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Men's Health New England- January 25th

Jan 28, 2014|

Men’s Health New England is a weekly radio show dedicated to giving you the straight talk on Men’s Health. Hosted by Dr. Stephen Scionti, the Director of the Scionti Prostate Center of Boston, Dr. Scionti is globally recognized for his work in advanced prostate cancer diagnostics and minimally invasive prostate cancer therapy. From cardiac care to prostate issues, from sexual health to prevention and wellness, host Dr. Stephen Scionti will be discussing the topics on everyone’s mind, but what everyone’s afraid to talk about – their health!

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Welcome demands help the only one I'm your host doctor Stephen AC on the directed to see on -- prostate Centre of Boston it Greater Boston urology. Join us every weakened at this time for the most advanced -- up the -- discussion topics most important immense help. Joining us every week as we discussed topics like prostate cancer -- prostate disease sexual health. A lifestyle and diet weight management heart health and hormone health. Every week -- interview national experts in men's health and empower you with up to date. Scientific and progressive information that you can use to improve your overall health. Achieve weight loss. Lower your risk for heart disease maximize your sexual performance and deal with prostate problems. My special guest today is rob Martin. He's a product development specialist for shock many products and he's here today to speak with us about -- important nutritional formulas for men. The first will talk about as a formula called PT nine. And then we'll discuss heart factors plus targeting circulation healthy blood pressure and sexual function in man. Now I wanna remind you can learn more about prostate disease and prostate cancer my website which is. DR CIT dot com that's DE RS EI ON TI dot com. And my center is located at Greater Boston urology in Framingham Massachusetts. With satellite offices in -- and Norway. The office number is 50 -- 3707703. That's 508. 3707703. And -- for Danielle and she can help you again the web sites PRC OT dot com. We'll be right back with today's exciting show so stay tuned. Welcome back demands elf bowling and this is doctor Stephen C under the founding director of the CIT prostate generate Greater Boston urology. And joining today's mr. rob Martin he's a product development specialist for -- many products in these tiered data speak about. Two important nutritional formulas for men the first one is PT nine in that won't discuss heart factors plus welcome to the -- rob. We'll start this year the it's a pleasure to be with you and that's I have to commend you at the start of the program for having such -- strong interest. In natural neutral cynical strategies. For supporting. Prostate healthy prostate function healthy hormone will balance in men. It's really great. We I think this is an important part of men's health you know there's not everything we can fix with an operation nor with a prescription drug. So excitedly talking about this product -- Yes absolutely and there's a lot of guys that you know there aren't. They're not at the stage where they need your -- still in surgery and all but just quality of life issues that that we can deal with very effectively. Well there's no question in and today we're gonna talk about these these novel products in and I think what I want our audience to know is that you know there's there's a lot of approaches for Iraq. -- helping support prostate health and sexual health and I think. You know the nectar Patrick products and to give a very very strong role here so rob let's talk about PT nine what do what does that product. Well it's very exciting and it's the first nutritional formula. To address two of the most important issues facing -- today. Obviously it's -- prostate health. It's our testosterone levels. And so now in just two pills today again I think it's it's really superior support for optimal prostate function. And stress healthy testosterone. Levels all natural evidence based it's that are really good stuff. Why you know that that sounds almost too good to be true is there is their is their -- on this isn't mentioned clinical studies to support some of the effects of these -- these supplements. Every ingredient impeaching. Is supported by in numerous studies I have a white paper here we're gonna get -- to -- TV we could put it up. It's a thirty page weight as I know I read it was great bedtime reading today. The list that don't wanna go to all of this that's right but there was talk about space they go back decades. And the efficacy. Is really very very strong. Right so you know what what sort of affect skin a man expected taking PT nine what does -- what does it do for a guy. Well look at that would be what you hit a certain age right which we have some problems we start getting up at night -- talk about the prostate side. You start to score with knocked Korea. And that they can be a real problem for a guy as he ages as he approaches fifty and beyond. At the statistics are actually quite alarming and I can go into those but what we're trying to do this and we're