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Max Robins Monday February 24, 2014 - Olympics And Piers Morgan

Feb 24, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...topics today included the canceling of Piers Morgan on CNN and the end of the Winter Olympics.

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It's Monday afternoon that means it's time for Max robins. He is a a veteran journalist covering the broadcast TV news industry he now works for Forbes dot com. You can or go to his go to Forbes dot com and read his column. Or you can just become -- -- is on Twitter and he he will just we view the link. To his columns. And Max thanks for being with us here today in the -- our show. How -- it is always an extreme. Pleasure. I you know I don't know what I do my Monday in PGA. This idea -- artists are song about this out so I'll be called Tommy Bart I hate to. So Max what who. What one of you been writing about this week enough. Well I got a lot of good potential and -- a piece valuable or are you due to. Omar -- not a very good person in the world but it was very interest and we made -- -- news came out. You're you're an extensive talks with MSNBC. That the economic recovery but looked around the room. Certain. Aware about employment Alan Ball. You also talked about it you know he's never done any commercial endorsements although -- number of people. Approached -- -- -- -- you don't like him better copy. He isn't that -- What we want to welcome once once we call. And it's okay to. Commercials four he -- Urquhart spokesman for. A. I actually thought Alec Baldwin's story in New York magazine was funny it. I did I mean it. Our mission -- -- -- only up to the Alec Baldwin's story you know how this could create the life for them to the lie you Alec Baldwin's got a right to sing the blues I could have been like it's the park. She's feeling sorry for himself. It is you know I don't know what you want folks art -- know what you're about problem. Problem Obama marquis people here really big problem treatment well on Twitter it. She you know what guy is just a -- politically incorrect. Under tried pot had. He. He doesn't -- keep -- however. -- He's very conservative about oh. Yeah -- -- you're. He does an audit for birdie Madoff. I don't -- -- ask. Yourself they -- so hard up for money they were solid anybody went birdie made when they lost all the money. Yeah well like you mock artery. Didn't they cure part pictures Morgan -- OP -- I I know we were just while we were just laughing about that he says America turned its back on him and I said. It's more like half the neighborhood of Charlestown turned its back on about -- listeners ahead. Really makes it sound like all of America was you know turning to a show every every weeknight you know. Well you know he's got an article couldn't hurt he's good he would perhaps he was to a British. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it. I I don't national correspondent urban art. No problem was used to peers lord and. You know Max I mean -- The fact that he was to Denise Denise regularly invites these people on the no one more about guns than him. And that they're they're robbing him minute debate so he's reduced to just ad hominem attacks calling them very stupid men at your I don't know I know that everybody doesn't know -- probably give myself. This guy of all people is giving us lectures she's got one foot in the jail cell over there in the UK and another foot on -- banana -- Hope for the best -- and prudence and you know it well people are good players. Basically. At all about it. But I didn't. It'll be brilliant and do what they do this place -- Interesting note to Iowa sponsored or not go through this how. I noticed that the ratings were not so great group -- close ceremony but Winter Olympics. Should see your point one million viewers watched. Well what about the last time. You know it can do okay what are you what a great part by. The closing ceremony not so not so good either -- had -- I think it is. I don't know. Are -- 10 no not so limited -- throughout. NBC Comcast was quite mean that economy but. You know -- I say you know my my least favorite word of the last two weeks has been spoiler spoiler alert. -- and my second least favorite word has been. Dispensary as a marijuana dispensaries burger mass transit. Now. This line for my piers Morgan by the way he regrets none of it but clearly understands that his scolding of stupid opponents of gun laws. Was not everyone's cup of the know what was that no it wasn't pierce you know -- And even David if you wouldn't with David Carr I mean I thought I was really impressed by the story you wrote you know body saying that he added -- a reflex -- dismissed what he was saying. Because he because he just got here I mean that's Detroit you know. Well to be giving anybody any -- about anything. I know our guys I think its cars I mean this is what you want some good news. People who you saw on networks in especially in parts are a period engaged in. Issues. And I want somebody who has really well first and you know and then about interest mortgage or are. Oh all the way I know you deputy here now that eight point five million you were Smart. She -- and -- now. Oh yeah. Easily yes. Yes they do and how. To -- the what does that movie saving missed mrs. banks. -- mr. banks is a movie about the woman who wrote Mary Poppins. Oh yeah yeah yeah and there -- I was reading I was just reading that does she was so angry you know when they when they had the dancing penguins in the movie. When she sold later on in in her life she was very old and she sold the stage musical rights to Mary Poppins. One cabbie I. Know what medic and is to be allowed to touch the scripts. These people really don't like us Mac side and does it. I don't either more important please. Go to what is important. You know I beat her friend -- we're actually -- A lot of -- actually quite a bit but it's well you're really good and we don't particularly make him. OK let's take some let's say some calls your -- talked to Max 187746943221877469. 