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Max Robins Monday March 3, 2014 - The Oscars

Mar 3, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...included today were the live Oscar Broadcast last night and a number of series finales.

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At this time each. Monday we are joined by Max -- he is a veteran. Journalist is covered the TV industry for many many years and now you can freedom Forbes dot com. And you can follow him on Twitter and all of his columns Europe have or linked on this site Twitter feed. So just and follow him on Twitter and you'll find out where you can get columns were you concede the columns of the rights more than once a week. And he's here to answer all of your questions about TV 18774694322. Max thanks for being with us and -- how -- out overnight ratings for the Oscars. Overnights are pretty strong now I think it's gonna be bigger than last year and you know probably looking in the area of forty. At a course too heavily skewed heavily female. And the minister was long. Long it was long day's journey into awards. Swell I mean -- what. But at all was long isn't. It is always long I think to that there was a for some reason -- just being ticketed dragged out. You know I thought this. I don't know I think I thought it. After Amy Poehler you have they were so funny -- -- -- that they just sort of you know brought him over to do yeah Oscars. You know it was it was like in a way it was like the -- offensive. You know like oh wow moment Oscars. Ever perfect but it it it -- you know what you what you want those. You want too little for the simple you'll controversy went a little excitement was incredibly today. Well I thought the -- it wasn't the most controversial part when Matthew McConaughey Kate thank god. I said if only you think I'll live one would've liked Obama's standing over a. -- but I did I think I think -- I thought that he was. I don't know seem to be like you might have been hailed I don't know I'm not sure that that the. What -- this is like what I understand that all these left wing bloggers were treating him like he was you know -- herbal or something and I mean. You know about that -- about a minute after he mentioned god he was talking about his father in heaven drink and -- Miller Lite. I like -- it's not like you know he's you know. Coming down on anybody. Now I thought he was I thought he was charming and and and I thought it was -- heartfelt and this is the guy whose squad from being selective these states they're terrific actor he said this. Mean who's great and they'll spires club certainly deserve that award and you know he's wonderful and in true detective. HBO's series operates and it was. I don't know I don't know what everybody's pieces. This got beat somebody's gonna be upset about the. -- the is Covert affairs coming back from you know I think it is yet. Love black sales success is releasing the ball episodes at one time like house of cards -- going to start a trend will veterans already been in effect for awhile hasn't it. It has spinach in a trend in terms of the original series on Netflix. They do that with a warrant is the new black they do we have we we can ever. I think -- defense and from Bruce Springsteen's. He was in these soprano as people remember that. Yes it's it's -- Netflix thing what others do it. I think to conceal this experiment with that certainly is certainly worked for Netflix. Yeah it net Netflix is going great with there were with the with their. The original series right. Oh yeah they're they're they're they're doing incredibly well stock prices on. It means. Investors Wall Street -- although. I think that it there there you can say they've stepped down well world world world valued -- a very programs are. They just cut this deal with Comcast. Oh -- surprise surprise they do -- justice Comcast to strike by Time Warner Cable. But it's. Their their -- guys -- some work. -- anyone says I thought we got rid of piers Morgan now we saying he's gonna be sticking around to do big name interviews. Well the cover every night I think that he's got I think -- -- years ago parties steal -- September. I I don't know how long -- going to be around it's going to be really interest me. It also depends on the the judicial system and in the United Kingdom that it hasn't. And think -- is going to be where those over bristles pretty soon. -- you know I I never buy that the Pete Rose excuse you know I wrote an autobiography but you know that this is all wrong I didn't I didn't. I don't know where how this got into my autobiography. That's what he's saying basically I don't. I tapped phones I know how to hack phones just because I wrote that in my a memoirs. Or implode that doesn't mean -- -- I don't -- you might work for Pete Rose but it doesn't work for this. I wonder what are gonna do at 9 o'clock show at the real question. -- stick with Jay Leno -- I said last week. Yeah I I think there would be a terrific choice. I wonder too have been seen him do more live interviews I've wondered about