trying to support healthy. You urinary flow prostate function. We want to to support a complete Blatter and skiing. See that the gentlemen have to understand out there one of the prime reasons that figure is the best of all time during the day regret this because when they do go to the bathroom. They don't Foyt properly. They're not finished it's not complete well we have ingredients and -- -- that that have been shown in. Really good human studies to support complete Blatter and game. So that 11 o'clock at night when it's your body -- -- -- wake up at 130 you have to go again. We so -- rubble your your right this is one of the most common things that brings a man to see his doctor or even to his urologist. It's complaints. Like you know my urinary stream has gotten slower. It's hard to start the stream I feel I don't empty all the way I'm going more often during the day. And sometimes a male feel a sense of urgency a sense of having hurry to the bathroom. And then of course is that getting up at night and that starts interfere with sleep. You know so once we start to get up you know three and four times -- night. To go to the bathroom that really. Plays a major role in sleep and in this guy if you're not sleeping well it's hard to be productive during the days and it. Although -- that you gonna gain weight. Get people who don't sleep well tend to be overweight. And has tremendous effect effect this their cognitive function your immune system and doctor -- -- something else to consider. Many women are -- -- and -- my wife it's ridiculously quick attack in just move a little which is up. If I was popping out of bed 34 times tonight that will woman wouldn't get any sleep at all. -- all right -- it's damaging relationship. EU that either she be on the couch -- you be on the counter -- -- have -- -- -- that's were so so we we -- a common problem -- seen men in in you know the medical world we call it BP H benign prostate -- place -- Or prostate enlargement -- in pure simple English. You know every man you know I can see easy aroused every man has some degree this as he ages. Right and you know most guys in my experience really they're certainly not ready for an operation. And in in my experience a lot of men really don't want to be a prescription drugs because every one of them has side effects. Is so I can see huge needs to tell me you know it always talking about PT nine what are some of the ingredients -- it that does that you think really affect the prostate. We will let's let's start with what we just talked about the bladder emptying there's an ingredient called -- that the cost role and these plants their roles. That having children really incredible. Studies his one in the British journal nutrition. It's supported that's stronger and -- flow by over 450%. When compared to placebo. And there are several like this short -- -- dramatic dramatic impact in urinary flow and bladder emptying. A wanted to reduce the level of residual urine in the bladder by 54%. And these benefits were maintained. After eighteen months when they did follow up. So that's an important key thing bladder emptying. Surely we have other ingredients that directly support urinary flow in addition to the visits hospitals -- -- -- The slope on -- is a very very important ingredient. And you know it's it's -- natural for seven or eight. Has these fatty acids. And get in the battle to keep things that the picture Getty with the right level. Everything MPT nine is that the clinical relevant. Jokes. All all our ingredients are clinically relevant no window dressing if the studies says 640 milligrams of so upon medal. We put the 640 it's thirty milligrams of zinc on and on we have we have -- studied levels of the right kind of ingredient. But the so -- that I was very adjusting. Because. It is it's an impact on the hormones. Our testosterone particularly as we age converts to DHT -- -- -- testosterone now a lot of guys know about the gates sees newspapers it's bad for this hair -- It's the research or that is. That's right it's -- one of the major reasons of male factor baldness. That's right that's right and so it's also bad -- for the prostate. That's right you know it causes inflammation. That can lead to serious issues and so saw palmetto. He didn't hit it's something cold five alpha red duct -- and that's an insulin -- convert stay healthy testosterone to the DHT. So you really protecting the health of the prostate. Its anti inflammatory. Which we know today if provisions involved with just about everything bad in the body. And that's also -- gonna help protect your hair while you're at it. And so was that on the prostate -- those are really key ingredient along with a number of others. And then you know also what we're gonna get into the the testosterone side at this product. And there're other ingredients in there and interestingly. Certain ingredients support both for example. Vitamin. -- vitamin. Long term. And it's taken at the proper level and the human study is 3332. IUs of vitamin C. Which is exactly what we have -- Has been shown. To take guys out of a deficiency spate of vitamin B and getting get them into in normal. The deficiencies state of vitamin. We you know that that's that's hugely