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Marijuana Vs. Alcohol

Jan 20, 2014|

This weekend President Obama said about marijuana "I don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol,". Howie never thought he would say this but he agreed with the President...

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Okay this is the the poll question. Is. What what is more dangerous marijuana or alcohol. Obama says marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol until of course she estimate given -- racial issue was always this guy is and everything handed to them because of his race. He says about how. About how -- Middle class kids don't get locked up for smoking pot and -- kids do. Or you think -- you I don't think anybody gets locked up for smoking. Pot in anymore. You know I mean if you're smoking pot. Well your -- transporting. Unregistered machine guns around in the back of a stolen car. Perhaps should do get locked up for smoking pot but just were were you know lighting up by the do do you wanna be one caller on the common -- -- -- an -- -- -- -- But. You know there's there's so much to talk about and the sooner he he's claiming that he's a victim of racism that's why his poll numbers are down that's just the this -- did David rim rim hacker whatever his name is the editor the new Super Tuesday it completely out of touch. Metro sexual moon bat but -- a pajama boy's pajama boy. He he collapse of all up with a spoon but anyway I wanna just let's let's get beat on map and I just asked the question what -- -- what he is more dangerous alcohol -- marijuana. I'm gonna I'm gonna have to say marijuana is less dangerous. You know you know why don't you sought over the weekend but -- couple big brawls in bars in Boston. One of -- was in these Boston. With yeah a guy guy stabbed the couple people but the and the people were brought to the hospital said he was wearing a red pants. So they went to another hospital where it was -- people were being treated in the two women and a guy in red pants. Guess who got arrested the guy in red pants pants to kind of stick yeah it's you build lesson here is never Wear red pants -- -- fight. In East Boston anyway then there was another there was another were. A -- way. In a in a bar on friend street downtown the greatest bar the some people got that stabbed the there'll it. I'm told that that is their problems and not play a beacon of the owner of that place and say anything bad about it but the and only just the first time that the problems that more. But you see that the thing is it's it's kind of hard to it to say that marijuana. Is worse than alcohol or vice Versa. Because so much of the time now I am. Think I can speak. This issue knowledgeably. So much of the time people smoke pot in the drink on -- office or vice Versa. And but it but if I had the if if I had to say something which was worse for you if it just one or the other. Men don't have to say alcohol. Mean nine I know that yet you know smoke and smoke and is not not good for your for your lungs and supposedly disposed we have. You know leads to brain cancer like like Bob Marley that the reggae singer. But. Alcohol. Alcohol is really bad for any number bureau bodily. Organs. Most most prominently your liver. And yeah you know it's if it that you rows of the liver is a very tough way to go. If your reversing people which -- grosses of the liver were still drinking that is really. That that's. I used to see it sometimes with a guy who with a politician who -- -- -- to -- many out and proceeded to drink himself that that open. We'll have a lot of fun to see him. Down in the now on the bar where we all -- to -- real hung out. And that one attempt at one of Bob JFK's top aides drank himself to death that used to see him on the street. In Boston after you've lost for governor and he he he had he had what they called -- I mr. Madonna yes I how. -- Things MI data have in common there Kenny O'Donnell. Another reason why my dad didn't really like Mike -- either he was not kind to mr. O'Donnell. -- Kenny O'Connell you know he was he was JFK's guy and that he then the -- was kind of kind of its -- after Kennedy was shot. We tried to where he ran for governor in 1970 beat you finish fourth in the primary before beats behind. Kevin White who won the primary and lost the election and -- Morse Donahue from polio and side with somebody else was in the -- was able lobby was in the rates maybe I don't know. But anyway go O'Donnell finished fourth bottle love it just proceed to district themselves only. -- himself to death and he would sometimes -- ending on the corner in downtown Boston. And just be just be talking to so I mean this was a guy who you know hopes in the chief of staff and White House yeah. Yeah it was one of the most power he was one of the big people most people that know outside of Boston but most powerful guys in the in the country. And he's just standing there talking to -- like. Like why now. Mean he was you know he had assumed on May be but he was -- -- and in it it just seems like and I I'm. I I don't think there's any way you could say that alcohol has killed fewer people that marijuana has killed more people now well. Alcohol kills just. All kinds of people and you know I now am I gonna say that marijuana