Chris Cuomo that they might go that way try to go younger. I love justified on FX how -- the ratings. Ratings are very strong for justify it to reflection of that Chris Cuomo's first interview that at that the -- Kim is. All right why did you cheat on my brother but the with a polo player. Supposedly. But nobody was exactly. Erica. Lleyton. Is hell's kitchen coming back and win thank you hell's kitchen is coming back and AMC I don't nobody. Is Michael McConnell is Matthew McConaughey -- leaving true detective now that he won the -- won the Oscar. That way truth detector uses his protective structures it was always going to be this. Eight episodes one story in the on the gonna pick up a news story with new actors so its commitment was always just -- that. Stargate news. -- stargate used to report sorry. Those stargate opens some background for this is the third week -- vest that says 71 all in the all motor sport channel in the works. I haven't heard of that but I mean you could almost make. If you got a deep yard you could almost make your own motor sports channel between. What goes on you know like -- yes -- three years I would speed channel like that you could you try to put it together for the that's what you wanna watch this. Yeah it is our shows like voice in American Idol losing you worship it truly becoming old and I lost interest. We -- the voices still really strong. American Idol it's still a hit but probably hit half the audience that this -- Is is -- -- rove coming back on Netflix. Arm I believe it did. -- Robert your next with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead Robert. IMac I. I consider. Cosmos probably the most fantastic. Documentary I've ever seen in my life and I'm extremely. Excited. That didn't outpost based time securities Camilla obviously people hearing next week and a quarter back -- some comments on this -- -- this is just wonderful. We you know it's funny I was reading about it this week and it's it's not going to be a PBS's primary around -- spoken here Carl -- Gordon. You -- you can do him some ago it's going to be with Neil deGrasse Tyson who's the head of the astronomy. Astronomy department here at the natural history museum in York. He's incredibly entertaining and Smart and I I think that. National geo was really looking at this as a real signature showed that helped them break through and really compete with you know discovery Sweden networks. In the history what I think it's going to be great it's great franchise. And I think they got the right guys hosting. Yeah right yes I think it isn't just a wonderful tribute to the doctors take in an. And the whole group of people and abuse -- everything met regional -- marry who is so I want to few weeks ago. The hole thirteen part. In and so I just really excited about this I wish to best -- -- everybody involved as well and yet still holds up -- Thanks for the call Robert Travis Euronext with how we car and Max province. -- and -- it extra you know I really like to show X. My question is how the conflict. -- interpret that in fact that the networks. I gotta tell -- really. Watching the show without having the -- -- commercial. I can hardly put you up and back so we'll have to watch a virtual. Are lagging behind that but that doesn't bother me one bit. I think I think Netflix. Is really changes. Has changed the whole business model of what the networks do and in a way the networks have kind of some of the Smart ones have figured in the studios figured out which can't be -- toward him and that's where they sell. Past seasons of -- to Netflix or Amazon primer to borrow. And I think it really has changed the whole dynamic and what we expect. You know I would look very closely which you're watching like a series like house of cards and while there's no commercial breaks. I -- think there's some very prominent in although shows. Some very prominent product placement that I guess it probably -- agreed to certain revenues street but that. I remembered the first season -- the cards are -- spread it it'd our whole. Scenes that went on many minutes of anyway just cut to the chase was really don't like him. You know our commercials four. Canon cameras in the larger than what I've had to do with me care to -- main characters having this morning with a photographer and you're in. They go out and take pictures in -- -- -- just raving about it -- camera they were shooting shouldn't be -- with that that's that's a proper. Max you remember when we weren't collagen and you were cool kid if you were in the dorm and you -- a TV remember that oh yeah you -- -- popular but now I think there's -- or TVs in the in the dorms and when we worked it we were kids deserve nobody watches the TV anymore they just they still watched I watched TV but they watched Netflix or some some other form -- -- something's on the Internet. Oh they do they have worked for example like you know one of the secrets is for people who. Describe to HBO for example party your subscription you have HBO go and I think it's for possible for your work computers. I mean you