important -- you know of all the vitamins -- I recommend in my patients having vitamin. Because we've got study after study in the medical literature. This goes back to -- -- talking about someone -- -- the study after study that goes back and talks about for example -- prostate cancer. And I managed diagnosed with prostate cancer and he's vitamin. And he's got a higher chance of recurrence of the cancer. And conversely we also believe we can slow the rate of the cancer by supplement is vitamin. That's been seen in several other cancers in the body is well particularly things like melanoma. So you know this is accusing important vitamin supplement and in most men that we we we measure frankly are deficient. You know especially if you live up and you know this wonderful climate we live in here will we don't see a whole lot of sunlight. You know I'm willing to bet today that you know we we've got a bunch of snow out there today there's no vitamin. So that's huge that's a huge supplement -- importance and in I'm really happy to see that it's MPT nine. Yeah about 80% of losses in America are deficient in vitamin. You know women who have had breast cancer. First of all invariably did deficient in vitamin. When they've restore their vitamin. The -- the Wendy's and get their their vitamin. So it's very important across the board first cellular held. Well there's no question I was just -- it's -- a medical conference this weekend in in all places down in Florida Keys. And it was a it was a conference American college -- -- surgery and what are the what are the research papers presented numbering is this really is really interesting because. It chilled that men who have aggressive forms of prostate cancer if they're treated with prostate freezing aircraft therapy. They actually did better as a better killing of the cells. If they were vitamin. It certainly will we treat men without prostate cancer. But yeah as you said it's got lots of implications for Iraq normal testosterone levels while -- -- -- toppled about sexual function testosterone. Sure because I think that's -- you know as we age I think it's a universal problem -- and it. Oh my goodness yeah I mean starting at age thirty we start losing testosterone. At a rate of one to 3% a year depending on a lot of factors. And but certainly by the time most men hit forty they already have significantly. Lower levels and it did its thirty. By the time they're fifty years of rich state they could've lost. You know nearly 50% or more again if you're obese if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. All these things contribute but no matter what appeared Jimmer -- -- -- the best food and everything else. You still get to go through this process known as and report as well mailman applause. And that you're gonna boost testosterone. Six and solo artist or is that millions. Hormone -- -- as Avaya. We'll sure so what are the what are some of the symptoms and a mammal experience as is testosterone -- levels are lower. What are the symptoms. But there are so many. You -- start to lose that sort of zest for life. To put it simply. You look we we always heard that committee is about that midlife crisis. Well we know today what then midlife crisis right picnic are losing those pastoral. And so that -- is that it'll bid to have with healthy level of testosterone. Heavy in natural assertiveness and aggressiveness. Assertiveness. And confidence. And creativity. And you don't -- he -- this this is what you know drives the young man you know to make its way in the world. And then. As he gets a little bit older depending on its age forty to fifty certainly by sixty. Changing is not the same guy he wants he's just simply changing he's he's not he's gaining weight. It's even if you works out in the -- the pottery were excited still gained more weight. He's lying on the -- is not as motivated. Obviously it will be Ito goes there on -- same interest in the it's sexual activity nor is the performance. As satisfying we know now that duke as a -- I don't regret to medical showing Google graphic. As the -- testosterone goes goes there. The intensity and duration of this orgasm it decreases. And so all of these things contribute to this process noticed and reports related to the loss of that C men's hormones testosterone. Well you know you're actually right you know you can't watch TV -- -- seeing a commercial for Rob -- tee as -- call. And sell the drug manufactures are certainly found a way to. Really to promote you know testosterone a hormone supplement another words actually given a man that testosterone in the form of gels or creams or injections and so forth. But so it must really be ideal if we could is stimulate the body -- really manufacture on its own a testosterone and get that up to lock. Normal levels right in July and that's not that's right I think the real love the real opportunities here with us supplement like PT nine. Yeah that definitely we want to balance the male hormones. So that yes you can continue to produce your own. Testosterone naturally and I must say also. That there's many men listening right now that are on some form of testosterone. Not -- Pharmaceutical injectable Korean jail. A product like PTA -- is very