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Big Brother FCC

Feb 20, 2014|

The FCC with it's CIN plan intends to examine “the process by which stories are selected,” as well as “perceived station bias” and “perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.” Big Brother Obama is watching us...Howie had some choice words for President Obama and Big Brother FCC.

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We're keep talking about is Obama trying to kill free press this -- America and American center for a law and justice advocates call. And he the FCC is launching a new study easily -- she's a conservative rights warrior. As opposed to an ACLU type where the FCC is launching a new study that -- said that they're backing off of it. Taking upon itself of the taking upon itself the task of deciding what news the public needs to know. Verses the news the public wants to hear. The agency will conduct a quote general population survey on quote the world quote. Measure. Community members actual and perceived critical information -- So so you may have certain you may believe that you have certain information needs but. Only the government can measure your actual. Critical information it's got that. What you think perceive you need to know is different from what the government says you need to now. Next the FCC will send monitors to news rooms across the country -- this was written before they backed off sort. To ask questions regarding the philosophy of the news room inquire about possible conflicts between reporters and their bosses and even determine how much influence at each individual has in deciding what to reports. Are we not less than a year removed from an -- and the IRS apology for inquiring about the internal workings of conservative groups. Last week FCC commissioner Egypt -- who believes the government has no role what our certain stories covered what a radical on. Disclosed in a Wall Street Journal op Ed the existence of the new FCC plan the world ostensibly spivey. How media organizations report the news. The road map to censorship is clear expect this study to show that some news organizations are felt failing to cover the write stories thus failing to give the people what they. Need. Then the FCC which owns the airwaves were proposed to sweep swoop in and fix the quarter import market failure. By making sure that Americans learn what they quote unquote need to learn regardless of their own preferences. And what does the FCC prioritize of the list is any indication. If prior prior to rise prior to -- is the environment far above the weather. While war newspaper barely makes a list of west as a Republican president. Which is we have a countdown to 5000. Deaths. And again some people say and it it appears that what -- this would do would give them idea -- pretense to what straw poll licenses from. People they don't like. And give them the people they don't they do like -- -- and you know to increase the diversity. Of the broadcast ownership. You know so and we've seen this before I mean that you sought a channel seven back in the 1980s you know when. They they decided to take away our KO generals license for a they were there right there were -- people and Stan and. Let's make it clear RKO wasn't writing people on the parent company general tire is doing something -- Erica I said marquis -- That it's not the other -- general tire and not the Brenden do the broadcast division are are bribing people and brought captain had to do that tired -- Coy way they took away it'll license and they and they they had -- they have -- of whom they would give it to. In Boston. And the they decided to give it to David you are. It was a white me and but he was Smart enough to include some minorities and in his ownership group. And basically the you know they appeared at the press works for channel seven in -- -- -- And and basically the minorities appeared at a press conference taking over the station and that was the last they were pristine again. Until of course new bar and again I got nothing against David Mueller is OK with me he provides fireworks on fourth of July. You guard sold the station to Andy Anson and Albie minority minority owners got big -- For not much work. I wish I could've gotten one checks from not put them down four and I'm just saying that it was kind of a eight well legal. It was window dressing well I'll put it politely it was window dressing OK and that's what this -- that's what this would be -- they would -- they -- just -- to a to another -- another. Quote unquote minority group the would have front men. That would run the thing and in the mind than they would eventually solid tool. Another corporal publicly owned corporation that would be predominantly white and a and they would get a player. A legal. -- -- have you seen anywhere you know the you see these people around Revere ask Pia and about money for the Indians I mean not a word headdresses are that it's the same kind of thing. 