know my daughter's -- starters -- college in the midwest. She can watch HBO show this mean -- her computers stream it over the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Six oak -- as has -- -- -- business channel picked up the rights to the remake of sea hunt. Yes yes we Al ready are we we outbid the the estate of Lloyd Bridges to get -- -- a very special rights. Max what did you write about this weekend enough -- stock. Oh yeah how we arm IMF II think C and to put it up by despite I -- a piece about. You know when you want to be ever the commercials that went on during the Oscars how in the way it's how female oriented -- come in and it. They did for advertisers this is that you really conceded in The Who advertises in the games and an activist he Budweiser. But -- in the seat Pepsi and billions to roll out there -- care if oh. There's seven have to into Pepsi. I mean and then there was this AARP's spot -- at a few times that. You know shows this kind of woman dressed for success and our air he's gonna helper fighter you know -- next the next active life I mean it is. Is -- that we did. It's the Super Bowl for females went ansari is it's the super ball for female -- in terms of ever -- -- absolutely I mean. You know and and I think air retreats for thirty seconds it was one point eight billion dollars this year. And in debt and it. Compared to what almost four million for the Super Bowl but it's it's it it it does make sense for a lot of these advertisers and you can see it in north retailer like JC Penney. Probably spent about ten million dollars. ME advertising. But you know what -- advertising it's not going to be you know. -- where it's going to be. They're women's line of clothing and housewares. Yeah. We're about Jack Bauer in the return of 24. Oh yeah I think that we're gonna see that may sweeps. That's. They're gonna do or do we -- this kind of immediate series I think -- be a lot of fun. Now a lot of people are saying they loved black sales how's it going. It's doing OK it's doing okay. Particular -- also the black list. Black sales. Or I'm not familiar with that -- to cable show. I've you don't you don't see if you haven't seen that point yet read the. I've got more I got a guy also of the wanna know Bob blacklist but there's more people wanna know Bob Black sales of their from all over the place I. And -- -- -- -- -- blacklist Dolan has looked sports ever really slack that this might turn -- down a bit MBC's highest rated new. It yeah yeah with James Spader about how -- Bolton ultimately it's doing well and on its way back. Excellent idiot I don't know what it's I know what it's about it must I know what must be about it is that it takes a stones that name at the big smoke now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- -- -- -- Al Leiter we think about that a monkey -- -- you think the pre -- shoot another week. Yeah what what was what was Lloyd Bridges doing before seat on the hunt for all your next with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead now. Mack-Cali great show is always so thanks I got a question for Max about those two questions about. Two detectives. Other ratings going on that and more importantly bearish on the C that's so it's seven was laconic -- compared all the others but I must Munich now washed up cut in the final episode next week. Yet don't know spoilers I didn't watch it web. Mom and see it tonight on demand by. The ratings. I'm -- you estimate writing something about that this week later this week. Ratings and record the show has really caught on real quick now the Sunday night ratings are. Over the moon but when you get -- Q -- you know everybody is watching it later in the week. Multiple fronts and HBO does have to watch it on the -- -- -- ago. It's it's averaging about ten or -- viewers we. Someone says that the -- you know basis that if if if the Oscars -- like the female Super Bowl does that mean more men are physically abused by their female partners during the -- just a human red urban myth of -- of a few years ago. -- about the super -- yes. I think the only abuse going on is that the other made to sit and watch I have a how's the Goldberg's. Colbert is doing well -- get picked up from -- New season of Bates motel starts tonight by the way that's what I excessive back way back. All right Richard you're next with Howie Carr go ahead Richard. And -- Max -- quickly. -- area eight you quickly one. Blue Mountain State I cannot believe that they canceled that and then for an existing one I love the ANC is awesome on nuts Cinemax. Any apple watched black sales excellent excellent. Okay what's -- about quickly. It's. Who all year do you object about I hear great things about about -- and -- buy it. I have to -- I -- -- atomic HBO I don't know if that meant. OK Max we appreciate Jabil whether some people want what you're Twitter handle. -- JA MAX Robin. At GM AX -- for these foul me just put my name in this search engines and I'm or is homepage it'll take -- -- -- -- right. Great thanks Max will look for the -- the next week and -- car.