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Obama care Diversions

Mar 11, 2014|

The Democratic Party is hoping to minimize the importance of Obamacare as a political issue for the midterm elections by refocusing everyone's attention on other issues. The White House obviously understands that and has extended the "keep your plan" fix until 2016 for Americans who have coverage that doesn't meet Obamacare's minimum standards. Guest hosts Hillary Chabot and Jaclyn Cashman were not diverted.

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It she wanna talk about this Zach Galifianakis thing I would love to talk about -- and this is -- most recent Obama care advertising. Program that gave suddenly there in cahoots. With Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis is great comedians I like them eleven. When your guys actually great website Will Ferrell assertive. And really made a great place to go for referred comedy humour in everything. -- basically given Obama does free -- To make an -- -- -- care on the other hand you know they're making fun of them and it's actually pretty funny. So I don't know what your thoughts are and that's. Well here's a guy that was the rock star right he was elected as this cool slick could. Bon Jovi guy that's gonna con man and save yeah I mean I just get a sense of like rock star went -- BO. And all these young people on college campuses across the country went out and they voted for him I had there's -- what they're voting for that they were voting for change change that you can believe and -- and freedom yeah and so here's a guy that was able to really around and go after younger -- which was that's great and -- goes ahead and he goes after -- lot -- he wants to punch. And we have obamacare now but the most important part of obamacare of course getting young people to sign on to the plant so now the people that voted for and all these young people to think he's so hip and cool. Whether -- not listening to and they're not signing up for Obama care and so now he's forced to go on knees. These comedic show is on in some ways I think make an idiot out of themselves. It seems like he's more willing to speak to comedians and he is willing to speak to real journalists I mean he is and more interviews in the last two years. With guys like Jay Leno and David Letterman and other late night talk show daily show yeah exactly that he is willing to actually sit down. We did serious journalists. And so what do you say or what's the question for you guys guesses. Is this proof that he's just basically not not winning out there with Obama care that the kids who he supposed to be winning over. For some reason are fighting an idea honestly. The -- cannot keep fighting is because guess what they -- date they're not they're healthy for the most part right now have to worry about the stuff. They. I don't really stemming yet there could be some sort of freak accident shore but for the most part kids don't think about -- And so the whole idea that this was predicated on people signing up. Seems slide from the -- down to me six -- 8774694322. We wanna hear from you. Is Obama looking -- foolish by eight going on we've does act -- -- onto that. A Connie sad to say it at the very least it's sort of funny and he's making -- items. Up a little bit yes funny he actually has good comedic humor I will definitely different not but the problem is when you have to spend so much time going to these comedians for help. And you are relying on what's supposed to be your base rate and they're not signing up for what your selling. You have a problem on your hands so is this the right avenue sure are you going after young people. Absolutely but it's not working and the study that we had yesterday here on the Howie -- show. With major consulting firm McKinsey and they came out -- a dozen people are signing up for obamacare in the main reason is because they think it isn't affordable. And another part within this interview with -- he makes a comments and lessen the cost of health care coverage is seen as your cellphone bill. So those hundred bucks still health care plan that's a hundred dollars because. You know what I haven't seen one and in fact Ali have seen as a fact that people are dealing with at least a 100 dollar increase per month. And not a 100 dollar bills for that for their health care costs. I think Kerry Reid would tell you -- cannot wrap I know he -- 617 says why should they sign up when they can stay on mom and dad still to 26 for free absolutely. 877469432. -- you to listen to that back and forth between Obama and don't packets again. So that he web sites that are dot coms dot nets are used mainly to stick with dot it's. North that we. Go to about -- have you heard of health care about -- OK let's get the settlement which come here before. Well first of all other experts say that I wouldn't be with -- yours today if I didn't have something report. Have you heard of the Affordable Care Act -- we have heard about that that's the thing that doesn't work what god created as soon. To make your web site -- dot -- works great. And millions of Americans -- gotten. Health. In -- -- stuck there ever second please. You're millions of Americans have gone on and they've signed up they just re enrolled they weren't right they -- have coverage before that the four point whatever we're talking about here here's a thing so -- is what in 3.3 million Americans that have allegedly signed up for