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Men's Health New England- January 4th

Dec 31, 2013|

Mens Health and Boston baseball! Men’s Health New England is a weekly radio show dedicated to giving you the straight talk on Men’s Health. Hosted by Dr. Stephen Scionti, the Director of the Scionti Prostate Center of Boston, Dr. Scionti is globally recognized for his work in advanced prostate cancer diagnostics and minimally invasive prostate cancer therapy.

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Welcome to men's health the 11 I'm your host doctor Stephen CRT director of the CRT prostate general Boston had Greater Boston urology. Joining us every week and at this time for the most advanced and up to date discussion topics most important men's health. Join us every week as we discussed topics like. Prostate cancer prostate disease. Sexual health. Lifestyle and diet. Weight management. Heart health and hormone will help. Every week we interviewed in national experts in men's health and empower you. With up to date scientific -- progressive formation that you can use to improve your overall health achieved weight loss. Lowering your risk for heart disease maximize your sexual performance and deal with prostate problems. Now this is our last show of the year. Men's health the -- when debuted on July 6 2013. And during the first half of today show I'm going to recap for you so -- the most important information. Present and over the past six months. Will hit the highlights and we'll talk about some of the topics are most important. And we have a very special treat for the second half of the show. How can we possibly review 2013. Without talking about the incredible season at the Red Sox had this year. This was clearly the year for Boston's strong. 2013. Also marks the official debut of an incredible new Red Sox blog site. Called monster mash that's MO ON ST AH mash dot com. And today they'll have in the studio as my special guest the creator of this premiere Red Sox blog site. Mr. Tyler CRT who happens denied my nephew. Result was student at the college to the holy cross and Howard's gonna give us a special year -- hot stove report on the Red Sox. So stay tuned for our incredible showed today remember invite you to contact us on WRK outside -- -- submit your questions I'll answer -- on the -- and subsequent shows. And learn more about prostate disease and prostate cancer my website which is GRC on DD RS EI ON TI. Dot com my prostate center is located at Greater Boston urology in -- with current locations. Albany in Framingham in Norwood in 2014. So watch force. Phone number 6176961826. State -- -- right back with today's show. Welcome back I'm doctor Stephen C update your host of men help the wing went from the founder and director of the CIT prostate center Iraq Greater Boston urology. And today we're gonna talk about some of the most important issues and topics we discussed in the year 2013. So -- our show debuted on July 60013. So it's six months is a six month anniversary. And some of the most important topic we talked about over the last six months obviously center around things like prostate cancer exercise and attrition. Diet weight management. We talked about hormone -- health. We had special -- -- and it just previews some of those us. Special guests and highlights of the shows with you connect. Let's start. With prostate cancer. UP SA controversy is is really hit hit the the real news in 2013. This is all over the news as the and -- US up preventive health task force panel recommended against routine PSA screening. Well here's the problem when you ask men. Men say well that's great for that the government is saying that but if it's me I really wanna be -- Bob got prostate cancer. I really wanna I wanna know about it and wanna be able to do something about it so we talked about the controversy with screening for prostate cancer. And the fact that. Studies have been published since that time for example a a major study in America American journal preventive medicine that we highlighted. Said that only 13% of men surveyed said that they would choose not to be screened based on the information presented by the United States preventive services task force panel so guys get it that you know -- he's not necessarily bad. Now we talked about the fact that screening has to be selective. So you know we shouldn't be doing PSA screening on men in there you know advanced years because. It's really clear that making -- diagnosed at that age the disease is really not anywhere near severe as the treatment. So you know we've got to be Smart about this. But harsh -- we really pioneered. The the the role of advanced diagnostics. And we talked about this over the last six months. So what do we mean by that. Well if you've got an elevated PSA the first step is not necessarily. A prostate biopsy. It really is using advanced diagnostic studies such ads that MRI. And what's called an MRI guided targeted Smart prostate biopsy. We introduced a system called armaments or is ladies in my office college RT. So -- isn't computerized robotic device and allows many use MRI images. To see exactly where the tumor may be in a prostate. They used MRI pictures directly to guide how biopsies performed. That allows for a much more accurate biopsy. We talked about some of the studies from UCLA. And from the National Cancer Institute. That showed the improved accuracy. An MRI guided Smart biopsy. So I think that really sets the stage for you know a new standard of care. And in the Boston area certainly that's available at our center. And we go to other parts of the country for example in New York City institutions such as Cornell. Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York University. Mount Sinai. While -- I Jewish medical center -- Long Island all use MRI guided diagnostics. So really this is that's like changing paradigm. And guys what I want to know is if you've got to elevated PSA. We have got a smarter approach and just blindly doing a prostate biopsy there's ways you better diagnostics and that's really what we talked about here's our our shows. Whatever special guests throughout the -- this past the season has been doctor Michael Brower. Doctor Brower is the chief Bob medical officer at Myriad Genetics he's on the West Coast. And we talked about the genetic analysis. Of prostate cancer. So it's possible today to take a biopsy specimen. That is when we do that targeted by -- we can take a piece of the tumor. And now we can send that -- to Myriad Genetics. And really do a sequencing. Of the did DNA genes of that tumor because what we learned from doctor Brower is that. Cancers that may look slow growing. On the outside it's harder really know how those cells are going to be hey are they gonna be -- is are they gonna be lions. Right and they can be dangerous tumors or not. One of the ways to really know that no that is to really doing DNA sequencing and the Myriad Genetics has called the pro Claris. Gives a look inside the cell's machinery that we see whether that can't just program to be. A bad cancer one that we can simply watch and likely never cause any problems. So one of the critical I think. Test at the same this year is his pro -- test this genetic analysis of prostate tumors we used to Centre our senator. To help arrive at proper putt diagnostic decisions. Now we know that debt. Observation active surveillance. Can really be a safe strategy in fact we how isolated. A study. That was published. This year in -- in the annals of internal medicine. In this study really came out of Boston came out of the Dana Farber. And it's the conclusion of the study was led to a low risk prostate cancer. Active surveillance and watchful waiting in that cancer are very reasonable options. And in fact we can't show that men who have surveillance. Or observation we can't tell they do any worse than men who have. Aggressive therapies. So with this information. Really comes down to understanding who has low risk disease again that's the importance of the pro -- test. Well we also talked a lot about the past six months some of the revolutionary new minimally invasive. Treatments for prostate cancer so once we know that -- cancer requires treatment. Can't we use less invasive strategies so that we preserve function preserve quality of life. So what do my guess was Doctor Murray were chapter. Who is a premier your -- just out of Miami Florida -- my special guest and we discussed the role of prostate cry -- therapy. That's a procedure where we freeze the prostate cancer so we can. Freeze the tumor by placing some needles under ultrasound guidance directly into the prostate now course matter asleep we do this. But were able to mold ice into the prostate and treat as much or as little of the prostate cancers we need to treat. Prostate crowd -- been around for over fifteen years and certainly got. Its role has now gained a lot of popularity because we're looking for less invasive opportunities. Short of radical surgery or -- total prostate radiation therapy. -- work chapter -- shared experiences with us and myself as well I've been doing prostate crowd therapy now for almost fifteen years. -- of a personal experience of over 1000 patients treated it's one of the premiere treatments that we offer at the scene -- -- prostate Sarah Boston. We then moved into some of the new high tech approaches. We had several shows over the past six months in which we talked about. A very high tech procedure. Is a non invasive robotic ultrasound guided therapy hall high intensity focused ultrasound. Or HI EFU. Now we introduced as there being popular how this worked this is a non invasive there be weren't poker -- probe is placed into the rectal canal. And using computer control and guidance for prostate can be. Placed on the screen now from images and using the ultrasound images leaking -- there be looking -- as much or as little of the prostate is necessary. And we can do that with very. Tight precision. Two of my patients were special guests on the show. One particular patient it was an attorney from the Boston area. And who's treated about two years easily shared his experiences of going through the whole process of being diagnosed. What it was like to have to make a treatment decision. And then what it was like to go out of the country he went down to for treatment in Bermuda. Who performed is high intensity focused ultrasound treatment. Ended about a year after when he -- the show after it could be able to tell us that he was in fact cancer free and that he had and an unchanged quality of life. So I think it was great to hear from some of the men's personal experiences. One of our recent shows -- local psychologist. Who what came on the show. And this gentleman told us. Historian I think is very is very important because it highlights some of the concepts we've been talking about. He told us how he'd been battling an elevated PSA for over ten years. He had two sets of standard prostate biopsies that were negative biopsies. Down fact. These -- standard ultrasound guided what I call blind biopsies. He saw one of my associates in new York at the NYU's Milo prostate