valuable to you even if you're on that because remember when you're on those products they can be fantastic and they do -- testosterone. But you have to be very careful about the impact. The bad hormones to DH TBS for -- which is the estrogen the female hormones the ingredients in impeaching nine. Really blocked those things very successfully. We talked about the supplemental blocking does the conversion of but testosterone -- with Ph.D. but also things like zinc and the basis of pastoral little. They work to what. Two blocked did you recover -- tastes inhibited right right very important yet so adept -- in the conversion of the testosterone to estrogen. So it's really important guys even if you're on pharmaceutical. That you should take a natural product like this along with it. Right rob -- work cut against a break here so we're gonna take a break and be right back -- get more into it talking about this combination of symptoms we can treat with PT nice is doctor Stephens yet your host a men's health -- route right back with mr. rob mark and we'll talk more about. -- teen nine and then -- to do something called. Heart factors plus so stay -- waved bright back. Welcome back this doctor Stephen scene out here host of men's held the -- one. And where you -- mr. rob Martin today talking about a revolutionary -- supplement called the teen nine. So rob in the first segment we talked we introduced a product PT nine and we talked about the effects it has for urinary function supporting prostate health. And supporting a hormone levels so I've never really seen a product in which we can really. Attack. Both common problems met with with really one supplements let's talk about that a little bit because it sounds like I'm. This really designed eagle after two I think most common problems guys have. Is they get a little there. -- a lot better now with the game plan then -- most guys most women. We don't wanna take a lot of different supplements it's just too difficult to comply with the long term. So our plan has charm and he was to come up with a combination product and luckily we found that there were a number of ingredients that help both prostate health and help. Testosterone levels so that was great north we mentioned the vitamin. That your it would at least 3332. IUs of vitamin B. You're getting the testosterone benefits and that at that level. You you're you're certainly you know raising you're you're -- blood levels of vitamin C which is gonna help protect your prostate. So right there you -- -- vote they want the same thing with zinc. You know as being -- has been shown to. Help with testosterone levels for example. One study showed how it helped to prevent and exercise related the crease and testosterone. But it's been shown over rolls -- To help maintain healthy testosterone levels. But we also know it's so important for healthy prostate as we just mentioned the last segment how it helps blocked the conversion to estrogens and guys that. We don't want estrogens and it is remarkably -- men in their fifties. Into this sixty's that have more estrogen in their bodies in there why it's. Right you know that's a that's a great point -- you know we've talked a lot about on the on the show this -- conditional lot of guys have reached a little weight around the middle. That debt that spare tire on the middle we we call that the metabolic syndrome in guys here's weren't really trying to have a lot of things together on the show here's what's important. You carry a lot of you know some weight around the middle. You know that extra fat. Really is pretty toxic and one of the things that fat does it carries the cells carry this enzyme called aroma taste. And it converts your testosterone into estrogen. So your male hormone is being converted to female hormone and that real east toxic for the prostate. It will cause little bit of breast enlargement but really -- it really plays Havoc with years sex drive function. -- overall vitality so the fact that this product PT on -- zinc is important because zinc is known to be an inhibitor. Of the aroma taste and science and I think that's really important -- component that's been formulated into this product. Absolutely it's crucial and and we know that -- get. It's very important to cellular -- in the prostate have been great studies of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and and other places and again we have it at the clinically relevant level of the thirty milligrams. If so what those agreed ingredients but we have other -- we have so many -- millennium is fantastic for the long term health. Of the prostate. We have other ingredients that work with a missile -- meadow. Like deep right sheer amount -- parliament a pumpkin seed oil. They worked studies show that it enhances the activity of the the so -- meadow. And the part GM it is very very very very helpful in increasing the -- urine flow. Hoping to reduce the frequency of Perry did get up at night. So we have a yet a -- the barrels a product here. Aiming at all the key problems -- -- a decline of prostate functions and that the chlorine in testosterone levels were addressing all of them. Naturally in doctor and an imported into considers this is a whole body held the