18774694322. Back to cycle from its inception the Obama administration has proven that it's -- -- intolerant of critics but it won't that it will use the full power of an increasingly partisan bureaucracy to intimidate Americans -- -- in dissent. The administration turned on the -- the IRS on the Tea Party unleashed a Department of Justice on wayward reporters and now the FCC is preparing. To snoop into America's television and radio studios. It's it's just this is that is just terrible. It's terrible and I mean I mean that I'm I'd turn up overstated I try not to get hysterical. But I IE he. Because I don't appreciate that another talk show host but this is this is really bad. But now what now what's reported on in -- -- The FCC is quietly changing course I hope they're changing course I hope the guy help the poor got torpedoed or hit an iceberg. On a controversial study after parts of the methodology will roundly criticized by GOP lawmakers. Are once that's triple. Where -- these GOP lawmakers. And I didn't. Do you see any problems and -- I don't see any quotes from GOP lawmakers have you know not amok and I just see this one commissioner Bruce sets up. For encroaching into editorial decisions and content -- TV stations. By the way did you see that Boehner brought ago vacation Condo a chip on San Marco Island. Don't let the screen door hatchet job mister speaker on the way out the door in our main compartment. And Thad Cochran in Mississippi. He told a group he's you know he's got a Chris McDaniel state senators running against him and breathing down his neck. And he's Tea Party guy and Thad Cochran set all I wanted to do was retire at. Guess what he was urged to seek yet another term. Urged Earl was urged junior knows them probably don't know 100. The -- recess if I just wanted to make some more money ran up the potential little bit. You know. Grabbed the Greg grabbed the -- the grip probe Augusto go to cocktail parties in Georgetown a decided to run again no they're urged to. Because the public need to complete the voters. They they're devoted to public service. 617 says triple -- jackets how much money now. I'll I tell you what -- will have all that it will tell you what I don't know how much they're going to be -- will have a picture up tomorrow on the web site. About me in the triple Los jacket and helped weeded out but tomorrow as well. And I'll -- I'll tell you where you can order you can order from -- Foley I just don't happen to have her -- email address right now. I think it's -- -- creations but it's -- Marie Foley in the in. -- -- and look at the pricing yet anything to get that you know we all that stuff for there really nice they are nice 187746. Marco Island that's collier county hope I don't bump into him. -- -- -- You know speaking speaking personally when when they buy that when you either vacation Condo unit you know I mean. Yeah you're. You're you're getting close to being a climate refugees there's no question about it Michael you're next with powered car go ahead Michael. A -- I don't. And that's that are no doubt these guys draw a real threat to the constitution. But what we gotta be carefully you know we're throwing dangle that carrot that us. In -- essentially -- think it's scary but you know it seemed like they really are so desperate to get everybody's attention up obamacare. Did they Brodie staying doubted they know not apply. Because they know that hair on the back of our bags. Wouldn't I just would never fly Michael. Why do you think this would never far. Sector hard today talking about it too he said this is not have been turned down by the court two times. He said it never -- appalled anyway but you know it's it's taken everybody's attention off. You know what they're doing right now with getting an acorn and everybody else to get as many of these people signed up for this thing is possible we can never get rid of it. Did you -- Keith did you see -- out of Texas caught some people were trying to sign up basically illegal aliens. Are you able to do wanted to California there's supposedly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- voter -- but -- you're -- California -- -- -- they're they're putting that they're telling illegal aliens they can go on the on the matter on the -- cover California -- cut California cover whatever they call. -- -- parenthood they announced today Planned Parenthood China up anybody possible. Know that on the front page of the New York Times that not even make it a secret about it. Right let's say you know it is these guys are exports I got to give credit they're exploded due to its departure. Come from Chicago. Yeah and -- divert everybody's attention they possibly can. Yeah I wish I wish you I mean these these these the video from the Ukraine is -- is horrible I admit that what about all -- can they can we get some video from for Ramallah. Venezuela. -- Communist regime they're fighting against -- exactly like this doesn't count not. That's -- important to be going up against the Communist regime as opposed to a fascist regime. Yeah exactly. Thought well we go because a couple of divert your attention because you got to watch these guys they're slipped. That they can get you talking about this for three days that's three days you're not talking about Obama care. Now been noticed. The minute they said it would get up on this Obama announces the same -- he's not gonna work toward congress no matter what on the budget so you watch. They'll be covered that for the next week about strip everything out these guys are slick you know -- Thanks Michael 1877. Foresee what a shock how we doesn't know what the jackets will cost translation has caused the big music that's what true. I got it for clocks okay. I -- for cost CME can go in and did check out and see how much it cost me -- How he bought it any balance her friend I know for a fact that he actually paid for it to just get that out there and a right I did. If you wanna make cost to a little more than a cost because I got -- again I got mine. Polled say okay. I can't get cures wholesale -- got mine and wholesale. 