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Quiting For Insurance

Feb 5, 2014|

The Congressional Budget Office has issued a new report with a revised projection that nearly 2.5 million workers could opt out of full-time jobs over the next 10 years in order to qualify for subsidies on the health care exchanges. Howie asked what does your healthcare insurance future look like.

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We're talking about obamacare in the disasters they they're now admitting that 2.5 million people are going to vanish from the vanish from the the workforce. By 20/20 one because of the because of Obama care. There are also is admitting that at the end of at the end of the first. Seven or eight years 20/20 one there Bristol gonna have thirty million people. Without health insurance. So in other words you've destroyed the best medical system in the world. Increased prices. Wrong millions of people out of work in you'll still the same number of people. So. Thanks Nancy Pelosi thanks Harry Reid. Thanks John Tierney thanks Ed Markey guy who said it was the proudest vote loses his career his his. 200 year career in congress. Voting for Obama here. Sorry here's here's just this just another one this just another story OK this is Obama here -- about. Gale A analyst says that she would that she was once a poster child for a -- here. At 62 she has. High blood pressure high cholesterol is high risk for developing breast cancer but it's been a struggle to confirm coverage or find an acceptable blocked. She is one of many Tibetans who have found themselves in limbo when they fail to receive their insurance cards and were discovered the doctors they were promised have been dropped from their insurance plan. I -- huge supporter of the president ideal obsess. It's gonna she's of an ethnic group that the would indicate that she would be huge supporter. However she's learned firsthand that quote the whole thing -- kind of messed up for many reasons that make you wonder it's embarrassing for the president in the whole administration. And quote yes it is yes it is game. Last fall I -- assess signed up for insurance coverage from the Nevada help co op consumer owned and operated health plan. A state level startup insurer created under obamacare. Six is big it got 66 million tobacco two taxed tobacco to taxpayer backed loans it was supposed to compete with large insurers. It's run in part by a local culinary local 226 or radical. -- hotel workers union out of Vegas. Today the co ops FaceBook pages filled with consumer complaints including -- Dallas. Under the co ops coverage yeah the the web site. But Nevada health link have reported that the coop -- contracts with several doctors and utilized the small little town in eastern Nevada where I L lips. But after choosing her plane. She discovered there were actually no longer any coop doctors in the so like the doctors in California the doctors in Nevada are checking out of the program. Under co ops coverage ILO would've had to travel three hours each way to -- to see a physician. Furthermore both she needed to see gynecologist there was only coop option one coop option within driving distance and he had a history that made her nervous. The -- they wanna to assign her to have paid a 2325000. Dollar settlement. In 2005. After the medical board of Nevada filed a formal complaint in treating a 29 year old pregnant woman he missed read the baby's heart tracing test. In the late performing a C section of the baby died. He later in mesh both Michigan and Wisconsin have been fine by state authorities. Well this was a great upgrade for -- like in Iowa shoes and to go to this really. Really world class gynecologists. As the weeks pass and she signed up by Ellis says she realized she had not received an insurance Carter in the acknowledgment from the co -- When she called -- staffers told that she was in the system but the insurance cards don't ever turned up her mailbox. Finally she consulted her insurance broker. And that the insurance broker call co op and there she was twice promised that I -- would receive a temporary insurance card within days guess what it never arrived. When Hughes the the insurance -- -- log on to Nevada -- like I see your name she tells me I see that it says enforced but when I click on her name there's nothing but and -- resolve global issue. We have clients that are still showing pending says the insurance broker they have no coverage the carrier didn't even though the people. Yeah it's a mass that was my breaking point actually cried I didn't know what to do by the end of the week I was on the phone for fifteen hours with Nevada health like. I'd have to say that just about every single person has had some type of major issue with Nevada helpful. Another state that voted for Obama. Aren't they happy about it now what do what a wonderful. What a wonderful experience this is no bombing here and it's just gonna get better. It's just gonna get better. California turning. Cancer patients away. Freeing workers from the insurance strap. Here's another one man's personal info stolen after using Obama here website. Joseph -- next with how we cargo ahead Joseph. I Ellen. Yeah I was wondering if you heard about the uninhibited and Thomas crane library Wednesday. It featured posters of the revolution people who put down oh. The classic shape Rivera. All the Indonesia the posters. Would -- in and out -- all on display for our appreciation. Really yeah are there -- Obama posters. Know Obama Aviv Obama. No Obama opposes but I called the in his office and they didn't know anything about it they gonna get back to me and of course with the snow and stuff. Untrue the library's closed now put. Well yeah