users. Could mean to. It reminds you of like by. Big heavyweight by the police are -- expletive. To fight it. I'm not a boxing. But that -- laughing each other's faces. And that's how I picture oh okay I okay John -- out right Monday deadline. -- Is there a member of congress that does present here -- definitely. Because it's typical us. I'm hot -- Hank Chris Johnson & Johnson got there -- there equivalent and match and haven't. I love it what do we got a great way. It's -- -- Jackson Lee is confusing the adoption of the constitution -- gave the island of blond tipped over makes as much sense 603 said. My my fear is that. The whole art when you lose. Become so. -- overly populated that it will took over and -- kept sides. We don't anticipate that -- And blog population I think currently about 175000. And again within -- Pretty though what I've heard duck it probably 5000. -- And I laugh every time because I don't know what is funny here. Is it Hank Johnson's remark said with a completely straight face in in all seriousness. Or. The military. Response. Steadfast. Stall war didn't flinch what is funny dignified trying to -- -- dignity to this absurd situation. This violence and with a beautifully. That is a beautiful phrase. Parent I would hate -- say and what my surprise I was caught our non but it didn't do hill. I had let's say as because we need six this is not -- if you want to complain about my accent. In mid west and yet on yesterday was from Iowa he was looking in I am I -- on -- basically. High fiber line to the stations he was out there we were here. And you know he did certain things yesterday that we would not only do one of which was pretend that. Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood -- died in 1966. Was still alive and he had an actress who pretended to be Margaret Sanger and he conducted an interview. And the actress gave the answers as mr. days thought that. Margaret singer way herself. And that's still the red sea -- while they were basically taken from interviews that she had given and and so that's what it was but no he did not start didn't start the segment by saying. We've done a reenactment of Margaret I'm an interview with Margaret Sanger doses of fake dollar estimate he president like Margaret Sanger was alive and -- was -- interview. And that really caused given Margaret Sanger is positions on eugenics. That cause you're -- -- day I consternation. To how -- and too many other people and so. It was not a real interview it was a produce peace it was a fake peace read into it it was an out of Iowa. It will air again on the station boards and McNamee podcasts just so you know I'm I'm pretty sure. We won't have a re occurrence of I was very good explanation was sandy. You're either explain it after how many crazy phone it's kind of preferred two days now. Literacy and you do have a taxing job not only have to put up with me and how we. But and you forget Chris he's a pain in the ass. Now no reason and yeah me Ameren all the time that talkative guy never have that's up -- he said. Never lets up back I. I'll take it I guess. -- Rings. I didn't people. And. Yup. That's I was I didn't get it. You've basically -- he's Chris Matthews saying we of the Democratic Party on it was a tape riff on that remember that guy you've got on maintenance of the Britney Spears allure. On the mountains gives -- Chris Matthews saying the Democratic Party on C I would have gotten it if he had some tingling. I'm being don't you get -- take all and. I would have gotten -- -- you know. The feeling most people get when they are Barack Obama's speech might I felt this thrill going up my -- I well I don't have that too often steady. No seriously it's a dramatic event. That was it appears -- seriously thank you -- calling -- art you shout. Officer -- said Sheila Jackson Lee still things that Neil Armstrong planted the American flag on Mars dramatic that. They was showing her the Mars rover -- she asked NASA. I -- it shows that flat with click. And man congresswoman. -- B Morris our -- is here that would be the moon. Crazy son elephant jump in sponsored our complete insurance. Home business and life to plans insurance shops that you say the complaint -- dot com. -- believe that one overrated guys what they've beaten Cooper. -- --