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Max Robins Monday March 10, 2013 - True Detectives and The Blacklist

Mar 10, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today included breakaway HBO hit True Detectives and ABC wonder The Blacklist.

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And we're going to be -- ancient. By a this is of forums television critic I'm very excited Max robins. -- their. I am indeed how you doing. I am very well so this is what happened to me last night. We of course per lowing somebody's HBO. Go. Website right. So we are watching on the computer for the finale of -- detective which we are entirely. You know crazy about and it's here. -- -- So this site is crashed it's totally down and we are flipping out and losing -- and we can't get it and -- like hitting refresh. And not being able to get onto the site it was at least like thirty minutes and we hadn't been able to watch it. So we actually broken down and purchased. Sixty dollars at the HBO. Her much so we can watch the finale. Maybe it was a conspiracy by. I'm not -- and we were like no we can't we can't wake up tomorrow and have everybody that watches and cost not watch it so we ordered the stupid thing. I didn't I didn't end up border for sixty bucks -- out. Type but I went through exactly that they've it was not pretty no no I was just I just thought I ended up going is we have full -- then -- woke -- And you watched it that -- know what 1:30 in the morning. So tell me what did you think history detective of course has Matthew McConaughey has. Woody Harrelson. Basically is an eight episode series one of trees active set Louisiana. How does that mean it's just sort of a time worn story out of buddy cop you know. Tale but on the other hand. -- & Associates. And their acting is so good yes and the cinematographer either direction is incredible. Like little satanism funky you know funky -- aren't in there. Oh yeah you -- ended the Vietnam that the director of the same director directed all these episodes. Thing looks. -- has gorgeous. It's it's really well acted and you know it's funny he kept me off Twitter last night. I can only imagine is -- you know I knew there'd be spoilers song but -- eight HBO I mean that's just released shows the popularity of this this show it. You know people can now that they follow me it GMA XRBI and -- -- Twitter go to Forbes and just type my name in the search box. You know I wrote about this you know the marketing of the show and and it -- thing. HBO when they want since they did not think it was going to be the kind of break out hit. I cannot believe it's it's true because really we got into it dancing midway through and damage has -- start watching it he got me hooked. But may end this really. Turned into a huge win for them so much so but it's like I don't even know if the finale could handle the expectation that ended up going along with a -- -- reading things. Into every single -- and done really going going far down the path of this mysticism and dad and sort of making all sorts of connections. Yeah I don't know if we normally do -- like a spoiler alert here but I mean in terms of the finale wonder what. -- -- I like the finale a lot and I in the wind I mean. I know that there are some people again I don't -- I don't want to ruin it for people planning to watch it tonight. You put. I think some people were thought that is taxes the year ending wasn't spectacular. Enough that it. But I thought it really brought this thing full circle. And that there was this kind of resolution of the growth of these two characters over and over trying to solve this crime over a period of time. Two issues and today I felt like -- and certain family member of his -- seemed to leave in a very strange place from my perspective and it seemed to be a lot of build up there. On -- don't -- -- way too much in LAM sort of their but I think you know I'm talking about. Yeah I do in the -- there's been there's also is is this in. There have been some critics say the show is like two male oriented. I ought to I talked to a friend of mine earlier today didn't. And she says to me that it. She goes -- the only difference between that normal cut -- that they talk lower. -- by that I I just was I would. Really into it from the beginning. I just thought -- just on the strength. The performances. Of McConaughey and Harrelson were just terrific I mean a lot of the tensions in on -- you McConaughey because. His character is. It's to be a more raft -- it out and then Maurer factory one basically gets to be a little bit crazier. And where is Woody Harrelson is the second banana but at the you're probably going there Max but I mean I thought he just had some agreed scenes Woody Harrelson I study did an amazing job. I didn't I need to I thought there would he was was. It was a really kind of understated. Mafia related performance and and the structure room where we we keep cutting back and forth between these guys -- young cops in the in Italy it's kind of -- out ups if you will. I thought there really gave both -- incredible opportunity to to have released. Give these wonderful nuanced performances but there's one other