product. This is something that Everyman I think from the age of forty at least. Should be on a PT no aren't for all of the reasons that we're stating. It's you know in and out -- myself but I'm 63 years old and I've been in the -- too cynical world for decades. And I started in my forties I didn't have any issues. With with the prostate that function but I started then taking these ingredients that are taken in the past twenty years so. Not 63 now I have absolutely no symptoms but that -- -- I started young because I didn't wanna get a proper. And and so I recommend that all the -- forty plus take this with these ingredients are gonna protect your prostate the function the health of the prostate. And also keep those testosterone levels in and nice normal range from every member. This is not you know you being Arnold Schwarzenegger. That you -- becomes a big muscle mass. The -- with. To subprime market think it will finally get to hunt down these in naturally. Reading it would insist this is 00 no this is super important because. You know in the normal medical model one of mankind to simulate those two problems he's got in trouble urinating in the slow stream we think he's got surprised you know larger. We're gonna we're gonna generally put him on a prescription drug. You know there's there's drugs have liked him solos and for example is a very commoner flow Macs are very common prescription drugs that figure out so often used. And the -- is a little bit lower the symptoms there afloat he would we do we put the man on a testosterone jour supplement. Well here's the here's the here's the dirty secret behind doing that once we start to supplement a man's testosterone with cream gel injections. What were really doing is we're suppressing the testicles own natural function. So now the testicle begins to down regulate -- to shrink begins to shut down. In now we're dependent upon those supplements. Those those drug supplements that is exile -- -- external testosterone. We're dependent upon that forever. If -- can simply stimulate the body. Two is to maximize its own testosterone production in in usefulness of testosterone. I think that's a far safer approach in and frankly one that side got a lot less opportunity for side effects. Yes there's no doubt about this could advise. It's true there's no turning back which which is stocked with the the cartoonist has bounced go to many men needed to I mean -- -- Hundreds of men and have a serious problem they needed. It's very helpful. But we have things for example there's an ingredient in here -- of -- on and that its particular type of war on school the calcium for the board rate. It has been shown is more human studies and you've studied this Williams but very interesting showing that. It increased free testosterone by 56%. It also increased the HEK. By nearly 30%. And THE -- -- important precursor hormone. To the formation of testosterone. And it also increased vitamin. 6%. So we have this calcium from the border it is actually a proprietary ingredients called testosterone advantage. And -- is a very very -- substance. Take. And it's it's also very good -- the prostate. It's good for bones. And it's very very important for boosting a male hormones. We know it sounds like a lot of -- gone in today and designing this this this supplement. Is so -- you know what what so again we talked about this but in a nutshell with -- testosterone boosting products out there in the market. Again let's switch -- sort of recap why what makes a PT nine out really had different product. Well it's so well balanced. You know we're addressing also read the prostate we feel and you know in our science guys and doctors and all the people that we know and work with. The the prostate and testosterone levels this so closely related and many many ways. In so there's a lot of product out there that takes that whole picture into consideration. And so -- -- is really this is really out there and product ambience or mobile. Sexual. Prostate product or one. Is that it's very exciting. It's tremendously protective and it's a serious issue we have in our society right. There's -- study we came across in the journal of a political and -- endocrinology. And metabolism. In they state that -- that if before men over thirty have little test optional. One a minute while Theo has its epidemic is and guess summing -- that's really scary today submitted to the journal of clinical endocrinology. Today's men have 20% lower testosterone levels than their counterparts from fifteen years ago we are under and the soul. A -- on our hormone structure. Impacted by medications illness obesity bad diet lack of sleep and -- it all the hormones in the meat the milk. The pesticides that detergents all the these things contribute to elevating estrogen in men. And that's where this is such an important issue because we now have not just been awful changes and our body. But we getting bombarded by older stuff this external stuff that we have to fight back against. What does this is exciting product and I can't wait to start taking it myself -- look forward to to do that but Robert take a break humor come right back we're gonna continue this discussion on this a fantastic product. This is doctor Stephen -- out here most of men's health and remember if question about prostate either prostate cancer go to DR CNT dot com. You can call our office at Greater Boston urology at 50 weight. 