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Men's Health New England- January 18th

Jan 19, 2014|

Men’s Health New England is a weekly radio show dedicated to giving you the straight talk on Men’s Health. Hosted by Dr. Stephen Scionti, the Director of the Scionti Prostate Center of Boston, Dr. Scionti is globally recognized for his work in advanced prostate cancer diagnostics and minimally invasive prostate cancer therapy. From cardiac care to prostate issues, from sexual health to prevention and wellness, host Dr. Stephen Scionti will be discussing the topics on everyone’s mind, but what everyone’s afraid to talk about – their health!

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Welcomed a men's health knowing when I'm your host doctor Steven C on B director of the -- prostate Centre of Boston -- Greater Boston urology. Join us every week and at this time for the most advanced in a big discussion of topics most important to men's health. Join us every week as we discussed topics like prostate cancer and prostate disease. Sexual health. Lifestyle and diet. Weight management. Heart health and hormone -- health. Every week we will interview and national experts in men's health and empower you with up to date. Scientific and progressive information that you can use to improve your overall health. Achieve weight loss lower your risk for heart disease and maximize your sexual performance and of course deal with prostate problems. Now today we're gonna talk about. The New Year's resolutions. Of course it's a new year and what -- what comes with New Year's of course everyone makes a New Year's resolution. Now most it would don't keep them but you know at the number one New Year's resolution is just watched the TV. And you'll see ads for weight loss products gym memberships so you guessed that the number one resolution is. Weight loss. To today we're talking about strategies that you can use to achieve weight loss goals improve your fitness. And we're what we're talking about -- we use in your risk for Iran significant diseases like heart disease and diabetes. So stay tuned out today show we're really gonna get right into as a strategy you can use today. To improve your overall health achieve your weight loss goals I remember he can always learn more about prostate disease and prostate cancer. And my website which is DR CIT dot com that's DR SCI ON TI dot com. -- please go to that learn more about what we do at the CRB prostate Centre of Boston a Greater Boston urology. I invite you to contact us on wrko.com. Slash men's health. Submit your questions and -- -- -- pallets of them personally. Via email or fact Emmy Hanson on the air as well. Remember our centers located -- at Greater Boston urology with offices in Milton. Framingham and Norwood Massachusetts. Our number is 617. 696. 1826. And again the website is DRC. On TB ER SCI all in TI dot com. I'll be right back with today show gonna talk about keeping those New Year's resolution stay tuned. Welcome back. I'm doctor Stephen syrupy founder and director of the -- prostate Centre of Boston at Greater Boston urology and your host. Men's health knowing when. And today we're gonna talk about. New Year's resolutions and particularly we're gonna talk about the number one resolution that is losing weight Heidi -- do it. -- start with the New Year's resolutions in general. You know these are a bit like babies they're fun to make but really difficult to maintain. Every year roughly one in three Americans resolve. To better themselves in some way. A much smaller percentage of people actually make good on these resolutions. While about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week. Less than half are still on target six months later this was found in 2002 study. It's hard to keep up the enthusiasm months after you swept up the confetti. But it's not impossible. This year. Pick a worthy resolution. Set a goal. And follow through on it to any -- strategies how to do that. So the first thing I think you have to do when you make a resolution particularly symbolic weight loss. This happens every year. You know is simply to watch the advertisements in the game in the media. And TV. In in net print media and your bombarded with starting right after right after the holidays bombarded with. A whole series of weight loss pills. Things that are magically gonna make us then. And of course gym memberships they always peak. In January that Jim is always -- out of the first two weeks in January but by the end of January there's plenty of space in the gym again so why is that that's because when people set. A resolution to discipline some news is is difficult sometimes is change in their life. And weight loss in achieving better health really is changing your life of people set those goals. They -- illegal file through the first you have to remember to set a goal you have to write it down. If you think of it you're really gonna achieve the change your life make -- can commitment to write it down to date on it. So in your calendar right start. Weight loss diet on January 1 and -- some actual measurable goals that the goal is to have minus five pounds lost by the end of January. Then write that down. And commit to it every day do something every single day to work towards that goal it's a series of very small steps. This is not hitting a home run necessarily on the first day it's -- some small measurable changes in your life they're gonna help you achieve those goals. And a goal such as weight loss. Or are proving your health is not something that you gonna do for just a week or two. Look over the course of the whole year in set