thing too I objection now. -- got these two -- start the success of the show. Then you're gonna see more of these limited run. Here I was gonna ask about maxis is Jacqueline Hillary should -- co host because. Why hasn't it like Matthew McConaughey Kate who's in his career is really sort of taken off some more so than ever taking on more dramatic roles and not just a rom -- is doing before. And normally he would never have time to go to the small screen and do and do a TV show but when you have these short run eight episodes. As opposed to a twenty episode full season it does allow these bigger names to come in and did you school productions -- you think it's a -- and indeed the way of the future potentially. I think this is going to be one more one more you know trick in the program respect tricks and I absolutely -- You saw this happen there was a series that was a co production. I mean if people have snapped like big time Netflix there was another limited run series that starred Elizabeth moss and. Our top of the late I just watched that those fabulous. It's incredible India limited run series great story you really. They had -- champion. -- Academy Award winning director Holly Hunter. Oh yeah I mean it was fantastic. And I think that you're gonna see that I mean week in and remember -- that HBO has done this in the past with those big kind of Tom Hanks. Stephen Spielberg produced ones you know. Those -- Maxwell we are are you going to get to questions deal looks like we're joined by. Chris. -- -- -- -- a question for -- Yeah back I was wondering and so I I don't own a TV at home I I watched I have ever watch a lot of television I watch children Netflix watch them on Hulu. -- -- but it is this section respecting -- the other goat there's no way it's it's the battle other people contract. There's no way for -- that HBO and are we willing to pay them to watch it you know I've I've never watch The Sopranos. Friends you know people's army need to watch the wire. And there's no way for them since there's no need to do. Take them to take you know and the -- and threw out for me to be a customer there's not owning a television music that's something that's that's. And that eventually they're gonna act test up to an end and make possible. Two big question is actually yum. The top executive Richard Butler it HBO address that just last week and said that. They are looking at depth we hear -- that they didn't want to leave any money on the you know on the table and that they were gonna. They were really looking to expand their of their HBO go service so. Chris people like you commonly called cord cutters or or -- cable members if you fail. What have the opportunity get HBO the other thing I would say you resist if you want to. Catch up on some of those great old. HBO series like the wire like this properly. They are available on dvd yen and really worth your while wonderful television. What about to simply going to iTunes and buying -- I'm -- and iTunes now when you get the wire you can download data onto your computer is that an option as well. It certainly is I'm glad you brought that up that's another way to do it is and and it. Not everything is available but a lot of those those great shows from HBO's past. Are available on iTunes it's another way in the end Amazon prime this well. Yes there's there's there's plenty of options to work around of course we don't endorses Howard and I talked about this all the time. But. You know there are those that there are those web sites where there are those web sites where you can where you can. We don't. Do some file sharing. All right Jim you are on with Max and Hillary on how like martian. I Hillary -- -- -- -- -- -- and feel as part of the national going to be redo -- next fall apart Wednesday nights at 10 o'clock and a -- speak well. I'm pretty sure natural get picked up there hasn't been an announcement yet but. HBO seems pretty and HBO did he seems pretty committed to that so. You know it and that's my real -- of network broadcasts that were so that's when I really into watching. Although I gotta say that. I wish special like that was on cable because. They kinda have swept from the from the pilot that kind of flatten it out and made -- A lot more kind of soapy that it was when it -- we want to but still a good show great look at that two great milieu that home actual country music -- Nice 18774694322. We got Alison Alison you are on ways Max and Hilary Knight Howie Carr shot. I think Mike. I'm -- Can you know when Peter -- is -- -- start -- and I can find online is that it. Coming it'll be back on it as a fourteen but I'd like to know -- They haven't said when I would just you know. Keep you I don't have a date for -- I can look into it but probably. It's just just spam why go to the network's site is side. And even they might even have a question -- -- right invaded they probably just haven't sat. The return date yet. -- Our rights and Jackman you want to dish about. Did you -- addition about so I -- seen two detectives but now -- -- that not -- the economy -- -- it even get any issue a lot to sell it and I have very different taste in TV we watch very different stuff than I'm