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Should teachers be able to spank students?

Feb 21, 2014|

Nineteen states are allowed to spank students. Jeff disagrees. He thinks it should be up to parents to discipline children.

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No I feel great WRKO. Jeff -- Fox News bulldozer cleaning up the liberal -- Welcome to our two of the -- report. This I gotta tell you. This story. I was very surprised when I read this story three read it several putts. Apparently I did not notes for you know you'll learn something new every day this site did not know how. Or at least in the state of Kansas. Along with the bug or any other states. Teachers in public schools and caregivers. Are allowed to spank children Dershowitz. You're chill moment -- in Massachusetts but keep children. As long as they don't leave a mark. Delusional -- being leaders nor read this. Actually a teacher for example in Kansas could actually do you know wacky kid. For disorderly behavior whatever acting up and class. Well now there's a new proposal. This is being pushed by some of the Democrats in the Kansas State legislator. -- legislature. State legislator state -- Gail Finney a Democrat. Now launched two and lift that limitation. And they now want to allow spanking. Hard enough to leave I saw my making this up -- surety. To leave redness -- Bruce. As long as the parents give permission. So if the parents say it's okay if you sign off on a waiver whatever you say look. You know if you feel my kid is acting up in class are being a bully aired this disrupting the classroom. Do you now have a right to basically take the role of the parent. And spanked the child. Up to winning colluding even if you wind -- bruising child or causing soreness or redness. And the Democrats are now saying. Is that this is a way to improve discipline and school. Improve order in the classroom. And they say it's gonna restore parents' rights by allowing each friendly to choose what form of discipline they prefer. And so she points out that you know what. Now it's -- alleviate the problem. Caregivers are teachers have been -- who were being charged for spanking that goes too far because in Kansas and other states. You're allowed to spank children. Which you can't leave any bruising redness. Well if you do a little -- and it does lead to some redness or a bit of a bruised technically that opens you up to being charged with child abuse. Or with a lawsuit so they saying -- all. This way you're -- -- bruising it's red -- now they say there are some limits. So according to the bill. You can't hit a child with fists. Not not fists. You can't hit a child in the head or the body so I guess on the knuckles are on the rear render on the legs or whatever. You can't hit a child with a belt. Or switch. Is not legal discipline. And may be considered battery or abuse so basically belts we know I guess you'll bottles no. And I think baseball bats I've also -- but the appeal ought to whack a really good that's okay. Now yeah. I'm a believer in spanking. And -- I'm a believer in spanking. Not excessive spanking your frankly my dad used the belt I will never use the belt I don't believe in the belt. I thought -- -- at times it was a bit excessive but you know that's fine. But and to me I believe but that to mean that is the right of the carrots. Parents should be spanking their kids. Not teachers. And I'll tell you this. Nobody no stranger no teacher no bureaucrat. How has the right to spank my child. Shortly not enough to cause bruising or -- Well look. I Catholic nuns when I went to school. You're you know you're you're -- me on the knuckles with a ruler because I'm constantly talking or disrupting class. Well look a little rap on the knuckles is not the big deal I frankly was pretty effective. We're not talking about -- once you start getting into spanking children well I'm sorry now you're surfing the role of the parents. And let me tell you how it works in the corner houseful. All you have to do is give me or grace -- call. And tell you that ash -- -- It is not behaving -- -- talking in class they're disrupting class they're behaving like class clowns whatever trust me. Naked to the bank. I'll take care of it. And bad behavior will change the next day they come back and the -- But what I don't want and what I think is none of the State's business. None of the school's business and certainly none of the teachers business -- -- come in there and spank my child. Up to and including redness in bruising. Child abuse. You have a stranger watching your kid. To the -- causing bruising. How is that not child -- So let me get this straight. He -- liberals are telling rule. And I can't spank my child in my -- house by the way I usually do timeouts corner but very effective went out and I'm telling you he really crazy my approval. He I just yesterday he was picking on his sister you lacked even the cheek I don't know why likes to pick -- -- -- what do you do. I just