4322 stargate news in the stargate news. No news started sorry. Okay let's see here why all the different start dates for new season shows now. Well I didn't do it sweeps don't mean exactly what they used to -- appears. I think that people know what so many options to people of China is likely will be you don't want to get too -- you've got. -- show you you -- really want to get people's attention it's got more more difficult to do -- so you want -- -- -- open. No wonder why don't -- just troops would aggressor circuit one of the reasons that. The closing of bricks were so. In the keep homework. People are killed by -- walking. -- a little but yet which could really does. And -- at thirteen point one billion or so all. And could it get it that much better with our. Edgar Edgar. Did you see -- dynasty is gonna buy a bowl would name itself after buck commander that's amazing how much money do those guys -- Oh my god I don't like 5510 million box to -- that you know grab global name it after yourself right. -- are exposure. That we're talking serious serious story -- beat the other ports are talking about Torre did. I still can't -- or groups that it could contest by our border I mean they don't -- -- -- CO. Our cable networks -- -- actually -- network. Oh yeah and limited not already I mean. I guess if that's merger goes through your joint he can be sure. Much money you're gonna call this merger. Act I don't I don't have a -- a lot of critics brilliant Howard go to particular to develop a clear -- -- is that well is the biggest radio operator in the old 21 billion no TV as a more healthy industry then our radio but I mean -- TV is wobbly a little bit to me I don't want 10 like fifty billion dollars in this economy. We know what the margin of the margins are -- that the cable group are extremely. And then I don't know. Given observers are -- Providers as content and yeah -- mortar and I can't say I don't want -- Scott good customer first in mind and I don't think we all want to pay more you know felt somehow yet. The caught a pass -- Frankie Frankie are next with how we card Max -- you can see him on Forbes dot com or you can enough follow mom Twitter and you can get all the -- -- -- to every call me rights glad ranked. Rachel was the Russians. And -- eligible. He opened huge error and I think he's doing pretty well you know it's he's been doing our course she's got the Olympics with a very strong and we -- debt. I think it would result oh -- gonna feel orchestrate between. Calendar and and Kimmel and liked it but I think that it might adopt that the one with the largest total purist. Is going to be -- the most traditional -- Because you know Kimmel -- the future at least their kind of similar ilk. They had two other people -- -- period you know a lot of our companies settled out Stewart. Even cold air. And and I think that may be Letterman that he you don't want to traditional talks so bolt. Beltway -- an actual bowl I think she picks up a lot of these no model works. Max how about Leno at 9 o'clock on CNN. You know -- would -- -- IPO I got an excellent idea I BJP or eight I think that's a really really good right. I mean it would it would be counter programming in the traditional sense of the word and we're also it would it would also take away some of Megan Kelly's. Audience because he's he's he's the most conservative. A lot of those guys. Yeah I think you're right keep it real little local road guy he's very likable. You know certainly. You certainly are good people like trump can funny he could do would be an interview with uterine entertainment and legal speaker. I think that's an excellent idea are you know the other end and he got hit on what you are used to -- -- speak out yeah. The other person liked it he brought in error are you know you about opera or is kiddie corps. Sid is somebody says CNN can afford Leno why couldn't afford -- one of the just make a partner. All they can afford -- out you know and American. Guys like. Guys like Jenny law school work I mean. Looking at you know what went all the bullets might -- you don't you know hundred plus -- -- -- a year you know. You've done on the road record because these guys love to do it pretty. And and you know that if you and I could provide money I have an excellent idea how Natalia. You know if you don't go to Vienna and I aren't quite -- -- -- -- -- So damn locally. And should be completely. Derek your next with how we cars and Max -- go ahead Derek. -- he might bring Emery at work and crush on you and your right now on the -- -- extra. Also Macs are. Out of Goldberg do win. The idea that you -- a -- out. Yeah Google is doing well it will be back to gut it out but those euros -- -- -- -- to. I haven't heard that I'll double -- I would we -- -- illustrative to. Edmonton and habitat. -- a couple of the a couple of taxpayers have mentioned this -- to. All right I -- I'm. But not a great our network I -- check out would you bet -- Okay thanks -- 603 says the Big -- the Daytona 500 was on the opposite the Olympic closing ceremonies to was not a factor in the ratings. -- -- community you have heard you know that's. You have to always -- pretty well all got to shoot always exported like. The big deal. -- about the Comcast deal with Netflix. Our -- experience you've -- captain -- -- again I think we're gonna adopt a more Catholics. Did it feel so to kind of group equality of their nurse screaming at street you get what you want. Network that would so far -- it was apia. I'm used between premium while the. Delegates -- When I read the story it's it's almost certainly was a shakedown you know this this is a nice of issued god he would be a shame if it wasn't -- Greenberg well. You know. Yeah yeah yeah it's and to do. Yet they can they can do they don't create this fuel on it and it's aren't technical they're -- -- -- -- they can't indeed they can indeed do you know what shall pay a premium and quite -- as chair being directly to. But it quickly pepperoni entrants in the -- -- -- -- -- arm and and so that. I mean he guarantees more consistent quality. But. It also means that ultimately those are eager to hear your court -- provider or network. You know the but he added we're gonna pray. I'm more sort of -- well that's how. Your next with how we card Max -- go ahead and. Yeah I'm wondering you know what what their next big about let -- read -- Johnny Carson Reuters. That NBC get rid of Jay Leno because he was the only one out there was naked Obama chokes. No I don't think that's true at all I think that they. I think it's strictly business that are. They're really looking at the numbers spacewalkers wouldn't you be on lap thirty he was really chipping away with those younger viewers were so lucrative. You know -- you have a huge following. Social media what I. And I don't think levels Arnold's. Political news at one iota. But now there's nobody there's nobody for the other 50% of the country Max there really is a sure there and Bill -- but what did the reruns of Bill O'Reilly come god. Oh you don't get harmonize well you know got all that so it's your opportunity. And an arm Roger Roger should hire -- It was your blog at 11 o'clock and sped up or run the ball. That would be great that it makes it even better idea. Actually no it got under way under our heroes our words aren't dropped -- yesterday. Come under policy -- -- pumped out. OK -- we got a minute we got to wrap it up Max thanks -- whether it's up to next week. -- you care I'm I'm now.