they're all out there -- step to Americans. US soldiers stepping on various flags. You know really the pictures of that yes. I did the poster. Poster if you call the patriot ledger about this now there are the envelope. You think so. Whereas whereas this where's this exhibit. But Tom crane public library on main library Thomas -- public library what's the name of the exhibit. I don't believe there is the name on the gentleman that was setting it up his name was Stephen Lewis sort of like the Canadian -- But no relations as well. You know you have very forthcoming used -- I asked him what would happen if you posted. Indeed -- literature into where he was right up front he said that he would be taken away. But. You know this is ridiculous it's crazy. RE -- and argued that you're not surprised Gloria I mean again this is this the way librarians operate now remember the read the bomb threats were made to Brandeis University. From -- from the -- public library. The FBI agents in the vehicle Newton cops rushed in to try to find the guy and the librarians. Bodily blocked the entrance saying that it was a free speech right to it. Phone and a bomb threat death to the Jews or whatever they said. Yet it is there's another one up there somebody's crucified to the both sides. They're real good okay well all I'll pass this on than Harold but I don't know what we'll do with the neither truly a story for the patriot ledger you know. I'm you know I really just don't trying to put my statement and. Gay joke thanks for the call 18774694322187. Set. How we check out organs exchange they are threatening jail time for the developer. Yeah I don't think they've signed up a single person on the organ plants indicating -- story the most recent story on the the Oregon Oregon cares I believe it's called. Organ Carrey's yes. Don't I don't think that I think that's that may be the most disastrous wanna law mean even more disastrous than the than the one that then the one here. In Massachusetts by the way the one here in Massachusetts there's a there's a former state rep named John -- he actually -- the guys who wrote the wrote a Romney care law. And he is just -- he he's just been going those are about how back end. The the the that the new web site is here in Massachusetts she's just been saying you know that again states cut its Patrick is that the Governor Patrick takes no responsibility. He says he's gonna hot that their hiring an entity to fix it I -- in that he has is that the public company. It poltergeist. You know an -- In the Euronext with how we cargo ahead and the. Yet at the area -- I just wanna thank the educated progressive liberal shall put Obama in the second time they will realize what Obama is all Apollo. I'm only -- suffering but I'll be suffering as well in you know we are going to be elected Greece in. It's damage is done it's gonna take that he has every five years. I spoke to a -- and some mobile is quite as state sport yet -- In next month he's afraid that he might not go on to the match general -- in my chip from somewhere roast because of obamacare. Well. Can you imagine that I mean that's one of the few could follow a few good things about living in Somerville was being so close to the great hospitals like Mass. General. And now you don't know if you can go indoors. I spoke to -- in in you know it's wipe -- State's fourteen I don't either I don't know what type of cancer but in like. He's waiting for -- -- state seven elevenths and like he's not long you know eligible for ordeal -- not sure note that might. Send them to -- maybe a one TO hospital yeah -- in the community. In you know. I speak the friends in this like. Are up in Davis we have a real estate agents said you know people in some mobile. The employees -- from ideology of 3229. India we got on their wrenched free months. Behind it just in the spot we need to repeal obamacare you know. Now we certainly do need to repeal obamacare and this is going and again this is going on in Somerville lie you know which is a real moon back community now you know I mean I'm sure I'm certain. Sure -- voted 80% at least 80% for -- for Obama and now and now the people are just getting screwed just like everybody else is getting screwed. You wanna hear something. In some boat during the last idea. Yeah that thing on some mobile question for albeit important for what options stopped yeah you know. Out against question for questions for it passed it was like a preposition toward opera and what they're all get. In -- said no on question for guess what the past. It's -- capacity it's like Obama he not only got. They're raised in the property cannot erase a -- in recent commercial property. In if you -- it was clear. Summer you know our businesses are hurt and you know some. I know Bernard they would aptly put the Red Line and I mean Davis Square should be like the you know one of the most successful as area business areas in nine in the in the Greater Boston area. And you're you're diminishes the higher taxes or you're just the higher taxes the crappy economy is just -- everybody thanks for the call and the 187746943221877469. 