targets for where you wanna be so. But two years ago I made a decision that was literally take off some serious way in actually wrote down. What weight I want to achieve. Every month out through the first six months of the year and guess what by -- hit the summer. I'd achieve that goal but it is something folks in and on every day to why is this important. Let's go back to the year. We just closed 2013. Some of the big headlines. You've heard about we talked about this on the shelf. Is some really well known people who die die prematurely. And you have to think that some of this who's really related to lifestyle so we talked about this summer. James Gandolfini sudden death. Accorsi was the larger than life actor. Who's the star of The Sopranos. Well if a fifty something man fifty something year old man dies of heart disease of the number one suspect. A court of a million Americans experience sudden cardiac -- each year. Half of them experience sudden cardiac death is the initial symptom and others there -- no warning signs. Well James Gandolfini who's 51 years old was discovered. Collapsed in a bathroom in Rome in a hotel. He was taken to the hospital. Resuscitation was attempted. But he could not be revived. Now while Gandolfini is definitely -- sudden. It shouldn't have been completely unexpected. Because heart disease and stroke are by far the biggest killers of Americans. Two thirds of Americans who are overweight or -- all have higher risk of. Heart disease including high blood pressure clogged arteries and irregular heart rhythms this not to mention of the risk of diabetes that goes along with this so. Really here's the motivation. You know we have some of the year in the priming your life you're in your 40s50s. We haven't paid attention to your health these things in the -- by chip and what -- talked about today some strategies that you can use to reduce those risks I'm gonna give you some real. Specific dietary advice when -- talk about. That dreaded word exercise. And a weight exercise. It really today I've been shown to be the most effective way in terms of time efficient and getting them really the most. Bang for your buck. Well to give you more incentive. Came across an article Kim comes out of Australia and the article is entirely entitled. Man power -- lost as obesity grows. So as men get fatter in their bones and muscles get weaker. Then that's related to gain weight. Our research team at the deacons school of medicine which is an Australian measured the body mass index. The fat muscle and bone density of 1329. Man who were aged 25 in 96 years old. -- certain regional Australia during 20012006. And of 900 men of similar ages five years later. They found that a one point 2%. Increase. In the BMI for the body mass index. Was driven by 9% increase in body fat. And that muscle mass and dropped by zero point 9% in bone mass by one point 6%. So that really shows that obesity is on the rise and even more alarming is that. Even when body fat increased. Muscle and -- densities. Decreased. So obesity is bad enough as it increases the risk for diseases such as cardiovascular heart disease and diabetes. How were seen -- the muscular skeletal system is influenced as well. So here's the point is that. That weight you carry around the middle damages. A lot of parts of your body so it's it really affects the entire body not just not just heart disease not to the risk of diabetes and it's certainly the study suggested that. It really has affects on. Certainly Europe bone mass on and muscle mass he and we've also talked about Michelle. You've -- is that. That -- also associate with sexual dysfunction. So as obesity increases. There usually declines in. Testosterone levels -- declines in sexual drive desire and certainly performance. Well there's plenty of motivation to do this right we all know this is something has begun. It was looking for shortcut. Well. Here's the bad news guys. There's no shortcut. This. Just took off the newswire yesterday. To the Federal Trade Commission takes action against deceptive weight loss products. To the schemes that does this all over the wires in this came out done in a January 7. As dire dire does work on New Year's resolutions to shed pounds the federal trade commission on. Tuesday of this week announced enforcement actions against four companies that the agency says and used deceptive advertising claims. The -- weight loss products. Does this sound familiar. The products lured consumers who promises of making weight loss easy. But the chances of being successful by just sprinkling some benign your food. -- some -- minute -- Or use in a settlement. Are really slim to none the science isn't there a lot of these things. So not to not to get too critical but if you look at all over the news -- we talked to the FTC announced the following enforcement actions. They give they went after them make marketers of a product called sensor which -- a weight loss powder sprinkled on food. And there was an agreement. To -- pay a fine. No the company called -- locks attain. Is selling its arm and beautiful shape and -- shaping delight skin creams. Were hit. -- to bomb. Another company who was. -- products with a Highbury in colon -- weight loss supplements. And the HCG diet. Which is a was a liquid form of -- human now hormone but here's the point. Maybe these things had some effect. There is no short -- there's no magic pill there's nothing that we can simply wave a magic wand in the weight will be gone. So. What this is gonna take to achieve a better health state guys is commitment. You've got to make a decision you gotta put the work behind it got to