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Unions Power Down

Feb 19, 2014|

Last week' the autoworkers at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. voted not to join the United Auto Workers even though Volkswagen did not stand in their way. Last year Michigan became a right-to-work state meaning that union membership cannot be a condition of employment and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) battled with public-sector unions in 2011 eliminating collective bargaining rights. Howie discussed if unions are on their way out.

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And we'll talk about the unions usually we've we've talked about this for a little vista's been more stories about this but the the via. Defeat that the United Auto Workers suffered in the in Chattanooga Tennessee. They try to organize the the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga and the even had a help from the -- the the company the company did not oppose it. And Tennessee has a right to work state so you don't -- even if even if the union have been approved. Nobody would head to join the union although I don't know what the story is with pay maybe have to pace don't pay your dues. But. It's pretty clear that people. Don't like unions nearly as much as they used to I'm. I say this is someone who was a member reunion for about thirty years various unions for about thirty years. And you know one when I get into reunion I follow me I've been working -- and non union. Newspaper. And it in covering up police department that was think we're going with the Teamsters. I was for -- pro union at that time even know what covered covered a union strike once where you spoke about it C they are told that story about I got a call one they from the management company. This truck and company was fighting off a big teamster strike this week when the Teamsters work. Totally mop up in the all the all the union. Union retirement funds were going straight to Vegas to mob. And so they this this company dated pilots afraid it was call that was owned by the sharp family. And that daughter was the PR person. And I was covering the strike and it was it was nasty. Really nasty this was down Winston-Salem North Carolina. When they get a call. At my house from from wind Sharpe PR moment for them the only member. And she says can you can you get if they can you get a photographer out here now. And I said it was two to our house price of what four. And she said the Teamsters last night Hong. They had a they they have swing excuse they had a swing set and these guys have come in there. The -- they're wrapped the chains -- -- the Saint Bernard and just hung it. Needless to say we wrote -- story about what we can put a picture in the paper too gross. Still I you know I I. I still thought you know maybe maybe -- maybe unions are somewhat necessary. You know if you're if you're getting if you're an industry where you're getting abused but -- -- -- but after soon after joining the union I began to realize that. The the union that the union was running for itself and for the officers in the union and -- that there was not running for me -- -- as I began to see that the Democrat policies of the the national party we're just kill people like me. And and everybody else in the in the in in the news room. And yet the union. Was. Taking money do news in giving them to these Democrats. Who work. Trying to economically. Kill me I mean it really war you know let's say these were people were supporting affirmative action. I mean I was -- ethically you know affirmative action. Affirmative action is being used against me my name is not Jay Rockefeller my name is how we car. My name is not wiggles worth crown and she you know I can't go to work at the goal -- You know open globe was -- the globe and places like that they were using affirmative action as a way to say no Irish need apply. In these in no Italians need apply in no Catholics need -- and and these. Square one. The source side of unions this is by Bruce walker in the American thinker. Michigan Republicans should use their control of state government when -- the right to work law over the protests of union. In a state at once ruled by the UAW Ohio -- right to work. That means you don't have to join the union to have a job of the the big if you're not a right to work state Europe closed shop states that means. If the union has organized -- the workplace. You have to belong to the union average -- So close match and closed shop is it's a very oppressive situation. Ohio have right to work on the 2014. 2014 ballot because Republicans for. Push for the battle in Minnesota one of the bedrock of leftists support in the Rust Belt. The DFL Democrat farmer labor party. Polls show minnesotans -- right to work law by them lopsided margin of total one. Even in Pennsylvania want practically run by big label Republicans are pushing for right to work laws. Consider a number of union members in just the seventh State's 400000 Wisconsin's 770000. Michigan 350000. Indiana. 7151000. Ohio 400000 Minnesota 850000. Pennsylvania 300000 Missouri that's -- Rust Belt right. That means four million in forced campaign contributors to collapse political battles against conservatism in America. So so what this means is that. That all these unions beat all those jobs building the Keystone Pipeline. Would be union. Jobs. All the jobs in the refineries. On the Gulf Coast. Where the oil from the keystone XL pipeline. Would. End up. Would be union. Job apps. And yet. They unions. Are taking money. From. People who would love to work on -- the pipeline or at the refinery. And giving it. Couldn't to mourn bat politicians who were trying to stop the Keystone Pipeline from being belt. So that we can continue to be dependent. On now on terrorists who wanted who want to sell us oil and give the money from selling us oil. To the next generation of -- -- You tell me how how IE how I'd vote you and you know what was I happy to godly union you're damn right I was happy to get out of the union. What do the union -- for me. More and more workers see unions is in him he's not friends include me -- The recent union growling over the impact on negotiated health care plans by obamacare is only one of the many self inflicted wounds caused by big labor. And it's -- the couple left. Howls of union leaders that they fought many battles to elect Democrats drew little reaction