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Immigrants with "limited" terror contact are allowed in the United States.

Feb 7, 2014|

Obama administration allows immigrants with 'limited' terror contact into US.

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And -- important and it's. Welcome back to the corner reports seven. Nineteen here on WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. Dennis Dennis Dennis is unbelievable this is just Debra Kelly it's a scandal didn't. It's just the scandal a day and a wish you all -- -- daily dear leader scandal check out this way. So the Department of Homeland Security along with the State Department in particular. Secretary of Homeland Security Joseph Johnson. And secretary of state and -- -- what -- Have made any unilateral. Change. To an immigration law. That deals with terrorism and terrorists being allowed into the United States. As refugees or asylum seekers. So currently just that you understand. The law is very tight it's very closely written. Whereby if you are terrorist if you have links that terrorists if you provided material support to terrorist financial support to terrorist. Any kind of support to terrorists. You cannot enter the United States as an asylum seeker or as a refuge eight. Makes perfect sense right this was all -- formulated right after nine elevenths. Well according now to shop -- I'll swap. And -- and State Department as well as Homeland Security he you know laterally. They have now changed the whole law. And they have now brought in an exemption I kid you not. That now asylum seekers and refugees. From places such as Lou Chechnya. Saudi Arabia. Siri. He rock. Afghanistan. Libya. You name your country. If they claim to be persecuted if they claim to be an asylum seeker. Even if they have provided I'm giving you know the official terminology quote. Limited to material support quote unquote. To terrorists. Are allowed to and toured the United States as asylum seekers and refugees. As long as the State Department and VHS believe they don't pose a threat to the United States. So even if you provided quote limited material support. To al-Qaeda. Or Hezbollah. Or to any of the other terrorist groups across the Middle East no problem. That that hey it's like DC yeah fear it's not an automatic disqualify her. And so map out how you can come into the United States as a refugee -- is an asylum seeker. So I want you think about there's been plain language. Yes then if you picked up a gun. And shot ambassador Chris Davis. Or you be headed Daniel Pearl we have standards. And all I know -- liberals I know it's the Obama regime but we have standards. No you can't come into the country as a refugee here and asylum seeker however. However. If you bought those guns. If you provided them -- the ammunition to put into those guns. If you cheered him. I'm hello hello hello hello the -- -- -- -- -- If you were there -- dancing around the compound and Ben -- As they were killing Cris Stevens and Sean Smith. Well look that's fine if you wanna be a refugee and asylum seeker because we will not hold that against you. Now. Have we learned nothing. From the Boston bombings. Because if that these are exactly the kind of people. That -- many Arabs that we're gonna start allowing legal leap into the United States not forget the fact that many of them now are entering our border. Through our porous southern border. But now they can literally have connections. As timer landed. To let's say Chechen jihadist groups Muslim extremist groups in Chechnya. In all they were involved in training camps. They were out raising mine me. For them but -- that they didn't blow anybody up not yet. They will legally be allow to apply for refugee status as that's -- natives were. When they came into this country and then eventually plotted the Boston -- This is what we're doing here in the United States of America. So now we're basically giving a green light. To a lot of terrorists to be able to enter the United States of America. It says this is. You couldn't make this stuff top. You literally could not make this stuff up pretty -- wanted to have a giant neon sign to all did you come on bone. -- America. Open for business come on down. I think this is. Now and there's -- there's that issue so not only now are we gonna be putting more Americans in jeopardy let me ask all of -- this. Why do we need these kinds of immigrants. Since winning -- become our problem in our mission and our duty. To take -- people from all over the world. Even if they have provided quote limited material support to terrorists. What are we two worlds is dumping ground. For criminals and wannabe jihadist. Since when do we all people around the world he -- the coming to their two into our country that's number one number two. This thing is not only you moral. It not only jeopardizes the national security of the United States my friends -- legal. Some constitutional. Only congress can make that change. Only it was congress that passed the immigration law. Tightening of the restrictions. On who can come into the country and who can't come into the country as refugees or asylum seekers. It's only congress that can change the law. So here you have the administration. Again. Unilaterally. Rewriting. All law. That is none of this authority. Is none of its prerogative and has no power to do so whatsoever. Again this is another even legal. Unconstitutional. Do you legitimate act by it is out of control executive branch. Except this time. They're doing it to allow. Potential terrorists to enter the United States of America. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Liberals. Would rather commit suicide. Then stand up to the jihadist and terrorist that wanna kill us. They would rather commit suicide. They confront the radical islamists. There are spreading like wildfire. Across the world. -- John Boehner. Where's Mitch McConnell. Where's mission where is John McCain mr. national security where's Lindsay Graham where's Kelly AA dot. How come they're not screaming bloody murder about the us. So we need now what Mort Simon does that come into the country is not what we mean. Is that good is that good for the United States diversity is that what diversity is our strength. So we need to bring in more people from a slam is. That's gone on all they never actually strapped the bomb and small lol I'd I never and I don't go -- try to. My. Nine I don't know I don't pick up collegiate golf and should the -- -- -- I never blow myself up. No but. Yeah I guess I chanting -- it did the only good drew his individual yes the only good Dominican is a -- Dominican yes death to America yes that's my favorite song. That paramedic had diplomatic. But yes but I need asylum I want to come into America I want to leave American dream. Palestinian. And preferably plays I like Massachusetts. In particular Cambridge. I hear you have BBP cut -- -- even if for your apartment -- everything. -- that gives me more time to build pressure cooker bombs that's why I am as what to Cambridge they say it's the best place in the world outside of Mecca. If you Muslim extreme yes it's a Mecca amid the map. And then Campbell which is the best is absolutely the best. Let me ask all of you this. The Obama administration. Led by your -- house swap Kerry. Has now unilaterally. Changed our law. To allow immigrants in particular refugees. And asylum seekers. With a limited material support limited contacts with terrorists. Into the United States. Should we be allowing people. With even any kind of contact with terrorists into our country is this what we meet or is this the act of national suicide. Are we big ink are we asking. For another 9/11 or another Boston bombing. 729. Here on WRKO. 6172666868. Is the number. I wanna hear from you Boston all of your calls. Let's stick it to Angela in the newsroom. So that's why can't these -- here's what's happening in AMBER Alert for following this story this morning two young children kidnapped. At gunpoint from Pennsylvania the. WRKO. Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer. The Department of Homeland Security along with the State Department personally led by Musharraf -- what -- They have now unilaterally. Changed the immigration law I -- June not now. Individuals. Around the world. With quote a limited contact or limited material support for terrorists. Basically you've given MI me you have cheered Amman. Maybe -- sold them some weapons. Will now be allowed to enter the United States as refugees. Or asylum seekers. Is these is this what we need into this country. We need Mort sign AMs coming into our country. Do you think it's a good thing or like many liberals you know as many liberals say it's about Paul Lawrence -- come. Passion and I've heard city. Or like I mean do you think this is an active national suicide. 6172666868. Is the number. Are we now just asking. For another 9/11 or Boston bombing 6172666868. Is the number. Pat Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I can't -- -- at vanity. Drag Fahrenheit below blood pressure did you really great that Kate first about -- get to. He -- lying he lied about that particular any rap sheet saying I'm sitting here in the address but he -- let me. And he's lying about being on call detente and knock out he's operating in Italy this flick and they it now he lived with them for a few weeks I can't. Now we've got collect all he is Kenyan relatives -- and actually the brother that collects about not Islam brought aboard. Why don't we just say Oliver about my relatives. Can yeah Iran well can't answer that Tony is getting -- that it be happy. Or just getting Social Security possibility that (%expletive) Well -- that -- but nothing but the best for them dearly to his family. She went getting something back I think people read that trend aren't Americans -- like that that this great. I'm Matthew -- Cheney got a. Health -- And then it saying about out of people on Social Security. Well -- -- about 300 between what they take out of social security and when I take the -- right. Didn't have to work and it's an American. And they had gonna get to subsidize spent nothing so that they can pick and has Apolo take safe. Game two. Make up home. Get nick being happy. Pat can I tell you what's your biggest mistake was I'm my biggest. Heart. Well yes you should -- -- that was one mistake but the second mistake was why were you born in the United States you see if you were born in Kenya up. Look you can come on down here you get a says the eyes get free health care free rent they're free heating oil. He did -- -- at a place of not having to live because he was caught in Hawaii. He would cut because he gave an address that she was posing for The Herald font. He gets caught alive because it came out that he would let them would be on call you out he got an -- -- I count on all of our. Oh down right come on cars and our idea. That at bat Brett ship are opening everybody thank you so much back god bless you I don't really think the price is right. But I Obama is is Bob Barker -- All the jihadist. All the -- come on down now we had bullied should bat on yesterday -- expert on terrorism. You've got my league call Obama. The president's brother raising money for the Muslim Brotherhood in Kenya. You've got other Brothers connected with Obama. They're also tied the Hamas and they're raising money for radical islamists. Soul. If small leak is Smart Malik if you're listening. Forget Kenyan citizenship. Just come miners are refugees so what you raise money and support the Muslim Brotherhood. It's no big deal it's just limited support. Of full fledged you never put up a gun and shot somebody. Come on down he'll become a refugee we gave you a green card. Food stamps. We'll throw a couple lead BP cards your way you want a nice apartment in Cambridge no problem -- subsidize that as well come you want an Obama phone Malik. No you can talk to your pals in the Muslim Brotherhood and will pay the tab come on down the leak. 6172666868. Is the number Charles Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I I I guess. I mean -- hard what compliment let me ask it