cancer senator doctored GO Espinosa. And doctor geo has been about a colleague of mine for many years doctor geo was an actor Patrick position. Introduced this gentleman choose the camera right targeted diagnostics we use our prostate center. In so even though he lives in Newton area he was getting his a lot of his advice from New York City and -- right back here to Boston. So we get an MRI we found a tumor is prompted it was -- did not been detected over many years turns out -- was a fairly high grade tumor. He was really concerned about is quality of life. And so we would offer him a targeted hype for the treatment. We -- outline a portion of the price -- -- this tumor was direct energy to this area and destroy their tumor. That was called a focal -- for the treatment. He had this treatment this past summer again and national particularly -- couple weeks ago and talked about his experiences now in fact I was a special guest on his TV show. -- you wanna see is -- his doe two new TV dot org NE WTV. Dot org that's it public access programming station. In in Newton public access cable programming you can go to the website new TV dot org and the show is called. On the sunny side of the street. On the sunny side of the street and you'll see this segment in which. The the host is doctor Todd -- Talks about his own experience of prostate cancer and going through some of these revolutionary treatments. So that it's been a busy year with prostate cancer treatments. We shifted gears throughout the throughout this season we've talked a lot about exercise and nutrition. Weekly I've really pounded home the importance of proper exercise and proper nutrition. -- reviewed studies showed that men. Who follow that diet that was low carbohydrates and heart healthy with the proper a proper facts avoiding some of the bad fats avoiding processed foods. Plenty of fruits and vegetables. For example we talked about pomegranate green -- the spice to America and broccoli how they helped. Men fight prostate cancer. In fact we talk about several studies in which men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. On a proper diet and supplements. Broccoli T spices. Avoiding -- -- sugary foods processed foods. -- get a much better outcome for their prostate cancer with lower rates of recurrence. Now that's more that's important for other issues other than prostate cancer obviously. -- diet that's good for prostate cancer is also a diet that's heart healthy. What are my special guest has been doctor Lars Bowman. Large Bowman is the director of senate gen X Boston. Which is a program mine downtown Boston. An elite health program in dog a bone has been my guest and several shows and discussed the importance of this Loeb why scenic index diet. One of the studies we talked about the importance of proper sleep. And in some of the things go wrong -- sleep. The importance of proper exercises been emphasized by an actor Bowman we talked about high intensity interval training. That is exercise for short durations into the proper heart rate out ranges. We had a whole show talking about. Low energy -- You know of the symptoms that a lot of guys feel when they reach their forties or fifties I just don't have the the energy I feel tired you know I'm not into. And a lot of times that's related to low testosterone. So called low T. To doctor Bowman really yet talked about the importance of making that diagnosis of low T. And the proper way to supplement testosterone a proper way to do that safely. And -- restore testosterone levels restored energy restoring vitality. Restoring a proper on sexual function so it's been really a busy busy season in which a lot of the experts have really. Come down we've talked about a lot of the same concepts. Now comes back to some of that that the fundamentals right. The fundamentals of proper diet proper nutrition proper exercise the proper amount of sleep. But you know for guys to reach especially when you're 3040506070. Years old these issues are all important it's important aspect of men's health. So we're gonna go ahead and take a break here in just a moment but remember. To a more about prostate disease and prostate cancer go to DR CA on DX DR SCI. ON TI dot com. -- Look at our our website at. Max bay urology dot com. You can always call our offices at 617. 696. 1826. I've got some great news that we'll talk more about the next in the next year but the CO NT proxies in our Boston is going to be moving locations. We -- when our locations to central location in Framingham ran a route nine. In down in Norway so more access -- more patient throughout Massachusetts. Follow follow our follow this and subsequent shows only telling you about her new office locations. So will be right back we come back we're gonna finish our update. And then we're -- as I promise you bring -- a hot stove report from Tyler CRT so state children right back on men's health the when one. Who welcome back. This is doctor -- -- -- director of the CIT prostate Centre of Boston in your post up. Men's health the -- went -- they were doing a recap of the most important stories we had on our show in the first six months some are airing. -- we've gone through some of the aspects with prostate cancer diagnostics we've talked about the importance of health and nutrition. That's gonna finish up this wrap up. In this in this segment so. One of our one of our premium gas this season has been might my good friend and colleague got doctor Geovany Espinoza are doctor GO. He came on the show like in August. And really talked about the importance of nutrition supplements