3707703. That's 50 -- 3707703. And asked to speak dead Danielle at Greater Boston urology and framing him. We'll be right back with mr. rob mark -- talk more about. PT nine and heart. Factors plus so stay -- Welcome back with doctor -- see out here host a men's health the -- and today we have mr. rob Martin we're talking about. Pete teen nine and hard -- is -- -- had a great discussion so far with these with these products so let's continue that. And great. So so probably we in the first to say it was a really focused on PT nine. Right we talked about the year the the effect on the prostate we talked about the unique combinations effect on testosterone in the benefits it has for guys. Let's talk about the look how guys in their hands on this. Okay well we have a special offer for a partnership -- listeners. If you order PP nine right now. You're gonna get to -- bottles of -- factors plus -- we're gonna talk in the segment about -- are this close and how they go together and how important that is. She getting the three full bottles absolutely free. And the offer comes within ninety days no questions asked money back guarantee is that number for PT 9800. 811. 4460. That's 80811. 4460888. A excuse -- 8081144601. Athletes in this. That's like rubble global again guys keeping get a pen and paper -- -- in -- repeat that again during the show so let's go let's talk about job. In other prop product it related hard factors plus another one important for men's health so let's talk what is that what's hard factors plus. Okay well that look this is a product that helps support circulation. And throughout the -- And we're talking about the brain to cardiovascular system in the extremities. And the sexual organs in that and there's some evidence also we've been as well but we're gonna focus on men and so. There is an ingredient. In this formula and it's a complex formula just like the PP in we get that as well. But this ingredient is based on Nobel Prize winning science. And it is well it's called -- Argentine and -- too short and it's quite remarkable. We discovered that this Argentine has the ability to increase not a -- oxide no what does that mean. Now Richard oxide. Has a yet a tool effect. Because the nitric oxide. Levels state people that the circulation. And oxygen distribution throughout the body. While keeping arteries dilated as. Help the levels imagine you actually wiping your arteries increasing the blood flow. This has a huge impact on cardiovascular issues. Blood pressure. And also the support sexual function short. So many people are taking heart factors plus four. Blood pressure issues. We'll -- out -- that are well you know that that compound nitrous oxide is kind of the miracle of compound in our bodies today. You know and it was only discovered may be probably only 20/20 five years ago. And actually quite by accident but. You know you're right to you know the LR Geneen -- boost like a toxic levels of nitrous oxide levels in the body it's have tremendous benefits -- the entire body. Of course easier route is -- is a guy we think about that in terms of sexual function right. Yes so what so what can a guy expect I have went with a heart factors plus what kind of what kind of left benefits might might one expect from taking a supplement. -- -- look good for example. Guys have a few years have been using it in the at the gym rats the body builders and they've been using an athletes have been using it as -- increases endurance. And -- strength and ability to work out longer and as a byproduct of that a minute discovered it improves their sexual function. And gives them greater indoors there as well. Which is something that diminishes with -- So the L -- ingredient. It's an effective way to boost that nitric oxide and it's a natural way to promote sexual function and pleasure. It's so that it's it's it's really it's a tremendous companions. To the product we spoke about before the -- -- earth. As you know increasing your circulation. And -- that's very very important in guidance. In their satisfaction. And and that helps. I mean your circulation -- as a big issue you know women take art practiced -- also -- women in particular get. They get a lot of that tingling and and problems circulation in their extremities their hands if they get hold. Well -- magic oxide really expands those blood vessels taping which meant you know especially this time a year and it's so right right there right it's. Now that that's right take it so let's let's do let's begin this a little bit because the relationship be between our -- -- sexual function let's talk about that a little bit. Yeah well look you're you're you're expanding. The blood flow. And the editor and this is not that might -- to be popular drugs that you hear about which -- fine about it or not any drug. But this works a little bit differently. Because it's rather then that. Working on the relaxation. Of the muscles to create. The the blood flow. Here where we have the at this nitric oxide. The the raising of the level of -- -- oxide