from the left which use union leaders. As simply shall rob bosses and their chain gangs -- twelve point. In states like West Virginia once reliably democratic the savage repression of the coal industry by federal regulators. Has not only deprived our nation of its most abundant energy resources but also driven huge trunk of the work force. In the long grey lines of unemployment caused by leftist machinations and nothing else. Stopping projects like the Keystone Pipeline cost workers' jobs for the sake of -- had leftists. Industrial unions like the UAW have. Utterly guided America's competitive advantage. You it's good or bad I. You know again in the you know in the old days when you know the Molly McGwire were running around the there that was those were the Irish immigrants who were in the coal mines that working 1618 hours a day. You've got battle line they said in the militia and they shot yet. Yes of course they needed unions then but now a union unions are just -- cool of the of the marxists in the Democrat. Party it's it is. It's ridiculous and they and they did the and you know we're told all we can do something about it's you know guns are so terrible. And -- you have a Guy Ritchie trumka who's the president of the AFL CIO. Who gets up gets up and says we've got to bust heads in the street. You know isn't that went to. He never he never accused of hate speech he's never accused of its -- violence. Even the -- says he wants to what bust heads in the street. Scott your next with Howie -- go ahead Scott. I -- I'm Paula thank you. I'm Republican and am I union -- of any. And out the -- like -- -- to get benefits. -- -- In any construct contrary EPA they won't pay you -- -- Health insurance various academic career when nor -- -- not in regular. -- that's a big reason I don't believe me you know federal employees because they don't find your own pension you know. You know why I disagree. Yeah but we don't you think unions or don't you think unions have been and have been harmful to the economy of the United States in recent years. Well yeah they they don't like be like if there -- more Republicans. Kind of -- -- up -- good options -- electric. Local actually. Is president and vote Republican truthfully got a couple of other really. But just when we get out you know when it legal and bought you know obviously whale. Whale -- and -- still seems to me you know that mafia. Influence. -- a ball there there definitely is a there I mean I I you know I can't name you specific unions that are still controlled by the mafia but there's definitely. There's definitely organized crime types in the day in the in the union's. I'd tell you one more concerned these days Scott I'm more concerned about the the nose ring crowd in the pinky ring ground you know. The real and you're right the public sector unions are totally out of control. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ever there's two point seven million people in Chicago. And every citizen of Chicago which includes you know probably a million welfare recipients at least. And illegal aliens who don't worker don't pay taxes every citizen in Chicago was on the hook for 20000 dollars. In union pensions. Mean that's just -- I can't -- want. Thanks for the call Scott. 1877469432218774694322. Problem with the union is an employer cannot reward good workers and gets stuck with poor workers and more and more workers -- process. Yet they they had -- they -- guys at that Harrell two who couldn't do any thing and they would become they they would realize that they would. That they were in danger of being treated as as the newspaper industry even in the seventies began contracting. And they would become business agents or some kind of union people and took to keep but to keep the key piece. To keep labor peace they would give these the BP's union. Mean -- with the all these jobs went to the union two to the union they didn't have to go out and cover fires they didn't have to stay late and a rewrite stories and I work on the you know work on the you don't replay being from addition to the front page -- 1 o'clock. They have all the soft jobs and that's another reason why weren't to dislike unions because they saw the way -- -- batters. Were around were awarded as they -- they were they what they were taxed just like just like an idea. In a -- government bureau. Proceed Robert your next with Howie -- go ahead Robert. C'mon Hollywood crazy just because unions can give up the 151000 and political -- agents but everyone -- so captive 500. If you don't opinions here on them the -- canceled a Democrat Eddie didn't you gotta be nicer to these folks. -- I don't know I got I'd like I cattle like Marty while she you know like account like some of the stuff he's done he's been sort of on less PC even the Menino was. But I mean you're right I mean they had basically slave -- out there get -- collecting votes for him during the last election in Boston you know. Stayed there like dead in the last municipal elections in my home I'll go to the kid who won the open seat. 78 people all help and home every weekend. Chemical might have banned from that all of the unions from all the other -- -- -- work for the CI you folks at -- yeah. That's where that's one of the worst ones of all Service Employees International Union SC you know there they're real they are real way. And you know the other thing to Robert -- -- seem with the Walt show I wrote some columns about all these people. You know the -- and united brotherhood of cement workers from you know Howard Beach in the in the queens or Brooklyn. You know who these people that are giving him money come on the battle but laborers from Chicago. Why he was -- -- with a member of the laborers from Chicago. You know that was run by a family that I don't wanna get into its. I just I had this the the union uses the the downfall of the unions is is good news for America -- like. Thanks for the call Robert 187 so I mean I was a union guy 26 years I'm a conservative I hate Demi lips that's five away. How we MTA makes me embarrassed to be university professor at 603 how. But the empty I mean there's an example or the or you don't want everyone called the NEA the national educators association. These -- the people. That don't wanna have charter schools they have. Is supposed to be. The black president taken care you know Eric Holder says he's taken care black people black people can't be charged