doctor. And he's a director of natural -- urology at the smile low priced product comprehensive prostate cancer center in New York City. Dot Sergio talked about how important it is for men on active surveillance. For prostate cancer or -- diagnosed they have the proper nutritional approach. And again this goes back some of the places we talked about the importance of locally -- died. We talked about the importance of natural foods in -- Sergio made a real plea for. Really eating organic -- process -- avoiding chemicals. And really talked about what I think is a great popular movement today that's locally sourced up Prodi's. And it really goes back to some of the basics you know you wanna avoid excess chemicals. You know remain important. Statement about you know some of the I'm crossing you know I think a lot of process process called cost processed meats. A lot of what Knight strikes and he told us that these really can be harmful and can beat cancer promoting. We talked about their proper way to Barbeque this wondrous events this summer you know. Chartering he had mistake. The stake isn't necessarily bad but -- on the grill is bad that produce a lot of -- cancer causing agents in the meat. Again -- supplements read the size and and I refer you to a website that doctor geo blocked significantly on. And -- -- prostate dot net. So this got a PR OS TAT prostate dot net. He you'll see a lot of -- useful information on prostate supplements or DR GO doctor GO dot com DR GO dot com. Learn more about what he does. What -- other special guest this year's been a one of my associates doctor -- He's been a special guest on the show several times we talked about restoring sexual health and man. So what are we doing the little blue pill doesn't work. To -- Viagra fails. We talked about different surgical approaches different advance approaches up for restoring erectile function. And that the message doctor Lynn -- is that really advanced diagnostics. Determine the true cause of VD is is critically important finding the right treatment. And finally a very constant theme that runs through our show has been the importance of selecting. A proper diet. I highlight of the book for you published by doctor William Davis and tiger we -- now the premise that book really is that. Wheat which is the principal carbohydrate. Diet is making us fat. I challenged all of our listeners to take at a tape measure. Place at around your waist at the widest point in -- over thirty inches you've got a problem. That's called the metabolic syndrome and that in effect is what -- -- Elliott's. So we talk about the go ICB index -- -- index defines the ability of any particular food. To raise blood sugar levels and produce insulin response. So a global -- -- -- index diet is really critical to maintaining proper weight and proper health. In again I have -- -- -- all our readers. To get this book called wheat belly WH. EAT wheat belly got a great discussion of IC -- index talked about some of the problems caused by. High carbohydrate diets. And particularly. -- Now one of the things that trigger this whole discussion I'll bring it back to well one of our early shows in if you remember. The -- that Tony Soprano. So James Gandolfini sudden death. All too ordinary. Right and so here's a man who's in his fifties the prime of his life. Great show. The chief dollar success. On vacation and Italy and his -- and suffers a sudden cardiac death what caused that. You have to really guess that probably was lifestyle. And so what are things we've talked about this entire show. Is lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle. You know perhaps. He could have been saved had he. Understood some of these concepts and practice of the concepts we've talked about on a show. -- guys you know it's it's really up to you it's -- -- -- you know you want to maintain health that you know it doesn't mean because you reach fifty -- sixty that you have to accept. Obesity apt except inactivity. Low sex drive low function. None of that's not a that's a and -- and that's mandatory for aging. It really comes down to you to repeat showing alike in on the show continuing throughout the next year and continued each brings studies do you. Different continue to bring guests -- around the country to talk about some of these important principles. So. Wanna shift gears a little bit. The rest of the show that we're gonna provide some entertainment for you because as a get hopping it topped by 2013. And not talk about either one of the biggest studies course in Boston and -- the -- the Red Sox had right Boston's strong. Solid against you my nephew mr. policy hockey who is the creator of months them mashed dot com. Tyler welcome -- our shell banks -- have me doctor C ninety. Tell us what's supposed to match what is that well monster mash itself on its sports news site dedicated to Boston Red Sox and it started this season. And what we're really all about is we bring you the latest in Red Sox news. And so you look on the news especially during the offseason it's kind of hard to find out what exactly is going -- the Red Sox. At this moment and so we do a monster -- is we bring you all the up to date. -- -- -- I'll be updated headlines seeking know what's going on with the Red Sox. So you derive a lot of its -- to yourself down at the start I did I wrote actually pretty much all of it. We have we've hired three writers and they've been working for -- so they've actually been taken over for a bit in terms of the contents haven't taken more of -- in editorial role on the site. Vessel contribute every