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Max Robins Monday January 27, 2013 - Grammys And Mad Men

Jan 27, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today the fellas reviewed last night's Grammy Awards and talked about the return of AMC's Mad Men.

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Of any questions about TV now's your chance to get -- -- and talked to Max were elements using veteran. Journalist covering. Broadcast television industry for many years and he's here to answer all your questions. 61777. 18774694322. Where you can -- -- at 68680. And he'll try to answer the questions for you. And you calls follow -- at Forbes dot com his column appears on at Forbes dot com Forbes dot com you can sign up and become an idea. Follower -- he's on his he's a tweeting and I put tallest columns up and just you -- includes a -- on his tweets right Max. I do indeed Ali. There was something that was supposed to go up to date it's Saturday held until tomorrow so. On the will be pumping out new tomorrow I and we wanna talk about the grammys last. -- summer only kind you know one I was too busy watching a movie with Edward G. Robinson. Jane Wyman. Broderick Crawford and Anthony Quinn. And larceny any. Well it -- it might have been more entertaining than the grammys which was the longest. In. History of the broadcast. Have you ever noticed -- that link and greatness seldom go hand in hand. This is very true very true captain's idea. -- -- It appears they usually they -- -- personally as a matter what. And nobody worried I think you would -- -- from that school of lessons more yes. It'd be great there was the victory -- -- it might -- true about it 28 million viewers. Which was up just a little bit from last year. But didn't quite make how many people watched. The most watched -- since 1993. Which was in 2012. So. In which came in the and go -- with the issues Houston's. -- -- -- Yeah there's been nothing like you're getting -- does a lot for your social standing is Damon Runyon used to assess. Oh. Are all so that I miss anything Macs that I missed any thing. Do you and I've really never really I mean I moved musical performances were really. You miss beyoncé is rear ended 8 o'clock. So there you go out picked -- at at at that patent that was pretty suggestive I would. -- Max writes I would think about this move this show girls ever since last week and we talked about this woman what's her name -- we're Dunham. -- -- -- -- -- We Leah Lena -- Will I don't I have a way it's got it's got good ratings right. Yeah so come on I think we should monkey you organized the coal producers of the monkey business channel should go to this moments and -- you're you're pretty good ratings are so you're pretty good writer. And you you've got the women watch in the show. But you know maximize Max and I know be in veterans of the TV industry may do we haven't gotten that far in the TV industry we. We know about the TV industry. And and were also heterosexual males and we have an idea to make the show really take. You keep writing that stuff that released turning on the women. And we're not gonna have you one camera we're gonna have really good looking -- keeps -- -- we don't know him in the would not insulted by the reading your lines. And we're gonna make a lot but what is what do you mean serious to make this woman a lot more money with -- with my reason why women like it because it doesn't object to -- then you know one objective by the they're all you women out the window. Double what about the guys they're not gonna watch it anyway we are the women are naked like -- of -- there is. We believe and leaned -- and you can get off -- and all of -- how he had a yeah I mean it's a show where people talked about he or she would. So I Google can leave it I don't know they can -- you -- when. I I Google last week -- dot com naked and I saw all kinds of naked pictures yes but you had them -- -- respected person I know and you want to support a show that's nothing but introspection. I can turn down the sound of the pictures are enough. Don't make notes there was money on waiting. On a pool journey. Don't think we're going to be heavily to get that one done and that's too bad that there are other shows indeed full entertainment value for your dollars Max would put it -- that you know icing on the coast. Changing girls. All right all right. What. What was earlier column about as FYI girls finale last last year drew 600000. People. Hardly a ratings powerhouse more like over hype. I'm a woman or old socks it's the parade. Okay there's this okay so that model women like like like girls. So what well so what -- what -- have you written about this week. Well I was so I broke her arm. The Beatles and and realize we talked about the slope and last week but -- -- And how they really went from completely unknown. This superstar. In the space of about six weeks and American that can. You know that all 63 from really around November 6 street and I discussed this. Right after the Kennedy assassination. Two and they appear went seventy trees don't tune -- watch and solve -- there's a bunch of people specials happening. This coming week and I think for people's hands it's going to be here it's going to be real demand side note it. Like UC NN has something Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg produced. Yes and you know course which way it was all networks. You know Solingen. It is -- -- -- special. So I think there will be a lot of funny actually. You you've got to stop making excuses for CNN they have that they have another all time low ratings at last whiteman. I'm not making excuses for them armed Hussein that when they do something good I mean I I think that they have to deport dangerous terrific and I think that the and I and I I get kind of high hopes for something about The Beatles as Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg would it would probably pretty cool. But notice CNN news got a long way to go for a missed the certainly domestically before there's another packet today. I will -- you know we were talking -- -- put the -- groups come on the show age you know. It is just. Fantastic I -- this -- again Howard one of those we are shows I would strongly recommend you check out this true detectives. We didn't Woody Harrelson and actually McCarthy I mean it is. In episode three was last night I want to export orders -- is it news -- just. Tremendous -- it's great that writings great music to record it shares. Is I think -- that this show is gonna end up there in the anti I was a lot to say after threes we episodes. But it. It could this be remembered as a Boston black -- of the 21 century it Max. And it didn't even more how is it -- yeah I mean I think it's really right up there which is great. Neither -- the -- great drama series you talked about what are your initial pronto is breaking bad. You know I -- This really something I was I was disappointed to hear that it's kind of an anthology series. There's some are restored with what you're sort of nasty currency. -- I think it's just to six episode. It was good businessman say they got one dedicated outstanding. 