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Walid Shoebat Talks About The Threats At The Olympics And The Iran Deal.

Feb 6, 2014|

Walid Shoebat joins Jeff to talk about the Sochi Olympic terrorist threats as well as the Iran deal.

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They don't fly here on WORK you know welcome back to. Our three of the corner report. Jeff -- Boston bulldozers. We've got the threat of a possible Islamic terrorist attacks in sold -- During the Olympic Games in Russia. We now have Iran boasting about a peace deal with the United States and western powers. A lot of stuff is going on to talk about this and so much more were joined again by the one and only while lead sure but. He's -- an author on several bestselling books on radical Islamic and the Middle East. One of the world's biggest expert on Islamic terrorism. While we'd welcome back to the corner report. Thank you rhetoric. I won't eat a lot of stuff I wanna talk to you about but let me the census the issue do usual or as they say this Sochi Olympics. You now have Chechen Muslim extremists are threatening the troop attention to be black widows two female suicide bombers. Of launching attacks in Sochi or targets across Russia. What do you make of it do you think they will launch an attack and should we as Americans with our athletes they -- should we be concerned. Well yes of course all of you concerned that slow and old say. Wouldn't say it's -- red Kabul where he went fiscal. Think whatever I do Larry I know where all the time we need to be concerned every day not just win -- threats. By Islamic terrorist because many times a worse threat. And usually read news you know sort of the threat but when there is no threat is to look -- it would bloody eleven so if we take -- -- The cautioned that every day is a threat than me -- well aware of it but until then. Americans aren't aware until it happens it's good scored read only after the shock. That's shouldn't be this Nikita should be every day we should deflect the Israelis the Israelis know even after a terrorist attack -- to continue on life. So you know what they're ready to succeed to within the philosophy we don't know it's impossible to find out. While -- what do you make of president Putin's crack down. Do you think he's been effective in waging the war on Islamic terrorism. Whether it be in Chechnya or the north caucuses or in Russia. Well I mean he's much more effective than our president. Mean he takes being you know he does take charge of this country did. But it better than he does still the terrorist what he's going to do and you know. These did not bombing that happened he did make a lot of you -- come back -- terrorists so it's quite different the way we deal with. The wee -- did you Steris. It's not just terrorism will need to be wary about -- infiltration. Only Islamic brotherhood of extremists and our government. You know that's not happening in Russia it's happening here in the US. It's comes from these extremists. Surviving a -- -- the more extremist we. The more than we have potential. -- -- -- Mean you don't have terrorist attacks in the areas where it is more islamists have been there. So you know this sounds political on for ever terrorism will always be wood off. The question is how we -- terrorism which fortnight by removing the major organizations. That's basically. So at this stage for the terrorists. You know the -- from Islamist mall the cult from he bombs that's where we need to hit the leaders we need to go to those areas and removed discussing. Start of Islamic republic of the education of terrorism the -- do you have a schools that schools are. Sold it to the problem we need to deal would be would respect it if we don't go to respective. We deliver solve a problem but there's just pick it it's called Islamic -- It's called the Muslim Brotherhood when will the United States and even here recognized the Muslim Brotherhood is a terror entity. In Egypt it's considered a terrorist organization in England it's not in the US it's not. Until we take -- -- charge and saying look and the radical islamists -- the terrorists. Any agenda that teaches this radical islamists -- the terrorist public speaking for how long or were -- President Obama family. They raise formed from the US to advance the cause of terrorism. Yet to. There's nothing that immediate thought is nothing the congress dog and it took that one congressperson speaks out on the issue. Islamic brotherhood infiltration. We get them to silent we still -- that they're racist. Just we. We -- bogged down. About racism in this country we don't exercise racism in this country it is racism everywhere in the world we have the least. Nation in the world. The exercises recent -- nobody talked about terrorism what happens you're racist -- -- Islam phobic than anything knows the tactics. They use those tactics and -- follow through. We're talking with a well we sure bat. He's a world renowned expert on terrorism he's written multiple books on Islam and the Middle East. While lead you touched on something a little bit earlier -- a kind of expound and and have you sort of comment on. He said that Muslim extremists had infiltrated our government can you amplify on -- what are you -- Well there wouldn't machine but what brought to issuable shall go to. That she was talking about -- beginning it was no one has ever refuted what she has roots and that award from McCain's fault he just sports some long and all that truly is and all that this but nobody refuted arguments. That there is infiltration you have even the Clinton foundation. How bad family. Father and the son the son works in the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Because of the revolution in Egypt. The father or is very much involved in the Clinton foundation. They work with so most of them tremendously. I want somebody brings big issue up they're bad they're racist or bigoted. But there is tremendous amount of infiltration in our government you have even President Obama family. I brought tremendous amount of information I was -- medical ball well. How his grandmother saw Obama all the funding -- these -- have a full 501 C three. In fact just recently -- even discovered that there's more to it in this case. You know the president of the United States brother acts as sort of an ambassador overseas. Non -- ambassador he speaks over the place they he cooperates with the