4322. More Obama supporters think who think oh Obama has nothing to do with Obama brilliant. Right a little like the call Obama here anymore right they don't call that sets up for Bolton ought to work obamacare on nine MSNBC. Let's see here 18774694322. H first question you need to ask anyone complaining about being screwed by obamacare is how to vote in 2008 and 2012. If they say Obama but for only responses blame yourself stupid. You know that's the thing I you know it's it really is hard to feel sorry for people brought this on themselves but I feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for you. We didn't vote were we didn't vote for this guy we know what this was all about -- Yeah I mean when we -- on and on the nuts and bolts of that I mean we to a flam flam man when we saw one. And we didn't fall Ford but now where we're being punished just like -- idea cola in the in the back. 18774694322. It's. -- you're next with how we cargo ahead -- Hey how we are you don't -- very well listen I get a short story Korea had an auto works since 2011. I've been out pounding the streets looking for a job. -- -- one big long final of jobs. I don't a hundred in 75 job they had six interviews. And of which was successful. So -- recent weaker at 62 decided to take decided to take my Social Security retirement benefit that it worked for rights. And now looking for part time job. You'd think I can find that. No herein Rhode Island things are you know you can think things are bad Massachusetts. Come down across the border see just exactly what people aren't going to hope. Grow the economy is as far as obamacare goes I mean it that that this is an absolute joke. I mean it did BM -- to sit on it that. That the problem is that you know 2.3 million people are going to be added. To doing absolutely nothing well. People like myself. In. Are there in the end the -- the Obama administration in the New York Times are saying this is a good thing. It's a good thing that these people are losing their jobs. -- it's wonderful it's absolutely wonderful it's it's driving me nuts because it's like I mean that it gets to the point where. Mighty. Month's leak. Payment from Social Security. Plus my weights. Two paychecks. Go to pay the mortgage. And it ought to be you know the usual utility expenses and -- else. But the thing is that there's little left. And -- at the end of it out to the point where. I know actually have to go on a Friday afternoon to might play parish church in -- we get. Will they refused to go on food stamps every BP or anything else who are quote because I've got more pride myself and that. I mean that this is an absolute nonsense. I I just I I I'm really frustrated. In and -- -- to part time job working right now and they haven't hurt either one of the respect we don't want them and I call. Every other -- I mean this terrain there and that this is this is the way Rhode Island is right now plus the fact. That'll leave you on this note. Jack -- our senior state I've -- a US senator. Just put in. For. Three months retroactive extension of unemployment. No doubt he did this before a ball I believe a monster -- a month and a half ago. And it failed. So. I posted something on Jack -- FaceBook page. I called Jack reed's office today and they did. It took the woman there right in Kenosha was very very polite. -- had -- and a good you know what you guys control the senate. You can't get your all resolutions through. And you know rebel has -- nine point one. Percent unemployment or unemployment rate and and who's expected. Wind of that yeah that's Harry -- state. You need to probably between both read they can't get anything done well. Ken do you you understand the other the the why the Republicans are stopping at the they said. Will will let it go through will have more unemployment checks go out but you have to agree. To stop making the fraudulent payments these -- payments that are. On the awful fraudulent unlawful payments. Two illegal aliens. Or the under the earned income tax. And the Democrats. Would -- -- -- they're more concerned about the illegal aliens commit who commit crimes to get money out of the US treasury than they are about -- I mean that's what and that's what it boils down to -- you don't believe me check it out it's true. I totally believe you because eight or even what brought that point up to what the woman reject Reid's office and it it. You know if you go to more trusting giving illegal freestyle and and hoping that do we do we illegal things. And -- as an American citizen and you know millions of others or in the same boat. Can't get any help. Nothing at all. Thank -- I pray hoping I wish you luck -- it with euros search 1877469432218774694322. He BT boast the economy. That's settled science. -- that in some form that would make a good bumpers or build your next with how we cargo ahead bill. Yes how is speaking -- -- beats the Armani EDT as you know and I'm proud of that. And I haven't worked in 37 years to be getting up Jimmy Carter's administration. In late January 1977. And I'll tell you in my opinion is work is evil work is evil I loved to relax and take it easy I can feel my soap opera the young little restless for the bold the beautiful I have my -- emotional problems obsessive compulsive disorder. So I'm my SSI usually know when EDT. And I and I think the Obama be Affordable Care Act known as the obamacare is the best thing for the flight spread it. And I think we'd be more. We need we need Hillary Clinton for eight years after President Obama Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States it will make it -- -- that -- Health care system that we have to. Bill what are you gonna do when everybody's on EBT and assess the guy and OCD there -- all that other stuff your Ron what do you do when there's nobody to grow the food or fracture plumbing or -- though there or deliver your rug dry cleaning or anything. Well that's bloodstream that's actually the whole country is not at this IBM EDT that would be a fantastic. -- at that -- for this country. How would we we we we made we made more people aren't as set aside more people. What happens when you go to the grocery store and there's -- them on the shelves. What -- even when the talkers what do when your hookers in downtown Hartford. Decide to go on welfare. Well speaking of the hybrid and let