187746943. 221877. What is the weather channel coming back on DirecTV. I had -- -- -- never I mean I you know this has this has really to restore and generous. The the weather channel -- to -- I think you're gonna see. A lot of a lot of these cable networks. That are giving information. Problem. With the people can do -- else we're. Going the way it there because as as you know most of these channel. When we talked about CNBC's ratings are way down. We have seen its ratings are way down. And the other business channels are grown worse you know our business news and Bloomberg even worse though. And and it's it's going to be it's going to be hard to justify. Carry these states and and you know. Certain kinds of information using information. Like the weather -- citizens news people who want to get on the phone and they got a lot of options. Boris uninteresting story today in the in the Wall Street Journal about ESPN and you know they're going to the phones -- -- often they -- they said that ESPN is still the highest. Highest cost -- council. Of any cable cable network which is five dollars and 54 cents. Yes this is this is really I mean it's outrageous it uses the highest and any in this sense what they're a lot of -- -- -- One of the main reasons they subscribe to either cable or satellite. You know horror what are the telco services. Is that they want to have yet. But there are a lot of people who are export fair -- -- the world will pay you know pay for the wrap up its almost like how he's almost like health care. Well I was thinking about it a -- -- at the football season's over on ESP NN so I will be watching you all. I don't really watch much college basketball regular season I'll pick it up in a few weeks when they go to that from the start of the tournament. But then after the tournaments are over medal goes over to CBS for the finals of the man March Madness. But I don't watch much ESPN and tell. Until the fallen football comes back. What you really have to ask yourself you know use -- -- -- for football. It is of course you do whatever we do the -- -- you know 750 yeah you're right what is it it's worth -- -- index which. Those are much -- paid 75 bucks for seventeen Monday Night Football games is when it comes down to. Right right that's pretty expensive. Yeah I didn't hit it as it is I guess it's cheaper than movies and watch that you have to -- I guess it has -- plus it's not it's kind of warmer let's take some calls your GM your next with how we card Max -- go ahead Jim. I don't accept them. That's still -- -- -- -- for the show resurrection and -- early word on this show. Yeah he's coming at resurrection will be back. I think in the summer bit from the the Sundance Sundance Channel right. That commercial on the war only direct I would figure of another's arms are. You're right I think it is coming -- I was confusing and others -- that was on the Sundance. Okay GM's chat you're next with how we card Max -- go ahead -- -- -- I liked it I don't let out the bad side stop I'm having gotten paid for. You know I'm. The more aptly. Europe and Ortiz for a little -- the body -- not check that out. And yet there there there were a couple little World Cup. Whose pieces start NBC CBS both of them. But they were they're really -- about the music it was all it was kind of derisive. You know -- about and and screaming teenage girls and. Yeah exactly that that report yet I am not. I would be 48. But I'm -- -- spoke out again that -- -- know what happened that afternoon. You know who knows what would happen. You know. And happening -- I am and I'm waiting to see it goalie I mean I don't -- -- couple years. But I'm. And -- and -- what you see that right. I am I. I I really can't yes I mean I guess we'll just go out from all those were two seasons of the show I think that there's just you know thirteen of fourteen episodes well. And AMC. The network if it -- I'm gonna handle the -- they -- very favorite because with breaking bad. You have to. In the spring and then you know wait in bring the last episode. Later. -- -- -- -- -- Let's see. Maria Bartiromo what's her status with fox. I think that you know this year Roger will -- -- president arts but bet it would do its work. When he was writing CM EC I think it's shall be feature prominently on Fox Business news. And I think you'll hear quite a bit -- are. You know Fox News the well. She certainly has the qualifications. Absolutely absolutely although I don't know maybe garbage dump -- -- dire your blog I hope. -- Mickey are next with how we guard Max -- go ahead Mickey. In. My okay and kind of weird thing and truckers. I'd gone forever I have seen it for years now. Yeah I I I I'll check out their police Lynette sweet I'm not sure what stolen. Very popular show on discovery. It and I haven't heard anything about it agencies I don't -- sponsored group toasters -- -- moonshine is on the Discovery Channel doing it don't. Yeah I hate the new weather channel on DirecTV and chancellor real whether child in the channel will come back. Sounds like therein you like you see -- you're saying there -- they're kind of at loggerheads here that they're in a stalemate. Yeah it's a real stalemate. I don't know I mean maybe somebody go blank and you know outlook. How to deal but at this point it's really difficult to say -- Yeah you're right the weather channel is -- as a crucial as it used to be but Max we look forward to seeing you -- will read your column tomorrow on Forbes dot com right. New column -- -- always -- our. Great thanks a lot Max and how we card.