obamacare. Of that 500000. Didn't have covered -- -- that is the only amount Hoover knew we sat right so when you talk about these millions of people. Let's get serious let's tell the truth and when you keep on telling these lies or not the whole truth. Then it's hard for people to believe in what you're saying it hasn't millions of Americans mr. Obama that's not what's happened it's been 500000. Americans didn't have coverage before so -- hundreds of thousands be honest tell the truth then maybe we might sign up for your planet we think you're not lying to step up. You're on -- finishes out yeah idea sorry. We get affordable health care most young Americans right now they're not cover. And the truth is that they can get coverage all for. What it cost to. Pager cellphone is what they mean by drones social point is that a lot of young people they think they're invincible. Did you say in this is apparently because. No I don't think it's -- and I didn't invincible. And it will be meeting debate I don't think they can get her up just like that nobody -- -- sentences I understand. If they get that health insurance they can really make a big difference they've got till march 31 to sign up I don't have a computer so this woman you can call 1800. 3182596. I do I stop -- -- out there hasn't got another issue is that the phone actually just ends up -- direct you to the computer somehow at this point well the thing is when you all they use the murder they're using the computer just telling you that. If you can't get online and the website is crashing and it's refreshing and it says you need to hold for 25 minutes. If you go ahead and call that number that he just gains. That person on the other end of the line is looking at the same computer screening you're looking I would guess that just got on the phone Jacqueline gas -- we have Anthony on -- Anthony this is how it our show. -- looks like we lost Anthony but we do OK Anthony. Hey I -- Anthony. -- just -- -- -- program that we know that I asked. I was -- thirteen 89 a month. As of last month I read all has gone up at 19129. Goals same player. Man almost 500 -- -- and it spring and -- to see it as I cute spam -- money. So what say when you have people like Harry Reid senator Harry Reid that claimed it stories like that are all lies that they are not accurate you're not telling the truth. How frustrating is that for you as somebody that's getting these letters -- that has proof that less and less Harry Reid wants to come and pay your bill he really shouldn't be saying things like bat. Well one of like the seven Harry I really can't stay on the air. Well I appreciate you holding back and what doesn't this -- sketch comedy does that help does this and make you -- is gonna bring on new young people evening. Now -- the management of the presidency. I you can IQ as six and an allotment which I'm Eric Elkhart that I am about that -- Did -- -- -- card that they used all of president. Well or opposite. Can't make it quote joke out of the office it's an -- saying you know I don't blame quote -- don't because he can do it. All right Anthony 61 and -- 8774694322. Yeah I think that's what I mean certainly that's where you are going Jackman in terms of this sketches like this while you know every last field haven't joking and note that the president can take a joke it is on expanse. That makes him look big sometimes people feel basically diminishes. I think this might help his cool factor amongst the young people I don't think this is funny but I don't think it's actually going to be. Actionable and that's all that really matters it doesn't matter if it's well received all that really matters of people. Watch this online which it is it's an on -- show ends and they open up and other browser and they go to helped your dock up I don't think that's happening I'm sorry I think that he needs to. Going at a mock -- also it's different thing going on. 1 of these Comedy Central shows that are at least you know Don Stewart where. He sort of makes a mockery of the the news at the day but he also actually end of the ends -- handing out some sort of tough quest exactly where this mean. You know -- one point needed joke about North Korea and sending Dennis Rodman -- an aide to the president. That is really disrespectful to make that kind of a joke and the fact that Obama is willing to allow somebody disrespect him -- those sort of jokes it shows you how much trouble he's an and I wonder if -- things the same thing you're on how the car -- Sale ladies you're gonna get great yeah. Yeah I just wanted to point out that that that's kept some of them are funny enough although others are very pathetic. That it be aware of factors not the issue with the bad conduct these kids don't wanna give up. -- of herself on the other night at the bar -- -- -- -- in the pants are not gonna do it as a bad product. They can afford it. Yeah I hear you I hear alien meaning it definitely seems as though YA bother for the most part because guess what. Till the 26 they can stand with their parents and the and as you point out once they serve to get on their own. And they have making meeting needs some new money of their own or whatever they're not gonna wanna spend and on health care. And that only about that the reporters besides the comedian as a reporter the maddening if that's what bush and I know. I don't know how is -- -- compared -- -- but -- at this -- there's the question would be what about the organ web