doesn't cause auto accidents either because you shouldn't be driving stoned and there are people who who was given to accidents because they're driving stoned and many times I don't think we ever know. But they were stone maybe that may be their friends and their freedom when knows they postponed because they they know that they were rough small and too much pot. But it. You don't and I'm not in it believe me my he's saying when it when I say that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. I don't. I burst Obama agree with Barack Obama and that doesn't mean I think marijuana should be legalized because I don't linger -- should be legalized I don't think you need -- another broad. Two to make people and the couch potatoes. That we get to me couch potatoes in this country is it is but what would you say is -- is more dangerous drug alcohol borrow or marijuana. 18774694322. But I would say that you know when you when you mix -- tool moments. It's reached -- and -- a personal Bob Dylan's song stuck inside a mobile with the Memphis blues again. The reason me and gave me two cures and said jump right in one west Texas medicine that pot the other was just rail road -- Like a fool I mixed them. And it strangled up my mind. Now people just get uglier. Have most sense of time. If that doesn't if that if if that isn't a perfect description about mixing up pot and alcohol I I don't know what is. -- agreed. 18774694322978. You can actually die from alcohol withdrawals not from pot. What's wet brain wet brain is just what happens is. It's like. It's like when the the the when you've had a lot of rain in the in the soil. And and and the the water level is very high. And so we gonna have financial rain and normally that would be very much but is it the whole the whole area floods because of the water table was so high. So when the boost table becomes very high. In your brain. All you need is like a drinker too and your -- -- you know people say you know you're drunk I only haven't I only had a -- I only had a judge aptly. You know I only had a shocked. Maybe that's true they only have a shot but there but there'll be alcohol level when their bloody assault I've just. It's and we drinking that it it's it's a problem Mary Beth your next what how we cargo ahead Mary bet. How long time -- thank you. I do so with the market determined about -- questionnaire the academic data over the weekend lab India retired state police. And that not history. But anyway we're paying it we were talking about as old and that -- -- -- -- illegal. Question is up you know like a roomful of people that are smoking pot and I can get hot even though I'm not critiquing. It and all of our. And a group of people get drunk. And I don't drink I'm not going to try lights go real and actual many other people. Other -- under compression -- -- Right you're right I mean that you could and you could also have one Drake and you're not rock. What -- you're -- your YA if you're just they'd like you say if you're sitting in the world -- again Mary Beth I'm not I'm not campaigning here for legalizing. You want to do I don't think it's a big pitcher. You know I mean I don't think it should -- illegal. Yeah no I I don't either because we have too many we already have too many drugs you know. There's just days you don't -- this the the stuff with you one reason I think why -- has this terrible problem with her one is that it prescription drugs have become so easy to get. So win when you get cut off from prescription drugs synthetic opiates. You have no choice if you're addicted to -- but to go back to -- to the real thing right. And saw so I says how was so how was OxyContin is worked out I mean for most people. It's it is America and Prague but there's a certain percentage of people. For whom it's it's it's addictive just like to get it just like people get addicted to do while. Today to pick gambling. You know I mean every -- they don't call these things crisis for not but now. Thanks thanks for the call Mary that one vice is a good word in -- and it's an accurate description of the you know drinking. Smoking. Gambling. -- -- -- I know something about gluttony and beat him Rex. -- -- your next with how we cargo at Walter. -- do it there are other drug treatment program for adolescent. And that would get too technical -- -- But it sure marijuana. Especially among a month it is. And I thought you know -- at any age keeps going often opt. And got. -- -- bit about your era if -- front lol not fully develop that Israel until they're 26 and now in May help in 28. What the brain and make decisions. To the biggest issue is is when you when you're basically -- the parade. Under under the influence of a drug or whether it be alcohol or Merrill halt marijuana with a brain is developing. We -- these kids making basically drug induced decisions and into the issues when they start running into crime and things like. Right. But on the other hand bull what would you say -- -- would choose a boost is pretty bad for adolescents as well. I don't want them so they edit the comedy that all of our columnist Bob that the strongly police from the speed. This age group he is that marijuana is is not harmful. It's definitely harmful it's death I I agree with you on that we gonna take a break them how -- guard.