saw what did you do when all trembling I -- I told you don't hit maybe. Go to quarter. And I mean he was like the end of the world he was the silence on the problems -- -- -- I mean are you read it W studies and attitude because I told European baby. I put him in the corner for five minutes and -- was a good boy for the rest of the day but the point is discipline is money prerogative. That's my role as a parent that's. You don't have the right to do that. So let me ask all of you this. Do you think teachers should be allowed -- To spank your kids in the classroom. Up to -- including. Bruising and causing redness. And would you give permission because the parents and to give permission would you give permission to teachers. To spank your child. I say no. What do you say Boston. 6172666868. Is that number should teachers be allowed to spanking your kids. Democrats since Kansas and other states are now saying yes what do you say Kevin Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Red -- Jeff that you know takes a village to raise your children. -- now. They you know this just typical liberal -- tactic they take the responsibility. For a new and -- which state they do everywhere else they want everyone else to do their dirty work that state they don't wanna do that -- -- act -- they're there for cheaters. I say no. I'm with you Kevin. I think now what you're seeing is increasing this is what's happening in schools increasingly. They're taking on the role of the parents. So the schools now provide breakfast they provide lunch is Promos glorified daycare centers. They begin another teaching your kids about sex. There are two things that were traditionally done by parents this schools are now beginning to take over now up to and including. The possibility of spanking. Now to be you know to -- full disclosure you have to sign off on the parents have to opt in. But still. How do you give a stranger is that kind of power over your kids. I think -- this is incredible so let me ask all of you this. If this was proposed here in Massachusetts. And you know if the Democrats are pushing it in other states it's only a matter it's not a question of if now it's a question of went it's gonna come here. Would you want teachers or this state. To have the power. To spank. Your son or your daughter. And would you even allow them to spank up to and including where they can bruise your child or cause some serious redness. I say absolutely not. Hands off my kids. That's my job as a father that's -- job as a mother that's none of your business. Keep your head. Will you RKO. Show hard. Teachers be allowed to spank your kids in school I say no what do you say. -- Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Hello Christie. Yes Jeff Helen. I easily -- I can't thank you to. The right. I got up I like not out and I don't ever really respect EBK I love the back he got into my -- and I. -- think it will be ripping into it and read about the program about Anke. And it out like Apache is going to be mad tacky but -- -- -- that actually could well. I don't advocate agreed to that I do there in parochial school. I was bent down like now headmaster opera. Right. I'd -- improperly. Copied the at my parents inside -- army. Eat like he planned. To meet in -- that matter. In school you don't what that school you know a lot of great -- -- we asked. I believe that school should. You don't really encourage you to play and politeness teacher encouraged bank account behavior at our troops out. And being -- I think in debt and current and giving back to chill and go all EDT cards up whenever he -- -- the best. I think I am doing that day. It just -- I'm I heard of a huge issue. May be happy. About it yet but not a good day because of letting somebody. -- -- bat but -- people but again. It could be a deterrent like -- Bobby got -- They have been and -- your knuckles -- -- shocked quite well let you know I'm. I don't believe -- being hurt and -- Didn't you. Use that what they call you you can actually you know different to her aid to Africa and India that. The Boston. You know children you know because. There -- a lot of issues that are huge big and that's about Tarantino about about you -- -- Your -- your reps and care only. It's a back beat you. See you nailed it again Christie again very good call Q I crawl look this is the problem and and this is if you wanna know maybe he flew. Of this entire show. They're going back since its inception. I believe that culture. Is the most important element in a society. Not politics. Not economics. Nothing else. If the culture is -- this is why the culture has to be very healthy. Then what happens is the state -- to keep getting more and more involved in people's watts. And this is what she this right but this is just consider this the fundamental element of conservatism. This is why we're completely opposite of liberals liberals want the state to regulate and control every aspect of life because they don't understand the