1877469432218774694. Victory. Two to Mike your next with how we -- ahead Mike. Yeah how are you tell your book featuring a -- much privacy. There's life is because I -- so odd question -- liked. I have a little -- these stores called Obama vortex. How. Everybody's got that's obvious that some places it's just not full blown you know mostly. -- -- -- How it is a professor from George Sherrill liberation -- -- until at least. Yet about to let you talk about our our isn't it earlier -- what does I forget I get those two guys confused. Portland accumulation maybe Utah I I don't wish to -- but he said that all -- say I iconic. President. And that these were like. Yes and -- in -- they you know Obama's support. In -- said that what Obama is doing whether which chief executive orders are stalling out right breaking or oh lawlessness sugar and administration. Has to be overlooked because you -- iconic president and you -- both the white electronic president. Right. As he was constitutional professor at the university. Law school is that should go in the first app former. Kid you might. And -- roots. Sort of a -- of America about people will like the Dutch Torre -- -- -- to a bit -- to the and we hope that we can -- that the that don't want -- yeah I just I just hope. It I just hope that the -- and and Kennedy and -- even Roberts and Scalia and Thomas. You know don't don't -- -- it would publish our we -- pounding pounding your country has got like a punching bag. But he untouchable. You can only -- like Obama wasting like abate he thought that the -- we -- hope and pray we get towed to what apple is. Thanks Mike 1877469432218774694322. 978 -- flipping through the channels last finally came across Rachel madcow. She was talking about. Chris -- Of course she was. Just your finger on the pulse of America. 18774694322. -- triple those jackets come with a -- cap. No -- Marie who made it four researcher wants to give me a whites -- capital eyesight I will not I won't go that far. I I I you know I'm only -- fire I can't take its -- -- Now. Iconic moronic is more like it says seven anyone Tom you're next with how we cargo ahead Tom. They Ali hi -- Michael also thank you. They aren't editorial improve the reporter what what you got to -- today. You know what are your previous calls that a great work full well what are going to try to do it on your. You're you're being pretty Smart. Since -- -- pretty hypocritical what do you mean yeah what sets. I gotta say you say the First Amendment as -- salute the Michael yes. Is -- -- on the subways out salute the Michael. Now what do I I'm not a supporter of market are possible but what bailout -- -- albeit very. You are slamming them every which way it properly you didn't believe that they had any rights at all they had no right and the. So they don't have any right to take a dump. In public OK that's it I don't include taking a dump in public and I shooting up arrow one as say it in I don't. In the public as good as being the right of free it right free assembly okay. I draw a line there and another thing you can't yell fire -- crowned the year I know that argument. It up and say I mean I think to try to computer yo what's -- might try to Mike confusing -- Computer you are trying to say that freedom of somewhat -- most states applies to you right now where some other people it's not. Freedom of speech -- They didn't even get permits. If the -- party wants to demonstrate on the top of the AF get a permit multiples Menino said you don't have to get a permit. Go ahead and relieve yourself wherever you wanna do all going to be. T going to that he's not going to be elevators for the handicapped and go take up. Number so. Edit and no one will do anything Julia you're the beautiful people and -- Warren is the mother of the Occupy Boston people. -- Yeah and yeah why you know started at the Y -- and the -- street bombs started coming in and hitting these people over the heads and stealing the iPad. Now they jumped at the heart and they did a lot -- Harvard and let them stay on the high. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How many people the -- and I -- will deploy it about area. Manage any -- -- taxpayer does -- state taxpayer. Am Betty. Cost cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. They want you to argue fool you -- and I regret any anybody who was occupied the business is it hitting it at all. And it. Just maybe you don't see any of -- until 989%. Goodbye. It's a great lines and -- Or whether the worst thing a law in case anybody's forgotten it was win. The Harvard to -- we -- have. -- -- we -- that don't -- we're we're we're afraid of -- people who don't who who don't have trust and bonds. Global. And the Harvard -- don't worry little Buffy and John -- who. Just happen. The whole thing. It's. An. Extra help us collapse in Cambridge cops and state police on the -- Another of those real the year's key 99%. Can give -- You put you over the ahead that's