Sinegal. You got to be committed. It's no different than anything else we do now guess what it's not their heart. And mitigation strategies how to do that but you know I wish I wish that we can buy a product and take a pale and magically the way we just come off. But you know I've not found yet. So what's getting into. -- Right what -- what should we be eating. Right what's the right diet and of course you can you know you will go on the TV you'll see all sorts of advertisements now for. Weight loss products but really what it comes down to is. Picking the right types of foods that are healthy and that will contribute to what loss of fat. Our reduction of heart risk reduction in diabetes risk and so forth so. And highlight a couple of studies that I came across. That we're all very recent and really talk to. The Mediterranean diet is an optimal strategy. For weight loss. So let's talk about this I came across say an article that. Show that people who we knots weightless. And live longer. -- in this game out of Boston. In the largest study of its kind people -- a daily handful of nuts were 20% less likely to die from any cause any cost. Over thirty year period. And those who didn't consume nuts in this came out of a Dana Farber cancer to and Brigham and women's hospital and Harvard school public health. The report which is published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Contains more good news. The regular not eaters were found to be more slender than those who didn't eat nuts. In. That's of finding that should alleviate some of the widespread worries that eating a lot of not to lead to being overweight that's really not true. The report also looked at some of the protective effects. On specific cause of death. Now the most obvious benefit was a reduction of 29%. In deaths from heart disease. Which is the major killer of people as we've talked about in America. We also there was also a significant reduction of 11%. And the risk of dying from cancers. Whether any specific type. Of knots were critical. Couldn't be determined. But the reduction in mortality was similar both for peanuts. Import different tree not stream not to things like walnuts. Hazel nuts. Almonds Brazil nuts cash used macadamia nuts. And pine nuts. -- several studies previously had found an association between increasing net consumption and lower risk of diseases such as heart disease type two diabetes colon cancer. Gallstones dark -- and so forth. Hard nut consumption has also been linked to reductions in cholesterol levels oxidant stress. Inflammation. At a posh at a possibly that is flatness. An insulin resistance. No previous research studies have looked in such detail their various level of nut consumption and the effects and overall mortality. And people there follow for over thirty years that's what's critical about the study. So what California within details. Here's the here's the message they came out of the study. In all the announces that were done the more nuts people wait the less likely they -- to -- over the thirty year follow up period. Those who ate -- less than once a week at December cent reduction in mortality. 11%. I'm reduction if they ate -- two to four times a week at 13% reduction in mortality five or six times a week. And a 15% reduction seven or more times a week. With a 30% reduction in death rate. So he offers could really establish a cause and effect relationship here. But the findings are consistent with the wealth of existing observational clinical trial data to support the health benefits. Of knots. Why it is important this is a critical part of the Mediterranean diet and we're gonna talk about that we come back -- him in order to get a break here. We come right back we're gonna go right into. What is a Mediterranean diet in what are some of the effects and haven't observed -- stay -- -- doctor Stephen CI -- being the founder this yucky. Prostate senator Boston and were at Greater Boston urology memory go to my website at. DRC. IT DR SCI ON TI dot com. Our offices are located in -- Framingham and Norwood Massachusetts that's Greater Boston urology. Our main number is 617696. 1826. Please submit your questions to me at wrko.com. Slash men's health. -- answer your questions personally or your money your state -- right back to talk more about the Mediterranean diet. Welcome back. Doctor Stephen C on -- to your host of mental health the wind and the founder and director of the Shia deep prostate Centre of Boston make Greater Boston urology. Today we're talking about keeping your New Year's resolutions to lose weight. That we talked about some of the studies that. Really talked about the benefits of not eating nuts. Well why is that important that's a critical part of the Mediterranean diet so let's talk about now. What does a Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet is a diet that's rich in vegetables. Fish. Olive oil. Moderate and wine and alcohol. And. Typical oils and Mediterranean that of course is olive oil. It's an avoidance of red meats processed meats. And when he officially died as we've said so. This diet is very popular in his new studies now that show that there is. Really risk reduction for major diseases heart disease and we'll talk about. Diabetes. And cognitive disease or diseases of the you know of cognition -- the brain. So let's attribute some of the the evidence for this Mediterranean diet. -- talked about it a study from the -- Annals of internal medicine. And start off -- according to the American Diabetes Association. 