importance of culture. That's why they despise religion. That's why they have a war on the firm goal. You'll run down the whole list of issue after issue after issue you notice that liberals are constantly permissive about culture. They don't understand its central element in life so. The -- what you're saying -- The problem it's the let's be candid. For 90% of parents today and to be out and admit to see the political. Foremost liberal parents. It may not all but the overwhelming majority. -- you called him up and say little Jimmy and little people. It keeps spitting on Saudi in the classroom. Work keeps jabbing their finger in Iraq or keeps picking on or keeps disrupting the class whom. Right away their reaction is you leave my son alone. You leave my little Jimmy -- old -- dare criticize my little people who don't you dare criticize my little gentle Romo Romo. He immediately. Their reaction is their kid is always right. My reaction it's. What -- can do. Why do you can what -- and do what did David do. And I'm gonna fix it. Right away. Full stop as my father would say and the story. Money kids you know what I expect from them. I discipline them. I hold them up to high standards I they're teaching them now and I will always teach them right from wrong good from evil. We'll do that anymore. That's why the kids are running wild in school. Because many of the parents dole -- apparent. And so what it so now the teachers and equipment gonna go to try to control the classroom so the state house to a -- they'll sprinkle. So what's topping -- -- yeah but if I just get a little cup it's meant as -- doing anything to say OK I want my daughter really spank. Not going to be bruising and Renton so okay. So that's the problem. And my answer is the exact opposite. That's my child. You don't have a right to lay a hand on my child that's child abuse. I'll take care of it. He won -- 90% of America's problems. It has nothing to do with government it has nothing to do with the state my friends he begins at home with few in your children in the family. 6172666868. Is the number might -- up next thanks for holding welcome. Very Jaffna and then lobbed it to teach the kids I agree there should be some discipline in the classroom but actually the street you know all -- -- know. What this really gotten the reason why my wife and I decided old school just to go to go to school nowadays not been -- Democrat. The doctor relationship purity spotted in the turn of the it's centered jar do we all that it's ridiculously people actually believe -- Walt white. To your child did not do they even called and said that they know it happens -- they -- -- that you know but that's essentially salt. Why are we home school -- Mike I got to thank you for that call look I gotta tell let me be confessional -- with you with all the listeners. There grace hates it when I talk about option a neighbor she calls me leaky faucet but -- look I've always pledged to be very honest with -- summit to be honest. Passion is now about to enter preschool case starting next September is not even before in March. So we have now and what about in doing besides being sick what is the corner man been doing for the last couple weeks I'm looking for a good pre K school. My friends I don't know what to tell you. Here let me give an example -- and I -- in an area I pay 8000 dollars in property taxes and everybody keeps telling who'll. Who -- the public schools are phenomenal -- shaft or they may not -- small you mean your street lamps may not work you may only get their pick up one bar bag of garbage in the rescue got to pay a fee for but normally -- your money it's for the schools to okay. So I won't name it. Grayson I go to where a teacher and parent orientation are thinking of rolling Ashton and his public school pre K. This is what -- this is their philosophy. Demean these teachers this is their philosophy. Our our focus. Is on empathy. Compassion. And understanding. Empathy. Compassion. And understanding. And you know how compassionate they are maturity. In not public schools for pre K and kindergarten. They want a 121. Ratio meaning if Russia was to go to this to our school this class sixteen students are going to be enrolled they want eight. The what they consider whatever I know on whatever -- regular kids they call regular kids. And the other eight are behavioral. Needs children. Won a regular trial one behavioral. Needs child. Meaning they keep it keeps walking around punching people in the -- So money Ashton. -- be in a weekend. With a child with behavioral problems. Now every parent and there's a lot of parents every parent in that room. You concealed their face to face is worse crunched you can tell they're like -- product of the seventies and eighty east. -- to schools weren't great but there were held a lot better they are now and -- spooky but they won't say it. But isn't the purpose of a school to give education. Learning. Not compassion and empathy understanding why are you putting