is actually Jared Allen reduced. By -- by this quote I'm probably 73 years old next month and I grew up. Period when I was on Cape Cod with my family when the world war landed and it did just that this is insanity and why we what what. What are -- man. Water out and land on the beaches of Normandy war and you know I and I guess she while waiting to speak have you. And I guess he did back in the even more liberal presence. FDI. During World War II. I'm rested and executed -- -- situation. And bring this up I it's insane and I don't think I have been one of the points I don't think it's just. Certainly. We can't go around congress if that's actually unconstitutional. I do not understand. YAB. Why we haven't impeach a president because this this is seven long tradition they want hoping that. This is -- closures we have this remind you know what I read about in -- passing -- and that city -- exactly and that eighty your idea to go away and. Foresees -- series. And sibling match which enabled the actually has -- the country to Germany to work. Got them pretty much occasions civilized car and I think more a lot of people know what my point is -- I think that this. She stopped and I would still were more oil. Where's that works more Republicans who had the have. Ford two to do so we just don't have all of the leadership and Natalie Connally and the Republican Party has announced that mr. -- Something that -- -- This democracy and an evening narrow up quite so thought I am sure you were -- likely we wouldn't want shots doesn't stressed and I just hope we can not put them. Thank you so much Charles look we have a feckless. Gutless. He useless Republican leadership. And a look cute touched on it I might students were always asked me this always. But how could a civilized country like Germany remembers is very important point. Germany in the 1920s in 1930s was the most culturally economically. Advanced country in Europe remember. This is the land of Beethoven. This is the land of balk. This is the land of the a German industrial revolution. Germany was -- -- they were defeated in World War I yes. But they were considered Europe's cultural and economic power house. And too many would say but how could this tin pot wanna be dictator this little kernel. -- suddenly become the furor become the dictator of a country in such quick time. While a look around you know. Look look at the herd mentality. Look how many people blindly follow this -- a cult of personality. That's number one number two look held guilt -- so many people are you know why nobody teaches them because he's black. Love all these guilt ridden white liberals. If any if George Bush did what Barack Obama did I'm telling you forget impeachment they would have driven a lot of Washington DC there would have been a lynching. And so and then you have this -- feckless. Gutless. Cowardly leadership. There are starting -- John bonehead and Mitch McConnell. Who don't wanna stand up to this man I'll tell you. If this -- mean this is Jeff corner and his State of the Union Address when he went again. About this is a time for action and I have executive orders and on the federal minimum wage and on immigration reform and he's running down all checklist. And he says if you don't act I will. You know my response would have been impeached. You you go with your executive and we go impeachment impeach. Huge cross this line catcher apparel this is not a dictatorship Mr. President this is a constitutional system -- checks and balances. Where the Republicans. Where's the opposition. Who's defending the republic. Who's defending us. Victor Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Age you have already Diller are combat Marino is safe job -- -- crew chief for Vietnam continue imagine. Don't -- the Marines that I picked up if they if they weren't killed by booby cup so being shocked by the VCR and be very. The other I think people just you know I'm dismissing the ignition. Just a bit offline and then you can imagine this. That President Obama says you know all the bee pollen they just you know they just carried the missiles they didn't shoot the missiles. You know they just had been booby traps you actually you know -- gunpowder. We're gonna let them come to the United States in not only -- we -- do you see you combat veterans and regular garden and you're noncombat -- We're gonna make cute taxpayers and babies babies being caught in these. North will live beyond our north Vietnamese army. People because you know wide world war loving passionate people even though they killed 55000. People in -- and blood boil the only thing that I can say. Is that I don't believe that the Republican Party. Is it is waiting for this election. Before they -- this guy because they had not Gerstein impeachment now and well a bit the last point what article not jobs are look on the payroll while lady. Giving them our government -- There are parallel to those people by saying protect the president argued being impeached -- wait until election and -- give -- -- on this site. From your lips to God's ears Victor I hope you're right. You know I want all I'm not trying to boy your -- even -- you want to boil over this is this the fact I'm just pointing out an obvious fact. If you're that serenade -- you get EBT carts you get food stamps you get welfare you name it. If you're now a jihadist you just provide them with material support okay you come on down your and your Malik Obama. -- off full Monty you get everything. But if you're a service member bureau veteran. According to the latest budget. Blank you screw you because they're gonna -- pensions. So if you go after. It's our lives his -- -- if you go after the EBP carts if you go after the welfare and on on on all know all -- a cold heartless Republican. But when it comes to the vets who fought for this country many of whom gave up their lives for this country or their limbs for this country blank you know we're gonna take your pension money. Ducks liberalism in an optional 61726. X 6868. Is the number. Welcome to Obama's America. 748 here on.