which is that they do yes naturally produced in the body. That has a tremendous impact on the -- -- legal functions that beat the lining of your arteries that really. Control of the contracting and expanding -- your blood vessels are watery. And so you're getting this tremendous boost in blood flow. Everywhere including into you or reproductive organs. And so. You know a lot of guys swear to Argentinian and it's a tremendous boost for their their pleasure dissatisfaction. Different -- Right so so in terms of promoting better erect malfunctioned. You think it's got to roll. North definitely -- the whole tour is no doubt about it it's very healthy it is that's -- we -- about the new troops -- critical solutions and and strategies. We'd like to say that instead of side effects we -- side benefits. And -- -- -- something that's so great for -- you're sexual performance and function yet it's it's just working directly above eight. I mean it's it's working your brain you -- a unique that it could blood flow in India in your carotid arteries in your brain and its director body. And so it's working throughout the body has to expand. Those those blood vessels increase circulation. Oxygen distribution. So it's it's a wonderful thing. -- this is this sounds and a great combination. So or we're gonna we're come back and with the break in testimony here but before we do that -- I watch -- either repeat the the offer for for our listeners out there today. OK when you order the PG nine. You're gonna get three bottles of -- factors plus we just talked about it we'll talk some more about it. That's three full bottles -- absolutely -- And you get a ninety day no questions that money back guarantee. So give us a call right now to special offer just of this radio program doctor Sharon to show. 80811. 46680811466. -- we have helped advise -- -- anybody can answer all your questions. Additional questions 8081146. Six. Other African numbers 808114460. Rob listen that that's a that's a great promotion for our listeners out. We're gonna take a break him we give back I want to talk a little more about how -- factors plus the really tie these two products together this doctor Steven -- at the host of men's health pulling one. And we'll be right back was to rob Martin -- talk more about. PT nine in. Part factors plus so stay tuned. Welcome back this doctor Steve is -- on -- host of men's -- the point one. And today we're talking to mr. rob Martin we're talking about two revolutionary supplements called PT nine in heart factors plus. Now you guys at their you know that my specialty is prostate prostate disease prostate cancer except of these products because they really they really do I'd go right to heart a lot of it. Types -- guys we treat every day. So rob you know we we will last suddenly began to talk about heart heart factors plus. In the fact that it's it increases the you know in really promotes higher levels of nitrous oxide through supplemental -- Geneen. So one we talked about the connections between our -- in in you know circulation so for right but down. How is different than other Argentine products topic is I know I've I've seen that needle in the health supplements I have seen people sergeant what's different here. That's very important and as you sort of discussion PT noted how that's so different because of the complex of a clinically relevant. Evidence based ingredients. Same thing here. In the heart -- what we edit other ingredients that we discussed one the grape seed extract. Now great seed extract we know. Is along with two -- he may be the most powerful. Natural it oxidant that we have it's it's packed with these things -- OPCs. And they're tremendously powerful antioxidants. In we use it in new pharmaceutical. Political work we use its. For circulation. Women take it is for their legs you know obviously this let's -- the bulging veins and circulation problems. So it's very powerful it is and in the blood vessels. Working to support healthy circulation so that it works well obviously with the L archenemy. And its support their good study showing great seed extract supporting healthy blood pressure levels we also edit its green tea extract and that's another. Tremendously powerful antioxidant. That works throughout the body. And in the blood vessels. So that they're they're they're very synergistic. Need to access to ingredients that we added to the product. To make it different than just some you know Argentine total wrote this shelf right of course we use a very high grade pharmaceutical. Argentines. We also have put some of the things in here to that'd been great you know like by tax which is agreed and supporting millions. Prostate function as well. It's another. What one of those ingredients that you know is multifaceted. Can help with circulation and also supports prostate health and it's in the heart factors plus. So that's what makes it different there's nothing else like this -- -- available. So who who would you think to be a good candidate for heart factors plus and at what age should debt issue of people start take this would you think. Well that's a rule in most instances forty seems to be that that magic number and not good magic. And that that's when things