behavioral needs kids who come for probably disturbed families and homes. In with my child. What does this have to do with child. The purpose of school. Should be education. Learn OK and achievement. And I walked up and -- I told race there's no way in hell I'm sending cashed in to that school. They are turning our classrooms. I essentially until laboratories for social experimentation. And social engineering. Those are our kids. Sasha will have one childhood. He will have one chance to be kicked. Why should I put him with these liberal lunatics. Want my child to spend his four SUV four is the fourth here and his fifth year of life. Pre K and kindergarten which kids with behavioral needs. That's how wacky. How I'm literally how we sold our society has become. I can't find a decent school for a kid that. So I'm now down two choices. Either I take him to the Catholic parochial school fight game. I don't spend 5000 dollars. Orders upright at Montessori school another 5000 volts are very -- at other property tax. Or I got a whole school. Welcome to modern day America. And I'm the crazy ones but -- Europe next thanks for holding well. One -- you've got one word that we've got. We'll -- -- up wound or whether it would have followed if you didn't. Well we're all with everything everybody is ready -- -- that typically. And probably our word out about the -- We -- out aloud what are the problem. They won't get wrapped around -- -- and then expect flat bound mentally as well. Well you don't go right on app in you've got him and oh -- -- entity. And I don't. Like people do that on the gap. Excellent call thank you Jean -- John Europe next thanks for holding well. Good morning that there aren't that I'm Harry you don't know very well thank you can't. Not quite but I just want the reflect subsequent just let's just. You know I personally educated both iPhone 5 -- priest or need to -- by all it is is thankful for our -- in fact it. I can assure you are what I call mom actually called out -- -- for parole or a little extra. So -- all of Iceland elected body at all. Democratic. Outlook for punishment. You and I hit a great okay so you would allow teachers to my father my father -- a career military got. The block but I'm -- the other day I was -- very structure. Productive -- out goal. What are within the sixth grade I got paddled by my vice principal mr. Davis reports are remembering -- at stake. He without great man. He was about five or more. Poor we black guy with Little -- Landed glasses okay then nice to god he -- actually a lot like projects from that Casey Anthony trial -- -- -- -- without. I am and he probably want to -- entry might find all our economic well. Four bit shocked that she had on the her grandmother had made. And she didn't say little capital affect not much work correctly teacher and I now on the call that the BP office with my three iron and one guy guardian there -- -- -- cattle and I would get my attitude under the -- and a few minutes later I say I never talked about it. Improved greatly regarding my -- in school it -- it -- nightmares. I didn't beat anybody down the road if it will change my life. But it what. They would structure in my school. -- John as always even when you and I disagree. He always make the argument for the other side better than they do very good call John 731. On WRKO. Let me ask all of you this. Would you allow teachers to spank your child. Even up to bruising or causing redness. Many Democrats and Kansas and -- -- other states say yes. I say no what do you say Boston bill raid cliff Walter Erick hold on. All of I'll take all of your calls. 737 here on the great WRKO. Jeff Porter Boston's bulldozer. 617666868. Is the number. There is now a bill. Being proposed in beat Kansas state legislature as well as in twenty other states. That would give permission to teachers if parents agreed to it turns up the sign off on a waiver. Enabling them to not only spoke. Students. But up to it including even if it means leaving bruises or redness. I say it's an -- patient of parents' rights and family responsibilities. Bureaucrats and teachers have no business. -- spanking kids would you want your kids to be spanked. By a teacher or stranger or bureaucrat I -- no 6172666868. Is the number. I it's this week I have to say. I did the cuts are always usually very good. But you guys and doubts the audience you guys have been on fire this week some of the best sex I've ever -- a check some of these out. Jeff. I find it interest in that state government's support teachers bruising her children. But if parents. Christian parents in particular. Spank their children. They have DCF actor doors. -- Apps you nailed it you absolutely nailed that 781. A couple of other quick text you can Texas at 68680. Jeff go with Catholic schools it does cost money but it pays off in the end wherever you're you're 339. 781 Jeff I made the right choice sixteen years ago parochial school is the way to go no doubt. 