down and so -- a lot of people write about the Red Sox right. Definitely yeah I'm sure there are right if your -- -- a lot the got globe -- he got you know you've got all sorts of people so why. You know I've seen signs -- to the content a monster mash. And what what do you think makes it different. Well what really makes this different is on first and foremost is we're bringing you pretty much every story that's on the Red Sox right now. If you look at a lot of sites especially during the offseason we'll give you one or two stories. Maybe you know per day or even a couple stories a week what we do is we get all those stories from around the news we consolidate the one area. And then -- in the -- is differences beyond we had our own little sarcastic on twist on the news and eagle on the more entertaining somebody that is entertaining. Yes so -- I'm happy to give us you know. Still reports of telling what what's hot stove report well hot -- Erica -- -- comes from. If you imagine people talking baseball Obama on a hot stove and to keep warm during the winner. And so but now in -- modern times and once technology really just kind of refers. All the offseason news is going on with that in the on the MLB and you know what were focused and honest Red Sox all the deals they've made and a few of the players that are left Boston. Right so -- so what's -- how to people how to people find your site which a website or let's say it's some monster dash -- dot com so that's ammo and ST AH. Dash -- match dot com. Months down -- dot com so guys to go to that website check out powers want to have him give us now are hot stove reports a tower. You know we're we're we're where we haven't we a couple of segments -- really -- -- -- -- what's going -- -- what do you -- -- right now in the offseason. What what do you think one of the biggest stories right. Now well probably that's the single biggest stories actually Jacoby Ellsbury. You know -- for greener pastures in New York. And on the Caroline's -- Johnny Damon back when he left after the 2004 World Series. And down. -- it it's time it's it's hard -- kind of figure that you know house where he spent seven years in Boston they drafted him. He wins two World Series titles and he says okay guys and head off -- the evil empire. And so I was kind of tough to see. Bloody I mean somebody you what why do you think with the -- such as you want to give the years -- Contra what was that all that I think mainly accidentally really all boils down to the money Ellsbury took -- -- took 21000021. And a half million dollars in New York. Armed for war and not seven years. What the Red Sox from with their -- off from one last year and twenty million dollars per year -- kind of sold out for an extra one point five million. But I guess -- Scott force user agent you gotta do what you gotta do. -- I guess you know so I mean the AOL we gonna survive without -- what. I definitely think so if you look at Ellsbury is over his career I mean he's he's a career to 97 hitters only hit over 300 -- twice. And really -- biggest thing is speed at the age thirty he's not gonna really you know these are going to be that big of a base stealing threat once he's here it's forty when he yankees still have on. And the big thing I think that's going to be good for the Red Sox. Is they got this some hot new prospect Jackie Bradley junior who -- he made big waves in spring training when he hit about -- what 900. But. You know he didn't do so well on the MLB but if you look it is minor league sets out -- Pataki edited to 75 line. Re hit he 37 before Roby 469 slugging percentage. He hit twenty homers and eighty games she fees out of at least hit like fifteen to twenty homers over a 162 games -- the MLB level. Less excited take our banquet break night in and report -- or hear more about this hot stove report OPEC. Doctor Stephens -- host a men's health the -- will be right back with Tyler talking about monster mash dot com so stay tuned. Welcome this is doctor Stephen -- founder and director of the -- -- prostate Centre of Boston in your post up men's health delinquent. Learn more about prostate cancer prostate disease -- to he DRC on TD RSC IO NTI dot com. Now today we got relishing onto my nephew and student at Holy Cross College talking about his new blog site months dot match dot com so Tyler. Let's continue the hot stove report so what else is what else what else is important going on right now. Oh probably the biggest -- an -- is who we Ellsbury is after the signing AJ Pierzynski. This one kind of -- scratch my -- a -- considering he's 37. And you know we all kind of know how bad want to you know our -- -- can do if you look at Jason Varitek down -- road. And so on the you know look at been since he's create 283 hitter so kind of makes sense of the Sox to bring in the considering that the losing all that production from Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Then you figure of kaczynski's aids the fact that he had EO BP under 300 last year and -- -- -- -- 25% base stealers. The fact that I also with these pretty -- nice guy. He had to figure will be interest and see how he doesn't want to fourteen. -- -- -- is benefit the clubhouse -- -- well you know it's funny and Tony thirteen in the whole thing was team chemistry team chemistry rock rock rock. Now let's now let's bring him one of the meanest guys in baseball and see how -- -- Just an idea of how Pierzynski is he wants punched one of his own teammates he gets into fights with his pitchers and -- platinum up platinum blonde highlights for quite a few years -- is