that'll off the microphone and then. I've just remembering -- us. I was just wish -- -- BM hardware store down and Harvard Square it's like you're going by -- hack saw and chop off the chop off the -- in the act. Off the gate that'll let go Hawaiian coast from from the common at Central Square. Where's that guy hit people over the head and in the knockout game months in a mass when you need -- what where what he last year. 18. Occupy Boston so so dumping drug use and rapists for -- -- and that's lightweight. Other -- what do died of an overdose and is in Burlington. Other wanna match in Portland Oregon. That was a great thing and all the robberies in Oakland at San Francisco. That was that the occupy your belief somebody's calling to defend occupied occupy India's. Might happen now seriously in the SEC trying to take over. The long arm of the Obama administration reaching into your news sources is that can win. Occupied new Yorker by their -- -- -- -- -- bring anyone ever talks about how she's being intellectual -- -- provided the intellectual foundations of Occupy Wall Street anymore. She doesn't mention that in years. George your next with how we -- George. Yeah I was urged to call to let you know. So it's something good about that as a bumper to complex that would equipment into the their bumpers are its unobstructed and not to feel -- Gun control means holding with both hands. -- Well he's charities -- whoever's driving that truck is terrorist you know in the Paula. It's a good marriage. So we need support but I look at everything to the following imprisonment has of you keeping your same thing what would be happening if President Bush is exactly. I use that -- and every time and they would be going nuts right now Butler now. Now this way it is this what -- even given what this would even -- Chris Christie -- MSNBC believe it or not. -- and in -- -- would conduct an FCC thinks that yes. Occupied and they don't believe I'm operative and I don't think I've probably gotten I must say I -- a lot of -- -- to. Let them do well around but I got a lot of. -- great thanks George. 187746. Mine for three to two. What what. Obama and in holder and big east these people on the FCC don't seem to understand is there there is something called the remote control blues. There's at this buttons on your radio right there's there's a does this -- of the volume control on every TV set radio in the world I mean if you don't. If you don't make it turn it off. -- ever heard did you ever hear anybody on on operate on cancer on. Talk radio this -- conservative corporate government say -- you know action. -- If you ever know you -- If you ever heard anybody say. They shut down Boston Globe -- I say I don't buy anymore is it only encourages them but one day you know what. I want the free market to take care that that. That canker so on but the tongue of the body -- Build your next with how we -- ahead bill. How is that is why every now and I call you up -- look really because these people are insane. -- at them but cannot answer and they are ideologues -- I don't think this is insanity at all. Now I I had Zora wore out it did that plant that ideologues. They have an agenda and it covers every aspect of our life or the other night it. Yeah and I -- until I looked at the outlook under the -- show host who filled -- before last Monday. And by the way caddie did an awesome job taking over. And last night you talked about north career and how they control. Every single part of the light. -- might edit and at this guy and it is. In the common in the same boat. He wants the same thing but he's gone a little Floyd you're on America because it was. Skillful and about how to say no you won't duel but we've got to stand firm we apathy about the Tea Party in colder. I thought she made a mistake when she said. Vote for sure -- that Republican -- -- She said that I might show go over and over again don't let what she bats her that your belief -- have been pretty steadfast in saying that. But I mean a thing as the shot that Republicans a lot of a lot of them and I optimists we got to our product. Increased sleep -- the -- of the Tea Party I don't exactly. It would it would be nice though you know to have lead today -- compared to who's there would be nice to have Mike Castle in Delaware it would be nice to have -- are as bad as he was in Indiana -- -- -- Molly it would be nice to have somebody other than Akins. Instead of -- You know I mean that the key part of the Tea Party did lose those races I mean there's ye can't you can't dispute that. I mean it's great to have it's great to have but crews and and and Paul and Lee and -- McDaniel can be -- that'll be a -- a couple of that'll be at Tea Party seat for sure. If stockman can be cornyn of Texas that'll be -- Tea Party. It's -- that more Tea Party people but you don't wanna take a chance that's that's the point I think GM was making his Macon. 