978 Jeff if I could do it over and knew then what I know now whole school. You know I got to tell you in 978 that's. That's were I really leaning too right now. I'm I'm really leaning towards that right now. And grace is worried about the socialization aspect. She thinks part of school. -- that's the point though cooks he says he -- here why would -- want Ashton are able to socialize with these people that's a very good point. 781 Jeff I am a teacher and a parent I don't want anyone putting a finger on my kids. And I have no desire to hit anyone else's trial that is just crazy god bless you 781. 617. -- make it illegal for you to spanking your kids but they want to do it only lives could come up with this. If I tocchet -- 617781. Jeff then those children will see their teacher doing it. The person is supposed to be a hero or semi hero monkey see monkey do. That's another thing. Look at the example which are gonna be setting to the other kids. And this is to me it's a disaster from -- but that's just my opinion. Bill Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I just -- preface that by telling you I've taught in schools since 75 to 2000 intent. Unless -- corporal punishment business that. Yeah did you sense something that come to the conclusion as some years ago our society particularly in schools which is a microcosm of what score outside. Aren't -- treating the symptoms. Of the disease. And not the disease as you stated in the disease is. The culture going downhill. The permissiveness. In our society. But that the instead. I believe that this. This law if it passes is so a lot of gray area and I can see a lot of places what problems could occur for example. No more all teachers around the same. Number two. The kid go home and say listen admitted that the strategic kidneys this is -- more than -- he didn't have to hit me ornament I wasn't on the list. Of the kids should be hit. So they can just gonna have have a list of cool here she can discipline that -- See bill I gotta tell you I didn't think of that. Is that -- I mean I'm just I mean I guess I don't know it's my character or personality I'm thinking right in the morality of the issue at. But yeah I I didn't think about the logistics of your completely right. So you know the kid's acting up and what should -- -- thing about this. The -- A list is he not on the list pulled and pulled out OK he's bullying that -- he's hitting OK he's punching a little Jimmy and then all done now. Let me get this where's the where I put the list where it put the list called -- now we -- engineer -- and I always think someone we looked as a young believes. Same last name but not the same first name hold -- all know about the parent so as you can do the brother but not boot the other brother. That's another thing. It as if teachers don't have a -- on their plate. Well let's flip it because I think her primary argument elementary school kids but listen we're talking about 1213 fourteen year old kids. What is the -- enough to get back. I mean even if he's eleven or twelfth -- still -- occupy looked Ashton Serena up I'm telling I think it. He's -- I came with or without a short almost citizen what happened is that I was playing when auctioning unit Ian thanks it was accidental. I had his bruise on my face pursuant to jazz greats beating you up there will be as spousal abuse your wife is beating you up so. We're saying is even 111213. Year old would have to -- his back. Where is that what is the -- supposed to do then. Tim I mean this is a pandora's box you know we've won a gold re Europe next thanks for holding welcome. How low rate. I -- think we lost -- Walter Europe next thanks for holding. Welcome to the corner report on WRKO. -- thank you for taking my call I am absolutely. Drenched. -- I do a year of which feature being allowed to strength charcoal. There's this -- keeps what you pointed out these camps think you're wrong girl because this. -- -- calmed down on you but finished finished going to be okay strategic aspect to it it doesn't make sense. Such as personally speaking for myself I think I could go for restraint and -- now. -- Ultimately. Barbour let me just play just for our argument say -- -- display devil's advocate or just for argument sake. We we've talked about this on the show many teachers will testify Davis. How kids keep acting up today there's no order there's no discipline they fear no consequences. How are teachers supposed to enforce discipline in the classroom. I mean sin -- one -- I think you know I disagree with them but I was playing devil's advocate. If children are acting up and you have so many parents and teachers and principals will complain about this I'm telling you can get -- you -- I don't get the tax. You call up the parents now I remember in my day I'm sure for many of you when your day. Cool -- -- a few times I did act up and I locked in eighth grade I lost my. I -- I got locked in my home economics teacher. Deliberately walked. Who would return but -- a couple of other kids we