with hate crimes the only people arrested for doctor outcry of federal block out Brian white people. What they really need to do is gets black kids in the decent schools I mean that's that's one thing they got a big. The parents have to take responsibility but the second point is. You have to get blacks into good schools and they try to stop the charter schools the union the teacher's union try to stop charter schools. They try to stop any responsibility. By having. Testing that that by having any kind of testing that the that merit. So that did the teachers can be judged on their merits 18774694322. Now car. 1877. -- 69432218774694322. Of the Teamsters local. When he -- here in Boston. The presidential portrait commission on organized crime back in the eighties said it was totally controlled by the winner colonel guy. Capital One Erdogan was members of local 25 how you think you learn to hijacked trucks. We think it's easy to hijacked a truck I mean you got an orchard the when you know you gotta cut through the fifth tire and elect kind of stuff. You doubles were guys who -- -- both were guys who knew how to do it. Plus they you know plus it was a lot easier if you if you knew the schedules to -- And you know than their than you you know Jackie Bulger got a he got a union job as soon as he. As soon as he lost his pension he got he he was taken care of lot of those guys and a lot of those gangsters and that up on the Big -- Work and support quote on quote work on. When Y eighty. Went to Chicago after he has that identity is his first alias was busted in 96 -- Thomas Baxter identity. He stay with this guy named. There with a guy named O'Brien who wore. Who was also known as Barney Grogan and his his brother was in the his brother was a judge in the Cook County Democrat organization that they -- And in this guy was a bank robber and he got a job with the laborers international union which was run by some guys seem to hamper him week for him. Who were you know they work. Well think figured out for yourself I mean that's -- -- -- and they you know they used to when that Teamsters started. When the teamster locals started for doing the driving of the driving was handled by Jimmy for the it was a it was run by Jimmy -- who was a it was a member of the winner holding his picture on the chart if you wanna check out and rifleman. And he was the and they used to rent Steve Stevie Flemmi some apartments in the back bay. For a rough for the for the yet -- groups of comment to Boston to make the movies. And a bit but I mean that's minor stuff compared to what the teachers unions have done wrecked trying to trying to wreck. The charter schools I mean that's that's something that's really. Really evil I mean trying to do cry if underprivileged kids are getting an education to get out of the ghetto just to feather their own maps I mean and and and then going and telling us. His strength which com -- to run. -- -- -- -- 187746943. 220 let's see here. Retired teacher -- it is this is 978 paid any EA MTA and local union dues for 35 years the only thing I ever got was mailings telling me how to vote union dues terrible waste of money my money. I can't imagine they're they're few things in life more frustrating than knowing your your money supporting your enemies. And people who don't have your best interest of heart. You know like if you're pipeline and use your unionized pipeline worker in the when you build the the union -- what you bill -- the the pipelines. Because they -- rubbed it their allied with moon bats like Tom speier and then Barack Obama. Or if you're trying to get a job somewhere and and you're being passed over because you're white male and yet the union supports that. Policy build your next with how we cargo ahead bill fifth we will -- -- fifth wheel I'm sorry I'm sorry you call me mister beautiful people. I at least know what it was that night I at least knew there was a fifth -- I called admit a mistake and call that a fifth -- sorry about that go ahead. People call me yuppie model beautiful people go ahead go ahead bill I'm a yuppie Mo. -- yes they our goods made two quick points 11 thing is that. They keep making your assertion that -- this increase in the minimum wages or going to affect. In other it's only going to be -- increase for those employees that are -- minimum wage. But that's not the case because let's say all of a sudden. Somebody's been worked in at a place for two or three years and they didn't make it nine fit in all of a sudden the -- -- just started it make intent and well you got to bomb packed I have to qualify right and so on and so on and so on and then somebody's got to get laid off. Right and again you know what's going to be I mean you know whether you're nonunion or union the same world's. First hired first fired right. Right exactly the other the other point is a friend of mine and I used to work with this guy. It is their -- And it meant for small company made medium small company -- office installations are most apartment try to use their own guys but some aren't -- at that union. Everything you know back to recommend ninety's you know there's -- and -- -- with the team and did a good job to stop but he said. For you know ever since early 2000 he says they're just horrible -- work -- A date these guys show up and they don't have the tools. So they have the fight these guys ODs yeah but the power tool kits to go with which always disappear yet. Last hired first fired excuse me -- sorry about that. Yeah I remember when Massport we have a story right after 9/11 they they had they had an overnight crew working at Massport. The Logan Airport. And the world union -- union electricians. And they clot from the U all of the more sleep they had a little lie how they had a little lot lean to worst or shed type thing. And they all had beds in there and they were all just go there and sleep all all all the overnight union people would sleep. You know. That's that's the way it is and then you -- that that you had to Patrick senator -- -- each other. Made 300 grant as a union electrician one year gee you think it helped that he was his for his his son. It was a state -- and then a state senator. -- -- -- You can smell the -- and boos during second ship these guys are hammered when they go and leave work ridiculous than they get laid often take training jobs for people need to work and they find that -- -- -- bucks an hour. Can't feed a family.