25 point eight million adults and children of the US have diabetes. The commission is much more common in these individuals over the age of fifty. But now research shows that older people may reduce their risk of developing. The typical type two diabetes by following the Mediterranean diet. So the Mediterranean diet we talked about as high consumption of vegetables fruits beans olive oil whole grains and fish. Previous research has strongly suggested that there are numerous health benefits from volume is diet now. Late last year there was a report on a study suggesting that middle aged women. May have a longer lifespan of better health if they follow the diet on the study suggest the diet may reduce the genetic stroke risk. According to this current study investigate investigators from Spain. Researcher shall. Weight loss and conventions such as the low -- calorie diet are effective for prevention of diabetes but -- very limited information. On them. I'm weather change in diet and do not lead to weight loss in about reduction cars -- increased taxes and have the same effects. So. In the study -- -- signed to a Mediterranean. Or a low fat diet. The researchers analyzed. 3541. Men and women without diabetes. Aged 5580 years old -- risk for heart disease. All of the participants were randomly assigned to one of three diets. The first diet was the Mediterranean diet which -- is required to consume. If the NL's or about two ounces of extra virgin olive oil each day. Some participants on the Mediterranean diet along side. Thirty grams of mixed nuts each day while the remaining subject filed a low fat dies of it than not we're talking about. During a four year follow period. The participants followed the Mediterranean diet or given guidance by dietitians. -- instructed increased consumption of fruits. Vegetables. Means. Fish into avoid red. Or processed meats butter and sweets -- And if the investigators note that none of the subjects were told to reduce their calorie activity or increase their physical activity. -- the the final period. The researchers found that 273. Of the participants had developed diabetes. All votes. 101. Were from the low fat group. -- were from the Mediterranean diet group with additional extra virgin olive oil. In 92 of the people were from the Mediterranean diet with extra -- So here's what the study suggested that here's the bottom line. A Mediterranean diet without -- restrictions that a supplement it with extra virgin olive oil or not may reduce the risk for type Cuba have diabetes. They concluded that followed a Mediterranean diet is palatable sustainable. And it can have real public health implications. So here's your relationship between reducing their risk for developing diabetes. And following the typical Mediterranean diet. -- came across another important study that looked at the rate of cognitive decline so cognitive decline or. The ability to you know I think properly memory issues and so forth. I'm so the Mediterranean diet which is again rich in vegetables fish olive oil moderate one and as we talked about. Is -- -- lower rates of cognitive decline in older adults listen according to a study at the Rush University. Medical center Chicago. These results are published in the American journal clinical nutrition. -- study involving 3759. Older patients in the Chicago area. This is an ongoing evaluation of cognitive health. In adults over the age of 65 years but every three years to study participants for all 65 years of age or older. Underwent a cognitive assessment. -- that things like memory and basic math skills. These participants filled out a questionnaire in the frequency with which they consumed. A 139 food items ranging from cereals but I'll -- red meat and alcohol. The researchers -- analyzed how closely each of the study participants adhered to the Mediterranean diet instructions that they were given. Out of a maximum score of 55. Which would indicate complete and here's the diet. The -- study participants scored 28. Both with higher scores were also the individuals. Whose cognitive test showed a slower rate of decline. Even when other factors that might account for that result touches their education levels were considered. They also analyze how close to the study participants adhere to the healthy eating index 2005. Which is based on recommendations that -- 1005 dietary guidelines for Americans. Higher scores indicating closer adherence to this index. This gives last week efficiently -- in -- alcohol intake. In this did not correspond with differences in rates of cognitive decline. So here's the upshot. Is that study this study suggests that adhering to a Mediterranean diet. Reduces the risk. Now in the heart disease certain is it certain cancer and diabetes but also slows the rate of cognitive decline so for all the guys -- they're concerned about. You know memory function issue memory issues. The ability to function mentally cognitively. Another reason why the Mediterranean diet. Would make a lot of sense. How -- heart function. When a site one more study for this comes out of the the journal called circulation cardiovascular. -- Equality of outcomes. Which is really and a journal of the American Heart Association. This study of twins. They show that even with genes that put them at higher risk of cardiovascular. Disease. Eating a Mediterranean style diet can improve heart function. So this data comes from the -- twins heart study. And it found that binge eating in a Mediterranean style diet. Had greater heart rate variability than those you know western type guy. So what's this mean heart rate variability refers to a variation in time interval between heartbeats during every -- life. A -- are reduced heart rate variability. Is a risk factor