locked her in the library. Get a smaller library. We locked her in that and took off. Poor woman but ten minutes he was knocking on the door they had to get the janitor -- expertise. -- -- let her out while they found out it was Mia was the ringleader with a couple of other people it seemed very funny at the time. They called my god they called them to work. Do you -- mother home they called my dad at work my dad you know eastern European croatians strict. Hi ya ya ya ya dull moment I found out that they called in myself on little on -- He I he pulled out the belt. I mean I came home all man I. I mean if you weren't thundered the home on the corner -- -- tell -- -- I was a good boy for the rest of the entire year. But today ET AR time you called the parents -- done. They're a little -- feet. Little Jeff is no longer going to be locking his home economics teacher in the library for kicks elapsed because what's the parents hear about it it's taken care. But today is many teachers and our principles will tell you Jeff it's unbelievable. They come to hold on recall up to parents and I don't mean walking home economics featuring the library. I'm talking about. Drug use. I'm talking about pulling a knife on students are on teachers. I'm talking about fist fights in the classroom. I'm talking about literally throwing you racers are the principal tore at the teacher as a -- right on the chalkboard. And the parents are like the -- but the problem. We might get along border rep told her Grassley Jamie you leave -- Jimmy alone. So if the parents will not discipline their kids' -- is increasingly happening in our culture. You got to look at it from the school's point of all what do we do. Suspend them. Potential lawsuit expelled own potential lawsuit. Detention potential lawsuit. So this is what happens when the culture begins to DK. Then what the state house to get involved. And you got all sorts of problems. 6172666868. Is the number. 747. On RKO -- will continue at this discussion mark Joan cliff Larry Dennis Eric all of your call. 751 here on WORK okay Jeff -- Boston's bulldozers. Jim you're up next thanks for holding and welcome to the quarter report on WRKO. -- -- Let's send it -- -- -- about three years ago I read an article Washington DC today have a policy that he just cannot put their hands on a student at all not under those circumstances. So there was a woman she left a medical practice in a position. And you know I actually the -- -- just so anyway two students were beating and not just female student stomping on her. And she just told these girls are so rough and help -- and they ended up charging her permanently. So you're helping a child yes. And there was actually in the tackle -- it was mostly I'm minority school -- and been in the out of clay actually mentioned that. And Russia was approaching told you don't belong here you know what he's doing -- UNICEF but it was a terrible article I -- I couldn't believe it. Well Jim I gotta tell you here and and this new -- bit different from spanking. I would if Jeff -- had his way. I would pass laws enabling teachers protecting teachers so they can defend themselves. If restored at -- you you have every right to -- to defend yourself if it means hitting him. If it means forcing them on the ground if you got a puncher I mean especially when you get into high school those kids are big. You do what you gotta do if you see a fist fight or fights you have the right to break up that fight. So this idea that somehow teachers should never touch children are. You know get through in -- there -- lay their hands off of children at all times brutal. You have a right to defend yourself you also have a right as the teacher it's your responsibility. To keep the children safe and under under your care. So if you got some bullies beating up on kids if you have every right to intervene in stepping in and to use whatever force necessary. But so can mean the don't get me wrong I'm not I'm 110% for. But. Spanking kits. And that's that's my job Anthony Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Thank you Abuja -- I'll deny that it. I went -- and Florida. Bed and -- -- yeah that's the only thing I remember I hope this new system aren't -- generic so no no you know. But to see it being there and the count me twice so I'd I'd -- Maybe had a belly did it get cricket bat and they had a -- and -- aero balance. -- so -- way inflicted a lot of pain. -- -- Know about it you don't smoke -- call stuff. Okay you -- a big I mean -- and it is not that that -- but yeah he took pleasure in I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's enough and -- think -- you can call and when they're right at the end up going to drop. -- continually ask you this. Do you think you're an adult now looking back on what happened to you. Do you think that mr. Barnes. Was that a form of physical child abuse when it was not a -- was. I doubt about it doc I enjoyed it I -- they are not caught. He could get a good ball square