you mentioned that I have no money as a black like I couldn't go to the focus of this storm did it dot. What are you don't have any money it's the first of the month. Well template I know I know I spent about -- could you may be deadly attack or somebody you're listening audience. Mail me a check for electric 120000 dollars to help -- Good -- 1877. Is built from Hartford a joke. I want I want gimme gimme gimme gimme. Bill is not a joke. -- -- usually calls him near the first of the month when his prescriptions. Refilled. He's he's high on life. Yes I got today might come a lot my prozac might do -- start my trailer behind my round. And a little bit -- Tempur-Pedic. Sounds like a Seymour Philip Hoffman. Steve you're next with -- cargo ahead -- Any. How he let it blows my your Brothers that. I certainly. Is used to talk quite a bit about your brother. Living in the basement. Lives in -- North Carolina not East Hartford. You know throw Ellison -- Basing this whole thing on the CBO report right. Well I'm basing it on caught up on all the other stuff that's happening through. Okay like you know the CBO report came out yesterday and instead like 2.3 million jobs yes -- will bogey -- jobs because. People decide that you know. People decide to follow -- bills foot steps. Well yeah that they're not like -- late hard to their jobs and they. That because of health care right they can like move on start accompanied. Fire. And retire. Like like bill like bill -- retired. No but a lot of people like 62. Won't have to work -- 65 anymore they can just retire early. And by their own health insurance right that's -- works. A lot of people. Don't want to retire early. Steve and Moldova and I don't want to retire early they want to they want to keep working and in this economy they can't keep working. But admitted -- -- number of people that have full time jobs. Is is plummeting because they're the the companies are trying to stay under the under the full time. Too loaded to have to provide health insurance. And appointed the CBO didn't say they're being force. 22. Retired they -- and they're they're gonna have an option that are late that's another question about CBO. If you read where it's. Rates will be coming down 15%. Because of Obama there. -- part of this you know. I don't believe that part of the about art not I don't know did you also read where the CBO said that when Obama took office this. The deficit was one point four trillion and this year it's going to be 500 billion each other by ignoring hundreds. Don't he cut it was what was it a couple years in state it was about four trillion won as. Well why if it's if he's -- he's he is more than doubled. The US deficit that he's he's created as much of a deficit as all the previous presidents combined. Yeah yeah that's. -- realize it's not that big deficit is now seventeen trillion dollars a bully when. Win bush left office it was eight to remind truly. And it's okay he's okay so wait -- -- okay so that's increased by 80%. They afford it foresaw the -- the first 43 presidents or whatever put I put ten trillion in in that. And this president with two years left in his term three years left in his term is what seven trillion up on the court. So you can't you can't say the guy is the biggest deficit spend their. In in human history. Howling when Reagan took office visited deficit work I mean that debt. Was it trillions well okay three trillion sought to -- 300. Yeah anyone yet. Wait a second why you want old UOPGM. Did what amounted to world war to. Who -- the Cold War we're just a continuation of World War II we finally won the Cold War or the continuation of World War II whatever you wanna -- And he also won brought back prosperity. There is no. Prosperity. In the United States today there -- record numbers of people who aren't working record numbers of people on this ability. We haven't won any wars we we we are our Warren. Four and a affairs. Are -- total disaster -- we have no respect in the larger world. I don't think you can come I think we got a lot more for. Then we're getting for normal amount to being at ten trillion dollar deficit under a rock. And there were buried so where the 18774694322. Now we are. 1877469432. To one another one. We got more. Would you do this every day every day. This is another one from the LA times. After overcoming web site glitches and long waits to get obamacare some patients are now running into frustrating to roadblocks at the doctor's office stop me if you've heard this one before. People are having trouble finding doctors at all getting faulty information on which ones are covered in receiving little help from insurers swamped by new business. Always sold beyond all resident Danielle Nelson said anthem blue cross promised half a dozen times that are oncologists. No -- she has cancer would be covered under her new policy. She was diagnosed last year with non hodgkin's lymphoma and discovered a suspicious lump near her jaw in early January. But when she went to were oncologists. Office she promptly encountered a bright orange signs saying that covered California plants are not accept that. That's great you got cancer you go to the doctor's office and they tell you your insurance policy is no longer accept that. I'm complete fan of the Affordable Care Act but now I can't sleep at night. Nelson said I can't imagine this is how President Obama wanted it to happen. What's it gonna take to get -- school -- drinkers to wake up. Amid the gonna have to see signs death panel or you know signs on the receptionist asked us about our death panels. Is that what it's gonna take to wake the -- Maria bowl room attacks prepare and Downey was uninsured for years because of creek and the existing conditions. The 53 year old was thrilled to find coverage for herself and her husband 448. Dollars a month after qualifying for big government subsidy. She jumped at the chance in early. -- you worried visit a primary care doctor for a long running numbness in her arm and short shoulder as a result the bone spurs on our spine the doctor referred to us a specialist in problems and sued. At least for -- doctors wouldn't accept or health plan even though the state exchange web site. In her insurer Health Net -- lists them as part of her HMO network. It's a -- network the woman said. She was seen by a neurosurgeon last Thursday after state regulators intervened in her behalf. 