for. Ordinary artery disease and sudden death. So this really means that the auto comic nervous system that is that at the parts revised controlling the heart rate. Works better and people who eat a diet similar to a Mediterranean diet. Eating a Mediterranean style diet. Again one characterized by low saturated fats high in fish. Fruits vegetables lady -- nuts. Olive oils. Combined with moderate alcohol consumption. Reduce. A person's heart disease risk. This is important information because no it was actual ways to measure. Brandished a measure. Heart rate risk. There's who made his heart rate variability index the bottom line here is that even accounting for genetics even accounting for genetics. That. The Mediterranean diet did reduce heart rate risk so again more more information that that would support the fact that. What was the why why should we. Follow this -- diet. Take a break and -- backward to talk about what happens and you combine diet with exercise. Right and what type of exercise to take to his doctor Stephen CIT. I'm the founder of the CIT prostate Centre of Boston at Greater Boston urology with offices in Milton you know what in Framingham. Submit your question wrko.com. Slash men's health I'll answer me that personally or on the air we come back we're gonna talk more about. How do we combine exercise what type of exercise. We're gonna talk about high intensity interval training stay tuned and I'll be right back. Welcome back. This is doctor Steven C under the founder director of the CIP prostate Centre of Boston bag Greater Boston urology and your host of mens health New England today we're talking about keeping that number one New Year's resolution that is losing waiting getting more exercise. So the previous segments we've talked in detail about the advantages of a Mediterranean style diet. Now one introduced the concept of action size and how combining that. Can produce even better results so the most common question that I think most people have is how should I exercise. What kind of exercises most efficient. Well I think the current trend today. With exercise physiologist. Is she really is really studying the effects of something called high intensity interval training. Let's talk about that just for a moment what is high intensity. Interval training. High intensity interval training is is a training pattern where. You have a very area on altered level of hum of activity of exertion. So I'm if he had to define this. What what what is it it's a high intensity of general training. For example most endurance workouts which -- -- things like walking running or stair climbing. They're performed at what's called moderate intensity. -- and exertion level of maybe five to six on a scale of ten. The high intensity intervals are done -- an exertion rate of seven or higher. Are typically sustain for thirty seconds -- three minutes. Although they can be as short as eight to 102 bursts for as long as five minutes higher intensity there short of the speed interval. And recovery intervals are equal or longer than the speed intervals so. For example. High intensity interval training can be done at a sub maximal heart rate. It aided in 95% of -- more aerobic heart rate capacity. Spring training is a type of -- you know training that pushes beyond the somewhat 200%. Or more of a maximum aerobic capacity. So first concept. Guys when you're exercising. And getting in Arabic activity that is you know car audio so to speak. You want to get heart rate monitor. To the first recommendation I'm gonna get you -- assurance about this is getting a heart rate monitor. Until strap that you strapped to your chest. We'll watch that will read out the your heart rate. Those heart rate monitors -- will communicate with the -- machines in James. And so the monitor will will will actually talk to the the treadmill or the elliptical trainer that or the bicycle and we'll read your heart rate right out -- the monitor those machines as well. Atypical. Atypical interval might be out as follows those can be on the treadmill -- -- and a bicycle can be done an elliptical trainer. The first five minutes will be simply be a warmup. And exertion level of only three to four. The -- one minute will be. Bring it up right up to speed of the exemption level of seven and nine so this is a level which you're actually breathing harder actually developing this way. And typically your heart rate. For most guys is going to be you know higher than that 140 B 1415155. In that range. After one minute and he speed you recover. When which you lower the desertion rate back to level five to six and -- the heart rate should decrease back down to the 120 range. Another minute of speed. Exertion level seven and 92 minutes a recovery amid the speed to minister recovery. -- -- be committed to recovering in five minutes of cool down she get the idea. During the period that your exercise which is 22 minutes total. There's been about four minutes at very high levels of exertion or Maxwell desertion so there's intervals -- which -- pumping up the exertion level. And bring bringing get down to more recovery face would've backed up and so forth. So this is this is what high intensity interval training days so. Is it effective in how does that work so there are studies that show basically that. Subject doing intervals. Lost more fat number one. And yes. Doing 4632. Spring intervals burns more fat than sixty minutes of simple walking on the treadmill. So repeat that. 46. High intensity intervals which we pump that -- -- heart rate up increased that exertion level of seven and nine. Doing for 632 bursts. Over twenty minute work out. We'll