18774694322. On how -- car. Wanted seven point 694322. I don't know if this is Jameson in movies these attacks can I get me or red -- or -- Remember the residential phone number on it like most text and that's a 617 my camera and almost like you re usually says -- from Chelsea -- -- read for us. That was a good place in the south and ran into the yard line on the on Washington street that's been gone for a long time. Many also says how we I -- king Arthurs Chelsea memorial Jack at any price. King Arthurs was not such an XX. Is huge huge. So sitting there looking at the picture of the newscast where there's a newscaster is guilty of lobster hands. What's what did you read the whole story she is she's got cheer her fingers and -- wrote together. Yeah oh yeah apparently apparently pouring gem on them. You know slows the process and helps the healing may be in them by being a little gin who helps as well. Either way there is no -- Spartacus movie and looked it up step it up there it's a porn flick on legitimate okay -- I just saw I just you know I just -- and that's not ordinance tax partners it was a -- to care or the daily news. Maybe in -- daily news didn't mention mr. Spartacus you don't -- the message board mention. Estes Park that's 18774694322. The Tea Party will never appeal to mainstream America says -- seven they are nothing more than a bunch of sixty year old -- bitching about the government there's no demographics. Within the Tea Party. Really OK so solidly the way to appeal to the the -- American demographic is too. Is to war raise the minimum wage so that they'll get fired in the they can go on welfare. And not stage and a stay at home with their kids that's the way to appeal to the the real to the real America okay. Yeah by the way to -- what just so -- just texted me this and reminds me. You -- for truth that that was to a seven pocketbook down and Tea Party but to those seven has would -- Didn't want to come -- after next. Mr. crunchy granola moon with the pony tail. And the and the Burke and stocks in the and the tent dress in the knitting. The coming after -- would Stahl. First they came after the nuclear power plants then they came after a coal fired power plant came after the suvs and now. Coming after the wood stoves. In Euro by yourself. Mr. Crunchy mr. Ben and Jerry's Paul your next with how we -- going at all. And they -- to go back to what you were talking first of all I hope -- well Ali yeah you know. Yes to go back to what you're talking about previously about the FCC bank yes. Well it's it's people like you Rush Limbaugh Laura Ingram where we -- -- itself because you how many people your driver over to our side. I hope so ball. Seriously. I mean if you think about it why else he can't he can't criticize you know the dear leader. And this is just another poor way to trying gain more control. I -- I agree I mean there's no other way to to want to look at this I mean there's there's there's no possible way to spend a positive light on us this is just the eight. He raw power. You know and it's and it's AA violation of everything that this country means and again I don't mean this delicacy of 62 when it's advantage twirled. Absolutely it's true Ali -- You can't look at the world through these rose colored glasses your whole life and not realizing hey it is -- picture really is bright is you know it's being -- that. They act. I know I I know every every gold you know and you all you gotta do -- go back and and and read his history you know I mean that's the that's the thing you know Obama's sodium Smart but he needn't be an all these guys and his administration are Smart they don't know history and in you know what I don't -- here. If they they were only read history to see how. How Julius Caesar did it you know how -- how how Oliver Cromwell. You know going back at. It is they don't they don't care about democracy -- -- if you if you cared. About. -- about the -- the liberties. But at liberty is a better word than freedom. But liberty and we have enjoyed and and that's what's drawn. Everybody. That this country all of these all these years. And they and they and they just wanna. Toss it away they they want they want power. And and it never works their system of government national works look at what's going on in Venezuela they've hit. Fifteen years of communism and what have they got to show for they've got there there are awash in oil and they're absolutely broke. They have blacked out every day even though they have more energy than they know what to do what but nobody can if everything is its total call option. Total of total did the the government is is running a -- they yet they the they closed down newspapers and radio stations TV stated they. The it's just it's a horrible horrible. Country and and this and this this is a -- and Obama Obama love Dutch events. And how we car. Yeah. 177. 18774694322617. Says remember the 1970s clam shell alliance the wanted to shut down Seabrook their -- split would not Adams. They worse curvy crew. Recovered a couple of their rights for The Herald and almost went over to the state police site master Billy collecting animal for the head west. Well. They have these little -- with -- with a laconic as the defining PA can access let's let's have a caucus that he what we're gonna do. I suggest we ground. It was I was there covering the news mark your next with how we cargo ahead mark. You know Eric I. Vessel -- so there. Thank you thank you he needs your purse hey -- -- -- -- with the -- -- so he doesn't work experience and a country and it's another thing. -- -- And yet he got more productive jobs certainly and being a community organizer someone's got to drive the buses. I don't think the communities really need to be organized. Thanks for the call mark.