at the White Sox so get ready -- on the interest. Yeah I guess it will ha so what happened assault where he got salty took a three year deal with the Marlins. And you know he he got to understand with which -- Saltalamacchia is one of those late bloomers he's he's in his late twenties. It is really did hit his stride -- -- averages around to seven -- It fifteen -- twenty homers the last couple of seasons. He really had he really deserved it too long deal and that's really all came down to -- years and on the Sox -- willing to give them I think two years at the most he won that three year deal from the Marlins. So we headed down south. Down south. All right well so you know so now we we've we've talked about that lately. We've we've covered up with parody Ellsbury don't of the Yankees right that he's gone off to the evil the dark side of the street right through -- talk -- you know our our our new catcher. So well what else what other hot topics are going on in the offseason all I think the biggest thing after that is -- Saudi infield. You know we had on Nancy's -- I mean up Stephen Drew. He was manage short suffered its when he thirteen season the big question is though is he going to be shortstop in 2014 -- -- it -- -- -- Bogart's. Right so so what what so what do you think. I've honestly. I think the best thing for the Sox to do is actually resigned drew to one more year shift Bogart's a third. And then kind of leave Bloomberg will Mel Brooks up in the air although kind of make his relation to generate a little bit hard you you know fees and the topic however so is no way lately so what's this now he's he's Jason Denny -- Oh yes well it's the weirdest thing out for the longest -- -- sworn middle Brooks is married to some Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and suddenly I hear the -- bills moving in with some. Although I wonder how shall feel and other boyfriend's been demoted for -- for spare parts fall like guy act as a -- you heard it here I mean the united I don't know any of this. So -- -- so so how little Brooks and immediacy is easy destined for Pataki -- -- what. It's it's kind of hard we all remember how Mel Brooks kind of kicked Kevin Youkilis out of his position back -- dot 2012. On the end that year middle Brooks hit to mediate the 325 OBP 509 slugging percentage. And you know it's just tough look at his stats over the year last year hit to 27 to 710 BP for 25 slugging percentage in it was just kind of it kind of sad to see -- who you know had. Superstar written all over him he had a lot of people compare and Evan Longoria even. Then be kind of reduce the Sony's demoted the topic for half the season and in bench through the whole World Series. So what what do you think the Sox plan is with him it's tough because he hit 276. With a 3290 BP. And a 476 book -- percentage in the second half after he's promoted which looks a little bit more like his rookie year. But also with Sander Bogart's in he absolutely torn up in the -- in the ALCS in the World Series. It's gonna be really hard especially if you figure teacher's defense. It sure. -- OC I think you think -- can probably go to -- right yet and especially looking at Bogart's kid made nineteen errors in 96 games. Just as comparison Stephen Drew made eight errors in a 124 games so Barbara is it to go with the flow of and I think really the best thing is -- a move in the third. If from this short it's and it's a tough position he's a big guys like 6200. And 8590 pounds and easily it's when he wants he's gonna get bigger it's going to be really tough for him to play short successfully I think it's best option is either move in the third. Maybe ship the motive for response Mike Napoli is done. Why social let's go back to let's go back to that they're short now silly you think you and they are re sign drew yes I think that's the best -- -- true to a one year deal. Fact is is Scott -- -- drew is some kind of a franchise -- -- a player like every player that he represents is. But effective a thing of course and it's in bigger F Scott horse you -- your -- you know you're absolutely superstar right. Thing is though you know drew is kind of looking at the back end of his career he's at 250 hitter. And calm you know no teams have jumped at them and actually stop bush is kind of in panic in going to. Pretty much any team that'll kind of look for drew say hey here we go and I think he's thrown in a brand new Mercedes with a kid just to get and sign. So we'll see I think the Red Sox and it could position especially because some think he -- a qualifying offer which means that if true signs of the of the team the -- -- draft that. While sell -- see you predict that they're gonna make a deal with yet and that -- either. They'll -- the shift middle Brookstone to put -- it you know in just in case of insurance is Aaron they could make a package of middle Brooks -- a pitcher consider in the F six starting pitchers. You can easily see Mel Brooks and -- -- -- MPV middle Brooks and Dempster heading somewhere for spare part maybe even out in outfielder alike got that's pretty radical ha. I left that's perfect. So so let's listen to the stories are so what about the what about Napoli. Mike Napoli the Sox signed him the iron to a two year deal -- kind of funny -- original deal back in toward 2000 Nam. That before the 2013 season it was originally -- three year deal that the cut down a one year Burleson Napoli is going to be here for three years anyway. And that's can be used to -- I'm pretty happily -- I'm pretty happy -- back. Down -- so crucial of the Sox this season