amazed and he tells the name of a show on like that exists I never even heard that channel. And what are your life. I love revenge so I assume you probably weren't watching now last night no I would I I love the blacklist and this is Goodman right. I'll -- the black list for you wouldn't you would -- him. -- -- -- or -- or big blacklist fans about how I'm Max agrees with Hugh Jackman at the female lead -- -- -- -- -- she's so we and it's like it wasn't for James -- she'd be running around chasing your tail and never catching any of the criminals she's. She's not as strong female character in this as I understand the whole point desperate to kind of come in there and savor. But too much so how did she ever get to where she isn't that an opposition which he seems like she couldn't even run a mile without having a heart attack and -- -- over crying about it. -- have some lemonade. Any time for -- really down like opera and like I could kick your butt and I've never been there any training I am not at navy seal OK but I could kick you. Where it counts and it would be embarrassing for you Jane spader and I should joins forces. Next season on the blacklist he should be your dad Jacqueline -- -- -- -- -- why so we sevens have been 46943221. 877469. When it's agreed to detail techsters saying question. For -- it's called justice on TNT coming back next year. Yes it is. And some joke and I don't know if there are joking actually they said that -- want their ru Paul show was gonna be back. And they said they get that they get dancing my wife wants to know -- look at a way that way yet. The writing this is the running joke nice thing I've. A guy instead asked about it so that has -- primarily -- female appeal that they'll license. Is like to ask me to ask you about this late type movies. Yes rate that I would do askew though about because we were dishing on downton. In of course and it's over in everything -- -- been on that -- this season was terrible. And I don't write these really. -- are one of the view I get to the second episode I I had to stop watching you weren't the first to. The first two seasons I watched only two weeks I purposely waited until. The entire season is over to start watching it so that way I can watch it all at once that really like doing that. And I couldn't get the second episode of this I don't think this is good without that now that Matthew he's gone 802 says what was lady Mary doing on that plane. We should go to frank frank you thank you for calling Iran with Max and Hillary and I Carson. Yeah. It's actually a question I heard my apple has come militant TV series. There is one of their time agents to shield the target on ABC you know something different heard a rumor of something completely different come ago. I'll I'll pick it up -- wouldn't be. Surprised you know ever since arm. Disney bought. Marvel. They've got a lot of stuff in development and remember is he owns ABC that's legacy agency shield on ABC. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They may very well be you know and -- I gotta I gotta play off the top of my -- I haven't heard about it wouldn't surprise me if it's going out. Great thank you. All right thanks break out we're gonna grab -- quite gay earlier on with -- -- her show up. It just wondering what mountain and it's gonna come back on it it's gonna come back and. I'm I haven't heard of mountain ministry picked up yet but -- that's done that's undiscovered right. That's like there -- X-Men and a lot people oh yeah I know that hold an old roads. Fun out I detected protected discoveries that discovery web site and and don't know what's up. Max I question for you another show that I love this scandal on ABC they just returned last week. It's just too gory for me and it's not because I'm a girl's girl which I am but it is just sometimes it's really discussing like when. The -- one point eats eats her her beam in order Ted hot I was in an -- -- the new ways about it too it's a totally unnecessary. -- this massive gory scenes that they haven't that show I don't see that the value that is -- for the down. You know for the TV -- to do things like that. I think they've I think they want their reaction and I think well -- -- eat me if this is such a totally over the top show us. It's the wildest -- wild and I think you have to really watch that -- just for the fun of it and it is. Problem. I think it did you know it's so competitive out there that. These these I think the producers or writers of these shows. They'll just really push the envelopes -- to get noticed. To get there or whatever while at the -- anti riot if -- elicit some kind of emotional response in connection. Yeah I guess natural not my only guilty pleasure. Let's get this thing I've noticed Jacqueline every time you forgot the show settling Max starts laughing yeah. You know it's like but -- but I'm not apologetic about what I like instantly. Dislike. I might like to listen to them -- in public that with music too I'm a sucker for great pops I think that that's. Larry great elicited -- Q so much Max a course. I am Hillary should -- I am joined by Jack in Cashman both from the Boston Herald this is Harry Carson and.