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Chump Line Tuesday March 11, 2014 - Bossy

Mar 11, 2014|

Our favorite chump line message today was a reference to the movement to remove the word bossy to empower women. Our caller thought our 2 female guest hosts were bossy.

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All right -- line is sponsored by -- insurance home auto business and life -- -- key insurance shop so you say Beckham's Lansky dot com. Democrat. It is the fight global warming in the -- -- the right. In the. Was carbon footprint down in Washington from the top of the night and it and I love it. It was -- and all of Sunday it was good to see how we that. I was there that we could peak right Pascal. We're worried and we would -- Excuse anywhere you Larry you -- -- support your body how Leon sun as well function my god ones that we have denied of a crime. Actors like five or six of them coming up this year and into anymore and I albeit all of them but this was -- Elvis was tonight crime and jacket looked very exciting I will say how he's wearing an herald today if you -- sneak UP. He's so freaking proud of that I love it. And it kept Hillary and -- the word you're looking forward to clean air there are no such word that killer. -- -- -- I Georgia Russia. And no I I -- edit or opt. But the techsters as well initiative. National honor guard job -- I know about this earlier. You know I've gotten this before I had. Sunny days in TV news wrote letters about the same thing I just just respect from my former president Ford George W. Bush that I like to say how he says that night and sickened with Jack. -- And that occurred that. Scariest words -- language. I'm from the government here to help you. That is frightening to think that the the government helps me so much lately haven't you -- Nana. -- and those columns that together you know my -- While they weren't they weren't senate dams and less and all there is there's the tweak. The rating each other's hair and sound. -- that's been fairly cancer I think she's you know stood up sides -- -- -- Susan -- That much and we'll -- Way to this is a lot of radio. -- -- -- Yet we do is sound -- were keeping -- -- we don't care beyoncé Jane Lynch Jennifer Garner when it taken away from -- Condoleezza Rice guess what. Girl scouts of America we're keeping it we like -- that being bossy we like to be field Howard right. Hilary. Are but I'm sick and -- and -- PSA it's -- actually Europe are in. We're -- all the little economy. Guys aren't always. That little -- think that you don't write that on the last days right. The economy -- -- report that we we got a hundred million people living actually. Quite a couple of. NATO they aren't right nice Dr. -- there are trying to re write the book there as well liken it looked -- mile Sarah Palin like he didn't he pack this weekend yell a lot more rhyming. Who -- and is it crawls. It could it's. He doesn't think Iran about anything else so why would it be Ryan managing any -- Dell is fine and Harry Reid is lying. And Harry Reid says the biggest problem of our time across the whole world is climate change. The climate change horrors Earl of falsifying. And. I think by accident I think could be summed up it's a little bit -- Doctor Who called in and bigger problem. Yeah but there and it's been heard from dum Diddy done didn't. Don't end there and done. I like that the -- -- yeah like they're loving the doctor says references -- you know again it's just funny that -- little buddy Ed Markey. Takes a page out of Ted cruises but when it comes to reading from doctor sit well -- I'd say in terms of about what goes next in the sentence Ted -- -- -- and then fill in the blank Ed Markey absolutely would not have been. The next -- name that I -- dot. Yeah I just called AT&T and -- -- ideas -- -- What I pay for the health care so monster. -- -- How it's just that but the on the care horror stories they need to stop the lies so it's not a hundred dollars a month and -- they just not their -- Now. The feeling that Howie -- listeners out there are Smart people that don't tell lies to tell the truth and when they say they're not -- is meant to Matt dramatically. Kind of -- them. -- I'm sure it's not terrorism it probably -- work place violence like Moses -- doubt about that. You know it's not terrorists you know I'd -- and really not a terrorist act in its. Now that only inflight although it is suddenly they've found some radar recently it is not in that but yes -- now. Just just a little workplace violence. -- -- -- -- -- Very nice. The NASCAR -- I think. But it's the fast in the clueless to MRI yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you don't think this -- our president a little more. We've got a lot of prudent supporters had them on how we are out of this is saying he's got you know what it caught us. To basically go ahead with things he's a leader he needs to -- -- Wake up Obama. I just wish that the closest thing to a leader -- the people wanna talk about is not the night would like to think that there are other wealthy and we'll take patriots ring and not. You know apologize for it. That was your last jump -- message thank you for calling out because you.