despite stepping setting a franchise record in strikeouts. That is he hit 259. He drove in twenty he had 23 homers drove in 92 RBIs hit 300 in the ALCS with two homers. So the fact is he's he's probably the second most productive player and he you figure Ortiz is ahead in it to client he could be their most productive player. While so and you gotta you gotta you gotta figure he likes Boston right yes yes we all know how Napoli is kind of seen shirtless walking around. Even serve even bar tending I think in various bars in Boston have the World Series and that's one listens to -- and say only in Boston right when he's he's. -- Boston is home asked Fisher -- of the that that's great. So we're gonna take a break and come back in a minute and I know Monica back when asked do we think about big poppy right. Huard talked about Sox pitching so it was they -- -- right back with Tyler and our hot stove report from monster mash dot com is doctor Steven C under the founder and director of the CRT prostate center Boston. I'm wondering regular Mubarak prostate cancer prostate -- -- go to. DRC on T dot com next PR SE -- when TI dot com. Our call our offices that 617. 6961826. Remember watch for a new locations 2014. -- removing the prostate center two locations in Framingham and Norwood master its its own state -- will be right back with more on monster mash dot com. Welcome back this is doctor Stephens county founder and director of the Shia they prostate center Abbas and -- Greater Boston urology. And today. We've -- a recap of some of the most important topics. For men's health. But really bringing a special treat mr. Tyler she not be talking about Red Sox baseball and monster mash dot com. MO NS TAH dash mash. Dot com to guys get on that website check out his blog -- Tyler. We've covered topics we talked about the -- very -- go to evil empire -- talked about middle Brooks that. Yet learned that he's a blunt about his new girlfriend Jenny gal but tell us about what's going I would -- pop what do you what what what do you think's gonna happen there. Well David Ortiz that's a pretty interesting situation. He's kind of look easy he's got one more year left on his contract so -- center -- fourteen is looking for a contract extension thing is though Ortiz is 37. So if he gets an extension will be signed when he's 39. And out over you that's an early age at the area are peace or send you junk mail although that's on the Sox won in the lineup. Or their roster but but he's part of the Red Sox and then as the fact that he's -- is mr. Boston won a World Series MVP he also led the Sox and pretty much every offensive category 2013. You look at this three or nine average with thirty homers -- 103 RBIs that's pretty hard to ignore. On so the question is how much long became big poppy do. You know from 2008 to 2010 he was headed to -- decline somehow miraculously. In 2011 he really turned his career around. Where the wanted to be -- that steroids or just him losing about fifty pounds that's up to you. The question is though it 3039. Can Ortiz still do what he's been to 137. I don't know it looked pretty good throughout the post season -- -- yet here he was about his clutches he got. And you know -- in the World Series he hit better than some people hit a slow pitch softball and so -- that's going to be pretty hard as a hard to ignore right. Listen so you know. How the Yankees kept -- around Jeter still there right I think drew Jeter must be about seventy by now so I think you know or teased and that's a thing as Ortiz he you know its interest and has Ortiz could get paid. Twenty million years he's been taken sixteen only quote unquote sixteen million a year from the Red Sox. The fact is is he deserves a lot more and in that just speaks a lot about him and his character and his loyalty to the Red Sox. Fact is -- Ortiz is three you know on the World Series with the Red Sox and on that means a lot to him and he loved the same Boston. I don't see Ortiz finishing his career anywhere else so -- finished his career as a Red Sox right yeah I definitely say that. Beautiful all right so we got to hit the pitch in what what what's what's going on there a while pitching really was the strength of Red Sox into any thirteenth. I'm sure there offense they I think they have like they must have driven him like a million runs or something like that but really pitching was the big thing. That was really led by guys like Jon Lester and John Lackey. Lesser on he went fifteen and eight the three point 75 ERA to turn his career around. After is really ugly 914 record with a four point 82 ERA in 2012. -- especially Lester. India in the post season it was just downright nasty. You look it is ERA in the AL DS it was 2.3 five is got even worse or even better actually. In the NLCS here at 2.3 one ERA and the World Series and -- 59 ER. Yet as the killer numbers and absolutely. So so it was a little what do you think the what do you think is going to be the starting rotation in in the 2014. I definitely -- it is probably lesser Lackey buckled stupor on. And on either that puts either for the fifth spot there's Dempster in PV. Com I'd -- peavy over -- you know I really think that -- he's he's got that Bulldog mentality. He's a gamer. You know he's not the kind of guy that's gonna go lights out you know five starts and -- basic and again the previous six or seven innings. And kind of make faces and swear at the other teams while he does that. To answer I think he's more of a spot starter -- with Tim Wakefield did towards the end of his career that data comes in and in mop up