union of good. He works is executed director. And it's for the Islamic double organization -- -- understand what what I mean -- I think of the union for good. But the uniform code which is organization will we know that each of the -- Is under total government. As a terrorist entity beans for good there's an executive order 13224. By the by the US Treasury Department designated -- from goods as a terrorist front. In the front afforded in front for Hamas. These these these organizations over fifty Islamic fundraising groups worldwide. Including this very organization that President Obama brother works under an executive director. Is considered terrorist entity. In other words they raise money for -- in fact he's very much he uses the US funded. Travel and seems to be called the Barack. Each Obama foundation. And he meet Swiss. The group hold slamming. What it means that whooped in Saudi Arabia that -- -- it's been known fact. And he wants to combine his efforts. -- -- effort on the at least 501 C three. This is why Obama correct. Medic medic a single bomb and Alec Hussein Obama. That's correct then and in fact. You can go to my website shabbat but -- you can see how has the billboards in his own village. Combines the ideal Islamic done all the vegetation. With a -- each Obama foundations. Teresa fund these all these issues he's talking about when he applied for -- 501 -- -- has been paid in full. The well he's supposedly talking about what state by a slot. And this -- -- a terror entity. Terrorism its funding what he wants what as far as -- -- for the town. All these things while he is raising funds from the United States of America. To support and defense terrorist called -- the meetings are -- the war. The defense are going -- what's going on in Egypt -- another case in point he works for so what about. So what about how is the head of the Islamic -- organization. So what they have issued passports for all the fleeing Muslim Brotherhood leaders to escape -- done. And from Saddam this -- to Turkey. So in other words he's working for an organization that is considered a terrorist entity because. Either of them the official. How last. Union from good web site. You know being able to get it usually works for is included. People can donate in fact Daschle and Dick legal web sites. He has been nearly fifty web site Islamist web sites that are raising funds going directly to have -- To a terrorist organization. In which his organization. Islamic -- organization works for is listed. And this had been going on for ages and it's in the Arabic language you tragically these things in the Arabic language. People don't have the time to even get Google translate. To see that I'm telling the truth you know -- is amazing what is going on with the Obama family. It is amazing what Obama himself is doing I mean if you look at his and his brother relationship with Saddam. Then you how President Obama almost treatment. To the Christians of the new self. Would they tried to defend themselves. He built until about tool not even defend himself to go to -- president Obama's policies that comes in the Middle East to shoot down to Egypt. Is very much. Gold along why did this -- lines over his elder brother medical Obama. And -- -- one works from the Sudanese side of the African slide his grandmother has called the new assessment into Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the exploitation of Africa. For the aiding and abetting with a Muslim Brotherhood. For working with a one happy -- infrastructure. And guess what the president is doing this same thing. He's even abetting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt he's telling listen to the -- in the past. Not to defend themselves he's getting on bring in more workers. You know into the government that are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. And he is causing the disaster in the economy we have an annual event I don't know how else say it. You know how it -- taboo to talk about the president. The media had made up. Don't form when Michelle Obama spoke about gravity and she had to be informed she was attacked by everybody in the political arena. But even Republicans to speak out to say. Also remember a human Guinea Michelle Bachmann. Bachmann are sorry you -- we said Michelle Obama's eyes slip at the time for just that. -- are -- Michelle that would Michelle Bachman was criticizing whom I've been -- she was crucified by everybody in the media. Absolutely she was crucified -- You look at John McCain what he's had a -- nothing that was ever said about Michelle Bachmann. Was refuting the fact she brought up not one single thing. You know we -- when you work for the federal government. Associations do matter you can work for the federal government and you have a mother who's the leader in the Muslim Brotherhood. You can be the president of the United States if you have an entire family that is working with a what happens with the -- -- and the evidence is overwhelming. And your brother was acting is that the that diplomatically -- that's going all over the place. You know and speaking in the Big Apple the brought each -- foundation as. Because of my brother is the president and he would only peace between this group and that group -- until at least -- You know who's just in defense and didn't that we didn't we we just took a photo of him. President Barack Hussein Obama and his brother is daunting if not -- yeah. And -- it it says Jerusalem is ours. We ought to marked change for. With the map all of Israel is from the refer to deceit. -- and then uploading more than Arabic which means we -- marching force will more forceful walked. It's come from the Islamic that's ecological view. It is that we are marching forced to Jerusalem the trees in the stalled car -- -- -- -- he's -- -- also took a look at them into the how my spark. He's wearing in support of how -- -- -- look look at the head of the by age -- slow to look. The head of the that is the call him captain Dolan. If this this guy who took the -- still look to god. And who it is is really supportable Hamas he collaborates with him in and joining into this is sent. I -- others with all the organizations. Affiliated with -- has. And he'd gone to -- yet telling the whole world. That I improved from last. You know I don't care but I believe that Israel should be from there there's there's been communicated Palestine should be. From the -- to the -- But he's the writing -- all over -- people look at he didn't speak Arabic he -- Americans need to build in doubt Obama family speaks Arabic this doesn't assessment -- Obama but he -- fund. Two recruits. Distorted. So I think up to go to the most bloody should what have you schools and so get a -- I think he's speaking in classical Arabic the New York Times interviewed President Obama off and he says the most favorite sound you heard is that cold to the prep. And he didn't fight it in classical Arabic how many Americans know the president's speech classical Arabic -- throughout the whole Middle East. Only one who built a Null is the husband that is what the sleeping around. There's only one who go to northern Pickens the -- -- Even the case of the Obama -- toward Egypt in fact it is a filing that -- Obama's brother in Egypt. For questioning about his affairs and what he's doing with about what he's doing with the Islamic -- organization. You can go to my website because -- -- these billboards in his -- -- And from the right side and look at the border front of the bubble up the -- what it's -- -- Islamic doubt what organization on the right which deals. Wish the union from -- to the -- of Hamas. Okay and that this this brought each Obama foundation. All the Americans feel. When the legacy of President Obama to Barack H Obama phone be should it's supposed to be about the legacy of his father and his family. And here it is linked to dealings with NDP the fund has gotten. It is considered a terrorist organization. Called the Luke Lerner did it five -- at least before this guy. But who is the one who influences BI had a -- -- to give and extend illegally a -- -- -- to -- foreign entity that supports terrorists would have voted and we got that in about. Islamic lost we're not talking about you know social issue. Now I got there if terrorism literary out now terrorism pretty out of our talking with while -- show about. He's an expert on Islamic terrorism he's written multiple books also on the Middle East. While lead before -- let you go very quick question are you a quick answer. They'll -- latest deal between the western powers and Iran. The Iranians are saying it does not think it doesn't stop their march to a nuclear bomb. Were we hoodwinked by Obama. Do you think this is a repeat of Munich all over again. A little bit stupidly but Obama no question about it it was President Obama will begin to initiate these issues. Keep you know that they didn't have a nuclear infrastructure it'll be on it's still intact the world continue to be intact it's a pretty good this. Years ago I'd said it on the gold to get the -- period. And you know these so these of looking also -- -- -- look pretty -- Egypt wants to build and hope we're looking -- entire Middle Eastern. The nuclear power house which is going to be disastrous. And this is exactly what -- Obama administration did the bond got its banks open and all the European countries one to be looking on now. And all of a sudden -- gonna -- if she outs in the immediate dirty fight we think we have she actually divided and in Syria. You -- she -- you divide between -- and on and so giddy get in there and I believe. You know -- -- associated -- -- showdown is going to be using -- in the -- and we will have a nuclear attack. More likely not in the states but between Iran and Saudi Arabia so getting -- is the one who's going to lose in the end of the game. But nevertheless illegal behavior so these are very very very nervous about this. This is what is the fallout between so giddy get and the united its start in and then President Obama himself. So he's given the green light for the your audience to really work -- the -- -- -- -- 5%. Since when do we trust the Palestinians in the peace treaty what we trust these -- You know that we dealt with the Palestinians -- -- dealer Islamist -- lucky on -- like amount or elected Palestinian issue. You dealing with people who understand. How old to the -- law and use this idea also. It is but yet -- Matt Moore who now ultimate and understand what won't they just how to be still -- is an enemy. And it on its working -- -- they are really doing it and of course the they're never put any job but they have Hannity who -- -- more slick. Now while lead. Why would Obama want you wrong to get the bomb what's in it for Obama's long term agenda. Well I am not sure why he's doing this well beyond you know because he's look he was used to be mostly. Allied with the Sudanese. And now he's becoming an ally with the she got in and been in this case so it is difficult. -- to really understand the inside the President Obama outlined in this case but nevertheless. You know he he I think it is being in the policy. That thinks she of course is -- big -- and she I'd want India. Against the Sunday dinner and I'll respect and that she op but if this certainly is certainly don't think in the -- against the Shia. In the case between Iran or Saudi Arabia at least sanctioning the beauty Shia against the -- But it's exactly what have been doing we've been -- Shia but gates and the all over the Middle East. I just can't think have a look at city and look at the yep look it up nobody talks about to be in about these days. Nobody talks about -- it that much these days but it could have been -- Middle East we have civil war everywhere. Need to do more even in Egypt you know how they get to blow to Americans than zero I'm little bush used to be 50% now we have people nobody -- Dominican anymore. In the Middle East we take it as a country. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have been talking with while lead sure but. Author expert on Islamic terrorism in the Middle East while lead before I let you go. Working people go to read more of your blogs by some of your books find out more information. Yes of my blog this -- cropped -- called at each. EB UG dot com this article we need to read this Colby the Obama family needs to be arrested. -- to be in secret plot to establish Islamic -- the need to read this blog has all the links there. Everything's been told them about the case -- the President Obama family. It sure brought dot -- at each quote he beat AG dot com. We have been talking with while we sure but as usual great stuff while lead great to have you -- corner report will have you want again. You bet thank you thank -- lead 617206. X 6868. Is the number. 827 here on WRK no don't touch that dial so much.