site what about the Maryland web site -- -- -- bad -- that -- Hongkong. And now -- out of school had hipster Obama. Nobody cares about what happened to the monies are that corrupt contractors. Me I think that's the exact point is that here cool -- Obama if he's so hip and cool -- watching any -- -- -- young voters decide on the planet why -- something don't know about it is apparently Smart enough to noble why would they spend the money to pay for obamacare as you point out when they can pay for a night out go to a concert get a cool -- cool pair of Nike -- -- what patio. They're not going to that's stupid you know everybody wants to have insurance but they want to have other things also. It's sympathetic but he just doesn't get pressed on the his real important issue that it's it's now happening. All right thank you Lee Eliot -- you are on with the Hillary should -- -- -- Cashman the Boston Herald on the Howie Carr show. So. Are they just want to say that my daughter was so expect and it is expecting a baby you know. Present works its a local what fortunate -- and she went to to an appointment and she wasn't covered -- and government insurance so long. And an effective check on it because of the affordably. Before Iraq it's been insurance have been renewed -- it's a great name operated sentence. So that's just that's I think that's just another way it is stick around some of the stops plans. Here's a question CEO Larry and it took you contact your local representative. And held on these stories -- -- a -- -- but I mean that's always an avenue to take because the more letters and the more phone calls. That local lawmakers received they can't just hide behind this stuff anymore. I mean that. I guess that's an option but I mean that -- I don't have a lot of enthusiasm that has been anything and we're actually get. I don't get -- -- that frustration for a lot of people I mean you know its annual talk about today is the fact that a lot of lawmakers Democrats that are up for reelection this fall. They they can't hide from Obama that may. They don't want to address our -- care. So what they're doing insist they're trying to find other issues to get impassioned about be it minimum wage or climate control so I will get to some of those Elliott thinks your call. Marty here on the Howie -- show with Hillary should vote in Jacqueline Cashman. Definitely put -- review. There's a news flash for the president. So honestly to graduate because -- bachelor's degree last night. She watches -- and works in the kitchen because China all of our underpinning draw the real corny doesn't have a experience. -- is not being at school loans used to urban commuter gaining interest. Right now we depending I was -- an art for financial support for rent because he doesn't make enough money to pay is all -- Which he -- There's a real news for you get kids that are unemployed or underemployed because it cannot find work we can't -- -- won't -- -- sign -- for health care what what. She's about as a political as a -- and even he understands that and articulated it to me. Is -- words that you know I don't buy health insurance among -- on 26 so what -- -- -- for me. -- -- don't buy health insurance but I can't afford to -- all have a job that pays a living wage. Pat was no money and I can't pay my cultural soul what do why am -- buying -- the -- Daria I think guy Harry Reid would tell you that this is another another -- on Laura's story. That folks that are feeding everybody out there course Harry Reid famously said these -- lies all these horror stories. Harry Reid couldn't rub two -- -- dove. -- Thank you Marty 97 -- -- joke about something that is funny AC eight is not funny I don't think a lot of people are laughing. When it comes to the Affordable Care Act so I just I just Google down. Recent college graduates employment and it's 11. Story here from the Atlantic claims it as much as 53% of recent college graduates -- job yes. And I think he brings up a really good point with that. You want these young people that you have not created an economy that's strong work people are able to go out take their four years of education that they got at the university your college -- get get himself a decent job. OK so they don't have a job to get you want them to get health care coverage when they can stay on their parent I think that's a great point I would love to hear from more people out there gaffe that maybe has. And children that have to remain on their on their plan because they don't have a job because they can't get a job that makes it to a decent living. John you're on the Howie Carr show the -- and Cashman and Hillary should go from Boston Herald. -- -- -- -- -- well -- -- say when it. Listen to the intro to the show today and I heard that little bit -- -- -- and how do they ever let Obama get any worse so it will let you know. Being so disrespectful. And at the same time I was cheering because I know there's. So many people out there would who would love to say the same thing the president. So after knowing it's let's get. It is funny because the comedians Obama not funny right so it's so close the hole I think it's a total backfire. I sort of says exactly whatever he's feeling which is why would I used it. Why would -- use the web site that doesn't even work. -- -- you have the sound byte that just that beginning. At this time against it an excuse to feel the same way. And invented that same way and think -- And they'll sort of -- -- I'd