187746943221877469. 4322. 919 how we I don't think you and I will live long enough to see the worst of this but our kids and grandkids are screwed. I didn't think I would live long enough to see what I've already seen. Aside somebody said that the media that they are read it somewhere he said he never never dream. He thought that he he he could see the way the country was going but he thought it'd be long dead before we reach this side. This past but but it words were stole. And assuming the death panels won't get -- -- a lot of us got along a fairly long time left. In this is this is what we getting the whole country is as has fallen apart implode it. 18774694322. How we tell Steve that Obama -- Obama was senator he called George Bush's annual deficit of 400 billion unpatriotic. Now Obama is bragging about a 6600. It is is bring about 600 billion dollar annual deficit it is absurd. 18774694322. Robert you're next with how we -- ahead Robert. The -- they came at all sure. Well former executive director of the state medical social here but fortunately no one thought it was on the players -- for the developing. A lot of this stuff that's happening now than they try to juggle your purse what's coming next. The administration will blame the doctors for not seeing the patient could very pretty when he got there. They also don't -- over long legislature back to late seventies early eighties. Which said that it was dark it was very good to treat Medicare and Medicaid patients. That they would lose their license for our -- Well in there will be able to continue going. -- -- -- off your nose to spite your face I mean so Robert I mean what -- what are you what are you saying they gonna -- are they gonna start drafting possessions -- did not have a draft by illegal aliens but they're gonna draft positions. Well I I mean that there are didn't bowl so here being in the states still licensed. -- -- -- an Obama you know Obama is already been scapegoating doctors I mean look what look at what he set about how they were were they they didn't like it. They like to war unnecessarily saw off limbs because they got more money I mean how preposterous is that Robert. Amid a guy who would say something is as absurd -- that won't say any thing. Yup but I noticed she didn't single reason that lawyers charge genes that we should watch out for them to your charger was so they don't believe it. That they're playing our people's prejudices. You know -- in those evil rich people a little art the most evil insurance companies. We had bureaucracies shepherd every single state. Seem particularly ready they'll they'll review all rights of all the insurance companies. Whenever they want -- -- insurance he did Obama ever say you are not always just said that insurance commission charge whatever they want. But the fact that fortunately ignorance of the bat populations. In. I think Obama's pretty ignorant to know that you Robert I mean I don't think he has a clue what he's talked about I think you probably actually believe that people the doctors were chop off -- for them for the money and he thought that they were getting paid ten times as much as they do get paid for a ride amputations. But a number of years ago they didn't study the average American. Generally position. Working averages fifty hours a week. And didn't -- paid back this is not one of Israel's circuit out here. The all -- education and all our college. Our budget what you're paying half that amount every year to go all these people went out to navigate -- he's still got that very church. I'm sure they are I'm sure they aren't I'm sure there were you know do an engaging in some criminal activity under the table to -- as well what one out of seven album as a felon. You know what they do well I doubt that -- to be doing is they're running candidates. If the party won't allow our conservative candidate who -- get a petition. By Arafat. But that's the only way as we launch into the hole they'll change that the grassroots level. Exactly exactly and it has the it has to be done from the bottom up to -- there have to the -- you have to run people for state -- but what they gonna get rid of this guy Carlos and -- over tomorrow this guy who beat up his girlfriend because. The Democrats in Massachusetts in and other states are petrified about what's coming in November. If John Boehner can just be bound and gagged and not try to push through this amnesty. Fiasco thanks for the call Robert 18774694322. Now are. Well your next with how we -- go ahead bill. -- Is David Limbaugh's book all the great -- it's about Obama. I think -- toilet deceptive and you know I don't want to misunderstand me but I'm not accusing Obama me accomplish anything like that don't get me wrong. But the essence of leninism. Is to exacerbate. The contradictions which reads in English you have to make things worse. They get better you know. Well he's he's half what he's certainly making things worse. I don't know when we're gonna turn the corner and start making things better -- I don't see it in the near future. And our car.