have more fat to burn more fat in -- this fitness even better than sixty minutes is simply walking on the treadmill. Although the exact mechanisms of high intensity. Interval training now are not fully understood. Here's a couple things that have been noted. The year ear ear metabolic heart rate is increased that if your brain more energy for the 24 hours after the exercise ends. There's improved insulin sensitivity in the muscles that is better uptake of sugar burning of blood glucose. Higher levels of fat oxidation in the muscle since you're turning your body into a fat burner. There's significant spikes in growth hormone levels which again and -- in fat loss. In different levels of higher levels of what -- called -- call -- George Reynolds these are chemicals that produce. I'm directly -- mobilization in fat burning. There's post exercise -- -- post exercise appetite suppression as well your appetite is diminished so. This this high intensity interval training. Regiment. Is number one it's time efficient. So what would you wanna spend an hour in the gym walking on a machine -- twenty minute work out be far more effective in terms of fat loss. And health in -- health effects. So let's talk about a study now. So this comes back to. What does this make a difference. Well here's a study that I found that shows that when you combine. High intensity interval training. With the Mediterranean diet this little quote supersize his heart health. So lifestyle programs based on high intensity interval training. Combined with nutritional counseling on the Mediterranean diet. Have shown dramatic results for improving the heart health of people with abdominal obesity. This is reported by a study released at the Canadian cardiovascular conference. Each of these lifestyle innovations alone. Is known to have an impact but no one's really study the combination of them together. This amount of the Montreal heart institute. The study this study shows that the combination of two interventions that is. Following the Mediterranean diet. And her exercise program based on. The high intensity interval training. Really super sized heart health. The heart health benefits included significant improvements in body. Mess that has lost a body fat. Cholesterol blood pressure levels exercise capacity. Muscle endurance weight loss waste a conference resting heart rate and blood sugar. So every every aspect was improved. -- -- come right back this in a minute is that -- gonna take a quick break here but don't come right back to the study that to tie this whole thing together for him. So kind of I guess the break here. This doctor -- chanting I'm your host of men's health the wind and the founder and director of the CI -- -- prostate Centre of Boston a Greater Boston urology. Stay tuned we'll come right back door and come. Into the study talking about combining the Mediterranean diet in ninety high intensity. Interval training stay tuned. Welcome back this doctor Stephens county the founder and director of the CIP prostate Centre of Boston at Greater Boston urology and your host of men's health the -- and and today we're really talking about specific strategies to achieve their number one New Year's resolution which is weight loss. So we're talking about high intensity interval training -- them and telling you about a study becomes out of Montreal the Montreal heart institute. In which. -- the study participants. Were found to have a better effect. When they combined. The Mediterranean diet with high intensity interval training to let's get right back in in this -- The study found that the average reduction in waist circumference. Of eight centimeters. Or about three to four inches. A reduction in systolic blood pressures. Of six millimeters. Ehrlich fitness improve it's a 15%. Over the first nine months of the study. The improvements in waste -- conference. Blood pressure fitness can -- in numerous other health benefits including a risk. Reduced risk of open high blood pressure was over as well as improving things like osteoarthritis. Quality of life. Physical functioning and mental function or cognition we talked about that early today. In general the sicker you are the more you'll benefit from the program was found. The greatest improvements in blood sugar levels are achieved in individuals with diabetes. And those who had the highest. What triggers. It's noted that improvements in control of blood sugar levels using these lifestyle interventions again. Mediterranean -- high intensity interval training. Substantially reduce the overall risk of heart disease and stroke. As well as. Complications in the ice which is the retina it -- kidney disease. Now remember all the study participants is like most of his guys out there. Have abdominal obesity. We talked about taking that tape measure out. If you put the tape measure around the widest part of your -- And it's over 35 inches you've got some abdominal obesity so in this grouping guys. With abdominal obesity. And that is excess fat carried right around the middle. We know that increased the risk of heart disease. Stroke high blood pressure diabetes we go on and on high cholesterol. And insulin resistance and so forth. Study participants get here's what they did in the study. High intensity interval training to the three times a week. In this was not this was not me along along this is not a a long exercise from two to three times a week. The Mediterranean diet. Vegetables grains fish small amounts of meat -- about oil knots. What was striking. In this study is not only the positive early results. But the fact that the participants kept them improving in year