do it although I don't want considerable sense strand maybe because I will be embarrassment might test you know chastise me for. Speaking again. RE. IB -- I think you good point up here and that it's like. I would argue that the younger generation. On doesn't have the same respect for elders and I think the news media could argue as a whole doesn't the same respect for the president the way the president used to have a certain amount of respect. I think when he goes on a show like this and allows a comedian to make fun of him and be disrespectful to him that only furthers his credibility I think I don't know that line I mean I think it's an -- able to make fun of themselves they actually gain a lot of credibility -- -- sometimes respect when their. You know not get -- to -- so important that they can't laugh at themselves but I do see where you're coming from act on any exposed. It seems as though somehow he's knocking the entire office and the system by by sort of allowing -- to go on. Some people could -- yeah I mean listen I get it that this is an outlet where a lot of young kids go to find humor and it's on a website so again you could easily. You know click from that one website go to other browser and get yourself on healthcare dot gov I Anderson yeah -- happening it's not that I just think theoretically obviously that's the reason why -- his aides let him go on the shell. But I don't think that this is so wade ultimately get changed this isn't gonna be either not with a lot of action for us. You know they probably could do research to see how many people -- wonder there's that actually -- link on. This interview to help your -- government check this out right now I can't that's a good cop because if that's the case with Google analytics you could figure out how many people went -- -- its web site over to health care dot gov and see how effective -- -- and that's a question I was in the white house press corps. That's a question and I'd be -- Just think Cashman at march 31 as the deadline yes that's crazy soon -- you know you are on Howie Carr showing Hillary should go in Japanese Cashman. -- -- -- -- -- And at all I'm addicted like we should all be asking why do we want any politician letting any thing. I could get -- the idea medical savings account explicit for the uninsured and even better. Our medical savings account the problem is you know I expect all this garbage picked up the Democrats and Barack Obama but the sad thing is where the Republican John -- fighting all this for sharp. Right well you know you a great point veto on this my favorite moment. During this whole crisis basically when the when the president came out and held a very long press conference. About the broken website you went on and on and on about how. The he'd normally is very competent in terms of building website -- you win on any boasted about his campaign website -- about how great that was right. And basically we made the point that everybody's been saying witches when your private sector when -- hi Eric company from the private sector to make you so. Everything's nine -- you. Get the government involved in a website everything goes to -- And guess what that means for health care right and it's the same exact thing it's like when you got the private sector involving health care. Things are for the most part okay once the government involved. Things are not quite on the up Hillary and -- -- made the point about the the president some reelection campaign because one -- that key ingredients -- feel that helped him beat out Mitt Romney was the fact that he was so great with social media that his his team and their waited they -- out reached via the web and through different electronic devices was -- superior after Mitt Romney so we just let private private. -- private sector around these things -- out -- and why -- we had eighteen why -- that same tech team get involved with obamacare is my question -- in the -- -- number of what -- What's the government gets involved these web site everything goes to. -- yeah I mean I think the biggest winner -- all -- is -- Funny or Die dot com I think that I agree amount of hits that this website is going to get is going to be far superior to a number of -- that health -- dot gov is going to get as a result of this I I did go to the website. There is a very. Bakery. Small linked to health care dot gov I mean I would say it's probably. Attend in terms of font appease the so it's not very big okay. -- Cashman doing some reporting well I did spy do I would love I would love for. A member of the white house press court asked the question he listen can you get the Google analytics from Funny or Die and find out how many people went over to. To our website tell -- aka. Us 18774694322. We get James. Here on the -- car show with Hillary and -- -- Yeah all the question now what I'm seeing and it's being dead everybody did their health care coverage. I'll do whatever they -- and they're actually now paying double. Yeah I'm not -- hearing a lot of stories that where that's happening -- That Putin that we -- Eric Cantor had its parent. And now paying -- which -- told -- not not. Plus they're cool people there has what it is it growing into assurance of 500000 in Latvia. Yeah -- for. Instance neither team concerns companies are did not hold on some money. -- marked in areas are you look -- it fourteen years past there. Fourteen years all these Americans and dealt what was your people and