start to change the Warren -- starts to run out you know a -- That's acceptable or three years and and that's what depending against the guys fifty pounds overweight it's 32 years old. He's gonna have issues with circulation is gonna have issues with. Performance sexual performances testosterone going to be lower everything's going to be worse so what. But the average person's average -- probably around forty is a time when did you really start that. Having to work support the body's functions including circulation. In an all the other issues related to men's health specifically. That's forty isn't it. Sure so so we talked about these two these two supplements let's recap this so again talk about combining PT nine in heart practice plus let's talk about why combine -- Won't this combination what is is gonna do for our listeners. OK we have ingredients here that have dual purposes what they will protect. The prostate. They will support prostate function what does that mean. You're talking about increasing. Improving urinary flow supporting healthy urinary flow. Complete a bladder emptying when you're going to the bathroom you really go into the back from. And we know -- we get older. But it began it what you had forty or so you're in the men's room and -- a twenty year old you know guy comes next to you and egos of the bathroom. And all of a sudden you go ropes there's been some changes in my about it. Because he suffered a resource and unfortunately. Most guys over forty it doesn't sound like a -- source why we don't have the flow we don't have -- velocity at the velocity has gone. We wanna improve that and and and we can he improve the stream. The velocity of the stream. That will help of the bladder emptying and so maybe you you. You mean -- get -- to twenty but maybe get back -- thirty and into performing much better all around. So. On the prostate side. We have all of those issues covered including the long range health of the prostate to purchase function but help the cellular health of the prostate. This -- in this millennium is a very powerful antioxidants. Then of course on the other side we have the testosterone boosting. And we have some wonderful things like a particular type of borrowed the calcium for the worries that -- free testosterone THE day. Vitamin. We have. Other particular nutrients like the vitamin. That that works to boost vitamin. These ingredients were -- upon meadow and the sink the beta so so pastoral. They maintain hormonal. Balance as we age the doctors discussed this very clearly. As we age. We converge when we're young we have healthy levels of testosterone and other hormones. As we stage they conferred in to harmful for votes like DHT bad for the -- -- bit for the prostate the the gradual testosterone. Then you also have. Things in your body that conferred unfortunately conferred. Healthy testosterone to estrogen so we have things like -- that worked. Two to really block that you won it it would keep testosterone. You would keep estrogen load which he. DHT lol this is very very important all the these issues are considered in this one formula. So rob this is it that this -- sound it sounds like a great a great product in in in you know when I hear listen to you I mean. A real I can't start can't wait to start taking this myself so let's talk again let's let's review the offer for our listeners now -- is really important guys. Yes yes OK now look when you order the PK -- right now you're gonna get three bottles of the heart practice plus and -- -- just tuning in art practice plus. Supports circulation throughout your body and in the reproductive organs. So as a great combination with the testosterone boosting and -- the prostate protection a PP in with the circulation boost part practiced plus you gates. Three full bottle essentially free with the PP nine. Get a ninety day no questions as mortgage backed guarantee there's been number 80811. 4460808114460. PT nine with the re free bottles heart factors plus. 80811. 4460. Rob listen this has been fantastic on a -- -- -- the show and share in this this great information with our listeners. The -- in a fantastic product and again I can't would -- -- -- myself so mr. rob Martin thanks for being our guest on men's helpfully when this is doctor Stephen CIT and rob. Thanks for coming. Thank you doctor -- dear -- back some day I'll be happy to win will be right back to close out the show us a stay tuned. Well -- just about out of time for today is doctor Stephen jockey and host of mens health New -- And today mr. rob Martin of shot many products talked about his revolutionary product PT nine and heart factors plus. Guys I encourage you take advantage of that offer because that you know we talk but I think some of the sciences there and it makes tremendous sense remembered learn more about prostate disease and prostate cancer. You can go to DRC. On TD RS EIO Wayne TI dot com. In certain car offices at Greater Boston urology were in Framingham Massachusetts at 508. 3707703. That's 5083707703. And you can certainly ask for Daniel and she would help you out. So again think -- listen everybody join us again next week for men's health when one. Is doctor Stephen -- we'll talk to you again next week.