two of the study. So when it comes to healthy -- reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke people look for the magic ball we talked about that those magic pills but guess what they're not there. There's no magic it comes down to the basics it's how we live our lives we have the power to present the prevent. Up to 80%. A premature heart disease and stroke. We don't have to suffer the fate of people like Tony Soprano. -- because now with the strategy that we have. Don't understand what type of diet is beneficial. And what kind of exercise programs are beneficial. Now we have the raw materials we have the tools. Right to now. Change their lives. In -- go to that New Year's resolution. To take the weight off. Reduce your risk for these common diseases. It's all about. You know achieving you know a healthy life and in in really healthy aging. So we've we've talked has been a very consistent. Very consistent theme on the show over the past six months since we've been on the year. And again. I get -- most anything to talk about to begin the new year. Remember there's no magic bullets. Now. We talked a couple of months ago about this is -- -- one of my favorite books and I would highlighted again in the last couple minutes of our show. In the book is called wheat belly WH EAT belly wheat belly. And it's written on my cardiologist. Right. And done doctor Davis. So. On the Internet and Google wheat belly WH ET WH. EAT wheat belly. And look this up but. The premise of this book is that. The a lot of the you know carbohydrates and certainly most prominent carbohydrate diet is a week is making us fat and unhealthy. In fact that that that mid line got we Kerry. Doctor Davis calls a week to belly. So you talk what do Mediterranean diet in the one thing I'll add to that is that -- Really you really want to limit the amount of grains. And grain based carbohydrates in your diet. Carbohydrates she really come from vegetables. So you want to avoid processed foods like the process foods that candies the sweets out of your died and I recommend really. Taken away a lot of the a lot of the reds in the stark is as much as possible. Now if you wanna keep weight loss is critically important. -- When you combine a Mediterranean diet again. Vegetables fruits olive oil nuts. With a diet that's also low and certainly -- processed foods low in carbohydrates especially the specially the week -- grain based carbohydrates. Write these things are really what puts the weight on taken if you follow period guys -- challenging. Senegal. For three months. And in the goal. -- the twenty pound weight loss. I would challenge every guy out there to do this. Make that commitment. Did you just -- twice a week high intensity interval training get on a treadmill gallop by to get overlooked or trainer and heart rate monitor. In twenty minutes twice a week of anyone can do that. Now combined that would have died in which you really look at you know. Get the processed foods aideed died the week the the grains. Sugars -- Plenty of fruits and vegetables. Especially a lot of your natural vegetables. And you put a program together where. You do this for three months and you stick to it. Weight loss. Goal for the first month. Of nine pounds to ten pounds he'll achieve. The second month shoot for five or six pounds in the third month five pounds. You achieve a twenty pound weight loss of three months if you file this program. Immigration and researchers are giving of that today given the tools to Beagle out. Reduce your risk of heart disease reduce the risk of diabetes improve your mental -- get rid of the way the course -- guys. Keep your manpower alive keep the sexual function the sexual drive. Keep that going. These are all related. -- -- Helpful tips today achieve your New Year's resolution of proper weight loss achieve optimal health. Mediterranean diet kind of high intensity in the training those in my trips to the new year -- -- statements under and take a break about the calls up the show will be right back. Well or just about out of time -- thanks for listening is doctor Steven studio host of men's health the only one. Again I'm the director of the CIT prostate Centre of Boston at Greater Boston urology. With offices in. Milton. Framingham and Norwood Massachusetts. And today we talked about. Keep in at number one New Year's resolution. That is weight loss improving our health. I gave some very specific tools that he views. We talked about a Mediterranean diet. What a lot of the starches to sugars to suites. On your fruits and vegetables. Talk about the advantages of nuts. Adding that's the died improves longevity. And whose heart health. That we have that to an exercise program. Of high intensity interval training. Twice a week maybe three times a week. In which 20/20 five minutes two to three times a week. With the proper exercise level and please look up -- since it and -- training read more about that. You combine those two. And you're gonna take off the -- what you're gonna lose the belly fat you can improve your overall health. You know lower your risk for diabetes you're gonna lower your risk of high blood pressure gonna improve your cholesterol numbers. Decrease stroke risk. Improve. Overall health function. It's not that hard guys make a commitment. And do it this year. Thanks coalition an understatement -- deep go to my website at DR CIT dot com. Policy at 6176961826. Learn more about prostate disease and prostate cancer again D. -- CIT -- com. Thank you listen -- will be back next week with more and more ways to help you achieve optimal health fund mens health New England. Thanks have a great week.