put. He's serious company so yeah it's like you're making these are companies really powerful and -- understand how that's supposed to help everybody out. Simply assert insurance companies that -- not -- -- My battle that's something I don't honestly announcing that. Yes great point James that I mean the idea here was supposed to be that. Big insurance rate big big. Insurance companies where the bad guys to some extent and all these people who. Were. Uninsured were basically people with preexisting conditions weren't allowed to be covered because these big time insurance companies weren't allowing them. And they were left in the cold in Saudi -- -- evidence seems as though this is simply just giving them more money. Exactly -- -- at Saint Louis we've talked about the force a fact that original the president said there's fifty million people that don't have health care coverage in this country and the vast majority of those the reason being is because -- preexisting conditions and they've been denied coverage known known now are finding out it's like a few 100000. And how your numbers be that off. -- that's. That's -- that's unfortunate and it definitely say. Are right well I am Hillary should go here we Japanese -- we're both Boston Herald of the Boston Herald the filling in for how -- cards -- our show. Welcome back this is how we card show 1877469432. Q I -- Hillary's about political reporter with the Boston Herald. Joined with by Jacqueline Cashman Boston Herald columnist. And course we are talking all things Obama care. Only the news folks -- followed up on Jacqueline sit in now need. A place down in Washington. Have a future -- is -- top reference rate now these Zach Galifianakis. Sketch comedy sketch with Obama is. Is bringing people to to -- You're exactly here's a thing as I was saying before during the last segment C -- if you have a website you can get Google analytics I'm sure that they have a more complex version of that for health -- dot gov. On the basically you can see. How people come to your site did -- Google it what did they Google did they come from another website what website was that. They can also -- how long somebody was on the site -- that they did they come -- and leave that's a bounce rate. Not that anybody needs to have a website less than right now on our current race I'm getting getting into the -- but anyways I bring it up though because -- He gave they just said -- Jay Carney during a news event said that basically the number one referral right now from web site is on this comedic website. That's great I don't know how many it -- yeah the number one referral that is it. A 100000 is it 25. Is no one really going to help -- dot gov so it's a lot that the number one but that doesn't really mean anything next. A little bit more information on I wonder that was pressed further. All right 1877469432. To lead us into a lot of your stories about. Just horror stories with Obama care and that Harry Reid according to this according to the senate leader he says. That's a light is there all meet -- so not we have a story right here pretty brutal. Obama care horror story. Also wanna hear you guys sound off in the -- -- by the way 617. 7793469. Are you contests textile assets 68680. So this this article it sadden. Headlines hey Harry Reid is his Baptist preacher a liar too. This pastor is hit by a truck. He's another obamacare victim. Matthew Morgan was crumpled on the pavement lying in a pool of blood. Bones had torn through his flash his left foot was nearly severed. As you lapsed in and out of consciousness a jarring thought crossed the Baptist Church the Baptist preachers mind he no longer had health insurance. That was when the first thoughts I had after I got hit just imagine you know things are about right you know you are messed your your body is any -- And you know I -- before you're not covered. -- told this. This columnist Todd. Forgive me star and I believe. In a telephone interview from his home in Indy Indian Nolan says Mississippi. Matthew is -- by vocational pastor he ministers to congregations and works fulltime job. At the Indy Enola -- house 27 year old is married and has four children. These oldest is five his youngest is one and on February 17 he became a victim of Obama care. So basically. What happened was obamacare went into play. The eight increase the rate of what his current. Of course this is what everybody's been telling us he's been calling it 18774694322. They jacked up his military couldn't afford to keep it. And he hasn't had time to re sign and under the Affordable Care Act any got to this horrific accident. So this columnists has this great damned great article live with basically an example of an obamacare nightmare. And he says. Basically as few a few weeks ago senate majority leader Harry Reid said there are no such stinks as obamacare horror stories playing a more important role. All true. Well let's still address has to say about this aggressor on the have a car -- Good afternoon Hillary and Jack -- first of all Harry Reid as a class was weasel. He looks like a -- I love I love they call les -- so it's no. Right on -- appropriate thing to. College man. You know the Obama presidency as a joke these -- great class clown. We need a leader not a class clown -- believe it was taken seriously by world leaders or farmers like a barking dogs and has no bite. And you know making false. Threatening statements. Is the Scion of a -- poorly there. If it's a -- using