in new and then. -- might -- a little bit dramatic because I'm. I embrace it and move it to rest a little circle on -- in just a lot. And then he didn't need a second. -- -- -- -- is -- And I don't know what did they try to. Doubt there are -- -- -- -- -- -- group. Jerry got around are not golf. And really racial tensions back then so. What Jerry guy a little -- and it doesn't -- bad. And I never went back. Thank you for that caller didn't mean that's sick. I mean you know we know some people get off on that too that's another thing. I mean this. This -- year -- you get some. Some psychotic. Who gets off on watching kids and that's another for well either information or bruised and sore and bruised up is rewritten what's the problem. I mean has the potential for abuse here is incredible. I think they're making a big mistake if they passed that law personal. Mark Europe next go. Good morning Jeff thank you connect but that was. And in general public school I think it release that we get people like you and me. Because they got our money. And we could do it make sure that our local law took after school -- portability. Meaning you can use your horse you know the that that act that go to public school. What private schools or any person who would you want -- to do. There's nothing liberal like more than -- -- -- right we we we decided that it took private school. But they love to have large sock money they're so they can use that you know look at their little. I love it. Mark I love it's. You know I'm telling I. Mark I don't know if if you work for the NSA in you guys have my house bugged or something. Because that's exactly what I was telling grace a couple nights ago I settled yet it's. Why isn't my money being compelled call worse devoted his public school. I want -- to -- neural behavioral needs kids as Ed preschool. Why can't I take -- chunk of the money that goes towards the school. And have a goal with me so like -- educate action whatever school I would. Let competition the marketplace the site. And if they say all butchered and assaulting public education well you know what start forcing focusing on the three. Reading Robert a reading writing and arithmetic. Let's stop telling I got to practice empathy. And I understand. And being and compassion. By basically putting my four year old with some of future out of lands. That's that's all that's that's your bread that that's that's what -- out to me it's Lessig a great what a great future forum by doing that. All of a Larry Europe next thanks for holding welcome. They just -- But it might ultimately brought it -- so multi assessment program and our problem should site. Hello chargers all of oppression and of course it's abnormal to display such I don't think it's very strict. Are -- certain noting that you could not do. If you did you potentially commercial vehicle for the weekend -- -- -- already consumed on the little things. These things really bad you don't just attempt in the Libyan border is -- that was -- resort person and under. Ten. They have to to -- more -- the first -- you've been overtook Britain and back pockets and -- -- -- And when we're done everything but -- to say yes. And contrast the forties. Sort of an plastered and it doesn't certified minutes. And so and so they -- an average in the schools the averages eight minutes -- So there was some that was -- on my grandmother take -- She gave -- another -- modified market estimated. Chicken most extra little signal to and actually little prince and an onion. And she says anything in New York -- in its use -- on the break and let him under such. So -- retro -- Israelis that would let it affect your parents and my parents are but it would be able to -- But the maximum effect. Before the college and it -- absurdity sort of substance well. And our future. They have multiple geopolitical and they took it wrestled them to close. -- multiple multiple. Foreign diluted -- yeah it's the worst the worst they've put it into the mainstream. It was a whole different situation. The first -- -- went there it was him that much -- and the principal can now we have to teach and neither do most of Larry to prepare. Trying to kid down in the street and the importance -- don't you ever. To treat them like everything. Depends had a final two going to be searching installing -- what they did some -- -- -- there at step and but several Obama and a world where he could tell early trying to get you separate. -- Larry this is our we're running out of time Larry's I mean I'm up against our hard break. Look. And let me tell you this. My father use this -- I turned I turned out okay. I know many lives disagree but I turned out okay. So by today's standards while my god he's a child molester but he wrecked by today's standards -- my dad he -- -- domestic concentration camp so. Might that couldn't spank coming. But you see -- lives are if you're a public teacher if you're -- government bureaucrat. Or lack away. 8 o'clock on WRK so let's take.