to the united CC game after. Someone blows it. Or just kind of his son wants us on some routes. Right so. -- bullpen now that's one thing what it would what isn't is is is college at the same kind of year. That's really tough to say casino who you are easy it was 38 and 2013 that puts him at 39 -- when he fourteenth. And now it's just tough you know you look in his career. And you know last year really was probably his biggest serve I guess. Though the workload was his biggest last year than really over his entire career he -- he's tossed -- 74 point one innings -- when he thirteen. But Tony twelve the only through 36 innings and so the question is. Yeah yeah I think you -- I think Farrell's any -- really sparingly he's -- -- tone it down a bit they got this guy Edward a movie can who's basically your heart clone. And they got him from the cardinals I think that you could see a kind of a bullpen by committee type thing things the hard exclusively. And on the it'll be interesting to see how Toyota says he's hard it's tough to ignore that one point 09 ER -- he's a privacy surprises in 2013 -- he -- he definitely did I mean coach who was. Just you know he's incredible people compared it says Dennis -- Lee's miracle seasons with the Sox. And you look at that one point 09 ERA. That up eleven point 22 strikeout to walk ratio. This is downright nasty you know -- is funny get a guy thrown 88 in the united tops. And he's making -- you know people who antimissile but it went to little leaguers yet they did they they -- deliberately pretty pathetic don't that yes especially especially in the post season -- undersea. Sosa -- gets sorted out so you know we're we're now what several weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting right yet minutes. Man in the middle of February we're gonna they're gonna you know go down. Founded jetBlue and down you know it'll be and you see you know everyone kind of talked about and Tony thirteen all life who whose Jonny Gomes who's Ryan Dempster. You know what order these guys and then -- win the World Series seats have a look at the team they got now who's AJ Pierzynski. Who's this who's that but you know honestly and Evernote I mean they turn in baseball's best team last season. With some a couple of spare parts and duct tape interest and see what they're gonna do now. Well you know what it's going to be exciting season you know we're looking out there it's you know it's it's it's 25 degrees out there today it's hard to imagine that -- That spring training really is gonna be here were falling dollar write yet and that's if for some I'm looking forward to especially with so called harsh the New England mothers that are. Well that that's great so that the so really it's our hot still over par right. We've got Tyler see on -- months mash MO ON ST AH dot match dot com. Go to the blog site guys. And check out the spot and follow Tyler on on his blog -- because you know you'll never know what you learned and sometimes you don't read that always in the mainstream sports media be -- Exactly yeah we report we -- -- the big Soares -- some of the stories -- the clover the other one's a little bit too afraid to report. -- that's monster dash mass dot com MO NS TH. Das mass dot com follow us on FaceBook and Twitter. And yes stay updated with the hot still. They'll keep you warm till spring training. Tyler thanks she'll be in our special guest so listen doctor Stephen -- ya think I'm the director this year at the prostate center Boston and big news for 2014. Is we're moving to locations in Framingham and Norwood Massachusetts. So some of the hi tech guy not -- talked about the party the -- is biopsies. Finding men practiced surveillance really find the right personalized approach for every guy out there. Be available Framingham and nor would come 2014. So state to of that the close out our shows doctor Stephen -- he never go to DR CIT dot com will be right back. Well word just about out of time thanks soliciting today. We talked about a lot here -- -- sell the -- wind. It has been a great isn't a great six months of the shell and I wanted it really stay tuned out cute next year because we're gonna strive to bring even. Wider variety guessing really hit some of the important topics you know today's show we really talked about some of the highlights over the last year you know. And I think the same theme is run through a lot of our shows. And as we said it comes back to a lifestyle management. Comes back to proper proper diet and exercise routines you guys have heard at all. But now we've given you some very specific advice about what types of foods eat what types of supplements are good. Really how do you find that it meant that magic. Ingredient that -- -- -- -- -- -- keep -- healthy throughout your ear -- you know your life. -- We're excited to bring that issue will continue to do that are into our next year. And of course tell arguments are hot stove report today -- months that dash mash it dot com. Oh lead read we're up threats such which you won't necessarily here in the mainstream media. So I wanted to keep on. To get into us every every week -- to thank our sponsors this year. You've had -- sponsors like strata diagnostics. Health -- the manufacture of -- therapy equipment. And of course energetics Boston doctor Lars Bowman -- you'll see doctor -- back and several shows -- in the coming year. So it's been a great year and great time doing the show and we look forward to next you'll remember for more information on what we do go to DRC on. 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