really should look up to Putin is that what you're implying you're saying he's a strong leader in December and he takes. Your actions the Russians should look up to him because he he is the leader took them there is no question about it. Where Barack Obama -- novel as a model leader he would -- he waits for others to make the movement and he. Well yeah I think I'd rather have the our president over the enemy and -- we do have the Fourth Amendment allegedly stone. If Putin was an American with American values. I would rather have him of the later. I get that but that's a lot of what that says -- an I mean. It has a lot of what it's OK there's that there's no question about that. But as I say he's a -- but later I may not agree with his leadership and what he's doing but there's no question that he is a leader okay. In Morocco bombers a follower disrupt remember Obama care was not led by hand it was led by the congress of the United States. Even though it has his name on that he was not the leader of obamacare. -- he would argue his name is -- in fact it's called the Affordable Care Act it's not called obamacare but -- -- they -- all -- racked up. That's the joke I know I'm just getting things for your caller rests -- you're on the Howie -- show with Jack and cash and Hillary should dial. Yeah yeah hit products so much of course they're already are and I retired military and when your retire your family. Get put on that -- political tri care. And now -- -- -- start graduated college at the age of 22 she gets dropped off try characters you're no longer -- dependent. But then the affordable care actually and and I said Jay that don't really talk much quite. That's pretty good idea that you can get back on my insurance so. When I try to get it back on the tri care what happened when they wrote the act was that it forgot about military dependence. More than it -- so. Know our military dependents so -- -- which Hornish extra get on to our. On jewel on the cures all my hold that we are all about it so there -- disputed what about the years. And it finally ready yet but one more he said that you have to read yes -- it is out. What can India actually need to pass it before before you read it apparently and then -- proven that. You get back to be forward you know what Bennett but. There are all these military candidate spending I spent twenty years then and I move my -- and we eleven time arm. They suffered trying to make new friends in -- and try and then all that support for six years. And so it was a real chicken shorts when I found out that. You know I couldn't get him on obamacare because -- -- words forgotten about mr. Obama. 18774694322. Want you to Colin with your Obama care horror story apparently. Where a got a lot of liars calling in today Jacqueline all liars and the -- Howie Carr had this great audience of really Smart intellectual ending. Listeners but it really are on -- they're all liars the Korean to how we how we Harry Harry Harry Reid thank you very in my role as fed -- -- -- -- True I I I also I hear more stories but also wanna get back to this interview. That he had done with them comedian -- kite is out -- -- -- and he's the star of hangover he's sort of like this donor awkward. Brother right yeah he's a guy yet he is a funny got ease -- link the are awkward care isn't in the shell. On to get your sentiment. Again here's a president Barack Obama he was a rock star he was the one that all the young people went out and voted for even updates it's it's like it's kind of like obamacare in that. People voted for the president but that it really rising like they're gonna get -- and I wouldn't Australia is reality -- yet they think they signed obamacare before knowing that they were getting themselves into so I guess there is some on some parallels there but we have a guide -- Really popular amongst young people you could argue that he is the most popular president among young people ever in terms of the rock star status that. That he's -- to galvanize. But he can't get them to get off their couches and stop eating baked potatoes and actually get health care coverage whose big picked it it's our -- a French Fries at a collier Rod Wheeler is about and Jacqueline Cashman how -- Zsa. Hey thanks particular call eight I guess the question would be is actually serious question that the leader of the free world. Choate on how -- TV yet -- it with -- and over. That that's not even without question this -- is sure. Utter just respect to the opposite of present day by doing this and virtually everything else you gently up the. Yeah I hear you comment on the other hand I mean don't you have more respect for somebody when they're able to make fun of themselves a little bit. Thanks for example when Mitt Romney like videos of Mitt Romney his son's -- him with an Arnold Schwarzenegger fake call. I always thought it was great he was able sort of laugh at himself and it made me think more of somebody when they show that they can take a joke at their on expanse. And that would be that would be one thing if you could contrast that choked against the they'll work requirement. Actually to bring you up it. I but what exactly is it that this guy is that it deserves. The -- respectively up. It is I did I look I just shake my head I'd I'd feel terrible for Fox News but I do I should adopted I just can't take it. -- 1877469. At 4322. Thanks for the call Paul. I am Hillary should vote you're -- Cashman has tally car show.